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Eat, Prey, Love

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Chapter 1: Mysterious Boy

For over a century I've lived in secret, hiding in the shadows, alone in the world, until now. I'm a vampire and this is my story. ~ Blaine

“Thanks for coming to the concert with me, it really means a lot,” says Brad.

“No, I wanted to do it was really fun!” replies Maddie.

“You know we have to do this again sometime!”

She laughs. “Of course!” She looks out at the road and sees a man. "Watch out!"

But it was too late, the man in the road was already hit by the car.

Brad stops the car. “I’m gonna check on him! Call 911!” Brad walk to the unconscious body and kneels “Hey man. Wake up!"

“Hello 911? Yes, my boyfriend and I just hit a man with our car by accident and we need some help our here! Please hurry! Yes, were on the corner of Venice and Canal. Thank you so much!” Maddie exits the car to look for Brad. “Brad? Hello? Where are you?” shouts Maddie. Just then she hears a crash and runs back to the car to find Brad on the hood, blood pouring out of his orifices. “AAAAHHHH!” She tries to run as fast as she can to find help. Suddenly she's lifted into the air. All you can her are her screams dwindling away.

I shouldn't have come home. I know the risk, but I had no choice, I have to know him. ~ Blaine


Kurt writes in his notebook about his thoughts about how the day is going to go.

Dear Diary, today will be different, it has to be. I will smile and will be believable. My smile will say, "I'm fine, thank you." "I feel much better." I will no longer be the boy who lost his parents. I will start fresh, be someone new. It's the only way I'll make it through. ~ Kurt

“Okay guys, it's time for school!” shouts Emma from the kitchen.

“Coming!” shouts Kurt. He walks downstairs and greets his aunt, Emma and brother, Finn. “Hey Emma.”            

“Hey, I am so late. I have to talk to the homeowner’s association before school starts. Will you guys be okay being by yourselves?” asks Emma.

“Yeah, we'll be fine,” answers Kurt.

“Okay, I'll see you guys at school. Bye!” she shouts, leaving the house.

“Okay Finn, here's the deal; I won't say anything about the drugs to Emma as long as promise me to take them anymore.”

Finn rolls his eyes in response. “Yeah, okay, deal. I'll see you at school."

“I mean it Finn!”


Kurt and Mercedes are driving in Mercedes’ car on their way to school.

“So, is that a men’s sweater?” asks Mercedes.

“Fashion has no gender,” replies Kurt.

Mercedes laughs. “Okay so I was talking to my grandmother the other day and she claims that I'm psychic.”

“What?! Okay is your Grandmother crazy?”

“Right! She says our ancestors come from Salem and that I’m the next generation.”

“Ooohh sounds like fun,” Kurt says mockingly.

Just then, a crow hits the windshield. They both scream and Mercedes slams on the brakes.

“Are you okay?” asks a worried Mercedes.

“Yeah I'm fine. I can't be afraid of cars anymore. I gotta get over it sometime.”

“Hey, I promise you this year will full of fun, friends and AMAZING fashion!”

“Thanks, Cedes,” Kurt says gratefully.

“No problem, White Boy," smiles Mercedes. They finish driving to school and park the car. They walk into school and make a bee-line for their lockers They’re talking when Quinn comes up to them.

“Kurt, I've been so worried about you!” says Quinn as she hugs Kurt. “Has he been good?” she asks Mercedes.

“Quinn, I'm right here and I'm fine thanks for asking,” replies Kurt.

“Well, if you need anything don't be hesitant to talk. I'll see you guys later?” asks Quinn.

“Yeah,” Kurt assures.

“Okay, bye,” says Quinn as she leaves.

“Don’t speak of it,” says Kurt to Mercedes.

“Hey, no problem,” snickers Mercedes.

Kurt turns around to wave at his ex, Sam Evans. Sam looks over at Kurt with a hurt expression and walks away. “I can’t believe he’s still upset over what happened,” says Kurt.

“Hey, he got dumped, by you. You are a lot to let go of, let alone get over in one summer,” reasons Mercedes.

“Thanks, but I still can't help but blame myself.”

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay. He’ll get over it eventually.”

“Thanks, Cedes.”

“Come on, let go to homeroom.” They walk arm in arm down the hallway.


Finn and Rachel are talking over by the bleachers when Artie rolls up to them.

“Hey Rachel, I knew find you over here with Hudson,” says Artie.

“Hey,” Rachel says as she sits on his lap and gives him a kiss.

“Hey, um, Snoop Dogg called, he’d like his weed back,” jokes Artie.

“Wow, Snoop Dogg, how wannabe rapper of you,” replies Finn.

Artie makes Rachel get up and starts after Finn.

“Hey boys, be nice,” Rachel says to both. Rachel turns to Artie, “Be nice, that’s Kurt’s brother.”

“I don’t care who he is, I’ll still beat his ass,” replies Artie and they begin to make out in front of Finn.


“Okay, who’s the hot guy in the office?” Mercedes asks as she and Kurt walk pass the main office. They see a guy in black jeans, white shirt, and a leather jacket. Your typical, motorcycle riding, trying to be bad boy, looks like he’s been in Juvie look.

“How do you know he’s hot?” asks Kurt.

“The back of his head is a good sign.”

“It’s just a head.”

“A really hot back of the head.”

Kurt smirks at Mercedes then sees Finn go into the bathroom looking stoned. “I’ll be right back.” Kurt walks into the bathroom after Finn. “What the hell Finn!”

“Ah, what’s the matter with you? I’m fine,” yells Kurt.

“Yeah you smell fine!” Kurt grabs his face. “And you’re already stoned. Look Finn you know I can’t keep covering for you.”

“Yeah I know I got the message this morning.” Finn leaves the bathroom in a huff. Kurt stays trying to re-gather himself.

“Please be hot, please be hot, please be hot…” Mercedes chants as she waits for the hot guy to turn around.

“You’re missing several important papers, shots, records, transcripts…” says the school’s secretary.

“Please look again. I’m sure that they’re in there,” the hot guy says as he does his compulsion.

“Oh, look at that, here they are! Okay, here’s your locker number and your class schedule.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” the hot guy walks out of the office and sees and Mercedes and shoots a smile at her.

Kurt looks at himself in the mirror one more time before he exits. “Oh! I’m so sorry. I was walking too fast out of the bathroom!” exclaims Kurt as he runs into the hot guy.

“No, really, it’s fine,” says Hot Guy. And there it was the instant connection. You know one would think that this has been overdone like a thousand times before, but something about a gorgeous guy with syrup and honey hazel eyes makes it worth it to do the awkward "trying to walk past each other" dance in the hallway.

“Umm. Well I’ll see you around,” says Kurt.

"Yeah see ya,” replies Hot Guy.


Kurt walks to the cemetery after school and writes about his day as he sits next to his parents’ graves.

Dear Diary, I made it through the day. I must've said “I’m fine, thanks”, at least thirty-seven times and I didn’t mean it once. But no one noticed. When someone asks, “How are you”, they really don't want an answer. ~Kurt

“Hey shoo!” Kurt says to the crow that is resting on his parents’ tombstone. The crow flies away. “Well that should do it.” He turns around and the crow is sitting on another tombstone. Then all this fog starts circling him. After getting really freaked out he starts running. He stops for a second and sees a figure of a man. He starts running faster than ever, tripping over himself, falling, only to see another man coming towards him. “Hey! Stay back! Don’t come any closer!”

“Hey, are you okay?” asks Hot Guy.

“Oh. Thank god! There was this bird and it was sort of Hitchcock then I started to run and there was all this fog and…I’m rambling.”

“No, no. I saw you fall and I wanted to make sure that you were okay.”

“Well thank you for that and I just embarrassed myself in front of you a second time.”

“No, it’s ok. My name is Blaine Anderson and you’re in my History class.”

“And English and French. And my name’s Kurt Hummel.” Kurt reaches out to shake Blaine’s hand.

Blaine returns the handshake. “Nice to meet you. So, are you okay?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Your leg?”

“Oh, right yeah! Well let’s see.” Kurt pulls up his pants leg to reveal that his leg is all bloody. “Oh! That’s not pretty.” Blaine turns around to control himself. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Oh, no it’s fine. Maybe you should go get that cleaned up.”

Kurt down at his leg again and says, “Oh, no it's alright.” He looks up only to find Blaine gone. “Blaine? Blaine?”


Blaine sits in his room and writes in his journal about his encounter with Kurt.

I lost control today. Everything I kept buried inside came rushing to the surface. I'm simply not able to resist him. ~ Blaine


Finn walks into Breadstix and looks around for Rachel. He finally finds her and walks up to her. “Hey Rachel.”

“Sorry, I’m working,” says Rachel as she walks towards Sam and Artie’s table with their order.

“Thanks Rach,” says Sam as she sits down their food.

Rachel turns to Artie and smirks. “Do you need another refill?”

“I’d love one,” Artie flirts. Rachel grabs his cup to refill it.

“Please tell me you’re not hooking up with my sister,” pleads Sam after Rachel walks away.

“I’m not hooking up with your sister,” Artie smirks.

“You’re such a dick,” replies Sam.

As Rachel refills Artie’s cup, Finn tries to talk to her. “What's the deal? During the summer, I couldn’t pry you off with a crowbar and now you won’t even look at me.”

“Look, the summer was fun, but I think we’re better off as friends,” replies Rachel.

“When is the last time you had sex with your friend?”

“Keep your voice down! I don’t the whole world knowing you took my virginity. I don’t anything ruining my relationship with Artie.”

“Come on, the guy’s a dick, he only wants you for your ass.”

“And what do you want me for?” asks Rachel as she walks away.


“Emma I’m going out!” shouts Kurt as he walks down the stairs.

“Oh wait! Let’s see if I can do this,” says Emma as she tries to catch up to Kurt at the door. “Don't stay out too late and call if you're gonna be late.”

Kurt laughs, “Good job Emma.” He opens the door to find Blaine there. “Oh, hi,” he says as he gives Blaine a weird look.

“I was going to ring the doorbell. And you left this at the grave sight.” Blaine hands back Kurt’s diary.

Kurt closes the door and steps onto the porch to grab his diary. “Oh! Thank you! I must've dropped it.”

“No problem."

“So, did you get any juicy secrets out of there?”

“No I-uh didn’t look.”

“Oh! Well thanks for not looking even though anybody else would’ve.”

“Yeah well I wouldn’t anybody looking in mine.”

“You keep a journal?” Kurt asks surprisingly.

“Yeah.” An awkward silence. “So, were you about to go out?"

“Oh yeah. Do you, um, want to come? I’m just going to Breadstix to meet some friends.”

“Sure. Thank you.”

“No problem, it’s the least I could do.” Kurt and Blaine walk off the porch to Kurt’s car.


“So, has Kurt been talking to that new guy?” Sam asks Mercedes as they sit at a table in Breadstix.

“Uh-uh, no. I'm not gonna be in the middle of you guys. If you want to know you, you have to talk to him yourself,” replies Mercedes.

“I just can’t believe he’s moved on so quickly.”

“Hey! He feels as bad as you do, so don’t go thinking he doesn’t care anymore.”

At that moment, Kurt and Blaine walk into Breadstix together. “Yeah, sure looks like it.”

“Hey, where are you going?” asks Mercedes as Sam was standing up.

“I'm just gonna introduce myself,” says Sam as he leaves the table.

“Don’t do anything stupid!” Mercedes shouts after him.

“Hey, I’m Sam,” says Sam as holds out his hand to greet Blaine.

“Hey, I’m Blaine,” says Blaine as he shakes Sam’s hand.


“So, you are from Lima?” asks Quinn as she, Kurt, Mercedes and Blaine were sitting at a table together and Quinn and Mercedes were drilling Blaine with questions.

“Yeah, my family moved here when I was three,” says Blaine.

“What about your parents?” asks Mercedes.

“Um, parents passed away,” says Blaine.

“I’m so sorry. Do you have any siblings?” asks Kurt.

“None that I talk to. I live with my uncle,” answers Blaine.

“So, Blaine, if you’re new you don’t know about the party tomorrow,” says Quinn.

“It’s a back to school thing at the Falls,” says Mercedes.

“Are you going?” asks Blaine to Kurt.

“Of course, he’s going,” replies Mercedes. Kurt’s face turns bright red in response.


Blaine sits in his room when his distant relative, Cooper, comes in and interrogates him.

“Okay, what are you doing?” asks Cooper.

“About what?” asks a confused Blaine.

“We’re trying to get people away from the fact that vampire live here in Lima.”

“Look, I haven’t had a drink from a human in 100 years.”

“So that means…” realizes Cooper.

“There is another vampire in town doing these killings.”

“Okay you find out who this is and confront him,” threatens Cooper.

“Or you’ll what? Listen, I’m looking into it. And it’s not like you could do anything anyway, you’re not even a vampire.”

“Okay just be careful when you’re confronting him.”

“Yeah I’ll be fine.” Blaine walks over to his bookshelf and pulls out one of his journals and looks at the picture of Kristian, who is the exact twin of Kurt in 1864.


“Okay the Battle of Willow creek was here in Lima,” says Mr. Tanner, the History teacher and the head football coach. “Can anyone tell me how many casualties were in this war? Miss Jones?”

“A lot?” answers Mercedes.

“That’s cute Miss Jones, but wrong answer. Mr. Evans, you want to enlighten us even though you’re a jock?” asks Mr. Tanner.

“Nope, I’m still fine with that stereotype,” replies Sam with a smile on his face.

“As I figured. Mr. Hummel?” questions Mr. Tanner.

“I’m sorry I don't know,” Kurt apologizes.

“I was willing to be lenient last year and you had all summer, excuses are done now Mr. Hummel,” says Mr. Tanner. (A/N: What an ass, am I right?)

“346 casualties if you’re counting civilians,” interrupts Blaine.

“Yes, that’s correct Mr…?” says Mr. Tanner.


“Anderson? Any relation to the originals?”


“Well very good even though there were no civilians in this battle.”

“There were 27, all shot at the church because it was believed to have murderous weapons. Maybe you need to brush up on your Civil War facts Mr. Tanner.”

The class snickers as Mr. Tanner tries to compose himself.


“Okay so he’s gorgeous. What now?” asks Kurt as he was talking to Mercedes at the Falls party.

“Well I want to see if I can find him in this crowd,” says Mercedes.

“Ooh that sounds like fun! Wait! You need a crystal ball,” says Kurt. He picks up a beer bottle and hands it to Mercedes, when she touches Kurt, she sees something. “What?”

“I saw something. A crow, some fog, and a man,” she says with a worried look on her face. “You know what I’m drunk it was nothing. I’m gonna go get a refill,” she says as runs away.

“Wait! Cedes!” Kurt turns around to see Blaine.

“I surprised you, again didn’t I?” asks Blaine.

“Yes, but it's okay.”

Awkward silence. “Do you want to go for a walk?” Blaine finally asks.

“Yes, sure.” They start walking on a path in the woods. “You’re the talk of the town you know.”

“Oh, am I?”

“Yeah. Mysterious boy with a soft side. The girls around here are totally eating that shit up.”

“Maybe I’m not the one who’s mysterious; you have pain hidden behind those beautiful crystal blue eyes.” Of course, Kurt blushes but come on now just listen to Blaine.

“You think that I have beautiful eyes?”

“Yeah,” replies Blaine simply.

“Thank you for that sweet sentiment.” Kurt blushes.

“Well now that I’ve been interrogated by your friends and embarrassed myself in front of you…”

“No! I really appreciated it. And I’m guessing you want me to tell you about my story.”

“Unless you don't want to.”

“No. I'll tell you. Um, well, I went to a party last year and my parents came to pick me up and we went over Wickery Bridge and it collapsed and me and my brother made it and my parents didn’t. Now I and my brother are known as kids who lost their parents. My brother doesn’t know how to deal with it and I just feel terrible about it because he’s basically killing himself over this and I’m rambling again.”

“No! I’m interested in listening to your past, I like getting to know you.”

“Yeah I like getting to know you too.”

“So, what about you and Sam?”

“He is an ex-boyfriend who is still sad about me breaking up with him after my parents died.”

“Well I can see why he’s upset; you’re a lot to give up.” Kurt blushes in response.

“You know, you are one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.”

“Hey, mysterious boy with a soft side remember?”

Kurt giggles. “How could I forget?” All they could now is smile at each other and start falling in love. Until they hear a blood curdling scream coming from the woods. “What was that?” asks Kurt.

“I don’t know how about we go find out?” They start walking until they see Finn holding a girl covered in blood as he’s crying over her.

“Finn what's going on? Is that Rachel?” asks Kurt.