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AN: Yo! This is a sequel to one of my other fics 'Forgotten Knight' and you'll probably need to read that if you wanna get this :) This takes place a little over a year from the end of FK

Started writing August 8th 2018

Started editing August 28th 2018

Matthew sighed tapping his foot quietly. He was barely paying attention to the NAFTA negotiations going on. He didn't really understand the point of the nations being there, they had next to no input. He would much rather stay home. At least this round was in his country and he didn't have to go far.

The Canadian was distracted. He and Gilbert had fought last night. They had had fights before and it was always over the same thing. Canada always took the most dangerous missions for the Kingsman. He wasn't human and couldn't die like they could, but Prussia hated knowing he could get hurt. Matthew knew he had good intentions, but he wasn't going to let his friends get hurt or killed. It was the only thing they ever actually fought about.

Canada bit his lip looking at the clock. He couldn't wait to get home. He wanted to call Gilbert back and apologize. He didn't like leaving things unresolved. The albino was in Germany with his brother in meetings. Prussia was supposed to be flying out in the next few days to visit him.

The nation yawned pushing up his glasses and rubbing his eyes. He hadn't slept too well last night. He felt a bit dazed and disoriented from lack of sleep.

Matthew had to wear his Kingsman glasses, Kumajirou had chewed up his other ones. The cub had left not to long ago to go up north for the summer. It was to warm for him this time of year.

The meeting finally ended after what seemed like days. He talked with his boss for a few minutes before slipping off. America had luckily been chatting with Mexico so he was able to avoid both of them. He hummed quietly to himself as he walked down the street. He loosened his tie tugging it off and putting it into his pocket. Matthew walked up to his truck and climbed in. He started it and started to drive home. It was a bit of a drive since he lived outside the city in the middle of nowhere.

Canada furrowed his eyebrows pulling into his driveway. Something seemed off, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He parked out side and walked up to his front door. He noticed that the door was slightly ajar. He did often forget to lock it, but he never left it open. He immediately regretted not taking a gun or wearing a Kingsman suit. All he had on him was his balisong knife.

The Canadian took it out and flipped it open. He pushed inside instinctively ducking under a punch that was aimed at his head. He growled and stabbed at the man with his knife. He hit the man in the junction of his neck making him go down immediately. He took a step back and away from the other three heavily armoured men that were trying to corner him. They clearly weren't expecting a fight from him and didn't seem very well prepared.

Matthew kept a defensive stance as one of the men advanced towards him. The man tried to disarm him, but the blond quickly countered and slashed at his hand. The man cried out and stepped back, but Canada advanced. He growled slashing at the straps of his body armour. He suddenly heard a bang and grunted. Pain bloomed in his right calf and he felt blood starting to trickle down his leg.

The Canadian quickly took steps back. Each step shot a bolt of pain through him. He kept his knife up defensively. He fought through the pain taking in the situation. Only one man had a gun, it was just a small pistol. He didn't see any other weapons on the men. He knew he probably could take all three with his injury, but it would be risky. He was losing a lot of blood, the shot must have hit an artery. He wouldn't be able to run far. He knew he wouldn't be able to fight much longer. The man still had the gun pointed at him, but looked nervous.

None of the men had said anything yet. He didn't know who they were or why they were attacking him. He didn't recognize the logo the men had on their shirts. He didn't care who they were anymore. They broke into his house and attacked him first.

Matthew charged at the man with the gun and grabbed his arm redirecting the shot at his friend. He twisted his wrist making him drop the gun. He quickly kicked the weapon away. The biggest one of the three men managed to grab him by the collar and throw him to the ground. The knife flew from his hand and skidded across the floor as the wind was knocked out of him. He started to roll back onto his feet, but the man jumped onto his back pinning him to the ground. Canada snarled and pushed back struggling to get the man off of him. He tried to kick the man, but he didn't even feel it through the armour. He was still trying to catch the wind that had been knocked out of him. He was starting to become weak from blood loss.

The man grabbed his wrists and pinned them behind his back. He tried to hold both with one hand, but the Canadian managed to get one free. He tried to elbow the man, but he just grabbed his wrist again. The man barked quickly in another language to his comrades. Matthew recognized it as German, but didn't quite know what they were saying.

The Canadian heard footsteps coming towards him. He couldn't pull away or push the man off. He felt the cold bite of handcuffs being put around his wrists. The man let go of them, but still stayed on top of his back. The blond could easily fight in cuffs if he got the chance. They didn't seem like they were going to let him get that chance. Matthew growled as he felt a needle stick in his neck. He tried to fight and stay awake, but the drugs easily knocked him out.

-❄️"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. "❄️-

Canada woke up a few hours later, but kept his eyes shut. His mind was still hazy from the sedative. He was laying on his stomach on a cool surface with his hands cuffed behind his back. He remembered what happened and his eyes flew open. He winced at the headache he had. It felt like the wound on his leg had been taken care of.

Matthew looked around quickly taking in his new surroundings. It looked like a normal living room; dark red couch, tv, wooden side table. The walls were smooth and painted an off white while the floors were a polished concrete. He didn't know where he was. He knew he was still in Canada and knew exactly were he was on the map, but he didn't recognize his surroundings.

The blond shifted slightly and someone put a foot on his back. He growled moving again, but they put more weight on him keeping him down.

"Get off me!" Matthew yelled angrily.

"Ich verstehe nicht." The man above him said. He knew a bit of German, enough to understand that.

"Weg von mir!" Canada snapped. The man just laughed.

"Nein." The man said. Another guard on his other side laughed as well.

The Canadian heard new foot steps and looked up. He looked at the shoes all the way up the man's face. He glared angrily not quite believing his eyes.

"Hello, Cutie."

AN: I know balisong knives are illegal in Canada, but shhhh. Matthew can have one if he wants it