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Impossible Heat

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After Xiu had fallen asleep, Du Ze laid awake, worrying about what tomorrow might bring. Du Ze was frightened, but he trusted Xiu and would do anything he could to make him happy, not just because he was the cause of his suffering.

However, before the night turned into dawn, a cloaked figure entered their room and stole Du Ze away. The kidnapper somehow knew to remove Du Ze’s ring, so that he would not be bound to Xiu and could leave without alerting the sleeping dragon. 

Du Ze struggled and tried to call out, for Xiu or even Eric, but the man’s hand was quick to cover his mouth and silence him. He carried Du Ze out of the bedroom and down the stairs, all the way down to the dungeons of the castle. It was like a maze, the corridors winding and twisting. They kept going deeper and deeper until Du Ze was unable to remember the route they took. He wouldn’t be able to find his way out.

The cloaked man finally came to a stop in a bare room at the end of a hall, setting Du Ze down on the floor. Before Du Ze could say a word, the figure disappeared out the door, locking it behind him. He was trapped, not knowing who had abducted him nor why.




When Xiu woke up in the morning, he immediately knew that something was wrong. Du Ze wasn’t in his arms, and the sheets next to him were cold. He sat up, looking around for his reader until his eyes fell on the silver-blue ring at the foot of the bed. It was Du Ze’s interspatial storage ring that kept him bound to Xiu.

Xiu shot out of bed and ran down to the banquet hall where the governor and Eric had already begun to eat. They looked up in surprise at his abrupt entrance. In his rush, he hadn’t bothered to change into his formal clothing.

“Where did you take him?” Xiu demanded, fuming that his reader had once again been stolen from him.

“Who?” Eric asked, unsure who Xiu was referring to. 

“Du Ze!” Xiu said, as if it was the most obvious answer. “Where did you take him?” He demanded again. His patience was growing thin, and he needed to get his reader back. 

“I assure you, I do not know who you are referring to,” the governor said, completely uninterested in Xiu’s tantrum. It was clear from his indifference that he was telling the truth.

“Is he not with you?” Eric asked, concern lacing his tone. “What about that ring? I thought he was chained to you.” Eric stood up from the table, his chair clattering to the floor.

Xiu ignored Eric and stormed out of the room. Outside the door, he called forth the blood contract beast he had formed with Du Ze. Eric ran out of the banquet hall, but Xiu didn’t spare him a glance, instead commanding the beast to find his reader.

After about ten minutes had passed, with Xiu pacing the hall, the blood contract beast finally found Du Ze. Looking through its eyes, Xiu saw Du Ze curled up on the ground of an empty, cell-like room. He was whimpering, tears gathered in the corner of his eyes as he called for Xiu, repeating his name like a prayer.

Xiu was furious. Whoever had kidnapped and hurt his reader would not walk away unscathed, or even alive. He would make sure of that. But before he did anything, Xiu had to get Du Ze back safe in his arms.  

He took off, following the path that the beast laid out for him. It seemed like Du Ze was still inside the castle. Xiu found his way to the entrance of the dungeons and rushed inside. When he stepped past the threshold, Xiu was forcefully transformed into his original human form. He didn’t know what had happened, but he couldn’t afford to stop here when Du Ze was in trouble. He ran ahead, chasing after his reader.

There was a faint smell of something sweet and almost alluring in the air of the dungeons. Xiu continued down the halls, the scent getting stronger with every step. When he finally reached Du Ze, he saw his reader huddled in Eric’s arms, hands twisted in his shirt. Du Ze had tears in his eyes and was begging Eric to help him. He didn’t notice Xiu’s presence.




When Eric heard that God’s Messenger had gone missing, he quickly dismissed himself from the banquet hall to help search. He was still uncomfortable with how they had ended their conversation the previous night, but that didn’t stop him from needing to protect Du Ze. He was God’s Messenger, the Chosen One, and Eric had to fulfill the God of Light’s wishes.

Eric didn’t know where God’s Messenger was, he just ran. He put his faith in his unusually good luck as the Son of God and let his legs take him to Du Ze. Eric was a little unsure when he arrived at the dungeons, but he trusted his luck and continued on. It worked out, he found God’s Messenger lying on the floor of a cell. An extremely arousing scent permeated throughout the room.

“My Lord!” Eric exclaimed, rushing to his side. “What happened? Are you hurt?” Eric asked Du Ze, ignoring the enticing smell surrounding him.

God’s Messenger was incoherent, almost delirious. There was a sheen of sweat on his brow and a bright flush across his cheeks that were stained with tears. He was breathing heavily and kept calling for the heretic, even as he clung to Eric’s shirt. Du Ze’s skin felt hot to the touch, and his legs trembled violently when Eric tried to help him stand. Judging him unable to walk, Eric picked up Du Ze, cradling him to his chest.

“I'll get you out,” Eric assured God's Messenger, tightening his hold.

“Help me,” Du Ze whimpered, “Please, help me.” He fisted Eric’s shirt and drew him close.

“I’ll save you,” Eric swore, looking at God’s Messenger trembling in his arms. He started heading towards the door, Du Ze’s scent becoming stronger.




“Get away from him!” Xiu shouted when he saw his reader in Eric’s arms. He looked at Du Ze, ordering him to “Come here.”

Du Ze whipped his head towards Xiu’s voice, eyes widening in relief. He scrambled out of Eric’s hold and dropped to the floor. He tried to run to Xiu but his legs were too unsteady, and he fell back to his knees, unable to stand. Du Ze cried out for Xiu at the same time he sprinted to his reader. He knelt down next to Du Ze and drew him in for a hug, hand coming up to possessively stroke his neck.

Du Ze’s scent hit him like a truck – sweet, mouth-watering, irresistible. It was more intense than any way Du Ze had tempted him before. It made Xiu want to push his reader down and eat him up right then and there.

But Du Ze was trembling, and Xiu didn’t know if he had been hurt. He ignored his attraction and asked, “What happened? Are you hurt? Who did this?” panic and worry seeping into his voice. He rubbed Du Ze’s back comfortingly, trying to alleviate his pain.

“I don’t know, I–I don’t know,” Du Ze sobbed, desperately shaking his head.

“We need to leave,” Xiu said gently, picking up Du Ze and making a move to stand.

“No!” Du Ze cried out, clutching Xiu’s leg. “No, please. I need you to touch me.” Du Ze’s cries turned soft, until they became only a whimper. “Touch me,” he pleaded, looking up imploringly into Xiu’s blue eyes. He felt hot all over, an aching need for physical contact drowning out all other thoughts.

Something clicked inside Xiu, and he realized what was happening to his reader. Somehow, although it should have been impossible, Du Ze was going into a heat. His seductive scent was the result of his body releasing pheromones to attract a mate, and it explained why he was hard in this situation. The heat seemed to be intense, it was his first one, after all, and Du Ze was feverish with desire.

Du Ze brought Xiu’s attention back to himself, sitting up enough to reach his semi-hard bulge and mouth at it over the fabric of his pants. Xiu pulled away but faltered when he saw Du Ze’s unguarded expression. His reader rarely allowed himself be so exposed and vulnerable, even in Xiu’s presence. Xiu wanted to give him everything, and it was almost impossible to deny him when he looked and smelled so arousing. But he didn’t know what dangers lurked nearby. He still hadn’t caught Du Ze’s kidnapper nor figured out the reason behind his abduction.

Du Ze let out a needy whine, impatient that Xiu was taking so long to touch him. Unable to endure the heat any longer, he decided to find relief himself. He undid his pants and struggled to pull them down. His movements were uncoordinated, so dazed with lust as he was, and they got stuck on the swell of his bottom. Frustrated and desperate, Du Ze shoved his hands down the front of his pants and started rubbing himself, doing everything he could to calm the heat down below.

Xiu was mesmerized by Du Ze’s shameless display. He was mindless from the overload of hormones his body was producing. Xiu's pants were growing tight when he heard a choked sound come from nearby. Eric was still in the middle of the room where Du Ze had left him, his own cock hard and visible through his pants.

“Don’t look at him!”

Immediately squatting down, Xiu hugged Du Ze to him, hiding him from view. Embarrassed, the Son of God turned his head to the side, his cheeks flushing at having been caught staring. Du Ze whimpered, his hands unable to move under Xiu’s tight hold.

Xiu snaked an arm under his reader’s legs and the other behind his back, lifting him up and running down the corridor, taking him away from the Son of God. To his great disdain, Eric followed behind, maintaining a short distance between them.

Eric was unsure how to reach the exit, and even if he did know, he wasn’t confident that he would be able to leave God’s Messenger. He felt a powerful urge to pursue Du Ze, to take him away from the heretic and be by his side. But in what capacity, Eric didn’t know. Or so he told himself. In reality, Eric was well aware of how he craved Du Ze’s touch, how he craved touching Du Ze. He didn’t want to admit to himself that it wasn’t solely the heavy scent of pheromones causing him to feel this way, that he had felt this way from the first moment he had laid eyes on the mysteriously alluring man.

Eric was the son of the God Bright, the Lord of the Temple of Light. He should not be coveting and lusting after a man who already belonged to someone else. Even if that someone else was the heretic. Even if it went against everything he believed in.

Xiu headed down the labyrinth-like hallways, trying to find the stairs that led out of the dungeon. However, he couldn’t concentrate on the path, Du Ze’s soft whines and heady scent distracting him. His reader was still stroking his hard length, although his movements were limited by his folded position in Xiu’s arms.

Turning down another hall, they came to a dead end. Xiu didn’t want to turn back and retrace their steps. Eric was right behind them and Xiu didn’t want to let him get close to his reader. He decided to enter the room at the end of the hall and hope that it had another exit. It didn’t.

The room was sparsely decorated, a large bed centered on the far wall. There were no windows or doors for them to escape out of, but he could help Du Ze calm down. Xiu walked over to the bed, laying his reader on his back. It seemed as if he was unaware of his surroundings, a haze of desire clouding his mind. Du Ze turned on his side and curled in on himself, fiercely jerking his cock, still searching for his climax.

Xiu helped his reader remove his clothes, Du Ze’s hands barely pausing their movements on his weeping member. He felt so hot even without his clothes, and it showed. His flush spread to his chest where his nipples were perked, despite not having been touched. Xiu quickly stripped himself, never taking his eyes off his reader.

Eric stopped in the doorway, watching God’s Messenger and the heretic. He wanted to go over and kill the heretic, force him away and make it impossible for him to further taint Du Ze’s purity and corrupt his innocence. But he knew that wasn't his place, so instead, Eric watched from the door, unable to stop the scene playing out before him.

Du Ze rolled onto his stomach and lifted his hips up in the air, chest pressed to the bed. It wasn’t enough just to touch his dick, he was burning on the inside. His body craved, needed, something inside of him.

Du Ze immediately stuck in two fingers, vigorously pumping them in and out, quietly moaning into the sheets while he continued to stroke his member. Xiu looked at where Du Ze’s fingers were disappearing into himself, a shocked sound escaping. Du Ze was wet. His body was producing its own lubricant, enough for it to leak out around his fingers and drip down his thighs.

Xiu licked his lips, unconsciously bringing his hand up and inserting a finger into his reader’s hole, joining the other two. Du Ze released a loud moan, pushing back onto Xiu’s finger, trying to get it to reach deeper inside. It felt so good, and he wanted more.

Xiu got on his knees and moved behind Du Ze, lining himself up. He rubbed his cock along Du Ze’s hole and taint, coating himself in his reader’s slick. Du Ze took it as a cue to remove his fingers, Xiu slowly pushing in when his hole was empty. Apparently he wasn’t fast enough, because the next second, Du Ze forcefully shoved himself back, impaling himself on Xiu’s dick in one smooth slide. Xiu’s balls slapped against his reader’s ass, and Du Ze threw his head back, letting out a high keen. 

Groaning at Du Ze’s tight, wet heat, Xiu started up a brutal pace, not pausing to let his reader adjust. Du Ze’s body was more than ready for him. Xiu was merciless and unrelenting as he slammed into Du Ze’s ass, shoving his reader forward into the mattress from the strength of his thrusts. Du Ze’s intoxicating scent brought out Xiu’s carnal desire, making it difficult for him to hold back. Du Ze mewled at the stretch, satisfied at finally being filled. It felt like Xiu was spearing him down the middle and stirring up his insides with his hard length. Du Ze clenched around Xiu’s dick, trying to suck him in further as he pushed back to meet his thrusts.

With each powerful thrust, Du Ze’s throbbing member grazed the sheets. The pressure inside him was building, but it wasn’t enough to push him over the edge. He slid a hand down, desperately trying to reach his peak. Du Ze’s slick leaked past Xiu’s cock and down his own balls and shaft, reducing the friction and easing the glide of his hand. He pumped his hand in time to Xiu’s thrusts, every ruthless assault rocking him forward into his hand. When Xiu’s cock brushed against his prostate, Du Ze cried out, spilling across the sheets. Xiu continued to thrust his hips, milking his reader through his orgasm.

Du Ze’s hole tightened when he came, his soft walls spasming around Xiu’s cock. With his reader squeezing around him so enticingly, trying to draw forth his climax, Xiu didn’t last much longer. He increased his speed, thrusting a few more times before he came inside, his searing fluids mixing with Du Ze’s slick.

Xiu fell forward, leaning over Du Ze’s back. Du Ze tilted his head down, subconsciously baring his neck. A strong wave of pheromones permeated the air when Xiu released into his reader, and he suddenly had the urge to claim Du Ze. He bit down on the nape of his neck, hard enough to draw blood. Du Ze let out a whimper, but more than pain, he felt bliss, and his eyes glazed over in contentment.

The room that had previously been filled with Du Ze’s uninhibited moans and obscene squelches of slick punctuated by hard slaps of skin had finally quieted, the sound of heavy panting replacing it. Xiu licked at Du Ze’s wound, cleaning off the blood and trying to soothe the bruise that was already beginning to form. He pressed an open-mouthed kiss to the injury, moving along his reader’s shoulder as they caught their breath.

When Du Ze turned his head to the side to kiss Xiu, his eyes caught on the figure in the doorway. Eric hadn’t moved from his spot, hypnotized by the erotic man now staring at him. This time, Eric didn’t look away when they made eye contact.

Du Ze looked at the Son of God consideringly. His pupils were blown wide, staring at him longingly, lips parted in awe as his cock strained against the seam of his pants, begging to be freed. Du Ze reached out towards Eric with the hand that wasn’t trapped under Xiu’s weight, beckoning him to come closer.

Eric approached the bed in a trance, only able to follow God's Messenger’s request. When he stopped at the foot of the bed, Xiu looked up and growled threateningly, his eyes darkening. Eric didn’t even notice, he only had eyes for Du Ze.

Xiu wanted to shield Du Ze from Eric’s sight, hide him away from everyone who even entertained the thought of taking his reader from him. He shifted so he was covering more of Du Ze’s naked body, but his reader took the Son of God’s hand and tugged him onto the bed. Eric hesitated, glancing at the hostile heretic before looking back into God’s Messenger’s startlingly clear eyes. He followed the pull of Du Ze’s hand, Eric thought he’d follow those eyes anywhere, and kneeled beside his head.

Xiu pushed himself up off Du Ze so that he was eye level with Eric, keeping a tight grip on his reader’s hips, his cock still buried inside. Without Xiu on top holding him down, Du Ze was able to push up onto his hands. He stretched his torso, the sharp curve of his back becoming a gentle slope as he crawled towards Eric.

Seeing what Du Ze was planning, Xiu pulled him back hard by the hips, holding his reader in a vice-grip strong enough to mark his pale skin with dark bruises. Du Ze fell to his elbows with a startled yelp and looked back to see Xiu glaring at Eric.

He brought a hand up to cover one of Xiu’s, intertwining their fingers together reassuringly. Some of the tension leaked from Xiu when he looked down at their hands, and then to his reader’s eyes that seemed to be pleading with him. Xiu didn’t like it, in fact, he despised it, but he couldn’t deny those eyes anything. Grudgingly giving in, Xiu gave a small nod, squeezing his reader’s hand.

With Xiu’s permission, Du Ze turned back, bringing his mouth to Eric’s pants and tracing the outline of his trapped member with his tongue. Eric’s breath grew heavier as God’s Messenger licked his bulge over his pants, the fabric becoming wet. Letting go of Xiu’s hand, Du Ze unbuttoned Eric’s pants and pushed them down to his thighs. His painful-looking erection sprang free, hard and leaking. Du Ze could smell Eric’s heady scent of arousal from how close he was.

Xiu watched the scene unhappily, his fingers twitching with the need to yank his reader far from the Son of God and his dick. However, he stopped himself from restraining Du Ze, even though that was all he wanted to do. He stared at his reader, trying to will him to push Eric away. It looked wrong, seeing Du Ze with someone else’s cock in his face, focusing this kind of attention on someone who wasn't Xiu. Du Ze should only ever look at him.

Instead, Du Ze kissed the tip of Eric’s dick and closed his mouth over the head, sucking lightly. He swirled his tongue over the top, licking away the bead of precum that had gathered there. After he had gotten a taste of the thick fluid, he took in Eric’s shaft, sliding over it in one smooth motion and closing his eyes in pleasure. Although the shape was slightly different than Xiu’s, it somehow felt right sitting inside his mouth.

Xiu’s eyes flashed to Eric’s face when he heard his sharp inhale, jealousy flaring up inside him. Eric groaned as Du Ze mapped out his erection with his tongue, tasting the heavy weight in his mouth. It was so wet, so hot, inside God’s Messenger’s mouth. Eric had never felt anything so stimulating. He could stay in the heat of Du Ze's mouth forever.

As the Son of God, he had a duty to retain his virtue. He had never even been aroused by a woman before, let alone slept with one. Eric wasn’t so sure he’d ever be able to now. He didn’t know why he wasn’t concerned about his virtue now. All Eric knew was that he could only smell Du Ze, see him, feel him. God’s Messenger filled all his senses, the wet heat of his mouth all Eric could think about. He brought his hands up to Du Ze’s head to hold him in place. This was all too much, and he needed something to ground himself.

Xiu watched the two bitterly as Du Ze pushed against Eric’s hand, fully taking him in his mouth. Eric groaned as he shallowly rutted into the warmth of Du Ze’s mouth, savoring the glide of his tongue over his throbbing dick. He wanted to throw his head back and drown in the feel of Du Ze, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the smooth expanse of his back, the silky, jet-black hair, the beautiful face with hollowed cheeks.

Eric slid one hand down to caress Du Ze’s jaw, tilting his head back and prompting him to open his eyes and look up. Du Ze’s previously bottomless, clear eyes were now heavy, his pupils blown with desire. Eric felt like he could get lost in the dark pools of his eyes. As he gazed into God’s Messenger’s captivating eyes, he continued to push into his mouth, never breaking their eye contact.

It looked tender, almost intimate, the Son of God's expressive eyes revealing his yearning and affection for his reader. Xiu wanted to tear them apart. He didn't want it to last a moment longer. He hated the God of Light, and he despised his son even more. Eric had already attempted to kidnap his reader from him twice, and now he was being rewarded by getting to fuck Du Ze’s mouth. The more Xiu thought about it, the more furious he became. How dare the Son of God try to steal his belonging!

Unaware of his actions, Xiu tightened his grip on his reader’s hips, his fingers digging into the soft skin. Du Ze winced and grabbed Xiu’s hand, a pained sound escaping around Eric's cock. Realizing he had hurt his reader, Xiu loosened his hold, rubbing soothing circles in apology.

The pain subsided quickly, and Du Ze pushed back against Xiu, still holding his hand. Xiu’s cock twitched, buried inside his reader’s ass that kept trembling and clenching around him while he continued to pleasure Eric. He rolled his hips once, earning a moan from Du Ze as he bottomed out.

Xiu stilled after that, and Du Ze grew hot, aching for more of the enticing friction. He shook his hips, encouraging Xiu to move again. Du Ze unconsciously released more pheromones into the air, the sweet scent going straight to both Xiu’s and Eric’s dicks. His cock once again fully hard, Xiu surrendered to his reader and grinded into his searing heat.

He slowly withdrew, Du Ze’s hole sucking on his cock and trying to keep him from pulling out. When only the tip was left inside his reader’s pulsing heat, Xiu slammed back in. Du Ze’s body jerked forward, pushing the Son of God to the back of his throat. He grabbed Eric’s hips with both hands, trying to keep from falling. Eric held Du Ze’s head close, relishing how his throat spasmed around his dick.

Xiu pulled out again, as unhurried as the first time, before he thrust back inside. He continued at this pace, teasing his reader with mind-numbing pleasure before he withdrew, the pace too slow for Du Ze to come. Du Ze trembled on his knees, the pleasure only torture with no way to release. He couldn’t move a hand down to touch himself, the force of Xiu’s thrusts were too strong, and he needed both hands to hold himself up. Du Ze could only moan around Eric’s dick in his mouth as the pressure opened up his throat.

Eric stopped thrusting into Du Ze, allowing Xiu set the pace with his cruel assault. He threaded his fingers through Du Ze’s hair and tangled them in the silky strands. Eric’s grip tightened as his arousal grew. He kept hitting the back of Du Ze’s throat, the tight passage convulsing around him.

Du Ze came first, the overwhelming sensation of being speared on both ends too much, and he came untouched. There was no trigger, neither man had put their hands on him. Xiu hadn’t forgiven his reader and was purposely holding back, and Eric was too preoccupied chasing his own climax. But the pleasure had steadily built, until it was almost painful, until it was too much, and he released onto the sheets.

Seeing the look of ecstasy on God’s Messenger’s face pushed Eric over the edge. So captivated by Du Ze as he was, just witnessing such a raw scene he normally wouldn’t be allowed caused Eric to release down his throat. Overcome with emotion, Eric held God’s Messenger close, his dick at the back of his shuddering throat, and spilled his seed, Du Ze greedily drinking it up. After he had swallowed it all, Eric pulled back. There was a string of saliva connecting God’s Messenger to his cock. Du Ze leaned in again, licking Eric’s shaft until it was clean.

Spent, Eric sat back on his heels, almost bursting with happiness. It seemed like he was radiating light elements in his bliss. He had attained the one thing he had never let himself even hope for, and it was unlike anything he could have imagined. Eric reached down to pet Du Ze’s hair – he had fallen to his elbows – and tilted his head up.

“You’re beautiful,” Eric breathed out reverently as he leaned down, intending to kiss God’s Messenger’s temptingly parted lips. Right before their lips touched, Du Ze lurched forward and fell to his chest, barely avoiding bumping his forehead into Eric’s due to the latter’s sharp reflexes.

Xiu had chosen that moment to thrust particularly hard, his possessive nature coming back in full force. With his reader finally off Eric’s cock, Xiu increased his speed until he was pounding into Du Ze’s flesh. The friction was too much for Du Ze. He had just come, and his body was too sensitive. He writhed on the bed, hands twisting in the sheets until Eric reached one hand over and laced their fingers together.

Provoked by Eric’s persistence, Xiu sped up his pace, aggressively bucking into his helpless reader. Du Ze’s throbbing walls clenched around him, and his hips stuttered as he got closer to his own climax. On an unintentionally well-aimed thrust, Xiu drove into his reader and hit his sensitive bundle of nerves. Du Ze shuddered around him, causing Xiu to orgasm. He grinded into Du Ze, pushing in as deep as he could reach, and let go, filling his reader with his hot fluid.

This time, Xiu pulled out after he came. Du Ze legs were tired, and he wanted to fall to the bed, but Xiu’s hands held tight to his hips, keeping his ass raised in the air. Xiu watched in wonder as a mix of his cum and Du Ze’s slick flowed out from the abused hole. When it trickled to a stop, Xiu used his thumbs to spread his reader’s fluttering hole and stared as more of the fluid dribbled out. Even though he had just come, Eric was turned on by the scene.

Du Ze whimpered. It felt wrong feeling himself empty of Xiu’s cum, like it was a waste, like it belonged inside of him. He wanted to be stuffed full until there was no more space inside and thought he couldn’t be satisfied without it. “More,” Du Ze gasped out, still breathing heavily. “Fill me up.”

Xiu glanced down and sure enough, his reader was hard again. Du Ze asked for Xiu to come back inside him, fill him up and stuff him full until he was overflowing with his cum. He pushed the round cheeks of his bottom into his hands, Xiu instinctively giving them a squeeze. Du Ze let out a moan, his insides empty with nothing to clench on.

“Xiu, please,” Du Ze begged, becoming desperate when Xiu still hadn't entered him, “Get me pregnant.”

“Anything you want,” was Xiu’s reply before he wrapped one arm around Du Ze’s chest and the other around his stomach and pulled him up so they were both on their knees. He shoved himself inside with one quick thrust, making his reader cry out from the force of it. Du Ze threw his head back against Xiu’s shoulder, satisfied at being filled once again. Xiu attacked his reader’s neck, so vulnerably exposed to him, and sucked dark bruises onto the delicate skin.

Despite know it was impossible, Du Ze's begging to be impregnated flipped a switch inside of Xiu. He rocked his hips, hard and fast, and Du Ze let out a yelp as his breath was punched out of him. He reached up to grab Xiu’s forearm that was holding up his chest, afraid he would fall forward if he didn’t.

Eric stared at God’s Messenger’s face, ecstasy written in his every feature. Du Ze’s eyes were shut tight and lips parted open, lewd gasps and moans escaping in time with Xiu’s thrusts. There was a bright red flush that spread all the way down to his chest where his nipples were stiff and protruding.

Eric reached forward and experimentally pinched a nipple, his own cock twitching at Du Ze’s obscene mewl. Xiu glared at Eric but the Son of God ignored him, his attention focused solely on the erotic man before him. Bringing both hands up, he did it again, this time pulling as he pinched the flesh. Du Ze keened, arching his back and pushing his chest into Eric’s hands. Eric kept playing with Du Ze’s nipples, twisting them between his fingers, pinching and pulling, until they turned an angry shade of red.

When Du Ze was just a panting mess in Xiu’s hold, Eric drew closer, taking a nipple in his mouth and rolling it with his tongue, enjoying the sound it elicited from God’s Messenger. Eric kissed his way up, skipping over Xiu’s arm and up Du Ze’s elegant neck to reach his mouth. He kissed into his mouth, easily slipping his tongue past Du Ze’s lips and licking his way inside, his hands still working his perked nipples.

Du Ze sighed into the kiss, tilting his head forward to chase Eric’s lips. Jealous, Xiu moved a hand up to the base of his reader’s neck, pulling Du Ze back towards him and away from Eric. He forcefully turned Du Ze’s head to the side and kissed his swollen lips while glowering at Eric over his shoulder.

The Son of God was disappointed, he had fallen in love with the taste of Du Ze. But he didn’t pay the heretic any mind, too preoccupied by the trembling man in front of him. His hands skimmed down God’s Messenger’s side, leaving a trail of goosebumps. Du Ze shivered at his touch. He could feel how the light brush of his fingers overflowed with wonder and adoration. Drifting lower, Eric grazed his hand over Du Ze’s erect cock, watching it twitch at the contact. It bounced in the air in front of him, more than leaking from the tip.

Eric wanted to feel God’s Messenger, experience the heat of his skin with more than just his hands. Even if the heretic wouldn’t allow it, Eric wanted Du Ze to touch him just as he could touch his seductive body. He removed his jacket and shirt and threw them to the ground. Then he toed off his boots and pulled his pants off the rest of the way, discarding it with the rest of his clothes.

When he had fully stripped, Eric reached up, covering Du Ze’s hand with his own. He gently tugged on his wrists, encouraging God’s Messenger to release Xiu’s arm. When Du Ze let go of Xiu, Eric brought the slender hands toward himself, laying them on his chest and inviting Du Ze to touch him. Du Ze splayed his fingers, feeling the taut muscle beneath his hands. He had never touched anyone but Xiu in this way. The moment felt private with how passionately Eric was staring at him, despite Xiu's thrusting into him from behind.

Xiu released Du Ze’s lips in favor of marking the other side of his neck, leaving him free to stare his fill at Eric’s powerful body. The Son of God’s strength was obvious, his lean muscles rippled with his movements. Du Ze slid his hands up, using Eric’s shoulders to support himself as he moaned from the intensity of Xiu’s thrusts.

Unable to control himself, Eric leaned forward and planted a chaste kiss to Du Ze’s lips before the heretic could stop him, savoring the taste of God’s Messenger. It was soft and sweet, so incongruous with Xiu’s ferocity that Du Ze craved more. He wrapped his arms around Eric’s neck, pulling him close and kissing him with a fervor that nearly rivaled his devotion to Xiu. Eric smiled and let out a pleased sound, running his hands up and down Du Ze’s sides. He kissed back, sucking Du Ze’s bottom lip into his mouth.

They stayed like that for awhile, Xiu thrusting into Du Ze who held Eric around the neck, holding him close as the Son of God explored his mouth, his curious hands mapping the expanse of his pale body. When those gentle hands teased along the length of his shaft, Du Ze shattered. He reached his climax without warning, letting out a cry and shaking as he came. He spilled onto Eric’s hand and shuddered around Xiu, releasing another wave of pheromones.

Despite the pheromones, Xiu and Eric froze, both surprised by Du Ze’s sudden orgasm. Xiu recovered first, resuming his thrusting with a renewed vigor, resentful that his reader had come from Eric’s touch. He moved his hands to his reader’s hips to give himself more leverage, and Du Ze collapsed forward into Eric’s arms. Xiu changed the angle, allowing his cock to reach deeper and hit Du Ze’s prostate with every thrust. Du Ze whined at the stimulation, unable to protest, his and Eric’s arms around each other the only thing keeping him upright.

Eric returned to Du Ze’s lips, insatiable when it came to God’s Messenger. But Du Ze turned his head away. He couldn’t breathe, his climax was too intense, and Xiu wasn’t giving him a chance to recover. The Son of God wasn’t discouraged. Instead, he licked a long stripe up the graceful column of Du Ze’s neck, sucking a small mark at his pulse point. Eric continued upward, tracing his tongue along the curve of Du Ze’s sensitive ear. He nibbled at the tender flesh until God’s Messenger was squirming in his arms.

Eric scooted closer until his body was flush with Du Ze’s. He delighted in the feel of Du Ze’s hot body pressed against his. Eric could feel every shiver, every tremble, as God’s Messenger lurched forward with Xiu. Their erections pushed together, and Du Ze moaned, his mind clouded with lust .

Pulling Du Ze’s arms to drape around his neck, Eric let go of him, squeezing his hands between their bodies and wrapping them around their members. He pumped his hands in time with Xiu's thrusts, and Du Ze keened, not knowing whether to push back onto Xiu or forward into Eric. Xiu was behind him, slamming into his abused hole and sending sparks up his spine each time he grinded against Du Ze’s sensitive bundle of nerves. Eric was in front of him, rubbing their shafts together, the friction a welcome relief on his throbbing dick.

Du Ze jerked forward when his orgasm crashed through him again, this time taking Xiu and Eric with him. He clenched around Xiu, his inner walls spasming as they tried to suck him in further. Xiu bore down on his reader, biting his shoulder as he came. Eric bucked his hips, stroking Du Ze and himself as he brought their mouths together and stole away his breath. He swallowed Du Ze’s gasps and moans, not letting him pull apart.

When they had come down from their high, Xiu fell back against the headboard, taking his reader with him. Eric held Du Ze’s lips for as long as he could before he was forced to let go. He sat down where he was, putting his arms back to support his weight, and watched the heretic steal God’s Messenger from him once more.

Du Ze was tired and oversensitive, twitching with the aftershocks of his orgasm. Yet somehow, he wasn’t satisfied, his dick still hard on his stomach. Xiu lifted his reader, now relaxed and pliant, off his cock and turned him around so that Du Ze was straddling him and facing away from the Son of God. Xiu wrapped his arms around his reader, inhaling his tempting scent.

Content, Du Ze laid on top of Xiu, arms hanging at his sides, and closed his eyes, inclined to just fall asleep there. However, his body had other plans, the unrelenting heat returning after only a few minutes. Trying to ease the ache that spread out from his core, Du Ze rolled his hips, grinding his erection on Xiu’s stomach. His heat rapidly became more insistent, and within minutes, Du Ze was mindlessly rutting against Xiu. His body released more pheromones, the scent just as potent as at the start, preventing Xiu and Eric from going soft.

“Xiu–” Du Ze whined, arching his back to push his nipples forward, presenting himself to Xiu as best he could in his current position. Du Ze needed Xiu to want him, fuck him, and he rocked back, rubbing his hole against Xiu’s thick member. “More– I need you to–”

“I’ve got you,” Xiu reassured, pulling his reader down into a kiss that left them both breathless. Xiu lined himself up and sat Du Ze down, feeling the burning heat envelop his cock. It was a smooth slide, his reader had never stopped producing the wet slick of an omega in heat.

Du Ze lifted himself up to his knees, the tired muscles of his thighs trembling from the effort. He dropped back down onto Xiu, a soft grunt being pushed from him. In this new position, Xiu reached deeper than he ever had before, to places still untouched. Du Ze repeated the action, his inner walls tightening around Xiu. It was slow going, Xiu allowing his reader to set the pace, his hands on Du Ze’s hips only there to keep him steady.

Du Ze struggled to continue until his muscles finally gave up, collapsing back onto Xiu’s chest. He started crying, tears falling from his eyes as he laid there in defeat. Du Ze was exhausted, his muscles weak from overuse. But that was the thing about heats. In spite of the muscles’ fatigue, the body always craved more.

Taking pity on his reader, Xiu drove his hips up, jerking Du Ze from the force. His reader hiccuped, his cries interrupted by Xiu’s thrust. Not letting Du Ze catch his breath, Xiu maintained a fast pace, his reader bouncing on his cock. Du Ze sat back up to feel each thrust fully as Xiu continuously grazed his prostate. Du Ze didn’t stop crying with need.

Eric crawled towards the two, sitting next to Du Ze. Xiu narrowed his eyes, shifting a little to put some distance between his reader and the Son of God. Eric only moved closer in response. When Xiu quit trying to move away, realizing that the Son of God wasn’t going to back down, he leaned back against the headboard, ignoring Eric and bringing his attention back to his reader.

Eric stared at God’s Messenger, streaks of tears wet on his face. He wanted to wipe them away and stop more from falling. The only way he knew to do that was to help Du Ze find his release. Eric leaned forward, his face mere inches from Du Ze’s dick. The curve of the straining member almost looked graceful. He opened his mouth and wrapped it around the head, letting Xiu’s thrusts push Du Ze further in.

It didn’t take long for Du Ze to come after that, and he spilled into the wet heat of Eric’s mouth. The Son of God swallowed it all, he would take anything God’s Messenger gave him. Xiu came not long after, unable to resist his reader’s soft walls writhing around him.

Du Ze fell to the side, and Eric caught him in his arms, Xiu’s cum leaking from his hole. After a few minutes had passed, Du Ze’s body released more of its pheromones into the air, his cock twitching once more…




It was already late into the night, but Du Ze was still insatiable. Xiu was on his back, his reader lying on top of him, rocking his hips and grinding down on his cock. Eric was leaning against the headboard, resting after having just released into Du Ze’s mouth again. They were all exhausted, but so long as Du Ze continued to release his pheromones, neither man could rest.

Xiu lost count of how many times they had come. He had fucked his reader the most, Du Ze was his, but the Son of God frequently joined in, initially at Du Ze’s request, then more often of his own volition. Xiu had long since given up on protesting. Now he chose to just ignore Eric’s presence. But he couldn’t ignore what his reader had just said.

“Please, Eric,” Du Ze repeated, “Come inside.” Du Ze hands were spreading his asscheeks, displaying his abused hole with Xiu still inside.

Du Ze wanted to come, he needed to. He was at his limit, and he didn’t know how much more he could take of being on the edge, but it was consistently taking more and more stimulation for him to climax. In an unexpected moment of clarity, he was able to recall what his kidnapper had told him.

Every time Du Ze came, he would require more to climax the next time. It would take more stimulation, and more time, and he would be less satisfied with each orgasm. The spell was cast on the dungeons, ensuring Du Ze would stay aroused even after his 0-point restore. The mindless lust would follow him throughout, and so long as he stayed beneath the castle, he would never be sated.

It was the God of Light who had kidnapped him. He had ordered one of his disciples to steal Du Ze away in the middle of the night and lock him in the dungeons. Then the God of Light had appeared, projecting a humanoid figure made of light waves to tell Du Ze his fate.

The God of Light was ordered to do something to stop Xiu from completing the Tower of God trials. By now, the Gods had learned that Xiu was protective, possessive even, of his reader. The God of Light thought up this ploy to prevent Xiu from leaving the castle. He wouldn’t abandon Du Ze, especially if he was in such an distressful state. So if the God of Light made it impossible for Du Ze to leave, then the same would apply to Xiu.

He must not have accounted for Eric searching for him too. Du Ze didn't know the God of Light’s plans, but he was certain that he did not mean for his son to get caught up in this trap. The God of Light failed to put in a safeguard on the chance that someone other than Xiu happened upon Du Ze in the dungeons. And now, Eric was stuck here like Xiu until they found a way to escape. But it would be a while yet before any of them found their way out.

Du Ze was crying on top of Xiu with the need to release. It wasn’t enough anymore, nothing was. He needed something more inside him, something bigger. He wanted Eric to enter him. “Please,” Du Ze whimpered, trembling in need.

Xiu and Eric froze at Du Ze’s plea. Du Ze hadn’t asked for this before. He hadn’t objected when Xiu refused to let the Son of God penetrate him. Only Xiu could satisfy his reader there. Eric hadn’t minded, he was content just being allowed to touch God’s Messenger. Being able to put his hands and mouth on Du Ze, having Du Ze’s hands and mouth on him, that had already surpassed his greatest dreams. But now, God’s Messenger was asking for Eric himself, asking for him to come inside and enter his most private place.

Xiu recovered first, yanking Du Ze’s hands away and replacing them with his own, possessively squeezing the soft flesh. He violently thrust up, pulling his reader down on his cock at the same time. Du Ze let out a whine. It still wasn’t enough.

“This place belongs to me.” It was a reminder to his reader, a threat to the Son of God.

Du Ze cried, wrapping his arms around Xiu’s neck. “Please, Xiu. I can’t–… It–It’s not enough,” Du Ze begged, tears streaming down his eyes from the overwhelming desire to come. More pheromones released, Du Ze’s body crying in need for more stimulation.

Xiu gave him a pained look, torn between what to do. He wanted to give Du Ze everything, he would give him the world, but he didn’t want to share him. Xiu already hated how Eric touched his reader, even the way he looked at him. This was the one place that still belonged to only him, and now he was being begged to share.

Du Ze tightened his arms, as if he could pull Xiu impossibly closer. He passionately kissed him, trying to convey all the love he felt towards the man inside him. “I love you. Only you,” Du Ze breathed, resting his forehead on Xiu’s. “Please… Just this once,” he pleaded, kissing him once more.

Reluctantly, Xiu gave in, unable to resist his reader. “Remember, you’re mine,” he growled in his ear. Xiu grabbed Du Ze’s ass, stilling his movements, and pulled his cheeks apart for Eric.

Eric was stunned, he didn’t think the heretic would allow him to enter inside Du Ze. He hesitantly crawled forward, kneeling behind the desperate man. He reached out and reverently touched his ass, palming the round globes. Eric trailed a finger down to Du Ze’s hole. It fluttered at his touch. The sweet scent in the air grew thick. Eric drew in a shaky breath, still unbelieving that he was being allowed to enter God’s Messenger’s most intimate place.

Eric stuck in a finger next to Xiu’s cock. Du Ze’s hole was gloriously wet and tight. He curled his finger, massaging the walls that were smoother than velvet. Du Ze mewled, the pressure gratifying and curbing a little of the heat he felt inside. He arched his back, sticking out his ass to push Eric's finger further in.  

Not wanting to injure God's Messenger, Eric inserted a second finger. He carefully pumped them in and out, scissoring his fingers to loosen the tight muscle until it relaxed. When Du Ze started rocking back onto his fingers, Eric squeezed in a third, the slick easing the way.

Du Ze was gasping for air, his hold on Xiu almost choking. The pressure inside felt so good, it was almost unbearable. It was exactly what his body was craving. Xiu held Du Ze and tweaked his nipples, twisting and pulling at the swollen nubs. He couldn't let his reader be overwhelmed by the Son of God. Xiu licked Du Ze’s sensitive ears, nibbling on his earlobe. Du Ze squirmed on top of Xiu, unable to do anything against the onslaught of sensations.

When Du Ze was panting, begging for “Harder…” and “More…,” Eric removed his fingers and lined himself up. He nudged Du Ze’s hole, dripping in anticipation, and slowly pressed forward. He paused when the tip of his cock breached the tight hole, Du Ze’s sharp cry piercing the air. It was difficult to push in, even after Eric’s preparation. Du Ze was whimpering, and Eric was breathing heavily, the pressure greater than what either of them had been prepared for.

After Du Ze’s hole stopped trying to push him out, Eric continued to move forward with small thrusts. The stretch was too much, Du Ze felt like he would be split on Eric’s cock. But he held in his cries, stifling them by biting the soft skin between Xiu’s neck and shoulder. Eric was noble and virtuous, even when he was filled with lust. He wouldn’t hesitate to pull out if he thought Du Ze was in pain, and that was the furthest thing from what he wanted. Oblivious to the suffering he was causing, Eric kept pressing forward until he was buried inside God’s Messenger.

Finally fully sheathed in Du Ze’s throbbing heat, Eric stopped thrusting. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before, somehow even better than Du Ze’s mouth. It was burning, Eric felt like he would melt. And it was incredibly slippery, the slick trapped inside, unable to squeeze past the two cocks blocking the entrance. Du Ze’s insides were spasming, clenching down, as if unsure whether to push out the two intrusions or suck them further in.

Neither man moved, allowing Du Ze to get used to having them both inside. Eric had opened him up wider than ever before. Du Ze couldn’t breathe, the pressure on his walls was so intense, so overwhelming. He felt extremely full, like he would explode if he took in even one breath. There was no more space inside of him, nothing else could fit. Xiu and Eric were everywhere, filling him to the brim and pressing against all his sensitive spots. His every nerve was being poked and rubbed. Du Ze couldn’t move without sparks going up his spine. His whole body rocked with violent tremors as it fought not to break.

While Du Ze’s body adjusted to the new intrusion, Xiu and Eric touched him, trying to distract him from the pain. Xiu rubbed his reader’s lower back, trying to soothe the ache. He mouthed at his shoulder, biting and sucking fresh bruises onto the smooth skin as he hushed his reader’s soft cries that escaped from being too full. “You’re okay, you’re doing amazing. You’re going to be alright,” Xiu murmured into Du Ze’s ear. Du Ze squeezed his eyes shut, shivering as Xiu’s breath ghosted across his cheek.

Eric was kneading Du Ze’s ass, caressing the supple flesh that had been denied to him for so long. He bent over and pressed slow kisses to his back, tasting the salty sweat. Eric licked Du Ze, he tasted as delicious as he felt incredible. In a moment of weakness, overcome with desire, Eric grinded his hips forward into God’s Messenger.

Du Ze wasn’t ready, the movement was too sudden. Eric rubbed him in all the right places, pushing Xiu’s cock inside him to press down against his prostate. Du Ze came with a scream, his whole body tensing from the force of his orgasm. He had been held at the edge for too long. Du Ze saw white when he climaxed. Then everything turned black.

When Du Ze came to – he wasn’t out for very long – he was rocking on top of Xiu, sticky fluid squelching between them. He had temporarily lost consciousness, but that hadn’t stopped Xiu or Eric. Because of Du Ze’s powerful climax, his inner walls had convulsed, addictively tightening around the two cocks penetrating him. The Son of God couldn’t help but pull out, only to thrust back in with a strength that rivaled Xiu’s. He rutted into God’s Messenger, unable to control his desire.

Every time Eric thrust into Du Ze, his dick rubbed against Xiu’s, causing him to jerk from the unique sensation. It was different having another person inside his reader with him. As resentful as Xiu was that his partner was the Son of God, he couldn’t deny the irresistible feeling it created. Xiu bucked up into Du Ze, his cock sliding against Eric’s as he impaled the soft insides of his reader.

When Du Ze woke up, he was assaulted by infinite sensations. Xiu and Eric were plunging into him with alternating thrusts, neither of their cocks ever fully pulling out. Du Ze’s own member was still hard, crushed between him and Xiu, teasingly sliding between them as his body jolted from the onslaught of their brutal thrusts. Xiu’s hands were gripping Du Ze’s ass, pushing him down to meet his hips. Eric’s hands were on his waist and pulling him back.

Du Ze had no control over his body. He was entirely at the mercy of the two men, his body pliant in their hands. They were taking everything he had to offer, and Du Ze couldn’t get enough of it. The pleasure quickly built again, and soon, he was whining and moaning on top of Xiu, his voice hoarse from overuse. Du Ze’s eyes glazed over, open but unseeing. He couldn’t see or hear, only able to feel Xiu and Eric fill him completely.

Eric let go of Du Ze’s waist, reaching forward to untangle his arms from around Xiu’s neck. Wanting to see the elegant curve of his back, Eric pulled God’s Messenger back by his wrists, lifting him up so his body was hovering above Xiu’s. Eric’s hips stuttered at the action, and when he thrust back in, he did it together with Xiu. Du Ze keened, his back beautifully arching as he was penetrated by two cocks simultaneously. Xiu brought one hand down, fisting his reader’s leaking member that bounced in the air in front of him.

Du Ze felt his orgasm getting closer, and he cried out when he came, releasing into Xiu’s hand. His burning inner walls clenched around Xiu and Eric, wringing out their climax. Xiu pushed his reader down, and Eric pulled him back, both shoving in as deep as they could reach. They released inside, filling the already stuffed Du Ze until his stomach distended.

After Eric had nothing more to give, he let go of God’s Messenger. Du Ze crumpled on top of Xiu, passed out from the intensity of their sex. Xiu and Eric gingerly pulled out, and Du Ze unconsciously winced at the empty feeling. Xiu laid his reader on the bed, his body turned on its side.

Chest heaving from the exertion, both men looked over at the unconscious man. Du Ze looked debauched . Du Ze trembled as the aftershocks of his climax rippled through him. He was covered in fluids, his own as well as Xiu’s and Eric’s. His body was flushed, nipples hard and perked, cock still erect against his stomach. And his hole. Du Ze’s hole was absolutely wrecked, it was gaping. It fluttered, trying to clench down but finding only air where a dick should have been. Eric gulped, and Xiu reached in, easily inserting four fingers. It was still loose.

“We need to get out of here,” Xiu said, regaining his composure. They had spent the whole day down in the dungeons, and they still didn’t know any more than when they first found Du Ze. They had to leave before Du Ze woke up, they couldn’t refuse him when his heat was so strong. Right now Du Ze was only releasing a minimal amount of pheromones. At this level, it was still possible for them to think clearly.

Xiu got up from the bed to retrieve their clothes. They would be uncomfortable, Du Ze was sticky with cum and slick and sweat, but it was better than carrying him around the castle naked for everyone to leer at.

When the heretic turned to go fetch their clothes off the floor, Eric moved closer to Du Ze. He fondly caressed the sleeping man’s cheek, placing a tender kiss to his lips. His mind had cleared enough for him to realize that this chance may not come again. “Choose me,” Eric whispered, daring to hope. He leaned in for another kiss when Xiu grabbed his shoulder and flung him away.

“He’s mine,” Xiu said coldly, the underlying threat barely hidden. The next time you lay your hands on him, I’ll cut them off. 

Xiu turned to his reader and swiftly dressed him, standing in front of Eric to block his view. After he dressed himself, Xiu picked Du Ze up and carried him out of the room, not bothering to check if Eric was following. Xiu ran towards the exit, recalling what the blood contract beast had shown him. He took care not to jostle his reader any more than necessary, Xiu didn’t want him to wake.

They safely made it to the exit, Eric right behind them. After they left the dungeons, Xiu was immediately transformed back into his dragon form. There must have been a spell on the dungeons that suppressed his transformations. Xiu took Du Ze back to their room, shutting the door to keep Eric out. He stripped his reader of his filthy clothes, grateful to see that Du Ze’s heat had finally receded.

Du Ze woke up then, blinking at the dragon’s figure. “Xiu…” He was exhausted, he couldn’t move his limbs. The heat had been taxing on his muscles. “What…?” Du Ze asked, his question trailing off. His eyes were so heavy, he just wanted to rest them for a minute.

“Shh… Don’t worry, it’s all over now,” Xiu reassured Du Ze. “I’m going to clean you up,” he said, leaning over to pick up his reader. It was well past midnight, the time of Du Ze’s 0-point restore. His reader was sure to be sore in the morning, but at least Xiu could erase Eric’s traces.

Du Ze shook his head. “No… Sleep……” he mumbled, throwing his arms around Xiu’s neck where he was hovering above him. Xiu was off guard, and Du Ze was able to pull him down onto the bed. Xiu chuckled as his reader, still naked, turned over to lay on top of his body and closed his eyes. Du Ze couldn’t muster the strength to stay awake any longer. Just as he was drifting off to sleep, he heard Xiu speak again. 

Xiu pressed a kiss to his reader’s forehead. “Do you know who did this to you?” he asked, darkness seeping into his voice. Even though Du Ze was safely back in his arms, Xiu couldn’t forgive the person who had tried to steal his reader from him. He wrapped his arms around Du Ze, trying to hide him from whoever may have been watching.

Du Ze let out a series of incomprehensible mumbles before his head dropped to Xiu’s chest, effectively falling asleep. It was all gibberish, but Xiu was able to make out one word. Light. The God of Light had kidnapped his reader in the dead of night and forced him through a heat. Xiu saw red. He had allowed the God’s son to fuck Du Ze. In spite of Du Ze’s begging, Xiu could still have refused. His reader was under the influence of the heat, it wasn’t what he wanted. Xiu hugged Du Ze tighter, not letting go until late the next morning.

In the next room over, Eric was spread across his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. The effects of Du Ze’s pheromones had faded, but the memory of what happened was still alive. Eric trailed a hand down, sliding them under the band of his pants. He teased his member, trying to move his hands like Du Ze had. Eric could still smell the intoxicating scent of the pheromones Du Ze released, could still hear his shameless moans and cries and the obscene sounds of slick-covered skin slapping, could still see his beautiful face turn desperate with arousal and the way his erotic body trembled at his touch. Eric clearly remembered the feeling of Du Ze’s soft tongue exploring over his shaft, hitting the back of his spasming throat, thrusting into his tight, wet, pulsing heat.

Eric came in his pants, biting the pillow to stifle his moans. He pulled out his hand and looked at the evidence of his immorality. Du Ze was God’s Messenger. Even if he had already been defiled by the heretic, that didn’t give Eric the right to further debase him. How tragic it was, for God’s Messenger was stained by the Son of God himself.

“Forgive me, Father, I have sinned.”

Eric didn’t know where he should go from here. He only knew he there was no going back.

The God of Light observed all of this from above. He had miscalculated, there were too many unplanned factors that had affected the result. Namely, his son! Eric had a chance to take care of the heretic himself while he was distracted with lust, but he had failed. His son had even fucked the insignificant human with him! It hadn’t even taken a day for the heretic to escape the dungeons. The God of Light’s carelessness had cost him his last chance to get rid of the heretic. He threw a fit, breaking whatever he could get his hands on in his little prison.




Du Ze woke up in the morning, sticky and sore. He looked down at himself, wondering why he was naked, and then up at his pillow where a flawless, silver-haired dragon was smiling down at him.

“Good morning,” Xiu greeted, hugging his reader closer. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired,” Du Ze replied, sitting up and pulling away from Xiu’s hold. “I’m going to wash up,” he said, pushing off the bed. Du Ze collapsed to the floor with a quiet yelp, looking bewildered at how he ended up there. He held onto the bed, using it as a prop, but his legs were shaking, and they couldn’t support his weight. Xiu chuckled, bending down and easily lifting his reader.  

“What happened yesterday?” Du Ze asked as Xiu carried him to the washroom. For some reason, he was afraid to hear the answer. He had a feeling that something important occurred, but he couldn’t recall what.

“What do you remember?” Xiu returned. He turned on the water, waiting for it to heat up.

Xiu’s expression didn’t give anything away, so Du Ze couldn’t guess at what kind of event had taken place. “Not much,” Du Ze answered. “Just–,” he paused, looking down. Du Ze didn’t want to say it, especially if he was wrong. It would be embarrassing if it had only been a dream. But it couldn’t have been a dream, not when his body was in this state.

“Just?” Xiu prompted, urging Du Ze to continue. He was avoiding eye contact by looking at the ground, but Xiu could see his reader’s ears turn red.

“Just–just that nothing was enough,” Du Ze rushed out. He lifted his head, defiantly looking into Xiu’s teasing eyes. Xiu set Du Ze in the tub. The steaming water started filling up around him.

“Is that all?” Xiu asked. He could tell by now when Du Ze wasn’t being completely honest, and he enjoyed bullying his reader when he was embarrassed.

“A–and then feeling full,” Du Ze said, his voice turning into a whisper by the end. “So full.” He turned his head to the side to avoid Xiu’s gaze. “That’s it.”

Xiu stared at his reader, contemplating how much to tell him. He was happy that Du Ze didn't remember the part with the Son of God. It was better that way. Du Ze didn’t need to remember how he had pleasured Eric or how Eric had pleasured him.

“How about I show you?” Xiu offered, a teasing glint in his eyes. He had already stripped off his clothes and was getting into the tub with him. Before Du Ze could get another word in, his lips were being devoured by Xiu, strong arms wrapping around him and pulling him in close.