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Take A Picture, I'm With The Boys

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Rugby practice had been hard and rough that afternoon. Jonathan, as usual, had given it his best, using all his strength and speed and by the end of it, his muscles were sore and he was tired. Dripping with sweat, he followed the rest of his teammates to the changing room and then to the showers and let the hot, steaming water ease a little of the tension in his muscles that would only get better with a good night's rest.

Back to the changing room, wrapped in a towel, he dressed himself and packed his stuff to go, scanning the room with his eyes, looking for Dio. He spotted him in a corner, surrounded by their other teammates. By the looks in their faces, they looked like they were planning something in secret, and Jonathan couldn't help but feel a little upset that he hadn't been called for whatever event they were planning.

He intended to ask Dio if he was going home with him, but judging by how busy he looked he figured Dio wouldn't be going home straight after practice and, picking up his bag, he turned around to the exit and left.



It didn't take long for him to notice, halfway home, that he had forgotten to pack his rugby shoes. He had probably left them on the bench while undressing and he knew he couldn't count on Dio to pick them up and bring them home with him. He sighed, cursing himself for being so distracted, and went back.

He thought that, judging by how long it had passed, most of his teammates had left already and he would find the room mostly empty, saving for one or two boys who decided to stay behind to use the empty shower room, so it was a surprise when he heard noise, followed by multiple voices.

Well, it wasn't his business what the others did or did not do, he was only there to fetch his shoes and go back home so it was a surprise when he heard a soft voice calling his name. A voice that he knew well, had been hearing it for the past seven years, in a controlled tone, dripping with poison and quick to spew sweet words to get his way. Dio's voice.

But he had never heard it like that before. He stopped in place, listening closely to see if he would hear it again, if it hadn't just been a trick of his mind. Dio would never call his name in such a sweet tone; it was always cold and sharp, ready to snap at him at any moment that made Jonathan uneasy.

But he heard it again. "Jojo... Jojo...” The way Dio called his name made his cheeks go red, even if the boy wasn't in sight. He decided to look for him, see what it was all about, curiosity eating at him.

He wished he hadn't.

Behind a row of lockers, there was Dio. His eyes were closed, was the first thing Jonathan noticed. He was lying on one of the benches, his legs spread. He had a faint blush on his cheeks, his brows were furrowed, mouth half open and he could see a line of saliva dripping from the corner of his wet mouth, running down his swollen pink lips. He was naked. And he was not alone.

At least half the team was with him, Jonathan couldn't count how many. They were all still dressed in the clothes they used for practice, hair messy and sticking to their foreheads with sweat. None of them had showered yet. They had their trousers down just enough to expose their members, all of which were being attended to by Dio.

They were touching Dio, all of them, at the same time. Recovering from the initial shock, Jonathan could pay attention to exactly what they were doing. One of them had his cock buried deep inside Dio, who moaned every time he bucked his hips. Jonathan had never seen Dio, as composed as he always was, emitting such noises, so full of desire, so shameless, so... primal. His back arched, Jonathan could see his well-defined muscles tense, could see the sheen of sweat covering his skin. Dio was noisy, and needy, moving his hips to match the boy's thrusts. And more often than not, in the middle of his moans, he called Jonathan's name. Not his name, his nickname. It rolled on Dio's tongue like honey and he found himself longing to hear more of it.

Another one of his teammates had his hand wrapped around Dio's cock. He stroked it slowly, while stroking himself. Jonathan had seen Dio naked before, of course, they had showered together after practice, and changed in the same room countless times, but it was the first time he saw it that way. Hard. With a hand wrapped round it tight. Being squeezed and leaking precome.

Coincidentally, Dio had a cock in each hand. He stroked them fast and with determination, even though he couldn't see them with his eyes shut tight. The boys' precome was smeared all over Dio's hands and their own members and Jonathan could only imagine how slick it would feel. The boys around him only let out low grunts, the only other noises in the room being body against body and Dio's voice.

Jonathan's trousers started to feel too tight. In his head, the only thoughts were about how wrong it all was. Dio was his brother, or at least he was supposed to be. Dio was a man. Jonathan wasn't supposed to feel like that for anyone other than beautiful ladies, but still, his body was completely ignoring his mind and acting on its own.

Yet while he was a man Jonathan couldn't deny the fact Dio was attractive. He had, in the past, caught himself staring at him, how graceful he was and how perfect his features were even when they looked at Jonathan with cold eyes and disgust. He had, in his early teenage years, blooming with hormones, dreamed about Dio's body touching his and making him feel ways he was only supposed to after marrying. But he had managed to suppress all those thoughts in order to be a proper gentleman, and because he was sure Dio didn't feel the same.

And yet, there he was, moaning his name with another man's cock inside him.

He turned his attention back to Dio just in time to see him reaching his orgasm. His seed splattered on his chest and the boy's hand. He was trembling, taking air in shallow breaths, the expression on his face one of pure bliss. He fell back against the bench, boneless, his energy completely drained. Not long after, the two boys he was attending to also released, splashing on Dio's face from both sides, covering Dio with their come and he didn't bother wiping it away. Jonathan felt a pang of jealousy at the scene.

With a few more thrusts, the one taking Dio's ass also reached his climax. He gripped his hips tightly and buried his whole length and Jonathan knew he had came deep inside Dio, filling him. For a moment, they were all panting, until the teammates who had, up until now, only been watching while lazily stroking themselves – including the one taking care of Dio's member – got up to switch positions.

They handled Dio roughly, changing his position so now he was on his hands and knees on the floor. Dio just let himself be put in place, too weak (or maybe not wanting) to protest. A different boy knelt behind him and roughly pushed his cock in, making Dio's body bounce forward, and immediately started thrusting in a fast pace.

Another teammate knelt besides the first one and whispered something Jonathan couldn't hear, before spreading Dio's ass cheeks and slowly entering the tight heat along with the other boy. Dio let out a loud moan, his head hanging, arms threatening to give in to his weight.

Jonathan could only watch from his spot, stroking himself through his clothes, the other men in the room too busy with their plaything to pay him any attention. He imagined how tight it must feel, how full Dio was. He wasn't sure if it could even fit, but Dio's hole swallowed both those cocks as if it had no problem at all. The boys behind him moaned, the ecstasy of the friction of each other's cocks wrapped by Dio's heat too much to bear.

Almost as if to shut his voice, a third boy settled in front of Dio and, grabbing his sweaty hair, shoved his member inside Dio's mouth, who swallowed eagerly. He let the boy fuck his mouth, his throat, Jonathan could hear him gagging sometimes, along with his muffled moans. He just let himself be used by half their teammates, and Jonathan couldn't get the sound of Dio's voice calling for him out of his head.

It didn't take long for Dio to come again, all over the floor, untouched, with two cocks inside him. "Such a slut, isn't he?" Jonathan heard someone say. "Coming like that, thinking of his own brother. Depraved, disgusting." One of the teammates inside him completed, emphasizing his point with a rough thrust and Dio moaned weakly, as if he was a dainty young lady and not an adult man.

"Hey, let me fuck his throat too!" A second boy interested in Dio's mouth shouted, pushing away the one who was currently making use of it, pulling Dio's hair and forcing his member inside roughly, making him choke. Jonathan felt the need to make it stop, they were acting like brutes, hurting Dio, but he couldn't find the strength to move from his place and interrupt the show in front of him.

One of the boys inside Dio came with a grunt, taking out his softening member sticky with come, and not long after, the one that was left released too, both of them inside Dio. When the last boy pulled out, Jonathan could see Dio's hole for the first time, pink and stretched and used, leaking a mixture of many different men's seed, and felt a sudden urge to be there too. To take Dio, plunge himself deep inside and take him, hear him moaning his name right next to his ear and thrust so hard he would lose his voice screaming.

Suddenly, the one who had been neglected Dio's mouth knelt behind him and entered with a single thrust, wrapping his hand around Dio's soft cock and stroking it fast, in time with his own movements. Looking around, Jonathan realized that they were the last ones to be pleasured by Dio's body and that the show would end soon. It was almost sad.

The boy fucking his throat controlled the pace, holding him by the hair, shoving his whole length in, and Dio's nose brushed his pubic hair. He couldn't see from behind, but he guessed his eyes were

still closed and that, if he could, he would be still chanting his name in the middle of the blessed noises that came out of his lips.

The one behind him was doing a quick and lousy job and, having been taking care of himself while waiting, didn't waste any time to come inside Dio, along with all the others that were there before him. He held Dio's hip with one hand so he wouldn't give in while coming, for the third time, by another man's hand. And following him, the one making use of his mouth also spurted inside and Jonathan was taken aback when he didn't see Dio spitting it out on the floor. He swallowed.

Most of them had cleaned themselves and tucked their members back in their trousers, only standing around for the same reason as Jonathan – to watch Dio being taken by multiple men. A shout of his name broke Jonathan's daze. It was the one who had just finished using Dio's mouth, he was staring directly at him and all his other teammates followed, looking at him standing there with his mouth half open and an obvious erection. Dio turned his neck to look at him, eyes wide, not expecting to be found like that.

"Jojo! I see you found our little party, heh?" He said, cleaning and tucking himself back in. "Why don't you join us? We're all here because of you, anyway."

Dio let himself be flipped on his back and have his legs spread, the blush on his cheeks redder than ever, but Jonathan knew he couldn't be much better. Someone grabbed Dio's ass cheeks and spread them apart, giving Jonathan full display of Dio's used hole. It was clenching and leaking and it looked so appealing that Jonathan felt his cock throbbing.

Jonathan felt immediately self-conscious. He wanted to take Dio, to completely ravage him, but not in front of so many people. In his dreams, it would be intimate and passionate, not with half his rugby team cheering. He wanted to refuse, turn away and pretend he never saw anything, but for the first time Dio addressed him, looking him in the eye and whispering weakly.

"Jojo, please..."

He lost it.

He fumbled to undo his pants and his erection stood proud in the hot atmosphere of the room. He didn't waste any time, with Dio spreading himself for him, and shoved it in roughly, his low grunt being answered with a moan and an arched back. He could feel the other boys' seed inside, making it all so warm and slick and started thrusting as hard as his lack of experience would allow him.

Under him, Dio was a work of art. His eyes were open this time, fighting the waves of pleasure to keep them that way, fixed on Jonathan's face. And he was so pliant, so submissive under his touch, Jonathan never thought he would ever see Dio like that. He wrapped his arms around Jonathan's neck and pulled him closer, moaning right next to his ear, calling his name, his voice dripping with lust and need.

Jonathan lifted his gaze from Dio's face to look around and noticed that their previous company had left and they were alone. Probably nobody would want to actually see two brothers fucking each other. He took the opportunity to be even more possessive with Dio, gripping his thighs and wrapping them around his waist, lowering his face to kiss and lick his sweaty neck, sucking on the skin in a way that would most likely leave marks, but in the haze of the moment, he didn't care.

The chants of "Jojo, Jojo, Jojo" in his ear only increased in intensity, and Jonathan used one of the hands that were holding him steady on both sides of Dio to tip his chin and give him a long and passionate kiss – his first. It was messy and after clashing teeth and tongues rubbing awkwardly

against each other, they finally found their rhythm and gave into each other. Jonathan didn't care how many cocks had been in his mouth or that he had swallowed another man's seed, he wanted to take all of Dio, taste all of him, have all of him.

He felt Dio clench around him and let out a particularly loud moan against his mouth before he was shuddering and coming for the fourth time that afternoon. His expression was one completely different from when he came with the other boys' cocks, something in his eyes or the way his tongue lolled from his mouth, it looked truly satisfied and Jonathan dared to say – happy.

Jonathan came with the image of a sated Dio under him, his load joining the others' deep inside Dio's hole and Jonathan lost his balance, lying down on top of Dio, panting heavily. It had been his first time.

A few minutes passed with them like that, tangled in each other, Jonathan's soft member still inside Dio. The blond was the first to take action, weakly trying to push Jonathan aside.

"Get the fuck off me, you ape, you're crushing me with your weight."

"I'm sorry, Dio." He moved, trying to sound as normal as possible, seeing what they had just done.

"It seems everybody left," said Dio, his breath now almost normal.

"They... they did, yes." Jonathan couldn't look him in the eye, focusing instead on the ceiling and steadying his heart rate.

"I might as well enjoy the shower room by myself, then. You can wait for me here or go home by yourself. Whatever is fine." He got up, not a drop of shame in him, standing naked like that as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Jonathan heard his footsteps distancing and the showers being turned on.

'You can wait for me here or go home by yourself.'

Lying on the ground, completely dishevelled, thinking about what he had just seen – what he had just done – Jonathan decided to wait.