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Spying the Spy

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Every time Julian gets ready to meet Garak for lunch, or any occasion for that matter, he finds himself with butterflies. "How silly I must be." Doctor Bashir put away a few final items as he muttered to himself. Another morning's work had nearly wrapped up in the infirmary. "Garak doesn't seem to have this problem."  

Julian took a deep breath and sighed. "Well, time to go... Nurse? I'm going to lunch, I'll be back soon."

The nurse smiled. "Yes, Doctor."

Exiting the infirmary, he made his way to the Replimat where he and Garak typically meet. The lights brightened his face as he walked, making shadowed patterns as he moved under them. His expression was relaxed with a slight smirk. He acknowledged other patrons with his smile as they passed by, trying to keep his butterflies from giving him away.

"Garak, there you are." The doctor tried to feign cool.

"Doctor, running a bit late today, aren't we?" Garak always looked so handsome and tidy. It's difficult for the doctor to not run his eyes all over the magnificent sight.

"Sorry I'm late, Garak, I was trying to wrap up quickly, and-"

"No need to apologize, Doctor, we're here now. Let's just get our food. I have a fitting this afternoon and I'm quite hungry. What shall we try this time?"

Julian froze looking right into Garak's piercing blue eyes and tried to keep himself from completely melting. Garak turned on his heel and went off to join the line. Julian bit his lip before turning to follow his friend.

Everything about the Cardassian tailor enthralled the doctor. Julian even found Garak's shoes intriguing. They were so different from the utilitarian Starfleet boots. Only a man who had an established sense of individuality and a knack for fashion would ever wear such a shoe. Even his casual wear looked formal to Julian, but that's just who the tailor was. Julian chalked up his fascination to always having to wear a uniform. He especially admired Garak in his purple and turquoise tunic. Well... and green. And every color, really.

He looked at Garak in quick, short, covert glances, stealing glimpses of how stunning the man looked. The intricate, purple trim fell just below his neck ridges on his shoulders and brought out the beautiful contrast of his grey skin. Could Garak possibly know how enticing he is? If only he could freely ravish his eyes without fear or being noticed. Julian shook his head and chuckled to himself about how ridiculous he is for thinking such things in this food line with Garak right in front of him.

They made it through the line and sat down, pulling themselves in close to the table. One thing they have in common is how they enjoy trying the different varieties of food that can be found on the station. Even if Julian runs out of things to say, he can always fall back on discussing the cuisine to prevent an awkward moment. The doctor's butterflies seemed to be subsiding as they discussed one of their most comfortable topics.

Garak tilted his head and opened his mouth, "Uh, Doctor..." He inhaled briskly. "I'm afraid I won't be able to meet you for lunch in the coming week." Garak looked down at his plate, took a bite, then glanced up to check Julian's reaction.


"Oh, that's fine. I understand. Have you got something on?"

"Yes, I'm supposed to meet an old friend, for uh..." Garak grinned, "...a family reunion."

Egads, even the doctor thought he himself could lie better than that. Meeting an old friend for a family reunion?  Surely, the spy knew how sloppy that was. Does Garak even have any family? Julian knew so little about the man. But, of course, the doctor had to play along.

His heart sank a little, though, and he wondered if his attractive friend had found someone else to keep him company. Someone else who wasn't afraid to admit how he felt. He kept his composure, nonetheless. "Really? Family, you say? How interesting, well- I'm sure you'll have a lovely time." Julian looked down. He didn't want to be obvious or pry, either.

Garak noticed the warm grin of his lunch partner disappearing and wondered if Julian did realize that he was, in fact, lying. "Yes, Doctor, I haven't seen them in years. I had to make the time. I know you do understand."

"Of course, I'm sure we can pick it back up the week after." Julian faked a grin.

"Of course..." Garak checked the time. "If you'll excuse me, Doctor, I have to get back to my shop. I have an appointment in five minutes. Lunch was... short today, but pleasant as usual." Garak got up and walked from the table with haste. 

The doctor felt a bit let down. "Of course..." he said to his plate.


For the rest of the afternoon, the doctor found it difficult to keep his mind on his work and off of what Garak could be lying about. The lie had been so terribly sloppy. Did he want it to be obvious to Julian? Some game? Or, maybe, Julian was being silly again. What could Garak be up to? Julian suddenly felt arrogant for thinking it had anything to do with him. He busied himself for the rest of the afternoon and put his mind on hold in order to do his work.


After a long, distracting day, Julian relaxed in his quarters. He sat quietly enjoying an evening cup of Tarkalean tea, an essential part of his ritual. He was trying to read a chapter in one of the books Garak had let him borrow, but his thoughts rambled.

Doctor Bashir can never stay out of things. Especially when they involve his interesting friend. The plain, simple tailor, who not once had been plain or simple in the doctor's eyes. He had been blatantly lied to today in such an obvious way! He would be lying to himself if he didn't admit he was suspicious. Certainly, the Cardassian could at least be honest about something so trivial, of all things. Perhaps, it isn't something trivial.

The doctor decided he had to investigate.

He covertly slipped around the station, watching Garak go about his business. He was entirely suspicious now, and unexpectedly, a little jealous. He peeked around corners and left his quarters late at night just to try and see who else was lurking after the crowds had died down.

One night it happened. He saw Garak and Quark speaking in secret after the last customer had gone. Julian was on an upper level, out of sight, too far away to hear what they were saying. But, he could read lips... a little. Sounds like he's just talking about things he needs for his shop. Why the secret meeting with someone like Quark to talk about that? Surely, there's more to it.

As he was trying to focus on the Cardassian's lips, Julian found himself fully soaking in the sight of the tailor this time. No one could see him, so he let himself indulge and take in every detail of his interesting friend. Even when Garak was conniving he was beautiful. Perhaps, especially when he was conniving. Tingles went all through the young doctor. Closing his eyes, he felt his uniform begin to tighten around his groin. He took a shallow breath and opened his eyes, looking at the not so plain, not so simple tailor again. His hand slipped down and his fingers brushed over his warm, growing bulge. He heard a small groan escape from his lips. His hand shot up and covered his mouth, his eyes bugged in disbelief at himself.

I hope nobody heard that...

But, no one was there, so nobody did. He greedily took the opportunity to look back again at the sleek Cardassian- Broad, manicured, beautiful and masculine, all at once. A shuddered breath escaped him as the tingles spread, and there was now a small patch of moisture on the front of his uniform. He placed a finger on the moist spot and circled it, checking, feeling how it had saturated the fabric there. Oh, no! I have to get out of here!

In keeping with the arousing image of his enticing friend, he quickly returned to his quarters and took immediate respite in his bed. He didn't even call for the lights. Julian pulled the sheet up far over his head, feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and completely turned on.

"Ah! What's wrong with me!" But, he couldn't help it. Picturing Garak's sneering lips, his flaunting style, his predatory glare that makes him clam up and lose his breath in an instant.

Julian was so stiff by now, all he had to do was reach down, and come to terms with his own truth. He pulled his trousers down in front, his full erection wavering under the sheet. He scoffed, threw the sheet back, kicked his trousers clear off onto the floor and the rest of his clothes. Both his hands went straight in.

His left hand gripped his balls, and his right hand wanted to strangle his cock straight away, but he didn't do that. Breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly...

He grounded himself so he could imagine his Cardassian tailor's hand. His imagined Cardassian gently massaged the tip of his cock with his fingers, sloppily spreading the slickness all over it. It throbbed and it felt as though his cock would explode from the inside. Oh, just at the mere thought! He squeezed the shaft as more wetness erupted from the tip. Sweat flashed from his hairline in hot waves, his abs tensed, his hips wanted to roll but he held back. He was already so close. Gripping his cock entirely, the way he imagined his Cardassian friend might do, he stroked only a few intense times before he burst. As his cock pulsed and tightened, he felt several little, warm splats on his chest and neck. He breathed out a long moan and his hands fell to his side as he collapsed into a useless heap of sweaty filth.