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Bending the Rules

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hey guys! so I was watching the video on youtube about Whit and Ashlyn and I decided they would be a really cute ship. this a request about Whitlyn (?) and their giant family.

*Whitney's mom blog (bc she seems like that type of person)

Six. It's our family's magic number. Six is the number of years Ashlyn and I dated before getting married. It's the number of states we've lived in before settling in Maryland. Six is the number I wore throughout my whole career on the US Women's National Soccer Team. And six is the number of crazy kids we have. Yes, you read that right-6 kids.

Ashlyn and I always knew we wanted to spend our lives together, ever since she picked me up at the airport in North Carolina. We were, and still are, so entirely different, but opposites attract right?

We have lived in so many states. North Carolina, California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts and Maryland. In each one, we have so many memories that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Ashlyn and I have grown our family from the ground up. Just a reminder, we have six. There's Dalton, Brendan, Jordyn, Taylor, Jonah and Bryce.

Dalton Michael Harris (16)

Brendan John Harris (15)

Jordyn Abigail Harris (15)

Taylor Elizabeth Harris (15)

Jonah Grant Harris (12)

Bryce Maxwell Harris (11)

Ashlyn, our kids and I are quite a bunch. We have so many memories, inside jokes and laughs that I wouldn't change for everything. Yes, we have had our ups and downs, but we love each other endlessly.

I have known my wife Ashlyn since freshman year of college. We both attended the University of North Carolina and hit it off endlessly. We got married and then adopted Dalton in 2002, Brenden, Jordyn and Taylor 2003, Jonah in 2005 and had Bryce biologically in 2006.
"That's enough riding for today." Whitney says closing her laptop.

She knew her kids would be getting home from school any minute.

"We're home!" Jonah says running in the house followed by Bryce.

"Hi guys. How was school?"

"Good. Thank God it's Friday." Bryce says throwing his backpack down and going to the fridge.

"Do you guys no were the older kids are?" Whit asks her sons.

"Nah they were right behind us."

"Home!" Taylor yells coming through the door.

"Friday, Friday, Friday! What's up peeps we in da house!" Yells Dalton.

"Can we get pizza tonight?" Brendan says coming into the kitchen.

"No hi how are you mom?" Whitney chuckles.

"Sorry..." Brendan says kissing his mom on the cheek.
".....can we get pizza tonight?"

"Sure, Mama will be getting home late anyway." Whit laughs.

"Mama's getting home late again?" Jordyn asks after taking a sip of juice.

"Yea, she's stuck at the airport in Orlando. She'll land at like 8, get home around 10." Whitney says.

The kids just sighed. This happens a lot, Ashlyn coming home late. See, Ashlyn is still playing in the NWSL, for the Orlando Pride. Whitney tells Ashlyn that she needs to settle down, that they have a family and she can't be leaving all the time.
Whitney washes the dishes from the pizza party her and the kids had. She sits in the living room, waiting for Ash. It's 10:30 she still doesn't come. She decides to call her.

"Hey honey, I was just wondering if you'll be home soon?"

"Oh yea, there's a lot of traffic. I'll be home in about an hour."

"An hour? Oh that's pretty late." Whitney says kinda disappointed.

"How bout you go to bed babe? I'll try to not wake you when I come in." Ash answers.

"Oh...okay. Alright well then have a safe ride home."

"Thanks Whit. I love you. Wish the kids goodnight for me?"

"Sure. See you soon."

"Love you Whitney." Ash says again for emphasis.

"Love you too Ash." Whitney says hanging up the phone.


Ash comes into the house at 12:30. She turns the light on carefully, trying not to wake her wife.

"Ash?" Whitney says rubbing her eyes.

"Hey babe. Sorry I woke you." Ash says apologetic.

Whitney sits up and looks at the clock, only to find it's 12:30.

"Ashlyn, it's 12:30. You said you'd be home 2 hours ago." Whitney says clearly hurt.

"I know and I'm sorry, traffic got really bad." Ash says trying to hug Whit.

"No..don't touch me. What's been going on with you Ashlynn? You've been gone for days at a time and can't even make it home on time?!"

"Whitney let's not get upset, I can explain."

"Explain what? How you're not committed to this family anymore? Trust me, I've seen it. You don't seem like you care any more."

"I care a lot Whitney and you know that."

"Oh really. You care a lot. So much that you are hours and hours away and only call for 15 minutes every night. You're so secretive about telling me where you've been and what you've done. Sometimes I think you're seeing other people." Whitney says starting to cry.

"Whitney, you know I would never cheat on you. Come on, I love you." Ash says taking Whit into her arms.

"Ashlyn I think it's time for you to settle down." Whit continues.

"What?" Ashlyn says letting go of Whit.

"Yea, maybe retire from the pros and find a job here in Maryland." Whitney says wiping a tear.

"Whitney, you know I'm not that type of person."

"Person to what? The person who wants to stay close to their family and be there for their kids? You've told me about how much you wished your dad was in your life, don't be like him Ash. Our kids miss you terribly."

"I know and will all fall into place soon." Ash says.

"When? Soon? A year? We don't have that kind of time Ashlyn. Our kids are growing up, and you'll miss it if you don't stop and settle down."

"I know baby, I'll explain in the morning." Ash yawns.

"Fine, but it better be one hell of an explanation. I don't like how our relationship is right now. It's strained, and we need to fix it."