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Under the Black Hood

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Tonight sucked.

It was so late it could probably be called early, and Kazuya was soaked to the bone and nearly frozen solid. It was unseasonably cold for November, and the weather hadn’t even been decent enough to snow instead of rain.

As a general principle, he didn’t go into the sewers, but the night had been one long chase and Kazuya hadn’t wanted it to end in failure.

He never thought he’d be grateful for freezing rain, but at least it had washed away all the sewer grime. Or maybe his nose was just too numb to smell it anymore.

At least the rain had stopped, and Kazuya was back at Titan Tower, which meant a hot bath and a warm bed were only moments away.

“User not authorized.”

Kazuya blinked exhaustion out of his eyes - it had to be almost three in the morning. He shook the water droplets off his hand and tried again.

“User not authorized.”

Kazuya felt his stomach sinking. If it was past midnight, that meant it was November 17th, and he was now twenty.

He used partially frozen fingers to dial into the secure line for the Teen Titans.

“Hello?” Ryou’s voice didn’t even sound like he’d just woken up from sleep. He’d probably still been awake, doing whatever it was that Ryou did.

“Did you wipe my credentials?” Kazuya demanded, much ruder than he’d normally be with Ryou, because he had a functioning sense of self-preservation when he couldn’t feel his junk shriveling in the bitter cold.

“I warned you this was coming,” Ryou said calmly. “We’re the Teen Titans. You’re no longer a teen.”

“It’s below freezing out here!” Kazuya snapped. He fought down the rising hysteria. He was cold and soaked and he just wanted to go to bed. “My costume doesn’t have sleeves!”

“You were on patrol?” Ryou asked, voice ticking up in legitimate surprise.

“You sent me on patrol!”

“Hours ago.”

“There was a chase!”

Maybe Kazuya could call his dad. It was a toss up on whether he’d actually answer this late - early? - but at least it would be a roof over his head, assuming a car could be sent to pick him up. The hour long train ride wasn’t an option when the trains weren’t running.

“I’ll come get you,” Ryou said.

Five minutes later, Ryou pushed open the door, tugging a disgruntled Kuramochi behind him, both of them wearing hastily applied masks. Tetsu followed, barely looking ruffled, and Sawamura tumbled out last, eyes still closed, quilt wrapped around his shoulders.

Kazuya grabbed for the quilt, and Sawamura made some distressed noises at him that probably meant no, it’s cold, that’s mine.

“Come on, I’m freezing,” Kazuya complained, tugging harder. Sawamura opened his eyes just long enough to take in the entire scene, nodded once like he’d solved everyone’s problems, and draped himself over Kazuya’s shoulders, wrapping the quilt around both of them. Kazuya considered complaining at the added weight, but at least this way he got both the quilt and Sawamura’s body heat.

“Where’s Beast Boy?” Ryou asked Tetsu.

“He said to give you this,” Tetsu said, holding out a piece of paper.

I agree to whatever plan gets Arsenal back in the Tower and you out of my room between the hours of midnight and ten am,” Ryou read off. He flipped the paper over. “ Also, learn to knock.”

“Can we get this show on the road?” Kuramochi asked, rubbing his hands up and down his arms.

“Right. Team meeting,” Ryou said. “First of all, I’d just like to say that I may have miscalculated some variables.”

“All my shit is still in the Tower, you ass!” Kazuya snapped.

“That variable was miscalculated, yes,” Ryou agreed. “I planned on doing this in the morning, but I’d like to propose we rebrand ourselves as the Titans so Arsenal can stay on.”

“Can we all go back to bed if I say yes?” Kuramochi asked.


“Then fine.”


“I have no objections,” Tetsu said.

“Wonder Boy?”

“Issfine,” Sawamura mumbled into Kazuya’s neck. Some of the shivers going down Kazuya’s spine weren’t from the cold anymore.

“Then we’re decided. I’ll get your credentials back in the morning,” Ryou said. “I’ll let you in for now.”

Kazuya sagged. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this tired.

“Wonder Boy.” Sawamura didn’t budge. Uh oh. “Wonder Boy.” If anything, even more of Sawamura’s weight dropped onto Kazuya’s shoulders. “Come on, Wonder Brat, you’re like two hundred pounds of muscle. I can’t carry you.”

Sawamura was, apparently, too dead to the world to respond. Fine. Dragging it was, then.

Kazuya hooked his arms behind Sawamura’s back, fingers grabbing two handfuls of sweatpants. This was probably going to give Sawamura the mother of all wedgies, but Kazuya figured that was what he deserved for falling asleep standing up on Kazuya’s shoulder.

Kazuya tried to take a step forward and groaned. He wasn’t in any shape to even be dragging Sawamura around. Damn demigods and their unfair amounts of muscle.

Somehow, through what could only be described as a Herculean effort, Kazuya managed to drag Sawamura into the Tower, Sawamura whining into his back the entire time. It was very apparent that this was as far as they went, because Kazuya’s knees buckled under him. He collapsed on one of the lobby couches, Sawamura a dead weight on his back.

“You could’ve just dropped him outside,” Ryou pointed out, closing the door behind him.

“It’s below freezing,” Kazuya said, more concerned with getting his head in a comfortable position between Sawamura’s and the back of the couch.

“He would’ve gotten up.”

“I don’t leave my teammates out in the cold.”

“I deserve that. Happy birthday, by the way.”

“Fuck off.”

“Don’t push it. Your free pass ends at sunrise.”

Ryou disappeared into the elevator. For a moment, Kazuya considered making a try for that, but honestly, this wasn’t too bad. He couldn’t take a deep breath under Sawamura’s weight, but at least now he was warm.

He kicked his shoes off and wiggled until all his gear fell off the side of the couch. Sawamura shifted with him, moving a little off Kazuya’s back and reaching up to grab a fistful of shirt in his sleep. Kazuya pointedly didn’t turn over, knowing exactly what he’d see if he did: Sawamura’s relaxed face, mouth slightly open, defined Cupid’s bow way too close for comfort.

Kazuya scooted as close as he could get to the back of the couch, burying his face in the uncomfortable throw pillow and letting Sawamura spoon him.