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Inexorable Sea Meets Unquenchable Flame

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"Ah . . . Tobi? Is everything all right?" Hashirama asked, wincing as his brother's head snapped up and he met bloodshot, heavily shadowed eyes.

"-s no sense!" Tobirama protested, rubbing his hands through his already wild hair and then banging them down flat on his desk. Hashirama was a little afraid to ask what made no sense exactly, but made an encouraging sort of noise, hoping it was also soothing, because Tobi got so high-strung when he was like this.

"That blasted-" Tobirama sputtered a few times before spitting out, "Uchiha! Anyone can tell you we don't get along, he can't even stand the sight of me - honestly that he'd rather gut me than look at me! And now he is seeking me out? Asking me to- No! No sense in it! Uchiha are all mad, Anija!" He turned another wild-eyed look on Hashirama.

Oh. Oh dear, Hashirama thought, because there was only one Uchiha Tobi would be likely to describe in quite those terms any more, and if he hadn't put together what Hashirama had already seen. . .