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Instinct to Protect

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“Bakugo!” Bakugo turned to see Kirishima running towards him.


“Did you hear about Asui’s team?”


“They were assigned an OTA!”

“An Omega Trade attack? I didn’t know we picked one of those up.”

“I know, we almost never do, but guess what they found!”

“I don’t care.”

“A male omega.”

Bakugo took a second to process what Kirishima was saying, a male omega. They were even more rare than female alphas, only making up about 0.1% of the global population. Meeting one was extremely rare.

“What?” Bakugo couldn’t get over the shock.

“I know! I can’t believe it either!”

“Kirishima, we have to go!” Kaminari called from across the room.

“See you later Bakubro, I have patrol.”

Bakugo had met a male omega once before, they were in the same class for all of elementary and middle school; and they’d been neighbors their whole lives—at least until Deku turned 12. On his birthday he and his father moved to America. Bakugo never really liked him, but he was still annoyed he never said goodbye. Deku was like his personal shadow, even though Bakugo was always mean to him and bullied him, Deku never left his side. He didn’t realize how much he liked him until he had been gone for a month. He missed his best friend, but he would never admit that to someone’s face. When he graduated UA, Bakugo went to be a sidekick in America, while he was there he tried to find Deku, but he could only find his father. He said Deku had died the year before Bakugo arrived, a car accident. Bakugo felt like part of him was dead ever since, he couldn’t explain why, but Deku would always have a part of him. The thought of seeing another male omega was too much, Bakugo would do anything to stop that from happening. So why did he find himself searching for Asui’s report? Just his luck, she hasn’t submitted it yet. He grabbed his cell and called Asui.

“Hello? Ribbit.”

“Why haven’t you filed your report yet?”

“What, ribbit? Bakugo?”

“Who else would be calling you with my phone, dammit?!”

“I don’t have caller ID for you, ribbit.”

“Wh-nevermind. Why haven’t you filed it?!”

“I don’t have to file it tonight, I have until tomorrow, ribbit.”

“What kind of god damn hero puts off filing a report!”

“You, ribbit.”

“Fine. What’s up with the male omega?”

“Why, ribbit?”

“I just wanna know! It’s none of your business!”

“His name is Isami, ribbit, don’t scare him.”

“I’m not gonna fucking scare him frog-face!”


“What’s his last name?”

“Doesn’t have one, ribbit.”


“Or at least he won’t tell us what it is, ribbit.”

“Where is he?”

“I don’t know, ribbit, check his file.”

“I can’t check his fucking file without the fucking report because I’m not in the fucking medical unit!”

“Fine, ribbit, go ask someone on duty. I have to go, ribbit.”

She hung up and Bakugo shoved his phone in his pocket. He stomped to the medical ward.

“Hey!” He yelled to the nurse at the counter, he flinched.

“G-ground Zero! What can I help you with?”

“Where’s the male omega, Isami?”


“I just needa know!”

“You know heroes can’t access records without a case report, and there are none involving Mr.Isami.”

“That’s just because fucking Asui is taking her time submitting it!” He noticed the smoke coming off his hands.

“I’m sorry Ground Zero, but I can’t give you confidential files.”

“He’s in jail, right! As a hero I have clearance to learn about prisoners”

“With a case record” the nurse cut him off. Bakugo could feel himself overflowing with anger and annoyance, when a prison guard approached him

“Ground Zero, the nurse can’t tell you anything, let him be.” The man seemed to be suggesting that he could, so Bakugo followed him.

“He is currently in a jail cell in my wing, waiting to be examined by a doctor.” The guard said.

“What wing?”

“Lock down. Seems the kid says he has no quirk, but they can’t put him in low-security until they’re sure.” The man shrugged.


“Well, he’s twenty-one, but to me that’s a kid!” The man laughed, he looked to be about eighty and Bakugo wondered how he kept a job in the lock down wing at that age.

“What else do you know about him?”

“He claims his father sold him when he was a child, that’s about all he said in the interrogation. I know I’m old but this kid I remember, it’s not everyday you see a male omega, ‘ya know.”

He’s twenty-one so he’ll have to serve some time in jail, likely not long if his story hold up. He claimed to have been sold by his father, so he was a victim, but since he continued to work as an adult he would serve some time. Bakugo hated that law. Those omega couldn’t have left. Everyone knows that. They shouldn’t be punished. When they get out, they usually end up going right back, they don’t know any other way to live. It was sad, but what else could they do?

For some unexplainable reason Bakugo felt he had to see Isami. He didn’t have any more work to do today so he turned away from the guard and headed to the jail, it was in the basement of the agency. When he got to the guard desk he showed his badge and asked to see Isami, the guard told him the cell number and buzzed Bakugo into the hall. All the cells in this held the worst villains, and anyone with either an unknown or very powerful quirk. No one could mess around in the lock down wing, every rule was followed to the letter.

When Bakugo arrived at the door he waved to the camera, exactly three times as the rules dictate, and the guard buzzed it open. He put one hand on the handle and took a deep breath. He pushed the door open, the smell of cedar and cinnamon buns filled his nostrils. It was the most enchanting thing he had ever smelled. He looked down at the omega that was lying in the bed. He saw green eyes and curly green hair. That omega… He looked so much like Deku. For a second Bakugo could have sworn it was a ghost, but only for a second. He looked closely and realized the eyes were much darker, nothing like the bright green of his friend, there were no freckles decorating his cheeks, and his face was more of a heart-diamond shape compared to Deku’s circular one. The hair was the same dark green, but it was styled completely differently, it was cut short on both sides with the top full, forming a messy, but almost in a styled way, pompadour. Bakugo had never seen anyone wear that style in a way that makes it look… cute… and… innocent.

When the omega sits up, Bakugo realized he had just been staring at him and hadn’t said a word. A slight blush creeps over his cheeks and he looks away from the man.

“Hi.” Bakugo says.

“Hi.” Isami responds.

Bakugo to a deep breath, he came here to talk to this omega, not to obsess over Deku, “Where are you gonna go when you get out?”


“You heard me. Where are you gonna go?”

“Ummm… I don’t know?”

“Are you gonna go back to them?” The omega didn’t respond, he only looked down and his grip tightened on the frame of the bed, “don’t.” His grip tightened even more, Bakugo could see the white of his knuckles, “if you don’t have anywhere else to go… you can stay at my place.” With that, the omega’s head jerked up and Bakugo did his best to hide his utter shock. What did I just say? He felt the need to protect this omega, it was internal, almost animalistic. It was instinct. He had never met this omega before, so why… why did he feel such a strong urge to hold him and keep him safe? Maybe it was because he looked like Deku. Bakugo half hoped the omega would say no, he didn’t know how he could live with someone so much like his childhood crush. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the omega said nothing. He just stared at Bakugo with emotionless eyes, searching for something in Bakugo. Maybe he wanted to know if Bakugo’s proposition was serious. It wasn’t.

“I’m serious.” Or maybe it was?

“Why?” The omega asked.

“I… I don’t want you to have to go back there Isami.”




Bakugo looked at him with worry, or pity, Izuku couldn’t tell, but he was pretty sure about one thing. Bakugo did not know who he was. He told the police his name was Isami, because it was, now. When his father sold him into the omega trade, they gave him a new name. One that all his costumers could say without having to worry about someone who knew him overhearing. He had gotten used to the knew name, but it sounded wrong coming from Bakugo, from Kacchan. It was okay though, it was better this way. He didn’t want Kacchan to find out who he was. He didn’t want him to know what had happened to him. He had no idea where or what Kacchan thought he was now, but the truth would definitely be worse. He didn’t want to agree to the offer, he didn’t want to be around his first and only crush that much…but…if he didn’t accept, where was he supposed to go? He didn’t want to go back there, but he knew he probably would. It was the only life he knew. He couldn’t survive alone in the world any other way. He didn’t even have a full middle school education.


“What?” What? What did Kacchan mean by what? He was the one who made the offer. “I-I mean good. I’ll… go fill out the paperwork.” With that Bakugo left the room. Did he just stutter? Izuku thought. They had grown up together, but never once had Izuku hear Katsuki stutter. He didn’t know how long he would be stuck here before he got to move in with Kacchan, but he hoped it would be for a while. He stared at the floor for a while, trying to imagine what it would be like to live with the explosive hero. Izuku didn’t know where Kacchan ranked, but he guessed it was high. He always wanted to be number one. Izuku did too, before he was sold, there had never been a quirkless hero before, and all the omegan heroes could be counted on one hand, but he still wanted it and he was still going to try. He even held out hope for a few months after he was sold. He was sure the heroes would save him. But they never came. Not until today anyway.

The door opened once again, this time revealing a slender man in a white coat—the doctor.

“Come with me Mr. Isami.” Izuku got up and followed the doctor down the hall. He was weighed and his height was taken, along with his blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. They took some blood and did a few x-rays; most likely to see if he was telling the truth about being quirkless—he was. They stuck some needles in him and pressed many different places. They looked in his mouth and nose. They took some of his hair, probably for drug tests. It felt like he was in there for hours, the doctors looked over every inch of his body and did all sorts of tests. Mostly Izuku had no idea what they were testing, but he could hear the nurses and doctors mumbling to each other. When the x-rays came back and proved Izuku was quirkless, he was told he was going to be moved to a different cell. After about half an hour of more testing, he was escorted out of the room.

A guard was waiting just outside and walked Izuku to his new room. It was in a different wing and Izuku could easily tell the difference. The doors had windows so he could see outside and they could see inside. The locks had scanners for IDs and hero or police badges, so the guards didn’t have to buzz them in. Inside the cells they passed Izuku could see inmates were allowed to have some things, he saw posters, cards, pencils, candy, and some other fun items. When he was brought to his cell he was told that once a day all the criminals from this cell got to go to the yard, where they could be outside and get some exercise, but since he was quirkless they couldn’t allow him to go out will everyone else. It would be too dangerous. The guard said for the first week or so, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave his cell while they reorganized the schedule. He wouldn’t be able to go to the cafeteria with everyone else either, so his meals would be delivered. With that message, the guard left him to the start of his solitary confinement.