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Pick A Different Way

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It was nightfall. Dean Ambrose was cloaked in the darkness, spying on…him. He looked so smug, like he hadn’t tried to kill Dean’s wife and paralyzed the woman who had raised him. Disgust filled Dean, as he glared on at him.

‘Bingo,’ Dean Thought to himself. He nodded at Adam, who promptly jumped behind the red head he was with, holding his knife against her throat.

“Becky!” He shouted. Dean, wasting no time, was shooting at his back.

“Hello, Rollins.”

Seth Rollins snarled before shouting into the darkness, “Father!” Every single nerve in Dean’s body went numb, Adam collapsing as well.

“All so unnecessary,” The Viper sighed. “Dean Ambrose, your ice is nothing against my daughter and sons fire”

Dean wanted to shout that Seth wasn’t his son, never was, and after what he did, never would be. “Adam Cole though…the only person to have been born with precognition, you’d be worth something.”

Fast as a cheetah, Adam slit The Vipers throat, lunging with anger only he possessed. The Viper sighed dramatically. “Oh well, you made me lose a life. Hope that was worth it,” he hissed, grabbing Adam’s throat and crushing it.

Dean regained control of his body and watch as Adam spat in Viper’s face. “You’ll pay for that!”

“Dean, tell Roddy and Kyle I loved them” Adam choked out, and before Dean could react, Adam pulled out a revolver and shot himself in the gut.
Dean shot up, sweat coating his body. “Adam isn’t dead; he just got demoted for his safety,” he mumbled to himself, convincing himself what he saw wasn’t real. Dean rubbed his face.

“You okay, love?” Renee Young asked.

Dean nodded, “Yeah….Yeah.”

“Adam will be fine,” His wife hugged him, attempting to reassure him.

“Reading my mind again?” Dean teased.

Renee smiled. Dean’s com rang; he glanced at it and sighed. “Sorry honey”

“It’s okay,” Renee said as Dean kissed her head. “Go. Save the world.” Dean pulled away a moment later, gently running his hand over the burn scar on her arm, looking at it with concern.

“I’m fine. Really,” Renee said.

“He hurt you.”

“I know. But now I’m fine.” Dean hugged Renee once again. “Go out there and do your thing”

“Will do,” Dean grinned and winked at her.

“So how’s Renee?” Roman Reigns, Dean’s adoptive brother, asked.

“She’s good,” Dean smiled.

“Good. I wonder who our new Shield member will be.” Roman smiled at Dean.


“Hey guys!” Liv Morgan enthusiastically yelled from Pete Dunne’s back. She had clearly forced him to give her a piggyback ride, yet again.

“Hey Liv,” Dean smiled.

"Can someone get this over clingy wench off me?” Pete grumbled. Roman held his arms out.

“C’mere, Liv.” Liv whooped, jumping off Pete’s back and into Roman’s arms instead as Dean stood there, laughing at them.

Roderick Strong walked up to them “Guys, Triple H needs you in his office, immediately.”

“What for?”

“He’s going to introduce you to your new shield member.”

Dean nodded, agreeing to go up to the office.

When the four made their way to the bottom level, Dean noticed Peyton Royce outside the door, tears falling down her face. Dean frowned, concern creeping over his.

“Hey Pey-”

“Save it,” The Australian woman snapped.

“What’s wrong?”

“Billie is on the wanted dead list.”


“I already told you to save it - if Renee joined Viper, you’d do everything to keep her safe. Pete would probably join him if Tyler did.” Pete stepped forward growling, about to argue with her. Roman put his arm in front of Pete, stopping him from saying anything rash as was his habit.

“Why did she join him?”

“I-I don’t know”

“She joined Viper….he’s evil.”

“It doesn’t mean she’s like Rollins”

“Doesn’t it?”

“Billie didn’t try to kill everyone”

“But she still joined him.”

“Whoa fuck!” A slurring voice yelled out. Dean’s head snapped up. A girl he vaguely remembered to be named Ruby stumbled around, throwing up near Pete, causing Pete to pull a disgusted face. “Fuck vodka” Ruby snarled before falling onto Roman.

Liv squealed. “Sorry Pinkie Pie,” Ruby said before stumbling into the office, comical sounds of things breaking following her.

Liv pouted. “I hope to god that that is not our next member”


“Too bad, she is.” Triple-H stuck his head out rolling his eyes and gesturing for everyone to come in.

“Are you serious? She seems like a drunk.”

“Hey fuck you,” Ruby slurred

Triple H sighed. “Believe or not, when she’s sober she’s a hell of a godsend,” Stephanie McMahon added, coming in on her wheelchair

“But how often is she sober?” Ruby fell out of her chair, yelling out. Everyone looked at her. Roman knelt down to help her up

“Thanks,” Ruby muttered.

“You’re a mess,” Dean deadpanned.

Ruby glared at him. “My sister literally just got kidnapped, so yeah I’m not mentally all there right now!” Ruby screamed. Dean scoffed.

“Dean, whether you like it or not, Ruby’s joining the Shield.”

“How do we know she won’t turn on us?”

“You know how Randy gets into someone’s head like a virus? Ruby has a mental shield, as long as you’re all near her, he can’t get to you.”

“I still don’t trust her,” Dean grumbled.

Ruby glared at him. “Dean,” she said, “Calm it.”

Dean sighed. “Ruby, show them your powers.”

Ruby nodded. She shook out her hands and raised them, her eyes glowing red. Wisps of red smoke flew around the room. Dean took a step back. The smoke shot out, hitting everyone.

“Guess what, my shield is now with everyone here permanently, so you don’t even have to be near me.” Ruby grinned.

“Good,” Triple H said.

Ruby looked at the others. “I may be a mess, but I will never do what Seth Rollins did to you guys,” She said, getting emotional as she spoke. Her voice was about to break, but she held it back.

Dean sighed. “I like her,” Liv spoke up, smiling slightly.

“Liv, you like everybody.”

Liv grinned. “Welcome to the Shield Ruby,” Roman said warmly and held out his fist.

“Thanks,” Ruby muttered.

“When we say our code, you’ll be Delta, the very last.” Ruby nodded. Liv grinned at her.

Pete rolled his eyes. “She’s cute,” Liv said.

“That’s your pansexuality coming out Liv.” Liv grinned, Ruby smiling slightly. Roman smirked.

“Weren’t you falling over drunk a minute ago?” Pete said with a snarky tone to his voice.

“I unfortunately can only be blackout drunk for about an hour” Ruby muttered

“And how long has it been?” Liv asked.

“Since I had my last drink? Uh…maybe two hours.”

“Oh.” Ruby grinned.

Triple-H cleared his throat. “If you’re all done, can I give you your first mission?”

The group stopped their conversations, with and about Ruby, and listened to Triple H. Inhaling deeply, he said, “First mission: a terrorist group took a bridge full of civilians hostage”

“What are we to do?”

“Get at least one alive,” He said, “And no civilian causalities, please.”

“We’ll do our best.”