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The Super Ridonculous Race

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The Super Ridonculous Race
Episode 0: The Teams Are Revealed!
Part 1: The First Half!

Author's Note: Firstly, NONE of these properties belong to me including all of the characters from Nintendo, Sega, Teletoon, Warner Bros, Disney, Nickelodeon and a bunch of other companies that have their characters involved the stories.

Secondly, there's 92 teams, which sounds super ridiculous, so don't expect episodes 1 and 2 to NOT be a doozy to sit through.

Thirdly, if I can't find a team for this race, wherever you're someone who just wants to see their favourite characters in this, someone who just likes Ridonculous Races or a story who has done TD crossovers before, send me a request for teams my way, even if you're seeing it for the first time on here!

Lastly, I'm just trying to make the best and most fun story that I can, so send a review my way to see what I could improve...even in the introductions!

Don was here to announce something big about this crazy season, as this one was basically something that was a gigantic crossover between many franchises and it was bound to go something that existed in real life or watched by quite a few people...either with negativity or positivity.

To contain these high amount of duos, Don was just working double time on remembering ALL of the contestants that were here to do some awesome competing.
Also, he was in Toronto once again, ready to update a couple things from last time.

''Welcome back to Toronto, the capital of Canada!'' Don re-announced. ''Birthplace of funk, high quality movies and where the albino panther is still roaming free.''

The albino panther was just riding on zoo boat, as two guys were just chilling in it and not being intimidated

''Beneath my manly sized rogues, there's 92 teams coming from many different kinds of fiction and yes, I don't know how this is possible, but it is definitely happening.''

Don was indeed sitting on top of the historic train station, where things were actually a lot busier.

''With more contestants, more locations and more mayhem, this season is a lot bigger and a lot more impractical! I'm Don and SUPER RIDONCULOUS RACE!''

His shine smiled like a spotlight, as the intro finally got started once again with the locations that were going on this show, the contestants that were ready to battle and the pictures of said contestants that showed their personalities and finally, he got started up once again.

Also, he didn't mention that there could possible runbacks or comebacks from previous teams.

''Welcome to The Super Ridonculous Race, where the 80 teams are racing very dangerously for two million dollars!'' Don shouted enthusiastically, trying to perfect his technique. ''Dying's not gonna happen as long as I'm here! Anyways, let's meet NINE-TY TWO teams that are arriving here to not die!''


These six were either from the six seasons of Total Drama that contained harder challenges and so much drama that it can't even be contained on the planet or the original Ridonculous Race, where cheaters won...a leg.

The returning team wasn't the cheaters that were known for their ice dancing skills, but the team that was just currently chasing down Duncan with two different handcuffs.

''Sanders and MacArthur, police officers that are coming back for one more chance!'' Don announced, as Duncan was finally arrested for real.


Their extremely high amount of confidence was back again.

''So, we may have a broken a few rules, a few bones and a truck. This time, it's going to be different!'' Sanders said, confident that change is on the horizon.

''Yeah, we're police officers! So, we're still prepared to go to the extreme!'' MacArthur proclaimed.

Sander was just looking at her partner with a knowing look.

''I feel you're gonna break some more rules.'' Sanders guessed.

''No doubt about it.'' MacArthur proclaimed.

They were still looking confident in their skills.


The second team was basically back from Pahkitew Island, as they were confident about hiding behind a dumpster for a weird reason.

''Jasmine and Shawn, the survivalists from Total Drama!'' Don announced, as they were running fast from dumpster to...somewhere.


''There's no there?'' Shawn asked, a little scared.

''Nah, they're definitely fiction.'' Jasmine told him.

''Good...I wouldn't want to be distracted by zombies.'' Shawn said, actually sweating less.

''At least we're a good team.'' Jasmine said, just trying to ignore the zombie phobia of her teammate.


These two were just walking out of the train like they were ready to get their photographs taken.

''Heather and Alejandro, the probably very evil strategists from Total Drama!'' Don announced, as they were official dubbed the Reality Show Villains.


''Jose, prepare to be proven wrong!'' Alejandro boasted proudly. ''Me and mi amor is here to win this contest like nobody would doubt our skills.''

''Please, Alejandro...who would doubt our strategy and physical skills? Our amazing strategies are probably going to send them out of the race.''

''Tell me something that I don't love hearing...'' Alejandro said, feeling the love.

''Losing to someone weak.'' Heather suggested, taking on her boyfriend's request and scaring Alejandro a bit.

The two were just kinda giving a kiss and a loving stare.


These two were just looking confident about their feelings, but one of them were looking a little glum, while the other was looking a lot happier than before.

''Gwen and Leshawna, Reality Show Heroes!'' Don announced, as the two of them were really prepared to do some damage to their rivals.


''Come on, you really think we're going win this one?'' Gwen asked still having a bit of disbelief.

''Girl, you gotta get outta this funk!'' Leshawna declared, just trying to help a friend.

''I just think Heather and Alejandro are too strong...besides, we've got a planet to travel on.'' Gwen commented, actually getting out of the 'funk' mid-sentence.

''They ain't that strong, Gwen.'' Leshawna said, like she had a plan. ''We just gotta know their strats, beat their asses and spread some cash!''

''Nice plan!'' Gwen said, commending her own teammate, before giving a simple high-five.


The next two were definitely guys that were just happy to be able to be back as a solid team, as they were from the island that had an license for nuclear waste.

''Brick and Dawn, the couple that nobody expected.'' Don announced, as the two were just running.


''Wow, are you floating?'' Brick asked in amazement. ''Seriously, you gotta teach me, ma'am.''

''I don't how I can teach you...I guess.'' Dawn said, actually a little dissapointed.

''Eh, we've got an introduction to do...besides, who knows who could win this one?'' Brick asked

''Actually, it might not BE a foregone conclusion!'' Dawn exclaimed, being really happy with her birds beside her.

''...we're the team that always sticks together!'' Brick proclaimed, before actually attempting to talk with Dawn's birds.


The last two were definitely friends that were so friendly to each other, they got the title of Best Female Friends For Life...but then again, they gave themselves that title for their strong friendship.

''Katie and Sadie, the new Best Friends!'' Don announced, as the two were squealing hard.


''Wow, it's been so long, like, we haven't even been on TV for years and we've made so many fan clubs!'' Katie told the guys on TV.

''Like the anti-Heather one, the anti-Gwen one and the official Total Drama Fan Club, so we just wanted to, like, get into another show!'' Sadie told the audience with a ton of excitement.

''I know, right!'' Katie said, starting to get a little bit more confident. ''We're SO gonna see the world, meet hot new boys and meet new awesome friends!''

''Yeah and we're gonna give our friends back home some of the money!'' Sadie proclaimed. ''This is gonna be the best thing EVER!''

''EEEE!'' they both squealed in excitement.


Aside from those six, there was only a few teams that appeared in Canadian reality shows, as most of the rest were just people, animals or robots that came here to win a huge bunch of money.

These first eight teams were ready to show off their own skills, no matter how much they seemed to suck or not.

One of the teams were just the smallest out of all of them, but their skills weren't definitely the worst.

''KO and Dendy, kinda young heroes with hearts!'' Don announced, as the Kid Heroes stepped out of the station.


''Wow, I'm so excited to be here! Hi, Mom, Mr. Gar and all of you guys from back home...I hope you can see us on the TV!'' KO shouted, ready to do pretty much the whole thing. ''Anyways, audience people, my name's KO and I'm just trying to get better as a hero!''

Dendy was just kinda looking at his computer like he was analysing something.

''This is my friend, Dendy...he's a computer genius and a Kappa and he's always ready to help a friend!'' KO continued.

''Hello, people who are watching this. I guess you're seeing me for the first time.'' Dendy said, still carrying a small smile. ''I'm just happy to be here.''

KO and Dendy were both ready to show off their skills, but they were cut off by the editing.


The next duo were basically animals and one of them wasn't really sure what he was doing, but he was definitely doing it right, as the two were running fast.

''Sonic and Knuckles, Animal Bros!'' Don announced, completely sure that he was looking cleaner than ever.


''We're ready to win this so fast, that we'll be with the money and then we'll take it!'' Knuckles proclaimed, with his big muscles on show.

''We're really good at being fast...gotta go fast, gotta be fast and gotta win fast!'' Sonic boasted, like being the fastest was his only tactic.

''Hey, we don't just go fast! We're also really good at bringing fists and fighting robots...and I'm Knuckles!'' the echidna proclaimed, like it wasn't really obvious and Sonic was just looking a little suspicious.


These two were just completely sure that they were going to get far in the competition, but one of them was also showing off their body to people who didn't care.

''Rad and Enid, Bodega Workers!'' Don announced, as Rad was just showing off his muscles through his vest.


''Oh, hey, didn't see you there.'' Rad said to his audience, who was definitely there.

''I think they can see you.'' Enid commented, not really interested in Rad's diatribe.

''I'm Radicles, one of the best aliens of all time and you should really see my powers because I blast...from my fingers!'' Rad said, introducing his green self. ''I mean, my blasts are pretty overpowered...also,

Enid's here to kick butts ninja-style with her sick moves!''

Then he pointed to his PARTNER, who was just not ready to bother with the alien's ego.

''Come on, why I would be your sidekick?'' Enid said, with a smug smile that was just to make Rad humbled.

''Because I don't know!'' Rad proclaimed, not giving a damn about introducing his friend.


The next team were definitely plumbers that were just ready to work the pipes to save their princesses and whoever was in trouble...and they were carrying polterguists.

''Mario and Luigi, plumbers!'' Don announced, as the two were just coming out of a sewer.


''Woo, we made it on this show!'' Mario exclaimed. ''I wonder who's going to be on this thing.''

''...I don't know...this is kinda scary.'' Luigi said quietly, actually kinda shaking. ''Who know who could try to basically wreck us? What if Bowser's here?''

''Don't worry, we've beaten him too many times!'' Mario proclaimed, proud of the brother's achievements.

''Oh, yeah...'' Luigi was just slapping his face. ''Mario, we're going to tag-team everything somehow!''

''That's just the name of the game, Luigi.'' Mario sighed, as he was just ready to work with his brother.


 These six that were heroes that were really willing to make sure that justice kinda gets done in their worlds and in here and one of them LOVED karate.

''Ryo and Yuri, karate siblings for life from Art of Fighting!'' Don announced, as the two were just kicking their way into things.


''Come on, brother! We've got to show dad who's the best team on this race!'' Yuri Sakazaki proclaimed very confidently with a smug smile.

''Just because Kyokugen's best doesn't mean that we're easily winning this one.'' Ryo Sakazaki said, being careful with who's gonna be competing against him and his sister.

''...You're definitely right. There's gotta be some creeps that are beating us!'' Yuri told her brother, who was looking serious about this race.

''We've just gotta do it...Kyokugen-style!'' Ryo yelled, getting serious about this ridonculous thing.


The Karate Masters were actually prepared for some gym battles, as they were carrying some stuff that would help them a ton in the race.

''Ryu and Ken, the masters of karate from Street Fighter!'' Don announced loudly, as they were just wearing some different attire, as Ken was just wearing a red tracksuit, while Ryu had a 


''If the Kyokugen artists are here, then it means we've got to be the best martial artists that we can be!'' Ryu said, actually smiling, as he was completely sure that a ton of effort was needed to win.

''Heck also means that you could get a date!'' Ken exclaimed, ready to help his friend get a good relationship.

''I'm not much of a relationship man...but-'' Ryu said, losing his smile and his determinations.

''But you've got a good package going on! Besides a date is just a different kind of battle!'' Ken said, convinced that this was going to work.

''Love's a VERY hard battle.'' Ryu told him, slightly nervous about the hardest battle.


''Terry and Mary, practically a couple from Fatal Fury!'' Don announced once again, as the two were just working hard at eating club sandwiches, as their name was the Street Fighters. 


''Come on, that was one awesome sandwich!'' Terry Bogard praised, as he shared the best of the best with his girlfriend.

''Geez, I know it was good, but you better calm down about that sweet, sweet sub, Terry!'' Mary Ryan shouted back, a little taken aback by the club love. ''Wait, isn't this our first con-''

''...Oh, yeah! I'm Terry and everybody calls me a legend, because I fight good.'' Terry said, just trying to pretend the previous conversation never happened with an awkward smile.

''I'm Mary and I love my damn work! That's good, right?'' Mary attempted, as she was sporting an less awkward smile.

These two were just attempting to do something about their confessional, but they couldn't do it.


''Shingo and Benimaru, probably the most normal duo from the King of Fighters!'' Don announced, as the duo were just seriously confindent about their fighting styles and the team name was the Unlikely Acquaintances.


''My name's Benimaru Nikado, the fashion designer that's half American, half Japanese and all awesome!'' the model boasted, as he was just attempting to draw something.

''Wait, you're not a model?!'' Shingo shouted in complete surprised, making Benimaru unimpressed by his words and he was ready to make this worth it.

''By the way, I'm Shingo Yabuki, student of Kyo Kusanagi and guy who wants to be in KOF.'' The teen continued, still ready to finish this confessional off on a high note.


''K' and Maxima, maverick heroes that have major attitude...also from KOF.'' Don announced, as these two basically chilling on a bench like they just were ready to get started.


''I'll beat all of ya so hard that you all become pussies!'' K' boasted ridiculously with a scowl.

''I'm not sure how that's going to work...but it is.'' Maxima said, a little incredulous about his partner's boasting.

''You're too damn right...besides, we have a low chance of fucking it up.'' K' said, completely sure that this race was in his court.

''From what I've seen, you'd be surprised how much one little mess-up can kill a team-'' Maxima attempted to tell him about the previous season, but...

''Pfft, we're obviously the best team.'' K' interrupted, being smug and stoic about this race and Maxima was just face palming at those words. ''I can take a thousand guys on!''


''Sho and Gai, rough martial artists that nobody knows...from Savage Reign and Buriki One'' Don noticed, as the two were just working in the gym...or getting pushed by the Kyokugen brother-sister duo.


''WHAT'S UP, GUYS?! Sho and Gai here, ready to be on this AWESOME reality show!'' Gai Tendo proclaimed, just introducing his team like they were running a bunch of vlogs. ''Seriously, even if there's a high amount of teams, we've got the skills to handle them-''

''I DON'T KNOW WHO'S GOING TO WIN, BUT IT SHOULD BE US!'' Sho Hayate yelled, just alerting a ton of people to the introduction room.

''Thanks for attracting the riff-raff.'' Gai told him, surprised at how loud his friend is and dissappointed at who's coming up.

''No problems, guy!'' Sho Hayate replied seriously, just making Gai unimpressed.


''Chun-Li and Cammy, the women warriors that EVERYBODY knows!'' Don told, as these two were just going through an alleyway for no apparent reason, other than the crowds of thirsty people just crowding around the opposite street.


''Shadaloo, Illuminati, training future warriors and being on a reality show...Never would I thought that I would do all these things on my life.'' Chun-Li said, just happy to be in this race. ''Now that we're here, we've got set a good example for everyone out there.''

''I'm just happy that I finally get a break, but that doesn't mean this one's going to be the easy kind. Whatever's ahead of us, we're ready for it.'' Cammy told the audience and as much of her friends as she could.


 The next eight were bound to be a little bit more shady than before, as some of them were villains and some of them were just normal people that weren't really heroes of any kind.

The next duo was definitely a team that Don would hate to be with for a day, let alone for almost two months.

''Wario and Waluigi, the team that's going to make me pissed!'' Don shouted, already angry before even meeting these guys in real life, as they were faking a bus ticket.


''Wario's got-a team and we're-a gonna win! Seriously, Wario loves reality shows and we're-a gotta a chance!'' The business mogul wearing biker gang-styled clothes proclaimed.

''I don't care what host guy says, We're-a gonna cheat to win as a bad men team!'' His brother wearing the same clothes boasted, knowing who he was for sure.

''We're the best-a brothers in here!'' They both shouted at the same time and they were actually really serious about this.


''Rick and Morty, two dudes that have been across space and ready to take on the world from...Rick and Morty.'' Don announced, since they were really willing to make this adventure one of the best things that they have ever done, right next to messing up time.


''Yeah, we're ready to fuck everyone's lives up!'' Rick exclaimed in happiness, as the reality show was pretty much ground zero for messing lives up.

''I don't know, Rick, that...might not work because there's, uh, gonna be people who are-''

''You know *burp* Morty, sometimes, you should stop being scared of those assholes, BECAUSE I'm gonna...gonna outrun them!'' Rick boasted, just sure that mind-games weren't going to work.

''Well, you should do that!'' Morty said, still scared of who WASN'T revealed, as there was teams that weren't revealed.


''Miles and Franziska, the hard lawyers from Ace Attorney!'' Don announced, as the former was just watching the latter do some whipping on a lamp post to test her physical skills, complete with some smug faces.


''I can quite easily prove that we are a good team for this competition about running around the world-'' Miles Edgeworth tried to explain, as he was about to explain something.

''You's all about short introductions! We're here to win as much as possible of this race and no-one's going to stop this team of law from making that possible!'' Franziska Von Karma shouted, ready to make her legacy even stronger.

''In shows like these, there's bound to be a surprise team that CAN stop anyone and so far, who know who that dominating team could be? Either way, we're ready to crack this race wide open!'' Edgeworth declared, on the lookout for THAT team that was about to win almost everything.


''Coachman and Stromboli, probably the team with the most messed-up history...from Pinocchio!'' Don announced, as the cruel old men were just breaking a door window to prove something.


''I don't give a single damn about who's going to try and stop this team...I just want to travel the world AGAIN!'' Stromboli shouted, seriously forgetting about the million dollar cash prize.

''The only reason why I would even tag along is for the cash...ya bastard.'' Coachman very smugly stated.

''I'm going to cut ya, bastard!'' Stromboli yelled like he actually had some kind of axe that was in his hand and he was pointing towards his ''teammate''.

''Go on.'' Coachman practically dared his partner, just taking a smoke from the cigar.

''Oof, haters of 2017, right here.'' Don commented off screen.


''Hayley and Jeff, possibly stoned, definitely here from American Dad!'' Don announced, as Jeff was actually taking some to hit the bong, while Hayley was just protecting him from the door breakers.


''Babe, we're on TV!'' Jeff shouted, happy to have the cameras that were aimed on him. ''...I don't know what to say, man!''

Hayley let out a big sigh before starting her speech about something.

''So, we're here on this race because I'm starting a campaign about saving horned rhinos from the ivory trade that seems to be going on in the world without anyone else noticing in the world.'' She told the

people that were just trying to watch this show about WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE RACING.

''Babe, I really could go for some more weed.'' Jeff unintentionally interrupted.


''Brian and Stewie, the pseudo-intellectual team from a bad family!'' Don announced, as the two were just sitting on a bench reading some books for smart people apparently.


''Okay, so I'm supposed to be surprised that I made it on a reality show.'' Brian said flatly, as he was just not surprised to be here.

''You sound really delighted about this!'' Stewie said sarcastically.

''I have got better things to do other than be on some B-list reality show.'' Brian told him, getting tired of whatever he was talking about.

''Imagine what I could do with two million dollars!'' Stewie shouted, ready to enact a plan. ''I could actually rule the world and drag my favourite stars to a party!''

''Please, you know none of them want to come to your...thing.'' Brian said, finally looking up from his newspaper and Stewie was just looking at him like he wanted his friend to ease up.


''Peacock and Big Band, fighting experiments!'' Don told the audience, as the two were just straight up walking onto the scene like they were investigating something.


''I don't know what we're doing on some big-name reality show-'' Big Band tried to ask, as he was just feeling a little confused about why he was here.

''We're obviously gonna crush everyone else!'' Peacock exclaimed, just ready to do a thing that she was really good at and Big Band was just looking at the final list of teams again.

''There IS a weird amount of criminals in this competition, though...'' he said quietly, before become less quiet. ''We better be on our toes-''

Big Band was just sure that Peacock left for something unimportant, as he couldn't see her.


''Jyushimatsu and Karamatsu.,.The Matsus and crazy brothers!'' Don announced, as Jyushimatsu was going brother-boarding, one of the most extreme sports to be made fun of.


''Jyushimatsu, we're going a trip around the world and when I win, I'm gonna share with my brothers and get my own seperate series!'' Karamatsu declared, confindent in his own skills to be able to get a TV


''What's up, Osomatsu-niisan and Choromatsu-niisan? We're gonna win for you guys!'' Jyushimatsu declared, ready and willing to make sure that the brothers were given a fair share and Karamatsu lost his cool. ''Karamatsu promised to give you guys money!''

''SH-'' Karamatsu yelled, loudly before he got cut off by the editing team. ''-Okay, it's five million dollars!''

''Thanks for calming down, brother.'' Jyushimatsu was just trying to console a stunned Karamatsu.


The next eight were definitely were sixteen people that were supposed to be on this show, as they were slightly heroic duos that were were coming out to do this thang.

Surprisingly enough, the former cadets aren't the only returning team in this competition, as there's a whole lot of teams that were participating in the competition

''Chet and Lorenzo, returning stepbrothers!'' Don announced, as they were back.


''So, you know how Chet used to ruin my life?'' Lorenzo asked, while looking at his brother with some love.

''And Lorenzo was the biggest piece of trash ever made?'' Chet suggested, not being serious 'bout it.

These two finally decided to get a little serious about this season.

''Well...shut your mouths...because we're back to be the best stepbros in the world!'' Lorenzo proclaimed enthusiastically.

''...Stepbros? That's gotta be the most genius thing ever!'' Chet exclaimed, liking the nickname for the team.

And they weren't that serious now.


''Kim and Ron, crime-fighting high school students.'' Don announced, as Kim was just backflipping onto the scene and Ron was just dropping in with his underpants showing.


''Yo, KP! This thing is gonna down like the best nachos you ever knew!'' Ron exclaimed, as he was taking a bite out of a few.

''Right...anyways, we're here to prove that we're really worth more than the nachos.'' Kim said, just wanting get to the less serious

''What can I say, I just love nachos.'' Ron told his partner, as he was just sharing the nachos with Rufus, as the trio were ready to whatever they were going. ''Anyways, with 2 million dollars, I could be eating a ton

more nachos!''

''At least you're serious about nachos.'' Kim said, just happy that he was definitely motivated by something that was important to him.

''It's my time to be very serious!'' Ron exclaimed, ready to take some action for some epic cheese and golden chips, as he ran out.


''Cuphead and Mugman, guys who you shouldn't really drink out of!'' Don announced, as they were some wrecking a trashcan with their finger guns.


' 'So, we kinda saved a lot of people back at home...even if took DAYS to do it!'' Cuphead said, kinda exaggerating his huge achievement.

''I thought you said it was in a day.'' Mugman said, starting to get a little bit tired of his brother's ego.

''Still, that was pretty awesome what we did there!'' Cuphead shouted, just getting a little bit big-headed.


These two park workers were actually ready to bring it to the next level and of course, they were-

''Rigby and Mordecai, guys who work at a park.'' Don announced, as they were just drifting on a rented golf cart.


''Dude, we're totally ready to do this!'' Rigby proclaimed, being less serious than his slacker friend.

''I don't know, dude. There's gotta some crazy guy that could change the game in a big way.'' Mordecai said, pretty sure that there was a guy that was really like that.

''We just gotta think crazier!'' Rigby suggested, being really serious.

''How are WE gonna do that?'' Modrecai asked with a metric ton of disbelief and these two were just actually thinking amazingly.


The next duo were experts at two strange things...combining weapons and making people that zombies are real.

''Frank and Chuck, guys who beat up zombies!'' Don exclaimed incredulously, as the two were just fighting.


''Okay, maybe, we can actually turn things around here.'' Chuck Greene said, just trying to get hope back.

''I don't know, we've got seventy-nine other teams to beat.'' Frank West suggested, ready to do something about this weird predicament. ''But we've beaten all kinds of crazy people and zombies before, so this

should be easy, right?''

''I guess, but-'' Chuck Greene tried to interject, before being cut off again.

''WHOO!'' Frank shouted, just making Chuck feel like things get awkward.


Some people were just made to be villains, as the heroes were here to have a vacation and this pair wanted to ruin it.

''Eggman and Boxman, evil geniuses!'' Don announced, as they were just both floating into camera and messing up the landing. ''Apparently.''


''That Sonic guy is always screwing my plans up, but this time, I will win some money and I will spend it on something that I love!'' Dr. Eggman exclaimed, really getting into the mood of an introduction.


''Really? I was going to say the same thing!'' Lord Boxman happily stated. ''Whoever this...Sonic man is...crushing those plaza freaks in this race is number one on my list!''

''REALLY?'' Eggman asked, his eyes now beaming with a plan to be made..

''Yeeess!'' Boxman exclaimed in a very exaggerated way, as the two were actually ready to do something amazing.


These two were also from a high-school and they also fought villains, but they were Japanese and they were also more open about their villain fighting.

''Batsu and Hinata, School Warriors!'' Don announced, as they were just ready to beat up the evil geniuses.


''Sometimes, you got deal with idiots, who just don't go down!'' Batsu Ichimonji shouted, just punching his two fists together. ''Mother and father, WE'RE ready to do this!''

''My friends back at home, we're ready to make this really worth it! Whoever's trying to beat us are going to get our best!'' Hinata Wakaba said, as their previous antagonists were definitely tough.

''LET'S WIN THIS!'' Batsu screamed from the bottom of his heart.


 Even more duos were prepared to make their appearance on this EXTREME season of the show worth it and they weren't nice or mean, but they were on TV, so that counted for a lot!

Also, this team was more of the more sexy variety or rather, they didn't wear a lot.

''Morrigan and Felicia, cutting my pay...from Darkstalkers!''

These two were just walking their way to whatever the entrance was, as they were just kinda helping each other.


' 'We've got one chance to do this...I think we should really take it seriously.'' Feilicia suggested, actually sweating a little bit.

''Hey, can't a succubus just enjoy herself?'' Morrigan asked, just trying to calm Feilicia down.

''I guess that's very true, nya!'' Felicia said, easing up.

''So, let's have a fun time me, I'm good at that.'' Morrigan advised, as her skills at having a fun time was pretty much unrivalled.

Felicia was just gulping in case of danger.


These two were the rudest out of all of the fighters that were just here to do some punching.

''Shen and Kukri, rude dudes!'' Don announced, as the duo were just ready to get into different kind of fighters' grill.


''I don't know WHO think I shouldn't have come here, but THEY'RE going to regret it!'' Shen Woo shouted, not ready to give a single damn about any team in his friends.

''YEAH, we're here and we're not going to take your shit.'' Kukri said, just keeping cool, calm and nonchalant.

''We're definitely not reality show fodder crap!'' Shen Woo proclaimed, getting serious about it.

''There's actually shit teams on this show, so...'' Kukri guessed, just sure that was really true.


Chloe was really just looking at her phone like it was her life.

''Chloe and Sabrina, questionable friends from Miraculous Ladybug.'' Don announced, as Sabrina was just carrying a ton of stuff that didn't matter.


The blonde rich girl was just kinda looking like she was about to rule the world or something.

''Well, you know, even if I have all that money, DADDY won't give me my money!'' Chloe said before scoffing mid-setence. ''So, I've decided to go on this...thing with my BFF, Sabrina and we're going to...get my


''I'm so excited to be in-'' Sabrina said, the redhead really getting excited for the show.

''-Anyways, I look beautitful, right?'' Chloe asked with a condescending tone.

''Yeah.'' Sabrina answered, just stuck on the floor, as the blonde rich girl was admiring herself in the mirror.


These guys were walking with even more attitude than the daughter of the mayor of Paris, as they were weapons that would kill hard.

''Gintoki and Kagura, Japanese people with a stupid amount of attitude from Gintama.'' Don announced, probably shaking his head.


''I'm bitches.'' Gintoki said, ready to beat everyone stupidly.

''Anyone who can't really lose against this guy is going to lose because...I dunno.'' Kagura boasted, before losing track of what she was saying.

''...Yeah.'' Gintoki stated, slightly confused.

''...Because we're ready to throw all kinds of shit at you!'' The redhead shouted, not really knowing any better and carrying something...smelly.

''THAT'S NOT WRONG, JUST DISGUSTING!'' Gintoki screamed, not ready for the shit.


These two were just here and one of them was swinging a sock that was full of butter.

''Sam and Cat, trustworthy babysitters!'' Don announced sarcastically, as Sam just hit a person in the head by accident.


''Anyone's who got a problem with us can-'' Sam said, before she realized that the buttersock was down for the count. ''Yeah, I've got other methods for hitting people-''

''Please don't hit people...'' Cat told her friend, worried that things were about to get crazy.

''Shaddap.'' Sam said, just leaving the confessional for something important.


The both of them were just really happy that they made it...even if they seem to be a little lost.

''Carly and Spencer, guys that are back to meet their friends!''

Spencer was just attempting to carry some stuff from a trash can to put on his own sculptures, while Carly was just didn't have a care in the world.


''Hey, we're on TV!'' Carly exclaimed, ready to do...something.

''Woo, I'm on TV!'' Spencer shouted, throwing his right arm like it was nothing much. ''Also, I think Sam's here.''

''EEEEE!'' Carly screamed, ready to once again meet a long time friend. ''I wonder what she's doing!''

Carly was just running out of the room to see what Sam was actually up to.


''Tori and Trina, rival sisters...they're definitely sisters alright!'' Don announced, as the two of them were just glaring at each other while somehow looking pleased with whatever they were going to do.


They both looked disappointed at each other, as they had to deal with a delay.

''Come on, it feels like I'm going to win this one!'' Trina said with a very self-satisfied look.

''You mean 'we'....right?'' Tori asked, worried that her sister was....self-centered.

''Yeah, yeah, whatever...anyway, I'm on TV again!'' Trina boasted, proving her sister right.

''At least, you're my sister.'' Tori said, just happy to be with her sister and they were both at least happy with each other.


''Merlin and Mim...magicians?'' Don announced, since they were just kinda fighting with each other about which magic was better. ''They're rival magicians.''


Merlin and Mim weren't too co-operative for obvious reasons.

''Seriously, why I can't break a few international laws? MacArthur did it and she's a good girl!'' Mim shouted back, clearly very indignant.

''MacArthur's a good person under all of the non-stop bragging, which I do mind. I know you're not and I am sure that everyone is going to know at the end of this introduction.'' Merlin explained, ready to see the future.

''I'm not even pretending to be her, because I'm mad and she is not mad and my mad magic is clearly going to take us somewhere and I'll break all of the laws!''

''Hopefully not out of the race.'' Merlin sighed, as his partner was just cackling like Josee normally would.


This team was a fan favourite and for obvious reasons, they were back from the depths of the early game elimination, ready to get their fashion on.

''Tom and Jen, fashion blogging...with style!''


''OH MY GOSH, not only do we get another chance...'' Tom exclaimed with a ton of excitement for the contestants.

''...But we're also up against fashionable people!'' Jen squealed, failing to contain her hype.

''This is obviously going to be the best way to promote our blog-'' Tom stated with a ton of enthusiasm.

''-and meet new people!'' Jen said, not missing a single beat and also throwing Tom off.


''Ralf and Clark, soldiers that are here to work their hardest!'' Don announced, as they were actually working out in the gym to keep their strength up.


''Hell yeah, we're ready to soldier on through whatever the host can throw at us!'' Ralf boasted, as he was sure that there was a lot of surprises. ''Challenge-wise.''

''Contestant-wise, it seems weirdly someone gathered the most dramatic people in the world.'' Clark said, as that wasn't really wrong.

'''s a reality show...that's what the hosts do and we're gonna deal with these guys!'' Ralf Jones shouted, as the black-haired frontlner was just ready to take all of the drama. ''Beside, this vacation's gonna be crazy!''

''Oh, well...'' Clark Still shrugged, not really expecting much better.


Athena was just trying to sign some fans' autographs, as she was ready to be on a Canadian reality show and Kensou was just being swatted by a fan.

''Athena and Kensou, chinese marital artists that double as celebrities!'' Don announced, as the two were just trying to escape a crazy fan.


''I'm so excited to meet all of you guys in the countries that I'm visiting in this show!'' Athena told her fans and pretty much everybody else.

''...I'm excited too, Athena! I'd like to show my skills just to show everybody how strong I've gotten!'' Kensou proclaimed, as he was just lighting his hands with Psycho, not the evil kind.

''Oh, Kensou-'' Athena tried to say, before she got interrupted.

''Trust me, Athena, I'll make sure that you're not dealing with drama!'' Kensou boasted, getting a little ahead of himself.

''Thank you, Kensou.'' Athena told him, at least willing to give the guy a chance of protecting her.


These two were sure that they were achieving great things by being from the Southern U.S, even if that didn't really matter that much.

''Hank and Bobby, father and son!'' Don announced, as things were getting a little bit heated.


''Dad, can I tell you something?'' Bobby asked, just wanting to tell him something.

''If it's all about being lazy about somethin', I don't wanna be hearing it.'' Hank kinda told him, as though things were going to be a little bit more complicated around here.

''I don't mind doing the tough stuff.'' Bobby told him, not worried about this race...but something else.

''There's really tough stuff in me, you ain't going to be ready for it!'' Hank told him like it was the most important thing in the world.


These guys were just stealing some stuff, as they were the people that the former cadets were chasing after currently...even if they were stealing chocolate.

''Captain Hook and Mr. Smee...the real-life pirates!''


''Smee, we have no time for introductions!'' Hook exclaimed, ready to steal something else.

''Yes, cap'n!'' Smee replied, as it was really his one purpose to do it. ''I'll do something that's...gotta work!''

''Smee, we have this thing and take the money and take a couple of a treasures!'' Hook declared, as he had no idea what this was for.

''Cap'n, what do we do next?'' Smee asked, pretty sure that he had no idea what he was doing.

These two were ready for something that was kinda related, but really wasn't this long race around the world.


Don was actually standing at the airport where some of these teams were arriving at and it was Pearson International aka where some of the teams from other countries arrive at and he had a big smile.

''And that's not even half of the teams that are arriving!'' Don yelled, fighting against planes. ''Stay tuned for 46 more teams that are here to be in....THE SUPER RIDONCULOUS RACE!''

A plane that was leaving was just blowing over him and he was still looking like the same host that hosted a few seasons ago with the transitioning smile.


To be continued in Part 2, where the second set of teams get revealed!

Total Drama and Ridonculous Race teams!

All other teams!

So, here's the team list so far:

#1: Heather and Alejandro

#2: Sanders and MacArthur

#3: Jasmine and Shawn

#4: Brick and Dawn

#5: Gwen and Leshawna

#6: Katie and Sadie

#7: KO and Dendy 

#8: Sonic and Knuckles

#9: Rad and Enid 

#10: Mario and Luigi

#11: Ryo and Yuri

#12: Ryu and Ken

#13: Terry and Andy

#14: Shingo and Benimaru

#15: K' and Maxima

#16: Sho and Gai

#17: Chun-Li and Cammy

#18: Wario and Waluigi 

#19: Rick and Morty 

#20: Miles Edgeworth and Fransizka Von Karma

#21: Coachman and Stromboli

#22: Hayley and Jeff

#23: Brian and Stewie

#24: Peacock and Big Band (by the cool guest)

#25: Jyushimatsu and Karamatsu

#26: Chet and Lorenzo

#27: Kim and Ron

#28: Cuphead and Mugman

#29: Rigby and Mordecai

#30: Frank and Chuck

#31: Eggman and Boxman

#32: Batsu and Hinata

#33: Morrigan and Feilicia (Darkstalkers)

#34: Shen and Ash (King of Fighters)

#35: Hank and Bobby (King of The Hill)

#36: Chloe and Sabrina (Miraculous Ladybug...yeah there's another NICER team coming as well)

#37: Gintoki and Kagura (Gintama)

#38: Sam and Cat (...Sam and Cat)

#39: Carly and Spencer (iCarly)

#40: Tori and Trina (Victorious)

#41: Merlin and Mim (Sword In The Stone)

#42: Tom and Jen (The Ridonculous Race)

#43: Ralf and Clark (Ikari Warriors)

#44: Athena and Kensou (Psycho Soldier)

#45: Hank and Bobby Hill (King Of The Hill)

#46: Captain Hook and Mr. Smee (Peter Pan)

Teams 47 to 92 will be revealed in the second part, which is going to come a lot sooner than you think!