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Let's Feel Good about each Other and Forget the Rest

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Jack sat at the edge of his lake breathing in the cold winter air. It was his tenth birthday (birthday being the anniversary of the day he was pulled out from the lake) and he had decided that he wouldn’t upset himself today coming up with some hopeless plan to get the people of the nearby town of Burgess to notice him. No sir, he was quite happy spending his special day in his favourite spot with his best friend, Wind.

Wind… didn’t talk much but Jack could sense a kindred spirit in her and really liked having her around. Better than no one at least. Jack thought he was going crazy the first day when he met Wind and heard his name being spoken. He’s now assuming that it was Wind that told him his name as the only other thing he found up where he heard it was the moon. And moons don’t talk. They just don’t. Period.

Earlier that day, he and Wind had done lots of flying about and spreading snow clouds across the area so the two were taking a well-deserved break before they go off to start the show. Jack was humming a tune he had heard the children at the town singing while Wind fluttered around him., kicking up the snow as if dancing.

“Cute song.” Jack stopped. Wind had stopped to and suddenly the two were surrounded in silence. Jack kept looking forward and frowned. Dammit, I really am going crazy, aren’t I? He thought. Maybe I’m tired. Lying back on the snow he sighed as he rested his head onto his hands. Should probably just take a nap. “I don’t appreciate being ignored you know.” Jack tilted his head back slightly to see the tall, dark figure looming over him.

“Holy shit.” He leaped up and jumped back a few steps feeling his heart beating out of his chest. “Dammit man, announce your presence a bit better! You know how fucking quiet you are, right?! Seriously, you can’t just scare people like that you nearly gave me a freaking heart atta-“ Hang on a minute… “YOU CAN SEE ME?!”

“…Yes?” Jack immediately leapt back into the vicinity of the stranger excitedly, a hopeful smile across his face.

“Oh my God, that’s amazing! This is the best, I mean… you’re real, right?”

“Do I look imaginary?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just… No one’s ever talked to me before.” Suddenly going quiet, Jack sunk his head into his shoulders and fiddled with the staff in his hands. Great, now you’ve done it Jack. First person to ever see you and this is how you act. Bet he won’t want to talk to you anyway. The man looked down at Jack questioningly. The boy didn’t recognise him. Nor fear him like the rest. He must be new. He’ll probably leave once you tell him who you are. Still, he’s cute for a winter spirit, a pollen at that. What’s the harm in trying. Maybe he’s different. Don’t get your hopes up though.

“What’s your name?” Jack looked up. The man hadn’t left. He was still here. Still wanted to talk. This is great. There’s hope.

“Jack,” He beamed, holding his hand out for the man to shake. “Jack Frost.”

“Kozmotis Pitchiner.” The man responded in kind. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“And you.”