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More Than Meets The Eye

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The whisperings of the name Wei Wuxian in the room was audible like any other day. The achievements that he got were no alien to anybody because everybody knows that Wei Wuxian is the best agent there ever is.

“Hey did you hear? I heard that he solved another mysterious case yesterday.”

“The one that was deemed unsolvable just a few days ago? How??”

“I have no idea but I heard it didn’t even take him three minutes to figure out everything. Can you believe it? He’s a genius I tell you.”

The man sighed. “I will never be able to compete against him.”

Wei Wuxian’s intelligence and wits have always been the best assets to the FBI association, using everything in his power to solve impossible cases that one may take years if someone tried to solve on their own.

Though his way of questioning and attitude during work is highly questionable, many of the bosses and employees around him like to turn blind eyes to that since his intellectual capacity is higher than most of them anyways. He is unquestioningly the best agent in the world.

As the workers were whispering amongst themselves, suddenly the door slammed wide open. Wei Wuxian walked hurriedly amidst the sea of people walking to and fro in the room. With a face that screams ‘stress’ and dark circles under his eyes, the coffee in his hands aren’t making anything better at all. His untidy and unruly hair is beginning to annoy his partner.

“Can’t you look a bit decent this morning?” asked Jiang Cheng. His eyes took a fast glance Wei Wuxian next to him and the look of utter disgust flashed across his eyes.

Wei Wuxian narrowed his eyes at him. “Well, it’s not like I’ve got any sleep to begin with. Besides, Jin Zixun’s incompetency this time was the one that make me struggle hard this time around. It’s not even my case to begin with.”

The case was first given to Jin Zixun as he was the one in the department who is always trying so hard to prove to everyone that he is ‘better’ so they let him be. But as time passed by, they realize that it was much a bigger case and they don’t think Jin Zixun could handle it. So they gave Wei Wuxian the job instead. Wei Wuxian was so happy that he could see Jin Zixun’s fuming face when they decided to give him the case instead but the amount of work he has to do now seem almost as if it was not worth it.


They walked to their table and the mess that is on his table greeted him. He sighed.

“I just wish I got a few extra times to myself you know?” He burrowed his eyebrows. Jiang Cheng gave him a look. “Dude if you could do that I would have done that a long time ago.”

Like everyone in this room, he himself is busy with his own case; this time a serial killer is on the loose, leaving motifs of sun drawn in blood behind. The murders happening is slowly starting to get more worrying as the number started to increase daily. There are so many questions that are left unanswered. Is there only a single murderer or do they have an accomplice? Were the murders made by an association or was it copycats from around the town? Will Wei Wuxian ever get a day off or not?

With the rate he’s going on, the answer is most likely never.

Wei Wuxian laid his head on the table and sighs for the umpteenth time.

“Oi, if you got the time to sleep you better bring this to Lan Wangji.” Jiang Cheng shoved the newly acquired piece of evidence they just got today from one of the recent crime scenes.

Upon hearing this, Wei Wuxian instantly brightens up and took the evidence in his hands, hopping off towards the lab.

Jiang Cheng looks behind Wei Wuxian’s disappearing figure muttering, “Sometimes I don’t know what that guy is thinking.”

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As he walked to the lab, he greeted the few colleagues he saw while humming. “You look lovely as always, MianMian!”

“Shut up.”

Wei Wuxian took no offense to this. So, he strolled into the lab room, slamming the doors open while bellowing, “Lan Wangji!”

Lan Wangji who was keenly using the microscopes at one of the few tables flinched as he heard the shrill voice.

He moved his eyes from the eyepiece lens and look at Wei Wuxian with the usual icy glare. “No shouting in the lab room.”

Wei Wuxian pouted at his comment. “Was there even such a rule stated? Who made the rules anyways.”

Suddenly, an impatient voice interrupted, “I did.”

Wei Wuxian looked to the right and saw Lan Qiren’s piercing stare directed at him.

“One more word and I’ll send you out of here.”

Wei Wuxian groaned. “Fine.”

He sat on one of the chairs at the side and waited patiently for Lan Wangji to finish his observation. As he looked at the tall figure, he recounted back on what exactly he knows about Lan Wangji.

Lan Wangji started working here a few months after he did. Even though both of them started work at a young age and were depicted as ‘immature inexperienced people’ at first, their credibility at works have definitely turn things around.

Lan Wangji is known instantly as a hardworking person who never fails to finish his job before the due date. His clear analytics and observations of the evidences have help many agents to solve their own cases. If not for Wangji's existence helping out other people, most might have not been able to crack the cases on their own.

But most of all though, one of the reasons as to why many girls are talking about him is because of his handsome, striking face.

One could easily tell that Lan Wangji is at the prime of his age. With his tall build and a face that could swoon others, it’s not hard to make any girls falling in love for him.

If only he was bit more talkative.

Lan Wangji who always stayed cooped up inside the lab rarely see nor talk to the people outside, so most people have known him as the ‘Silent Beauty’ of the FBI association. An air of elegance seems to always surround him and his cold attitude make others become distant from him.

Wei Wuxian seemed a bit frustrated with the idea that whenever he tried to talk to Lan Wangji, the other would just easily dismiss him away. Wei Wuxian has always been lovable to many and he never failed to get on everybody’s good sides. Though Lan Wangji is a different case. It seems that no matter how many times he talked to him, Lan Wangji will never open up to him.

Which just makes Wei Wuvian wanted to tease Lan Wangji more honestly.

“So, what is it that you need help with?” Lan Wangji’s question stopped the train of thought of Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian grinned and jumped off the chair. As he walked, he took out the evidence that Jiang Cheng asked of him to be given to Wangji.

“Here, the new evidence came in.” He passed it to Lan Wangji.

Lan Wangji took it with his usual indifferent facial expression and answered in a monotonous tone. “Okay, I'll give out the results soon.”

As he took the object from Wei Wuxian’s hand, he returned back to his desk, avoiding any further conversations. Wei Wuxian walked along with him.

“What are you doing?”

“Hmm? Oh watching you work. Is it wrong?”

“Don’t you have anything better to do?”

Wei WuXian pondered for awhile. "Aside from looking the famous ‘Silent Beauty’ doing his work? None!” He gave one of his famous cheery grins, eyes closed in a crescent shape.


Wei WuXian was still smiling when he asked, “So, Lan Wangji, how free are you this evening? Do you maybe want to grab some coffee or something after work?”

Lan Wangji’s reply was instant. “No. I have work.”

“Awww, youre no fun.” Wei WuXian pouted. “Hey, hey, what if I told you that I would stop bothering you if you would accept my offer?” He poked at Lan Wangji’s shoulder.

Lan Wangji grabbed his hands. “Stop. Besides, you will never stop bothering me.”

Wei WuXian’s laugh echoed in the lab. “Exactly!”

Lan Qiren's booming voice interrupted their conversation at once. “WEI WUXIAN IF YOU HAVE THE TIME TO BE FOOLING AROUND HERE THEN GET OUT.”

Wei WuXian quickly sprinted for the door. “Oh no, the old man is going to nag me, I better run.”

As he opened the door, he glanced back and said while smiling, “See you later, Lan Wangji!”

Lan Wangji’s eyebrow can only twitched in annoyance. After Wei Wuxian left, he continued with his job.


“I mean I can never understand how he is always so cold and talk in that monotonous tone of his like-“

Jiang Cheng rubbed the temples of his forehead, “If you have the time to talk about him can you start doing that mountain work of yours right now?”

Wei WuXian slammed his desk. “But Jiang Cheng, listen! How can he not talk to me? How can he not like me? Or anyone actually in that case.”

Jiang Cheng’s irritation began to show in his voice. “Lan Wangji hates your guts. And you’re aggravating to be dealt with so shut up.”

“I’m not.”

As they both started to get their work done, suddenly Jiang Chen asked, “So about that cooking class with A-Li.”

Wei WuXian took a glance at him. “Yeah?”

“Are you joining?" As Wei WuXian gave a huff, Jiang Cheng continued. "You have to say yes dude you are a terrible cooker. If you cook like this continuously, I swear you will make your future wife left you.”

Wei WuXian grumbled beneath his breath. “What are you talking about, my cooking is perfectly fine.”

“If you cook like that ever again I will never let Jin Ling anywhere near you.”

“Is my cooking that bad?”


Wei WuXian gave a look of disapproval. “Fiiiiiine. I’ll go... But first," He scoots closer to Jiang Cheng, a teasing look on his face. "Tell me. How did that blind date went?”

Jiang Cheng's face slowly contorted into annoyance as he screeching voice soon filled the room, "YOU KNOW DAMN WELL HOW IT WENT SHUT UP."

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Lan Wangji was still working on the last few things he needed to do when the door suddenly opened.

“Huh? Wangji? What are you still doing here?” His older brother’s head came peeking inside. His eyes rested on Lan Wangji who was busy typing stuff on his laptop.

Lan Wangji broke his focus on the laptop and trained his eyes on Lan XiChen. “There are still stuff to finish.” He continued to type.

Lan XiChen sighed. He walked into the room and patted his brother’s shoulder. “Don’t overwork yourself, Wangji. Besides, Uncle is waiting for us outside.” Lan XiChen stared at his brother’s laptop screen before continued, “Let’s go home.”

Upon hearing that his uncle was waiting for them, he stopped typing. He looked at Lan XiChen for a while and answered, “It’s okay, you guys can go ahead first. I’ll grab a taxi or something.”

Lan XiChen sighed again. “Come on, Lan Wangji. You can continue your work tomorrow morning, okay?” He took a sit next to his brother. “Let’s have dinner together tonight.”

Lan Wangji looked at him. Knowing his brother's persistence and how he would not take ‘no’ as an aswer, he replied, “Mn. Let me just finish this fast.”

In his heart, Lan XiChen has always adore how his brother is such a hardworking person but seeing how he is always alone and always busying himself with work makes him worried.

Lan XiChen gave a small smile. “Now here, come on! Let me help you with what you need.”

Perhaps what Lan Wangji needs is a change of environment.


They were walking towards the car when Lan XiChen said, “So Wangji, what would you say if I just enrolled you for a cooking lesson?”

Lan Wangji’s stare was as blank as a dead man when he looked at his brother.



He was still looking at the address when Lan Wangji was stuck at one of the streets, lost.

Apparently, his brother had enrolled him in a cooking class as an excuse so that he can find more friends and open up to others.

Lan Wangji obviously protested heavily against his brother's action at first, saying that he has no need to attend a cooking class. Lan XiChen however, could not care less, saying that he had already paid for everything. He also said that Lan Wangji needs to get out of the house and the lab more often because seeing Lan Wangji trapped inside both of the two places all day is making him feel stuffy.

And thus this ended up with him lost in an unfamiliar place, 10 minutes later and he would be late for his first class.

He had been walking for a couple of minutes now around the area but it seemed as if the place that he was supposed to go to disappeared into thin air, it's existence erased from the surface of the Earth.

That was when he suddenly bumped into Wei WuXian.

"Oh hey there, Lan Wangji!"

His head turned in a somewhat surprised manner, only to be greeted by Wei WuXian's smile.

The man was enthusiastically waving his hand over at him, waving so hard that Wangji thought his hand is going to unattached itself from his shoulder. Wei WuXian suddenly rushed over to his side. "Wow, who would have thought I would meet you here, right? What are the odds."

Slim. Very slim, Lan Wangji thought.

Wei WuXian continued to talk as he didn't answer. "So, what are you doing here?"

Lan Wangji took a glance at the guy beside him. Wei WuXian was dressed in casual clothing, a fresh look to him as Lan Wangji realized that they never really meet outside of work. He was wearing a red t-shirt with a pair of jeans, along with sneakers.

"I was trying to get to a place here but I seem to be lost."

Wei WuXian raised his eyebrows. "Eh, really? So, even you can get lost, huh?"

Lan Wangji just gave him one of his famous icy look. "I am still but a human after all."

Chuckling, Wei Wuxian said, "Yeah, yeah, I'm joking. You need to losen up yourself sometimes, man. So, you said you need to go somewhere? What a coincidence, I have something to attend here too. Though I'm going over there at Yunmeng Street."

Lan Wangji turned his head to the extended hand of Wei Wuxian, showing him where he is going. Yunmeng Street? Wait, that's the place where he is going. How can he not see it earlier?

"I am going there as well." Lan Wangji said.

Wei Wuxian smiled. "Really? You can tag along with me then! I'll help accompany you till you get there."

Lan Wangji nodded, "Thank you."

"No problem!"

As they continued walking, Lan Wangji asked, "So, what are you doing here?"

"Me? Well, I am just here to meet my sister at her workplace." Wei Wuxian answered while shoving his hands in his pockets.

"I see." Lan Wangji took another look at the address and he can see the building already, which was at the end of the street. He was relieved that he finally found the place. Looking at his watch, he isn't late for the class yet either.

As they both continued to walk together, nearing the building, they both realized that they were walking in the same direction.

"Wait, why are you heading to the same place as I'm going?" Wei Wuxian suddenly asked.

They are both already at the stairs, when Lan Wangji read the address for the last time. "No. 24 at Yunmeng Street?"

Wei WuXian let out a huge startled gasp when somebody suddenly opened the door.

"Great! Both of you are already here. Come on, we don't want to be late for you first class now, do we?" Jiang YanLi said to the both of them.

Cold sweat began to form behind his neck as a realization dawned upon Lan Wangji.

Wei Wuxian is going to take the same cooking class as he does.