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a dream of a last conversation between oberyn and elia (in which oberyn travels back 20 years in time)

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oberyn waking in a litter, bloodied with his hands tied and being taken through the streets of king’s landing - not realizing, yet, that he is in the past and can change things this time. he’s thinking - i have no friends, no family, no lovers, i have been forsaken. elia, her little children, mother, doran’s ill worsening, there is nothing. obella, my daughters, the youngest of them and obara, 21, sarella 20, nymeria, 19, tyene, 17… they live, doran does yet, arianne, quentyn, trystane, and ellaria… no, i should not think of them, i cannot. - until they arrive at the red keep, the dragon gate he nearly spits, and - and elia is standing there, looking into his eyes, pale and sickly more than he can ever - should ever remember, but alive, gloriously alive. the confusion and awe must have been evident on his face, younger now - again, because she only leads him into the red keep with a hand on his back and a sad laugh, “i know, brother. i am pale now, not the golden sun i once was. forgive me.” no, you are the sun’s daughter, the princess of dorne, they mourn for you years later, yet you are so gloriously alive, you are one of us still, my sister.

and - they’re sitting in reading chairs in elia’s rooms, and she’s speaking and speaking - a radiant smile on her face, not dimmed by circumstance or sickness as she speaks of everything good, as few as it is, of rhaenys’ poetry and recites some for him, and he cannot help but laugh and jest too until the shock and elation have worn off, of having elia back, here and breathing and strong heart beating - he tells her of the mad dog, the mountain, tywin’s monster who she admits rhaegar anointed with the holy oils only a moon’s turn ago, and oberyn has to bite back his venom when he hears that because elia’s life, her life and that of her babes is at stake again - and he can change this, a helpless boy in the face of these horrors, no more. he tells her everything, everything that has happened, everything he knows and feels - because it so much easier speaking of your grief to the person you grieve for than anyone, and he sees how she looks away to hold back the tears in her eyes when she hears that in another life, in the course of the future, her babes were brutally slain - “rhaenys” her voice is tight, and her hand instinctively rests on the swell of her stomach where her unborn babe lives, aegon… 

… and then the dream ended and i woke up with real tears in my eyes, only to write this and be too exhausted to come up with a continuation / conclusion, sorry.