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They say that high school will be the best years of your life but that seems to be a different story for a girl who goes by the name of Jane Lane. She and Tom were currently going through a rough time like they always did but what made this particular time not-so-normal was that they weren’t making up like they usually were, which made Jane question a few things. She started to notice that Tom and Daria have been hanging out a bit more, which made her a little jealous, but she didn’t want to make a big fuss about it. Jane and Tom had just finished arguing and soon after he stormed out, she sat on her bed sighing pinching the bridge of her nose. After a few minutes of staring at the floor she noticed her brother Trent in the doorway and she quickly looked away, she knew that she could talk to him about anything and everything but she just was just a little hesitant to tell him about this certain situation.


“wanna talk about it?” Trent asked walking towards Janes bed then taking a seat.


“is it wrong that I think Daria is trying to get with Tom?” She asked hoping that she didn’t sound completely insane, she didn’t want to come off as insecure because she completely trusted her friend Daria but she just couldn’t help feel that way.


“I don’t think your wrong to have those feelings but I do think you should address it to Daria so there won’t be any ill will towards her” Trent explained, he wasn’t really the one for conflict and he also knew that Daria was Janes best friend and he didn’t want her to mess that friendship up over a misunderstanding.


Jane smiled a bit “Thanks Trent, I will try to find time to talk to her about it tomorrow.” she said getting up “now if you’ll excuse me, I have to continue this painting I have yet to finish” she joked shooing him out of her room. The next day, while Jane was walking to school, she was thinking about what she was exactly going to say to Daria. As she was on her way to her locker out of the corner of her eye, she saw Daria walking up to her.


“Hey.” the shorter of the two greeted.


“Hey.” Jane replied keeping her face in her locker.


“Got something on your mind?” Daria asked deadpanned.


Jane was very hesitant to tell Daria how she truly felt only because she knew how it would go down. If Daria thought she was trying to get at someone she liked she would be caught off guard or pretty damn upset herself.


“It’s nothing major” she murmured “we can talk about it over pizza.” she said as she closed her locker


It may not have shown but Daria was a little worried for Jane, she thought she had maybe done something to upset her but she couldn’t put her finger on it. The two friends hadn’t really had any problems beforehand so she thought maybe it finally came to that point of their friendship where she became too dependent on Jane or too “clingy”. During Mr. O’Neil’s class Jane was thinking about she was going to deliver the news to Daria now after acting completely weird about it, while doing so she was sketching on a piece of paper, she didn’t know what she wanted it to be yet. Meanwhile Daria was panicking on the inside, what could Jane possibly want to talk about that would make her act so closed off and distant? She thought.


Soon the bell rang indicating that school was over and by that time Jane decided that there was nothing to worry about, Daria was her best friend and she would understand where she was coming from. Daria and Jane were currently walking to the infamous pizza spot they always eat at that goes by the name of ‘Pizza King’, Daria wanted to ask Jane what they were going to talk about but wanted to save it for when they get there. Once they arrive, they find a seat and then they order, while they were waiting both girls stared at each other wondering who was going to start the conversation.


“so, what did you want to talk to me about?” Daria asked “did I do something wrong?”


“no no!” Jane exclaimed “it’s just that you and Tom have been hanging out more.” she said, she decided she was going to beat around the bush a little bit until she caught on.


“okay..and? Isn't this what you wanted?” Daria replied confused


“it is! It's just that- I think that you’re trying to get at Tom.” Jane blurted, she felt bad once she got it out because she didn’t exactly know how Daria would take it