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Early Stirrings of Jealousy

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Jean leaned up against the door and stared at the note that Ms. McDonald handed her a moment ago. She may not have gone to university, but she was no dummy. She saw the interest in the younger woman's eyes, she was definitely after a story and didn't care whether Lucien looked poorly in the process. There was more though, her red lipstick and tight blouse certainly highlighted her feminine features a man would have to be blind to miss her seductive cues and Lucien was not blind, of that she was sure. She looked down at her chest for a moment and sighed, they weren't nearly as big as hers and after two kids they definitely weren't as perky.

Her fingers toyed with the scrap of paper, still debating what to do with it. Part of her, well more than fifty percent she was loathed to admit wanted to toss it out with the rubbish. She didn't need this woman poking her nose around making life difficult for the Doctor, he managed well-enough at that on his own. Jean finally pushed herself away from the door, willing her legs to move down the empty hallway, grateful that for once the house was empty. She didn't want Mattie coming upon her with her curious eyes, the woman would read her instantly. Jean shook her head, what would she have to read she was merely a friend looking out for another friend, or rather an employee looking out for her boss. She let out a guttural groan, annoyed with herself, she walked into his office and set the note down on his desk. As usual it was a mess, filled with papers and notes, instinctually she began picking things up to straighten away the clutter when she stopped. She felt wicked as her hands stilled, she realized that if she left the note on his desk in this state he might not see it, perhaps even lose it as he did his receipts. Jean bit her lip as she weighed the pros and cons of her devious thoughts, it didn't seem proper for a housekeeper/receptionist to keep things like this from her employer, after all taking messages was a fundamental part of her job. A wave of panic surged within when she wondered if he would let her go over something like this, she took a deep breath calming her anxiety. Lucien didn't strike her as the type of man that would do that, his father maybe, but not the son. She thought back to his words just a few weeks earlier, "I need a partner," and with that thought coursing through her veins she cleared the desk and set the note from Joy down where he'd be able to see it. As she let the note fall from her hands and watched it drift down to the desk she felt as though she was giving him away. She shook her head, he wasn't hers to give away even if she thought that there might be something there, something that they already shared between them. She straightened her back and stepped out of the study intent to butcher a chicken for dinner, if for no other reason than to release the wicked sensation of jealousy she felt.