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A Work Of Art

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Dean filled his eyes with the living work of art he'd created, arranged for his pleasure on the bed.

His brother was naked, his wrists tied to each side of the headboard with black ribbons, his ankles restrained in similar fashion to the foot of the bed.
Blindfolded and gagged by wide strips of the same black velvet, Sam’s tanned chest rose and fell in quiet acceptance of his submission.

To his sibling’s brown nubs, Dean had applied nipple clamps, black in colour, to match the restraints and the velvet bands covering his sibling’s hazel eyes and generous mouth.

He ran his gaze down to Sam’s cock, straight and proud, held to attention by the cock-ring tightly circling its base, rigorously black as per Dean’s preference.

Black, like the elder Winchester’s soul.


To complete the portrait, protruding from the tight orifice between Sam’s ass-cheeks, peeped, as if shy of its collocation, a short tail, testimony to the series of oblong beads Dean had inserted earlier, with libidinous gusto, into his brother’s asshole, thus invading his brother’s body as was his right.

Not yet satisfied, he’d arranged his sibling’s hair to frame his cheeks in tousled bangs, leaving his ears bare, the better to see the taps blocking Sam’s hearing, effectively cutting off all his sibling's ties to sight, sound and speech.


Dean smiled, satisfied with his handiwork.
For now, all he wanted to do was contemplate his masterpiece, the reclining sculpture he’d composed with the raw materials of his pretty brother and some toys.

Later, when he’d gazed his fill, he’d stuff every opening in Sam’s body with his come, gag and plug him again, then leave him on his own until the younger man was dazed and floppy, ready for whatever Dean wanted from him next.