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Are We Electric?

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Wynonna Earp was notorious for three things: sex, drugs, and rock n roll (okay, and maybe violence). Rumor had it that she was crazy (and not just between the sheets) in a bad way. Like ‘emotionally unstable’ and ‘girl you would expect to have a knife on her at all times’ kind of crazy. She never bothered to make friends or try in school. She picked fights, arrived at school drunk, and smoked in the bathroom. Teachers hated her. Other students loathed her even more. In Purgatory, being different was always frowned upon. And if you looked ‘different’ up in the dictionary, the definition would be Wynonna Earp.

The jaded teen didn’t like many things, but she fucking loved rock music. And it was something she was actually good at. Singing, that is. Her voice could tear people apart. Every note seemed like it was ripped out of her, like pieces of her escaped her body when she sang. She became fluid, like she was no longer of this world. It was awe-inspiring. And terrifying.

There was only one problem with how talented she was: she thought she deserved a band. But unfortunately for her, she wasn’t the kind of person that attracted people that wanted to join her band.

“You could put up flyers around school,” Mercedes suggested as Wynonna took a swig of whiskey in the stairwell.

The brunette glared at the one girl who seemed to be able to tolerate her in the whole school. She knew that it was because the redhead was the perve’s sister that no one wanted to get to know, but they were still outcasts bound together by their love of alcohol and hate for school work and bitchy cheerleaders.

“We both know that those would be taken down seconds after they were put up,” Wynonna snorted as she took another sip. “Besides, I don’t want to get some fake to waste my precious time. I’m a busy lady.”

Mercedes rolled her eyes, knowing exactly what her ‘friend’ meant by that. She was no fool. She heard about Wynonna’s tendency to sleep with anyone over the age of eighteen and had a car.

“Well, busy lady, you’re never going to have a band if you don’t let people audition. Someone might surprise you, right?” After Wynonna stuck her tongue at the redhead, she added, “You know… Doc plays guitar. And you even admitted that he’s not half bad. Which means a lot coming from you.”

Wynonna immediately tensed up at his name, cringing from head to toe.

John Henry Holliday. Also known as the infamous ‘Doc.’ High school drop out and Wynonna’s ex-fling. For being nineteen, he talked and had the facial hair of a thirty-year-old (which was what attracted the brunette in the first place). Even at a young age, he was basically already running Shorty’s. The blue-eyed boy with a mischievous grin and a gun in his holster was practically an adult (with a stupid hat) and Wynonna liked that. She liked that a lot.

But he was trouble. Not that she wasn’t into trouble, because she was, but he was trouble in a very unusual way. He wanted her. Not just as a good lay, but as something more. And if there was one thing that could scare Wynonna Earp, it was feelings.

So she ran for the hills and burned all the bridges behind her like she normally does. She didn’t even know how to let someone down easy. She’d prefer to destroy everything than to admit she god forbid felt something for another human being.

“Be fucking serious, ‘Cedes. He won’t sneak me whiskey anymore let alone look at me. He would be the last person to join my band. Next?”

Sometimes being Wynonna’s ‘friend’ was hard. Most of the time, Mercedes just wanted to smack some sense into her. But she knew that Wynonna didn’t listen to anything she didn’t want to hear (unless it came from her sister).

“I am serious, Earp. In Purgatory, your options are pretty limited. You’re being too picky, Wyn.”

Before Wynonna had a chance to reply, the door to the stairwell flew open and Principal Nedley stood in front of them, not looking surprised.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my favorite students. Mercedes, don’t try to put that flask back into your pocket. Just pass it to me and go to your damn class.”

The redhead rolled her eyes before passing the man her favorite flask. Nedley caught them all the time. But he never gave them too hard of a time. He asked for their alcohol and gave them detentions. He knew how hard things were for both of them. He didn’t want to give them more shit than he knew they already got.

“See you later, ‘Nonna,” Mercedes told her ‘friend’ before heading to class.

Wynonna turned to the man she had spent what she considered an unnecessary amount of time with. Staring at him in the eyes, she dramatically chugged some of her whiskey. Nedley wasn’t amused. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Don’t be coy, Wynonna. It’s not an attractive trait of yours.”

She harrumphed and passed him the bottle. “Why don’t you just kick me out? I’ve certainly deserved it. I’ve done basically everything sans killing someone. Oh, wait.”

“So melodramatic. Come on. Follow me, alright?” He opened the door, waiting for the girl to get out of the stairwell. She groaned as he led her to his office. “Look, Wynonna. Sometimes I wonder if you want to be expelled. I know things have been hard on you, but you can’t give up on school. I won’t let you.”

“Why?” She asked him, wanting to know the answer to the question that had been weighing on her. She spent years harassing the poor man and no matter what, he did what he could to keep her out of trouble. She didn’t understand his kindness. And more than anything, she hated feeling like she was indebted to the man without knowing why.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his balding head. “I promised your daddy I would look after you and your sister. I’m not breaking that promise. No matter how much you might want me to.”

Wynonna couldn’t help but be speechless. She knew that her father had a lot of friends around town, but she never knew that Ward Earp had Randy Nedley under his spell, too.

“You don’t owe me anything, Nedley,” She whispered, her voice faltering slightly.

“Did you not understand me, Wynonna? This is about your father. He looked out for me. He was a good man. So now I’m looking out for you and your sister. Just like this… this is me looking out for you.”

“What is?” Wynonna asked before looking inside of Nedley’s office and seeing a younger redhead. Nedley’s protege. His narc in training. “What the hell is she doing here?”

“So I’m guessing that you know each other?” Nedley asked, raising his eyebrows at their complete looks of horror.

Know each other? No, they never even spoke a word to each other. But both of them believed that they knew all that they needed to know about one another. Wynonna knew that Nicole Haught was almost as uptight as her parents and had no bad bone in her body. That the redhead liked rules almost as much as she liked following them. That the Junior didn’t have any friends.

Nicole knew that Wynonna was reckless and thoughtless. That the brunette only cared for herself. From what she had heard, the woman was itching to leave Purgatory the first second she got, even if that meant abandoning everything. She had also heard parts of the story about Ward Earp and the eldest Earp daughter. But Nicole wasn’t scared of her. 

“Unfortunately,” Nicole hissed before turning back to her role model. “Principal Nedley, why am I here exactly?”

“Now, I don’t normally play matchmaker or try to influence who my students hang out with, but I think that you two could be good for each other. Wynonna, I heard you were looking for people to join your band? Nicole just so happens to play the piano.”

Nicole’s face became as red as her hair before she stuttered, “Oh, b-but sir, I play classical music.”

“Don’t lie, Nicole. We both know you play rock music, too. Remember, you tried to play me that V3 recording—”


“Oh yeah, that’s the one!” Nedley corrected himself, grinning from ear to ear.

Wynonna stared at the both of them with an incredulous look. This was absolutely ridiculous to her. She would have laughed if she didn’t think he was being serious.

“You’re joking, right? You can’t force us to hang out with each other!”

He chuckled (enjoying their pain immensely) and answered, “Actually, I can. You both will practice. On every Tuesday and Thursday after school. You are allowed to add more members, but you must both show up.”

“What will you do if I don’t?” Wynonna asked snarkily. “There’s no punishment you could give me.”

“I won’t punish you, Wynonna. Instead, I’ll make sure that Champ Hardy suddenly gets a schedule change has all of his classes with a Waverly Earp.”

The brunette glared at him as her hands curled up into fists. She could take every threat against her. But no one threatened her sister.

“You wouldn’t dare! You know how much I loathe Champ Hardy. You wouldn’t do that to my poor, sweet, defenseless little sister, would you?”

Nicole muttered under her breath, “At least we’ve got something in common.” That received her an interesting look from Wynonna. It was… an appreciative look? Could that be?

“I don’t want to, Wynonna. But I don’t see any more options with you! You need to make some friends. Get to know some people. And you!” He said, turning to his second in command. “You need to make some friends your own age. Wynonna could be good for you too, Nicole.”

Nicole snorted with disbelief. She couldn’t believe that she was being forced to hang out with a criminal for god's sake. She was almost sure that the brunette was going to tell them no. But then, Wynonna Earp surprised her.

“Fine,” The older girl grunted and then turned to the redhead. “Fine. I’ll meet you this afternoon in the parking lot, ginger spice. I hope you don’t mind motorcycles.” And with one wink, she walked out of the door, and Nicole could hear the clap the woman’s boots made as she traveled back to the stairwell.

There was another thing Nicole could add to the list of things she had learned about her. Wynonna Earp sure knew how to make an extravagant exit (and she seemed to care about her sister).