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From CyberLife, with Love

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                Connor – an irish name referring to the lover of dogs.

                Android – a piece of plastic or tin that can walk, talk, and now become an intimate partner (STD free guaranteed!)

                How Hank found himself equated with this lug nut of a thing, he’ll ail to remember 6 months from now unless he was reminded again like the strike of a match. His brain wasn’t doing too well between the swelling stench of 80 proof whiskey, gunpowder of Russian roulette, and general stress of a homicide department police job. Lieutenant of said department too.

                He rubbed grey eyes free of equally grey hair and the lasting tendrils of sleep as he rounded the corner to properly enter the station and plop himself down in the desk he was stuck with. Right near Fowler’s office to. God, the two have known each other too long for it to be humanly possible and it showed with the way they could bitch at each other and still keep their jobs intact.

                His hands were fixing the button on the collar of his peace sign printed shirt and the cuffs while waltzing to his desk, seeing a sight he hadn’t expected. RK800, err, Connor, was seated on an empty space on the desk, peering fondly at the photos spotting the Lieutenant’s desk. RK900 was currently half the precinct away bugging Reed til he tore his hair out, and most of the other humans were missing on patrols, so the moment was truly theirs. The only problem now was what the hell did he say? What does anyone say to a half deviant android with a coin rolling over his fingers and the most innocent head tilt when he doesn’t understand? Wait what did he just think? Hank shook his head. It was the alcohol fucking him over. Yeah. It didn’t help that it felt like someone was playing with a drill inside his head. Maybe he should stop drinking.

                Regardless, how do you approach further when the last time you saw this sack of metal, he was ready to waltz his unhappy ass back to cyberlife for deactivation? Well…

“So, you’re still in one piece, but why are you sitting on my desk like a damn paper weight?” Hank rounded the desk to his seat, moving past Connor’s feet to turn the back of the chair. There was a little tension, but it appeared in waves of relief over the stress stiffening Connor’s shoulders. Almost every bi0-component gave out, and he fell into a hug around the older man. “H- hey now!” He didn’t have hard feelings against Connor, more as he was startled like pigeons on a street. “Yeesh, all over me in 2 seconds.”

                Now Hank hugged back, patting the android on the back and feeling arms release him in return. There was something different about Connor just already, but he couldn’t quite figure out exactly what it was. The toaster did seem to be a little more… squishy, like actual skin rather than liquid skin over metal. He also had no LED, though the spot for it remained.

                “My apologies, Lieutenant.” Same old brown-nosed apology program going he could se—“Just couldn’t help myself I guess. I missed you more than I thought I would.” If Connor had the ability to blush, it would probably be coloring his face blue from the look he gave Hank. Ah geez..

                “Still didn’t answer me on how the hell you’re not tore to bits in a lab instead of sitting on my desk.” Hank finally took a seat, leaving his tan skinned jacket wrapped around himself for the additional warmth in this freeze ass office. His arms were crossed over his barrel of a chest, and he impatiently awaited an answer.

                “I… “ Connor glanced about the office, pressing his hands between his thighs while doing such. “I think we should discuss this matter some other time. It’s a tad… personal.” Personal? What about an android was personal other than when it did personal things for a human? The moreover of the matter was did Hank want to press it further. And he did.

                But like Connor had said, it couldn’t be here. He let out a sigh, nodding more for himself. “Alright, but you should tell me eventually.” He shrugged at last, turning towards the computer terminal to dig around the files that had been forwarded to him. The android beside him didn’t move more than maybe half an inch in the time, other than to pick up and examine papers flitted around the space. Connor was off all cases though, so he didn’t bother to actually register much of the information. For the most part, the robot’s eyes remained dedicated in staring at the Sumo hair covering almost every inch of Hank’s clothes, and Hank himself. There was something about the man he missed so much while traveling near CyberLIfe, and now he never wanted to leave ever again. Flashbacks plagued his mind endlessly of the moments he had spent in CyberLife territory, the guards, the overly clean white tiles, the androids…

                All those other androids.

                He had been taken somewhere new, somewhere where testing would occur from the immediate looks. But he didn’t get a chance to look because the guards standing behind him had shut him off. The next thing he knew upon waking was that he had been placed back on Hank’s doorstep. And he didn’t see the Lieutenant’s car, so he had taken a taxi to the precinct. Of course, he had snapped into a daze while thinking and now barely noticed that Hank had started talking. If he was evening talking to him..?

                “Jesus fuck, Connor wake up. Did you run out of batteries?” He patted the android on the head, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Hank only stopped when Connor lifted his head from where he had been staring. “So no on the battery thing. But come on. Let’s get outta here. Nothing interesting is gonna happen anyway.”

                Nothing interesting? Not even the fact that Gavin was walking over with his own plastic pet? “Maybe I was wrong then. What do you want Reed?” He crossed his arms again, standing with one hip slightly cocked to the side. The toaster behind Gavin seemed to be scanning Connor and didn’t look pleased. This RK900 wasn’t extremely fond of Hank either based on his expressions.

                “Need you to take the microwave and go to this crime scene--. Wait what is this thing doing back here?” Gavin did a double take and spit whatever appeared to be on his mind, blinking dark colored eyes a dozen times. “God now we have two plastic pricks following us around.”

                “Ah, shut it Gavin. Yeesh. You talk too much.” Hank snatched up his keys from the desk and wrenched the file Gavin held from his hands. He assumed he had to take it anyway so might as well do it with a bit of gruffness. Usually worked to make Gavin angry so he liked doing it. “Come on Connor, let’s go.” Connor slid down off the desk and fixed the stack of pages he had disrupted in the process, trying to walk past Detective Reed only to get his shoulder knocked back, hard.

                “Watch yourself, ya obsolete piece of plastic.” He almost growled, RK900 showing him no remorse or mercy either as he did the same thing when the Detective walked off. Connor blamed the pain in his heart on his deviancy. Usually things like that wouldn’t bother him (it’s Gavin, come on) so why did it feel so harsh now? Ugh…

                “Connor, ignore that asshat. He’s just being a negative Nancy because he can’t stand having a poodle follow him around.” Hank had waited and seen what happened, and had said nothing because he knew Connor could handle himself. “Let’s go check out this crime scene.” And that’s just what they did.