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sunset over moonlight boulevard

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Purple lights covered the stage, flashing, and lighting up the crowd in front of me. The speakers behind me roared with the sound of my own voice. The crowd cheered, singing along to the lyrics that were practically painted into my brain. I stepped down the stage, so that I was right in front of the crowd, and hit the high note, closing my eyes as I sang.

I crouched down so that I was eye level with the crowd, still singing, softer and softer. I took the hand of a girl about my age and pulled her up to the stage. She stood taller than me, almost 8 inches. She had her pitch black hair pulled up into a spiky ponytail.

She gave a shy smile, and when I held out the microphone, she sang the melody softly, hitting every note perfectly. I stood, frankly a bit shocked, and joined her, waving for the crowd to join too. Our voices fit together in harmony, and once the song ended, the entire arena hollered and clapped.

Out of breath, I managed to ask, “What’s your name?”

“Yaoyorozu Momo,” she whispered back, giving that same shy smile.

“Yaoyorozu. That was amazing.” I complimented, grabbing her shoulder.

“T-Thank you!” She practically squealed, stepping back into the crowd, before giving one last wave.

My eyes lingered on her for a second too long, and I stepped back into the spotlight, calling out, “Last song, guys!” I began to strum a few chords on the guitar around my shoulders, a melody from a song everyone knew. I felt myself sink into the sound of their cheers as I vocalized, basking in the light.

Still, Yaoyorozu Momo didn’t leave my head.


After the show had ended, I ran out, looking for the girl that had captivated me, when I saw a limo pull up, and a familiar ponytail walk up to it.

“Yaoyorozu!” I yelled, and when she turned around, I smiled. I quickly ran up to her and smiled. “I wanted to talk to you after the show,” I rubbed the back of my head, sheepishly, “And maybe give you something.”

“What did you need?” She kindly asked, her face tinted a slight red.

I felt my face heat up as I stuttered, “Um- Well, I, uh, wanted to maybe, grab a coffee or something.” Yaoyorozu paused, her cheeks completely red at this point, and so I added, “If you want to! Only if you, uh, want to.”

Yaoyorozu seemed to snap out of it and softly grabbed my hand, squeezing it with her own.

“Of course I will!” Her smile shining on her face. Everything was soft, soft cheeks, soft eyes, the soft curve of her lips, reassuring in so many ways.

I nervously pulled out a notepad, scribbling out my number on it, and handing it to her. She smiled and tucked it in her denim jackets pocket, and gracefully stepped into the limo that awaited her. The car started off, my gaze lingering on it, even when it drove far into the distance.

I stepped back into the crowd, waving hellos, and thank yous to crowd goers, making my way back to the stage area. I lifted some of my equipment and set it in our crates, helping my crew along.


Bright yellow hair appeared in my field of vision.

“Good show tonight,” Kaminari smiled, carrying my bass.

In more ways than one, I thought.

“Yeah,” I grinned. “It was.



God, this is so boring.

“Hey, Denki, when’s the next show.”

He scoffed, scrolling on his phone, “Why would I know?”

I set down my pencil and turned to him, glaring. “It’s your job to know.”

He shrugged, with a playful, “Oops.”

I leaned back in my chair, sinking down and grabbing my phone from the table next to me. After a few minutes of scrolling, a notification popped up.


Hello! This is Yaoyorozu, I was wondering if you were free today for coffee?

I smiled, quickly typing back a response.

sure! is the coffee shop on Hirokoji Dori okay?

Of course! I’ll see you there in 10!


I jumped up from the chair, grabbing my jacket and quickly putting it on.

Denki looked up with a confused expression on his face.

“Where are you going?”

“Coffee!” I simply stated, rushing out the door.

I glanced around the cafe, looking for the same spiky ponytail i saw at the concert. From the corner of the room, a girl in a black turtleneck and long red skirt waved to me. I rushed past the other customers, and smiled at her as I sat down.

“Jirou! How have you been?” She politely asked, brightly smiling at me.

She took a sip of her drink, before swirling it around in its cup.

“Oh, I’m sorry, should I have waited to get a drink with you?” She asked, her cheeks going pink.

I waved my arms in front of me, “No it’s fine! Really!”

She gave that same comforting smile, and spoke again, going on about some topic. Her eyes glowed, even in their darkness, as she excitedly talked on and on. Yaoyorozu took a breath before continuing, and looking to me in question.


“I’m- I'm sorry, could you say that again?” I nervously chuckled, resting my head on my palm.

“I asked if you were free to go to a bit more-” she gestured vaguely around the cafe, “Private. Place.”

I could practically feel my face get warmer, and I stumbled over my words. “Oh- Uh- Sure! Yeah, where did you have in mind?”

“You’ll see,” she mischievously smiled, grabbing my hand and her drink, and walking out the cafe doors. A black limo waited in the parking lot, and a grey-haired man stepped out and opened the doors.

“Where to, Mrs. Yaoyorozu?”

“You know the place.”

This all seems pretty serial-killer esque, but she’s pretty so I’ll go with it.

After around 30 minutes of driving, with tinted windows, and no idea where I was, the limo stopped. Yaoyorozu grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the car.

I stopped, taking in the scenery around me. There were hills upon hills, covered in bright green grass, the sun almost setting, throwing a golden glow over the entire field. Small houses dotted in the horizon. Water cascaded down a mountainside into a small river, weaving its way through the bumps and dips in the land.

Yaoyorozu waved a goodbye to the driver, and he sped off into the distance.

“Wow, Yaoyorozu, this is amazing.” I gaped, stuck marvelling of my surroundings..

She blushed, bringing a hand to her cheek. “It is, isn't it.”

My eyes ran over the land one last time, before turning to face her.

“How did you find this place?”

She smiled, looking down at her hands. “My mother took me here when I was younger. I can barely remember it, but I treasure the memory.”

“Do you take many people here?” I asked, smirking.

“Only the special ones,” She answered, laughing a bit. She sat down in the grass, and I followed after her. Yaoyorozu gave a soft smile, then reached for my hand, intertwining our fingers.

A dark pink spread up my neck and to my face. I squeezed her hand back and smiled.

“What about your parents?” Yaoyorozu asked.

“Oh, my parents? I mean, they started my whole music career, so.” I responded, rubbing the back of my head.

“Really? They were musicians?” She looked curiously to me, eyes almost asking for more information.

“Yeah! Growing up, there was always music playing. I basically learned to make music from birth.” I turned my head back to her, tilting my head a bit, “Where'd you learn to sing, though?”

A smile grew on her face, “My parents thought I needed a hobby, so they signed me up for music lessons. It was all I could really do at home, so I sang quite a lot as a child.”

I squeezed her hand, and she shifted her body to face me. The golden rays of the sun bloomed across her face, shining with color and changing her dark eyes to golden yellow pools of light. She looked, in the most pure form of the word, beautiful.

I lifted a hand to her cheek, brushing it with my thumb. She leaned into the touch, closing her eyes.

Her dark brown eyes opened, and I leaned in.

Our lips barely touched, before I pulled away.

They're soft.

Yaoyorozu touched a finger to her lips, surprised.

“Was that- Was that okay?” I asked, my voice shaking from the nerves.

Yaoyorozu smiled gently, “You didn't give me much time to judge.”

Before I knew what was happening, her lips were on mine again. A sweet buzz rang in my ears, as I felt her smile against me. I placed a hand on her waist as she wrapped her hands around my shoulders, the kiss going on until both of us were out of breath.

She smiled again, her cheeks a bright pink, and flipped into the grass.

Her eyes flicked over to me, “I think that one was more than okay.”