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pokemon days #1: Izuku Midoriya

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Izuku woke up one day feeling weird. He tried to step outta bed but fell face first into the floor.

"What the heck?" He thought to himself. He tried to stand up but he lost balance and fell again.

"Oww!" He yelled as he felt his face. But something was wrong, his face wasn't normally.....fuzzy. He walked, correction, crawled over to the mirror to see what was wrong and saw it. What stared back was not a human boy, but a fox-like creature with a big, bushy tail. He had become an eevee!

Despite his cute appearance, Izuku screamed as he crawled away from the mirror to the door. He tried to grab the handle but he was to small to reach it.

"Hello? Someone help me!" He screamed. The door opened to reveal Ida, who was looking around the room with worry.

"I came as soon as I could, now what's the tr-" He stops as soon as he spots Izuku, all fluffy and cute. Despite this he screams and falls to the floor.

"Midoriya! What on earth happened to you?!" He asks. "I don't know!" Izuku shouts, staring at his newly formed tail. Ida recovered from the shock and scooped up a much lighter Izuku in his arms. Ida ran as fast as his engines would allow and reached their classroom before anyone did.

Aizawa was at his desk sorting papers when he saw Ida rush in. "Ida," He sighed. "what are-" He stopped to look at the small green fox in Ida's arms.

"Hi mr. Aizawa..." Izuku replied sheepishly. Aizawa continued to stare until he got up from his desk and walked out the door. 10 minutes later he brought principal Nezu back with him.

"Oh dear," He said. "this is certainly a dilemma."

"What can we do?" Izuku asked.

"We'll try find whoever's responsible for this, and make a cure if we can't. In the meantime, you will continue with your studies as normal. It's strange I know, but this knowledge is important if you want to become a pro hero. Until you're back to normal, the school will help with anything you need. Don't be afraid to ask."

Izuku understood. Even though it was strange, he wasn't planning on missing out on his studies. So with that came the weirdest week ever.


"WWHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!??????????" Cried Izuku's classmates in shock. After everyone came in to class today, Aizawa had informed them of what had happened to Izuku. Everyone crowded around Izuku to get more info on what happened.

"What happened man?!" Cried sero.

"So strange..." Tokoyami said quietly.

"Are you alright?" Asked Kirishima.

"We should give Midoriya some room." Said Ojiro, pushing some people back with his tail.

"AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" The girls cried. "HE'S SO CUUUUUUTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEE!!" The girls picked Izuku up like a toy and started to cuddle him, much to his embarrassment.

"He's so soft! like a blanket!" Said Hagakure, petting his tail.

"He's looks like a puppy!" Said Ashido, pinching his cheeks.

"And he's small! you can hold him in your arms!" said Uraraka, petting his head.

"WHAT?!" Cried Kaminari and Mineta in frustration.

"Why did you have to change into something cute? That's not fair!" said kaminari

"I bet you changed on purpose just to get the girls attention, didn't you?" Accused mineta.

"N-no, i-it's not l-like that!" Said a super flustered Izuku, trying to pull away from the girls. The girls weren't the only ones interested in his new appearance, Koda stared wide-eyed in delight at his classmate. He went over to talk with Izuku, confusing everyone.

"That's enough everyone!" Said Aizawa, activating his quirk. The students immediately went to there seats. Even though class had started, Izuku could feel his classmates staring at him.

"This is going to be tough...." Izuku thought.