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Pro-player group chat room



Season 1


One Autumn Leaf: But I prefer satin cloth to leather. This way, it won't be hurt or leave any mark when being tied.

One Autumn Leaf: Oops, wrong chat

Peaceful Hermit: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Swoksaar: Ye Qiu r u secretly into SM?

Qi Breaker: Our little captain is a pure white lotus. Don't ruin him with your filthy personality and dirty words

Swoksaar: Wu Xuefeng are you that old to the point of being delusional?

Desert Dust: What the hell are you talking about!

Desert Dust: Ye Qiu!

Boundless Sea: He logged out...



Season 3


One Autumn Leaf: This is only my second time. Can't you be more gentle with me?

One Autumn Leaf: Wrong chat, don't mind me

Dazzling Hundred Blossom: What second time? Since when did you even have a first time and with who!!!

Vaccaria: Senior, you know that April Fool has already passed, right?

Blossoming Chaos: Calm down everyone, he was talking about me. Sorry for his inconsideration

Demon Subduer: What Sun Zheping said, is it true?

Dazzling Hundred Blossom: No, he lied. Don't listen to his bullshit

Desert Dust: Explain

Scene Killer: How can you find a girlfriend when you're a gamer? Tell me your secret!

Qi Breaker: Our little captain doesn't have a girlfriend, nor does he have a boyfriend

Desert Dust: Then how would you explain his message just now?

Qi Breaker: That, I have no idea...



Season 5


One Autumn Leaf: I won't let you do that to me again! Last time you almost broke my back and hip! It still hurts whenever I think about it!

One Autumn Leaf: Ehh... wrong chat, wrong chat


Vaccaria: Senior, comes to me. I won't hurt you like whoever you were talking to

Desert Dust: Ye Qiu! Explanation!

Windy Rain: So it's confirmed then that Senior Ye Qiu is bottom

Windy Rain: Wait does this mean that Senior Ye Qiu is already taken by someone?

Immovable Rock: According to Senior Ye Qiu naive and innocent personality, I refuse to believe that he is already taken or has done 'that'. This is just a misunderstanding

Immovable Rock: However, be it a misunderstanding or not, it's obvious that your knowledge about sex seems to be lacking. That's why you were hurt. Senior, if you're interested, I can teach you the right way to do it

Crying Devil: If God Ye Qiu was already taken, I estimated that 80% of pros will go berserk

Life Extinguisher: I think the correct number should be 95%

Dazzling Hundred Blossom:  Both of you didn't forget to add yourself into that number, right?

Crying Devil: ................

Life Extinguisher: .................



Season 8


One Autumn Leaf: You shouldn't try to force it in. Next time, put some lube on before inserting it.

One Autumn Leaf: My bad, wrong chat

Cloud Piercer: What? Who? Why? Me!

Empty Wave: Captain wanted Senior Ye Qiu to explain what do you mean by that message, who were you talking to and why did you let them hurt you. He also said that if it was him, he wouldn't hurt you or force you to do it. So you should dump that person and be with captain instead

Doubtful Demon: Old Ye how could you say something like that! Don't you know that there are many pure and innocent people in here! Someone like me!

Carved Ghost: Shut up Fang Rui. You're the least pure and innocent in this group

Troubling Rain: Old Ye this time you have to properly explain it to me wtf you talked about and who tf you were talking to I will spam your chat until you answer me!

Troubling Rain: Damm it he blocked me!

Vaccaria: Senior, how many times have I told you that you should come to me? Promise I'll be gentle and take good care of you better than whoever you talked to

Windy Rain: Did Senior Ye Qiu just talk about something below a waist  O_O

Windy Rain: Wow... Senior is bolder than I thought!



Season 10


Lord Grim: You know that it's already big and thick. Yet you still insist on stroking it. Of course it will only grow bigger and thicker

Lord Grim: Damm, wrong chat again

Windy Rain: Sext?  (Writer- It's like a sex phone, but uses text instead)

One Autumn Leaf: Ye Xiu you're the most fucking shameless person I've ever met! Fucking disgusting! 

Windy Rain: Calm down kiddo, it not like this is his first time posting something like that or what

One Autumn Leaf: WHAT!?

Windy Rain: [Senior YX wrong chat season 5 screenshot.jpg][Senior YX wrong chat season 8 screenshot.jpg][Senior YX wrong chat season 10 screenshot.jpg]

One Autumn Leaf: I didn't say that I wanted to see it! Why the fuck you show it to me!

Dancing Rain: Yunyun, your collection isn't complete!

Dancing Rain: [Xiu-ge wrong chat season 1screenshot.jpg][Xiu-ge wrong chat season 3 screenshot.jpg]

One Autumn Leaf: And why the fuck do you have to add that!

Troubling Rain: So, according to Old Ye five times he sent a wrong chat, he is in a relationship with someone who is into SM stuff and forces Old Ye to submit to him to the point of Old Ye getting hurt many times and love to sext with Old Ye

Troubling Rain: Old Ye how could you love someone like that! It's obvious that I'm better than this person yet you never once look at me! Old Ye I beg you reconsider your choice!

Vaccaria: Senior Ye Xiu, I just want to tell you that I'll always be there for you if you need me

Cloud Piercer: Senior why not me  :(

Empty Wave: I believe it's clear what captain wants to say this time

Desert Dust: Ye Xiu, tell me exactly what did you mean and who did you talk to!

Immovable Rock: I want to believe that this is just a huge misunderstanding, but the evidences here seem to suggest otherwise...

Windward Formation: Holy shit, it has been almost ten years but you're still with this person! I have always thought that Ye Xiu is S, but could it be that you're actually M, or both?

Boundless Sea: WTF Old Ye don't tell me that everything is real and you are already taken! I thought that this is just your prank, that why I played along with you last time!

Boundless Sea: If this is true then I also join everyone here and beg that you open your eyes and dump that person!

Dazzling Hundred Blossom: This is not like you at all, Old Ye! How come you easily let someone manipulates and hurts you this long!

Windy Rain: Is this the beginning of WWIII?