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Modern Four: A Vampire's Revenge

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450 years ago…

A mob of villagers were approaching a dark mansion during a thunderstorm in historic Canada. They are carrying torches, pitch forks, and large quantities of wooden stakes and covered up explosives at their disposal. All of them carry angry and frustrated looks upon their faces.

These are people from the nearby village of Revenant Gorgon. The town was named after their ruler, Gorgon the Third. He, along with his wife and the rest of his family are noble aristocrats who rule over the town in an Aristocracy form. The family is very hostile and abusive to the villagers due to their noble status. And in addition to that, the family carries an ancient secret that no one outside of the village knows about…

This is a family of vampires!

There are many theories as to how these vampires have come to be, but one of the more popular and accepted theories is this; the head of the family, Gorgon MacAfee was on the brink of dying when he was a twenty-three year old tall, fair built and handsome human due to an unknown illness. To save his life, his tall, sweet and motherly wife Jezebeth MacAfee, made a deal with the Devil of All Earth to make him live forever. He did the deed, but as a consequence, had to drain the blood of humans and other living creatures to maintain his youth.

Thus, the first vampire was created.

Gorgon then bit his wife, and soon started a family with her. When Gorgon was alive, he was…never the noble, ideal person you would want to approach. But after he was turned, he became something akin to a dictator.

For years, the town has feared the wrath of the noble vampire family, especially when the family terrorized the people and their livestock, drinking their blood every few days to keep themselves young forever.

However, as time passed, the people became tiresome of the family, and after the latest attack in their village (which involved more village casualties that normal), they have decided "Enough is enough", and staged a rebel against the family.

Now, the angry mob arrived at the mansion to carry out their mission. Using a large tree they chopped down from the woods nearby, they bashed against the gates, cheering on with each bash.

Inside the mansion, the entire family was in a state of panic. They had never seen the villagers this angry before. The head of the family, Gorgon pressed his hands against his forehead as he paced around in a panic.

"Why? Why are they attacking us, Jezebeth? We've provided them with sanctuary from the outside world in exchange for their blood! Doesn't that seem like a fair deal?" he asked his wife. Jezebeth shrugged and shook her head.

"I'm not sure, either! But we need to hide ourselves and our children from this angry mob! Standing around here is not gonna help!" she instructed, obviously. Gorgon nodded. "I know that! But I was just wondering as to why they would attack us!" he retorted.


The two vampires turned their heads to the front door. It sounded like they've busted the gate down. Gorgon snapped his fingers in the air, and in a few seconds, armed men marched out. Gorgon pointed to the door.

"Hurry, hold these peasants off while my family and I head to our coffins!" he instructed before he and Jezebeth ran off. "Yessir!" the guards said before they marched to the front door.

Back outside, most of the mob were charging towards the front door with wooden stakes, while a select few others were running on to the edge of the cliff with the explosives and immense hill of gunpowder. Trending quickly but carefully, the skilled ones were able to climb alongside the cliff's edge to place as many of their bombs as they could. One of them, a well-built man in his late 40s was overseeing the placement of the bombs. The man was named Abraham Van Helsing, and he was the one who oversaw the rebellion. The poor man lost his wife in the latest attack, and that, alongside with the encouragement and support of the entire town, ignited the flames for this rebellion. He then looked down at the river below, which was overflowing thanks to the pouring rain.

A small boy, about eleven years old walked alongside him with another set of bombs. He looked at the man. "Dad? Are these enough?" he shouted through the storm as he placed the bomb onto the cliffside with the others. Van Helsing turned to looked at his son, then at the carriage in the back. The carriage is almost empty, but there are still a few bombs left. He shook his head.

"Almost son. We need to use EVERY bomb available to us in order to topple this mountain. Come on, I'll help you get the last few bombs in place!" he said, gently pushing his son as he tagged along to get the last bombs. His son nodded before they left to the carriage.

As they trended on, his son asked a quick question. "Wait, I have a quick question. I'm not against this rebellion, but…why do we have to blow up the cliff side with the mansion on top? Shouldn't staking them in the heart be enough?" he asked.

Van Helsing looked down at him and gave a quick sigh. "Son, we have to get rid of every evidence of these dreaded creatures if we are to start a new life. Besides, if a simple stake to the heart won't kill them, then either the explosion, the erosion down to the river, or the river itself will certainly do the job. Plus, we need a distraction to keep the vampires occupied!" He explained. His son then nodded. "Oh, okay. I think I'm good now." He replied. Van Helsing nodded. "Good. Now here we are. Take as many as you can. I'll help with the rest." He instructed. His son nodded back as they carried as many bombs as possible.

Back at the clifftop, the mob has killed all the guards with the pitch-forks and wooden stakes. A few villagers died, but it wasn't enough to halt the mob from storming inside. The mob then charged inside the house, breaking the door open.

Further inside, the vampire family have arrived a large set of wooden double doors leading into the basement. Their eldest son, Aamon looked down the hall, and saw several torches coming their way.

"Oh no. Father, they got inside!" Aamon shouted. Gorgon's daughter, little Adrienne, gasped in horror upon realizing something. "My teddy bear!" she shouted, before she blurred out of the family's grasp with her super-speed. Jezebeth shouted, "NO! Get back here, Adrienne!" she said as she super-sped out after her. Gorgon and Aamon looked on in shock. The latter sighed with frustration.

"That brat's gonna get us all killed! All because of a stupid stuffed bear!" he shouted in frustration. Then, several mobsters approached them, and let out war cries as they charged after them. Gorgon and Aamon growled as they charged back. Since there are 4 mobsters, the pair were easily able to kill them by breaking their necks in swift fashion. Once they let their bodies fall to the floor, Gorgon and Aamon looked at one another, before the former pointed to the direction of where the two female vampires went.

"Go and help your mother and sister! I'll take care of the preparations!" he said. Aamon nodded as he then super-sped out towards his family. Gorgon sighed in relief, before he ran into the basement down the stairs. Unlike his son…or the rest of the family, Gorgon was not willing to allow harm to come to himself, more so than the rest of his family. In a way, he could be described as a coward; one who flees the moment things don't go his way.

Upstairs, little Adrienne made it to her room to find her stuffed teddy bear. Normally, one would think going to your stuffed animal during a time of crisis is absolutely insane. And to be fair…it was. But this girl was turned when she was seven. And it wasn't even that long ago, so she still had the mentality of a little human child.

She ran into her room, which is still filled with many valuable and large toys for her to keep herself occupied back before. Adrienne looked around desperately to find her favorite stuffed bear.

At last, she finally found her stuffed teddy bear, which was black in coloring, and lying on her fancy Queen sized bed. Adrienne smiled and ran over to the bed, climbing on top of it, and crawling towards the bear. And with a smile on her face, she hugged the stuffed bear closer to her, happy that she's reunited with her best and only friend.

Suddenly, the door busted open, and in stepped more of the mobsters. Adrienne gasped and screamed in fear as two of them approached her and pinned her arms down to the bed. Even though Adrienne is a vampire, well-known for their immense strength packed in their bodies, a child vampire is much weaker than an adult vampire, so she couldn't break free from their grasps, no matter how much she struggled.

In the hallways, Jezebeth was finishing up tearing out the throat of a female rebel with her teeth when she heard her daughter's screams. She gasped as she dropped the body and spat out the throat. "Adrienne! I'm coming, baby!" she shouted as she super-sped towards her room.

She only arrived just in time to see one of the mobsters lifting a wooden stake up and slamming down, followed by the sound of flesh being punctured, and a loud scream of agony. Jezebeth screeched in horror as she pushed through the crowd, just in time to see her little daughter burst into flames, before blowing up in a cloud of ash.

Little Adrienne MacAfee was no more…

Jezebeth looked at the burning spot where her beautiful daughter once was, and just stumbled onto her knees. The nearby mobsters took the advantage and grabbed her arms, pinning her to the floor to kill her now while she's in an emotional distress. Just as quickly as they did with the now dead Adrienne, the stake wielder quickly raised his stake and slams it into her chest.

Crrrk! Splatter!

Blood splattered outwards, and bones can be heard cracking as Jezebeth MacAfee screeched in agony, before her body begins to glow in bright light. Then, she bursts into flames as she continued to scream.

Aamon ran towards the door, pushing some of the mobsters out of the way, just in time to see his mother blowing up into flames. Aamon looked on in horror, before Jezebeth's body blew up in a cloud of ash.

"Mother!" he screamed in agony. The rest of the mobsters looked at him, and prepares to attack. However, Aamon wasn't distracted by the ash that was once his family. He turned to the mobsters and begins to fight back, punching one's head off and slamming another into the ground.

Meanwhile, Gorgon was at the bottom of the basement, having just fallen down on all fours, panting from grief. From his senses, he could tell that his daughter and wife are killed by the humans. He covered his face with his hands, and silently whimpers to himself. He, internally, regrets leaving them to fend for themselves. He was too scared, and he paid the price for his cowardice. He could still feel his son's life force, but he feared that even with his powers, it wouldn't be enough against the large numbers and cunningness of the mere mortals.

"I'm…I'm so sorry, my family…" he said to himself as a tear slid down from his eyes. He then wiped it off, before he approached the coffin to hide himself.

In the end though, all of the vampires' efforts to defend themselves and their family, as well as hiding from them, will all be meaningless…

Back outside the mansion, Van Helsing and his son, along with the others were running back to safety, and another person, a woman, prepares to press a lever down. "Get ready! Right now!" Van Helsing instructed.

The woman nodded as she pressed the lever, causing spikes to sizzle out. Even though it was raining, the top of the cliff side help protect the spark from being doused out. The sparks followed the trail, leading up to the bombs and hill of gunpowder. Eventually,


The bombs exploded along the cliff side. Everyone outside flinched at the volume of the blast, before covering themselves from the debris. The shockwave from the blast weakened the cliff, and before long, the dirt and rocks began to slide down. The mansion and the land below slid down with it.

Back inside the mansion's basement, Gorgon noticed the walls caving around him after the loud explosion. Panic struck over him, and he closed the lid to his coffin just as the roof surrounding him began to collapse, covering the coffin, while the floor begin to slide leftwards.

Above the basement, the surviving mobsters began to run back outside as fast as they could to avoid falling to their deaths. Some of them were able to make it outside, but some were unfortunately stuck inside the large mansion, and thus were doomed to their deaths.

Aamon was wrestling against a large, bulky mobster, who was preventing him from escaping. The vampire son's shoulder has a stake embedded into it, leaving him stunned and powerless. Aamon growled like a vicious animal as he tried to free himself from the man's grasp.

"No way in hell, you filthy animal. You and your family will all die!" he shouted as the room began to tilt backwards. Aamon gasped slightly at feeling the house tumble backwards. Using his last remaining strength, he smashed the back of his head against the big man's face, breaking the man's nose. But by this point, it was too late…

Back outside, the fleeing mob made it to safety, just as the mansion and the cliff side tumbled down below. The mob turned to see the mansion being destroyed in the dust and debris, before the mess slammed into the river. The overflown river turned brown from the mud, with hints of blood from the people left behind. The once large, beautiful and prideful mansion crumbled into a pile of wood and steel as it flowed along the river. Soon, what was left of the mansion disappears into the muddy waters.

The crowd cheered in triumph; their undead overlords have been vanquished for good. Now they can live on in peace.

Van Helsing looked down at his son, and lifted him up before placing him on his shoulders. His son looked down at his father in happiness. "We did it, dad!" he replied. Van Helsing chuckled and patted him in the legs. "Yes we did, son. Yes we did." He said as he then looked back down onto the river.

Later, as the mob walked back to their village, Van Helsing was talking with his son ahead of the crowd. He grabbed his hands and held it closely. "Son, I need you to listen to me." he instructed. His son looked back at him and raised a brow. "What is it, father?" he asked.

Van Helsing placed a hand on his shoulder. "I need you to carry out on our family's legacy." He began. His son listened on as he leaned in closer. "The human race could still be in danger from the supernatural. The church has blessed up with gifted abilities and powers to combat the evil of this world." He explained. He then pulled out from his jacket pockets, a crucifix with a red dot in the center.

"This is a gift given to my grandfather when he was around my age. It's a family treasure that God gave to the Church, before passing it down to my family; from my grandfather, to my father, then to myself." He explained.

His son looked at the cross with amazement, before he placed it back into his pocket. "W-When will I get it, dad?" he asked. Van Helsing chuckled as he placed an arm around his son's shoulders. "Once my time comes, and yours arrives…" he said, before he and his son remained silent throughout the trip back home.

A few days later, the storm has passed, and the sun shined along the forests of the land once more.

Near the riverbed, there is a large pile of mud, surrounded by rocks and dirt. Inside the dirt pile, lies what is left of the MacAfee mansion. All that was left was the destroyed roof, a few pillars…and an intact coffin.

The coffin is mostly intact, but Gorgon MacAfee himself was trapped. Water seeped inside the coffin, and it ended up trapping him inside.

For the next few hundred years, the coffin remained buried inside the dirt pile, time and erosion forcing the coffin to go further down underground, and Gorgon remained inside of his new tomb, never to see the outside world again…

Until now…

AN: Hey guys, superkoola here!

Well…I don't really have much else to say, aside from this being my second Modern Four fanfiction I'm doing.  For those who don't know, the Modern Four is a crossover between Bolt, Big Hero 6, The Incredibles, and Meet the Robinsons. The main characters are, in retrospective order of the films mentioned earlier; Penny Forrester, Hiro Hamada, Violet Parr and Wilbur Robinsons.

Here are my brief thoughts on the films in retrospect;

Bolt: Can't remember much of this film, since it has been almost a decade ago since I last saw it. But from what I can remember, it was pretty good.

Big Hero 6: If you've been following my account for a while, you'll know that this is one of my favorite franchises.

The Incredibles: Favorite childhood superhero film. Enjoyed the sequel as well.

Meet the Robinson: A little fast-paced, but still a heartwarming film that will never forget.

Also, for those who followed me for a while; yes, another vampire fic. Like I said, I like vampires, they're interesting. Besides, I thought this is a nice idea for me to share with the rest of the fandom…especially since I'm a newbie to the Modern Four fandom.

So that's it; I hope you enjoy this, and stay tuned for more!