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The Transformers

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B-127's pod took off from the launch pad as Optimus fired at the seekers above his head. He took a couple shots and manages to take one of their pursuers out, it soon leaving his field of vision. Seconds later the others had also taken off.

He had just made a promise to B-127. And he intended to keep it. He then had noticed that one of the tetra-jets that had driven him and his autobots to their current location was now flying lower. He took full advantage of this and charged for the edge of the pad and jumped.

It was a well timed one, and he lands on this adversary with his full bodyweight. Sending the green seeker spiraling out of control. He sees that they're going to hit a structure below, so Prime kicks himself off the jet, and to a large platform below as the enemy crashes into the edge of the building.

He landed with a roll to reduce the force of the collision. He looks around him and noticed that several more seekers converging towards him. He dispaches them quickly with his ion-rifle, some punches, a good kick and a toss. He then turned his attention ahead to the literal face of the decepticons...


"Ravage: EJECT!", he commands as he pressed a putton on his torso, launching the cat-like robot from his chest.

It roars and Prime takes some shots at the smaller beast. It lunged at him and knocked his weapon away. Optimus punches the small creature back towards its master.

Just then, a large abundance of deceptions surrounded him to accompany Soundwave. Several familiar faces: Starscream, Shockwave, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Brawl, Bonecrusher, etc. The list goes on. The main fact being that he was now outgunned, and alone.

"Optimus Prime: surrender equals survival.", Soundwave offered.

"Negative, we must terminate their leader. Without him the resistance breaks.", Shockwave suggested.

"Shockwave: logic equals sound. Decepticons: destroy!", Soundwave ordered the others.

"Fine, I'll take you all on!", Optimus shouts as orange laser-axes replace his hands as he begins to cut through the forces advancing on him from every possible direction. One of his arms turns back into a hand as he picks up Ravage by the tail, spins him around, and throws him at Soundwave.

He turns his other arm back into a hand and picks up a red famale and a blue male and slams them together, he tossed the red one to the side. He now only holds the blue male and grabs him by the leg. He uses him as a club, smacking and swinging him against his fellow decepticons. A truly humiliating moment for this enemy. He casts the blue one at Brawl, sending him falling over some others.

Optimus punches and kicks and flips his way through the grunts. He then gets to Shockwave, who is loading his cannon, so Prime activated his extra pair of knuckles and planted his fist in the one-eye's side. Prime grabs the cannon and uses the arm against its owner. He folds the arm back so violently that it cracks and snaps. While doing so, it releases the shot upon Shockwave's eye.

Optimus keeps working through them and he gets to Starscream, who lifts off, using his thrusters to hover. Optimus leaps onto the lead seeker's back while the forces below start to open fire. Prime hits Starscream over the head with his fist and plunges his free hand into Starscreams back, disabling the thrusters and the ability of flight, and just to make sure, he places his feet firm against the sky commander's back and rips off the right wing as he jumps and falls back.

As he lands on the ground again, he puts the broken wing to good use as Starscream spirals put of control and lands on who Prime believes to be Onslaught. Optimus puts the wing in a shielding position ahead of him as he charges forward with it, knocking several enemies back and to the side.

And then he gets shot with a powerful blast to the back. He drops the makeshift ram and turns around, only to be met with another powerfull blast to the front. As Optimus fell onto the cybertronian surface, he gets a glimpse of his attacker before he enters a low-power rest mode. Heavy steps approach and he sees the signature fusion cannon. Purple smoke leaving the end of the barrel.

"So we meet again, Pax..."

He goes dark.



Several planetary rotations later he awakes in a prison cell. The structure seemes familiar. He's definitely in Kaon.

Later that same day, Starscream leaves the repair bay, functioning at a higher rate than he had a few rotations ago. Meanwhile, above him in the large vents and tunnels, a brave group of Autobots begin their attempt to save Optimus Prime.

"Are you sure this will work, Elita?", Windblade whisper-yelled, "I mean, it's a good plan, but I haven't seen him since before the war started. And there's one other thing you forgot."

"And what would that be, Windy?", the other fembot inquired.

"He can hold one hell of a grudge!"

"Quiet! Just get along with it so we can get ol' boss bot back.", Jazz interupted.

"Fine! Going now.", Windblade says as she exits to where Starscream is below them. She sneaks up behind him and taps his shoulder, he reflexively turns around and aims both missle racks on his arms at her.

"S-Sisckin?! W-What the frag are you doing here?", he yells. She rolls her eyes.

"I told you not to call me that, remember?", she places both her hands over his and lowers the arms, "Besides, it's been a while..."


She then starts backing him into a corner and places her hands on his cockpit, trailing upwards. He finally bumps against the wall and he tries to move forward, but she presses herself against him, and looks up at his face. Now both her hands are on his shoulders and she pulls him down to her level.

She places his metallic lips against her own for a few Earth moments. She pulls away.

"Sorry, babe...", she apologized as she pulled away from him. Starscream was still confused.

"Sorry for what?"

"For this...", she took out a stun weapon and taised him, making his body fall against the wall and slide down it, "Coast is clear, guys."

The rest of the small Autobot rescue team emerged from their hiding space.

"Damn, that was just sad!", Jazz said. Windblade shoots him a dirty-look and Jazz's hands get defensive, "Not your preformance, just that you probably broke his spark."

"That's no preformance, I genuinely missed him. Second off, if he can forgive me for spending a fraction of a millennia away, I'm pretty sure he'll get over this. Now come on, we still have to get Optimus."

The others begin running ahead, but Windblade stays behind for a second. She gets on her knees and holds Starscream's frame close for a moment.

"You coming?", Elita yells from around the hallway, still running.

"Yeah!", she responds as she pressed one last kiss on Starscream's upper helm.

Optimus was hanging by his wrists against the cell wall, in the dark. He heard a noise in the vents above him. Next, the vent grating fell down and a familiar head poked out upside-down.

"Hey, Boss Bot!"

"Jazz!", Prime said with joy, "How did you get here? This sector is heavily guarded."

"Well apparently the con's systems can't detect anything cloaked and small."

"So it's just you?"

"No, I got two lovely ladies up here with me, Windblade and Elita-One! Apparently, Windy has a thing for Screamer, and he has a thing for her, that's how he got into the lower levels. We got Ratchet and some new kid Hot Rod waiting with our shuttle.", Jazz told Optimus. He and the other fembots exited the vents. Windblade used her purple blade to cut through the restraints while Jazz worked on opening the cell doors. Both of them succeeded simultaneously. And as Optimus was released he quickly placed a hug around Elita.

"It's good to see you again."

"You too."

"Do I and Windblade get affection too? Let's get moving!", Jazz cut in. And the group did just that. The two femmes braced themselves under the larger bot's arms and helped him stabilize while Jazz moved ahead of them and started disabling different obstructions ahead.

In the Gladiator Area, Megatron, the ruler of the still-dying planet Cybertron, sat upon his cold steel throne.

"Soundwave, take an escort of troops and retrieve dear old Orion for me. We need to discuss where he sent his fellow resistance members.", Megatron commands.

"Lord Megatron: Understood.", Soundwave responds.

"And Shockwave."

"Yes, Lord Megatron?", the purple one-eyed (once more) monster asked.

"Contact special agents Dropkick and Shatter, I want to know of their quest to find B-127!"

"As you wish, my Lord!", several moments pass, "My Lord, their receivers aren't answering. Their communication systems appear to be offline. The terminal states that they sent a partial message, but it is in a dialect that I can not scramble."

Megatron gave a grunt of acknowledgement in response, "Shockwave, I want you to trace that transmission, decipher that dialect, and report to me as soon as possible."

"Yes, Megatron."

"Soundwave, where is Starscream?", Megatron asks into his earpiece.

"Starscream: Down."


"Lord Megatron: Negative. Starscream: Stunned."

"So we have intruders. Find them but do not sound the alarm unless engaged. They must be here for Pax..."

"Lord Megatron: Orders received."

The four Autobots have made good progress in their escape attempt. Sure, they ran into a couple guards, but Jazz quickly "got rid" of them. With style of course.

"Jazz, how many... left?", Prime asked.

"Two ahead, an intersection, and then the last one's on the other end of that. From there, the shuttle is cloaked and 'ah waitin'."

They pass the next two doors and soon get halfway through the intersecting hallways when a door opens behind them. Soundwave and 7 guards step through to greet them.

"Autobots: halt."

"Scrap!", Elita said.

"Oh well... RUN!", Jazz shouts as he opens fire and takes cover. His two small blasters trading shots with the Decepticons behind. Elita lets go of Optimus and gets to the next door and disables it. She pulls the lever down and starts to move away, but then noticed that the lever flew back up and the door closed again. She would have to hold the door open. She pulls the lever down again and holds it there.

"Hurry, the shuttle's right there!", she yells. Windblade helps their limping leader through and Jazz transforms and rolls out into the night. Cybertron's buildings being the only thing to light up the darkness.

"Okay, come through, Elita.", Jazz said.

She took a shot to her back, this get's Optimus' attention.

"Till all are one...-", she says as she's shot in the back of the head, the door shuts immediately.

"ARIEL!", Prime screams as Jazz gets under Optimus' other arm and the start dragging him to the hovering transport. The door is blown open and the ship was now taking fire from converging decepticons.

"NO! WE HAVE TO GO BACK! PLEASE! WE CAN'T LEAVE HER BEHIND!", Prime pleads as they get onboard. The doors of the shuttle swing shut and the transport rockets away from the Decpticon Capital, heading to the upper atmosphere within seconds.

"I'm sorry, Boss. She's gone..."

"N-no.", Prime says with sadness as he slumps against the wall opposite to the doors. He balls his hands into fists and he shakes uncontrollably.

"Not again......."