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A Special Christmas Gift

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After finally settling into the dorms just a few months after All Might’s retirement and the incident at Kamino, Izuku had gotten accustomed to living so close to school. And so very close to All Might. The very thought of that made Izuku shiver with such excitement. Maybe being so close would let them be together more often, so long as it was when it was just the two of them alone. 

He thought that late October's night would be an uneventful one with nothing to come from it. Just gossip and board games, and some light drinking, right? God, was he so mistaken. 

“You know, for guys that talk all big and act all tough, you sure are cowards when it comes to dares.” Jiro deadpanned, swigging down a bottle of cheap beer.

“You’re the one who forced us to stay up this late!” Sero retorted back at the girls, pointing his finger at Ashido.

“Yeah, but we were so bored! You couldn’t possibly leave us girls to just play truth or dare by ourselves, could you?” 

Bakugo snarled and crossed his arms as some of the others like Mineta and Kaminari failed to contain their muffled laughter in the background. Although he insisted he didn’t want to play in the beginning, eventually his competitive spirit came right out as the girls poked the bear that was the boys of Class 1-A. This was going to be a long night after all, Izuku mused.

It had started out as a dare initially when the girls of Class 1-A (specifically Hagakure and Ashido) begged the boys in the class to play truth or dare in the common area of Heights Alliance once the teachers had resigned for the night. Ultimately the game went astray and became a bit risqué as the night darkened and the hour got later.

Initially, the dares mostly consisted of small, trivial pranks, one of which included drawing on a mustache onto poor Iida’s face in permanent marker when he had fallen asleep on the couch, albeit much earlier than all of the rest of 1-A. Eventually and inevitably, it was once again Izuku’s turn. Little did he know, however, he would be the “target” of a daring stunt the girls were plotting, and he would soon take the fall for the boys’ team.

“Midoriya, you’ll have to wear these for the rest of the night.” Mina announced, as she threw a small plaid skirt along with a pair of women’s underwear over to him on the other side of the circle the whole class had formed.  “Don’t get any ideas or anything. I have’t worn these anyways, and these were a few sizes too big for me.” the pink-haired girl mischievously taunted.

Izuku could feel his face paling as he stared at the undergarments. Lavender silk panties and a short plaid skirt. The tags were still attached to both of them, he noticed. Did people really pay this much just for some nice looking underwear? Why didn’t she bother returning the clothes if they didn’t even fit? The alarm going off in his head seemed to override those thoughts after an instant or so. He glanced around the all too crowded room and lowered his gaze in defeat. Bakugo wouldn't let him live this down, would he?

“Don’t you think that’s going a bit too far?” Tsuyu and Ochako chimed in, one after the other, as they tried to defend Izuku, and his overall dignity. Despite bouncing the idea back and forth between the two protesting girls for a brief moment, Izuku insisted he would be fine with it, if it was only for just a few more hours of the night till they decided to call it quits. Begrudgingly, he shook his head and sighed. He had accepted the challenge, and trudged off to the men’s restroom to change into his new attire for the evening.

He laughed despite himself, as he caught a glimpse of himself in the bathroom’s full-sized mirror, and despite the moderate amount of humiliation that had ensued for him that up until that point that night. Was it humiliation? He couldn’t say for certain, at least not until he got a moment alone to change into the skirt and panties and get a good look at himself. He couldn't possibly fathom how Hagakure did it, walking around in even less than what he was being forced to wear. To a degree, at least in that moment, he slightly envied her having such a convenient quirk, because all he wanted to do was to not be seen, as he felt the cool air hitting his crotch as he pulled his own boxer briefs down and quickly switched underwear. Being invisible must have its quirks, if it means nobody can see you walking around in the nude for the sake of being stealthy, he thought.

Following that night, he came to a realization. He didn’t care to admit it at the time, but being so exposed around so many of his classmates, in women’s clothing no less, was a bit thrilling, even if he wasn’t attracted to any of them. At least, after he got over his initial discomfort, that is. If it wasn't for the few beers he had, he wasn't sure he would have been able to handle the situation so well if he were sober.


Izuku had morals. He could acknowledge he was indeed a fanboy, but he wasn’t so much of a creep that he would stoop to the level of stealing women’s underwear, much less a pair that belonged to one of his female classmates. The only exception to that was the one pair that wasn’t stolen, but pair the girls had made him wear that particular evening, which Mina said he could hang onto if he wanted after the night ended.

No, he had planned in advance, and ordered a few pairs here and there as he went about exploring his new “hobby.” What packages he had ordered were mailed to his original home address. There wasn’t any other way to receive his mail or packages than through the comfort of his own home. They would come in discreet little nondescript white boxes to the Midoriyas’ home, and lying to his mother about what was inside worked like a cinch, much to his relief.

“Hero merchandise,” he quickly made up on the spot, so he wouldn't raise his mother's suspicions. And lo and behold, his little lie held up, and before he knew it he had about a dozen pairs all at his disposal, some silk, some lace, and some that looked like regular women’s underwear, hiding underneath his bed in an overlooked plastic storage bin. What had once been simply a dare had turned into a semi-weekly hobby of his, opting not for his regular undergarments, but for a cute piece of lingerie that he could simply slide under his school pants and no one would even know the difference, much less suspect a single thing out of the ordinary.

It gave him a bit of a sick thrill that as he changed into his gym clothes in the locker room, since nobody (as far as Izuku could tell) probably would be able guess to that he was wearing something that wasn’t his typical boxer briefs. But school had been out for about an hour and there was nobody in the vicinity except him and All Might, who was waiting for him to come outside to run laps.

The tightness was almost unbearable, but in a strangely pleasant way. Not so much because of how the material felt, but rather how it felt against his slowly stiffening length. Not that all of it was covered very well at all or, that he could even do anything about his “problem," with the bright pink, flushed tip peeking out the side of the see-through lace panties and resting against his inner thigh. His patch of dark green pubes barely peered out of the top of his lingerie, just under an inch before where the lace began. Embellished on the top front of the undergarment was a bright red silk bow that was intricately sewn into the lacy black material. If it weren’t for having training with All Might that afternoon, perhaps then he would have been able to get off to the thought of him. Just being surrounded by the dozens of images of him in his room made him throb with interest, so it wasn’t any surprise that he felt a bit more wound up than usual.

At any rate, it was going to be a long workout, especially with his teacher’s eyes on him at all times. Sure, he had trained with him when he was wearing those unspeakable undergarments one time before this too, but there was no way All Might wasn’t going to notice the tent in his pants that troubled him ever since school ended.

Even once he was out of the locker room and outside with the blonde, he felt his piercing blue eyes on him the entire time he ran (not that he didn’t secretly lavish in the attention All Might gave him both as his successor and as his lover). Maybe he was just being paranoid like always, but the man seemed to have such a sixth sense when it came to Izuku, even more so than usual when they realized their feelings for each other. So when All Might noticed the spare change of panties that laid on the top of Izuku’s gym clothes once they headed back inside to shower and change once more, Izuku was gently confronted as he stepped out of the shower and into his towel to dry off.

“I never knew you liked wearing these,” All Might pondered, as he held up a black and white pair of panties in front of the half-naked boy. Izuku’s face turned red as a beet in response as he stared up for a solid few seconds, then nodded shamefully. “It’s a long story, b-but I’ve only started wearing these recently,” he half lied. Surely Toshinori would think he was weird or perverted for wearing women's underwear to school under his clothes, and touching himself in them. “Please don’t try to lie to me, my boy. I’m sure you were doing much more than simply wearing those.” All Might half smiled in satisfaction. So he knew. It was so painfully obvious that his boy had masturbated to the thought of him with those on while he moaned his name into his pillow, alone in his room. Anyone with a nose could surely smell the teenage musk that permeated most of his collection. A few of them were stained with what looked to be cum too.

“These feelings are natural, Izuku. I would be lying if I said you didn’t make me feel the same as well.” All Might confessed with a nervous chuckle as he felt his face slightly flush at that realization. If there was a point in the day in which Izuku could say he felt the most rock hard, well, this was it. Before Izuku even had a chance to respond, Toshi bridged the distance between them on the bench in the middle of the locker room with a desperate kiss and felt the boy's decently-sized member poke against his emaciated body. He really hadn't done this in a long while if he was so desperate to take the boy right then and there in the school. No, that was too risky. Instead, that day marked the first day that Izuku spent the night at his boyfriend's apartment and had slept with the man, albeit with damp shower hair that smelled of fresh shampoo. That night, he slept peacefully in the blonde's lanky arms, as he happily realized that Toshinori accepted him just as he was, despite his insecurities that told him otherwise.

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“Here, my boy. Have some tea.” He offered as he leaned forwards to grab a cup. All the while, Izuku could feel his own body betraying him against his own will and began praying to some higher power that his mentor wouldn’t take notice of his seemingly random “problem.” Almost as if on cue with young Midoriya’s thoughts, Toshinori paused as his piercing blue eyes darted downwards to the tent that was forming in Izuku’s pants. As fast as he looked at the down at the boy, he looked up at him just as fast, face flushing as he wet his lips slowly.

This was supposed to be a meeting to see what his plans and goals for the second semester would be, to simply check the young man’s progress he had made since it was the beginning of December. But sitting next to each other clearly distracted one another, as their legs brushed together, with just a small notepad on All Might’s lap as he took scrawled notes and bullet points on the paper’s tiny space. However, there was clearly not much to talk about aside from the usual advice on mastering an even greater percentage of One For All and how to control his quirk more efficiently. Their conversation had eventually lulled as they idled in the teacher’s lounge, the remaining work of which had to be done mostly consisting of All Might jotting down notes onto a notepad, which he would transcribe onto some mundane paper document later on. But it was a comfortable awkward silence the two of them had gotten used to many times over, even if it was just because they were holding each others’ hands or gazing into the other’s eyes lovingly.

And then there was the stress of Aizawa who was on his ass, who had demanded compulsory reports on all of his students’ progress by a faculty member other than himself that was due by the end of December, right before the new year. It was a hassle, needless to say, but a hassle All Might enjoyed thoroughly, if it meant he could be alone with Izuku for yet another time as he relished in the boy’s company, which he took for granted all too many times, seeing as how Izuku was so engrossed in hero coursework and school as a whole. Yes, it may have been a fleeting urge that guided Toshinori’s actions, but he couldn’t deny his shameless fantasy of taking the boy in whole, in such a place that the two of them felt could be easily tainted if they didn’t tread carefully.

It wasn’t just any place, but the place that truly felt like theirs, where they could escape to should they feel the need to be alone together, which only strengthened their bond and intimacy in a way that was so enticing but earnest at the same time. Even despite the fact that it had been just a few weeks ago that Izuku had slept with the blonde, had stayed overnight and ate a homemade dinner All Might generously offered him did he see a side of his boy that was only fully revealed when he felt utterly at home. And when he was with him in such a home that only very few people knew, Izuku drank it all in and felt compelled to give the man just what he deserved: someone he could welcome with open arms and without even needing to ask, privacy and others criticizing thoughts be damned.

Sighing, he closed his eyes and leaned back for a moment, relishing in gently massaging the young boy’s inner thigh. The sensation, the simple feeling shouldn’t have felt so good, but Izuku sharply sucked in a breath of air, as he felt the older man’s knobby fingers teasing him.

It was too close for comfort, too close in between his toned legs that only laid under his airy pants for him to not to let out a breathy exhale, which made Toshinori smirk in satisfaction. Izuku leaned his head back against the sofa they’d sat on countless times, clutching his clammy palm in the man’s hand tightly in light panic. All Might wasn’t a fool, but he certainly was not completely dense either, as his protege realized the blonde was quickly coming onto him, as if he was hearing every thought in the boy’s head and responding to it accordingly. Izuku cursed himself for being so easy to read as he stared up at the ceiling, now fully immersed in the sensation of being massaged and caressed in such a part of his body.

But that was what Toshinori loved about the boy: the way he so earnestly showed his appreciation towards him and how he didn’t even try to hide it. He read like an open book, which only heightened his attraction and emotions towards the boy in a way that took his breath away. Almost as if he felt like there was nothing for him to hide, nothing to withhold from Toshinori that he wouldn’t reject. Because he was just that type of man to wholeheartedly accept people as they were, a quality Izuku strongly admired as he became even more familiar with his mentor.

Showing Izuku that he now knew his true motives, he sat his notepad down on the arm of the sofa and began leaning in, even more, towards his student. His long skilled fingers ventured boldly but steadily to the markedly noticeable bulge in the boy’s pants that was damn near impossible to hide. As he felt his breathing becoming shaky as Toshi fingered teasingly at what seemed to be the tip of his cock through the fabric, he bit down on his lower lip hard in a futile attempt to quiet a breathy moan.

The taller man grabbed Izuku’s hand once more, this time with more care and with a more delicate touch, as if to inquire whether or not they wanted to take this a step further.

“Do you want this, my boy? If you want me to stop, just ask,” Toshinori reassured as he paused to look up at the boy, who for an instant was snapped out of his trance by the question. About a few months ago, the older man’s question would have been answered a bit differently, perhaps with Izuku dodging the question with feigned innocence, or maybe asking “Do I want what, All Might?” But their relationship had progressed physically, as they had gone from merely cuddling each other while watching one of the many movies All Might had starred in when he was a decade or two younger, to the two of them sleeping together, blissfully embraced in each other’s arms for the first time in under a month.

With a warm smile that seemed to radiate utterly pure happiness, Izuku nodded and brought his face just inches away from All Might’s, fervently cupping his chin in his hands. “God, yes. I-I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it if you stop now,” Izuku admitted softly with a timid but earnest stutter. Hot and bothered, and before All Might could respond back with a flirtatious remark, Izuku’s deliciously moist lips ravenously captured Toshinori’s as the man let out a breathy gasp, taken aback in response to the boy’s seemingly fearless provocations. This time it was Izuku's turn to have his turn at being the dominant one, and he was determined to keep the man right where he was and right where he wanted him, as he sucked on Toshinori’s lower lip, his own lips begging for passage. All Might reciprocated as he moaned into the boy's mouth, eager for the taste of him. Their tongues intertwined as they kept at a leisurely pace. It was only when Izuku captured more of Toshi's mouth did he realize he wanted even more.

Izuku tenderly hooked his arm around Toshi's waist in his embrace as he pinned him down against the arm of the couch and straddled the hardening bulge that had formed in the man's pants. They both panted as they broke the kiss and gazed into each others' eyes before Izuku began to unzip his uniform pants, his crotch now at eye level with All Might's face. Red, blue, and yellow All Might silk panties with a very stylized image of the number one hero printed across the front. The man chuckled and smiled at him, both bemused and very aroused all at once. Of course his boy had underwear of none other than himself on them. God he was such a lucky man, and it took every ounce of his will not to roughly topple his lover backwards onto the sofa and ravage him.

After all, ever since that day in the locker room, it was like his libido grew tenfold for a few days, and he couldn't not think of Midoriya in such sexy lingerie that enticed him every now and again. Besides, he looked so cute in it. It was almost like it was made for him to wear, just to torture the old man with lust, and the way it never failed to accentuate that tight ass of his.

"These ones are my favorite pair." Izuku breathed, as he hovered over the man and let him palm his length through the luxurious fabric of his novelty underwear he knew he'd be wearing just for All Might. Big hands engulfed the teen's dick as he boldly grasped its clothed entirety as the sensation sent waves of pleasure through his lover's body. Izuku whimpered and struggled to stay sitting up over that giant of a man, as All Might's mouth suckled on the head of his cock that peeked out the top, as if to tease him and prepare him for what was yet to come. Before he knew it, All Might had lifted up Izuku's shirt to where he could see his well-toned chest and his perky nipples and began caressing him all over. "You're so beautiful, Izuku." Toshinori murmured as he gently grazed his teeth just over the top of his groin towards his inner thigh, where he left a mark that nobody but him would be able to see.

Of course, he wouldn't be able to strip the boy properly like he had wanted, not when it was still light out and when there were a couple dozen people, some students and some faculty, still wandering around on campus after school. Moving his hands downwards, he slowly pulled down Izuku's panties, just enough for his cock to be free, and stroked it at a delicate pace to where he wouldn't overstimulate the boy. Before Toshinori could even wrap his soft lips around Midoriya's pulsing length to start to suck the boy off, he paused to watch Izuku lower himself a bit more to where he could unzip the man's pants and get a better view. He could feel himself desperately throbbing and aching as his love wasted no time stripping him of his boxers, stopping only to admire the impressively sized bulge for a moment before he went back to the task at hand.

Izuku felt like his head was swimming when Toshi suddenly took him in his mouth again, this time tonguing his slit and being a bit more forceful, as he worked the boy's cock in and out of his mouth, eager to get a reaction out of his beautiful boy. He could have never begun to imagine how alluring All Might looked with his dick deep in his hot mouth, or how erotic his moaning and grunting would sound as he took care of his throbbing member as he went from being sucked off to essentially fucking the blonde in his mouth. It was like music to his ears. Eventually, All Might decided he would take matters into his own hands as he abruptly pulled Izuku down onto his lap. So much for whatever self restraint he had left in him, because it was just about gone now.

Now he was right on top of All Might, so he let him sit up a bit, so he wouldn't crush the man or hinder him in any way. Not likely that he could though, especially with their drastic difference in size. Izuku started to see what the blonde was getting at, as both of their penises were ground against each other oddly pleasurably, at least not intentionally at first. All Might's breath hitched as the friction between them sent heat throughout his frail body. Izuku was the first to try to wrap both of his small hands around each other, jerking both of them off at the same time.

What only briefly startled Toshinori was when sometimes the boy would rut against him like a puppy in heat when their hands weren't on each others' cocks. Only when Izuku took control and was able to kiss his mentor quiet did he feel truly confident in himself. But that only made them closer and closer to both of their orgasms.

“Ah! All Might, I’m so sorry…” Izuku cried into Toshi’s hair to try to quiet himself as the man forcefully gripped their two lengths together and began to pump more aggressively. “T-there’s nothing to be sorry for, my love.” All Might gasped, ruffling the boy’s tousled green locks with his other free hand. He truly is full of nonsense, even now, when we’re like this together. Even though Toshinori had finally taken the next step ahead, which seemed appropriate in his mind, especially considering what he had found laying in his protégée’s duffel bag in the locker room. Ever since then he couldn’t help his imagination from running wild as if he were many years younger. Even though thanks to his boy he was so close to cumming all over the boy's cute cock and panties that were just barely pulled down enough for Izuku to take hold of both himself and All Might's girth at once.

It was Izuku, unsurprisingly, who came first, chanting Toshinori's name almost breathlessly as he spilled out onto the expanse of All Might's chest that wasn't covered by his shirt when they made love. Only moments later did All Might cum too, and he found himself not only winded but his stomach and part of the bottom of his shirt covered in the seed of both of them, as Izuku rested upon his bare lap, trying to catch his breath.

"I'm sorry." Izuku repeated. "I wasn't too rough, was I? I'm sorry if I hurt you. I really didn't mean to!" A huff of laughter came from the blonde. "I think I should be the one asking that to you. You looked like you could use some help." Toshinori responded, smirking slyly up at Izuku. Izuku's face glowed red with an intense blush, as he buried his face in his hands, tears threatening to form in the corners of his leaky emerald eyes.

"Hey, look at me." Toshinori gently removed his hand from his face so he could gaze at him lovingly. "I'm not mad. Quite the opposite, actually." Izuku shakily exhaled at that response which gave him such relief as he carded his fingers through All Might's messy golden hair, kissing his face and neck in sheer adoration.

"To this day, I still don't have any idea how I got so lucky to have you. I can't believe how far we've both come." Izuku marveled as his tears that were threatening to stream down his cute freckled face were wiped away. His mind wandered back to what they were doing before they had decided to have sex in the teacher's lounge on a whim. His progress, he realized. Almost half a year back, he was just working up the courage to express his feelings to All Might. And back then, he hadn't even developed shoot style or learned how to control One For All more efficiently until the internship with Gran Torino came along. He really had developed more than he gave himself credit for. Maybe All Might realized that way more sooner than he realized. "I love you. I'm so proud of you, young man." he whispered back in Izuku's ear.

True, maybe feeling proud over becoming more and more physically intimate with Toshinori was a stupid, ridiculous thing to get excited over, especially when they could now officially say they had sex in the school (not that there would be very many people to brag about it to). It was dangerous, they could have gotten caught, people would say. And it was those same people who said it was stupid to date a man two or three decades his senior. The same went for the people who started rumors about All Might's age and how he was supposedly taking advantage of Izuku, dating someone so young and naïve. Yet Izuku worked his way up from the bottom from day one, both in his time as a student and as a boyfriend to the living legend that was All Might. And as they cleaned up, All Might offered to walked him home. Some people looked and spotted All Might, no longer able to flaunt his enormous muscular form, but he didn't mind. The two of them were used to it. They could handle it, so long as they had each other as partners.