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Second Chance

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“Pops, I’m home!”


Noah just grinned and shook his head, closed the door behind as he walked further into his house. He jogged upstairs and approached his dad’s room, and true to his thought, his dad was in front of computer still, murmuring gibberish to himself with a word document full of words opened before him. His dad’s fingers were dancing on the keyboard like a mad man, made Noah chuckled.

His dad was in the zone and no one could get him out of it. But probably curly fries.

Noah walked to his room to drop his bag before jogging back to the kitchen to make some food and lure his dad out of his cave by making some curly fries. He doubt his father had eaten anything since breakfast this morning. Good thing Noah was a responsible high schooler who could take care of his beloved old man.

Though, before he could open the fridge, there was a knock on the front door. Noah turned around with a raised eyebrow, as both him and Pops didn’t expect anyone to visit, but he made a beeline towards the front door anyway.

In case it was Aunt Lydia. Because she was random like that and she hated waiting so Noah better hurry.

However, when he swung the front door open, it wasn’t Aunt Lydia who was standing there on the porch.

It was someone else entirely. It was a guy. And Noah really, really wanted so badly to tell himself that he didn’t know the guy.

Unfortunately, he did know the guy.

Though, up until now, he was still hoping that he could erase the damn guy from his memory.

“Go away,” he said firmly as he glared at the guy. “You’re not welcome here.”

Derek had been preparing himself for years for this moment to happen, but when he finally parked his car in front of the house, he was still nervous as fuck. He took a deep breath, and braced himself, forced himself to get out of the damn car and just walked towards the front door.

As he stood there on the porch, he took another deep breath, and then knocked.

At the second knock, he remembered that he already forgotten everything he had rehearsed to say but he couldn’t back off now. He had knocked anyway.

And then Derek waited. Hoping that no one was home, but also hoping that he would open the door so he could apologize properly.

Even after six years.

However, when the door swung open and Derek already opened his mouth to greet, his words died in his throat.

Because it was not Stiles who opened the door.

But someone else. A guy. No wait, a boy. Though he was an inch taller than Derek probably, with curly hair and same amber eyes as Stiles’, and a scar on left chin, near his cheek. The boy had this hard frown on his expression, and for a split second Derek wondered who he was, until he spoke.

“Go away. You’re not welcome here.”

Derek was silent for a few beats, before he found his voice again. “Noah?” he asked, surprised.

Derek remembered him as the little ten year old boy who had this cheerful smile on his face all the time. Eyes as amazing as Stiles’. Derek didn’t remember he had a scar on his face, though. But well, Noah from his memory was from six years ago. Now, he was sixteen. And slightly taller than Derek.

“Am I not clear enough?” Noah said again, harsher this time. “You are not welcome here. Or even Pops’ life. You’ve done enough damage. Now, go away before I call the police.”

Derek was still too surprised to move. He expected those words, from Stiles actually, but hearing it from Noah still hurt. “Noah, plea⸺”

Noah moved forward and shoved Derek off of the porch. He wasn’t bulkier than Derek, but he managed to catch him by surprise so Derek didn’t get enough time to stand his ground, let himself being shoved.

“Fuck off,” was Noah’s last word before he slammed the door at his face.

And Derek was wise enough not to try to knock again. At least for now.

Noah had a great day. Until Derek fucking Hale showed up at his doorstep.

Six fucking years. Hell, Noah had a great life for six fucking years and then the damn guy ruined it all.

It had been awhile since the last time he felt as much anger as he was feeling now. He tried to control his breathing and not punching the door, because it would attract Pops’ attention.

Pops didn’t need to know that the fucker was here.

Noah couldn’t see Pops being sad again. Pops had finally moved on, all those cuddles and hugs and kisses he gave him finally helped him heal, and Pops didn’t need to go through another heartbreak.

Pops deserved the best. A man who loved him just as much Pops would love him, and Derek Hale probably was that man once, but he wasn’t anymore.

“Noah? You’re home?”

Pops’ voice snapped Noah back to reality. He took another deep breath and rushed to meet his dad right the bottom of the stairs, and then crushed him in a hug.

“Oof,” was what his Pops said as Noah buried his face on Pops’ shoulder. “Are you trying to kill me, pup?” Pops asked, laughter in his voice.

Noah shook his head. He loved hugging his father. “Just gimme a moment.” And he kind of needed it now.

Pops chuckled. “You know, another sixteen year old boys would be so embarrassed hugging their father all the time,” he said, though he was hugging Noah’s back.

“Well, I’m not any other sixteen year old. I’m your son. And if I want hugs or cuddles or whatever it is from you, I will get it,” Noah mumbled against Pops’ shoulder.

Pops laughed. “Well, you’re not wrong. And you’re lucky your girlfriend thinks you’re cute with your Pops or you’d be doomed.”

Noah grinned as he finally let go to look at Pops’ face. His Pops had the same wide grin on his face, and Noah was happy that he was the one who put that happiness there.

Not the fucker Derek Hale.

“Come on. Let’s make dinner while I tell you about how I made out with Lana under the bleachers today.”

“Oh my God. I’m your father. I don’t need to know, Noah. But please don’t have sex without condoms, okay? I’m not old enough to be a grandfather. I don’t want little terrors call me grandpa all the time it sounds scary. I wonder how my dad survive me having you? Oh my God.”

Noah laughed as he drag his dad to the kitchen.

Their life was perfect and they didn’t need any changes, especially something called Derek Hale in it.