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We Must Protect the Spiderbaby!

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Peter was at the tower, with Tony in the lab, when a commotion downstairs distracted them, and Friday said their presence was requested downstairs. Tony and Peter wandered into the living room, surprised to find the others had all gathered together, and Thor stood next to them. Loki leaned awkwardly on a wall, clearly uncomfortable, and Bruce was greeting the others happily. Tony sat down, and Peter slumped down next to him. Thor began to talk, explaining how Asgard had fallen in Ragnarok, and how the Asgardians and the prisoners from Sakar had come to earth for a temporary home. After his story, Thor pulled an axe from behind his back.
"As my sister destroyed Mjolnir, I have a new axe. It also can be carried only by the worthy.” They, began to take turns attempting to lift the axe. Tony didn’t bother. He wouldn’t be able to lift it, and he was quite comfortable with Peter sprawled across his lap, using him as a pillow. Peter refused when someone asked him if he wanted a turn, saying there was no point, as his ‘worthiness to rule Asgard had nothing to do with how good a person he was, and that he was too tired to stand up. Tony laughed, running a hand through his hair. Could anyone be more precious?

A few minutes later, Pepper stuck her head through the door and told them she had made cookies. Everyone surged toward the door. There were cookies on the line. Peter tripped over, crashing into the glass table and shattering it. Pieces of glass scattered across the floor, with Peter in the middle, looking extremely embarrassed.
"Ooow.” Tony laughed, offering him a hand. Peter took it, unable to meet his eyes. A blush began to spread across his face. Once Peter was standing, Tony let go. Immediately, Peter stumbled, trying to use Thor's axe to steady himself and knocking it over. Tony caught him again before he hit the ground, and Peter leaned back on him, muttering,
"Thanks, Dad.” The room froze, and Tony's eyes widened.
"Did you just call me… Dad?” Peter turned an impressively bright shade of red. He cursed internally. Why did he have to say that? And now, in front of the entire Avengers too? The heroes in question were watching in surprise, unsure how to respond. They had never seen Tony act quite so domestic before, in fact a few had been wondering if perhaps they were somehow related, but both the boys reaction to the name made it quite clear they were not. Tony was almost frozen in shock, and Peter looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up.
"What?! N-no, I… um. Cookies?” Peter looked on the verge of tears now, terrified of the older mans reaction. Tony's surprise morphed into his signature smirk.
"Flawless, kid. Well, at least it's not 'Mr Stark', I've been trying to stop that for months." Peter giggled quietly, relief washing across his face when he realized he was not going to get in trouble for his slip up. Tony even looked slightly pleased at name. The genius laughed, and hugged him with one arm.
"Come on. We've got to get to the cookies before birdbrain does. ” Cint took offense, and sprinted of towards the kitchen to spite them, and they wandered of towards the kitchen after him. The others followed, confused. How was Tony so okay with this all? That didn't seem like him. Never the less there were cookies to be eaten, and more importantly, Pepper’s cookies. Pepper made very good cookies. Thor, however, didn't move, instead picking up his axe and inspecting it closely. Noticing this, Loki turned in the doorway.
"Brother?” Thor looked up.
"He is… Worthy. He could not have knocked over the axe otherwise.” Loki considered this, and laughed quietly.
"How curious. And he doesn’t care to know..." A moment of silence past, the brothers both deep in thought. Then, shaking his head to clear it of the strange thoughts, Loki offered his brother his hand. "Come brother. Cookies.”

The Avengers squabbled over the cookies like toddlers. Peter had to eat his on the ceiling to stop someone from stealing them, and Tony retreated as soon as possible. As he backed from the room, Cookies in hand, Loki tapped him on the shoulder.
"Your son-”
"Wha-oh, Peter isn’t my son-"
"That is quite beside the point. Your son is worthy." Tony blinked, confused.
"He can wield my obnoxious brothers axe. No one but else has been able to in a very long time. He doesn’t care to rule Asgard, but he has free passage through the bifrost. This may be of use, so I thought you must know.” Tony nodded, considering the information. Loki slipped into the kitchen. Tony glanced back at Peter, sitting on the ceiling and eating cookies, before continuing down the hall, hiding a proud smile.
"Well of course he is," Tony thought, "He's the best there is."