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Bothersome Habits

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Yoongi has a bothersome habit of falling asleep in inappropriate places. Unused offices at bighit-- "it was too loud to think down stairs with all yalls howling" he'd supplied when asked why he'd snuck off from the recording session-- a pile of discarded clothes at a music video shoot-- "but it looked so soft" he'd whined mournfully while the coordi dragged him away-- and one memorable occasion where they had spent upwards of 30 minutes searching for him only to find him curled up in the back of the van, completely knocked out, a shaft of sunlight playing through his brunette locks.  

Taehyung has hypothesized, with an air of authority Jimin does not for one second trust, that when Yoongi gets tired enough and his higher brain functions shut down, some primordial instinct left deep within him by his cat ancestors leads him to warmth like a homing beacon. Taehyung (according to Taehyung) has 95% ascertained that Yoongi is, in fact, genetically part cat. Jimin, meanwhile, has 100% ascertained that Taehyung is, in fact, part crazy though, so mostly he ignores him. 

He might have a point though, Jimin muses, the older boy does have an uncanny ability to find good sleeping spots, as he looks down at Yoongi's slight form currently curled around his favorite pillow, beanie haphazardly mashed on his brown wavy mess of hair. He can practically see a softly thumping tail along with twitching ears and whiskers sprouting from his tiny hyung's body. He sighs, contemplating the pros and cons of kicking Yoongi out of his precious bed. On the one hand, he loves his bed. He has a special mattress pad to make it extra soft and his backs been killing him lately from Hoseok using him as damn springboard for the past 6 weeks. The dude is a densely put together human. On the other, sleeping Yoongi is so... well, he knows his hyung works hard and he deserves all the sleep he can get, and Jimin's not blind, he's seen the wan expressions- the faltering steps... Yoongi's tired, they're all tired. He's also a grouch in the best circumstances... waking him from a nap is just asking to be snapped at and Jimin is too tired for that shit.

It takes him about .2 seconds to decide moving his hyung is just not worth it. He pulls off his jeans and sweaty practice shirt, grabbing a random pair of sweats from the ground and a cleanish tshirt that might belong to namjoon. He climbs into his bed and pushes gently at Yoongi's sleeping back.

Yoongi groans softly eyelids fluttering, but he doesn't wake up, instead burrowing deeper into the mattress, curling in on himself further.

Hyung, make some room will ya?” Jimin whines softly, pressing again into the small of his back.

This time Yoongi complies, wiggling closer to the wall, “Jiminie?” he slurs, accent made stronger by sleep, “wha' timesit? Why're you in my bed?”

Jimin reaches around to pinch Yoongi's side making the older boy squirm and make a soft noise of dissatisfaction, he grins and chuckles “its late, and im not in your bed, actually you're in my bed, hyung.”

Yoongi had grabbed Jimin's wrist in reaction to the pinching and instead of letting go now, he pulls his arm over him more, “mmm am I?” he murmurs clearly falling back into sleep, "my bad i guess," clearly not even a little sorry.

Jimin too, feels his eyelids grow heavy. He and Jeongguk had had a particularly intense practice session today and his bed is soft and warm due to Yoongi's presence, and Yoongi's back radiates warmth as it presses, reassuringly solid, flush against his chest. Jimin's nose twitches a little as the hair at the nape of Yoongi's neck tickles it, so he pushes it closer into the soft milky skin there. His right arm is being semi crushed beneath him, and his left has been pulled helplessly into his hyung's chest, but he finds himself oddly comfortable this way, with Yoongi's fingers laced around his forearm, and Jimin's feet curled around Yoongi's smooth calves.

He thinks maybe, he doesn't really mind Yoongi's bothersome habits afterall.