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Murder House

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As a personal writing exercise, I am working on transcribing the television show American Horror Story into book form. They are for me as I work on honing my writing skills, but please feel free to read them if you are a die hard AHS fan, or if perhaps watching the show is too scary and you'd prefer to read it instead, or for any other reason :)

Before diving into transcribing American Horror Story, I'd first like to emphasize that I do NOT own any part of this story. I am not posting this for credit or under the guise of an original work. American Horror Story belongs to RYAN MURPHY, BRAD FALCHUK and FX. They are the true geniuses behind AHS.

Obviously, I'll be changing some dialogue and other stuff slightly to fit the book format, but I swear I won't change any plot points or ANYTHING like that. I'm not interpreting, I'm transcribing.

I'll be updating as I go, but I won't really have an upload schedule. Feel free to bookmark and read later when it's all complete, if you want!

With that out of the way, please enjoy diving into the world of the Harmon family! :)