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Law of Magnetic Attraction

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Surveillance, A had called it.

And it had been just that, the first few months that Sasuke stayed in their village. He was against it, naturally, given the boy had been part of Akatsuki, and had nearly killed his brother, B. To say he hated him would be an understatement.

But Naruto saw something in him, begged for his life to be spared.

…That, and the kid had rescued his missing Kumo-nin months earlier. Supposedly, he was making reparations for all of the harm he’d done in the world, but if you asked A? Killing him was still the answer.

But now… his personal interest in Sasuke Uchiha had shifted. While his judgement hadn’t softened, the boy was exotic to look at lately. Pale skin wasn’t too uncommon in Kumo, but the combination of it and dark black hair was.  That wasn’t even getting into his face. At first, A simply wanted to say the boy looked a little too girly, but that was due to his frame hidden under the black cloak. His jaw was… alright. It set him apart.

It’s too easy to look at all his features when he’s sat more or less alone in Kumo’s local library. A cares not for the content of what he’s reading, it wasn’t any sort of vital information he could take back to the Leaf and misuse.

A treat, A decided. That’s what the boy was. And he wanted to indulge.

Call it reparations.


It’s when he’s putting away the tome he’s finished that Sasuke feels a body behind him, less than an inch from actually touching him.

He tenses, immediately, pausing from actually setting the book on the shelf, chakra thrumming through his veins. The chakra is immediately recognizable when he activates the Rinnegan eye hidden behind his bang.

Kumogakure’s current Raikage.

Sasuke’s no stranger to the fact the man hates him, but he has broken no laws during his stay, and if the man wants him out, he only needs to give the word. It may be some sort of power play… the incident in which both Kiri and Kumo’s nin were taken is not the first that has been done falsely in his name.

So he keeps still, only allowing his eyes to slightly move, as if they could see behind him.

They narrow when he hears A shift closer, and for a foolish moment he thinks that’s all going to happen. A silent threat. A reminder that he’s being watched, that he hasn’t been forgiven.

And then A presses, nearly flush against him, and a hand settles on Sasuke’s right hip.

Sasuke’s eyes go wide, forcing them to stay ahead as he tries to process what’s just happened. Still happening. He hasn’t let go, but the grip isn’t so tight it’s meant to keep him in place via force.

Gaze narrowed, Sasuke collects his voice.

“What are you doing.”

There’s no answer. Not for a few moments.

“You’ve got the attention of a lot of my shinobi.” A more or less murmurs, gaze locked onto where his body’s meeting Sasuke’s, at the waist. He hasn’t moved away, which is a plus, but he’s well aware he’s on thin ice.

“And I’m curious, too.” A continues, drawing his head down, close to Sasuke’s ear. It’s now that he rocks his hips in, hearing the short inward gasp from Sasuke. There’s no more room to wonder exactly what it is A wants, and plenty of time to move away, or attack.

Sasuke’s stuck. Mentally as opposed to physically. He’s had plenty of people want him in various ways, but this has to be the most bold attempt at—well it wasn’t really an attempt at a relationship, was it? And he’s still moving even now, pulling Sasuke’s waist snugly against his. It’s an even, insistent pace, and Sasuke has to force a swallow and at least make sure the book he was trying to put away doesn’t fall straight onto the floor.

It shouldn’t feel like that. That warm feeling spreading in his gut. Everything he’s been told about relationships and what little information he has about sex says otherwise, but the more A ruts against him, the more Sasuke feels the need to escape slipping away.

Sasuke lets out a soft sigh, keeping his gaze forward, and down. It’s the sound that lets A know he’s free to move on, unable to hide a grin, and a short laugh suppressed in his throat.

“I’ll make this good for you.” But certainly not slow. Sasuke’s forced to recover pretty quickly when he feels A move down, and take his pants with him. He’s immediately exposed, and acutely aware that he’s still in a public library, but that doesn’t seem to be bothering A at all, who’s spread his cheeks apart to settle his face in-between them.

Sasuke shudders at the feel of the tongue, gripping the edge of the bookcase with his only hand. He presses his face into his arm, the position slightly uncomfortable. He doesn’t have much room to move his feet around, especially not with A holding him in place at the waist, pressing his tongue inside of him.

Sasuke’s never done this, hasn’t he?  It only heightens the appeal; turns this into a pseudo battle in which this time, he can claim a clear victory over Sasuke. It’s twisted and he knows it, but actually killing the boy would get him in trouble with the Leaf. Instead of deriving his excitement from the heat of battle, he’ll drink in from Sasuke’s soft sounds and grunts.

There’s a moan in return for his efforts when he pushes in particularly deep, Sasuke’s legs quaking under his grip. The boy’s ready for more.

Sasuke gets a form of reprieve when A pulls away, only to be shifted closer against the book case, rutted into freshly. With only A’s clothing between them now, he can feel the erection pressed taut against him, furthering his embarrassment and his arousal. It doesn’t take a genius to know what’s going to happen next, keeping his head hung as a finger prods at his rectum.

When it presses in, Sasuke can’t help but hiss. It’s much thicker than his tongue, and the pacing is awkward. Both of them are missing their left arm, and it makes for awkward balance issues. Sasuke’s able to take the finger to the knuckle with just a little pressure, however, and rakes his teeth over his bottom lip when A presses in even closer, following the finger in with a second. There’s a lot of weight on him, feet planted firmly on the tile. The last thing either of them wants is to topple the case over.

…Which is already teetering slightly.

“Let’s move along, Uchiha.”  The sex isn’t worth destroying the building and alerting anyone nearby, and this isn’t exactly private to begin with. But he isn’t going to give Sasuke the chance to actually walk himself there, as much as a treat it would be to watch him stumble with his pants down.

“H-hey--!” Sasuke immediately complains when A wraps his single arm around him and lifts him dead up, beginning to walk. There’s no balance at all to be had, more or less hanging over and curling his feet to try to at least keep his clothing on the way there. Sasuke’s only set down when they reach a table, feeling the cool wood against his hips and upper thighs.

Then the fingers are back, both at once, and it’s enough to quiet his complaints, locking his legs together and trying to press back to get them in deeper, nails scratching at the table.

“You’re gonna look real good with my cock shoved deep in you.” A can’t really keep his composure for much longer. He’s exercised enough patience, hasn’t he? There’s just something about the way the boy rolls his hips back into him when he inserts a third finger, as if he’s hungry, bent over a table in a godamn library for all of Kumo to see,  getting finger-fucked by none other than the Raikage himself…

Yeah, he’s done waiting.

The fingers are gone. Sasuke presses his arm to the table, shifting up to look back, wincing at the clang of metal as A’s belt falls to the floor after a bit of a struggle. It makes him paranoid, scouting the area around him, but what signatures he could sense aren’t any closer than before. His worry eased, now he can focus on the real challenge: what he’s about to take inside of him.

It is, admittedly, a lot bigger than he’d assumed.  A’s cock juts out but hangs low, and it doesn’t help that A is rolling up his shirt to make sure that no part of it is covered.

“I think it just might barely fit in ya.” A’s got a right to be proud of this. He was strong in more ways than one, had earned his title of Raikage from his Father, and he wasn’t about to give any less when it came to sex. Especially now that he was fucking one very specific Uchiha. Who is visibly nervous.


“You can either sit on it, or keep still.” It’s the only advice he’ll offer to Sasuke, a hint of glee in it, making the decision for him when he presses his hand to the flat of Sasuke’s back, nudging his legs apart with his own thighs. It keeps him in place, lining up the head of his cock with Sasuke’s hole. Sasuke tenses up and nearly cries out through gritted teeth, but with one firm push, A’s nestled at least halfway inside. It’s so tight. He can’t even dredge up a sense of restraint, haphazardly bringing his knee to a table, shifting the rest of his weight slamming the rest of his length inside, muffling a cry from Sasuke under him.

Asshole.” Sasuke curses, inbetween labored breaths. It’s a dull sting now, but Sasuke’s straining under the additional weight. Even his dull scratching on A’s armguards are falling on deaf ears. Until he moves—and oh it’s a blessing when he does. Sasuke’s mildly panicked scratching becomes a grip, the exact specifics of his uncomfortable position forgotten once A’s pushed right back into him, and again, and again. Even the weight is lifted off his middle, allowing his back to somewhat arch, his sounds cut off by As’ hips meeting his, the sound of skin against skin almost echoing across the room.

You take cock like a champ. What’s it feel like to be fucked by the Raikage? Seems like it feels good for you, you’re kind of loud, aren’t ya?

Some of it Sasuke can’t parse, it’s hard to understand it when A growls the words out, or stops midway to grunt about how Sasuke eats him right up. But it helps, and he can’t explain why; any other time he should feel insulted by something so demeaning.  

The rougher A is, the more ragged Sasuke’s noise becomes. Nothing about it is meant to be comforting, or loving. Especially not when Sasuke’s right leg is drawn onto the table, keeping him wide open as A mounts him at a deeper angle, each thrust punctuated with the sound of his balls hitting Sasuke’s ass.

Sasuke’s not sure how long they’ve been at it. He can barely feel half his body, but reality slowly starts to come back to him when A’s movements stutter, shoving him back down onto the table with a low, broken groan.

The way A pulls out is wet, and loose, and Sasuke realizes the Raikage has come inside of him when he’s able to meagerly roll his body aside on the table. He too, has left a mess, likely sometime before.

Besides trying to catch their breath, things are quiet now. Sasuke looks at A. Who looks back at him.

Neither of them can think of anything to say.

There’s only a faint hum when A pulls at his right leg, getting them apart as far as he can. Sasuke’s still dripping his cum, and for a moment, he’s tempted for a second round. Sasuke’s definitely broken in now, for lack of a better term.

“You might be useful for somethin’ after all.” It’s a little more defensive than it needs to be, peeling off his shirt and attempting to clean up, while Sasuke gets his bearings and finally manages to sit up.

The assistants won’t be chewing A’s head off later, and Sasuke will feel a little less ostracized in an unfamiliar village.