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A butterflies heartbeat

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Snow fluttered to the ground as the Christmas season covered New York City. Shoppers passed throw the streets and stories were popped later than normal. Lights and wreaths were string on many lampposts and shop doors. People roamed the streets and shops looking for things they believed their children or their loved ones would enjoy. Thinking nothing of themselves and buying for those they loved. Everyone was happy and cheerful; all except one. Everyone loved the Christmas holiday; except one.

Ash never enjoyed going out on Christmas. He hated being around hundreds of people and trying to find the perfect place to look around in peace. That was one reason though. He had plenty of other reasons as to why he hated Christmas as much as he did. He never told anyone afraid that they would judge him for it. However this Christmas season, was sure to change his attitude and thoughts towards Christmas.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ash groaned as he walked through the snow. Eiji and Shorter where currently throwing snowballs at each other and laughing like children. “Can you two stop acting like children for once?” Ash groaned rubbing his temple with his thumb and forefinger. Eiji and Shorter laughed before throwing a snowball at the blonde male. He growled and picked up some snow. He carefully packed down the snow and added more as he saw fit. He wanted to make sure this snowball hurt when it made contact with one of them. He gave a devilish grin as he held the snowball and turned towards them.

“If that’s how you want to play, then fine, I’ll play with ya. Don’t get mad when I pelt you in the face with a snowball!” He yelled and started throwing the snowballs at his two best friends. Eiji and Shorter roared with laughter as they tried to duck the flying bullet snowballs. Ash throw a snowball but, Shorter being Shorter; he ducked and the snowball hit a young female walking by.

The female helped and fell in the snow. She reached up and wiped the snow from her face and turned to the three males having a snowball fight. “Looks like I got in the way. Sorry about that.” She said giving them a bright smile and standing up. Ash immediately felt bad. He walked over to where the female was stand. “I’m sorry. I meant for that snowball to hit them not you. Let take you over the cafe across the street and get you something warm. It's the least I can do for pelting you in the face with a snowball.” Ash said, the tiniest hint of a blush covering his face.

She smiled and shook her head. “You don’t have too.” She said. However, he was convinced when he saw the shiver that left her body. He held out his hand and gave her a warm smile. “Come on. Your freezing and it's technically my fault that you are.“ he said. The female gave him a small smile before accepting his outstretched hand. Ash was screaming in his mind. Not once has he ever let anyone touch or hold his hand.

He felt a massive heat rise to his cheek as he tightened his grip a little on her hand. There was just something about this girl that made him drop his defenses. There was not explanation as to why she was able to do such a thing with Ash, but he knew, this girl was different from all the others that had tried dating him before. She turned her head and looked directly into his emerald eyes. He felt a shiver run up his spine. “W-What are you d-doing?” He cursed himself for stuttering like an idiot in front of her.

She smiled. “Your eyes are very beautiful. They remind me of emeralds, no, they are move of an unmoving jade color. They look marvelous on you.” She said. He blushed a darker red then before. “No one has ever said that about my eyes before. Why complement them now?” He asked. She smiled. “Because they simply are beautiful.” She said stunning the blonde male even more. “What’s your name?” He asked turning to look directly in her e/c hues. She smiled.

“Y/n L/n. Nice you meet you….” “Ash. Ash Lynx.”
Y/n smiled brightly. “Nice to meet you Ash.” She said. She grinned and pulled out a piece of paper. She quickly wrote down something and slipped it into his pocket of his jacket. He raised and eyebrow before shrugging. He opened the door to the cafe for her only to have another girl walk right into Y/n and spilling her drink all over her.

“Watch where you are going!” The girl in front of them snapped. Her makeup caked face making both Ash and Y/n cringe. The girls boyfriend appeared next to her and growled. “You made my girl get angry. What did you do?” He snapped glaring at Y/n mainly. Y/n apologized. “I’m sorry! I wasn’t paying attention.” She said. The female growled before dumping the rest of her drink on
Y/n and pushing her to the ground. She laughed and dropped the cup next to the brunette and walked away with her boyfriend.

Ash glared at the couple as they walked away. He bent down and held his hands out to the female sitting on the ground. What shocked him the most where the tears falling from her eyes. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked. Shorter and Eiji where at her side as well. She shook her head and covered her face. “Sorry. I seem like such a crybaby now.” She said trying to laugh it off. Ash didn’t seem to buy the laugh and wrapped his arms around Y/n. He helped her up off the cold ground and wrapped his coat around her shoulders. He gave her a warm smile and led her towards the back of the cafe. He walked to the front and ordered some drinks and maybe sure that he got a hot chocolate for Y/n.

Returning, Y/n turns to Ash and smiles at him. He hands her the hot chocolate and sits down next to her. “What are you doing in New York at this time of year?” Ash asked. Y/n brightened up a little as she took a sip of hot chocolate. “Well, I am here to celebrate Christmas with a few family members that live here.” She said turning to Ash.He narrowed his eyes and turned to her. He had a hatred for Christmas ever since Papa Dino had taken him from his real family. He never enjoyed Christmas because for him, it brought pain and and more broken wounds he had clean up. His spirit had broke and he was not planing and fixing it back up just to have it brake all over again.

"Christmas is the best time of the year. Ya right. That's bullshit."
"Ash, Christmas is one of the most beautiful and most magical time of the year. Why do you resent it so much?"
"All the shit that I had to bare so many years ago."
"Well, I'll show you what Christmas is all about. What you should have experienced in the beginning."

Y/n held her hand out to Ash and gave him a soft smile. “What you had experienced your entire life was something that should never had happened. If you will let me, I will show you the true meaning of Christmas and what is supposed to happen during that time of the month." She said smiling up at him. Ash took her hand and taking some courage, he intertwined his fingers with hers. She looked down at their intertwined hands and felt a blush grow on her cheeks but nonetheless, smiled. As they left the cafe, a song that she recognized started playing. She grinned and gently pulled Ash and motioned the others to follow her.

“What are you doing?” Ash asked watching the said female dance along to the song. “This is something that my family does. We dance to music and have fun.” She said sending all of them a soft smile. Ash felt the winter breeze pass by as the snowflakes fell delicately on her hair as she danced to the song that played for everyone to hear. There was something about her that made his heart explode with new emotions that the never understood before. He tried asking several people that walked by what this feeling was and they would just simply smile and say; “You’re in love.”

He never understood the “You’re in love” phrase and had to ask someone what it meant. People gave him many different answers but one seemed to stick out more then the others . “Being in love, means that you found someone that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with. You found someone that makes your heart skip a beat and makes your face break out in a blush when they do something cute or adorable. You have a sudden urge to protect them and cherish them for life.” His heart continued pounding in his chest as he remembered the words that sweet old lady had told him not to long ago. His emerald green eyes moved from the ground to the female that continued to dance to the music that played across the snow covered streets.

Ash watched as she sang to the next song that began playing. A crowd of people surrounded them as they sat and watched her sing to the song. Her heart was pouring out as she sang to the song. Ash couldn’t help but feel a sudden longing to be by her side the minute he heard her voice for the first time. His eyes widened as she continued to sing with the songs. What surprised everyone standing there, was when a Japanese song began playing and she began singing along with it. Not only was she singing in a different language, it was like she was sending a message straight to Ash. A smile spread across his face as he watched her sing and dance around. “I really think I fell I fell in love.” He mumbled just loud enough for Eiji and Shorter to hear his words. “Ash. This is Christmas” Her voice rang out for the blonde to hear making a small smile grace his lips.

The crowd dispersed and went back to their shopping and talking with friends and laughing at silly jokes. Y/n turned and faced Ash when she heard sniffling coming from his direction. She opened her arms out for him with a smile on her face. Ash couldn’t help the urge to hug her. Racing forward, he slammed into her and wrapped his arms around her. He sobbed into her shoulder before sinking to his knees. She followed his movements and sank to her knees. She ran her fingers through his hair before pressing a small kiss to his forehead. “Ash, this is what Christmas is all about. Not what you had told me. Not what you had experienced. This. Right here. This is what Christmas is all about.” She whispered.

“Thank you.” Ash whispered before lifting his head and placing his hands on her shoulders. He was no longer slumped against her shoulder crying, he was kneeling at full height and smiling down at her before he moved closer and closed his eyes. Her eyes widened as his lips met hers. It didn’t take long for her eyes to close and her arms to wrap around his waist. Ash smiled in the kiss as he felt the emotion he long for the most, appear and blossom in his chest. He missed the amazing feeling Love could bring to someone’s life. Pulling away from the kiss, the two took deep breaths of the cold air that surrounded them. Y/n felt her face heat up in a blush so, she pressed her face against his chest and stayed there. Ash allowed a small laugh to escape his lips. He placed a hand on her head and ran his fingers through her hair. He help her stand to her feet before holding his hand out to her. She looked up at him and gave him a soft smile as she intertwined their fingers together.

To be Continued.....

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