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Kristen walked in a daze as she followed Taylor down to the wine cellar of her beachside mansion. She had always known there was a part of Taylor's life she kept hidden all throughout their on and off secret relationship over the past few years. Mysterious time spent away, cryptic conversations with people Kristen didn't know well, that kind of thing. All of this was fine with Kristen, Taylor was free to have her secrets, free to have her own life outside the relationship. But as things started to get more serious Kristen couldn't help but become curious, and Taylor had noticed. It culminated in her being invited here, late at night, where Taylor promised to let Kristen in on everything.

"A demonic cult?" Kristen asked, still in a daze "Like chanting and black candles and pentagrams?"

"Not quite like that." Taylor said, her deep red lips pulled into a tight coy smile.

They stopped in a dimly lit corner of the wine cellar, Taylor turned and cocked her head. "Last chance to back out, from here on you're all in."

Kristen could only shake her head. "Sure, why not, how much fucking weirder could this get."

Taylor grinned wide and pushed on one of the bricks in the cellar walls. A series of deep clicks sounded from inside the wall and suddenly a section of brick began to sink back then slide up revealing a hidden passageway.

Kristen's jaw hung open and taylor stepped in causing wall mounted lights to come on automatically. It was a finely decorated hallway, dark stained hardwood floor, expensive looking wallpaper and along the walls hung porturates of demure looking women and men. Not at all what Kristen expected from a hidden room behind a wall in a cellar.

Taylor kept walking and beckoned Kristen to follow. Kristen shook her head again in disbelief and hurried to catch up while Taylor rounded a corner. "This is just so fucking crazy."

"What did you expect?" Taylor asked without breaking her stride.

"I don't know..." Kristen said "Like you were a russian spy, or a freemason, or..." Kristen trailed off as she thought she heard a faint cry, looking up they were approaching a large, heavy looking set of double wooden doors.

"Trust me, this is a lot more fun than any of that." Taylor said as they arrived at the double door. Another wide grin spread across her ruby red lips. She pulled open the doors and pushed Kristen forward.