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A City of Ice

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Part Two


The third swirl opens with no dramatics.

There’s no panic, no shouting, or confusion. It opens quietly, in the dead of the night. No one follows through from the other side so there are no loud questions of “Where am I?”

If it wasn’t because I’m certain there were only two swirls last time we checked, I wouldn’t even have realized it was there at all.

It twirls innocently with the other two like it’s always been there. Like it belongs nestled in-between them. It’s smaller than them, though. No more than an inch or two, but it’s noticeably dark colors make it look a whole lot smaller.

It shines gray, dull.


While Kenny and Father examine it, a strange feeling of overwhelming melancholy fills me. There’s absolutely no activity coming from the swirl. There’s no Assassins or bird trying to get an Assassin back into his realm.

There’s nothing

That’s what makes it sad. It’s almost as if whatever was supposed to make it through can’t. So the swirl just sits there, twinkling sadly next to its neighbors with its darker hues.

Everyone stays quiet as we crowd around the swirl. All eyes turn to me, waiting for me to come to a decision. It’s all kinds of funny that I’ve somehow become the leader of our little group. When it comes to dimension travel, everyone follows my lead. Albeit with a fair share of grumbling and questioning.

Thing is though, I’m not sure what to do.

Nothing has come through for me to even begin to know where this swirl opens up. Going in now will be risky, but this dark and lonely swirl beckons me forward. It calls to me. It beckons me forwards. No matter how stupid it may be to go in without knowing where I’ll end up, I want to.

need too.

I continue to watch it, uncaring of the eyes on me. Everyone waits patiently as I come to a decision. They don’t rush me even as the minutes tick by. They stay quiet. It’s the silence that decides it for me. It’s the absolute show of trust that allows me to make the choice.

“Get your things, we’re going on an adventure.”