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What goes slice in the night

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Like an animal, she leapt to poise herself on the ledge of the rooftop, and overlooked the street below.
The day was filled with busy streets, but the night was hers, where prey could easily go missing.
...such as the couple passing below her right at this moment.
She tensed up, waiting for just the right angle, and then she pounced. It was a six story drop, but right before she landed she saw the wide white of the eye of the woman that was to be her first victim. The impact knocked her unconscious. The tentacle blades embedding into her body did the rest. Off to the side, her companion didn't get a chance to run, as the rest of the blades found their prey without her even paying them any attention.
Sustenance. As the blades tore through the clothes and skewered the flesh in delightful feeding frenzy, they drew it in from the flesh and the blood. The nature of the symbiosis made her share the experience of satiation, but that was nothing compared to the thrill of the hunt.
Not a minute later, she once again scaled back up the brick facade like a formless spider, before the first witness even had time to peek out the window and scream.

Crossing the rooftops back to her apartment, the symbiote retracted back beneath her skin, revealing her long red hair. She could pass for human once again.