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A Hump in the Night

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Between the two of them, Kotetsu is always the first to fall asleep at night.

Maybe it’s because of his age, or possibly how he pushes himself past his limit during the work day, but he is reliably under the covers when Barnaby goes to shower. When he comes back Kotetsu is halfway to nodding off, and Barnaby barely has enough time to wish the older man goodnight before he’s drifted off to sleep.

On the other hand, Barnaby has trouble sleeping at night. Too much runs through his mind: the show, villains, the other heroes. His parents, on occasion. Sometimes Kotetsu.

Okay, often Kotetsu.

He is always thinking, worrying, planning, and it usually takes him an hour or so to fall asleep after getting into bed.

He wishes that he could sleep as easily as his husband does, but then again if he did he wouldn't be able to witness what he could only describe as Kotetsu’s ‘Sleepfucking’.

He can't really pinpoint the catalyst for the behavior and trying to map it to a schedule was useless. It would be easier if Kotetsu knew anything, but apparently, he barely remembers what happens during these episodes and counts on Barnaby to tell him all the juicy details afterward. It happens as erratically as Kotetsu's behavior often is, and the only way Barnaby knows it’s occurring (like now) is from the labored breaths tickling the cusp of his ear and the insistent hand cupping his backside.

“That time of the night?” He asks, reaching back to grab the offending hand. He laces their fingers together as he reaches for his glasses on the nightstand, and when he has retrieved them, he shifts to his back. He turns to look at Kotetsu, and his gaze softens at his face and the wide, dopey grin on it. Kotetsu stares off in some sort of half-asleep enamored fashion, eyes glazed over but strangely focused on him. If it wasn't for the lack of alcohol on his breath, Barnaby would say he was drunk, but in this situation such looks were normal.

As he expects, almost immediately after he settles into place on his back Kotetsu is all over him. Soft, moistened lips latch onto Barnaby's neck as his free hand wanders across the wide expanse of Barnaby's chest. The tiny patch of hair on Kotetsu's face brushes against the nape of his neck and Barnaby has to hold in a laugh, lest he ruin the atmosphere. Instead, he lets go of Kotetsu's hand and wraps an arm around his waist, coaxing his hips into moving like he knows Kotetsu wants to do.

Kotetsu allows the push, seems to welcome it actually judging by how quickly his leg swings over Barnaby's body. He grinds his cock into Barnaby's leg, groaning loudly at the friction in that unabashed way that he likes, and Barnaby wonders idly if the neighbors will hear.

There's no room for the thought to continue because suddenly his mind is clogged with Kotetsu. His hair splayed across the pillowcase. His eyes scrunched shut as he focuses solely on the pleasurable friction of his hard cock against Barnaby’s muscled thighs. His voice tinged with sleepy desire as his nickname for Barnaby falls out of his mouth and he asks for more, more, more. The last ounce of self-restraint breaks as Barnaby pulls Kotetsu away from his neck and kisses him hard.

The taste of stale breath engulfs Barnaby's senses, mixing with the faint aftertaste of mint toothpaste, and a small part of his brain reminds him that he brushed his teeth before coming to bed. He dismisses the thought for now, choosing instead to snake his hand underneath Kotetsu's tank top. His hands rub up and down Kotetsu's back as his tongue works on mapping the inner crevices of his mouth, and he feels his own now-hard cock brush against the fabric of his boxer-briefs. Kotetsu feels it too, based on how his hands are inching towards it with all the finesse of a clumsy housecat.

Barnaby beats him to the punch and grabs Kotetsu through his underwear. He grinds his palm into the stiff length and waits for Kotetsu's moans to taper off before whispering with as much lust as he can muster. “What do you want, Kotetsu?”

“I-ah! ” Kotetsu starts, cutting himself off with a gasp. He squirms in Barnaby's hold and thrusts desperately into his hands. “Please--a-ahh, mmm!-- please Bunny, please!”

“Please what?” Barnaby has an idea of what Kotetsu wants, but he needs to hear it.

pleasepleaseplease fuck me already!” He finally grounds out.

It isn't that Barnaby doesn't want to, god knows there's nothing he wants to do more than give this man a proper fucking. However, he doesn't need to look at a clock to know it's late, far later than either of them should be up. They both have work early in the morning, and Barnaby has enough experience fighting crime the morning after rough sex to know how uncomfortable it is.

Even though he doesn't want to have sex tonight, there, of course, are other ways he can get them both off.

Barnaby drags his hand up Kotetsu's clothed cock to the waist of his underwear and dips his fingers in to grip him properly. He revels in the sigh that produces: long, drawn-out, like Kotetsu had been waiting for this his entire life. Maybe he has, who knows. Pressing his mouth to Kotetsu's neck, Barnaby flicks out his tongue and licks a stripe up to the bottom of his ear. He nibbles on Kotetsu's earlobe, and when he feels he has the other’s undivided attention, he speaks.

“it's late, you know.”

“Mmmm, but--”

“That being said, why don't you give me a show? I want to see you touch yourself.”

Kotetsu is silent as he contemplates, but soon enough he nods and pushes down his clothing to expose his dick.

Barnaby loves watching Kotetsu like this, and if it was solely up to him he would have Kotetsu show himself off like this all the time. His dick is beautiful, tan like his skin and girthy enough to make Barnaby see stars whenever he bottomed. Worshipping it with his mouth came as simple as breathing, and he would've offered to do just that, but there’s something about being a spectator in Kotetsu's pleasure that is ridiculously arousing.

He watches with bated breath as Kotetsu grips his shaft eagerly, sparing no moment to arch into his hand. Kotetsu's eyes flutter closed and he groans as the first spike of pleasure hits him, setting off similar waves in Barnaby's chest as well.

After watching Kotetsu tug at himself though, he notices a problem.

“You're going to chafe like that.” The suggestion to grab lube is at the tip of Barnaby's tongue, but then he has another idea. “You should probably lick your hand.”

It's not as elegant as using lube, but to Barnaby, it is certainly sexier. Kotetsu seems to agree, but judging by the way he pushes his palm to Barnaby's mouth, Barnaby thinks that something was lost in translation. “No, not me, you. I just brushed my teeth.”

The hand presses insistently against his lips, and with a sigh, Barnaby acquiesces. Surely, his dentist would agree that this is more important than proper hygiene, and besides, he already kissed Kotetsu earlier. He runs his tongue over the familiar calloused skin, stopping briefly to place a soft kiss to the wedding ring on Kotetsu’s finger before continuing.

Kotetsu sighs at the action and gives Barnaby another dopey grin. “Hehh, you're so cute, Bunny.”

“Says the actually cute one,” Barnaby quips. He nudges Kotetsu’s hand back in the direction of his hard-on. “Come on, old man, neither of us is getting any younger here.”

“So mean…”

There's no heat behind it, but rather that fond tone that Barnaby recognizes from their inside jokes. He snuggles in close to Kotetsu's neck, lips hovering there as he places soft butterfly kisses. “Go on then,” He whispers against warm skin. “Touch yourself for me.”

Kotetsu moans openly when his hand makes contact with his dick, and he wastes no time in jerking off.

Between the loud slaps of his skin against skin and his stuttered gasps, Barnaby finds himself rubbing his own length, rock-hard from the show and already dripping precum at the tip. Pleasure pools in the pit of his stomach as he rubs the precum over the head and with every caress his dick jumps in his hand, twitching for more attention. He can’t help but imagine being inside Kotetsu, being hugged by his warm, tight ass as he pounds into him and brings them both over the edge, but he'll have to settle for his hands today.

Feeling he's being watched, Barnaby glances up from his own ministrations to meet Kotetsu's eyes, still hazy (From sleep? Lust? Both?) but locked onto his movements. He grins and pumps his shaft, groaning freely to show Kotetsu just how turned on he was. “You're so sexy,” he says, and Kotetsu curses softly in response.

Fuck, Bunny…”

Barnaby shifts to his side to see Kotetsu better. The other’s face is flushed, and his chest heaves as he pants raggedly. He’s so perfect, so beautiful, but... “Weren't you putting on a show for me? I think your hand is getting a little dry there.”

Kotetsu picks up on the suggestion and brings his hand up to lick it. Barnaby watches in utter rapture as Kotetsu moistens his palm, and he recalls other instances of Kotetsu using his tongue: wrapping it around Barnaby's cock, licking cum clean from Barnaby's fingers, thrusting in and out of Barnaby's hole to prep him for insertion.

He barely brings himself back to the present just in time to witness Kotetsu fucking himself with his hand again, whining out Barnaby's name, and Barnaby buries his face back in Kotetsu's neck. He breathes in the faint scent of soap and sweat before sinking his teeth into the area, feeling the muscles spasm underneath in excitement. He leaves little love bites as he traverses Kotetsu's neck, trailing each one with a soft kiss. His skin feels electric, shocking his senses with pleasure, and with the added texture of Kotetsu's moans reverberating against his lips, his pulse quickens and the coil in his gut grows tighter. He knows he’s quickly approaching his end, but he doesn’t want to come before Kotetsu does.

“H-hey, how close are you?”

Very ,” Comes Kotetsu's croaked reply. “Barnaby, I-a-ah! , I need…”

Barnaby nods, knowing exactly what he needs, and switches his hands so his left one replaces Kotetsu's. They groan in unison at Barnaby's touch when he moves. His fingers glide smoothly over the taut skin, pubic hair grazing his knuckles as he runs his hand up and down on the shaft. His movements are quick and sharp because even though he wants to drag this out, Kotetsu is past the point of teasing. Luckily, he wants to see him come apart just as much as Kotetsu desires it.

Kotetsu jolts up suddenly and his legs tense. “I-I'm so--mpfh!...s-so close--!” He grits his teeth, and his voice catches in his throat. Barnaby feels Kotetsu jerk violently in his hand before erupting, releasing rope after rope of warm release over his hand and onto Kotetsu's tank top. The sight has him moving his free hand back to his own length, bringing him quickly to completion with a loud gasp.

Barnaby strokes both of them through their climaxes, laughing weakly when he feels his muscles slacken and relax when it’s over. He gazes at the strips of Kotetsu's cum covering his hand, and his heart swells with fondness for the other man. He looks up at Kotetsu's face and before he can stop himself he’s leaving chaste kisses to his chin, cheeks, everywhere he can reach. It takes Kotetsu huffing at him and tilting his face away for Barnaby to control himself, and with one final kiss to the side of Kotetsu’s mouth, he pulls away. “We should get cleaned up.”

Kotetsu raises his hand weakly in an ‘okay’ gesture. “Give me a minute to remember how to move my limbs.”

Barnaby laughs. “Alright then.”


In the morning, Barnaby relays the encounter over their breakfast. “Do you remember anything?”

“Hmm…” Kotetsu hums around his tea as he thinks. “Not really, but I wish I did. You always get to have all the fun. When I try to feel you up in your sleep, you wake up instantly.”

“It isn't my fault I'm a light sleeper.”

“It is, though!”

Barnaby shrugs, much to Kotetsu's disdain. He looks like he wants to retort, but instead, he just sighs and goes back to his food. “You seem so wistful when you talk about these things. Almost makes me think you prefer having sex with me when I’m like that instead of our normal stuff.”

“Oh, absolutely,” Barnaby states bluntly as he gets up to place his dishes in the sink. “It's the only time you help me clean up.”

“Bunnyyy, that's so mean!”

“You're so much cuter too,” Barnaby continues, walking over to stand behind Kotetsu. He looks down at the sad puppy-dog look in Kotetsu's face. Has he been practicing? With a roll of his eyes, Barnaby bends down to kiss Kotetsu between his eyebrows. “I'm joking, of course.”

“You say it with such a serious look though…” Kotetsu grabs Barnaby's face before he can pull away and places a gentle smooch on his nose. “You should stop teasing this old man.”

“Actually get old and maybe I'll consider it. Come on, time to go.”


The two share one last kiss, then they part to get ready for the day.