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Good to Be Bad

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“HADES” the shout echoed throughout the mansion as Scar roamed angrily through the halls is search of the aforementioned man- er god.
“Can you keep it down?” Hans poked his head out of his room as he glared at the lion “some of us are trying to get some sleep”
“And some of us are trying to find the man who thought it would be funny to tell all the hyenas Mufasa was coming, they won’t shut up about it” Scar spat back. The prince just rolled his eyes before retreating back into his own room. “The next time he interrupts me I’ll hang his head” The lion bitterly said to himself as he returned to stalking the halls.

He didn’t quite know where he’d be able to find the god of the underworld, after checking his room he was stumped. He didn’t know much about Hades other than the fact that he got a kick out of bothering everyone else in this god forsaken house. He was snapped out of his musings by the sound of something, or someone, smacking into the wall, when he looked to see who it was he found one of Hades’ lackeys. It was the red one, Scar could t remember if it was Pain or Panic, he then wondered if Hades even bothered knowing which was which.

Before the little demon could escape Scar pounced on him, easily pinning him with his front two paws. “Oh hey Scar, what’s going on?” The Demon attempted to laugh off the situation, but Scar was having none of it.
“Oh nothing really, just trying to relax” he began tone light and as innocent as the lion could muster before a growl began to grow in his throat “until that master of your’s stirred the hyenas up and now they won’t leave me alone” he finished nose centimeters from the red demon’s face.
“Oh man that Hades y’know? Always a prankster” it was evident in the demon’s tone he was nervous, and it caused Scar to believe it might be Panic after all.
“Mmm quite” Scar’s tone once again took on his unassuming, calm tone before beginning to press his paw down on Probably-Panic’s throat. “You wouldn’t perhaps know where I could find him, Would you?”

Before the demon could even attempt to reply, and he really couldn’t with his air supply being cut off, Hades himself appeared. “Oh Pain, what’s been taking you so long?” He asked the demon before shifting his look up, and surprise taking over his features “Scar hey there ol’ buddy ol’ pal! How ya doing?” The lion couldn’t help the growl that was rising up in his throat.
“I was doing fine, until the ‘God of Minor Inconveniences’ riled up the hyenas” there was a slight pause before Scar added “again” the look the lion gave Hades was enough to make him take a few steps back.
“I feel like you’re” he circled his hands as if that would fill in he blanks for him. “maybe overreacting? Just a lil bit? I mean it was just a joke” he stopped and looked at Scar expectantly, as if he would suddenly get the punch line. Scar just raised his eyebrow before beginning to stalk over to where the god stood and even though Hades was much taller, in that moment he felt microscopic. And Pain took this moment to scurry away and join Panic who was currently peeking from a door trying to watch this encounter but it get involved.

“Alright listen, I get it might have been in bad taste, but I promise I want do it again, okay?” Scar just scoffed at the proposition
“Just like you promised the last three times, I suppose?” Hades laughed uncomfortably.
“Oh yeah those times, well that’s all in the past so let’s just let bygones be bygones and go our separate ways alright?” Before Scar could reply Hades snapped and poofed away in a puff of smoke. Scar huffed and began to turn around to head back to the hyenas and at least try to get them to calm down, when he noticed the two demons peeking around the door and he miles to himself, they were about to learn what pain and panic truly met.