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Big Sis Shigure

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''Be sure to call for me if you have any troubles, Young Master.''

''I will, Belfast-san!''

Belfast gave the young Commander a warm smile before politely departing. The Commander in question was a boy, far younger than what one would expect from someone granted the title of 'Commander', but there was good reason behind it – he was a prodigy unlike any other, capable of outsmarting even expert tacticians, and he wasn't even in his teens yet.

Evening had fallen over the base, and the Commander was set on getting to bed early. After confirming that Belfast had indeed left, he entered his room... before hesitating.

''You can come in... Shigure-neesama.''

Soft footsteps came from the hall, before Shigure slipped into his room, a playful smirk on her face. Ever since his recent arrival at the base Shigure had taken a liking to him, all but demanding him to call her 'nee-sama' or 'Shigure-neesama'. He was happy to oblige, since he saw no harm in it, but never foresaw where that 'liking' would lead to.

''Good evening, Commander~'' Shigure smirked secretively, closing the door and locking it, before turning to him. ''Wanna play some more 'games' with your precious nee-sama~?''

The young Commander bit his lip nervously and nodded, feeling a worried excitement rise in him. The type of rush you got from doing something you weren't supposed to do – and he was fully aware the 'games' he played with Shigure were far from appropriate, but he loved his 'big sis' figure far too much to deny her.

Shigure giggled to herself, leaning down and capturing his lips in a gentle kiss. He gladly reciprocated, cupping her cheeks lovingly. He could taste the cherry lipstick she put on earlier, giving her lips an even more inviting allure.

They pulled back for air and she led him towards his bed, letting him take a seat on the edge before their lips met in another loving kiss. The way she kissed was simultaneously gentle and sensual, her tongue just barely peeking out and licking his lips, teasing him slowly.

Shigure smirked, pulling back from the kiss and slowly climbing onto his lap, making the young Commander blush as he was put at eye-level with her breasts, concealed within her crop top. He could feel her pussy through her panties, pressing against his crotch and hidden beneath her white skirt. Slowly, almost teasingly, she began to rock her hips.

''Ah...'' He moaned lowly, prompting Shigure to giggle.

''So cute~'' She teased, slowly grinding into his crotch. ''Wanna see Nee-sama's boobs?''

The Commander hazily nodded, prompting Shigure to lift up her shirt and reveal her small but soft boobs, and also revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra. Almost instantly he leaned in, wrapping his lips around her right nipple and kissing it.

''Mm...'' Shigure breathed, smiling as she ground her hips against his, slowly picking up speed.

''Nn... haah...'' The young Commander began panting as her grinding got him turned on, his dick quickly becoming hard.

Shigure licked her lips, rolling her hips in a circular pattern, eliciting another groan of delight from the young boy. Despite herself she felt herself slowly grow wet at the feeling of his hard dick rubbing against her crotch through the layers of clothing, imagining how it would feel to have him ram inside her...

She came to a slow stop, pulling her breast out of his mouth before giving him a little kiss on the lips. The sight of him blushing cutely made her giggle before she slid down onto the floor and sat between his legs.

''Let's get these off.'' Shigure smirked and the Commander rapidly nodded. He undid his belt and pushed his slacks down until she pulled them the rest of the way, leaving him in a pair of grey boxers.

The black-haired Ship-Girl reached out, unbuttoning them and reaching inside, pulling his hard dick out. Despite his young age his cock was on-par with someone in their teens, something that Shigure was very, very pleased to learn about. Leaning in she gave his hard shaft a gentle kiss on the tip, making it twitch cutely before she trailed several more along his eager dick, throwing her tongue into the mix and licking the underside of his cock.

''Mm... Nee-sama...'' The Commander panted.

Shigure showed mercy, taking his cock into her mouth. Immediately a lewd moan escaped the young Commander as his cock was engulfed by the warm wetness of her mouth, her rough tongue teasingly licking the underside of his dick and curling around it, bathing it in her saliva.

Despite her growing lust she didn't let it consume her, instead taking it slow and savouring the taste of his dick, watching every little reaction he made and withholding a giggle. She pulled her lips off his cock only to wrap her hand around the saliva-coated cock, giving a few jerks before she returned to kissing it, licking up the pre-cum that leaked out.

''Hmhm...'' Shigure giggled quietly, looking up at him with lustful red eyes. ''Don't hold back, Commander. Let Shigure-neesama take care of you~''

''O-Ohh...'' The young Commander moaned shyly, his hips bucking.

Shigure smirked, taking his cock back into her mouth and getting more aggressive, sucking him off with more vigour. His hips bucked into her mouth, one hand behind him to support him and the other uncertainly threaded through her hair just like she taught him. As she felt his dick twitch dangerously she suddenly took his entire length into her mouth, feeling it bump against the back of her throat.

''M-Mm! S-Shigure-neesama~!'' The Commander cried out, cumming right down her throat.

Shigure greedily drank it all – and there was a lot, especially for someone his age. When the flow of cum slowed she pulled her lips off his cock, giving it several long jerks and getting another spurt of cum that she promptly licked up, cleaning his dick before wiping her lips clean.

It was a good thing the walls were soundproof, otherwise she'd have a problem on her hands.

''Hehe~'' She smiled deviously. ''Good job, Commander~''

The young Commander said nothing, blushing a bright red and panting like he ran a marathon. Shigure giggled at the sight, rising to her feet and grabbing the waistband of her short skirt, tugging it down and off her legs. Her Commander stared intently, taking in the sight of her lower half clad in a pair of simple black panties – her arousal evident from the small damp patch on the front.

Shigure crawled onto the bed, laying next to the panting Commander before shuffling up further, resting her head against the pillows and giving him a perfect view of the show to come. His eyes watched intensely as she seductively slid a hand down her front and under the waistband of her black panties, before she started rubbing.

''Mm~'' Shigure mewled as she touched herself. ''I'm so hot, Commander~''

The young Commander stared, his face only growing more red as he watched her finger herself, the movements visible even through her panties. One look at her face was all that was needed to see the pleasure she was feeling. Her cheeks slowly gained a cute pink tint, her eyelids becoming half-lidded and full of lust as she masturbated in front of him.

After a minute she pulled her fingers back, the digits completely soaked. She put them in her mouth, audibly sucking them clean, much to his silent embarrassment. She giggled at his shyness, hooking her thumbs under her panties and slowly pulling them off, letting him watch every little movement. She didn't throw them away, instead she let them dangle off one leg, knowing he found it more arousing than if she was just fully naked.

''Come here.'' Shigure ordered simply, and the young Commander was all too happy to oblige, crawling up to her.

Shigure smirked deviously, spreading her pussy with two fingers. ''Make your nee-sama feel good~''

He hesitated for a moment before uncertainly touching her sacred place, his finger cool compared to the burning heat in her pussy. After a moment he shifted onto his front, putting his face up against her pussy, and began to lick.

''Mm! Yeah, that's it....'' Shigure groaned sexily

The young Commander blushed but didn't stop, licking at her folds and drinking up her sweet juices before he got bolder, sticking his tongue inside her pussy. Shigure groaned at the feeling of his small tongue wiggling around her pussy, her thighs twitching slightly as she resisted the urge to wrap her legs around his head.

She reached down, threading her fingers through his hair reassuringly, moaning quietly as he ate her out. Her other hand came up to grope her own boob, molesting herself as she was serviced by her Commander.

''Make sure to add your fingers.'' Shigure breathlessly reminded.

The young Commander obliged, bringing up two fingers and pushing them inside her weeping pussy, causing her inner walls to reflexively tighten around the two digits. She groaned as he started moving them, sending pleasurable shocks through her body.

His tongue wasn't left idle either, as he continued licking her folds clean of any honey while he fingered her, his inexperience only turning her on further. Looking down at his cutely determined face made her pelvis twist with desire, the lewdness and forbidden nature of their 'game' exciting her.

''Mm... yeah...'' Shigure moaned softly, feeling her earlier arousal come back to bite her.

The young Commander grew more bold, one hand reaching back to grope her butt to hold her still before he added another finger, then a fourth. Shigure barely contained her throaty moan as he fucked her with four fingers, her pussy seizing around his fingers while she started rocking her hips, pushing them in deeper.

He took her by surprise when the target of his kisses suddenly shifted. He started kissing her inner thighs, moving upwards along her hips until he reached her stomach, kissing her flat abdomen lovingly, sending pleasurable shivers running through her. Her pussy burned with desire and she moaned, a feeling of light-headedness overcoming her.

''O-Ohh... Commander... I'm so close...!'' Shigure breathed, moaning sexily. ''Make me cum... make me cum~!''

The Commander was eager to please, moving his kisses back down to her pussy while furiously fingering her, his nose rubbing against her clit. A jolt rushed through her and tipped her over the edge, her orgasm crashing down on her.

''Mm~! Yesss~!'' Shigure groaned, her back arching as she came, her honey squirting around his fingers and into his waiting mouth.

Shocks ran through her as he kept licking her, his fingers wiggling around in her spasming pussy. Another moan slipped out as she had a mini-orgasm from the feeling, cumming a second time on his surprisingly skilled fingers.

Her back hit the bed as her orgasm subsided, moaning dazedly as he pulled his fingers out of her weeping pussy. He licked up her honey before pulling back, wiping his chin clean with a proud look on his face, eliciting a cute giggle from Shigure.

''My... you've gotten so skilled already...'' Shigure smirked, spreading her legs. ''Come take your reward... and feel good... with your nee-sama, Commander~''

The boy's eyes widened and he smiled, crawling up further until his erect cock pressed against her sensitive pussy. He fumbled with it, lining it up with her waiting pussy before pushing in, a cute moan escaping him as his young dick was engulfed by her hot pussy.

Shigure groaned sexily as his cock entered her, spreading her inner walls. She loved this part the most. His size combined with his eagerness to please made him amazing to fuck – his cute reactions were just a bonus. As he started thrusting she let out a cute moan of her own, shuddering as his dick slid along her slick inner walls without resistance.

''Mm~'' Shigure moaned, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him against her breasts. ''That's it, Commander. Make your nee-sama feel good.''

''Y-Yes!'' The young Commander replied brightly, moaning as he rolled his hips against hers, plunging into her delicate pussy.

She moaned as he pressed his face between her tits, moaning and groaning cutely as his cock railed into her. She could feel him spreading her pussy and could imagine what would happen if someone were to walk in on them – how lewd and damning the position was, and also how jealous some of the other girls would feel. She was certain Ajax might want a little 'taste' of their dear Commander.

''Haah...'' The young Commander groaned, staring at her breasts for a moment before opening his mouth, taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

Shigure moaned as his wet lips sucked on her nipple, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him in, panting from the stimulation. She ran her fingers through his hair, soothingly rubbing his upper back as he pounded her with all the skill of an expert – all thanks to their nightly 'games'. What started with just kisses, that then evolved to touching, to eating her out, to her blowing him, to him being allowed to cum inside her. She was pleased with how much he progressed.

''Nn... harder...'' Shigure groaned into his ear.

He blushed and complied, pulling his upper body up slightly and placing both hands on either side of her, before furiously pounding into her. Shigure moaned in delight as he plunged into her sensitive pussy, feeling him nearly bump against her womb and filling her pussy completely – which either spoke to how big he was, or how small she was that he could fill her up.

Her moans grew in frequency as he kept up the pace, his expression tightening as he held back his orgasm with pure willpower, not wanting to finish before she did. She kept her legs wrapped around his waist, giving him unhindered access to her special place and letting him rail her full-force.

''Mm... Nn... ah...'' Shigure groaned as her pelvis twisted, her orgasm drawing near. ''Haah... your nee-sama is going to cum... so don't hold back anymore~!''

That was all the permission he needed, the young Commander groaning cutely as he buried his face in her soft breasts and slammed his hips against hers rapidly, wet smacking filling the room as he plunged into her flower as his dick burned hotter and hotter, swelling as he held back his orgasm until the last moment.

''N-Nee-sama!'' The young Commander cried out into her chest, his body trembling as he climaxed inside of her pussy, spurts of hot cum firing inside her.

''Mm!'' Shigure moaned loudly, her pussy seizing around his cock and milking it desperately as her orgasm rippled through her. Each spurt of hot cum prolonged her mind-numbing climax, her juices leaking out around his twitching cock as he dumped his load in her.

After nearly half a minute both of them came down from their highs, collapsing in a tired heap. The young Commander groaned into her breasts as his sensitive dick throbbed in her pussy, prompting Shigure to tilt his head up to face her before kissing him lovingly, muffling his dazed sounds of pleasure.

''Haah... you keep getting better and better at pleasing your nee-sama~'' Shigure purred.

He blushed, spluttering weak excuses that she didn't care to listen to. She gently pushed her off him, moaning as his semi-hard dick slid out of her, letting the cum leak out like a river. His skill wasn't the only thing improving; he came a lot more than last time. She wasn't sure if Ship-Girls could get pregnant, but if they could she was certain she would be.

Haah... such a troublesome little Commander she had~

''Hm?'' She hummed, feeling him prod her thigh. She turned to look at him and was surprised to see his cock already hard. ''Hehe... was your nee-sama's pussy so good, you got hard again?''

''...y-yes...'' The young Commander shyly confirmed.

Shigure giggled, an idea coming to mind. Sitting up she reached down to her shin and grabbed her black panties, pulling them up her legs and back onto her hips, the front of her panties becoming damp as cum leaked out of her. Once she had her panties back on she turned onto her stomach, playfully wiggling her butt.

''We haven't tried an ass-job yet~'' Shigure playfully teased. She wasn't ready for anal quite yet, but a little ass-job would be fun to try. Especially since her dear Commander seemed to have a panty fetish.

Her musing was proved true as stars appeared in his eyes, the same look he got whenever she let him try something new. He crawled back over her and pressed his semi-hard cock against her butt, groaning cutely as he rocked his hips. His dick quickly grew hard again and she bit her lip at the feeling of him grinding into her ass.

Shigure wasn't keen on being idle either, slipping a hand down her front and under her panties, shoving three fingers into her pussy. She moaned into the pillow, plunging her digits into her burning flower while her young Commander ground into her ass like she was a sex toy or something... an idea that strangely turned her on.

His earlier stamina seemed to have left him, as he was already panting and whimpering after a mere three minutes, his thrusting becoming more desperate as instinct took over. She wasn't far off, adding a fourth finger and furiously fingering her burning pussy, biting the pillow to muffle her moans.

''C-Cum...'' Shigure moaned. ''Cum, Commander~''

The boy whimpered, not resisting her command and bucking his hips several fast times before he shuddered, cum spurting out and coating her panties and back, some of it landing between her thighs. She kept fingering herself, focusing on the feeling of his warm cum and imagining where 'else' it could go in their future sessions, and what else they could do. Anal, oral, sex toys, BDSM... the possibilities were endless, and arousing.

''Mmph!'' Shigure moaned into the pillow, her thighs tensing around her hand as her orgasm ripped through her, drenching her fingers and panties in her juices.

Her orgasm slowly subsided and she relaxed, turning onto her back and taking the Commander's hand, pulling him into a hug.

''Haah... well, that's enough playing for tonight.'' Shigure purred into his ear, snuggling him like he was an overgrown teddy bear. ''Nighty-night, Commander~''

''G-Goodnight, Shigure-neesama.''