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Bambi Potter and the Ninja of the Desert

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After defeating He-whose-nose-is-missing Lady Bambi Lily Potter-Black, Girl-Who-Lived and Lady-Who-Conquered, went back to school with her friends. The black haired witch worked hard to get her masteries in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Healing, and (to most who knew her's shock) Potions. She had gotten Os on her NEWTs for Charms, Transfiguration, and Care of Magical Creatures as well, but the Gryffindor preferred not to explore those further - for the moment at least.

The green eyed woman had taken a shine to warding and curse breaking, rather than Auror training as most expected, after school. And with the aid of Bill Weasley and the goblins of Gringotts, whom she'd always admired and shown respect to, she had become one of the best warders and curse breakers in recent centuries. Nowadays she was just trying to live a simple life, key word being trying.

Every year since the raven haired witch's triumph in the Battle of Hogwarts Bambi received an increasing amount of marriage proposals. And with each passing year she remained unmarried, while the number of her friends and peers also single dwindled rapidly, the public demand for her to "do her duty and replenish her dying families by marrying an acceptable wizard" grew ever more insistent and obnoxious. 

Apparently the wizarding world needed a reminder on how much Lady Potter-Black hated being badgered and ordered around.

They wanted her to get married? Fine. But Bambi was going to make damned sure it would be on her own terms. Hence why the witch was currently meeting with her employer of the last few years and account manager Ragnok, who looked as amused with the raven's plan as she was. "So if I'm understanding you correctly, you wish for me to compile a list of potential suitors for you. Ones of similar status and accomplishments as yourself. But you want them to be from outside of the magical community entirely?"

Bambi smiled foxily as she sipped at her tea. "That is exactly what I wish, yes. Perhaps having my lines and fortune no longer part of the wizarding world due to marrying out of it will make the old codgers and sheeple here think twice about trying to pressure someone to marry in the future." Ragnok's grin at her words was as vicious as it was amused. "Perhaps."

After watching the old goblin look through his files on the communities besides wizards his people had trade with for a few minutes he hummed. "Your request is doable, though the only community with suitors close enough to your status is the Elemental Countries... I suggest you brush up on your Japanese."

"My husband will be a ninja then?" Bambi asked, vaguely recalling her studies on the fuinjutsu or sealing techniques of the equally hidden society through the Black and Potter libraries. The art was rare and very useful to her as both a warder and curse breaker, though it was the extent of her knowledge on the other society beyond a map of the countries there that was likely outdated - given the warrior society's penchant for war. Ragnok's blunt "Most likely." earned a smile from the green eyed witch.

"Thank you Ragnok." the raven said as she rose to leave. "I trust you to send me only the best options."

"Of course." the old goblin responded with a dismissive wave and vicious smirk. "Only the best will do for a goblin friend."




Rasa sighed, rubbing his temples to try and ease his growing migraine. The council has been relentlessly on his case about Gaara... again. They were constantly complaining for him to keep his son under tighter control, pressuring him to give his youngest son less freedom or not so subtly implying that he should have him murdered. The redhead was sick of their whining to be honest, about his son and his lack of wife.

Since Karura had died in childbirth he had practically drowned himself in his work. He barely had time for his family, let alone to search for a suitable spouse! If those old windbags suggest he marry some nameless girl of their choice one. more. time... Rasa doesn't know what he'd do to them in all honesty.

Adding in the lack of funds and resources due to the war on top of all that? It amazed the kazekage that he hadn't gone insane or prematurely grey from the stress yet.

Hearing a snort Rasa looked up to meet the amused blue-grey gaze of his brother in law. "One of those days?" the sandy blonde chirps teasingly, earning a fond eye roll from the kazekage as he runs a hand through his spiky dark red hair. "Yashamaru ever since the council got it into their thick heads that I should remarry every day has been 'one of those days'..." 

After a brief moment of silence, Rasa's black eyes having finished skimming the papers in front of him and his confliction visible on his face, the man asked "Can you be honest with me, as my brother and my friend? Can I trust you to have my back in this decision?" Yashamaru nodded with a gentle smile "'Til the end. Karura would skin me alive otherwise when next we meet." The redhead smiled fondly, that sounded exactly like his late wife.

Taking a deep breath Rasa started to explain "You know those cutthroat little creatures we do business with?"


Nodding the kazekage continued "They approached me with an offer during my meeting with them a few days ago. At first I told them I would consider the proposal after looking it over, mostly to humor them but also so I could have an excuse to avoid the council for a few days. As you know, today they decided to pester me again."

"About the usual subjects I assume?"

"Naturally." Rasa growled bitterly before sighing. "I actually read the proposal the day I got it and am now sorely tempted to accept it, if only to see the looks on those old geezers' faces when I tell them about it later."

The sandy blonde shinobi raised a brow as he asked "And what proposal would you be accepting?"

"A marriage proposal." Whatever response Yashamaru had expected that certainly wasn't it. "A marriage proposal?! To who, a goblin?"

Rasa snorted at the mental image "No, though that may be the oddest part. The goblins have apparently been approached by a woman who works for them, a hime and war hero, who has asked them to find her a husband to her standards. According to the goblin I spoke to she's sick of her own council being on her case about being unwed." At his brother in law's fond tone the blonde smiled "I take it you're accepting then?"

The redhead crossed his arms, leaning back in his chair. "She is a hime, a war hero, and the last of two of her homeland's most powerful and ancient clans... Marrying her comes with a considerable dowry that can go towards the village. Not to mention that the council can't complain about me being unmarried if I have a wife." Shrugging the kazekage continues "If she still opts to choose me despite the fact I will be making the fact I am a widow with three children and a job that will leave me often away from home, then I believe I won't mind a woman such as Potter-Black-hime as a wife."

Yashamaru blinked a few times in disbelief before chuckling. "I don't know why I was surprised, it's just like you to marry out of spite. If it's this hime's nature as well then I say you two will be a good match for each other."

Rasa smiles fondly before turning serious. "Yashamaru?"


The redhead swallows nervously before asking "Do you think Karura would be mad at me for this?"

Dark blue eyes locked with black as the sand blonde sighed "Honestly? I think my sister would slap you for even considering she'd be mad at you for this. Karura was too full of love to be happy watching you mourn her forever. Nothing would make her happier than seeing you find love again, you know that."

Rasa smiled weakly as he glanced at a photo of his late wife on the desk. Yashamaru really knew what to say didn't he? That sounded exactly like Karura, finding happiness in watching him be happy. The kazekage started writing his response for the goblins. "Then I hope this goes well..."

As he walked back home to check on his nephew Gaara the blonde shinobi smiled "So do I."