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24M Dom
Detroit, Michigan, United States
orientation: bisexual
relationship status: play partners with vi_pup
D/s relationship status: Dominant of vi_pup
    brother of peachesandscreams
living: curious and looking to try
looking for: a submissive, a relationship, friends
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24, Dominant. 🇯🇵 🇺🇸
Dancer, gamer, model.

Peachesandscreams introduced me to kink through his photography. As his first model, he trusted me with his decision to incorporate erotic imagery into what was once minimalist dance scenes, and from there the shift to bondage and sadomasochism was almost a natural evolution for both of us. It took almost no time at all for me to start practicing complex ties and testing impact toys on myself and our furniture.

My work as a dancer keeps me busy even when there are fetish events happening, but I hope to connect with the local community here when I can and maybe find a partner whose interests match mine. Message me if you’re interested. Please note that I can praise and humiliate you in three languages.

Most of my photos were taken and edited by peachesandscreams, erotic photographer. You can view some of his recent work [here] and book a shoot with him through DMs or email.

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oh my god he's even cuter in person

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into: art erotica, butt plugs, collar and lead/leash, costumes/dressing up, creampie, crossdressing, edging, erotic photography, flogging, impact play, kinbaku, lingerie, nipple piercings, paddling, riding crops, rope bondage, vibrators

curious about: begging, body worship, discipline, exhibitionism, genital piercings, obedience training, puppy play, rough sex, spanking, wax

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viktor smiling, eyes closed, yuuri’s face is mostly obscured in viktor’s hair; four faceless photos of yuuri exuding dominance

vi_pup wrote 30 minutes ago

<3 <3 <3

giacumonme wrote 1 hour ago

you are the luckiest man on earth. bastard. treat him well. i know where you live.

peachesandscreams wrote 2 days ago

if u dont chill with the vaccuum i’ll vaccuum your hair

vi_pup wrote 5 days ago

ahhh i’m so excited

daddysstillalive wrote 1 week ago

it was so great to see you at the munch for once! i know principal has it’s duties but you gotta have fun sometimes!

vi_pup wrote 3 weeks ago

wow it’s really hard to bring a pet international! makka’s so good but they’re making me fill out all these forms

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vi_pup wrote 3 months ago

oh my gosh how are you so cuuuuuuuuute

peachesandscreams wrote 3 monthss ago

note to everyone, katsudom is a terrible, terrible drunk

teddybaby_ji wrote 3 months ago

are you okay? you’re really into this vi... i’ve never seen you like so many pics at once. she’s cuuuute tho

viktor's butt, partially covered by his feet, which are bound at the ankle by thick black cuffs. he is wearing white stockings.


28CD/TV sub
St. Petersburg, Russia
orientation: gay
relationship status: submissive of katsudom
    pet of katsudom
    slut of katsudom
    brother of giacumonme
    brother of witchswitch
    sister of mistressmila
    protecting icetiger
    protected by Prima_Domme
    protected by thecoach
living: I Live It 24/7
looking for:
a lifetime relationship (LTR), a relationship, a Master
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hello! call me vi <3
lovely lovable crossdresser, bunny, puppy, ex-camboy (nude photos only now!) i love looking beautiful, getting compliments, and surprising people.
spb is my home but i love travelling and meeting kinky people all over the world! find me at your biggest fetish parties getting wrecked by the best of the best. i also love dancing, ice skating, and watching the stars at night.
i’ve been kinky for longer than i knew how to talk about it, but i still haven’t had sex with anyone other than myself and my toys! even if i’m a slutty bunny and desperate af i have standards and none of you are meeting them :) try harder and maybe you’ll have a chance! i wanna be deflowered by only the best dom for me.

as described by my fetfamily:
“hi im vi, i’m a silly fem boy, i like rope and feet and bruises and anything i can put in my butt. i cum almost as easy as gia does and i’m proud of it. love my bunny and i’ll love yours.” - giacumonme
“He almost makes me want to scene again. What I’d give to have found a sub like that when I was his age.” - prima_domme
“Though we have our differences, Vi is a lovely self-assured young man and I wish him all the best in finding love and getting some good dick. Be nice to him.” - witchswitch
“im vi and i like dick and being called a dirty little cum slut. pull my hair and call me a good girl while you paddle me and rip holes in my pantyhose. that’s exactly what you sound like. don’t pout like that, i’ve sworn off men.” - mistressmila
“He reminds me of the men I used to make fun of before I realised I was one of them.” - thecoach
“disgusting.” - icetiger
“he’s like if you made a powerpuff girl but chemical X was semen” - peachesandscreams
“oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” (for 1 hour) - katsudom

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thanks everyone <3 @princessxsara now i dare u to get urs

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ahhhhhh im so happy!!! @giacumonme thank you, i’ll name all our puppies after you

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ahhhhhhhhhhhh my sir is so gorgeous! the reason he doesn’t show his face is it would BLIND U ALL with his beauty i can’t wait to have his big thick cock in my bunnyhole


into: “a fetish list that clearly belongs to someone with a lot of time on their hands”, “a fetish list that’s longer than my dick”, “aaaaaand my clothes fell off!”, “apologizing” with your mouth, “aww how cute, you’re starting to cry!”, “being a virgin at 21 just makes you more desirable as a sub”, “best toe sucker in the city”, “boys in skirts make the world go round”, “boys in stockings make me hard”, “cum for me”, “don’t take your eyes off me”, “fuck my mouth until my mascara runs”, “good girl now sit on master’s cock”, “how do you shit with a gape like that”, “i didn’t say like it, i said do it.”, “i only wear panties if i want someone to see them”, “i want to cum all over your pretty face”, “i wasn’t looking for a sugar daddy but damn i won’t say no”, “i’m not done using you yet.”, “i’m not gay you’re just really hot can we fuck?”, “i’ve been alive for twenty one slutty slutty years”, “is this for your girlfriend?” “no, it’s for me!”, “is vi short for virgin”, “last time i wore underwear out of the house it rained so i’m never wearing undies again!”, “look at me while i’m fucking your mouth”, “mine.”, “need you so bad need your cock so bad”, “now say it in french”, “oh no you’ve ruined your panties guess you don’t get to wear any today”, “show me how much you want it”, “so you’re a puppy with bunny ears? whatever just bend over”, “rub off on my foot like an animal in heat”, “skate fast eat ass”, “suck on my toes and let me see that pretty cunt of yours”, “talking about cum like it’s food”, “the vi bullshit experience”, “who’s a good boy? who’s a good boy? not you! time for a spanking!”, “yes, sir.”, “you belong to me.”, “you can’t possibly take that whole cock”, “you eat ass like a pro”, “you look good in a skirt”, “you made a mess”, “you took that whole cock holy shit”, “you’re soaking wet for me”, “your ass belongs to me.”, 24/7, a cage to keep my dick nice and small, a hand between my legs, a hand on my neck as foreplay, a hand up my skirt, a hard dick against her ass while she sleeps, a mouthful of cum, abduction play, accents, age play, anal, anal beads, anal gape, anal hooks, anal sex, anal stretching, androgyny, armbinders, artistic cutting, asking for permission to cum, asphyxiaphilia play, ass, ass grabbing, ass play, ass to mouth, ass worship, attention, ball gags, bare bottom spanking, bare handed spanking, barefoot, bastinado, bathroom use control, bdsm, begging, begging for cock, behavior modification, being a slut, being a threat to traditional marriage, being a toy, being appreciated, being brought to my knees by my hair, being called “good girl” while sucking cock, being choked while making out, being choked while sucking cock, being choked with a cock, being completely spent after a brutal fuck, being dragged around by my collar, being fucked so good i can feel it for days, being fucked so hard it hurts, being grabbed by my waist, being held down and fucked, being held tightly by the throat, being looked at over the top of glasses, being loved, being nibbled and kissed on my neck, being nibbled on my ears, being ordered to spread my legs, being pinned against the wall and fingered, being pinned down and fucked brutally, being played with until i can’t make words, being played with while others watch, being pushed up against a wall, being sassy so i get fucked harder, being shared, being spanked while being fucked doggystyle, being the reason someone smiles, being the reason you masturbate, being thrown around like a ragdoll, being tied to a bed and used as a fuck toy, being tied up, belt spanking, belt whippings, bent over a table, big clits, big cocks, big nipples, big strong men pretty in pink, birthday suit, bite marks, biting, blindfolds, blood play, blow jobs, blushing, body modification, body paint, body positivity, body worship, bondage, bondage tape, boot licking, boot worship, boys in dresses, boys in fishnets, boys in skirts, boys kissing boys, breast/nipple play, breastfeeding, breasts, 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curious about: marking all your fetishes as “into” when you started to seem cool and experienced and now you’re too lazy to fix it so you keep doing it, whether someone can message me without being boring or rude, whether straight men even look at the photos they like before sending a message

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viktor smiling, eyes closed, yuuri’s face is mostly obscured in viktor’s hair; four photos of viktor, sexually charged, mostly pastel aesthetic


what say you to vi_pup?

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ufr with this nobody

monocle wrote 1 minute ago

ur fuckin taken now whats the point im unfollowing

StripedSweater wrote 1 minute ago

gdi i been round here way longer and u went for him

niceguy wrote 1 minute ago

he has like no friends wtf

TakeTheDogsOut wrote 1 minute ago

who is he

foulfowl wrote 2 minutes ago

i ben message u for 2 yers and nothing u went for short guy???

loveandromance wrote 2 minutesblockquoteago

i bet his dick is small

contrabandeau wrote 2 minutes ago


shtiter write 2 minutes ago

how u feel about dumping him for a real man

souped wrote 3 minutes ago

hey sexy

katsudom's pics

viktor smiling serenely, eyes closed, his hand on yuuri’s cheek, and yuuri’s face is mostly obscured in the depths of viktor’s hair

oh my god he’s even cuter in person
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i’m sure my comment got buried in the mess on vi’s photo, so i’ll say it again here: you two are adorable together. i wish you the best of luck and many strong bunny children

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ahhhhhh im so happy!!! @giacumonme thank you, i’ll name all our puppies after you

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so this is why you left a week of rehearsal to your understudy. i’m working my ass off so you can work his ass… well, i can’t say i’m not proud of you. he does have a pretty nice one.

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oh my gosh you actually got together!!! best wishes for you both i think you’re super cute together <3

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aww @vi_pup send us a pic of ur new bf’s face! we’re fetfamily we gotta seeeee! prima and coach wanna meet him so u have to bring him to us!

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ah, young love. brings a tear to my eye.

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nice to see a fellow pup get owned.

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oh how cute!

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thanks everyone <3 @princessxsara now i dare u to get urs

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gross... but congratulations, i guess.

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so u really went thru all that trouble just to get fucked huh


ooh look who figured out how to turn off caps lock! good job yura.


well did you?


yes. he’s very nice, yura. we’ve been talking for a while now, and now we’ve met in person and he’s just… perfect. i’m very happy.


i should be the one protecting you.


nope sir does that for me now. but i’m glad you care so much yura!


use a condom


we both got tested, we're good :)


great. awesome. tell me nothing more


his cock is even bigger in persdon






jusst... be careful.


i will.

thank you.

Yuuri and Phichit’s suitcases were already loaded into the SUV, so Viktor stuck his carryon and coat in an open spot before helping Yuuri out of his coat as well.

“I want to be as close to you as possible,” Viktor said, and he pulled Yuuri into the backseat next to him. It was roomy, but of course Viktor pushed the cupholder out of the way and squeezed into the middle seat anyway. His head bumped against the ceiling while he put on his seatbelt, but then he stooped and hugged Yuuri’s arm and curled himself up as small as the car would let him. Phichit let their dogs into the back as well.Vicchan jumped up on the open seat and rested his head on Viktor’s thigh to show his approval. Makkachin stretched out in the wide footwell, flopping over Viktor and Yuuri’s feet like a blanket.

Yuuri lifted his free hand to run his fingers through Viktor’s hair. It was soft, silky, and just as shiny of a platinum blond as it seemed in all the photos, silver to the root, clean and free of tangles even after such a long plane ride. A gentle wave in the strands suggested that Viktor must have braided it for the trip, then let it down to look as enchanting as possible when he met Yuuri for the first time. “Wow. Your hair color is natural, isn’t it?”

“Mhm. You like it?”

“Yeah. Soft. And pretty.”

“Only the best for you.” Viktor kissed Yuuri’s cheek, and he moved the arm he was holding onto until Yuuri’s hand was up his skirt, resting on his inner thigh. Yuuri’s little finger brushed his soft cock. Viktor gasped at the touch.

“Oh my god,” Yuuri whispered, like he didn’t want anyone to hear it but couldn’t hold it in. He moved his hand slightly, further up Viktor’s smooth thigh, chilled fingers heating as they edged toward Viktor’s most intimate places, and Viktor shivered. His cock twitched against Yuuri’s knuckles, beginning to harden.

“Yuuri,” Viktor whispered. He shifted, his hips rolling against Yuuri’s hand. Then his fingers clamped down on Yuuri’s and pulled him away. Too tempting.

“Not yet,” Yuuri murmured, kissing the words into the whorl of Viktor’s hair. He rested his palm safely close to Viktor’s knee.

They barely noticed the car begin to move, Chris pulling out of the confusing airport parking lot expertly, or Phichit chatting away in the passenger seat. The dogs shuffled a little for comfort, Vicchan yawning widely.

“Are we going to your hotel now?” Yuuri asked.

“Mm-mm.” Viktor shook his head, which doubled as nuzzling into Yuuri’s shoulder. “Hungry.”

“Tired too?”

“No. I just like how warm you are.”

“People tend to be warm,” Yuuri said, amused.


Yuuri finger-combed Viktor’s hair, slow and steady. He had the oddest urge to braid it like he had years ago for his sister, back before she cut it all off. He suspected that if Viktor was surprised about how warm he was, maybe he didn’t get much physical affection. It would make sense, wouldn’t it? With the way Viktor had latched on to Yuuri immediately. Yuuri hadn’t found anything odd about it at first. He liked how Viktor clung to him. But then, Yuuri craved intimacy, too.

It seemed odd, with how often Viktor ended up at dungeons and play parties, in the hands of strangers, that he should be wanting for attention and a gentle yet greedy touch. But it was a different sort of touch. Kink wasn’t always intimate, especially with strangers. Sometimes that emotional distance was part of the appeal, but sometimes it was a distinct lack, an oversight. And aftercare was a necessary thing, but it only lasted as long as it took for a sub to be ready to return to the world. It didn’t always mean things like cuddling or even hugs; sometimes only bandaging and a few words of praise before a sub fell asleep or walked away. Yuuri had read countless notes from subs who’d learned to refuse aftercare and lick their own wounds, preferring it over clinical, forced cuddling that was neither calming nor affectionate.

Yuuri hoped he was wrong, hoped that Viktor’s partners had adored him as much as he deserved. But the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. And even if he was wrong, well, would it hurt to touch Viktor a little more?

Yuuri wrapped his arms around Viktor and held him a little closer. Viktor made a soft, surprised noise, then hummed and nosed at Yuuri’s neck.

“Are you going to fuck?” Chris teased. “The lube is up front. Don’t make a mess.”

“No,” Viktor replied softly, like he wasn’t sure he was allowed to refuse. “I want my first time to be on a bed.”

That’s so cute, Yuuri thought, but all that came out was “Oh my god.”

Viktor laughed quietly. His breath and eyelashes tickled Yuuri’s neck.

“You wanted Thai food, right?” Viktor asked. “If you’re here, we can’t really go to your favorite place in Detroit.”

“Oh, don’t apologize to him for that!” Phichit laughed, throwing his head back. “There’s much better in Chicago anyway.”

“Take us to the very best. My treat,” Viktor insisted. “Since you were so nice to come out here for me.”

Chris drove on according to his phone’s GPS, the modulated voice fading into the background beneath low music. He and Phichit conversed in front, the former polite with an undercurrent of restrained desire, the latter animated and excitable as per his usual and matching every subtle flirtation with one of his own.

Viktor pulled out his phone with the camera app open.

“Hey, Yuuri, can I get a few?”

“Hm?” Yuuri had been sinking into a comfortable, hazy silence, his eyes half-lidded, but he came to attention slowly and caught sight of the camera. “Oh. Ohmygod,” he mumbled.

Viktor smiled; Yuuri was so adorable, so endearing, even as he navigated a mild state of shock.

“Yeah, go for it. But um, if you post any —”

“Not with your face, right? I know.”

“Mm. I wouldn’t mind, but I have to, uh, conduct myself appropriately as a danseur,” Yuuri said, with a lilt to his voice that might have sounded mocking if he hadn’t spoken so softly, so intimately. “I really want to show the world you’re mine.”

“Yuuri!” Viktor shouted, and only the seatbelt held him back from pouncing on Yuuri in his joy. Joy and arousal — the possessiveness turned him on way more than he expected. “That’s so hot…” he whispered into Yuuri’s ear, drawing out the last word into a whine to match Vicchan’s, who was a bit annoyed at the disturbance to his nap.

“Don’t rock the boat, boys,” Chris joked, his rumbling voice implying he really didn’t mind at all, and could they rock it a little more, please?

Viktor took a few photos of the pair of them, wrapped up in one another as much as they could be in the car, which was quite a lot. Viktor repeatedly eschewed safety regulations, throwing his legs over Yuuri’s and pulling his seatbelt strap out further to get the perfect angles. The mid-afternoon light, filtered through skyscrapers and the car’s lightly tinted windows, softened them both — Viktor into the innocent act he sometimes liked to play at; Yuuri into the tender but shy lover Viktor guessed he might be… at least at first. He had no doubts that within days, he’d have Yuuri ready to fuck him into the sun.

At one point, Yuuri leaned into Viktor’s neck and breathed in deep, his face buried in Viktor’s hair. Viktor smiled softly, feeling perfectly content in this moment like he never thought he could be without a dick in his ass. He took three photos with them posed that way, knowing one of these would be the one to post. The moment was tender, intimate, and cute, while the angle of the photo still respected Yuuri’s privacy.

“Yuuri,” Viktor whispered, and Yuuri reluctantly pulled away from the sweet scent of Viktor’s light sweat, gathered in the crease of his neck and under his jaw after his travels. Viktor showed him some of the photos, and Yuuri tightened his hold on Viktor’s waist, resting his chin on Viktor’s shoulder.

At this point they were sitting nearly sideways in the car, and Viktor had one leg bent on the seat, the other carefully out of the way of the slumbering poodles. Vicchan’s minuscule snores ruffled the fur around his nose.

“You should post that one,” Yuuri murmured, pointing out the first of three photos Viktor had marked.

“Mhm. I thought so too.” Viktor turned his head and pecked Yuuri on the corner of his mouth.

“You’re going to kill me,” Yuuri whispered, and he caught Viktor’s chin in his hand, directing him into a proper kiss. They didn’t notice when Chris whistled at their reflection in his rear view mirror, and Phichit snapped a few pictures on his own phone.

“I thought he’d be more shy about all this,” Phichit said, even as he lined up for another shot of Yuuri greedily sucking on Viktor’s tongue, and Viktor delighted at the fingers creeping into his hair. Clearly, they were not paying attention to their surroundings, too wrapped up in one another. “Yuuri’s not usually so forward.”

“You’d think he would have the sense to be afraid,” Chris said, lighthearted. “He just met this beautiful boy online who wants the daylights fucked out of him. I guess he performs well under pressure.”

“Not usually. It looks more to me like all the pressure Yuuri was feeling just evaporated as soon as Viktor was in front of him. It’s sweet.

“What about Viktor?” Phichit asked after a pause. “Isn’t he kind of in the more vulnerable position here?”

Chris laughed. He glanced in the rearview mirror again; Yuuri and Viktor had transitioned into little butterfly kisses and touching one another’s faces, their noses pressed together while they went cross-eyes staring at each other. “I don’t think he’ll realize how terrified he is until they’re already naked,” Chris said. “I hope they know what they’re getting into.

While the hotel was pet-friendly, the restaurant was not, so they dropped off Vicchan and Makkachin. Chris volunteered to be the one to take the dogs up to the room and feed them, because he knew that separating Yuuri and Viktor would not be possible, and if they were left alone together they’d just jump on each other right here in the parking lot, onlookers be damned. Letting them go up to the room so soon was out of the question; they’d forget all about dinner as soon as they saw the bed.

Even now, they traded kisses and soft laughter, whispers of “bunny” and “Sir” and “oh my god”, while Phichit dug out his professional camera and set them off giggling with a few photos, the shutter clearly audible in the quiet of the car.

“I didn’t expect you two to be so soft,” Phichit commented, while Yuuri rubbed his nose on Viktor’s chin, revelling in the closeness. “I expected, like, quick and dirty car sex.”

“I like surprising people.” Viktor tilted his head back to give Yuuri more room, preening under the attention. He let out soft sighs as Yuuri kissed down his neck.

Chris returned to Yuuri and Viktor making out heavily, seatbelts abandoned, and a fresh hickey over Viktor’s pulse point. Phichit had set up a small, portable umbrella light on the center console to get better photos. Viktor was fully in Yuuri’s lap, his hips rocking minutely, and Yuuri’s hands on his cheek and neck guided him into slow, open-mouth kisses.

Chris watched them for a while, then offered, “Touch his butt.”

“Of course you would say that,” Phichit joked, but then Yuuri slid his hands down and gripped Viktor’s ass, hard. The fabric of Viktor’s skirt bunched and Viktor’s plush backside filled Yuuri’s palms. Viktor’s hips lifted, pushed back against Yuuri’s hands, and he let out a little moan that melted in Yuuri’s mouth.

Yuuri murmured against Viktor’s lips, “Was that okay?”

“You’re gonna make me cum all over your nice pants,” Viktor whined.

“Is… is that good?”

“It will be tomorrow.”

Viktor leaned back and breathed in deep. His cock was lifting up the front of his skirt, and Yuuri could see so far up Viktor’s legs, to the point where his inner thighs blushed pink. God, but his skin was so smooth...

Reluctantly Viktor got off Yuuri’s lap and settled down next to him, doing up both of their seatbelts and smoothing down his skirt as best he could.

Yuuri kissed the side of his head, mumbling into his hair. “Oh my god. I can’t believe I did that.”

“I liked it. Do it again, later. When we’re alone.” His eyes pointedly met Chris’s through the rear view mirror, silently thanking him for giving Yuuri that push.

Still half hidden in the depths of Viktor’s hair, Yuuri said, “We talked about limits, but not about safe words.”

“Hmm. We probably should talk about that before we fuck, huh?”

“Yeah. What are yours?”

“Heh, well. I use something like the stoplights, except instead of red-yellow-green, I do strawberry-banana-kiwi.”



“So your full-stop word is strawberry.”

“Yes. I only use that for a total scene end, immediate aftercare or fuck-off situation.”

“Okay. And banana is… check-in?”

“Pretty much. Usually I’ll not use it until I’m too overwhelmed and I want to go into a cool down. But I’ll tell you.”

“Do you ever go non-verbal?”

“Ah… I don’t know. I never have. But I talk a lot if I’m allowed, so I think you’d be able to tell if I couldn’t make words.”

“Okay. That makes sense. So then kiwi means yes?”


Yuuri took a deep breath. “I can work with that.”

“What, you don’t like it?”

“It’s not that! No, it’s very cute. Very you. I just… I’m so used to thinking of myself as, you know, super serious Dom.” Not that Yuuri had really been able to express that any further than Phichit’s photoshoots. But in his fantasies, he always thought of himself as the time to break down a sub and then put them back together.

“You don’t want it to be fun?”

“Of course I do.”

“But fun safe words are just something you have to work with.”

“No, I’m sorry it came out like that. That wasn’t what I meant at all. Safe words are your things to choose, and I’ll respect them. I just want to make sure that if I make a mistake, I can treat it with the seriousness it deserves.”

Viktor tilted his head back and forth, considering this. “You know, Coach always told me I shouldn’t think of safewording as the end of the world. That I’m not a bad sub for needing to stop. It’s not about making my Dom feel bad either. And if I’m at the point where it’s so serious that I’m in a type of danger I didn’t ask for, I’m probably way beyond where I should have safeworded.”

“Yeah, yes, of course. Your safety comes first, always.”

“So, it’s the same for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not a bad Dom if you make me safeword. You’re not bad for making a mistake; everyone does, eventually, and I know the risks probably better than you do and I have already decided it’s worth it. You’re not wrong to push me to my limits, if I want you to — and I do want you to. And you shouldn’t feel bad for taking me to that point. I know better than to let it get too far, and even if I didn’t, that’s why we communicate.

“So, you can be serious if you want, but you don’t have to be, and you don’t have to think of safe words as only this big looming scary thing. Respect them, but don’t be afraid of them. I want to have fun with you, even if I tap out. The fun doesn’t have to end just because the scene does.

“Besides,” Viktor said, turning his head to bump noses with Yuuri. “Ending a scene means we get to do aftercare, and from all these cuddles and kisses I’d say you’re pretty good at that part. I think that’s pretty kiwi.”

Yuuri smiled. “Okay. I get it.”

“Good! So, fruit safe words?”

“Fruit safe words.”

They ended up at a restaurant that Chris and Phichit both vouched for, a mix of family owned hole-in-the-wall and local award winner, with a dress code that their group just barely matched up to (well, technically Viktor didn’t, as most restaurants expected their patrons to wear underwear under their skirts, but his was long enough to hide his disobedience, if only just barely). It was well-reviewed, and Viktor didn’t mind the extravagant prices, having already planned to treat his Sir and their friends to much more than this.

Viktor walked Yuuri to the door with his hand in Yuuri’s back pocket, cupping that glorious ass in his palm and getting an almost satisfying feel through dark wash denim. Yuuri tensed at the hand squeezing him through fabric, and his firm glutes flexed against Viktor’s palm.

“Can’t wait to feel this for real,” Viktor mouthed against Yuuri’s ear, and then leaned away just far enough to see him blush. “Cute, Sir.”

“Try not to be completely on top of each other in there,” Chris advised, his voice low. “I know the servers here and most of them are in the scene, but the owners will be scandalized.”

Viktor kept himself to a minimum of clinginess. He and Yuuri sat together on the bench seat when they were shown to a half-booth, unwilling to be separated now that they were together; across from them, Chris and Phichit took the chairs. Viktor linked his arm around Yuuri’s and, under the table, hooked their feet together, his stocking catching on Yuuri’s bare ankle below his rolled-up pant legs. The tips of Yuuri’s ears burned red, and Viktor couldn’t help but kiss his cheek. Still, they looked innocent enough, like four young adults out on the most vanilla of double-dates.

Viktor opened the menu and flipped through a few pages. “Hmm. I want to get curry, but I can’t eat anything spicy…”

“Why not?” Yuuri asked, confused, and not yet knowing the foolishness of his question.

Viktor looked at him for a long moment.


In a low voice, Viktor explained: “Do you have a fart kink? Because I don’t, and I’m not sure I feel comfortable accommodating that one for you quite yet.”

“Oh!” Yuuri exclaimed, remembering one of their conversations from a few weeks back. “Oh my god. No. Good point.”

“Yes. Don’t forget, I’m very particular about my butthole.”

“Right, right.” Yuuri blushed, embarrassed. Viktor squeezed Yuuri’s hand, reassuring against his sweaty palm.

They spent the meal mainly talking about the kinds of things Fetlife didn’t tend to uncover. Chris explained he was in Chicago studying library science, not “assology” as Viktor had guessed, and that his husband was a proctologist, to which Viktor responded in a stage whisper, “assologist”. Yuuri laughed at this, one guffaw escaping before he stifled it behind his palm. Viktor looked at him with a surprised smile and eyes scrunched up cutely, and Yuuri was too infatuated to notice Chris rolling his eyes at the fact that he would laugh at such a pointless joke.

Phichit talked about all manner of things, from his family in Thailand to his hamsters to giving Chris a crash-course on his camera’s functions. It was amusing, watching the wrinkle between Chris’s eyebrows grow deeper as Phichit explained to him what an f-stop was and the relationship between aperture and depth of field.

Yuuri talked about his dancing in between picking awkwardly at his food; mainly he focused on the ongoing pole classes, but Phichit bragged for him about the principal role Yuuri for which had just begun rehearsal in their ballet company. Despite the embarrassment it caused him to be put on the spot, Yuuri appreciated having a friend like Phichit around who would never pass up an opportunity to gas him up, especially if it made Viktor’s eyes sparkle with pride like that.

Viktor didn’t say much about himself, preferring to ask questions about the others; Yuuri interpreted this at first to mean that Viktor was very private with his personal life, compared to how public he made his body.

Still, Yuuri wanted to know about him, wanted to know Viktor and not just Vi, the oversexed bunny that Yuuri got obsessed with to start. He knew Viktor wanted to find something long-term, whether that was with Yuuri or not. Yuuri couldn’t know for sure so soon if they were built to last, but to open up that possibility, they had to be able to communicate without the masks of Dom and sub between them.

There was a certain honesty in Dominance, as in submission, of opening up oneself to vulnerability, to rejection, to pain. But it wasn’t the same; these roles were still a mask. Yuuri couldn’t say he was fully himself unless someone knew who he was as a Dom and who he was in his everyday life. Perhaps his dancer self was another person altogether, and harder to break into; Yuuri hardly knew himself when he danced. All those parts together only scratched the surface of what made Yuuri Yuuri, what made him human.

Yuuri wanted to know all those parts of Viktor, know him inside out, every atom of his humanity, and only then could he begin to understand this thing between them and the possibilities that lay ahead.

Yuuri wasn’t great at asking after people. Many had called him selfish because of it, but it was really just that he never had enough friends to get used to it. It wasn’t even a thought that came naturally to Yuuri most of the time. Still, he had to try, if what he wanted with Viktor would have any chance to bloom.

With every gentle push, Viktor opened up. When he smiled a little wider, a little less restrained, at each of Yuuri’s questions, pleased to be asked about himself, Yuuri thought about how easily he’d fallen into Yuuri’s simple kisses and enveloping hugs — how he struck a friendship that turned too-fast into something more all from once tipsy morning message — how he seemed starved for attention no matter how much of it he got. Viktor responded to Chris and Phichit as well, who in turn seemed more and more eager to hear about this man who had thus far seemed so vulnerable, so open, and yet so mysterious.

He just wants to be loved, Yuuri thought. Then, to his own surprise, I want to be that for him, someday.

Under his breath he said, “Oh my god,” with bright eyes and understanding, this strange magnetism between them starting to orient itself into North and South. Viktor must have heard him, and turned towards Yuuri with a cheery, heart-shaped smile.

Yuuri brushed Viktor’s long fringe out of his eyes, tucking the silky strands of loose hair behind his ear, and Viktor’s smile shifted, replaced by wide eyes and a small blush across his nose and cheeks.

“Oh my god, you’re so beautiful,” Yuuri whispered, and he got a flash of a smile in return before Viktor leaned in and kissed him, close-lipped but lingering.

“Perfect,” Phichit said; he had his camera out, and was looking at the small digital screen on its back. “You guys are so photogenic. And the mood lighting, just stunning.”

“Phichit,” Yuuri said, with the slightest hint of a whine, “you don’t have to take photos of us constantly.”

“You won’t let me in for Vi’s — sorry, Viktor’s first time, so I’m doing what I can to document your beautiful beginning until I get in on one of your scenes.”

“You brought Phichit to take photos of us?” Viktor asked. “That’s so sweet of you!”

“He also brought me to make sure his new puppy wasn’t about to pull one over on him, but I think we worked that out.”

Viktor beamed. “I like him,” he said, throwing his arms around Yuuri.

“I can tell,” Phichit said, as he lined up his camera for a shot of Yuuri blushing to his ears. “Damn, I wish I could post these.”

“I wanna see!” Viktor said, leaning across the table. He dragged Yuuri with him, refusing to let go.

“Oh, uhh, they probably won’t look like much to you, but sure.” Phichit turned the camera around so Viktor could see the playback. “Indoor photos always look super dark before editing. I can tell they’re good because I’m used to it.”

“Oh, I understand. I take and edit my own photos most of the time.”

“You do? That’s great!”

“Mm-hmm.” Viktor squinted; the photos were, in fact, very dark, and red-tinted. Phichit’s ISO was set much lower than Viktor usually did, but then, Viktor tended to airbrush out most of the resulting grain, whereas Phichit likely controlled it in his post-processing. Despite the discoloration, Viktor could kind of make out his and Yuuri’s cute faces. “It’s like coffee.”


Viktor leaned back in his seat, his hands folded on top of the tablecloth. He looked in his collared blouse and pleated skirt like he was going to give a thesis presentation for a class, not an extended coffee metaphor.

“Most people think black coffee tastes gross,” he began. “Sure, some of them lie about it to look cool and refined… but you really have to add a bunch of things — milk, sugar, tasty frilly flavors, whipped cream, things like that — to make it really good. But the more you force yourself to choke down dark roast black coffee, the more the taste grows on you, and then one day you’re forty and soulless and sneering at the uncultured youths for daring to put soymilk in their caramel macchiatos.” Viktor rolled his eyes. “Except, not, because you’re nice, and not forty, and probably have a soul, and you’re okay with editing your photos. Where was I going with this?”

“Do you go to Starbucks a lot?” Yuuri asked.

“Mhm! My coffee order takes two whole stickers,” he said throwing up a V for Victory. “I worked there for a while too. I was a super-cute barista. Wore skirts shorter than the aprons.” Viktor frowned cutely. “Then they fired me for dress code violation. And hitting on customers.”

“That’s like, barista rule number one…” Phichit sighed.

“I was young! And naïve. And I’ve learned my lesson.” Viktor shrugged. “Now I just flirt with everyone and wear even shorter skirts and that basically is my job.”

“How much do you make from your photos, anyway?” Chris asked. “You’re sexy, of course, and you know how to work yourself up for attention like no-one else, but I don’t see how it’s enough to live the life you do.”

Viktor blinked, and then a smile split his face. “Oh! No. It’s enough for, like. Clothes, and toys. And I have another job, too; part-time, I guess it would be. But most of my living and travel and such comes from my mothers’ money.”

“Your mom funds all this?” Yuuri asked. He couldn’t imagine it.

“Mm, nope, mothers. Three of them! They’re all, like, super smart successful badass ladies. I’m very lucky they support my life choices.”

“Wow. So it runs in the family, then.”

“Hm? What runs?”

“Being gay.”

“Wh— oh! That’s a figure of speech. I forgot that one. Yes, I guess it does. I didn’t get their smarts, only their looks and their money and, I guess, their gay. Haha.” Viktor swept his hair back from his face. He took his wallet out from his shirt, and Yuuri blinked a few times before realizing he was probably wearing a bra and stuffing it with the essentials. From his slim wallet he extracted a shiny black credit card, and waved it like he didn’t have a limit and his interest accrued interest. “They know I won’t be a famous physicist, or doctor, or professor, like them, so they let me do what I want. My sister is the smart one. She’s going to be a doctor, like Maman, and treat sports injuries.”

“There’s more than one way to be smart,” Yuuri said.

“Mm-hm, I know, but this bunny is an airhead!” Viktor smiled, with his eyes closed. He straightened his back and slipped his card back into his wallet, leaving it in his lap while he turned back to the last of his food.

Yuuri, Phichit, and Chris all looked between one another for a moment. Phichit nodded at Viktor and Yuuri looked over to him. Despite the smile on his lips he looked sad, slowly picking at his rice. Yuuri slid his hand over Viktor’s, wondering when and why in the world he had let go.

Viktor flicked his eyes over to Yuuri, then quickly away; his smile turned a little more genuine.

He came here for you, Yuuri thought. Be here for him.

Viktor paid for the meal and the following desserts, smiling beatifically at the server, whose eyes widened almost comically. She thanked him for his patronage and then, after inching open the billfold, thanked him again for his very generous cash tip.

“She follows you,” Chris said as they left.

“Oh! That explains why she was staring before. Does she like my butt?”

Of course the dogs needed to be walked, so the group of four hauled Yuuri’s suitcases up to the hotel room and then got the dogs ready to go.

Phichit arranged to stay with Chris and sleep on the same futon sofa that Viktor had once used, and this left Viktor and Yuuri to themselves in the hotel suite. In all likelihood the two friends would join the new lovers several times in the coming week, Phichit taking photos and Chris making himself available for any play that might need supervision, but it was nice to give them some privacy as well.

The dogs would, for the most part, stay in the convention hotel with Yuuri and Viktor; there was more than enough room for two relatively calm and well-behaved poodles in the huge suite Viktor had reserved for the week.

As Viktor got Makkachin ready to be walked, Yuuri knelt down next to him. Viktor was helping his dog out of her vest, her walking harness on the floor beside him. Vicchan sat between them, his collar and leash already in place.

“I didn’t know she was a service dog,” Yuuri said.

“Mhm. I lose focus a lot… You know how I am. Kind of an airhead.” Viktor laughed at himself. The comment was in no way self-deprecating despite what Yuuri might have expected from words like that. “I’ve, um, gotten myself into some situations I shouldn’t have before, while not paying attention. So she keeps me safe, especially when I’m not around other people.”

“I see.” Yuuri was curious how spacing out led to the kind of documentation and training needed for a service dog, but he didn’t push; that was Viktor’s business, and if Yuuri needed to know, then Viktor would tell him on his own.

“You can pet her, though. Most service dogs get distracted by it, but in our case it’s helpful. Isn’t that right, Makka-Makka-chiiii?” Viktor made baby noises and kissy faces as he squished Makkachin’s face between his hands, rubbing her malleable cheeks. Makkachin stepped away and shook herself, then sat back down, her tongue lolling out as she stared happily at her human.

Yuuri held out his hand for Makkachin to sniff, and she snuffled at him a few times before pushing her face against his hand. He stroked through the fur on her head and the back of her neck, then scritched behind her jaw. She pushed forward again, her back leg kicking as he scritched a little harder. He looked to Viktor for approval, and Viktor stared back, joy etched in every corner of his face to see his beloved dog getting along with his new lover.

“She likes you,” Viktor said. “I’m so glad.”

“I like her too.”

Vicchan, feeling ignored, climbed onto Viktor’s lap and stared up at him, a clear demand of pet me! Viktor laughed and smoothed his hands over the pup’s face, smooshing his cheeks like he had with Makkachin, and stooping to plant a kiss on Vicchan’s forehead.

“What a cutie you are!” Viktor said, as he played with Vicchan’s floppy ears and let him lick his hand. “So well-behaved for a little one.”

“Well, he’s not a puppy. He’s fully grown, just little.”

“Awww, is he a miniature?”

“Yeah, and he was the runt, too.” Yuuri released one hand from petting Makkachin to boop Vicchan on the nose. “He got bigger than I expected, but he’ll always be little.”

“Ahh, to be small forever,” Viktor said, wistful. “Come on, let’s get these puppies walked.”

They said their goodbyes to Phichit and Chris in the lobby, and then took the dogs around the block, until they were tired out and had relieved themselves. All the while, Viktor and Yuuri remained quiet, glancing at one another with small smiles shared between them.

Finally, they were alone.

They rode the elevator back up to their floor in silence, hands linked between them, Makkachin and Vicchan standing close together and shifting minutely at the end of their leashes.

Viktor keyed them into the room, tension building with every step. The door closed between them, and Yuuri moved in to kiss Viktor, but found himself stopped with a firm hand on his chest.

“I want to shower first,” Viktor said quietly, his head bowed enough that he didn’t have to meet Yuuri’s eyes. “I’ve been on a plane all day.” He bent down and opened the buckles on Makkachin’s harness, then hung it on a coat peg on the back of the door. Yuuri unleashed Vicchan as well.

“You should too,” Viktor said. “After me. Take as long as you want. I, um, might need some time to get ready. For you.”

Yuuri marveled at this sudden shyness. “You don’t need to do anything special for me, Viktor. I like you as you are.”

“You think all this isn’t special?” Viktor said, gesturing at his whole self.

“It is. But it’s special because it’s part of you.” Yuuri took the same hand that Viktor had used for the gesture, and brought it to his lips. “You don’t need to try and fit some image you think I’ll like. I like you.”

Viktor held Yuuri’s gaze for a few quiet moments, then nodded and picked up his carry-on bag from next to the door and shuffled inside of it. He pulled out a plain white envelope, slightly crumpled with the top torn open unevenly, and handed it to Yuuri with no words but a significant look, then went into the bathroom, bag in hand.

Yuuri watched the bathroom door for a few moments after it shut, still hoping for an explanation; when none came, Yuuri opened the envelope.

Inside were several sheets of paper, all Cyrillic text in a monospace font. There was a small water stain near the bottom of the page, but it didn’t impede any of the writing. From a halting scan of the text Yuuri realized it was Viktor’s clinic report, dated two weeks prior. Of the long list of sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections, all were marked negative, save for those which he and Viktor had discussed. Another small page looked like a prescription. Yuuri was still comfortable having unprotected sex knowing what he knew, so he replaced the papers inside of the envelope. He left it on the ornate, white-and-gold vanity that looked like it didn’t belong alongside the rest of the hotel room’s sleek, minimalist furniture.

Yuuri took the time to unpack one of his suitcases, the one with the clothes and toiletries. He’d brought a few items of clothing, just in case they went out or he wanted to be covered for a scene. Viktor seemed to have sent much more over, and instructed his delivery crew on where to put away all his belongings; the closet was full, as was the armoire in the bedroom and half of the dresser in the main room. Yuuri hung up his one suit in the little space left in the closet, hoping the wrinkles would ease out with gravity, as well as his jacket, and the rest went into the drawers.

He found Vicchan getting comfy inside the suitcase upon his return, and laughed a little at the dog’s well-meaning antics before lifting him out and closing up the case.

The second suitcase he left closed, figuring they would tackle it later, together. Yuuri got the sense Viktor might want his first time to be… gentle, maybe. If he was wrong, he could always take the toys out, but he didn’t want to push. There would be plenty of time later for pushing, shoving, and much more.

He’d packed a bottle of lube in his toiletries, but found several more in his search for an empty drawer. The bedside drawer was full of pump bottles, and a couple samples of flavored lube as well. There was a Bible in the top drawer, which was a little awkward, but it wasn’t Yuuri’s faith so he left it be; he was used to the tendency for American hotels to leave one in each room.

He headed out to the main room once more, and he took the manila folder with his own test results out of his backpack, leaving that on Viktor’s vanity as well.

The shower was still running, so Yuuri went to the window, checking the view. For all that this was a nice hotel, the view was only as good as a city of skyscrapers could be. It was probably nicer at night, all lit up, or perhaps when the sun was out, but the sun had gone gray with clouds in the time they’d spent eating a late lunch, and fog began to creep down over some of the tallest buildings. It didn’t look like rain was coming, but nor would the clouds shift any time soon. Walking the dogs, they’d moved to a muted atmosphere, their own excitement serving to light up their time spent together. Now, the room was bathed in cool colors, not dark enough to turn on a light, but not quite bright enough to chase away the cozy, sleepy mood in which Yuuri now found himself.

Yet, under it all, his body still thrummed with anticipation.

He entered the bedroom again and turned down the sheets on the obscenely large bed. They were of a rather nice quality, not silk by any means but also not the cheap, rough cotton Yuuri was used to getting in hotels. The pillows were firm, and would hold up well to the task of protecting Viktor’s head from hitting the headboard, or lifting his hips for a better angle to thrust. Yuuri almost felt bad that they were going to utterly ruin the set. He checked the closet again, making sure there was an extra change of sheets, just in case the first set got too cum-crusted for comfort.

The shower turned off, and Yuuri left the bedroom. Then he heard a hair dryer running, and figured Viktor would still be a while, so he sat with the dogs.

Makkachin had sprawled herself out on the large dog bed by the window. The bed was shaped like a piece of sliced bread, white on the top and tan on the sides, and the fleece was a bit worn out on the corners, like she’d had it for a long time and had a habit of dragging it around in her mouth. Yuuri could imagine her going from room to room in Viktor’s gray-washed home, following him around with her doggy bed sliding along the floor, one corner between her teeth, then curling up on it nearest wherever Viktor rested. He’d probably stop to pat her on the head each time, probably spoiled her with treats and toys and affection — that seemed like the kind of dog parent Viktor was. Yuuri wondered where his own fur baby was, until he spotted the slightly darker mass of brown curls beside Makkachin, closer to the window. It seemed they’d become fast friends, curling up together in the spot with the best view. Yuuri wasn’t sure if they were really asleep or just dozing, but he didn’t want to bother them, just in case, so he simply watched them snooze for a little while, their bellies rising and falling with each breath. He cooed softly at them without even realizing he was doing it.

The hair dryer shut off, and the bathroom door opened. Viktor emerged wrapped in a huge white towel and holding the bag that he’d brought in with him. His face and arms were all pink, skin still a little shiny with dampness, and when Yuuri looked up, he saw faint freckles on Viktor’s cheeks and shoulders that he’d never seen before.

Yuuri realized with a startle that this was the first time he’d ever seen Viktor without makeup on. He never went without in any of his photos, and he’d looked immaculately put-together even after his long plane rides.

Viktor seemed to notice this too; he brought a hand up with a corner of towel to cover his face. “Don’t look,” he mumbled.

“I didn’t know you had freckles,” Yuuri said as he passed. “They’re cute. I like them.”

Viktor giggled behind the towel. “I’m glad you think so, because you’ll have to look at them a little longer. The plane dried out my skin so bad. If I put foundation on now, I’ll break out.” He sat down at the vanity and opened up the sectioned table top, revealing a huge makeup kit. Lipsticks, brushes, capped powder eyeshadows, and all manner of creams and gels and other makeup products were arranged in neat rows on little shelves.

Yuuri had a makeup kit of his own, a metal box about six inches wide, that usually lived in his dance bag. He tended to wear more or less the same look all the time, whether on stage or in a photoshoot, unless Phichit deemed it necessary he wear some sort of more striking eyeliner and did it for him. He couldn’t even dream of needing this many products — but then again, this was Viktor, whose all-natural, no-makeup makeup look probably still involved twenty steps and some serious, if delicately blended, contour.

Viktor uncapped a thick white moisturizer, still wrapped up fully in his towel. “Go shower. A lady should never be seen assembling her colors.”

“Certainly, mademoiselle,” Yuuri said, and he bowed deeply in the European fashion. Viktor’s eyes went wide, and a startled flush spread across his cheeks. His heart fluttered when he noticed Yuuri biting his lips to hold back a smile. What was a Dom doing bowing to his sub, even in jest? Yuuri was full of peculiarities, and Viktor was already having fun uncovering each and every one of them.

Yuuri left Viktor to his skin care. He showered unhurriedly, making sure he got every nook and cranny. Naturally, he paid special attention to his dick; he was usually thorough enough with that, but it wouldn’t do to miss some gross lint under his foreskin if he was about to shove it into Viktor’s immaculate ass. Yuuri even scrubbed his ankles, a spot he usually forgot about. His hair, he washed with the hotel shampoo, which smelled of coconut, and he stood under the spray for a few minutes longer, just breathing.

Only months ago, Yuuri was a lonely Fetlife lurker, with a handful of friends and almost no presence in the community. That hadn’t changed much; he was still a lurker, and still rarely made it to events, and while he had a couple hundred more followers, he couldn’t call many of them friends. But now he was about to have sex with a beautiful supernova of a submissive who had noticed him simply for saying something kind while he was piss drunk on vodka in front of a Wegmans at ten-thirty in the morning. And he was also apparently that same beautiful sub’s Dominant, at least for the week.

Something was rising in the back of Yuuri’s throat, threatening to choke him. Deep breaths — counting out the seconds — forcing his exhales to last longer than his inhales — slowly this calmed Yuuri until he could turn the water a little colder. He ducked his head down under the frigid spray, looking down at his feet, heavily calloused with all the wear of a dancer. They were good feet, strong, if not the prettiest; the tendons stuck out as he flexed his toes, beginning a slow grounding exercise.

Yuuri knew his as-needed meds were on the bathroom counter, in the slim toiletry bag next to his phone, but he didn’t want to take them. He could dance through the haze of panic medication, as long as it wasn’t a performance, but he couldn’t bumble his way through this. Yuuri wanted to remember Viktor’s first time, one hundred percent clear.

“I can do this,” Yuuri said, calling upon the positive self-talk that only worked if he really got into it. “He wants me. He knows I’m inexperienced as a Dom, but he still wants me. He thinks I’m hot, and we have kinks in common. He liked that I was nice to him, that I respected him. He says I have a great ass, and I know that much is true at least. He flew halfway around the world just for the chance to fuck me, and we’re already official on Fetlife. He wants me. We’ll figure the rest out together.”

Yuuri paused. His hands reached out to the wall and curtain on either side of him, just his fingertips touching, and he took a deep breath.

“I can do this.”

Yuuri shut off the water and stepped out of the shower.

He towelled off and, after a moment of consideration for his wet hair, opened the door just a crack.


“I’m not ready!” came the frantic answer.

Yuuri waited a moment before continuing. “Can I borrow your hair dryer?”

Silence. Then, “O-oh. Yes. Go ahead.”

“Thank you.”

Yuuri had found, ever since starting to grow out his hair, that it took exponentially more effort to care for with each new inch. Drying it and running a comb through to ease the static was the least he could do.

Viktor was clearly just as nervous, Yuuri thought as the dryer whirred loud enough to drown out anything else. That thought was what, a few minutes later, gave Yuuri the last push he needed. He turned off the dryer and opened the door just a crack.

“Viktor?” Yuuri called out again.

“I’m ready,” was the response.

Yuuri exited the bathroom, his towel left hung on the door. All he wore was his glasses, and those would come off soon.

He found Viktor similarly dressed, that is to say, in nothing at all.

Viktor’s skin was flushed with a healthy warmth, and slightly matte from his all-over moisturizer, and he was tense, every inch of him. But what really stood out to Yuuri was all the marks he’d never seen before. Viktor’s photos never looked significantly retouched, but there were little things here and there, things that Viktor must have covered with makeup or edited out. Numerous pairs of spots on his hips and thighs and below his nipples, all from needle play. Thin, straight scars on his arms and ribs left by knives, and one longer and more jagged from the vee of his right hip to the base of his cock. Light patches around his wrists and ankles where he’d been tied and chafed too many times. A pink splotch over his hipbone looked like an old burn. Yuuri was sure, in that moment, though he’d never seen a single mark on Viktor’s body in all the photos he’d so lovingly perused, that if Viktor turned around he’d see a litter of raised scars on his back from where single-tail whips had rended flesh, crescent shapes on his ass where his own nails had dug in too hard spreading himself open.

“I-I’m sorry if my body’s not—” Viktor began, but Yuuri stopped him with a word.

“You’re beautiful.”

And he meant it. Viktor was no less beautiful for all the scars. They showed his strength, his stubbornness, his resilience. They showed his courage, to take risks that could and did alter him forever, all in pursuit of some higher plane of pleasure. And each one was a memory, a place where someone had touched Viktor, set to his body with the intention to cause both pain and ecstasy.

If Viktor’s eyes were like the sky, his hair like clouds and rain, his smile like sunshine, then these marks were constellations, and Yuuri wanted to kiss every star and planet in the galaxy of Viktor’s body.

“I was going to wear something for you,” Viktor said.

His hands nervously ran over the bumps of the braid in his hair before pushing it back over his shoulder. Another white line, jagged like the one on his belly, curled over his collarbone, too close to his throat for comfort but long since healed. The braid and Viktor’s neutral eyeliner seemed to be all that he had done about his appearance, and he was radiant.

“Something cute,” he continued, “or some lacy panties, or… I don’t know. But in the end, I didn’t. I.” He stammered for a moment. “I decided, I want you to sleep with me, not the ditzy bunny I am for the camera.”

Yuuri was crossing the room before he even realized it, beckoned by Viktor’s sweet words and the urge to wrap him up in a hug and cuddle his insecurity away.

“Spending today with you was amazing!” Viktor said. Though he smiled, he didn’t yet look up from the ground, didn’t yet meet Yuuri’s eyes. He swallowed hard. “I really like you! I’m… I’m so glad I came here, Yuuri, and I’m so glad you’re here, and I…” He paused. Yuuri was so close to him, it was like he couldn’t breathe.

“Yes?” Yuuri prompted, inches away from being skin-to-skin with Viktor.

“I’m so glad you found me,” Viktor whispered. He inhaled audibly, almost gasping with it, as he finally looked at Yuuri, saw all the adoration gathered in his warm brown eyes. “Please, take me to bed.”

Yuuri reached up, that last infinitesimal space between them. His hand around Viktor’s neck pulled him down, and Yuuri kissed him deeply. Viktor moaned, short and sweet like sugar.

“Yes,” Yuuri replied, equally soft, and took his hand.