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Dusk Till Dawn

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It was dark. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem for Katsuki since his kind happened to see very well even when there was little light. This was because of his own actions, however. His vision was blurry because of the bit of finely ground silver he’d snorted a few moments ago. It was only to be taken in small doses or it could be lethal for his kind as well as many others. Though it had been called many things in the past, Dusk was the name that had stuck. It was the only substance that could get supernatural creatures like himself high.

While the effects of the drug in low doses were things like heightened senses, blurred vision, and slower reaction times, Katsuki knew that it never effected his cognitive ability. He knew exactly what he was doing and that he wanted to do it, as did the person he was with. Although, he used the term person lightly. All he knew was that the bloodsucker wanted him badly. Though he supposed that much was obvious enough from the fact that they were naked and sitting on a bed together.

Even with his fuzzy vision in the dim light he could see those purple eyes that watched his every move with uncaged intensity. Whether it be by a vampire or not, the thought of being watched like that gave Katsuki the urge to put on a good show. He nibbled on his bottom lip and dragged his hands along his bare torso slowly, practically able to feel the other’s gaze follow the motion. He could smell the spike of arousal that wafted from the vampire and had to admit that it was just a bit intoxicating.

Katsuki swung his leg over the vampire’s lap and sat on his knees. He leaned forward just enough to press their naked torso’s together, which sent a delicious shiver down his spine. He leaned in as if he was going to kiss the vampire then snorted and pulled away. As if he'd really initiate something like that. Instead he tangled his hands into his own hair and gyrated his hips. The soft gasp that slipped past the vampire’s lips caused a smirk to spread across his face. Katsuki put both hands against purple-eyes’ chest and shoved him backwards.

A low growl escaped the vampire beneath him and suddenly Katsuki’s back hit the bed. He looked up at the purple eyes that were now above him defiantly. The vampire didn’t seem to care about that one bit. He immediately closed the distance between them and slotted their lips together. Katsuki wouldn’t usually go for so much kissing in this situation but he’d worked himself up with all that teasing earlier. Now he had an urgent need that he knew was about to be sated. He submitted to the vampire in order to get things moving faster.

The pair groaned softly in unison at the first snap of the vampire's hips. The room around them danced and swirled as they lost themselves to their overwhelming desire. In that moment it was almost like they were lovers that had met up for a sensual romp instead of strangers that happened to take the same drug a half an hour ago. Katsuki could see the hungry look begin to grow in the vampire’s eyes. He wore his desire to feed openly. Well, too damn bad.

That was the one thing Katsuki would not allow. He had standards, after all. This meaningless fling to pass the time would be forgotten in a matter of hours after he returned home to his clan. No blood sucking leech would feed off of him between now and then. Or ever for that matter.

Evidently this vampire was extraordinarily skilled where it mattered. The guy knew just how to guide Katsuki towards that sought-after release. Each new thrust was more maddening than the last as it edged him teasingly closer. Katsuki couldn’t do a thing but swear softly in time with the jolts of pleasure that shot through him. Fucking hell, he’d made the right decision when he let the vampire take the reins.

It was only a matter of minutes before Katsuki climaxed so hard that he saw stars. His mind couldn’t seem to figure out if they were literal or figurative. Not that it mattered. He turned and looked at the vampire that had collapsed onto the bed next to him. He took note of the way the vampire’s breathing was haggard and his eyes had started to glow bright red while they continued to watch him. The guy could crave it all he wanted, but he was absolutely not getting any of Katsuki’s blood.

He left without so much as a grunt to the vampire that had been about to drift off. Katsuki used one hand to brace himself against the dizzying world as he made his way from the room. He’d done this kind of thing enough times to know how many steps he needed to take to get to the bath, which was necessary. He couldn’t very well return home and have a pack of werewolves smell that he’d just been intimate with a vampire.

Katsuki stepped into the warm water and leaned his head back against the side of the bath. He shut his eyes and the world around him continued to spin. He knew that the bath in this place served more than one purpose. It would cleanse him physically as well as internally and pull the remaining traces of Dusk from his system. All he had to do was wait.

That was why this drug wasn’t illegal. In places like The Dusk Den that he currently sat in it could be used in controlled environments. They were always located on neutral territory, so all kinds were welcome. People got their rush then cleansed their bodies and left like it hadn’t happened. One would never know the person standing next to them had just been so high they thought their head was made of clouds.

People tended to follow the rules for the most part since abusing the drug or getting the measurement even slightly off could end in death. It was rare to hear of someone getting into trouble over the drug since it was so readily available. Katsuki thought that was pretty great. There was no better way to relax that he’d discovered yet. Considering what would happen tomorrow, he needed all the relaxation he could get. He sighed to himself and did his best not to think about that. He would deal with tomorrow’s problems as they came. For the rest of the night at least he didn’t have to have a care in the world.




“Good evening, Prince!” An annoyingly chipper voice cut through the air.

Katsuki opened his eyes and blinked a few times. His gaze fell upon his attendant. He had a deadpan expression on his face as he asked, “What do you want?”

“The sun has just about set. Your guests will be arriving soon. You need to get up and prepare.” The man reminded him.

Katsuki groaned at the effort of having to sit upright. He looked out of the window next to himself and studied the blends of pinks and oranges that lit the sky. It almost looked like it was on fire. He had to wonder if that was an omen for things to come. It sure felt like it.

“Cheer up, Prince. This is a joyous occasion. A time for celebration.” The attendant assured him.

“For the rest of the clan, maybe,” Katsuki snorted, “to me it feels more like a death sentence.”

The attendant shook his head and waved a dismissive hand in the air. “Oh, don’t be so dramatic. Meeting one’s betrothed is a happy occasion. Soon the two of you will marry and unite our territories for the first time in centuries. You have to be at least a little bit excited about making history.”

“Ecstatic,” Katsuki replied flatly.

The attendant blinked at him a few times with a blank expression upon his face. He finally shook his head and sighed, “I’ve taken the liberty of laying out your outfit. All you need to do is get up and get ready.”

“Great,” Katsuki grunted. He watched the unnecessarily chipper little fellow bow his head slightly then leave the room. His fellow werewolves might’ve been excited about this political marriage but he sure as shit wasn’t. Heck, he thought the whole thing was archaic and pointless. Marrying a complete stranger just to merge some stupid territories was ridiculous. If he was the one in charge- he sighed to himself and immediately dropped that line of thought. He wasn’t the one in charge. He was the prince. It was his duty to do this ridiculous task that was bestowed upon him no matter how much he hated it. Boy, did he hate it.

He heard the sound of nails scraping against the floor as well as soft panting, so he turned to look at the source. His pet wolf stood there with a questioning look upon her face. She grunted a few times then tilted her head at him. Katsuki sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes. He slid off of his bed and grumbled, “Yeah, yeah, I know.”

Katsuki’s gaze fell upon the awful clothes that his attendant had set out for him. There was no way in hell he’d be caught dead wearing robes like that. He didn’t care how traditional it was to do such. He’d rather attend the event in the nude. He paused for a moment as he considered it. Nah, it wouldn’t be worth the headache his parents would cause afterwards.

He decided to go with something a lot more his style, which still ended up in him being shirtless. At least he’d bothered to put on pants. The cape was a nice touch if he did say so himself. He posed and held his chin in the air as he asked, “How do I look?”

The wolf rolled her eyes and turned her snout away from him, obviously unimpressed. She had been a fan of the other outfit.

“What would you know?” Katsuki scoffed. He pat her head then scratched behind her ear which made her tail wag slightly. She pulled away from his touch and walked over towards the door then looked at him over her shoulder. “I’m coming, sheesh.”

Katsuki followed the wolf until he stood outside of the great hall. He couldn’t believe the day had finally come that he’d meet the person he was expected to marry. Part of him had always hoped it never would. Territory or not, he just wasn’t ready for that kind of thing. Though this wasn’t a wedding. This was a meeting and discussion of terms. They probably still had a while yet before anyone expected actual nuptials. Still, the fact that such was expected at all was enough to make him grind his teeth irritably.

A low grunt followed by the nudge of a wolf snout made Katsuki snap out of his own head. He pat her head again then stood up tall and waltzed right into the grand hall. He had an air of authority about him that just dared anyone to attempt to speak to him. He was ready to bite off heads if necessary. He took his spot on the throne to the side of his parents’ and waited.

“You look ridiculous,” His mother grumbled under her breath.

“Says the lunatic in that ancient traditional garb,” Katsuki snorted.

“Now, now, you two. Everyone looks fine. Let’s try not to cause any unnecessary chaos before the guests even arrive.” His father chimed in.

Katsuki sucked his teeth and then crossed his arms. The guy was probably right. If they wanted to make a decent impression on these vampires for some reason they should probably attempt to contain the crazy for a bit. On the other hand, if that happened to slip out and cancel the engagement… well… he wouldn’t lose any freaking sleep over it.

Evidently he’d arrived just in time because not even five minutes later there was the sound of a horn blaring through the room. Katsuki looked up at the abrupt noise and saw the doors open just as someone said, “Announcing the King and Queen of the vampires as well as their son–”

The vampire prince. Katsuki finished the thought in his head. His future husband as it were. He frowned to himself at the very idea. He couldn’t freaking wait to see what kind of ugly weirdo was about to walk into the room. He balled his hands into fists so tight that his knuckles turned white.

The King and Queen of the vampires didn’t interest him much. He barely spared them a passing glance as they greeted his parents. They didn’t seem all that interested in him either. That was fine, keeping this shit all business was the best way to go. He wouldn’t have been able to give them his attention for long anyway considering that a moment later a third person entered the room.

Katsuki looked over at the final guest to join them and his breath caught in his throat. There was simply nothing else he could do when he saw that pair of purple eyes that shined oh too familiarly. It didn’t matter what substance he may or may not have been under the influence of at the time, he’d never forget those eyes. They’d been so intense last night that he was sure they’d bore a hole right through him. Just remembering it made him want to squirm in his seat. He maintained his composure, however, and simply furrowed his brow at the guy.

If the vampire prince recognized him he showed no sign of it. The vampire stepped up to him and nodded in acknowledgement as he said, “Wolf Prince.”

“Vamp… Prince…?” Katsuki hadn’t meant for there to be an upwards inflection at the end of that but he was still in a state of shock over this development. Not to mention the fact that he’d been so easily forgotten. Sure, there had been drugs involved but still. He knew he was better than that. He’d rocked the vampire’s world and there was no question about it.

The purple-eyed vampire looked away from him and towards their parents as he said, “Thank you again for hosting me. If it’s not too much trouble, may I ask where I’ll be expected to sleep during the duration of my stay?”

“Well, tradition dictates that the betrothed pair share a room,” Replied the Wolf King.

“It what?” That was news to Katsuki. He had a feeling that it was kept from him on purpose. He grinded his teeth in irritation. Someone needed their head ripped off for keeping such a secret from him. He’d be more than happy to do the ripping. He quickly realized that no one else seemed surprised. Even the vampire prince had simply shut his eyes and nodded once.

“Why don’t you show him where that is, son? We have a few more terms of negotiations to discuss.” The Wolf King suggested.

Katsuki let out a low growl from deep within his chest. He glared at his parents before he finally stomped off without another word. They’d get an earful later. First he had to calm down enough to figure out what he even wanted to bitch about. The list seemed ever growing. He heard the sound of footsteps behind himself and knew that the vampire prince was in tow. Just great. He’d actually forgotten about that guy for a fraction of a second.

He lead the way to his bedroom then stepped inside. A low growl reverbed through the room and he turned to see his wolf in a defensive stance with her ears flat against her head as she glared at the newcomer. Katsuki pat her as he said, “Relax, he’s not an enemy. That’s a good girl.”

“You have a pet wolf?” Asked the vampire prince.

“You got a problem with that, vampy?” Katsuki snapped.

“Not particularly. And my name is Hitoshi, not vampy.”

“Am I supposed to care?” Katsuki snorted and rolled his eyes.

“All things considered you probably should,” Hitoshi replied. He didn’t bother to look at the blond as he stepped into the room. Instead, he walked up to the wolf that still seemed a little unsure of him and offered her his hand to smell. After careful inspection and consideration she decided that he wasn’t so bad and licked his palm. It was only then that he pet her and hummed, “Aren’t you a princess?”

“She was the runt of her litter and left for dead. I found her during a full moon and nursed her back to health. Now she’s bigger and stronger than any of the wild wolves around.” Katsuki had no idea why he’d just blurted all that out. Bragging rights, perhaps. It wasn’t like he got to tell many people about that. He shook his head and grunted, “Her name is Luna.”

“It suits her.” Hitoshi replied as he watched the wolf trot happily from the room. Apparently now that she knew he was a friend she could go about whatever other business she had.

Katsuki crossed his arms as he watched the vampire. There was no freaking way he’d forgotten about him. It had just happened last night, after all. He refused to accept it. He waited for Hitoshi to turn towards him then looked him over slowly, clearly sizing him up.

“What is it?” Hitoshi asked.

“You’re supposed to be a virgin,” Katsuki replied, getting right to the point. It was part of the whole arranged marriage thing and thus not completely random.

Hitoshi lifted his chin in the air defiantly and said, “As are you.”

So he did remember. Had he not, he would’ve reacted much differently to that statement. Something about the fact that he remembered irked Katsuki even more. He narrowed his eyes at the vampire and said, “That wasn’t your first time.”

“Nor yours,” Hitoshi replied without missing a beat.

It was clear that neither of them bought into the whole ‘it’s tradition to stay a virgin until married’ business. That was a bit of a relief, actually. Though he couldn’t quite shake the feeling he had. Maybe it was because those purple eyes were watching him again, he had no idea. Either way he went into his defensive mode and said, “I know I’m a sweet lay, but you didn’t have to go out of your way to get engaged to me to tap this ass again.”

“You’re even more vulgar than the rumors say.” Hitoshi rolled his eyes. They both knew that wasn’t how this nonsense worked at all. Neither of them had any say in the matter. It was just a ridiculous coincidence. He sat down on the edge of the bed intent on not letting this guy phase him in the slightest.

Katsuki sat on the lounge chair across from the bed. He slouched slightly and spread his legs suggestively as he purred, “You’re just itching for another taste, aren’t you? I bet you’d love to use your tongue to lather it in spit.” He kept his gaze fixed upon the guy as he palmed at his own crotch lewdly. “Your body doesn’t produce its own lubricant like mine does, so you definitely want to get me as hard and wet as possible before I stick it–”

A knock at the door cut his sentence short. He looked away from Hitoshi’s now glowing, red eyes and called, “What is it?”

“The king and queen would like you to know that food will be ready shortly,” A muffled voice explained from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, fine, now quit bothering me before I rip your arms off!” Katsuki yelled.

“Sorry, sir!” The sound of hurried footsteps indicated that the person had left.

Katsuki turned back towards Hitoshi only to find that the guy was no longer sitting on the bed. He looked around the room until his gaze fell upon the open window. He walked over to it and reached to pull it closed again, taking note of the fact that they were three stories up. He shook his head as he shut and locked it. He didn’t care that no one was around to hear it as he grumbled, “Batty coward.”

He sat on his bed and sighed to himself then finally took notice of the uncomfortable tightness in his pants. Now he’d gone and worked himself up, great. If they hadn’t been interrupted he’d probably have talked the vampire into a blowjob right now at the very least. What terrific goddamn timing that shit had been. He growled softly then unbuttoned his pants. He supposed he had to take care of things his damn self as usual. Just great.


The next few days were pretty fucking boring. Katsuki was stuck with this vampire that didn’t seem to know what having a personality meant. In fact, Hitoshi sat around wordlessly most of the time. He only knew that the guy hadn’t been turned to stone when Luna showed up and went to him for attention. Other than that he only seemed to speak when spoken to. If this was a glimpse of their future together, it was going to be an extremely long and torturous marriage.

At least Katsuki found some amusement in teasing the vampire. For someone that hadn’t had any reservations about their initial hook up, he sure wasn’t able to take a joke about it now. Sometimes he’d tease the vampire until his eyes would glow. Hitoshi was quick to get out of there at that point. Katsuki thought that was rather boring. He’d like it if the vampire would let loose a bit. Maybe if he pushed him just a little more he’d finally get a glimpse at what was going on inside that head of his. Or maybe he wouldn’t. Who knew?

By the end of the first week Katsuki realized that Hitoshi never stuck around when he went to sleep. He hadn’t noticed it before since the guy would leave after a bit of teasing. It finally seemed to dawn on him that he only saw Hitoshi again after he woke up. It wasn’t really a big deal since he enjoyed his space, but it was curious. The way he saw it either Hitoshi was shy or he hated this arranged crap just as much as he did and refused to say anything about it. Both reasons made enough sense for him not to dwell on the subject.

Katsuki tossed and turned for the better part of an hour before he just gave up. He couldn’t sleep. He had an itch that he just needed to scratch. He finally decided that he didn’t give a shit whether or not he was supposed to play a good host. It wasn’t like his guest was there now anyway. There was no reason he shouldn’t be able to stop off for some much-needed relaxation. He climbed out of his bedroom window and crawled down the side of the building as he’d done countless times before. He’d be back home before anyone even knew he was gone so it didn’t matter.

As soon as both of his feet were on the ground Katsuki shifted into his wolf form. He shook his whole body side to side quickly and had to fight the urge to howl triumphantly. He took off running in the direction of his destination, knowing full well that he’d reach it just in time for him to transform back. It was a perfect plan.

He ran until he stood outside of The Dusk Den. Katsuki sniffed the air curiously for a moment. According to his nose all manner of supernatural creatures were inside. He already knew that to be true since it was such a hotspot. He shifted to his human form then stepped into the building knowing full well that no one in there cared about the fact that he was completely nude. Everyone there was busy dealing with their own shit and mostly kept to themselves. Katsuki liked that mentality a whole lot.

It didn’t take long for one of the women that worked there to approach him. She had these huge eyes that sparkled like the stars themselves and he couldn’t for the life of him remember what kind of creature she was. Not that it really mattered. He only wanted one thing from her and it had nothing to do with any of that crap. She lead him over to a free seat and gave him a tiny bag of Dusk. A single dose for a single person. He closed his palm around it and nodded at her then she walked away without a word.

Katsuki inhaled the powder then wiped the bottom of his nose with the back of his hand. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the chair as he waited for it to take effect. It was fast acting so he wouldn’t have to wait around too long. He could already feel the stresses of life start to melt away and relaxation grab a hold of him. Truthfully, if this was all the drug did he’d probably use it to get to sleep every night. However, he could already feel the desire to touch and be touched start to spread through him. There was no reason for him to ignore it.

He slid his right hand over his bare pecs slowly, enjoying the feeling of his own skin. It had already gotten a bit more sensitive to touch. He stopped abruptly when the intense scent of desire hit his nose. Someone was watching him and they really liked what they saw. Katsuki could understand why. He was pretty hot, after all, and all alone.

He opened his eyes and blinked slowly as if to clear them. It didn’t work since one couldn’t blink away drugs like that. His eyes were half lidded as he slowly scanned the room. He was positive that even with his darkened, blurry vision he’d be able to spot who he was looking for. Especially since he’d slid his hands over his abs slowly and licked his lips for emphasis.

Katsuki’s nose picked up on the spike of desire once more. This time he was able to narrow down the location because he’d been ready for it. One should never underestimate a werewolf’s nose. He slowly turned his head in the direction it had come from. It took his eyes an extra moment to focus enough to see one thing. Purple. He knew that color.

Hito… shi… My…

His mind whispered the name as a reminder but failed to complete the rest of the thought. It was enough that he recognized the vampire. The part of him that would’ve questioned what the guy was doing there had been put to sleep for now. All that was left was the part of himself that could see that hungry look in those familiar eyes. It was the same look that had been there that first night they’d met. Katsuki knew exactly how to handle a look like that. He felt weightless as he stood then waltzed over to where the vampire sat.

Katsuki watched the way that Hitoshi’s gaze traveled over his naked body slowly. Once the vampire looked him in the eyes again he could see just how dilated his pupils were. The half-lidded gaze of his mirrored the one on his own face and Katsuki knew that he’d taken Dusk earlier. That made things easier for him because it meant they were on the same page. No words would be necessary for this. Katsuki took Hitoshi by the hand and pulled him from his seat. He felt like a passenger in his own body as he lead the vampire upstairs to find a free room.

They ducked into the first empty room they came across and as soon as they shut the door behind themselves they were all over one another. The pair kissed as they worked together to get Hitoshi out of the clothes he wore. Once those were tossed aside haphazardly they managed to tumble onto the bed. They continued to kiss one another as if the other person was the very air they needed to breathe. Hands explored every inch of their bodies and with the effect of heightened sensitivity from the drug it was nearly enough to drive Katsuki over the edge. He felt his body react to his incredible arousal and start to leak lubricant.

Last time Hitoshi had things his way and this time Katsuki would have his turn. He pulled away from Hitoshi and shoved him so he got the hint to roll over. The vampire had no desire to fight him for dominance this time around. Hitoshi simply did what he wanted without question. Katsuki inched closer to his back then used his hand to line himself up where they both wanted him to be. He slid into Hitoshi with ease, causing them both to groan. Next he lifted the vampire’s leg so he could really get the angle he wanted.

Katsuki listened to the lewd squelching that happened as he slid in and out of the vampire. The only thing that could distract him from that were the needy moans that Hitoshi let slip past his lips. In fact, he was so caught up in listening to the beautiful symphony of erotic sounds as he thrust that he didn’t even realize he’d started to nuzzle the back of Hitoshi’s neck.

The world around them seemed to spin at a completely different rate than the two of them. There was nothing but the feel of each other. There was nothing but the sounds they couldn’t contain. Katsuki opened his mouth and dragged his canines across the back of Hitoshi’s neck slowly. The way that caused the vampire to shiver then cry out as he clenched around him was nothing short of incredible.

He smirked and congratulated himself inwardly for having obviously found one of the guy’s favorite spots. He fought the urge to tease it until he was an absolute mess. He’d save something like that for a time when they weren’t just about done. Instead he kissed that sweet spot on the back of the vampire’s neck. The action caused Hitoshi to whine loudly and buck against him. Katsuki growled softly from deep within his chest as he continued to thrust.

He’s… my…

Katsuki didn’t know why his mind wanted to try and fight the fog he’d put it in. He didn’t care. He was too close to finishing to bother with anything but fucking the moaning vampire right now. Everything else could wait. A few more snaps of his hips and he was done for. He moaned into Hitoshi’s ear as he climaxed, which made the vampire do the same.

He took a few deep breaths before he finally slipped out of Hitoshi. Katsuki watched the way that he squeezed his glowing, red eyes shut as soon as he looked at him. He didn’t dwell on it since he had to get back home before anyone noticed he was missing. First, he needed a bath. He misjudged the distance as he rolled out of bed and tumbled to the floor with a grunt. Luckily for him no one saw that. He grumbled something incoherent under his breath as he held onto the wall to avoid falling over in the spinning room and headed towards the bath.



The next evening, just after sunset…


Katsuki stuffed a handful of grapes into his mouth as he stepped into his bedroom. He eyed the vampire that sat on his chaise by the window curiously. The guy had just showed up when he’d stepped out to grab a snack and gone right over to that area then picked up a book and started reading. No ‘hello’ or ‘last night was amazing’ or anything else. Not that Katsuki needed that validation because he already knew it had been incredible. Still, the fact that Hitoshi could sit there and act like it hadn’t even happened irked him. He stuffed another couple of grapes into his mouth and asked, “So is that where you usually go when I sleep? The Dusk Den?”

“No, I hadn’t been there since that night we met, actually.” Hitoshi shook his head slowly then turned to the next page of his book. He didn’t seem particularly bothered as he said, “I figured you had me followed.”

“Tch. Why would I?” Katsuki rolled his eyes at the very suggestion. It wasn’t like he cared enough about what the vampire did during his free time to spy on him. He finished off the last of the grapes he’d grabbed from the kitchen earlier then asked, “So what do you do then since you never stick around?”

“Read, mostly. I don’t sleep very much so that’s usually how I pass the time. There’s this really great old tree that I enjoy sitting under.” Hitoshi explained. He turned to the next page and continued to read the book he held.

“That’s all?” Katsuki asked curiously.

“Is that a problem?” Hitoshi asked right back.

“No, it’s just even more boring than I thought possible. You’re the worst.” Katsuki shook his head at the idea that he’d thought it might’ve been an interesting tale. He should’ve known. This guy didn’t know the definition of interesting. He was so boring that he probably collected rocks or some shit.

“Thanks for the critique,” Hitoshi grunted without looking up from his book.

Katsuki couldn’t help but think about how this guy was so freaking different when they hooked up at the den. When there he became passionate and needy and, well… really sexy. There, he admitted it. Internally, but still. It was so hard to believe that this was the same person. He scrunched his face at the thought.

Hitoshi kept his gaze glued to his book as he asked, “Why are you staring at me?”

Katsuki turned his head away from him and grumbled, “Fuck off.”

“Gladly.” Hitoshi shut the book in his lap abruptly then turned into a bat in the blink of an eye. He hovered there for a second before he flew out the open window nearby. He disappeared into the night without so much as a squeak at the blond.

“That wasn’t what I meant, you batty bastard!” Katsuki called after him. He rolled his eyes then pulled the window shut and locked it. If the guy wanted back in he’d have to go about walking in the normal way. Katsuki frowned to himself as his line of thinking returned to how Hitoshi seemed like a different person when at The Dusk Den. Not like it mattered either way. Ugh. Now he was all ticked off and the night was still young. What he really needed was a good spar. He hadn’t had one of those in far too long.


Katsuki grinded his teeth as he stomped out of his room. He had the worst urge to hit something and it needed to be sated. There was only one place that he could go to get that kind of aggression out. He stormed towards the arena, not bothering to acknowledge anyone he passed along the way. Once he arrived he shoved both doors open at once and stepped outside.

There was a chill in the air which felt good against his warm skin. The torches that hung all around the perimeter of the arena along the spectator seats provided enough light that he could see clearly. That and the half-moon in the sky, of course. Even at half, he could feel the power of it urging him to give into his animalistic side. He looked around to see that he wasn’t alone, as he’d known would be the case. There were dozens of his kind already out there and having their little brawls. The combined scents of aggression and adrenaline filled the air and were just a tad bit maddening.

Katsuki glanced at the special area in the center of the spectator seats that was reserved for him and his parents when they decided to observe arena events. It seemed that his parents had decided to come watch for a bit. That didn’t surprise him since they enjoyed a good showing of strength. While there was an empty seat next to them that was reserved for him, it was well known that he’d much rather participate in arena events than simply observe them.

It didn’t matter. He wasn’t concerned with his parents or any of the other spectators in the surrounding stands right now. He pumped his fist in the air and let out a battle cry to let those around him know that he was up for any challenge. He was immediately taken up on that, just as he’d expected. Not many wolves would give up the chance to fight someone as strong as him.

One by one his challengers fell, each overwhelmed by the blond in a matter of minutes. Katsuki’s blood had really started to boil and his adrenaline was pumping. He barely noticed the fact that as time passed more of his clan filled the spectator seats around them. They were probably drawn by the scents of adrenaline, determination, and blood. Katsuki had already broken a nose or two. He was ready to break many more.

There was a sudden murmur of those in the spectator seats and Katsuki turned around to see what could be so interesting. A tall, bulky man with a snarl on his face and an eye patch over one eye grinned at him and assumed a battle stance. There was a gleam of something that was probably meant to be intimidating in his eyes. Katsuki snickered at the idea that he thought he might scare him in the slightest. A grin of his own spread across his face and he also assumed a fighting stance as he said, “Finally, someone that looks like they’ll be worth the effort.”

“Stop!” A loud voice demanded.

Katsuki frowned since he’d know that shrill cry anywhere. He turned towards the spectator area to see his mother on her feet with her hand held out as a sign for them to halt. He crossed his arms and glared at her as he waited to hear the oh-so-important thing she apparently had to say.

“In light of the fact that we have a special guest today, let’s have ourselves a mini tournament.” She paused to wait for the crowd around her to roar enthusiastically.

Katsuki smirked to himself. Maybe she still had some sense left in her yet. They hadn’t had a tournament in a while and mini or not, it was about time they did. He watched his mother say something over her shoulder then motion to the free chair next to herself. Katsuki didn’t know why he was surprised to see Hitoshi walk over to the seat and sit there. He was the only guest they had around at the moment. He couldn’t help but wonder where they’d even found the guy.

The Wolf Queen turned towards Hitoshi and asked, “How would you feel about a bonus to the glory of being crowned winner of the event? Would you grace that person with a kiss?”

Hitoshi shut his eyes and nodded once. “I don’t mind.”

The Wolf Queen turned back towards the arena and shouted, “You heard it here, folks! Win the event and snag yourself a kiss from the Vampire Prince himself!”

“The fuck?” Katsuki snapped as the crowd around them cheered in response. They were all a bit too enthusiastic about it for his liking.

“Is there a problem down there, mister reigning champion?” Asked the Wolf Queen, a knowing gleam in her red eyes.

Katsuki glanced at the otherwise uninterested vampire in question. He didn’t seem particularly bothered either way and even had the audacity to have his nose stuck in a book at a time like this. The guy cared so little about the outcome that he wasn’t even going to watch. Something about that rubbed him the wrong way. He narrowed his eyes then sucked his teeth and grumbled, “Of course not.”

“Then let’s begin!” The Wolf Queen declared as she sat back on her throne.

The seats that circled the arena were all but full of onlookers now. Katsuki hadn’t even noticed until they’d started cheering. That was fine. That meant more people that he could show off his undeniable skills to. He turned back towards the others in the arena to see that all fights had been stopped and everyone who wasn’t interested in taking him on had stepped aside. Those that were stood ready for him to give the signal. He cracked his neck side to side and held up two fingers then rotated his hand and beckoned his challengers closer.

Katsuki grinned as he took on his opponents two at a time, barely giving them a chance to catch their breaths between blows. He wasn’t one to hold back in a spar and everyone in the clan knew this. It was no secret what they were getting into when they stepped into the ring with him. Two by two his opponents fell and Katsuki had only taken a handful of blows himself. He had to wonder whether his clan had gone soft or he was just that good.

Once all other challengers had been either knocked out or brought to their knees, it was time for the final match. That same large man with the eye patch returned. Katsuki took note of the fact that he chose to challenge him alone. The guy’s confidence must’ve been sky high to do so after witnessing the one-sided slaughter of the other challengers.

Just as Katsuki expected, this guy didn’t go down nearly as easily as the others had. He actually had to defend for a moment before he found the opening he needed. Once he had that it was as good as over. He showed no mercy as he attacked with a loud roar. The crowd around him cheered when the large man collapsed to his knees and bowed his head in submission. Katsuki’s blood was flooded with adrenaline and he held back the urge to howl victoriously. He could practically feel his tail wagging behind himself and was grateful that it wasn’t there right now. This had been even more therapeutic than he’d expected and he felt amazing.

A tap on his shoulder got his attention. He turned his head to find himself face to face with Hitoshi. His breath hitched in his throat when the vampire leaned in close as if to kiss him. This was so different than any of the other times they’d kissed. That fire and desperation wasn’t there to fuel them. It was just them raw and unaffected by outside stimulants. He didn’t know what to make of it. He could only stare wide-eyed as Hitoshi paused right before their lips touched. Purple eyes bore right into his soul for a moment before the vampire finally turned his head to kiss his cheek instead.

Katsuki nearly jumped out of his skin when his clanmates howled and stomped their feet in approval all around them. He immediately started to yell empty threats at the crowd. He didn’t know how else to deal with the fact that he was actually a bit embarrassed right now. He bared his fangs and growled softly at their audience. He turned back towards Hitoshi when he heard the vampire chuckle softly. The sight of that little smile on his face that he tried to hide behind his fist made Katsuki’s eyes widen. That was new. It caused an odd feeling in his gut, which was also new. Neither could be classified as terrible, though.

Hitoshi looked around then cleared his throat and whispered, “We should probably get out of here before your parents try and move up the wedding date. They’ve got a certain look in their eyes right now.”

Katsuki definitely didn’t need an excuse to get away from those two pains in the ass. He grabbed Hitoshi by the wrist and dragged him back towards the castle. He didn’t stop until they reached the kitchen. He let go of the vampire and looked around for a well-earned snack. He glanced at Hitoshi to find that he was also doing the same.

They found their snacks and munched on them on the way back to the bedroom. By the time they got there they only had their drinks left. Katsuki placed his down on the nightstand then let out a relieved sigh. It was good to finally be in his own space again. He sat down on the edge of his bed and shook his head as he grumbled, “Well that ended up being ridiculous.”

“As expected considering the situation,” Hitoshi hummed from where he’d sat by the window. He brought his drink to his lips and slurped it loudly.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him and asked, “Are you seriously sitting there sipping blood with a straw?”

Hitoshi didn’t blink as he continued to drink. There was nothing wrong with using a straw. There was also nothing wrong with drinking directly from a vein. It was all a matter of preference and availability. This was not something he felt like getting into with the blond at the moment.

“You’re disgusting,” Katsuki grunted.

Hitoshi lowered his drink and snorted, “Says the guy that’s been looking at me like I’m a piece of meat.”

“You are a piece of meat to me, vampy,” Katsuki growled. He rolled his eyes and shook his head then sighed, “I swear, it’s like I’m being punished being betrothed to the likes of you. This whole situation is stupid.”

“How tragic.” Hitoshi brought his drink back to his lips and continued to slurp it.

Katsuki noticed the amused glint in Hitoshi’s purple eyes. He wasn’t sure if he knew what that was about. It was then that he realized that he had no idea how the guy felt about said betrothal. In fact, he didn’t really know much about him at all besides what erogenous zones made him moan loudest. Granted, that was good knowledge to have, but he was sure there had to be more to know. Katsuki crossed his arms and furrowed his brow as he asked, “What exactly do you think of this predicament of ours?”

Hitoshi set down his drink on the table next to him only to think about it for a second before he replied, “Arranged marriages aren’t something new for either of our kinds.”

“I fucking know that. I just,” Katsuki sighed and shook his head. He didn’t even know how to explain it. He’d known this would more than likely be his fate since he was a child and yet part of him had held onto the idea that he’d have some say in the matter. He shrugged then muttered, “I guess there should be something more or whatever.”

“That’s quite a mentality.” Hitoshi didn’t offer up his opinion either way. He simply turned towards the table and picked up a book that was lying there. He opened it and began to read.

“It really doesn’t bother you?” Katsuki asked.

“It’s my duty,” Hitoshi replied without missing a beat. He continued to read to show his disinterest in the conversation.

“Meaning it’s mine too, yeah?” Katsuki rolled his eyes. He got it already, the guy was a robot programmed to do whatever the elders of his clan decided. Life really must’ve been simple for him. He frowned to himself and grumbled, “At least I’m not mister goes-with-the-flow like you are. Speaking of, what was that kiss about? Why would you even agree to something like that?”

Hitoshi shrugged with one shoulder and replied, “We’ve kissed before, so I didn’t think it’d be a big deal.”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him. “You say that as if you knew I’d win.”

“I wouldn’t have agreed had I thought there was a chance you’d lose,” Hitoshi replied matter-of-factly.

Oh. All right. Katsuki had no idea what to say to something like that. He was used to tooting his own horn and yelling about how great he was but this was different. He turned his head away from the vampire and grabbed the cup he’d set down on the nightstand. Katsuki grunted then brought it to his lips and took a sip. That would have to be good enough as a response. Thankfully, Hitoshi didn’t seem interested in continuing the conversation. He simply sat there and read his book while Katsuki pretended not to watch him.



Chapter Text


It was two days later when Katsuki noticed that Hitoshi seemed a bit stir crazy. The guy couldn’t seem to focus on his books and had even taken to pacing back and forth. The moon was nearly full and it was a warm evening judging by the slight breeze that blew in through the open window. Katsuki didn’t really think about it as he suggested that they go for a walk together. It would help the vampire relax and he always liked being surrounded by nature so it was a win for him too. The comment took Hitoshi by surprise but he agreed that it would be nice to get out for a bit.

The best part about the walk into the woods that surrounded the castle was how there was so much for them to take in. That meant Katsuki didn’t have to try to carry a conversation. One or both of them were distracted by something they saw, heard, or smelled at all times. It was actually pretty great and he didn’t know why he hadn’t thought of it before. He was lost in his own thoughts when he heard Hitoshi make a curious sound. He turned to find that the guy had veered off their path a bit. He followed and found the vampire crouched down as he inspected something on the ground.

“Senseless violence,” Hitoshi grumbled.

Katsuki stepped closer to see that a fox was lying on the ground. It looked like it had a leg injury as well as one on its tail. It took deep, labored breaths and looked pathetic. He frowned to himself as he replied, “Hunting has been around since the dawn of–”

“For food or in self-defense is fine but this,” Hitoshi cut him off and motioned to the suffering animal, “this was for the fun of it. It makes me sick. I’d snap their necks if I caught them in the act.”

Katsuki was surprised by just how passionate the vampire was about the subject. The spiteful gleam in his purple eyes was both beautiful and telling. There wasn’t even a sliver of lie in them. Hitoshi absolutely would’ve acted how he said. Something about that was alluring.

Hitoshi waved his hand over the scared fox’s face and whispered, “Sleep.”

Katsuki watched the animal’s eyes fall shut and its breathing regulate. That was a new skill to him and he had to admit that it was rather impressive. He leaned a bit closer as he asked, “Was that a spell?”

“It’s more like hypnotic suggestion,” Hitoshi explained as he tore off a small piece of the bottom of his robes. He then ripped that in half and used the pieces to tie off the fox’s wounds. There wasn’t much else he could do but he hoped that would help enough.

“Does it work on people as well?” Katsuki asked, his intrigue obvious.

“The weak willed, yes,” Hitoshi nodded.

Katsuki watched the way that the vampire pet the fox comfortingly, even though it couldn’t feel it. the guy was an enigma that he just couldn’t figure out. He’d never shown this kind of interest in any other being before. It was nice to see this side of him. Not that he minded the sides of him that he’d seen previously.

Katsuki’s gaze fell to the way that Hitoshi squatted and he raised a curious eyebrow at him. That was a position he wouldn’t mind seeing him in if the situation were different. A shameless pang of arousal hit him straight in the groin. He didn’t recall being that damn easy to turn on. Still, he supposed he understood it considering who he was with. He watched the vampire stand up and dust himself off then mutter something about letting the fox sleep. To be perfectly honest, he had zero interest in the little beast right now. He turned his head and looked at some trees in the distance as he casually asked, “Do you plan on reading under your special tree later or do you have something else in mind?”

Hitoshi shrugged and then replied, “I haven’t decided yet. I might go see if there’s anything interesting happening at The Den.”

Part of Katsuki was glad he hadn’t been lied to. The other part was a bit irked that this guy had basically said he was going to go get laid to his face. There was no reason for that to irk him considering that had been his own idea as well. He wasn’t even sure why it bothered him. They weren’t officially bound yet or anything. He acted as nonchalant as possible as he mumbled, “Yeah, I’ll probably do the same. Hasn’t been disappointing the last couple of times I’ve gone.”

Katsuki couldn’t be sure since he couldn’t see the guy properly, but he thought that he noticed the tips of his ears turn pink. If that wasn’t the cutest friggin’ thing. Ugh. He hated it, of course. He frowned to himself as he watched Hitoshi turn his back to him and motion towards the fox on the ground.

Hitoshi nodded and muttered, “She’ll be good as new soon enough and will run home to her cubs.”

“She has cubs?” Katsuki asked as his gaze fell back to the fox below. If the telltale signs were there he hadn’t even noticed. He’d been that distracted.

Hitoshi hummed and motioned to the fox. “Yeah, you can see that she’s been nursing. Hopefully they stay put in a safe place until she gets back.”

“I’m sure they will.” Katsuki didn’t know why he wanted to attempt to comfort the guy over something so ridiculous. He was tired of this. He just wanted to head back now. Actually, that’d be a lie. What he wanted had nothing to do with his castle. It was highly inappropriate for their current situation, however. He couldn’t help it. The tug of the nearly full moon put him in a certain mood if exposed to the direct light for too long. Call it a curse or a blessing, it was what it was. At this rate it might suit him better not to go home and to head right to The Den instead.


It was hours later when Katsuki leaned his head back against the tub and shut his eyes. They’d taken way too long to end up at The Den for his liking. At least they had gotten there in the end. He let the water work it’s magic and cleanse his system as he lost himself in thought. Not surprising in the slightest, he could only think about a certain vampire. The one that never joined him for the cleanse after their encounter, no matter how much of a mess they ended up making. Yet he never had the scent of it on him when they saw one another again. It was curious.

The sex had been amazing, as usual, and Katsuki was more than satisfied. It wasn’t even about that. There was just something about Hitoshi that he couldn’t figure out. He had no idea why the more he got of him the more he wanted. He could probably blame it on the moon tonight, but that excuse would only go so far. There was something else that he couldn’t quite figure out.

He frowned to himself as he considered what a ridiculous hassle this little situation of theirs was. They went out of their way to travel to this place only to end up in bed with the person they shared a room with at the castle. It was crazy. He was convinced there had to be another way. A better way. An idea struck him and he opened his eyes. It was so simple that he had no clue why he hadn't considered it before.

After he finished up with his bath, he sought out the sparkly-eyed woman that ran the place. Once he found her he turned on the charm as much as he could while he chatted her up. He knew how to get what he wanted from people. Whether it be combat or negotiation, Katsuki had been trained in the art of getting his way. He planned to put that to use.




Nearly a week passed and Katsuki found himself irritated yet again. This time it had nothing to do with Hitoshi and everything to do with his parents. They’d just sent him away after summoning him and he stomped all the way back to his room. He kicked the door open then slammed it shut again after he stepped inside. He growled to himself as his gaze traveled the room.

He found himself a bit calmer the moment his eyes landed on that familiar, purple hair. He’d half expected the vampire to be gone when he got back. It was a bit of a relief that he’d stuck around. Not that Katsuki could even begin to explain why. He walked over to where Hitoshi sat and joined him. The chaise was barely big enough to accommodate the both of them, but he didn’t care. It didn’t seem like the other man minded either.

Hitoshi didn’t look up from his book as he muttered, “You seem more agitated than when you left.”

“Of course I am!” Katsuki immediately grunted. He took note of the fact that Hitoshi hadn’t even needed to look at him to sense that. He could only imagine what irritated vibes he must’ve been giving off. All for good reason. “My parents are forcing me to go out with them to some ridiculous marketplace I have zero fricken interest in today.”

“I didn’t think anyone could make you do something you didn’t want to,” Hitoshi replied softly, his attention still focused on his book.

“Yeah, well, they pulled rank,” Katsuki grumbled in response. No matter how one looked at it, an alpha was always an alpha. Since his parents held that rank their word was law. Especially when they used that commanding tone he hated so much. He’d gritted his teeth but reluctantly agreed in the end. Katsuki shook his head then rolled his eyes before he added, “They wanted me to invite you too.”

Hitoshi glanced at the blond as he said, “I’m grateful but I politely decline. Even with a parasol to block the direct rays, exposure to the sun at its peak would be really uncomfortable for me. I hope you have a good time, though.”

That made all kinds of sense. Katsuki felt a bit ridiculous for thinking even for a moment that the vampire might make the trip bearable by being there. That wouldn’t have been fair to him at all. He supposed that he’d never been big on considering what would or wouldn’t be fair to someone else. There had been an occasion or two when his parents had called him out on his own selfishness. He didn’t exactly like proving them right. He furrowed his brow and finally muttered, “Whatever. Don’t get into any trouble while I’m away.”

“I’m sure you’ll get into enough for the both of us,” Hitoshi replied with a wry smile.

Katsuki sucked his teeth then headed over to his wardrobe to look for something to wear. His usual shirtless look wouldn’t fly when accompanying his parents. It was just another reason that this whole thing was a giant pain. He didn’t even bother to inspect his clothes. He simply grabbed the first thing he saw and tugged it on with an annoyed grunt. After that he headed towards the door and muttered, “See you later, I guess.”

“Try not to miss me too much!” Hitoshi called after him as he left the room. He didn’t bother to raise his voice since he knew that the werewolf would hear him just fine.

Katsuki growled loudly enough in response that he was sure the vampire heard it. He headed down the hallway and was so lost in his own head that he nearly tripped over Luna when he turned a corner. He looked down at the wolf when she let out an annoyed grunt. He bent down and pet her as he mumbled, “Make sure that Hitoshi isn’t lonely today, OK?”

Luna barked in response then trotted off in the direction of his bedroom. It was a strange relief to know that the ridiculous vampire would have a companion while he was gone. He didn’t have time to dwell on the thought since he heard footsteps approaching. They were accompanied by the irritating scent of his parents. He frowned to himself and turned to face them. He crossed his arms when they asked if he was ready to go. He called them both dumb for inviting a vampire to join them mid-day then added, “Let’s get this over with.”


As expected, the day dragged on at an agonizingly slow pace. Katsuki was ready to leave the moment they arrived at the stupid marketplace. Of course his parents had to see everything. They had to talk to everyone. Mingling with the common folk who had no idea of their status was a favorite pastime of theirs. He didn’t care about any of that crap. No matter how many people they introduced him to he simply grunted in response and turned away. He couldn’t concentrate on the bullshit small talk when his mind refused to focus.

While part of him wondered if Hitoshi would resent him for leaving like that, the other believed he wouldn’t even notice. The guy probably had his nose stuck in some dusty old book. He bet that the dumb vampire wasn’t even sort of aware of the passage of time. Katsuki furrowed his brow as his parents started another conversation with a random merchant. This one, like all the others, had nothing of interest to him. He wandered off, in search of something to take his mind off of the one thing he didn’t want to think about right now.

He walked until a flash of light out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He stopped and turned his head to see a table full of all sorts of jeweled items. They all glittered in the afternoon sun. Katsuki ground his teeth together in irritation. Evidently he’d become a raccoon or some shit. He couldn’t believe he’d been distracted by goddamn shiny stuff for no good reason. He rolled his eyes then turned to continue on when a flash of purple caught his eye.

Katsuki turned back towards the table and immediately noticed the black bat brooch that had two purple gems for eyes. They sparkled at him enticingly as he stepped up to the table. He picked it up and turned it side to side so he could admire the way the jewels shined. He couldn’t deny that he found the sparkle rather captivating.

“That there’s a one of a kind piece. Precious gems like those are hard to come by,” The merchant hummed with a smile. He was an elderly man with a long, gray beard and kind eyes.

“Is that right?” Katsuki asked without taking his eyes off the brooch. He was sure this was all some ploy to try and overcharge him for a stupid trinket he wasn’t even going to buy anyway. He just wanted to look at it for a second. He’d put it back down any moment now and walk away. Yep.

“Oh, yes. The wife and I found it on one of our travels a few years ago. We finally decided it was time to sell and let it bring others the happiness it brought us.” The man explained.

“You both hunt baubles?” Katsuki asked as he looked at the man. That seemed like an odd trade to be into.

“Indeed we do! In fact, that’s how we met!” The merchant chuckled. His eyes sparkled as he thought about it. He nodded as he said, “It was rivalry at first sight when we zeroed in on the same necklace. She looked like she was ready to fight me for the darn thing. I knew she was the one then and there!”

“That sounds… odd.” Katsuki returned his gaze to the brooch. He didn’t mean to say it like that but it truly was strange to him. To meet someone and know that you wanted to marry them? Well, to have a choice in something like that at all was odd, he suspected. Not that it was this guy’s fault or anything. It was something he’d never be able to experience.

“It was pure magic and stayed that way throughout our entire marriage. We don’t do much traveling now that we’ve gotten older and trips are a lot more expensive these days. Though it’d be wonderful to take her on another adventure,” The merchant hummed. He nodded and stroked his gray beard as he studied the blond for a moment. His eyes shined as he added, “Something tells me that you’d give that to someone who's pretty important to you. If that’s true, I can’t very well charge you full price for it. What do you say to half?”

Katsuki’s gaze shifted to the man and he simply blinked in response. In all his years going to markets like this no one had ever offered him such a deal. Most merchants picked up on the fact that he had extra money to spend and tried to charge him outlandish prices for their wares. He didn’t quite get this old man and his kind smile. He also wasn’t in the business of accepting handouts.

Katsuki reached into his robes and removed five gold coins. He placed them onto the table where the brooch had been and said, “I appreciate it, but I’d rather pay in full. As for the rest, just give that crescent-moon brooch you’ve got to the short-haired blonde woman that will pass by with a brown-haired man. You’ll know it’s her because she’s as loud as she is obnoxious.”

“This is still too much!” The merchant exclaimed as he frantically tried to give him back four of the coins.

Katsuki turned his back to the man and closed his hand around the little bat brooch. He placed it into his pocket and started to walk away as he mumbled, “Take your wife on a new adventure.”


The rest of the trip went just about as Katsuki had expected. His parents caught up with him eventually and his mother simply couldn’t stop raving about the kind old man that had given her a brooch and refused to accept anything for it. She was so taken by his kindness that she even talked about inviting him to the castle for a feast. Katsuki snorted at the idea. He couldn’t help but wonder just how surprised the guy would’ve been to find out they were royalty. It was probably better for his heart that he didn’t know.

It was later than he realized by the time he finally got back home. The sun had just set over the horizon. Katsuki swore under his breath. He knew the trip would be a while, but he didn’t think it’d take that damn long. As soon as they stepped foot into the castle he parted ways with his parents and headed towards his room. He didn’t know whether to expect it to be empty or if he was about to get into an argument about how long he’d been gone. Not that it was his damn fault.

Katsuki reached his bedroom and opened the door slowly. It was quiet, but that was to be expected. He looked over at the chaise by the window, since that was a certain vampire’s favorite spot, and saw nothing. He felt his heart sink. He hadn’t realized that the guy not being there was actually the worse option. He stepped into the room and shut the door behind himself. A soft grunt caught his attention and he whipped his head in the direction of it.

His eyes widened when he saw Hitoshi and Luna fast asleep on the bed. A momentary wave of relief washed over him as he thought about how she’d done exactly as he asked. She deserved a treat later. He made a mental note of it. He stepped lightly as he approached the bed. He stood at the side of it for a moment and wondered why this sight had him in such awe. Then it hit him. In all the time Hitoshi had been there, he’d never slept in his bed.

Whether that was because he’d fallen asleep on the chaise or left for the duration of his sleep, Katsuki couldn’t believe he’d just realized that now. He didn’t know what had made today any different. Though he supposed Luna probably dragged him to bed and whined to get her way. Yeah, actually, that sounded like a scenario he could totally picture. She was a brat, after all. A good girl, but a brat.

Katsuki untied and removed the annoying shirt he’d been forced to wear. He let it fall to the ground in a crumpled pile then climbed into bed on the free side next to Luna. He snuggled up close to the wolf and buried his face in her soft fur. He took note of the soft grunts she made as if she was annoyed he’d disturbed her nap. Brat. He tossed his arm around her and shut his eyes. It absolutely wasn’t his fault that his reach went all the way across her and his hand landed on Hitoshi. It wasn’t like he planned for that to happen. Still, he found himself without the motivation to make the effort to move it. He shut his eyes and let sleep overtake him.


Katsuki awoke with a soft gasp and then blinked a few times. He felt like he’d been dreaming but couldn’t remember what about. The world around him came into focus and he realized that he was definitely all alone in his bed and someone had even covered him at some point. He sat up and looked around the room. There was no sign of Luna, which wasn’t surprising since she would’ve made herself known as soon as he’d opened his eyes. He looked over at the chaise by the window to find it empty. Beyond that he noticed that it was pitch black outside. That meant it was pretty late. The middle of the night, most likely. He supposed this was the time of night when Hitoshi was wide awake. It was his nature and all that. If the guy wanted to wander the castle grounds in the dead of night that was his business. Katsuki laid back down and shut his eyes in an attempt to get back to sleep.

A few minutes later he picked up on the soft sound of footsteps outside of his room. It took him an extra second to realize that they were accompanied by the sound of claws scraping against the ground. He kept his eyes squeezed shut as he listened to the door to his room open.

“Remember what I said, you have to be quiet.”

A second later there was a rush of claws against the floor at lightning speed. Katsuki heard someone cry out to the wolf but it was too late. He let out the most undignified grunt imaginable when over a hundred pounds of wolf landed on top of him suddenly. He swore under his breath as Luna greeted him with an enthusiastic licking he would’ve preferred not to have gotten.

He eventually managed to wrestle her into submission and she simply laid next to him and wagged her tail. Every time she looked like she was about to start something he would growl softly so she knew that he didn’t want to play. He sat upright and attempted to wipe the drool off of himself. So much for getting back to sleep.

“Well that was interesting. Does it happen often?” Hitoshi asked, clearly amused.

“Too often for my liking,” Katsuki grumbled. He got out of bed and muttered something about a bath then disappeared from the room.

It wasn’t until he was submerged in the water up to his diaphragm that he wondered if he should’ve invited Hitoshi to join him. He looked around at all of the other werewolves that were also in the water and decided that it probably wouldn’t be to the guy’s liking. He sat in his corner and his kin knew not to bother him so he didn’t really care about the others. He shut his eyes and leaned his head back against the edge of the tub.

Katsuki’s mind wandered to a certain vampire. He wondered why the guy never bathed. Well, he never did with him, anyway. Even when at The Dusk Den when he should soak in the cleansing waters, the vampire never did. He knew that not all creatures were as comfortable with skinship as werewolves were and supposed that could have something to do with it.

Still, he couldn’t help but wonder what it might be like if the guy did join him. A crystal-clear image appeared in his mind. That purple hair flat against Hitoshi’s head with water dripping from the tips and gliding down his bare torso. Those purple eyes shining with promise as he approached him and the water around his waist rippled with the motion. Their damp, naked chests pressed up against one another. Hitoshi’s hot breath against his lips, signaling that he’d fed recently. Hands dancing their way down one another’s bodies until they disappeared into the water and… Katsuki’s eyes snapped open. He didn’t know where any of that crap had just come from but he absolutely needed to dial it back a few notches.

Katsuki looked around himself and saw that no one had noticed him being weird. That was a small relief. He dove underwater then swam to the other end of the bath. He climbed out of it without so much as a grunt at those around him. He was clean enough and needed to get out of there. He didn’t have time for weird delusions or whatever that nonsense was. He dried off and pulled on the pants he’d arrived in then wandered out of there. He definitely did not dwell on that weird thought he’d had as he headed back to his room.

When he got back to his room he immediately noticed Hitoshi stretched out across his chaise. Yeah, it was basically his at this point since Katsuki never used the damn thing and he seemed to favor it. Luna sat on the ground next to him and had her head in his lap. Hitoshi held a book in the air with one hand and pet her with the free one. They looked quite cozy. In fact, neither of them even acknowledged that he entered the room. It irked him a bit but whatever. He walked over to the clothes he’d discarded last night and picked them up as he said, “C’mere, Hitoshi.”

“I’m not a pet at your beck and call,” Hitoshi replied without so much as a glance in his direction.

“It’s not like that ya pain in the ass. I wanna give you something.” Katsuki knew that had intrigued the guy and there was no need to explain further. He finally found the pocket where he’d left the brooch from the marketplace right as Hitoshi approached him. He dropped the garment once more and smirked. There was a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he offered the vampire what he held.

“What’s this?” Hitoshi asked as he accepted the brooch.

“It’s you,” Katsuki declared, his amusement written all over his face. He grinned and held back a snicker as he added, “The resemblance is uncanny.”

Hitoshi looked like he didn’t know whether he wanted to laugh or cry. There was conflict within his usually indifferent eyes. He studied the brooch in his hand for a long moment as an apparent war waged within him. He finally smiled sweetly and asked, “You really thought about me while you were away?”

“Well, uh, yeah…” Katsuki was taken aback by that response. That so wasn’t the point of this. It was supposed to be a joke at his expense. Katsuki didn’t understand why the vampire didn’t see it. He couldn’t make it any clearer. He also didn’t understand why the heck the guy was blushing like that. That stupid pink dusting in his cheeks caused a lump to form in his throat. He hadn’t actually expected Hitoshi to like the gift and now he wasn’t sure what to do with himself. A snarky comment and silly disagreement over a stupid bauble was something he’d been prepared for. This wasn’t.

Katsuki’s eyes widened when Hitoshi looked up from the brooch and then bent down so he could place a quick kiss upon his cheek. The whisper of thanks right next to his ear caused a shiver to run down his spine. It wasn’t snarky in the slightest, but heartfelt. He felt his own cheeks darken for reasons that he didn’t quite understand. He cleared his throat and turned his head away from the guy. If the stupid vampire liked what was supposed to be a joke gift so darn much he didn’t see any reason to rain on that parade. He turned his back to Hitoshi and grunted, “You’re welcome.”




It was four days later during the middle of the night that Katsuki was woken from his sleep. The sounds of someone shuffling around the room had been enough to disturb his rest. He frowned to himself then sat up and looked in the direction of the noise. He couldn’t be sure what the heck the vampire was doing but he didn’t have to be so damn loud about it. Katsuki’s expression was as flat as his tone as he said, “You’re a lot less stealthy than normal.”

Hitoshi jumped then turned towards him. He looked a bit ashamed as he muttered, “Shit, sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Katsuki had the chance to take in his whole outfit now that the vampire had turned around. It looked surprisingly warm and wasn’t something that one would wear to casually lounge about. He raised a curious eyebrow and asked, “Going out?”

“Nowhere special,” Hitoshi shrugged.

“Do tell.” Katsuki frowned and crossed his arms. Sure, the guy could wander the castle grounds all he wanted but there was something weird about his actions. It felt like he was being lied to and Katsuki didn’t care for it. He just wanted to know the truth.

Hitoshi sighed in defeat and then explained, “I know it seems silly but I want to go see if I can find that fox we helped. I want to make sure she’s doing all right.”

“At this time of night?” Katsuki asked. Part of him hated just how much that had sounded like something his parents would say in this situation.

“Yeah,” Hitoshi turned back around and continued what he’d been doing. He nodded as he added, “I guess it’s good that you woke up. If I don’t make it back before sunrise–”

“Where the fuck would you stay?” Katsuki cut him off. He already didn’t like the sound of this. Honestly, he could think of a thousand and one different ideas that made a lot more sense.

“A hollow tree or something, I don’t know. Anywhere to keep the direct rays off of me will suffice.” Hitoshi blew him off with a shrug.

“That’s a bad idea,” Katsuki grunted.

“I don’t care,” Hitoshi replied without missing a beat.

Katsuki watched him continue to get ready to go. He’d evidently made up his mind and wouldn’t be talked out of it. That was all kinds of annoying. He grinded his teeth for a moment as he thought about all the ways this could go wrong. In the end, he knew those woods better than anyone else. That meant there was but one logical conclusion to all this. He sort of hated it. Katsuki rolled his eyes and muttered, “It’ll be much faster if we use my nose to guide us.”

“Us?” Hitoshi paused and turned to look back at him.

Katsuki sighed and shook his head. He tossed the covers aside then got off of his bed. He cracked his neck side to side before he finally replied, “Can’t very well leave you in the woods alone. You’d probably wander off into some trap and bleed out before anyone could find you.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Hitoshi scoffed. He rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Katsuki didn’t bother to reply. He’d only told him the truth when asked so it wasn’t his fault if the guy took offense to it. There was no more to discuss. He removed his pants then said, “Stick close to me and we’ll be in and out.”

He didn’t wait for a response because he wasn’t in the mood to argue. He simply shifted into his wolf form then shook his body side to side and grunted. It surprised him when Hitoshi knelt down before him. Suddenly he was eye level with that ridiculous brooch that the guy hadn’t taken off since he’d given it to him. Katsuki grunted softly when Hitoshi pet the back of his neck.

No one in their right mind would ever try and attempt something like that with him. So either this guy was certifiably insane or he had a death wish. Maybe it was more than that. Katsuki noticed that there wasn’t even the slightest bit of fear in the air, or hesitation in his pats. He truly felt safe enough around him to do something like this without so much as a second thought. Katsuki didn’t know what to make of that. He absolutely didn’t feel his tail wag slightly behind himself.

“Your wolf form is truly magnificent, Katsuki. It’s an incredible sight to behold,” Hitoshi hummed with a warm smile. He ran his fingers through the soft, blond fur and continued to smile.

Katsuki studied the sincere look upon his face for a long moment. He was so thankful for the fact that wolves couldn’t blush. They could wag their tails like an idiot, however. Since he felt his had started to wag faster after that compliment he knew they had to get going. He couldn’t let the vampire notice that. It’d be worse than the blushing thing. He growled softly, not as a threat but to get Hitoshi’s attention, then pulled away from him and headed over to the door. The vampire clearly took the hint as Katsuki heard him right behind him every step of the way.


As soon as they stepped out of the castle Katsuki looked up at Hitoshi and watched him shiver. The vampire rubbed his arms as he said, “It’s colder than I thought, even with the layers I have on. We need to be quick. The cold makes me lethargic if I’m exposed to it for too long. Not to mention the coming sunrise will bring its own set of problems.”

Katsuki grunted in response. He understood the urgency and part of him wished he’d tried harder to convince the guy to stay. Oh well, they were already outside so they might as well carry on. He sniffed the air and took in all of the familiar scents. They were like a comforting hug. He didn’t understand why he hadn’t been in this form since Hitoshi got there. There was absolutely nothing as exhilarating. Well… maybe one thing came close.

He pushed the thought from his mind and continued to sniff. Now was not the time. It was easy to pick out an unfamiliar scent among the usual ones. Though it was faint, it was there. If he had to guess he’d say he was probably smelling a lingering scent from where they’d found the fox. That meant they had a little ways to walk before he detected anything new. He turned towards Hitoshi and let out a series of different pitched grunts to get his attention. The vampire nodded at him as if he understood what they meant.

Katsuki lead the way into the woods. He fought the instinct he had to take off and run because he wanted to make sure Hitoshi could keep up with him. Well, that and the fact that the vampire kept letting the tips of his fingers run along his fur gently. It felt good and Katsuki wasn’t ashamed to admit that in the dark in a form where no one could understand him anyway.

It was about twenty or so minutes by the time they reached the spot where they’d seen the fox. Katsuki could tell by the placement of the moon as well as the slow pace they’d walked. Considering how late it was he probably should’ve tried to move a bit faster. He stopped walking and sniffed the area. The fox’s blood had seeped into the ground and he could still smell it. Though it was stale, she hadn’t been there since that time they’d seen her. He could pick up on the direction she’d left in, however.

Katsuki turned his head and grunted softly to get Hitoshi’s attention. Once he saw the vampire nod in confirmation he turned away again and started to follow the trail. Another ten minutes went by as Katsuki got closer to his intended target. The trail was much fresher now and he felt the adrenaline that came with a hunt start to flood his system. He had to remind himself that this wasn’t like that. He wasn’t there to hunt. This was a recon mission.

He stopped in his tracks when he heard a soft growl. He turned towards the noise to see a fox baring its fangs at him as it stood there defensively. Katsuki noticed a bit of cloth still tied to her leg. It was definitely the same one. Her cubs skittered off then she turned tail and dashed off after them. Well, that answered Hitoshi’s question. She and her babies were just fine. He turned and looked up at the vampire to see that he had a relieved look upon his face as he watched the animals run off. Katsuki didn’t know why exactly that made him relax a bit but whatever.

“Thank goodness that worrying I did was for nothing,” Hitoshi sighed. He pat Katsuki on the head as a way to show his appreciation for him indulging this ridiculous trip.

Katsuki watched the way that the vampire yawned then blinked slowly. The cold really did seem to make him want to sleep. Not to mention it was much closer to sunrise than he’d thought. This had taken far longer than it should’ve. He turned around then barked at Hitoshi to get his attention. It was time for them to go and he wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

He watched the vampire turn his way and took note of the fact that his reaction time was also a bit slow. The guy still had a smile on his face but it was clear that he’d do anything to be able to lie down. Katsuki shook his head and grunted at him. Hitoshi looked down at him and was about to reply when a sudden breeze distracted him. He looked up at the trees around them and watched as some leaves danced in the sky. One of them landed right on the brooch he wore on the left side of his shirt. Hitoshi brushed the leaf off of himself and accidentally dislodged the brooch in the process. It landed about a foot away from him. He let out a soft ‘ah’ then bent down to pick it up.

Katsuki’s instincts hit him like lightning. There was danger. Immediate, instantaneous danger. He didn’t have time to think and simply charged. He managed to tackle and shove Hitoshi out of the way right before a hidden trap slammed shut. Too bad he wasn’t nearly as fast as he needed to be. Katsuki whined loudly at the stabbing pain he felt in his back-left leg. The scent of blood permeated the air and he didn’t need to look at it to know it was bad.

It took Hitoshi a second longer than it should’ve to realize what had just happened. He’d been shoved with such force that he fell and hit the ground hard, which knocked the wind out of him. It wasn’t until he smelled blood that he even realized something bad had happened. He gasped then scrambled over to the wolf and yelled, “Oh, shit! Katsuki!”

Katsuki snapped his jaw at him, more out of instinct than being angry. It didn’t deter the vampire one bit. Hitoshi apologized again and again as he tried to figure out how to help. Every time he thought he had a decent enough grip on the trap his fingers would slip because of the blood that coated it. Well, that and he was clearly in a weakened state. Katsuki could see his labored breaths and the extra exertion he put into each attempt to pry the thing open. There was a fierce determination in those purple eyes and Katsuki knew he wouldn’t leave him to get help. He also knew that he couldn’t transform in his current condition. He supposed that meant they had to work together.

He didn’t need the trap pulled open all the way. He only needed enough leeway to slip free. He paid close attention to just how much the vampire managed to open the jaws and for how long. If he wasn’t quick this time there was a chance that it could snap closed on a different part of his foot and cause more damage. That was just a risk he’d have to take.

Katsuki took note of the fact that Hitoshi really had to struggle to hold the jaws open and that the time he could do so had gotten shorter. They were running out of time if this was going to work. He kept his gaze fixed upon the trap as he waited for that right moment. As soon as Hitoshi parted the jaws once more Katsuki yanked his foot free. He immediately held it close to his body as the stabbing pain turned into a throbbing one. It still hurt like a bitch.

“Thank goodness,” Hitoshi muttered right before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he flopped over onto the ground.

Katsuki limped closer to him and then nudged the vampire with his snout. He’d known that Hitoshi had over exerted himself, but he hadn’t realized it had been to this degree. His skin was so cold against the tip of his nose, it felt like ice. This was bad. Even with his fur he could feel just how cold it had gotten. That alone would keep Hitoshi down for the count, but even worse was the fact that Katsuki knew the sun was about to rise. A sharp pain in his injured paw reminded him that there was no way he’d be able to drag the vampire back to the castle before then in his current condition.

He couldn’t transform until he got his leg looked at. If it healed incorrectly because he was impatient that could cause him to lose proper use of it. It wasn’t worth the risk considering it’d still be a hindrance in human form. Perhaps even more so than it was now. He didn’t have the time or energy to drag Hitoshi all the way back to the castle. He’d only be worse off if he forced a shift.

Katsuki wasn’t sure what he should do. He looked around them for anything he could use or something that might give him an idea. His gaze fell upon a large, old tree and he would’ve gasped if he could’ve. The fact that they actually happened to stop right where there was a hollow tree was the most ridiculous thing that could’ve possibly happened. Be it a coincidence or some ‘being’ looking out for them he didn’t care. He did have enough strength to drag the vampire there so it’d have to do. He’d be safe from the sun and that was what they needed right now. It gave Katsuki more time to come up with a plan.

He was as gentle as he could be as he bit down on Hitoshi’s robes and pulled him over to the tree. He ignored his own pain. It wasn’t important right now. He’d been through way worse and this wouldn’t slow him down. He made sure the vampire was as shaded as possible by the tree then went back over to where the trap laid on the ground. He snarled at it before he used his snout to rummage through the dead leaves. He finally found the brooch that had fallen, completely unharmed.

He was relieved to find that since he was sure it’d make Hitoshi smile when he found out. He picked it up and held it carefully in his mouth then brought it into the hollow tree as well. He placed it down then limped over to where Hitoshi laid shivering on the ground. Katsuki laid down as close as he possibly could to the vampire, so he could share the warmth of his body heat and fur.

It was a relief when Hitoshi finally stopped shivering and tossed his arm around him. He didn’t awaken, though. It seemed that he was finally resting peacefully. Katsuki laid his head on his front paws and did his best to try and sleep through the ache he felt. After he got some rest and it warmed up a bit he would head back to the castle for help. Right now he couldn’t leave Hitoshi alone. He grunted softly when the arm around him squeezed. He nuzzled Hitoshi’s cheek in response. He absolutely wouldn’t leave. There was no need for the vampire to worry about that. His red eyes fell shut just as the first rays of sunlight shone over the horizon. A quick rest while it warmed up was all he needed.


Katsuki opened his eyes and blinked slowly. He lifted his head and his ears twitched as he listened to his surroundings. It wasn’t the sounds of what he’d expect for the middle of the day. He turned his head and saw that it was evening once again. His injury must’ve exhausted him if he’d slept all day. That put a wrench in his previous plan. He was irked but glad to find that Hitoshi seemed all right even though he was also still asleep.

The snap of a twig close by made Katsuki whip his head in that direction and start to growl threateningly. Whatever unfortunate beast that had decided to stumble upon them better turn tail and run before it became their dinner. He was in no mood to show any mercy. The howl he received in return was so surprising that it had Katsuki on his feet a moment later. He limped out from the tree and was greeted with a lick on the snout by Luna. Her tail wagged happily, and she whined to indicate that she’d been worried.

She turned her attention to his injured leg and sniffed it. Katsuki let her lick it a few times before he finally had enough and growled again. She looked at him and he turned towards Hitoshi. She stuck her head into the tree and sniffed him too. Her tail wagged quickly once again when she found that he was unharmed. Her arrival changed things. That meant he didn’t have to go with his previous plan. This was better. He could work with this.

With a little more effort than he would’ve liked, he managed to help Luna get Hitoshi onto her back. As soon as he had the vampire secure enough he barked at Luna. She was more than happy to trot after him. He couldn’t bark anymore since he carried the brooch in his mouth but she seemed to understand enough. He noticed that she kept her place slow and was very careful about her passenger. Brat or not, she was a good girl. He’d have to give her extra treats later.

It really sucked to have to limp his way home. Even if he could transform he’d be in the same boat so that wouldn’t help at all. He just had to power through the discomfort. Katsuki was no stranger to injuries. He’d been getting into all kinds of trouble ever since he was a cub. The sight of him limping wouldn’t be a shock to anyone that saw it.

Katsuki glanced over at Luna so he could look at her passenger. The sight of what he let happen to someone he should’ve been strong enough to protect might shock people though. Katsuki growled softly to himself. It’d be a lie to say he’d done everything he could. He should’ve put his foot down and told Hitoshi not to go because it was too late. If the guy thought him nothing but a brute afterwards that would be a much smaller price to pay.

Now he couldn’t think about anything else but how he’d fucked up. A thousand and one scenarios about how this could go so wrong when they got back raced through his head. He didn’t know what he’d do if anyone told him that Hitoshi was in even worse condition than he thought. He didn’t know what he’d do if the guy didn’t wake back up. He didn’t know what he’d do if the guy decided he’d had enough and wanted to head back home. Surely his people would be receptive to that once they heard about what happened. Katsuki felt sick to his stomach. Any number of terrible things could happen all because of him and his inferiority as a supposed protector.

He’d been so lost in his own head that he didn’t even realize they’d arrived back home. It wasn’t until people came rushing out of the castle that Katsuki finally noticed it. They all headed right for Hitoshi and something snapped within him. He dropped the brooch, jumped in front of the pair, ignoring the way he’d just made his own pain ten times worse. He growled and bared his fangs at the people that would approach them. He snapped his jaws threateningly at anyone that dared move a muscle. He was out for blood and he knew that the look in his eyes said so.

“Please calm down, Prince! We need to get him inside if we’re to help! Not to mention you need to get your wound treated as well!” One of the braver men attempted to explain.

Logically that made perfect sense. Katsuki knew it. At the same time he couldn’t help but want to keep everyone else away from Hitoshi while he was in such a vulnerable state. He continued to keep everyone at bay with menacing ferocity. It wasn’t until he heard Luna bark at him commandingly that he finally stopped. He didn’t know what it was about the sound but it allowed him to clear his head a bit. He finally backed down and allowed his subjects to do their jobs.

He shook his head in an attempt to clear it further. He had no idea what that had been about. He’d been overly protective even by his own standards. Katsuki watched the men pick Hitoshi up gingerly and then pat Luna on the head. They took him into the building as they discussed just how much blood he would probably need. Katsuki had to fight every fiber of his being that told him to run after them. His muscles cried out for him to chase.

“Follow me, Prince.”

Katsuki turned and looked at the person that just spoke. It was one of the nurses from the infirmary. The guy didn’t offer to help him walk, which had been a smart move on his end. He wasn’t an invalid. Katsuki picked up the brooch once again and limped after him. He couldn’t help but wonder where they’d taken Hitoshi. He would have to be given the best treatment since he was a prince of another kingdom, after all. It was only when he realized that they were headed to his room that he understood they’d taken their guest to the infirmary and devoted all resources to tending to him. Good. That’s how it should be.

The nurse wasn’t in his room for very long. He inspected the paw then rubbed some medicinal salve on it. The pain was instantly cut in half. Katsuki rolled his eyes at the guy that told him not to lick it or shift back for another twenty-four hours if he wanted to keep the use of his leg. He grunted in acknowledgement when he was told to stay off his paw for that time. He watched the nurse leave then laid his head on his front paws. His mind wandered to Hitoshi. He was curious about whether he’d woken up yet. He just wanted to see the guy open his eyes again and now he had to wait a whole day before he could. He felt helpless as he laid there like a lump. Everything about this current situation really sucked.



Chapter Text


Katsuki didn’t sleep a wink. There was no darn way he could’ve. He laid in bed and simply waited. It felt like forever and then some before his twenty-four-hour time frame was finally up. He made sure to test out his leg before he shifted. He stepped off of his bed and applied pressure to it carefully. It still hurt but it was the kind of pain that wasn’t worth thinking about. He knew it’d heal just fine. He shifted to human form and went to take a quick bath. He wanted to wash the scent of dirt and old blood off of himself. The warm water made his leg sting a bit, but he didn’t care. He’d dealt with worse.

Once he got out of the bath he wrapped his ankle in gauze. After that he put on the first pair of shorts he found. Then he was finally on his way to the infirmary. Nothing short of an actual army attacking their front gate could keep him from his destination right now. Even then, he’d be inclined to ignore it. Right when he reached the door to the infirmary, the chief physician stepped out. She sighed to herself, clearly lost in her own thoughts. As soon as she noticed him she jumped and bowed her head in respect.

“Is he…” Katsuki had no idea how to finish the question. There were too many variants of it and he couldn’t seem to narrow it down to one in particular.

“He’s awake,” She nodded. Her brow knitted together and she added, “He’s refusing to drink any blood, though.”

“What?” Katsuki practically spat. Of all the scenarios he’d imagined, he hadn’t expected to hear anything half as ridiculous as this.

She nodded and explained, “If this keeps up he’s going to get really sick. Maybe you can talk to him, but as it stands he’s not cooperating with any of the infirmary staff.”

Katsuki sucked his teeth and stomped past her. As soon as he stepped into the infirmary he commanded, “Leave.”

All of the staff hurried out of his way. None wanted to face the wrath that would come with such a cold expression and powerful tone of voice. Katsuki stood there with his arms crossed until every last one of them was gone. As soon as they were alone he pulled aside the curtain that hid Hitoshi’s bed. He watched the vampire blink wide-eyed at him for a second before his gaze fell to his bandaged leg. Hitoshi made a pained expression then turned his head away from him.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing? You need to drink something.” Katsuki used a tone of voice that was demanding just to be clear that he wasn’t messing around. He knew all too well that vampires didn’t necessarily need solid food but they’d waste away without liquid nourishment.

“I refuse,” Hitoshi replied without looking back at him.

Excuse me?” Katsuki was flabbergasted. People did not refuse him, especially not when he was openly furious. He was about ready to start getting loud when Hitoshi spoke first.

“Not after what happened. I don’t deserve it.”

Some of Katsuki’s rage died down a bit. So he basically blamed himself for how things went down. Well, that was a feeling he could relate to. Not that he’d freaking starve himself as punishment though. He did his best not to sound as angry as he was as he replied through gritted teeth, “That wasn’t your fault.”

“I should’ve gone alone instead of dragging you into it.” Hitoshi still didn’t turn his way.

“I don’t want to hear that bullshit. If that were the case you would’ve ended up the injured one and been unable to make it back here before sunrise.” Katsuki reminded him. Just the thought caused his gut to twist violently. That feeling made him furrow his brow as he continued to watch the vampire.

“That would’ve been preferable, yes,” Hitoshi replied softly.

Katsuki’s eyes widened. This guy really was an idiot if he thought that to be true. The stupid vampire had no idea just how bad that would’ve been. He wasn’t even sure he could find the right words to explain just how wrong he was. He frowned to himself and grumbled, “Stop talking nonsense and just drink.”


Katsuki had more than enough of this. He let his hands fall away from his chest and balled them into fists at his sides. He stopped attempting to hold back the anger in his voice as he growled, “I don’t care what pity party is going on in that thick skull of yours, you will drink or I’ll-”

Hitoshi turned his head towards him and asked, “You’ll what? Open a vein for me? Don’t kid yourself.”

“I’ll shove it down your throat,” Katsuki corrected him without missing a beat.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes and shook his head. He turned away from him again as he muttered, “As if you could. Go away.”

At this point Katsuki was seething mad. The absolute nerve of this guy. Nobody blew him off like that, especially not when he was so determined about something. If he wasn’t going to cooperate, they’d do things the hard way. That was fine by him. Katsuki looked around until he spied the blood bags the nurses had left out. He grabbed one then tore it open with his teeth. The sound got Hitoshi’s attention and as soon as the vampire turned to look back at him Katsuki hopped onto the bed and straddled his waist.

Katsuki found his surprised grunt rather satisfying for some reason. He stared into those purple eyes he’d come so close to not seeing again for a long moment. After that he tilted his head back and emptied half of the contents of the blood bag into his mouth. He took note of the way Hitoshi’s eyes widened as he leaned down a second later to slot their mouths together.

Some of the fluid leaked out of their mouths and dripped down the side of Hitoshi’s face. The vampire didn’t seem to mind it since his eyes fluttered shut and he parted his lips to accept the offering. Something about this was a lot more erotic than Katsuki would’ve thought. It felt strangely taboo. He fed Hitoshi all of the blood in his mouth then sat up to pour the rest of the bag into his own mouth. He was back upon the other man a moment later.

Once the blood was gone they didn’t part. In fact, what had been a simple solution to a problem became a heated kiss. Katsuki didn’t know which of them started it and he didn’t care. He found that he was unable to voice what he wanted to about how worried he’d been. This was close enough. The two of them kissed as if it was the last thing they’d ever do. They fed off of one another’s desperation with just as much of their own.

When Katsuki finally managed to break the kiss and sit upright again he licked the excess blood off his lips slowly. He didn’t need to look at Hitoshi to know that the guy was staring at him. He could practically feel how those purple eyes had followed the motion of his tongue. Katsuki turned his head and looked over at the table where the rest of the blood bags were. He cracked his neck then asked, “One down, what, like five to go?”

“S-something like that…” Hitoshi didn’t even know. He was too entranced by the werewolf’s every motion to even try and figure it out. He probably would’ve agreed to anything in that moment. His gaze never left Katsuki as the blond grabbed another bag of blood and tore it open.

Katsuki maintained eye contact with him as he poured half of the contents of the next bag into his mouth. This time he wasn’t met with any resistance when he offered it to Hitoshi. In fact, the guy seemed eager for it from the way that his hands landed on Katsuki’s waist and squeezed. Katsuki swallowed the soft moan that slipped past Hitoshi’s lips with a kiss.

That was all it took for him to get into it as well. Each time he fed Hitoshi the kiss that occurred afterwards was nearly enough to leave him breathless. It took all of the self-control he could muster not to grind down on the vampire’s lap. Though he could tell by the way that Hitoshi had his knees bent and had attempted to buck his hips once or twice, it would be a welcome action indeed.

By the time all the blood bags were empty both of them were left a panting mess. Their hair was a wreck since they’d both grabbed at it without mercy. It would’ve been funny if Katsuki wasn’t so damn aroused now. All he could think about was one thing. They stared at one another in silence as they licked the blood from their lips. He knew that the feeling was mutual. He could see it in those half-lidded, purple eyes. His intent was clear by the look in his own eyes as he said, “Get yourself cleared by the physician then meet me in my room.”

Katsuki didn’t wait for a reply. He hopped off of the vampire and left without another word. The guy knew just where to find him. He knew also that Katsuki would be waiting.


It felt like forever before Katsuki finally heard footsteps outside of his room. He turned towards the door and watched it open. He nibbled on his bottom lip and nodded to himself when Hitoshi entered. Their eyes met and he could see the lustful gleam still within those purple ones. Yeah, OK, he knew what to do next.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out two tiny bags of Dusk. He tossed one at Hitoshi and said, “Take this then take your clothes off.”

Hitoshi caught then inspected the little baggie. He raised a curious eyebrow at Katsuki as he asked, “Is this…?”

“Yes, it’s legal and perfectly safe. I’m not trying to kill us.” Katsuki answered before the other could finish. These were obvious but if he needed the reassurance then whatever. He shrugged then added, “It’ll be out of our systems by morning. You’ll just have to spend the night in here with me.”

“I see,” Hitoshi muttered to himself as he continued to stare at the bag.

Katsuki turned his back to him and quickly snorted his portion. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath then wiped the underside of his nose. He knew that it had already started to work when he felt his muscles relax. Well, most of his muscles.

He turned around and saw that Hitoshi was lying on the bed looking a bit out of sorts. He was completely nude, just as requested. A grin spread across Katsuki’s face as he walked over to the side of the bed and looked over the naked vampire. He watched Hitoshi blush under his scrutinizing gaze and had to admit that made him even more attractive. While the world around them had started to dance, he could focus on this vampire just fine. There was nothing more important to him right now.

He shed the last bit of his clothes and joined Hitoshi on the bed. The vampire quickly sat upright so he could pull him into a kiss. Katsuki hummed as he leaned into it. It was when Hitoshi attempted to pull him down onto the bed that he finally broke the kiss and shook his head.

Katsuki watched the curious look flash in those pretty, purple eyes. He couldn’t do a thing about the devilish grin upon his face as he swung a leg over Hitoshi’s lap. He maintained eye contact with him as he positioned himself. Katsuki could feel the heat radiating from the excited member beneath himself. Hitoshi was always warm after he fed. Right now all that blood had pooled into one place.

Katsuki licked his lips at the thought. He was so turned on from earlier that he could feel the lubricant run down his thighs. He was more than ready. He was goddamn needy.

He gasped softly as he slid onto Hitoshi’s length. It was warm and filled him up perfectly. He swore to himself as he started to bounce in place. He noticed the way that Hitoshi watched him as if he couldn’t believe he was even real. Well, he was real. He would prove it.

He slid his arms around Hitoshi's neck and stared into his eyes as he continued to bounce. He didn’t know what it was about this time, but this was so fucking hot. He leaned in as if for a kiss but stopped and simply panted against Hitoshi’s lips. The way the vampire dug his fingers into his waist was nearly maddening.

Katsuki continued to ride him as he wondered how he was supposed to tell someone that he’d been incredibly worried about them.  Was there a way to say that without sounding ridiculous? How could he explain the awful things that the thought of losing them did to his chest? How could he begin to comprehend the overly protective feeling he’d had when they'd returned? The short answer was that he couldn’t. Not without sounding like he was off his rocker.

That was why Dusk was so great.  He didn’t have to think about any of that crap with his mind in a fog. All he needed to focus on was sliding along the length he had sheathed inside of himself. Well, that and the incredible feeling of the hands caressing his body. Everywhere their skin touched felt like passionate little flames danced along it. Katsuki couldn’t get enough of it.

There was something different in the way that Hitoshi watched him this time. It was almost like he was more focused than usual. That was all the motivation Katsuki needed to put on an even better show. He tangled his hands in his own hair and arched his back as he gyrated his hips in a circular motion. He grinned when Hitoshi swore softly to himself. He liked being watched and he liked getting a reaction along with it. All around he was into it. The Dusk hadn’t been cheap, and he fully intended on getting his money’s worth. He knew that they had a very good night ahead of themselves.


Katsuki awoke the next afternoon and didn’t move a muscle. He simply laid there and blinked at the vampire lying next to him. Hitoshi didn’t sleep that often, never mind somewhere like this. It was a rare opportunity to just be able to watch him. Hitoshi was still out and probably would be for a while considering how exhausting last night had been. Katsuki smirked at the thought.

Part of him had to wonder if they’d overdone it. He’d known that wolfkind were famous for their stamina among other things but that was the first time he’d really put it to the test. He could recall having sex three more times after the first, but it could’ve been even more than that. Everything sort of blended together after that in his mind. Even with what he could recall quickly, he knew that the both of them had been in every position imaginable countless times. It was as incredible as it was ridiculous. If that was what they’d been missing out on by not sticking around after the first round at The Den they’d been utter fools. He was glad that he’d bought himself a small supply of Dusk and they could do that again whenever they wanted.

He brushed a stray strand of purple hair out of Hitoshi’s face and continued to watch him. There was no reason for such besides the fact that he simply wanted to. He hadn’t taken time to just appreciate the guy like this since he’d arrived. Katsuki couldn’t help but wonder why that was. He gasped when the vampire grunted softly.

Katsuki immediately rolled onto his back so he wouldn’t be caught staring. He waited for a moment before he finally realized it had been a false alarm and the guy hadn’t been about to wake up. He took a deep breath then exhaled it. The scent of sex still permeated the air and Katsuki realized that even though he might not mind it, he probably needed a bath. His stomach growled a moment later and he added ‘get something to eat’ to his mental list. There was no more time for him to laze about.

He got out of bed carefully so he didn’t disturb the sleeping vampire. It only took a few steps for Katsuki to realize that he had a slight limp. They’d really gone hard last night. If he was this damn sore he wouldn’t be surprised if Hitoshi didn’t bother to get out of bed once he finally awoke. The thought made him a bit proud for some reason and he smirked to himself. He refused to show his discomfort as he walked through the halls and towards his destination.

Though the bath was empty for once, it still bothered him that anyone could waltz in whenever they felt like it. Had he convinced Hitoshi to join him, they wouldn’t have had any actual privacy. The idea of others seeing even a glimpse of the vampire’s naked skin filled him with unnecessary amounts of rage. As a general rule casual nudity didn’t bother him or his kin. Yet it was different when it came to Hitoshi. The others didn’t have the right to see any part of the vampire. The guy was for his eyes only.

He made a mental note that he needed to have a private bath installed for just the two of them. Maybe as a ridiculous wedding gift or something, he didn’t know. He shook his head at the thought of that. Every time he managed not to think about it somehow it found its way back into his head. As long as they could keep putting the thing off it was fine for now. He just needed more time to get used to the idea, he guessed. Though he had to admit it would be nice to finally be able to bathe together.

After his bath he pulled on a pair of pants then headed towards the kitchen. He’d come to realize that he was damn near starving. Last night had drained him in every sense of the word. He held back a chuckle and waltzed right over to the fridge. He saw some freshly cut meat and had to admit that’d hit the spot right now. He grabbed a slab that was still dripping with blood and took a big bite. His eyes fell shut and he had to hold back a groan. Damn, that hit all the perfect spots.

Katsuki continued to munch on his snack, uncaring about the fact that he was dripping blood everywhere. Meh, someone would come around and clean it up eventually. He eyed the collection of blood bags they had and wondered if Hitoshi had a favorite. The vampire certainly acted like he liked them all when in the infirmary. In the end Katsuki grabbed one of each since he didn’t know.

He headed back to his room with the blood bags in one arm and the meat he’d grabbed in his other hand. He continued to munch on it all the way there. Once he stepped into the room and saw the vampire still asleep he made the effort to walk quietly. He placed the blood bags onto the bed next to him so he’d see them as soon as he woke up. After that he turned towards his nightstand and removed the brooch he’d set there the other night. He put that onto the pillow next to Hitoshi, just above the bags. He nodded to himself then left the room as quietly as possible. He felt a flood of adrenaline in his system as he thought about heading to the arena. He was in a good mood this afternoon and itching for a good spar.




It was hard to believe that just over eleven weeks had gone by since Hitoshi had arrived. Next week would be the three-month mark. Katsuki honestly had no idea they’d ever make it to that point. Granted, he had to admit that he’d grown to enjoy the vampire’s company. Their sex life certainly left nothing to be desired, but that was only a small part of a bigger picture. He found that there were moments when they both sat in comfortable silence that were more meaningful than other times. It was certainly weird.

It was a warm night and the pair laid on their backs side by side as they gazed up at the sky. This was never an activity Katsuki would’ve done on his own. Heck, it wasn’t something he’d ever consider doing in the first place. Yet in that moment he’d found a peace he hadn’t known was possible. Though he wanted to speak he didn’t know what he could possibly say that wouldn’t ruin it. So he opted for silence.


The voice that called out to him was as sweet as honey. He turned towards it with a hum and was met with a kiss. His eyes fell shut and he returned it. The hand he felt upon his cheek was cool, probably because Hitoshi hadn’t fed recently. Or maybe it was because his own blood had started to boil. It wasn’t from anger for once, but because of a simple touch. It was the sheer intensity that he had to hold back to let Hitoshi kiss him softly like this. It was so soft, in fact, that he felt his cheeks darken and his heart skip a beat.

Hitoshi pulled away from the kiss and shut his eyes as he muttered, “Sorry, I just wanted to do that once before…”

“Before what?” Katsuki all but whispered.

Hitoshi turned his head so that he was looking up at the sky again. He had a far-off look in his eyes, as if he was lost in his own thoughts. His voice was soft and emotionless as he replied, “Before I lost the courage.”

Katsuki could tell that he wasn’t being completely honest about whatever was on his mind. It didn’t seem like something to call him out on, though. He was too relaxed and there were far greater problems in the world than this. Hitoshi would tell him when he was ready to. Katsuki also returned his gaze to the sky. He slipped his hand into the vampire’s and squeezed. It was a silent reassurance that he was ready to listen whenever Hitoshi felt like talking about it.

All of a sudden there was a loud, happy bark as Luna appeared. She ran right over to Hitoshi and waited for him to sit up then plopped down on top of him. Katsuki watched as she got exactly what she wanted when the vampire laughed and started to pet her. He sat upright and couldn’t help but watch in awe. There weren’t very many sights that warmed him to the core, but this one did. The way he smiled and chuckled to himself each time she licked his face was incredible to say the least.

Once she had her fill of being pet, she turned her attention to him next. Katsuki almost didn’t have time to prepare for her sudden charge. The pair wrestled for a bit before she finally tuckered out and admitted defeat. He pat her head with a snort. Luna yawned and then made herself comfortable across both their laps, with her head on Hitoshi’s. It seemed like they were stuck like that for a bit. When Katsuki felt the cool hand settle atop his on the ground he knew things could've been worse.


Just under another week went by and it was obvious that something had been bothering Hitoshi. It irked Katsuki that the guy hadn’t bothered to tell him what was wrong. Since he’d started distancing himself and acting cold towards him he had the right to know. If the vampire was upset for whatever reason he needed to know what had happened. It wasn’t like he could fix a problem if he didn’t know what was wrong. He’d reached the end of his patience-rope and finally decided to ask about it.

“Are you going to tell me what’s been bothering you lately or not?” Katsuki asked completely out of the blue. It’d been during one of their comfortable silences when Hitoshi had been reading to himself while he basically sat there and watched him. The vampire hadn’t even noticed.

“Nothing,” Hitoshi muttered without looking at him.

Katsuki growled loudly then stomped right over to him. He tore the book from Hitoshi’s hands and tossed it over onto the bed. He ignored the surprise on the vampire’s face and spat, “Bullshit. You know I can smell it when people lie, right? Why would you think you could lie to my face?”

Hitoshi’s shoulders slumped and he turned his head away from him. His voice was barely above a whisper as he replied, “Please just drop it.”

Katsuki furrowed his brow and declared, “I have the right to know why you’re upset with me.”

“I’m not,” Hitoshi sighed.

“Which is why you won’t look at me. That explains the silent treatment as well as the fact that you’ve only wanted to have sex in positions where we weren’t facing each other as of late.” Katsuki knew he sounded a lot angrier than he was. That was to be expected since he’d been waiting so damn long for an explanation and left to stew in his emotions.

Hitoshi’s cheeks darkened and he bowed his head. His voice was barely above a whisper as he replied, “It’s not what you think.”

“What is it then?” Katsuki practically yelled.

Hitoshi frowned to himself. He had a look of dread upon his face, as if this was something he had been avoiding with all his might. He glanced out the window next to them and stared at the twinkling stars as he whispered, “My kind are pulling out of the deal.”

Excuse me?” Katsuki growled.

“They’ve decided that I’m to marry the witch clan’s eligible daughter instead. I’ll be leaving tomorrow,” Hitoshi finally explained.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Who gave them the right?” Katsuki spat. He thought he was angry before, but this was a whole other level.

Hitoshi bowed his head in shame once again. He shrugged then sighed, “Ancient laws, I guess.”

There was a long pause between them. The tension in the air was so thick it could’ve been cut with a knife. The pained look upon Hitoshi’s face made Katsuki’s blood boil. Anyone that caused such a thing should be made to suffer. He gritted his teeth and spat, “Well fuck that. I won’t stand for it.”

He turned on his heels and stormed out of the room. This was bullshit with a capital b. He was ready to tell that to the faces of any asshole that dared disagree with him. By the time he reached the Elder Chamber he was a seething ball of fury. He stormed in unannounced, only to get surprised gasps and accompanying glares from those seated at an oblong table. The fucking elders of his clan that thought they knew what was best for everyone. Fuckers didn’t know shit.

Katsuki didn’t wait to be scolded for his uninvited entry. He simply stomped up to the table and slammed both fists upon it at once as he yelled, “What is this shit!”

“You’ll have to be a bit more specific if there’s something bothering you, son,” His father replied as he motioned for him to take it down a notch. Right next to him sat his mother, who had a frown on her face as she glared at the table in front of herself. Katsuki knew that guilty look of hers.

He turned his attention towards the eldest members of his clan and spat, “Why did the plan for the treaty with the vampires change so suddenly?”

“We hold the rights to make any changes we see fit to our treaties,” One of the elders grumbled.

“As the two of you haven’t yet been married, in the eyes of both our clans that means the treaties are still up for negotiation. Changes can still be made and you’re both still eligible to be married off to others if better opportunities arise.” Another elder chimed in.

“Not to mention this was at the request of the vampire clan,” The first man added.

Katsuki glared at his mother out of the corner of his eye and spat, “You knew about this, didn’t you?”

“We knew the vampires had set a time frame in which they wanted the marriage to happen, yes. We didn’t think that information was worth sharing since you’re not exactly keen on being told what to do.” His father responded in her stead. The response was basically a polite way of telling him that it was his own fault that everyone knew about the terms but him.

Katsuki slammed his fists upon the table so hard that it cracked beneath them. He grinded his teeth together and then yelled, “Fuck all of you and your bullshit rules!”

He stormed out of there just as furiously as he’d arrived, perhaps more so. This was all so fucked up. They try to warm him up to the idea of the stupid ass marriage and then just like that they change their minds about everything. He couldn’t wait to be the one in charge. The clan was due for some really big changes. He was absolutely going to make them happen. For now he just had to figure out what his next course of action would be. By the time he ended up back at his room he couldn’t see any way to change the situation. Well, except for the obvious.

Katsuki kicked open the door to his bedroom and immediately saw Hitoshi on his favorite chaise. He had his elbows on the table next to himself and his face in his hands. The sight made Katsuki’s rage bubble over and then simmer down in the blink of an eye. He didn’t want to see the guy so distressed. He didn’t want to do anything to add to it. He exhaled slowly and reminded himself that he could handle this in a rational way if he just relaxed. It was in that moment that he realized he’d just reacted instead of asking the important question earlier.

He walked over to Hitoshi and tried to sound as calm as he could at the moment as he asked, “Do you want to leave?”

“No,” Hitoshi mumbled into his hands.

That much was a relief. Had he said the opposite then Katsuki wouldn’t have had any grounds to say what he wanted to next. He continued to watch the vampire as he said, “Then stand up and fight this bullshit decision with me.”

“You know we can’t.” Hitoshi sounded completely defeated.

“You’re wrong. There’s one way we can both fight it and also seem like obedient little shits.” Katsuki reminded him. He hated the fact that it kind of embarrassed him to bring the subject up. It wasn’t like it hadn’t been hanging over their heads since day one.

Hitoshi gasped and looked up from his hands. He stared at Katsuki in disbelief as he tried to make sure he understood what he meant. Once it was clear that he had, he frowned and turned away from the werewolf. His voice was a shaky whisper as he said, “I don’t like the idea of going through with it.”

“You’d rather be married off to some witch bitch and live god knows where?” Katsuki asked, in complete disbelief. He’d expected a completely different reaction.

“Of course not. I just know what something like that would mean… especially to you, and I don’t…” Hitoshi’s voice trailed off and he chewed on his bottom lip.

“You don’t what?” Katsuki snapped.

Hitoshi stood and put his hands on Katsuki’s shoulders. There was a somber look in his eyes as he explained, “I want you to marry for love, Katsuki. You may not think it, but you’re a romantic at heart. That’s what you’ve always wanted and why you’re so opposed to the idea of arranged marriage. I want you to have that special connection one day. That means I have to remove myself from the picture no matter my feelings on the subject.”

“But… why…”

Hitoshi placed his hands on either side of the blond’s face and looked him in the eyes. The smile upon his face did not match the sadness in his eyes as he replied, “Don’t you see? It’s because I love you. That’s why I’m willing to let you go.” He kissed the corner of the stunned werewolf’s mouth gently. He turned his head and whispered into his ear, “I hope you find that special person someday soon. Goodbye, Katsuki.”

With that Hitoshi turned and walked out of the room. Katsuki knew that he couldn’t let this happen. He knew he had to go after him and talk some sense into the guy. His own brain screamed at him to get going. He would absolutely be able to get Hitoshi to come back if he could just catch up. Too bad he didn’t seem to have control over his limbs. His legs felt like they were glued to the ground. He stood there completely shell shocked until his knees finally gave out on him. After he collapsed to the ground he let out a soft, “Fuck.”


It didn’t surprise Katsuki in the slightest when Hitoshi didn’t come back to their room before sunrise. The rest of the castle was just waking up and he was out doing god knows what. Yeah, it had become their room sometime in the past twelve weeks. There was no point in pretending otherwise. It might not have been so in the beginning, but now Katsuki was willing to share everything he had, heck, everything he was with the guy. He supposed that just wasn’t good enough.

Katsuki groaned softly as he sat on his bed and massaged his temples. He hadn’t slept a wink last night. Some pathetic part of him had waited up like a lonely puppy for the one person to return that had told him to his face he wouldn’t come back. He didn’t know what was wrong with himself. The old him never would’ve frozen up the way he had. He was always someone who fought for what he believed in. What was the fucking point of shit like that if he couldn’t do so when it mattered most? He felt sick to his stomach just thinking about it.

He left his room and wandered the halls like a zombie. He only barely heard the people that tried to talk to him as he passed. Not a single one got acknowledgement from him. He had no idea where he was headed, it was like his body was on autopilot. So much had happened in such a short time that he still wasn’t sure he’d processed it all. It was hard to describe how he felt. It was like he was off somehow, like he was wrong. Maybe incomplete was a better term. Something was definitely missing within him, and he was pretty sure it was one of his vital organs.

Katsuki ended up at the entrance to the castle, which stood wide open. He stood there and stared at nothing in particular. It was boring, dreary, and he didn’t care for anything out there. A passing maid stopped and bowed her head at him. She turned to look outside and said, “A miserable day, huh? Not a single ray of sunshine will permeate those thunderclouds overhead. What a shame.”

His eyes widened at those words. He looked up at the sky to find them to be true. Those dark, menacing clouds were there to stay for a bit. This was the kind of day when he and Hitoshi could’ve gone out together. They'd wander the surrounding woods hand-in-hand and chat about whatever came to mind. Even if it began to thunder and pour, neither of them would’ve been bothered by it. With the sun out of the way the world was their oyster. Why today of all days? Was it some sort of sign? Katsuki didn’t know what it was but he swore he could feel a tug in his chest. Something beckoned him forward. He jumped when he heard his mother’s voice.

“You could’ve at least been there to send him off after the fuss you made, brat.”

Katsuki ignored her words and continued to stare out the door as he asked, “How long?”

“How long what?” She asked back.

“How long ago did he leave, you old hag?” Katsuki clarified through gritted teeth.

“I shouldn’t dignify that with an answer.” She grunted. He could hear the frown in her voice as she added softly, “Just under ten minutes by a carriage that his people sent for him.”

Katsuki nodded to himself as he did some quick math in his head. Depending on how fast that carriage was going, yeah, it wasn’t impossible. He didn’t have time to waste dealing with his mother though. He pulled off his pants and tossed them at her then ignored her offended growl. He shifted into a wolf and dashed out of the door. He ran at full speed with only one goal in mind. He had to catch up. He couldn’t let this happen. He would just have to convince the vampire to stay. There was no other option.

“It’s about damn time you made a good friggin’ decision!” His mother called after him.

Katsuki grunted to himself and continued to run. He didn’t care about her opinion. He didn’t care about the elders and their stupid, archaic laws. What he did care about was getting further away from him every second. He needed to close that distance as fast as he could. He pushed himself as hard as possible and ran down the dirt road with more determination than he’d ever had in his life.

He ignored the fatigue he felt in his legs. Katsuki knew that he couldn’t afford to stop for even a second. By the time he finally heard the sound of the carriage he was nearly ready to collapse. He refused to give in. His ears were flat against his head as he used every last bit of energy he could to overtake the carriage and jump in front of the two horses pulling it. He barked loudly and bared his fangs, which caused them to a halt then rear up in surprise.

Katsuki stood there and panted as the man that held onto the reins told the horses to calm down. He could smell that this was another vampire, and that wasn’t much of a surprise. When the guy finally turned towards him his eyes widened. “Ash blond fur, fierce crimson eyes that burn with the intensity of the sun, and a commanding aura to match… you’re the Wolf Prince. It’s nice to meet you.”

He had no time for these pleasantries. Katsuki growled menacingly. His ears were flat against his head and he bared his fangs. He didn’t have time for all this nonsense. The vampire seemed to understand enough of the situation and didn’t try to prolong the conversation. It wasn’t until they heard the carriage door open and someone ask ‘is everything all right’ that he nodded at the wolf.

Katsuki headed to the side of the carriage and before Hitoshi had a chance to react he leaped at him. He caught the vampire’s robes in his mouth and tugged. He knew that Hitoshi had no choice but to follow. Right now it was his way or no way.

“Katsu- what are you doing!” Hitoshi tried to ask but he ended up nearly tripping over his own two feet. He let the wolf drag him over to a nearby tree that was just off the dirt road. Once there he was finally released. He frowned to himself as he dusted off his robes. He looked at the wolf and sighed, “Are you done with whatever this is? I need to get going.”

Katsuki growled at him then ran back over to the horses and nipped at their back legs. They took off running, barely giving him a chance to step out of the way first. He watched the carriage get smaller then turned and headed back to where Hitoshi stood. The vampire didn’t look very amused. He didn’t say anything as he attempted to walk past the wolf without a word. Katsuki wasn’t having it.

He tackled Hitoshi full force so that the guy was knocked off his feet. As soon as he was on the ground Katsuki sat on his chest. The grunt he heard meant the guy was probably quite uncomfortable. Good. This wasn’t supposed to be pleasant for him. It was supposed to get a point across.

“Oof, I get it already. I’ll stick around until you can transform back, just get off of me.” Hitoshi grumbled as he tapped the wolf’s back. He let out a sigh of relief when he wasn’t met with any resistance. He sat up and leaned back against the big tree behind him. He didn’t say a word as he pet his companions soft, blond fur. Just under ten minutes must’ve gone by before he finally hummed, “Too bad my future wife probably won’t let me keep a pet.”

Katsuki growled then snapped at him to show his disapproval of that statement.

“I’m kidding.” Hitoshi hugged him and then kissed his snout. His voice was soft as he continued to pet him and added, “You’re so much more than that to me. You’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

The wolf pulled away from him then shook his head. He shifted back to human form and stretched his jaw then cracked his neck. He finally looked back at the vampire and replied, “If that’s true don’t go.”

Hitoshi leaned his head back against the tree. He turned it away from the blond and said, “You know I have to.”

Katsuki leaned his head against Hitoshi’s shoulder. He balled his fist and hit the guy’s other shoulder lightly as he replied, “No you don’t, you damn bloodsucker.”

“Of course I do. You can’t even stand to be with me intimately unless you’re high. That tells me all I need to know about how you feel.” Hitoshi was glad that his voice wasn’t shaky when he said that. It made him sound strong and full of conviction. It hid his true feelings well.

“You’ve been high too,” Katsuki reminded him.

Hitoshi shook his head and sighed, “Not since the last time we were at The Dusk Den, I haven’t.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened. He certainly hadn’t expected to hear that. He blinked a few times then finally asked, “What? You haven’t been taking it? So I’m the only one that’s been…”

Hitoshi nodded. He didn’t want the blond to get the wrong idea so he explained, “It’s OK, I don’t hold it against you. You needed it in order to deal with the fact that I’m not the person you chose but the one chosen for you. I know you never wanted this.”

That much might’ve been true, but there was more to it. Katsuki just had to figure out how to voice that. Though Hitoshi said one thing there was very obvious hurt in his eyes. It was something that Katsuki didn’t like to see. He absolutely couldn’t stand being the cause of it. He wasn’t sure what else he could do but tell the truth. His gaze shifted to the ground and he muttered, “I’ve… only ever had sex like that.”

“What?” Hitoshi turned towards him and blinked.

“It started out as me rebelling and experimenting and one thing led to another. After that I went back for more, completely unashamed. This happened a few times and before I knew it, that was the only way I knew to seek out such a thing.” Katsuki explained. He was surprised to find that it was easier to talk about than he thought it’d be. He had a feeling that was most likely because of who he was talking to.

“I see,” Hitoshi nodded, “Well, one day you’ll meet someone that you’ll want even without the drugs. You’ll want to remember ever moment you share with them clearly.” He reached up to brush some hair out of the blond’s face.

Katsuki smacked his hand away and yelled, “Would you stop saying that shit! I’ve already met you!”

Hitoshi simply blinked at him as if he couldn’t comprehend his words. “You wha-?”

“You’re so… infuriating!” Katsuki exclaimed right before he closed the distance between them. He kissed the vampire desperately, taking note of the fact that he was immediately kissed back. Words didn’t seem to get through to him. He wasn’t sure he knew the proper ones to try and voice what he felt anyway. He would have to show this guy the only other way he knew how. He tilted his head to find a better angle and continued to kiss the vampire as if it was the last thing he’d ever do. His hands found their way to the front of Hitoshi’s robes and he began to untie them.

Hitoshi pulled away from the kiss and muttered, “We’re kind of exposed…”

“Don’t care. I want you.” Katsuki kept his response short and sweet so they could get right back to kissing. He took note of the fact that Hitoshi seemed to have no intention of stopping him. He only wanted to give him that little reminder. Good, that made his job easier.

As soon as Hitoshi shrugged out of his top he tossed it aside. He wrapped his arms around Katsuki and pulled him to the ground. The grass was soft and welcoming. He chuckled softly to himself when the blond immediately rolled them over so that he landed on his back. Sometimes the werewolf was complacent but others he wanted things his way and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Hitoshi had zero complaints and simply let him continue to do as he pleased.

Logically, Katsuki knew that there was no reason for him to be nervous as he looked down at the vampire he had pinned. They’d had sex countless times before and it had never disappointed. In fact, it only seemed to get better each time. Still, he had to wonder if being high all those times had affected his judgement or ability. When he looked down at the affectionate gleam in those purple eyes he’d come to adore he felt his anxiety melt away. For someone to look at him with such raw emotion like that, well, he found it motivating to say the least.

As soon as Katsuki slid the vampire’s pants over his hips and down his legs they were kicked aside. He chuckled to himself when Hitoshi wrapped his legs around him immediately afterwards and pulled him close. Katsuki kissed his jaw and hummed, “Are you really this eager all of a sudden?”

“I’m always eager when it comes to being with you,” Hitoshi replied without missing a beat. He slid his arms around Katsuki’s neck and pulled him into a kiss. He pulled away just enough to look into his crimson eyes as he whispered, “I believe you said something about wanting me? Well, I’m all yours.”

Something about hearing those words made Katsuki growl from deep within his chest. He couldn’t detect a hint of lie in them. He liked the sound of that. In fact, he wanted to hear it more often. He had an overly possessive urge to prove that statement true. He bent down and slotted their lips together then grunted in approval when he felt Hitoshi fist his hands in his hair. A quick adjustment of his position later, he thrust his hips forward without warning.

Their kiss was broken as they both groaned into it simultaneously. Katsuki felt the grip on his hair tighten to the point that it was almost painful. Fuck, it felt amazing. He kissed along Hitoshi’s jaw and continued to thrust as the vampire clung to him and panted softly next to his ear. His whispers for more combined with the soft moans he let out were maddening. Katsuki wanted nothing but to give him everything he desired. Right now that meant he thrust harder.

He’s my…

Katsuki lifted his head just enough so that he could watch Hitoshi’s expressions change. That half-lidded look in his eyes along with the blush in his cheeks were beautiful. They were a sight meant only for him and he would appreciate every single moment he got to see them. He watched Hitoshi blink his eyes a few times before he finally attempted to focus them. When their eyes met once more Katsuki found himself breathless. He didn’t know it was possible to say something so loudly without speaking.

The raw emotion he saw was both pure and straightforward. There was no way he could misinterpret it. It was when Hitoshi smiled at him that he finally broke. That combined with the loving gaze fixed upon him was too much. Katsuki buried his face in the vampire’s neck and muttered a soft string of curses as he thrust just a few more times before he finally climaxed. Hitoshi was a moment behind him and clung to him for dear life as he arched his back off the ground and let out a broken moan.

He rolled off of the vampire and laid on the ground next to him as he wondered how in the hell he’d just been brought over the edge by something so simple. Sure, he could always go again, but that wasn’t the point. His heart raced within his chest and he had a sneaking suspicion that it had nothing to do with the adrenaline from what they’d just done. He heard Hitoshi make a choked sound and turned to look at him only to find that he had a pained expression on his face.

Katsuki propped himself up on his elbows and asked, “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing. I’ll be fine.”

Katsuki didn’t need to smell the lie with the way that Hitoshi gritted his teeth and scrunched his face. He watched the vampire’s eyes flash from purple to red and back again in a split second. He frowned as he grumbled, “You’re clearly not fine.”

Hitoshi turned his head away from him and mumbled, “You should go back to the castle now.”

“Fuck you, I’m not going anywhere.” Katsuki’s reaction was more instinctual than anything else. He didn’t like being told to leave as if there was nothing he could do to help. He just needed to know what was wrong and he could work from there.

“Katsuki, please just–”

He watched as Hitoshi gasped then reached up and clawed at his own throat. His fingers dug into the flesh so deeply that it was a wonder he hadn’t broke the skin. Katsuki grabbed his hand and yelled, “Stop that!”

In that instant something snapped within Hitoshi. He turned towards the blond with his eyes glowing fierce red and lunged without warning. Katsuki’s back hit the ground before he could figure out what the heck had just happened. He looked up at what he could only describe as the ravenous vampire above himself in disbelief. He clenched his hands that were pinned next to his head into tight fists.

It wasn’t until those glowing eyes fell to his neck and Hitoshi slid his tongue across the tips of his fangs that realization finally struck him and his eyes widened. This was his fault. A montage of every other time he’d teased Hitoshi until his eyes glowed red and he left the room flashed in his mind. He’d been making the vampire suffer for his own amusement and the guy never once said a word about it. Even worse, Hitoshi had actually grown to care for him anyway. Well, shit, that made him feel like a piece of garbage.

Katsuki unclenched his fists and relaxed his muscles. Whatever happened next was just karma, he supposed. He turned his head away from Hitoshi, knowingly exposing his neck as he whispered, “Sorry.”

Hitoshi blinked a few times and shook his head as he came back to his senses. His eyes stopped glowing and returned to their normal purple hue. Once he realized the predicament they were in he gasped and immediately let go of the blond. He scampered away from him until his back hit that old tree from earlier then he slapped his hands over his mouth. His voice was muffled as he said, “I didn’t mean to.”

Katsuki sat up and frowned to himself. He didn’t even know why the guy seemed so apologetic. He hadn’t done anything. If anyone, Katsuki should’ve been the one to apologize again. He rubbed his neck and stared at the ground as he asked, “Is fighting the urge to feed always painful for you?”

“Yes.” Hitoshi nodded and started to gather his clothing. He needed to do something to feel less exposed. He frowned to himself as he added, “Though my urge to feed post sex has never been this strong before. It kicked into high gear after I met you. See why it’s better for both of us if I just leave?”

“Then do it,” Katsuki replied through gritted teeth.

Hitoshi shook his head and sighed, “I’m trying to, but you keep stopping me…”

“Bite me while you fuck me. That’s what you want, isn’t it?” Katsuki elaborated, ignoring the fact that he’d taken it the wrong way the first time.

“I-I… uhhh…” Hitoshi had no idea how to respond to that. He glanced at the blond out of the corner of his eye and then nearly choked on his own spit.

Katsuki spread his legs and licked his lips seductively. He knew that the sight of himself like that was a good show on its own. That much was a turn on even for him. He could feel the lubricant leak out of him and drip downwards slowly. His voice was a sultry purr as he ran a finger along his neck teasingly and said, “Ready when you are.”

There was something so satisfying about the fact that Hitoshi was upon him a moment later. Katsuki couldn’t help but smile smugly against his lips. He let out a soft ‘ohh’ when the vampire turned his attention to his neck. The soft kisses, licks, and light scrape of fangs was something new and exciting. He supposed that Hitoshi had stayed away from such things in the past so he didn’t tempt himself and lose control. Good thing Katsuki wanted him to lose control now.

He gasped softly and his toes curled as Hitoshi entered him. It had been much gentler than his approach earlier but somehow just as maddening. Katsuki shut his eyes and arched his neck to give Hitoshi better access to it. He wanted to commit every sensation he felt to memory, it was incredible. Each new thrust was somehow more intoxicating than the last.

Katsuki had nearly forgotten about the reason they’d ended up having sex again. He was so lost in the amazing feeling of Hitoshi making sweet love to him that he nearly gasped when he heard the guy whisper ‘almost there’ right next to his ear. It took him an extra second to realize what he meant by that. By the time it registered in his brain he felt the teasing scrape of fangs along his neck. He shuddered as a shiver ran down his spine. He was too close to his climax to be toyed with like this.

He moaned softly when Hitoshi picked up the pace of his thrusts. Katsuki was so close now that he could practically feel it. Just a little more and- He dug his fingers into Hitoshi’s back and choked on a moan when he felt the sharp pain in his neck. That pain instantly turned into something so incredible he could barely take it. He was hit with his orgasm at full force and could only make guttural noises as his entire body shuddered with pleasure. It quickly became obvious that this was no ordinary orgasm, it continued at full intensity for much longer than normal.

The amazing feeling lasted so long that Katsuki would’ve begged it to stop if he could make words. He just needed a quick break. The pleasure was nearing too much. It wasn’t until Hitoshi removed his fangs from his neck that he was able to finally start to come back down again. He laid there and attempted to blink the stars out of his eyes as he tried his hardest to catch his breath. He wanted to swear to himself but his words still weren’t working. He wouldn’t have been able to describe how incredible that had been even if they were, shit. He’d never felt anything like that before but he sure as shit would jump at the chance to feel it again.

Once he finally regained a bit of control over his body he turned his head to look at the vampire that had gone silent. He’d never seen a more sated look upon the guy’s face. Something about that was an incredible ego boost. Katsuki smirked to himself then wiped away the line of blood that had leaked from the corner of Hitoshi’s mouth. He watched him smile to himself and couldn’t help but do the same as he leaned closer to plant a quick kiss upon his neck.

He’s my… he’s… mine

Katsuki sniffed and then nuzzled the vampire’s neck. There was something different about his scent now. Something he just couldn’t ignore. He growled softly in approval. He nuzzled the spot again as he muttered, “You smell so good… just like… mine…”

“Katsuki… ahhh…” Hitoshi couldn’t do much else but shiver as the blond’s canines scraped along his neck.

“Come back to the castle with me,” Katsuki practically purred against his skin. He continued to nuzzle at the other man’s jaw.

“You know I can’t.” Hitoshi really hoped that sounded stronger than he felt. He wanted nothing more than to crumble and give into his wishes. Though it was nearly impossible for him to focus with the blond’s hot breath so close to his ear.

“You can’t leave. You’re mine.” Katsuki reminded him. He kissed his neck softly once again. Even though he wasn’t being as loud or obnoxious as usual that didn’t make his word any less absolute. There was no way he’d take no for an answer.

Hitoshi frowned to himself then sighed, “In a sense, that’ll never change.”

“In all senses. Come back and marry me right now,” Katsuki demanded. He continued to sniff and nuzzle the vampire afterwards. The guy had no right to smell so damn good.

Hitoshi blinked more times than he could count. He put his hand on Katsuki’s shoulder so he could push him away just enough to ask, “Wha…?”

“I refuse to let you leave without a fight. I don’t care who I have to take down. So just save us all the trouble and be mine.” Katsuki added for good measure. He knew the look in his eyes said he meant business.

Hitoshi frowned to himself and muttered, “The clan elders–”

Katsuki stiffened then leaned into the vampire’s personal space. He had a burning look in his eyes that said this was non-negotiable as he declared, “I don’t give a shit about any elders. Do you hear me? Are you listening? I’m saying that you’re the one I choose, regardless of what anyone else says I should or shouldn’t do. I want you to stay by my side because I love you.”

Hitoshi kissed him not a moment later. He didn’t think there were any words that could possibly describe how he felt. The slew of emotions within him were like nothing else he’d ever felt before. He just had to use actions.

“Now shut up and marry me,” Katsuki grumbled against his lips.

Hitoshi chuckled softly then pulled away from him.  He tilted his head and asked, “Can we at least bathe first?”

A mischievous gleam flashed in Katsuki’s eyes and he replied, “You’re only going to get just as dirty right afterwards, but if it’ll make you happy go right ahead.”

“You make it sound like you won’t be joining me, mister Wolf Prince.” Hitoshi pouted and bat his eyes.

“I never said anything like that,” Katsuki snorted. He took Hitoshi’s hand in his and brought it to his lips so he could place a quick kiss upon his knuckles. He thought about the fact that the private bath he’d had built for them should be finished any day now. What good timing. They could take all of their baths together after it was complete. A grin spread across his face and he declared, “Like it or not, I’m never leaving your side again.”

“Nothing would make me happier,” Hitoshi replied as a warm smile spread across his face. He placed his hand upon the blond’s cheek and whispered, “I love you.”

Genuine surprise flashed in Katsuki’s eyes. The disbelief in his voice was clear as day as he said, “That language. Only royals are taught it anymore. How do you know the nearly dead tongue of my people?”

“I was given permission and I’ve been studying,” Hitoshi admitted with a shy smile. He’d been glad that all the times Katsuki had found him reading he’d never bothered to ask what the book was about. This was something he wanted to do as a wedding gift of sorts. In case they made it to that point, he wanted to have something special to offer. He was certainly glad he did with the wonder he saw in those crimson eyes.

Katsuki couldn’t help but smile fondly at him. Just the fact that he’d had the idea to learn something like that made him one in a million as far as he was concerned. He kissed Hitoshi’s forehead and then the tip of his nose. He nuzzled his cheek and hummed, “I love you, too. Now let’s get back, we have ourselves an extremely last-minute wedding to attend.”

Hitoshi snorted and watched the blond stand. He grabbed his robes then accepted the offered hand and let himself be pulled to his feet. He dusted off the brooch attached to the fabric then removed it as he hummed, “Do you think we can be back and married before sunset?”

“I know I can, but as for you keeping up… fat chance!” Katsuki replied as a playful gleam flashed in his eyes.

“Oh, you’re on. Prepare to eat my dust, wolfy.” Hitoshi winked then dropped his clothes and tossed the brooch in the air. He transformed into a bat and snatched it up again right as it started its descent, careful not to let his claws scratch it. He took off flying not a second later with a victorious screech.

Katsuki shook his fist in the air and yelled, “Go ahead and take your head start, you’ll need it!” He shifted into his wolf form and then howled loudly before he took off after the bat. God, he loved a good chase. Nothing got his adrenaline pumping quicker. He absolutely couldn’t wait to catch up to the vampire, marry the crap out of him, then drag him to their room where they’d stay for the next week at least. Maybe a month, he wasn’t sure. Either way the thought was motivating enough for him to push past his limits and run like he’d never run before. For the first time in his life he found himself excited to be headed home.