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More Than Meets The Eye

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Lan Wangji was still working on the last few things he needed to do when the door suddenly opened.

“Huh? Wangji? What are you still doing here?” His older brother’s head came peeking inside. His eyes rested on Lan Wangji who was busy typing stuff on his laptop.

Lan Wangji broke his focus on the laptop and trained his eyes on Lan XiChen. “There are still stuff to finish.” He continued to type.

Lan XiChen sighed. He walked into the room and patted his brother’s shoulder. “Don’t overwork yourself, Wangji. Besides, Uncle is waiting for us outside.” Lan XiChen stared at his brother’s laptop screen before continued, “Let’s go home.”

Upon hearing that his uncle was waiting for them, he stopped typing. He looked at Lan XiChen for a while and answered, “It’s okay, you guys can go ahead first. I’ll grab a taxi or something.”

Lan XiChen sighed again. “Come on, Lan Wangji. You can continue your work tomorrow morning, okay?” He took a sit next to his brother. “Let’s have dinner together tonight.”

Lan Wangji looked at him. Knowing his brother's persistence and how he would not take ‘no’ as an aswer, he replied, “Mn. Let me just finish this fast.”

In his heart, Lan XiChen has always adore how his brother is such a hardworking person but seeing how he is always alone and always busying himself with work makes him worried.

Lan XiChen gave a small smile. “Now here, come on! Let me help you with what you need.”

Perhaps what Lan Wangji needs is a change of environment.


They were walking towards the car when Lan XiChen said, “So Wangji, what would you say if I just enrolled you for a cooking lesson?”

Lan Wangji’s stare was as blank as a dead man when he looked at his brother.



He was still looking at the address when Lan Wangji was stuck at one of the streets, lost.

Apparently, his brother had enrolled him in a cooking class as an excuse so that he can find more friends and open up to others.

Lan Wangji obviously protested heavily against his brother's action at first, saying that he has no need to attend a cooking class. Lan XiChen however, could not care less, saying that he had already paid for everything. He also said that Lan Wangji needs to get out of the house and the lab more often because seeing Lan Wangji trapped inside both of the two places all day is making him feel stuffy.

And thus this ended up with him lost in an unfamiliar place, 10 minutes later and he would be late for his first class.

He had been walking for a couple of minutes now around the area but it seemed as if the place that he was supposed to go to disappeared into thin air, it's existence erased from the surface of the Earth.

That was when he suddenly bumped into Wei WuXian.

"Oh hey there, Lan Wangji!"

His head turned in a somewhat surprised manner, only to be greeted by Wei WuXian's smile.

The man was enthusiastically waving his hand over at him, waving so hard that Wangji thought his hand is going to unattached itself from his shoulder. Wei WuXian suddenly rushed over to his side. "Wow, who would have thought I would meet you here, right? What are the odds."

Slim. Very slim, Lan Wangji thought.

Wei WuXian continued to talk as he didn't answer. "So, what are you doing here?"

Lan Wangji took a glance at the guy beside him. Wei WuXian was dressed in casual clothing, a fresh look to him as Lan Wangji realized that they never really meet outside of work. He was wearing a red t-shirt with a pair of jeans, along with sneakers.

"I was trying to get to a place here but I seem to be lost."

Wei WuXian raised his eyebrows. "Eh, really? So, even you can get lost, huh?"

Lan Wangji just gave him one of his famous icy look. "I am still but a human after all."

Chuckling, Wei Wuxian said, "Yeah, yeah, I'm joking. You need to losen up yourself sometimes, man. So, you said you need to go somewhere? What a coincidence, I have something to attend here too. Though I'm going over there at Yunmeng Street."

Lan Wangji turned his head to the extended hand of Wei Wuxian, showing him where he is going. Yunmeng Street? Wait, that's the place where he is going. How can he not see it earlier?

"I am going there as well." Lan Wangji said.

Wei Wuxian smiled. "Really? You can tag along with me then! I'll help accompany you till you get there."

Lan Wangji nodded, "Thank you."

"No problem!"

As they continued walking, Lan Wangji asked, "So, what are you doing here?"

"Me? Well, I am just here to meet my sister at her workplace." Wei Wuxian answered while shoving his hands in his pockets.

"I see." Lan Wangji took another look at the address and he can see the building already, which was at the end of the street. He was relieved that he finally found the place. Looking at his watch, he isn't late for the class yet either.

As they both continued to walk together, nearing the building, they both realized that they were walking in the same direction.

"Wait, why are you heading to the same place as I'm going?" Wei Wuxian suddenly asked.

They are both already at the stairs, when Lan Wangji read the address for the last time. "No. 24 at Yunmeng Street?"

Wei WuXian let out a huge startled gasp when somebody suddenly opened the door.

"Great! Both of you are already here. Come on, we don't want to be late for you first class now, do we?" Jiang YanLi said to the both of them.

Cold sweat began to form behind his neck as a realization dawned upon Lan Wangji.

Wei Wuxian is going to take the same cooking class as he does.