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Trunks wasn't sure just where all that cereal went; it seemed to break all laws of physics that so much food could fit inside his very small son. He'd been watching his mind and body grow with his appetite; he definitely wasn't a baby anymore. As the four year old shoveled the last of the bowl into his mouth Trunks automatically reached out and grabbed the box, dumping another half-helping in before the boy could ask for it.

“Thanks, Papa,” Harico grinned. “We need bigger bowls.”

Trunks chuckled and ate his toast, trying to focus on the book in front of him. Ugh, numbers and spreadsheets, numbers and spreadsheets, it seemed like since he'd first started working toward his Business Degree that was all he ever looked at. He wanted to focus on engineering, but as Mom had pointed out very loudly, there was nothing the university could teach him he did not know, and he needed to learn how to run the company one day.

Goten yawned as he stumbled into the kitchen, slumping into his chair at the table and dropping his head back over it. His mate smiled at him; Harico had inherited Trunks’ ability to wake up at a moment's notice and face the day, but poor Goten had never been able to do that. It didn't help that he hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. Harico immediately grabbed his bowl and ran to Goten's side, hopping up onto his knee to eat there instead.

“Morning, My Love. When did you finally get home?”

Goten grimaced, one hand automatically going to steady his son on his leg. “After one. We didn't mean to, Dad and I just got talking after training, then we got hungry, and then we got thirsty...we might owe several hundred dollars to the bar at the base of the mountain. Sorry.”

Trunks laughed. “Don't be. You've had what, four drinks since you turned twenty-one? Remember how sloshed I got after mine?”

“I'm sorry I missed storytime, Harry,” Goten said, kissing the top of Harico's wild hair. They'd long since given up trying to tame it -- the child had Goku's hair and it refused to be wrangled.

“That's okay, Daddy. You want some cereal?”

Goten glanced at the clock. “Oh, you gotta get dressed Buddy, Vegeta will be here soon.”

Harico jumped excitedly off his lap and ran to his room. Trunks used the moment to lean across the small table and kiss his mate softly. They were both so busy lately, but they usually got at least one kiss before bed and he'd missed it last night.

Goten took his hand. “You think you're ready for the test today?”

“I think so,” he sighed. “If Professor Langham doesn't decide to use another fifty questions from an outdated textbook no one has.”

“You should talk to Malcolm, he has some pull. He might be able to regulate Langham's curriculum more.”

“Nah,” Trunks said, shaking his head. He already felt ostracized among his class enough for being a Briefs, he didn't want to try and pull any special favors. “What are you up to today?”

“Mom's helping me go through the lesson plan I'm working up for Harry.” Trunks snorted and Goten pushed his shoulder. “Oh, shut up. I swear I'm not going to go full-Chichi on him, but if we're home schooling I want to be prepared. I didn't exactly train for this. I'm a meathead with a GED, not a teacher. Besides, he's a Briefs too, he's going to need to be smart enough to go to college if he wants to so he can do what you're doing.”

“I know, I know,” Trunks assured him. He slid his hand along Goten's knee under the table. “Harico's in great hands. I'm not worried.”

There was a knock on the door. Harico went running through the main room to get the door, still having to stretch a little to reach the door handle. “Grandpa!” He screeched, jumping up onto the Saiyan.

“Boy.” Vegeta stood straight and made no move to hold the child, but Harico scaled him like a tree and ended up on his shoulders. “Trunks, are you coming today?”

“Can't, I've got a test this morning. Maybe if I get done early I can make it back to Capsule Corp and get a couple hours in.”

“We won't be there. In-field training today. He's going to practice adapting to his surroundings.”

“Vegeta,” Goten warned, “do not leave my baby in the wilderness for six months. Mom and I would hunt you down.”

“Do I look like the Namek?” Vegeta grunted. “This is going to be a set series of tests to see his natural instincts of survival. We're going to see how he handles real peril.”

“And then go get ice cream!” Harico shouted around his grandfather's tall hair.

Vegeta sighed. “And then go get ice cream.”

Harico cheered and waved goodbye to his fathers as the door closed behind them. Trunks grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. “I should get going too, Ten. See you tonight?”

Goten caught his wrist. “Hey Trunks?”

“Yes, Love?”

Goten blushed. “Uh...nevermind. Good luck on your test.”

Trunks snorted and pulled Goten up to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. “You're hiding your thoughts. What's wrong, Ten?’

He looked away. “I know we've been crazy busy, and you need to get going. Could you just...order me to orgasm, please?” He saw Trunks’ confused look. “It's just been a few weeks since we've been able to be alone and I'm getting...frustrated. I tried to take care of it a few days ago, but I guess I'm a little spoiled. I can't touch myself the way you can. I couldn't...get there. It's gonna be hard to concentrate today.”

He saw pain run across Trunks’ features, and before he could say anything to reassure him their lips were together. Trunks pulled the waistband of his pants down and grabbed him, stroking him quickly. His lips moved to Goten's neck and the younger man leaned into the embrace.

“Trunks,” he protested, “you have to go. You can't be late for your test.”

“Fuck the test and and fuck school. I'm neglecting my Goten. Take off your clothes.”

Goten giggled. “Stop. You're not neglecting me--” He gasped as Trunks fell to his knees and took him into his mouth. “Trunks! We're just busy, it's okay, we're not kids anymore. Trunks, cut it out.”

He pulled back, frowning up at him. “Let me take care of you. Don't make me order you to enjoy yourself.”

Goten pulled him to his feet. “I can't enjoy myself if you miss your test, it's important to you. I think we're both free tonight. Let's ask Vegeta to keep Harico for the night, Bulma would love it. I'll wrap stuff up with Mom by five and get home so we can spend all night together.”

Trunks pulled him in close. “I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk, Ten,” he whispered in his ear.

He shivered. “Good. Just, uh, can you give the order please? Hold me over?”

“Goten, come.”

Goten braced himself and smiled, instantly hard. He waited. “Uh, nothing's happening.”

Trunks frowned, pulling back from him. “Goten, come now.”

They waited, but nothing happened. The confusion in Goten's eyes turned to panic. “Is it our bond? Is it weakening?”

“Goten, deep sleep.”

He collapsed immediately into Trunks’ arms, completely unconscious.

“Goten, wake up.”

The half Saiyan woke up and yawned. “Well, that still works.”

Trunks took his mate's chin in his hand and looked into his eyes, gaze turning hard. “Goten, come for your master.”

Goten whined, his mind and body desperate to carry out the order, but he didn't. He was not used to failing him when he used that voice. “I...I can't, Master. I'm sorry.”

The severeness melted immediately and he ran a soothing hand down his mate's face. “Shh, it's okay, Ten. Do you think you're sick or something? Should we call Malcolm?”

“What would he know about this?” Goten laughed. “A C-section and Harico getting the sniffles is one thing, this is weirder. Maybe it's Saiyan. Nothing human's ever affected our bond before.”

Trunks grimaced. “Should we…call our dads?”

“Ew. No,” Goten blanched. “Go, you're going to be late. We'll have plenty of time to figure it out tonight.”

Trunks looked at the clock guilty and pulled his bag back over his shoulder. “Alright. Tonight then. I love you.”

“Love you,” he smiled weakly.

Trunks paused at the door. “Oh, by the way. Goten, you will spend all day imaging how good it's going to feel to have me inside you.”

Goten's mouth dropped open. “I have to spend all day with Mom!”

“Then I guess you'll hurry home,” Trunks grinned wickedly.


Dr. Malcolm Chase has only just finished his first class of the day, and he was already bored. His wife and colleagues had insisted he take this teaching position for at least one year to see if he enjoyed it, and after over a decade of protest he'd accepted it. It had been a mistake. This wasn't what he enjoyed; teaching held nothing new and exciting for him. In his friend's defense, they thought he'd been doing nothing but publishing research for years now. They didn't know he was still practicing, just with only one particular family.

What started as a Hail-Mary effort to find a physician willing to perform a C-section on a half alien while keeping their mouth shut had escalated into a mutually beneficial arrangement. Trunks had kept his promise and allowed the doctor to run as many tests on him as he liked shortly after his son's birth. Truth be told he mainly wanted to continue testing Goten, he was the medical marvel after all, but Trunks was very clear his mate was not available as a test subject. Besides, he'd insisted, they were both half Saiyans and their physiology should be identical.

Bulma had given him the research she'd done independently. It was certainly done by an amateur, but the detail and promise proved to him that the newspapers heralding her as a genius had not been exaggerating. He was not sure he would have isolated the specific Saiyan hormones, let alone what they did, without her prior work.

Moreover, Goten wasn't his only patient anymore. The girl Bra had developed the flu at six years old; to their knowledge it was the first virus any of the halfbreeds had ever contracted. Mr. Vegeta had been...more zealous about his help than before, promising to rip the poor doctor to shreds if his daughter was not back to full health soon. Bulma had at least taken him aside and apologized for her mate, explaining that Vegeta had trouble expressing concern without anger, and the doctor was just a good target. She assured him the Saiyan held him in high regard and would never actually harm him, a fact he hadn't believed until Bulma explained her mental connection with Vegeta. That opened a whole new set of possibilities about human-alien interaction and entangled him farther into the strange family's lives.

He saw Harico regularly now, every five months or so for a check up and development assessment. The boy had never been sick, but he did seem to have developed some allergies, and even that was fascinating with a child like him. He was certainly aging mentally very fast; at four he spoke more like an older child and had very complex thoughts and questions. Not to mention the strength . It had been the doctor's own fault that he asked him to hit his palm as hard as he could to test it. Before either of his fathers could stop him Harico's fist reared back and punched the hand with the force of a truck barreling down a highway, snapping several bones. He'd had to tell his wife he'd slammed it in car door and wear a cast, but he laughed every time he thought of it.

Putting together a working model of Saiyans and half Saiyans had become his passion project. He'd never asked for payment, but he'd occasionally see large deposits appear in his bank account, and he was pretty sure who put them there. He'd thought maybe Bulma at first, but as he got to know her he realized she was not one to do things anonymously. The rather large check after he had helped with Bra's flu had confirmed to him that the money came from the Saiyan himself.

He had piles of research on real alien life and how it functioned. And he couldn't share any of it.

He hadn't actually been threatened per se, but he was smart enough to understand his position. He only met the strange family through a discreetly set up meeting in an empty restaurant, they clearly wanted their association with him kept quiet. Not even counting the fact they were aliens, they were also very well known. They had enough trouble keeping their personal lives from the tabloids, it would be much worse if someone of his reputation were to expose their unbelievable secrets.

Then there was that look that Vegeta and, to some extent, Trunks gave him when he discovered another family secret. Not so much a warning glare as a promise of what exactly would happen if these things were leaked to the public. He knew both of them were extremely protective of their mates and their children, and they had flagged him as a potential threat. He was being very careful not to step over that line.

He collected his papers, ready to head to his office to prepare for his next class, when he heard the door to his lecture hall swing open. A tall, thin man with a cold smile stepped in, waving jovially at the doctor. He had something strange strapped to his face -- binoculars, maybe?

“Uh, hello,” Dr. Chase muttered. “You're a bit too early for class. Or extremely late.”

“Dr. Malcolm Chase?” The man asked striding over to take his hand.

He shook the man's hand, trying to place his face. He'd never been very good at names, and if they'd met before he'd forgotten him. “Yes. Who's asking?”

“A friend. I just have a couple questions for you, if you don't mind.”

“Depends on the questions, doesn't it ‘Mr.Friend’?” He asked suspiciously.

The man laughed. His stiff posture was starting to get unnerving. “That’s fair I suppose.” He pulled out a photograph. “Can you tell me who these people are, Dr.Chase?”

The doctor did an excellent job of keeping his composure as he looked over the familiar faces of the Briefs family. It was clearly a candid as they were all walking somewhere, unaware of the camera. Probably one of the damn tabloids, he decided. That's probably who his 'friend’ was as well.

“Is there a person in East City who wouldn't recognize our most famous family? I'm sorry, I'm not much into gossip, you'll have to tell me if they've suddenly found themselves in some scandal.”

The man's smile stayed firm. “And this person right here, do you know who they are?” he asked, tapping his finger over Goten's face.

Dr.Chase shrugged. “I know he's one of them.”

“He or she,” the man laughed darkly. “We really know very little about the person other than that their name is Goten and they spend an incredible amount of time with the Briefs' heir Trunks. Some people even believe they are married based on the rings they wear, hell some claim they attended the wedding, but there was never an official press release or announcement. About four-ish years ago there was a short-lived media circus around just who Goten was, but it died off rather quickly, eh? Not to mention the fact most people believe this Goten was pregnant, hence my reluctance to assign them a gender. That's what leads us to this boy right here,” he explained, his thin finger falling on the image of Harico in Trunks’ arms. “Do you know this boy?”

“Personally? Do I look like the type to pal around with celebrities?”

“A child needs a doctor, eh?”

Dr.Chase forced a laugh. “Well if you've come on behalf of the Briefs to hire me you're barking up the wrong tree. I haven't practiced in years,” he lied.

The man's smile faded slightly. “Well we both know that's not entirely true, is it doctor?”

“What's this all about?” He scoffed, picking up his briefcase. “I have things to do today, thank you very much.”

“This is a warning, Doctor.”

“What?” He managed out before the man grabbed him from the ground by the neck, holding him aloft and shaking him slightly.

“See, if you were to die or go missing, the family would certainly hear about it and look into your absence. However, if I allow you to go home with no warning you may get the bright idea to try and call them to tell them what has happened, and I can't have that either. So, let's make a deal. I won't kill you this moment, and in return you keep your fool mouth shut. Does that sound like a good deal, Doctor?”

He nodded his head enthusiastically and the man dropped him to the ground. “Good.” He turned without another word and walked away.

Dr. Chase shook angrily on the floor, wondering what kind of a jackass where's a jacket with the words 'Kill You!’ on the back.

He wouldn't understand why he was warned until he got home that night. His first instinct had been to call Vegeta but...that man had shaken him badly and he couldn't find the nerve. He just hoped the family that had trusted him so readily could forgive him if the worst happened.




“Next scenario,” Vegeta called roughly over the wind. “An enemy has severely wounded you--”

Harico scoffed loudly and laughed. “No way.”

Vegeta rolled his eyes at the boy's overconfidence. His ego on the battlefield was well earned, he was incredibly strong for his age, but it got in the way of training sometimes. If only the boy could feel that kind of pride off the field as well... Well, now wasn't the time to worry about that. “I said, an enemy has severely wounded you and thrown you. You landed here. You do not know how far away he is or if he's coming back to get you. What do you do?”

Harico looked around at the steep cliffs around them, and at the large lake behind him. “What kind of wound? Can I walk?”

“Mostly internal, external bleeding below your ribcage, you can walk but mobility is decreased.”

“Am I dumb and don't have senzu beans like I should? And I already tried to call my daddies or you or Granddad or Krillin or--”

“You're completely alone and have no senzu beans,” the Saiyan nodded.

“Kay. Then first I have to make sure there's no one else around who'd hurt me.”

“How do we do that?”

Harico lifted into the air far above them, looking over the landscape. “First I check with my eyes,” he called.


The boy touched down closed and his eyes, being very still. “Then I check with my ears.”


“Then I check for a power level,” he said obediently with his eyes still closed.

“Wait one minute, and then tell me where I am.”

The boy kept his eyes closed and counted. Once he thought it'd been long enough he started paying close attention attention to his surroundings. “You're behind me, Grandpa.”

Total silence.

“You wanna know how far back? the lake?”


Harico sighed. “Um, twenty paces.”

A hand picked him up by the back of his collar. “Try two paces, Boy. If I had been an enemy you'd be dead.”


“Let's assume you hadn't just been slaughtered,” he sighed, setting him down. “Where would you seek cover? The lake, the cliffs, the --”

“Hey Grandpa do you love Grandma?”

Vegeta froze. “Excuse me?”

“Grandma Bulma,” Harico explained innocently. “Do you love her?”

“What the hell does that have to do with training?”

“Nothing, it's just the only time we're alone.”

Vegeta rubbed his temples. “You and your father, I swear. Training is supposed to be a job to increase your strength, why do you both insist on using it to ask ridiculous questions?”

“Ridiculous? So you don't love Grandma?”

“Bulma is my mate,” Vegeta said firmly. “You know that.”

“I know. I've just been trying to figure out what that means.”

Vegeta raised an eyebrow.

The four year old put on his best concentrating look. “So, Papa loves Daddy, and Daddy is his mate.”

“If you hadn't discerned that by now you'd be a moron and training would be a waste of time.”

“And Grandma Bulma is your mate. So do you love her?”

He grumbled. “They are the same thing.”

“Nu-uh,” the boy shook his head. “Because Granddad loves Grandmom, but she's not his mate. She doesn't have that weird mark on her neck like Daddy and Grandma.”

“And we're talking about Kakarot’s love life, why?”

“So do they not really love each other? Why did you pick Grandma? Why did Papa pick Daddy? Does everyone on Earth get picked like that? When does that happen?”

“Why so many questions?”

Harico shrugged. “I thought you'd know.”


“Because you know almost everything, Grandpa. When Papa's stuck he says he's gonna go talk to you, and then he comes home happier.”

Vegeta's ego swelled a bit. “It sounds like you have something specific on your mind. What is it?”

“What if...what if nobody ever picks me when I'm a grown up? Will I be all alone?”

Vegeta laughed. “Harico, no one will ever pick you.”

The boy frowned sadly. “Oh. Okay.”

“What I meant was, no one picks you, you pick someone else. You're the royal. Based on your genetics it is highly likely you'll be able to claim someone you're fond of in the future. If for some reason you're unable to, your grandmother has developed a way to stimulate a Saiyan’s body chemistry to make it possible. You will take Trunks’ role with your mate, have a heir of your own, and so on and so forth.”

“But what if the person I choose doesn't like me?” He worried.

Vegeta shrugged. “It makes no difference, they don't have much choice in the matter.”

“They don't?”

“A claim is immediate and powerful. Technically the second stage is the submissive accepting their role, but it's really more about just respecting the time it takes for them to get used to it. I've no doubt whomever you choose will stay with you.” He smiled down at him, sure he'd put the boy's mind at ease.

Harico didn't look consoled. He was frowning harder now, tears starting to form behind his eyes.

“What?” Vegeta asked nervously.

“Do you mean Daddy doesn't really want to be with Papa? He had no choice?”

Fuck. “That...that's not what I said.”

“Were he and Papa in love before he claimed him?”

“I don't believe so. They were young. They certainly weren't committed.”

“So Papa made Daddy love him? Did he make him have me?”

“No!” Vegeta snapped quickly, trying to set the situation right. “It is technically possible for the dominant warrior to give the order that their submissive must love them and stay with them forever to create heirs. However, Trunks is a good man and a good mate, he'd never give an order like that. Goten is free to make his own choices.”

“So Daddy could just decide he doesn't like being claimed and leave us?” The boy cried. “Does Daddy really love Papa? Does he really love me?”


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“I always found it helpful to know the textbook inside and out before I passed it on to you boys. I know he's already been doing well with his numbers, how is he on the alphabet?” Chichi asked.

Goten was staring at the table, his mind far away. Trunks’ order was fresh in his mind, and he was fighting hard not to blush. The Trunks in his fantasy currently had him bent over the couch, making him beg for it while he teased him with a very small toy -- fantasy Trunks was often a little crueler than real Trunks. He fidgeted, his frustration growing. He hadn't realized how spoiled living with his mate had made him, but his body was practically screaming for release now.

“Goten? You seem distracted.”

“Sorry, Mom,” he said clearing his throat. “I'm a little sick today.”

She pressed a hand to his forehead. “You do feel a little warm. Maybe we should put this work off for another day.”

No point, Trunks wouldn't be home until his classes were over. “That's okay. Where did you get our homework? Were they set worksheets, or did you make them?”

“Most of them were set, but I tweaked them to make them more challenging,” she said proudly.

“He can say the alphabet, but he can only read simple words. Hopefully he takes after Trunks, but--”

Sad. Afraid. Want Daddy.

Goten was on his feet in an instant, eyes wide and heart beating frantically.

“What is it?” Chichi asked.

“Harico. He needs me.”

“The mental connection? Doesn't he usually keep that closed now?” she asked. Trunks had lost his ability to communicate mentally with his son shortly after he learned to talk. Goten's connection weakened, but it was still there. Harico had been getting more independent lately, and he usually chose the option of keeping the door shut.

Want Daddy.

Goten was already headed for the door. “I'll just follow Vegeta’s power level. If he let him get hurt I'll--” he paused.

“What is it?”

“Vegeta is already on the way here, I can feel him getting closer. He's got Harico. I'll meet them halfway.”

She put a hand on his shoulder. “Is he in pain, or does he just need to see you?”

Goten focused in. “I don't sense pain.”

“Then maybe you should just let them get here. If he needs comforting it'd be easier to do in a warm house.”

He agreed, but he stayed at the door, fists curled into tight balls. It was only minutes later that he saw his son and his father-in-law come into view, but it felt like hours. As soon as he saw Harico he spread his arms out and the boy flew down towards him fast, colliding hard with his chest and hugging him tightly. His son was sobbing softly, and there were tears in his eyes.

“There's my Harry,” Goten said soothingly while he held him, rubbing his back. “What's wrong, Buddy?”

“You're not gonna leave us, are you Daddy?”

“What? Of course not, Harry. I love you.” He glared daggers at his father-in-law when he landed near them, and Vegeta had the good sense to look uncomfortable. “Why would I leave?”

“Grandpa said you had to stay with Papa 'cause he claimed you, and Papa could make you stay but he doesn't, so you could leave anytime,” he cried.

“That is not what I said,” Vegeta said defensively as both Goten and Chichi stared him down. “The child had questions about claiming, I answered them honestly.”

“Your lucky my child needs to be held or I'd kick your ass,” Goten growled.

Chichi still looked ready to do it herself. “Bring him inside, Goten, I'll make us some hot tea.”

“Okay, Mom. Vegeta, you get your Saiyan butt in this house, now.”

Vegeta flinched, not used to being given such direct orders from his son's mate. “Why?”

“Because I need to know exactly what you said to my son. Now, or I'll call Bulma and see what she thinks about your take on claiming.”

Vegeta scoffed indignantly, but he still marched into the house and plopped down into a chair by the table.

Goten sat on the overstuffed couch, still holding his son close, petting the back of his head. “Harry, you know I love you, and you know I love Papa.”

“He didn't tell you to love him? He didn't tell you to love me?”

“Absolutely not. Papa couldn't do that to me.”

“He gets to tell you what to do, I've seen it before,” he insisted. “Remember when you broke your hand hitting that bad guy? Papa said you were forbidden from fighting until it was all better and you couldn't even train with me until the Senzu beans were done growing.”

“Right, he said that because he knew if I tried to fight before then I'd just hurt myself, and he loves me too much to see that happen. What I mean is, Papa wouldn't do that to me.”

“Why not?”

“How did it feel today when you thought I was forced to love you?”

“Really bad,” Harico sniffled.

“That's right. If Papa ever said 'Goten, love me,’ then he'd feel like that all the time. He wouldn't know if I was with him by choice, and our lives wouldn't be the same. That's why he's never said anything like that. What you said is technically true, I could leave if I want, but he knows I won't because I'm happy with our family.”

“That's what I said,” Vegeta grumbled.

“Shut up,” Goten and Chichi both growled.

“So you're never gonna leave us?”

Goten sighed. “I love Papa, and I'm his mate for life. But let's say in some insane, impossible version of the future I ever did choose to leave him. I still wouldn't leave you. You're my baby, Harry, and I'd never abandon you.”

“Never ever?”

“Never ever.”

The boy placed his head on his father's shoulder, pacified but still shaken. Goten glanced nervously at the clock, wondering if Trunks was still taking his test.



Just four more questions. Four more freaking impossible questions. Trunks let out a huff and tapped his pencil against his leg. Most of the test hadn't been too bad, but of course there just had to be some stuff on here he was fairly sure had never been in any textbook, ever.

Is your test over? Goten thought at him.

Nearly. I'll tell you about it later, I have a break before my next class.

There was silence for a moment. Do not leave your test early, but I need you to come to Mt. Pauzo. Harico is having a rough day and he needs you to hold him for a little while.

The pencil snapped in Trunks' hand, earning him a few awkward looks from the class. It wasn't Goten's fault, he didn't know what the claim did to Trunks when he said something like that. His hands shook and his heart rate shot up. His mate and his baby needed him and he found himself once again stuck at a desk. It was best not to storm off the way he had in high school.

What happened? Is he hurt? Are you hurt? Where's Dad?

No one is physically hurt, yet. I still might kill your father today, I haven't decided.

Tell me what's happening!

There's no immediate danger. Just, when you get here, make sure not to give me any orders for a little while, and be really affectionate with us. He needs some reassurance.

That did it. Trunks quickly guessed the last few answers and turned the paper in, marching toward the door. He was definitely missing a few classes today, but he had a high enough grade point average that he knew he could get away with it.

He made it to the Son house long before anyone expected him to and went immediately to sit next to Goten, wrapping an arm around them. Harico jumped in his lap and hugged him tightly and Trunks kissed his cheek. “What happened?”

“I was being silly,” Harico said guiltily. “I'm okay, now.”

“You had valid questions,” Vegeta rumbled from the table, scowling but sitting obediently. “Ones that should have been explained before now.”

Trunks narrowed his eyes. “The way I heard it you're on thin ice, Dad. What did you do?”

Goten sighed. “Vegeta's right. We should have talked about this with Harico a long time ago, he shouldn't have felt the need to ask his grandfather how a claim works.”

“How a claim works?” Trunks asked, startled. “You're too young to worry about that, Harico.”

“He wants to know how ours works. That's fair, he's with us everyday.”

“Papa?” Harico asked quietly. “You never ever told Daddy he had to love us? He doesn't just think that 'cause you told him to? Did you only have me so you could have an heir?”

Trunks squeezed his son a little tighter. “Daddy's with us because he wants to be. More to the point, you were his idea. I love you, and I was very excited to meet you, but you may have come a few more years down the road if I had my way. I don't care about 'heirs’ or any of that,” he said, ignoring Vegeta's grunt of protest.

Harico tilted his head. “How did you make me, anyway?”

Goten went beat red and shifted uncomfortably, but Trunks just laughed. “That is a question for another year, Buddy. Ask me again when you start getting pimples. What's important is you know that we both care about you very much, and no one is forced to be here.”

“Okay,” Harico said, smiling a little brighter.

“Is my part in this done?” Vegeta asked gruffly.

“I'll forgive you,” Goten said, “if you can take Harico to Capsule Corp until tomorrow morning.”

“Yay! Sleepover with Aunt Bra!” Harico cheered, jumping from his lap.

Did you finish the test?


Do you need to catch your last few classes?

No. One day won't break me.

Then take me home. I want it now, Master.


Bulma had to stay awake. Dammit, she was the boss, the boss didn't fall asleep during meetings. Mr. Packer had requested this personal meeting weeks ago and shed put it off as  long as she could, but she liked to believe she was as least respectful to the employees of Capsule Corp. Gods, he was just so boring.

“So, what do you think, Ma'am?”

He must have asked a question, but she hadn't been listening. She put on her best neutral face. “That's something we'll take into consideration.”

He looked confused. “Really? You'll consider my proposal?”

Shit. “Uh, Mr. Packer...remind me what your proposal is again?”

He was clearly annoyed. “Ma'am the simple fact is, there's no reason for you to have to come in to work everyday anymore. If you were to just allow someone you trust to take over some of your day to day responsibilities you would be able to spend much more time at home with your family.”

Oh. This again. “You may be right, Mr. Packer,” she said without emotion.

“Oh? Really? If you'd just allow me to--”

“Hopefully when my son finishes his degree I'll be able to implement your proposal and he can take some of the day to day dealings off my shoulders.”

He paled. “But, Ma'am, respectfully, Trunks is still a very young man--”

“Good thing I'm not going anywhere for quite awhile,” she she said with a grimace. This happened about once a year, someone tried to convince the Briefs to hand over control of the operations if their company to 'take the strain off themselves.’ Strangely the proposer always had the same candidate in mind. “I appreciate your concern for me, Mr. Packer. Now, if that was all we were meeting about, I have a conference to prepare for.”

He frowned, clearly biting back his bitterness. “Yes, Ma'am.” He rose from the desk and stalked away off into the hall, grumbling to himself.

For the record, he thought, if I'm ever asked, I can say I tried to play fair.


Sometimes it was difficult to tell what came from the claim and what came from their free will, because the two had been intertwined for so long. This was especially true for their sex life. Some things were obvious; neither of them particularly liked when Goten topped, and that had to be some kind of instinctual side effect. Trunks’ desire to give orders and Goten's urge to call him Master definitely hadn't come from their human side. There were other things Trunks had always wondered about though, and one of them was Goten's mouth.

In real life, among other people, his Goten tended to be very reserved, even shy. He couldn't stand to talk about anything sex-related in front of their family or friends. When they were alone, a whole different side came out. He'd beg to be fucked by his master, he'd moan and scream and whine and call Trunks’ name so loud his voice grew hoarse. It hadn't happened overnight, but damn close to it. He'd moaned that first night Trunks touched him and escalated rapidly from there. He couldn't help but wonder if Goten was just loud in bed, unconnected to anything Saiyan. Now he had an answer. They were definitely connected, and Trunks needed those sounds.

He had Goten laid out on their kitchen table while he thrust into him. His mate was grinning at the feeling, his eyes rolling back -- but he wasn't making any noise, and Trunks hated it. He could order him to moan, but that was cheating. He didn't want a performance, he wanted to hear his mate genuinely enjoying himself. He could order him to feel pleasure, but that was cheating, too. He always used that ability to increase his fun, not cause it.

“Tell me how it feels, Ten.”

“It feels nice,” Goten smiled at him.

Not good enough. Somehow worse. Goten wasn't even into it enough to add 'master’ to the end of his sentence. Part of Trunks’ brain burned angrily; a pride he usually didn't have to pay attention to. He was good in bed, dammit, at least with his Goten. Usually he waited until Goten begged for it harder to pick up his pace, but the request hadn't come yet. He changed his angle, slamming harder into him and wrapping a hand around Goten's mostly erect member. It should be dripping by now, he should be begging for release, what the hell was going on?

Goten leaned into his touch, a contented sigh escaping his lips. Trunks linked his mind closely with his mate, trying to find what he needed, but Goten couldn't tell him what he did not know the answer to. He felt frustration building in the younger man's mind and body. It felt 'nice’, but he definitely wasn't going to finish.

What do you need? Trunks thought at him.

I'm sorry, I don't know. You can finish, it's okay.

Trunks growled. He took a fistfull of Goten's hair and leaned his head back. “Tell me what you need, Ten. I'll give it to you.”

The answer didn't come from either of them in a way. It was from Goten's mind, technically, but from some deep, unconscious, base function. It came out as a grunt, even in thought. It may as well have been the claim itself giving an order.

Breed me.

Their eyes went wide and Trunks’ movements stopped. They hadn't discussed another child since Harico's birth when they'd decided to start being careful. Condoms were just the norm now, always there and slightly annoying, but necessary. Trunks was in school, Harico was just starting it...there were a million reasons not to have another baby right now.

They stared into each other's eyes. Trunks pulled himself out, grabbed the condom and yanked it off, and then shoved himself back inside.

Goten screamed, his cock immediately hard and dripping against his stomach. His cry of pleasure calmed the fire in Trunks’ mind. Trunks grinned wickedly, pounding into him. “Is this what you need, Goten? You need it raw, Love?”

Goten arched his back against the table, every sensation he'd missed for weeks hitting him all at once. “Yes! Yes! Oh, Master, fuck me!”

He slid a hand over Goten's abdomen. “You want my baby, Goten?”

“Yes! I--” Goten screamed again as he came, finally.  He was hard and ready again instantly as his body rewarded him for obeying. “More, Trunks! Please, don't stop!”

That was more like it. Gods, the claim didn't play fair. It didn't make Trunks desperate for a child, but it made him desperate to please his mate, to hear those screams it made him belt out. “Say it out loud. You know now, tell your master what you want.”

“Please, Master,” he begged. “I want you to finish inside me so bad.”

Trunks groaned. “Gods, I forgot how good you feel with nothing between us. I'm going to come right now, Goten. You want that?”

“Yes,” he moaned out.

Trunks’ fingers dug into his thigh. He stroked Goten while he tipped over the edge, pulling another orgasm from him, but his mate didn't care at the moment. Goten’s eyes unfocused and drifted shut and Trunks knew he was riding high on Trunks’ release; his old favorite drug returned to him.

His movement stilled, and he felt a need for closeness from Goten's mind. He lifted the other man by his shoulder blades and pulled him against his chest, stroking the back of his head gingerly. Goten wrapped his arms around Trunks and just rested against him, his eyes drooping.

After a long silence Goten looked up at him bashfully. “Trunks? Was that a mistake?”

“Did it take?”

“No, not this time. The feeling faded. I just mean, we haven't talked about another baby.”

“But you want one?”

Goten considered it. “I don't know. I doubt it would be a good idea right now. We've been so busy, I'm trying to get Harry ready to start his lessons--”

Trunks took Goten's chin and looked him in the eyes. “Goten, tell your master what you want.”

“I want a baby,” he said immediately, widening his eyes in surprise at his own words. “I guess...I do. What about you?”

“You know I can't say no to you, Ten.”

“This is different, it's a big decision. We should both get to decide.”

Trunks chuckled. “Really? I remember it being slightly one-sided when we made Harico.”

Goten blushed. “The feeling's not as overwhelming as it was the first time. I just needed to be pregnant with Harico,” he remembered, smiling. “I would have done anything to convince you. I'm not as desperate this time.”

“Maybe not consciously,” Trunks teased. “Fucking breed me, Ten? You've never thought anything like that before. It didn't even sound like you. Plus it looks like you can't even enjoy sex anymore unless  it's unprotected.”

“Being pregnant again does sound fun. Last time was awesome. High all the time, eating piles of whatever I want, you get all protective and attentive...Yeah, I'd do that again in a heartbeat. Unless you want to be pregnant this time?”

Trunks shot him a horrified look and Goten laughed. He knew his mate had the ability to carry a child, but no ingrained desire to do so. “There was stuff you hated, too,” Trunks reminded him. “Oversharing, careful sex, remember all the pregnancy rules? No training, no fighting, no one can touch you--”

He was cut off by Goten kissing him fiercely. “Don't care. Made up my mind. Fuck me again.”

Trunks chuckled. “I just finished, Goten, I'm not a machine. You know, most men can't go for hours like you. I need a while to recharge.”

Goten slid a hand down his back, leaning his head to the side so his old claim mark was directly under Trunks mouth. The older man automatically breathed in deeply, long since addicted to the sweet smell he swore he found there. Goten slid one hand between them and grasped his mate's softened shaft, caressing it gently. He placed his lips against his ear and let out a soft little whine that ran down Trunks’ spine like fire. “Master,” he breathed desperately, “please breed your Goten. I need it.”

Trunks winced as his cock sprang to life in Goten's hand, immediately ready to fill the need. “ Fucking hell, Ten. How did you do that?”

Goten blinked at him innocently. “I'm not the only one who’s a slave to their instincts around here.”

Trunks caught him in another kiss. “Don't get your hopes up yet. It probably won't happen today, you know. We tried like a dozen times before we got Harico.”

“I'm not seeing the downside to a few weeks of rough, raw sex. Be more forceful this time, pin me against the wall. Bite me a little and make me beg for it.”

“What the hell , Ten?” Trunks laughed.

“I'm looking at nine months of gentle, frustrating love. I just about crawled out of my skin last time, I needed more so bad. I expect some rough treatment to hold me over until we conceive. I want it all, the toys, the ties, and the orders. Fucking dominate me.”

Trunks slid a gentle hand across his cheek. “You're the boss, My Love. Now, Goten, get on your fucking knees, close your eyes and don't open them until you're given permission.”

He beamed. “Yes, Master.”


Chapter Text

“Harico, take Mr. Fluffy's cup and saucer and give him yours,” Bra said regally. The eight year old had put on her frilliest dress that was still about two sizes too big, and pinned her hair up into a messy imitation of her mother's recent style.

“Why?” Harico asked.

“Daddy told me that at a real tea party I should always take the best China and silverware for myself because royals outrank stuffed animals. But since you're a royal too, you can have the second best.”

“Oh. Okay, Bra,” the boy shrugged, guiltily switching out his placemat with Mr. Fluffy's. “Tea parties have rules?”

“Oh, yes, Saiyan ones do. All the chairs need to be the same size as a sign of respect. You keep your closest confidants on your left side, and your worst enemy on your right side so if he tries anything you can stab him.”

“Maybe you just shouldn't invite him.”

She considered that, leaning back in the dining room chair. “Huh. Good point. But then the next worst person gets his spot anyway.”

“What did the rabbit on your right do?”

“He's a traitor,” she scowled. “His belly makes noise when you step on him and he got me caught trying to sneak out of bed last summer. He was banished to the guest room, but I've invited him back for tea.”

“Can we have the snacks now?”

Bra pulled open the silver serving tray she'd swiped and revealed small sandwiches she'd made herself. She grabbed one and ripped into it immediately.

“Do we have to use the silverware?”

“Not at a Saiyan Tea.”

“Then what's it for?”

“Um...decoration. Drink your tea, Harico.”

“Okay, Bra,” he agreed sipping the hot water they'd taken from the faucet.

“What are you doing?” Vegeta asked from the doorway. He'd just finished in the Gravity Room, assuming the two children probably wouldn't burn down the house if left alone for an hour or two.

“We're having tea, Daddy. I'm showing Harico all the Saiyan rules you told me about.”

“Did you use the stove?”

“Nope,” she swore, holding up her ‘tea’. “Just the water from the sink.”

“You need to clean off the table soon. Your mother will be home and she's bringing dinner.”

“Can we finish our tea first?”

Vegeta nodded curtly and Bra cheered. “Do you want some, Daddy? You outrank me, so you can take my tea cup and I'll take Harico's and he can have the third best one.”

“I'll pass,” he said with a grimace. He decided now was not the right time to mention to his daughter that as the first son of a first son, Harico was actually closer to the throne than she would ever be. If the family still followed the old traditions and bothered with titles and coronations the line would go from himself to Trunks, and then if Trunks were to die it would pass temporarily to Goten until Harico reached maturity. Moreover, any other grandchildren Trunks decided to provide would also come before her or any of her children. “Did Harico actually want to have a tea party?” He asked.

The boy shrugged noncommittally and munched on his sandwich. Vegeta sighed. He'd been trying to subtly pull the boy out of this passive streak he'd been exhibiting. He was prideful and strong during training, but in other situations he allowed people to walk all over him. That couldn't be allowed to continue. Despite how badly his explanation of claiming had come out earlier in the day, it had been accurate. If Harico wanted a mate one day he'd have to take the dominant role.

You worry about him too much, Bulma thought to him. Harico is young, his personality will flip around a dozen times before he's old enough to worry about relationships.

Vegeta smirked as he went to the cupboard. Spying on my thoughts again, Woman?

I had to do something, this meeting is boring as hell.

You're the boss. Tell them all to fuck off and come home to me.

I can't. I let Packer take the lead on a development project and he's milking the hell out of it. He's been droning on over the same slide of a powerpoint for twenty minutes.

Show me Packer. She conjured up an image of a rail thin man in a blue suit. That brown-nosing fool? He's the one keeping you from me? I could use his femur as a toothpick.

Packer's got plans on getting into my good graces to try to take the company from me. I literally couldn't talk more about how excited I am to have Trunks getting his degree for the future of the company, you'd think he'd take the hint. This isn't a board decision, I own seventy-five percent of the company, Dad owns five and Trunks owns ten. We aren't bound by stock shares, the company belongs to Trunks when I retire someday. Someday far, far away from now. I'm not retiring at forty-nine.

Oh, are you forty-nine again this year?

I can get away with it, the Briefs’ age gracefully. Look at Mom.

Just hurry home. We have Harico for the night if you didn't notice, and he could eat through the side of our fridge if we let him get hungry.

It was about an hour later when Bulma finally got home, slumping into a chair and setting take out on the table. Harico jumped into her lap to greet her; Bra was more interested in the meal than her tired mother. Her grandson told her about his week, subtly leaving out his emotional conversation with his fathers earlier in the day, and Vegeta breathed a sigh of relief at that.

Harico asked for a movie after he was full and Bra announced she'd go pick out a good one for them. Harico looked like he wanted to protest at first, but then just nodded and said he was sure she'd pick a good one. Bra went running to her room and he quietly drank his milk. Bulma caught Vegeta's grimace and sent calming waves at him.

“Say, Harico?” She asked sweeping him up into her arms.

“Yes, Grandma?”

“Is there a particular movie you wanted to watch?”

He fidgeted a little. “I like Captain Copper and I was hoping the newer one was here.”

“You know, you get to have an opinion, too. You should go tell Bra that you'd like to watch it.”

“You think so?”

“Yes, and remember, Grandma knows everything.”

“Okay,” he nodded, jumping down to chase after his young aunt.

She set a reassuring hand on her husband's arm. “You have to understand, he loves Trunks but he worships Goten. He sees their dynamic and he's convinced himself that you show you love someone by letting them be the boss. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I love Goten to death, but your son does tend to take the lead on most things.”

“That could lead to trouble with his future mate,” Vegeta insisted. “Especially if he tries to pick someone as strong-willed as Trunks.”

She punched him on the arm as hard as she could, knowing he couldn't feel it. “ Ahem. Strong-willed claimed gal, right here. Don't try to pigeonhole him into a role before he even hits puberty. Harico is a good boy. Worst case scenario he doesn't claim anyone. Who cares? It took us decades, and we were just fine.”

“Hey Mom?” Bra called, running back in holding a DVD. “Harico wants to watch this one, can we use the TV in my bedroom?”

Harico came in shyly behind her. “Um, could we use the one in the living room instead? It's bigger and we could eat snacks when we get hungry.”

“Oh, good idea!” Bra said excitedly. “Can we?”

Bulma nodded and they cheered, rushing to get the movie in. She smiled smugly at her husband and pointed at herself. “See? He just needs a little encouragement that it's okay to assert himself. Super Grandma.”

The desire hit him out of nowhere, and he held it back from her more out of reflex than intention. It was more like a need than a wish, and every nerve in his body demanded it at once. He felt the primitive part of his brain take control easily, and put up almost no resistance. This response was correct, the way it should have happened the last two times. One more child.

His hands caught her waist and pulled her into a deep kiss. He was hard instantly, the image of her swollen with his child dancing across his mind as he molded her pliant body to his. Right here? No, the damn kids were in the next room. He'd have to carry her to their bedroom and have her there. How often could Earth women get pregnant? He should have paid more attention when she'd tried to explain Bra's conception to him. Oh well, the formula was fairly simple, he'd managed it twice before, once on accident.

She pushed him away, flustered. “What the hell, Vegeta?” She chuckled. “Knock it off.”

“Bulma, kiss me now,” he ordered.

She obeyed automatically, the claim weakening her will. His hands traveled down and squeezed her ass, pulling her flush against him. A moment passed and she snapped out of it, pulling back from him. “Hey, that's cheating. I'm going to make the kids some popcorn, why don't you go take a cold shower.” She looked him up and down. Later, Vegeta, after the kids have gone to sleep.

He frowned in confusion. This was wrong. No, not wrong... incorrect. He wanted a child. Why wasn't he inside his mate right now? He shook his head, trying to make the world make sense again. He wanted a child. What was the hold up? His mate should know his need and be seeking to fill it. He wanted a child! His thoughts fought through the fog in his brain. Human.  His mate was human. At least she was mostly, his claim had introduced some Saiyan DNA into her blood, enough to make the mental connection between them possible. Maybe not enough to make her respond to his need correctly?

That had to be it. The biological imperative that should push his mate to provide children at his beck and call was faulty because she was too damn human. She was just confused and didn't understand what was expected of her, he'd have to help her with that.

“Vegeta, are you okay?” She asked, noticing he had not moved from the spot.

He picked her up wordlessly and had her in their bedroom in seconds, grateful the kids were entertained in the living room across the house. She looked shocked at first, and then slightly annoyed.

“Vegeta, I said later. I don't get to see Harico as often as you do with all your training.”

He'd be patient, he'd have to use words and thoughts to express to her what she should already have known. “Bulma,” he said, more softly than he usually spoke, “it's time to have another child.”

Her eyes went wide. “Um, excuse me?”

“You should know that, it should be automatic,” he said, pausing to kiss at her neck. “Your humanity is getting in the way. I'll help you.” He pressed his lips against her neck and whispered lowly. “Bulma, your mate wants an heir. Don't you want to provide one for him?”

He felt the goosebumps rise all over her skin and the smell of her arousal hit the air. He grinned against her victoriously, feeling the instincts he'd passed to her beginning to work.

“Uh…” she mumbled nervously, “this...this is crazy. I'm done having kids. I thought we agreed on this.”

“Everything's different now,” he said sliding his fingertips over her back. “I was ready to stop having children with my wife, but now you're my mate. Biology tells us the minimum amount of children I should have, and the answer is one more. Now be a good mate and take off your clothes for me. I promise to make it incredibly pleasant for you.”

Her hands went automatically to unbutton her shirt, but then she paused, shaking her head like she was in a stupor. “No. We...we have to talk about this, Vegeta. There's factors to consider, it's a big decision.”

He grumbled, getting annoyed at her refusal to follow her drives. “Dammit Woman, you should want this. You should be begging me to get inside you right now. A Saiyan mate would --”

“Well I'm not Saiyan!” she snapped. “If you wanted a Saiyan woman so bad you shouldn't have claimed a human.”

He grabbed her waist and pulled her against him. “ You are my mate. There was no one else I would have considered claiming, even if I had a choice in the matter. I could not have claimed you if you did not meet the criteria.”

She slid a hand between them to pry him off her, and he allowed it. “Listen to me. You're not thinking rationally. We will talk about this tonight after the kids go to bed and you calm down a little. Sex right now wouldn't do you any good anyway.”

“Why not?”

“Birth control,” she said, tapping his chest. “I'm on birth control, I'm protected right now.”

He growled. “Blasted pills.”

“Take a few minutes to get thinking right again,” she said, walking past him. “I'm going to go get the kids their popcorn.

Dammit, dammit, dammit. This was all wrong. Take a mate, want an heir, make an heir. The progression was incredibly clear in his mind, why was she being so difficult? He'd given her plenty of rest, Bra was eight years old for crying out loud, the respectul time to wait before demanding another was ten months after birth.

He sat alone for nearly twenty minutes before his mind started to clear a little. He became vaguely aware that he definitely had not wanted another child that morning, so maybe her reluctance made sense to her. She didn't understand the biological need he was feeling.

He could order her That wasn't an option. He was very careful about her free will and really only exercised his power in the bedroom for her benefit. By convincing Trunks to name their grandson after a Saiyan who'd been trapped in an abusive claim, Bulma had effectively found a way to remind him everyday not to infringe on her rights. Each time he saw Harico's big eyes he was reminded of his secret namesake and the promise he owed to his mate. He could not order her to have his child.

He could, however...convince her.

The kids were deep into their movie by the time he wandered out to the living room and sat down beside her.

Have you come to your senses, now? She thought at him.

If you mean have I changed my mind, then no.

You really want a baby that bad?


She grinned at him smugly. Fine. Then you can carry it.

He stared at her. Excuse me?

I know you have the ability, just like Trunks and Goten. We’ll take one of my eggs and your sperm and mix them together, and inject you with the mixture. I'm sure Malcolm would help us, the first male invitrofertilization, he'd dance for joy. You can be pregnant and feel sick and wake up a dozen times a night to pee, not me. I've done my time.

He growled. That's not how it works, Woman. Why do you think Trunks didn't carry Harico? He's the warrior and Goten is the submissive. The submissive carries the child and the warrior protects them. Just how the hell would you protect me?

From what?

From everything! There is danger around every turn for a Saiyan. Could you protect both me and our child if the city were invaded? I think not.

What invasion? She insisted. There is no invasion, we live a pretty quiet life lately.

And just how would you make me follow your orders? I have the privilege of controlling your actions for safety, especially in pregnancy. You couldn't make me do shit. My hormones would go crazy and with my strength I'd be an unstoppable deadly force and endanger us all, and have no dominant warrior to force me to calm down.

She sighed. Well, maybe you have a point there. You're moody enough as it is. But there's something you haven't considered yet.


She hesitated. I probably...I can't have a baby, Vegeta. Ugh, I admit it, I'm fifty-two. Human women have a specific window they can have children in, and then they go through menopause and the symptoms that come with it, I explained this to you when Bra was born.

Have you had any of these symptoms?

Well, not yet, but they could be just --

You won't. Not for quite a while. You're part Saiyan now, I'm sure it has extended your lifespan somewhat and also your fertility. I couldn't be craving a child if it wasn't possible.

Well...I'm just not sure it's a good idea.

You're incorrect.

Well, what are you gonna do about it? Order me to have a child?

I would never order that.

Well, we're at an impasse then.

Not exactly. I will not interfere with your free will, but your body belongs to me and will obey me. I will not breed you now until you beg me for it. It shouldn't take too long. You should know now that I have destroyed your pills, and will continue to destroy them as I find them. I also refuse to use condoms.

She looked at him apprehensively.

Bulma, want me.

She gasped, quietly, her body obeying immediately.

That's it. Bulma, imagine me touching you everywhere, soft and then harder, just the way you like it. Bulma, want me so bad it aches.

She gulped. “Well, I'm going to bed, kids,” she announced, standing suddenly and quickly rushing from the room. “Vegeta will stay out here and keep you company.”

Vegeta was grinning as he watched her go. Go ahead, feel free to make things worse for yourself on your own. Bulma, you are forbidden to come from touching yourself or from using any toys.

You bastard!

He grinned evilly, resting his arms on the back of the couch as he watched the insipid cartoon. It was a few minutes before he felt the beginnings of pleasure, and he knew she had decided to try to relieve the tension anyway.

You're only going to make it harder on yourself.

Shut up!

He chuckled lowly. He'd get his way, it'd just take a few days.


Chapter Text

Day turned into night, but they couldn't get enough of each other. It had been far too long, weeks now without the physical connection that kept their bond strong, and they were determined to make up for lost time.

Goten had a tense love-hate relationship with the toy Trunks had decided to use tonight. It was their smallest one and didn't reach any of the spots he wanted the most, but at least it was something. Still, he knew it wasn't his decision what got used and when; half the fun was volunteering to give up his free will and choice for short times. If it were anyone else, if in some horrible reality he'd hadn't ended up with Trunks, he knew he would never have let anyone do this to him. To be as strong as he was but give it up, to allow someone else to have complete control, he knew it'd terrify him in any other situation. But not with Trunks. He was safe here, and at the end of their game he knew his husband would kiss him and love him and respect him. He smiled.

A sharp smack to his ass snapped him out of his thoughts. “Mind wandering, Goten?” Another slap. “Where does your attention belong?”

“On you, Master.” He was on the floor of their bedroom on his hands and knees, obeying several orders at once -- no moving, no coming, no holding back moans. What was harder to follow were the rules. Trunks didn't give an order for the rules like speaking when spoken to, direct answers, full attention, and no begging for more. Without an order, he was free to disobey, but if he did there were punishments.

“I must be spoiling you,” he said, pulling out the small toy. “There, now you should be able to focus better.”

“Please put it back in, Master!”

Another quick slap. Shit, no begging, he always forgot that one. Two rules broken in under a minute. If he wasn't careful he was going to lose his reward at the theory. Trunks always threatened him with deprival but had never followed through.

“You're a bad sub tonight. What were you thinking about Goten?”

“About you, Master.”

“About how bad you want my cock?”

“About how much I love you, Master.”

He felt Trunks pause. His mate cautiously prodded their mental connection. Is this not doing it for you tonight, My Love? Do you want it gentle?

Don't stop, Master. Goten insisted, making sure Trunks could feel how excited he was. His only complaint about his sex life was that Trunks was too concerned for him sometimes, he checked in every now and then and ruined some of the immersion. They'd long since agreed that if Goten really felt he'd been pushed past his limits he was to think, Trunks I need you to stop, and he would. He didn't want to say so out loud for fear of concerning him, but Goten was pretty sure he didn't have a limit.

Trunks slipped back into his role. “Goten, pleasure.”

He gasped but bit his tongue, knowing he wasn't allowed to ask for the next part. He made him wait an agonizingly long minute before he gave it to him.

“Goten, light pain.”

He moaned louder, the two feelings mixing together just the way he liked. It had been his idea to try a pain order the first time, and Trunks had been hesitant. He'd eventually given in (like with everything Goten asked him for) but only on the provision pleasure always be mixed with it, and it always be light.

“Goten, you may request one thing.”

“Please let me suck your cock, Master,” Goten begged.

Trunks chuckled. “Request denied, I've got plans for you. You may request one more thing for yourself.”

“Please put something inside me, Master.”


“I'll take anything you decide to give me, Master.”

Trunks ran his fingernails gently over his mate's hips, then a little firmer when he remembered he liked that. “Right answer. There's my good boy.” He leaned over and started to work Goten's entrance with his tongue.

“Thank you, Master!”

Trunks bit his right cheek hard, hard enough to leave a mark, and then the tongue continued. Damn, speaking without being spoken to. He was usually good at that one. He was just glad the order stopped him from arching back for more contact, that'd get him in trouble for sure.

“Goten, all speaking restrictions are lifted.”

“Yes...Master,” Goten said nervously. Trunks had never lifted that kind of order before they were finished.

“You sound confused, Goten. Do you want to know why you're allowed to speak?”

“Yes, Master.”

Trunks shoved himself inside Goten suddenly, burying himself up to his hips. Goten let out a scream of pleasure, finally full. Trunks ran a teasing hand down his side. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then you have to talk.”

“Talk, Master?”

“Open that mouth and tell me everything you're feeling, everything you want, and who owns you. Don't stop talking or I'll stop fucking.”

“Yes, Master,” Goten obeyed, and he felt him start to thrust steadily. “You own me, Master. I'm yours. I feel so good everywhere because of your orders. I'm so hard, I've been so hard for hours, waiting for this. Uh…” He trailed off, unsure what to say.

As he'd warned, the steady rhythm stopped and Trunks sat still behind him. Goten panicked, how was he supposed to come up with enough to get what he needed?

“I want you all the time, Master,” he started again, and Trunks started too. “I crave you when we can't be alone together. I try to touch myself but it's not good enough, I don't know my body as well as you do. Every inch of me belongs to you. You're the only one who's ever been allowed touch me. You're…” he struggled, not used to talking like this intentionally. “You're the only one who's ever fucked my little hole.”

Goten's filthy mouth earned him a quicker pace and Trunks’ hand between his legs, pumping him. He whimpered but didn't stop speaking, desperate for him to continue. “I need that, I need your hands. You feel so good inside me, filling me up. I love it when you hurt me just enough, just enough to make me remember I'm your property. I want to come so bad, but I know I'm not allowed to. You decide when I come. You decide how much pleasure I get. I know you'll take care of me in the end. I trust you. I love you and I trust you. You're so good to me, such a good mate. My strong warrior. My Master. That's why I want you to come inside me, you can take care of us all. I love you so much --”

Goten, I need you to stop.

Goten was confused for a moment as Trunks’ movement stilled and he pulled out of him, and then he recognized their safe phrase. “Trunks? What's wrong?”

Trunks flipped him around so he was on his back and caught him in a very soft kiss. His husband was shaking slightly, touches turning feather-light. “Goten, all orders given tonight are lifted. I'm sorry, Ten, I can't play anymore. I need just you, I need to look you in the eye and make love, okay?”

Goten nodded, a little shocked. Trunks had never stopped one of their games early before. He pushed back into him and kissed him deeply, and Goten felt him open their mental connection wide to show him what was wrong. He gasped softly at the intense love in Trunks’ mind, always somewhat surprised it was really aimed at him. He smiled as he realized what had made his mate's mood change so suddenly.

“It's true, Trunks,” he said, sliding a hand against his face. “You're a great mate and a great father. You're strong but you train everyday. You're smarter than anyone I know but you go to school for us. You take such good care of us. You'll be the same way with this baby, I know it. I love you.”

Trunks kissed him again, moving against him slowly. “I love you, My Goten. I know this isn't how you like it, but I'm going to make sure you enjoy it. Brace yourself,” he paused. “Goten, intense pleasure.”

The world shrank away. His eyes rolled back, and he could swear his heart skipped a beat. Every inch of his skin sang. He came almost immediately, a hard full-body orgasm that left him a weak, shivering mess.

He only just started to feel too sensitive when Trunks whispered, “Goten, cease pleasure. Love you, love you….ah!” He reached his peak and released inside him.

Goten wallowed happily in the feeling of Trunks’ release, love and contentment washing over him in waves. Gods he loved this part, he wished it never ended. He waited, silently counting how long he'd felt good. A full minute passed while they lay in the thick silence.

“Trunks,” he whispered with a grin, “the feeling stayed. I'm pregnant again.”



Trunks had his morning coffee alone, thankful it was finally the weekend. He called over to the couch to see if Goten wanted anything to eat, but his mate just mumbled and burrowed further into the blankets he was wrapped in. He smiled, remembering the exhaustion the poor man had felt in his first week with Harico, confirming to himself one more time that this was really happening.

It was quiet in their little home, honestly more quiet than he liked nowadays. He leaned back and surveyed their living area, wondering what renovations a new baby would bring. When Harico was born he'd added a nursery, and when the child started walking (running, really) he'd widened the rest of the home a bit to give him room. Would Harico want a new bedroom to give the nursery to his sibling, or should a new baby get a new room?

The front door swung open and his four year old ran inside, hopping up immediately to sit on his lap and hug his middle. “Hi Papa! I got to fight grandpa and sleep in a sleeping bag and we had marshmallows and we watched the Captain Copper movie with the bad guy you know the one not the pink one the green one and I had a tea party with Bra and did you know there were rules to a tea party 'cause I sure didn't and Grandma came home and she was happy to see me and--” he ran out of breath.

“Breathe, Buddy,” Trunks laughed. He nodded to Vegeta standing in the doorway. “He didn't have sugar this morning, did he?”

“Bra thought marshmallows were a good breakfast for a four year old. He ate about a bag and a half before we caught them.”

“Where's Daddy?”

Trunks gestured toward the couch. “He's resting right now, Harico.”

Harico frowned. “You feel okay, Daddy?” He yelled.

Goten finally stirred and held his hands out towards his son. Harico ran to him and jumped into the blankets, curling up against his chest. Goten wrapped him up but didn't open his eyes, he just pulled the boy flat against him protectively.

“Feeling ill, Goten?” Vegeta asked suspiciously.

“Feeling pregnant,” he muttered back.

Vegeta's eyes went wide. “What? Since when?”

Trunks looked sheepishly at the clock. “Uh...about nine hours ago.”

Vegeta wrinkled his nose. “ Recently would have sufficed. Is that why I had the boy for the night? I would have appreciated a warning.”

“That wasn't the intention,” Trunks said truthfully. “At least, not at first.”

“What's pregnant mean?” Harico asked loudly, examining Goten's tired face in his hands.

Goten smiled weakly. “It means I'm gonna have a baby, Harry.”

Harico's eyes went wide. “Wow, really? How did you get pregnant?”

“Well, first your Papa told me to get on my knees and beg for his--”

“Lalala!” Trunk sang out strongly, running to cover his son's small ears. “Okay, Buddy, we're going to play a game for the next nine months. If Daddy starts talking and I start singing really loudly, it means cover your ears and sing with me, alright?”

Goten was present enough to look a little guilty. “Sorry, Harry. Daddy talks to much when he's pregnant.” He yawned. “I need more sleep, Trunks.”

Trunks picked Harico up into his arms. “Let's go play outside, Buddy. We'll let Daddy get some more rest.”

“Can we go visit Granddad? He's supposed to be home today.”

Trunks considered it, but his eyes kept being drawn back to his tired mate. “I think we should stick by the house.”

Harico frowned, instantly picking up on his worry. “Is Daddy going to be okay?”

“Yes I am,” Goten said immediately, reaching up to squeeze his son's hand. “I won't be this tired the whole time, just until he gets a little stronger. Papa's just a worrywart when I'm pregnant, he hovers over me like a hawk. It's kind of sexy.”

“Goten, he's four, ” Trunks reminded him with red cheeks.

“I know how old he is, Trunks, I made him. Now go away so I can make you another one.”

Vegeta followed them outside, eyes narrowed. “Just how many heirs are you planning on getting from him?”

Trunks held his hands up innocently, sending Harico off to fetch some of his outside toys to keep them busy before he leaned in closer to his father. “Why does everyone assume I want heirs ? I've never asked him to get pregnant, he just wants to be sometimes. I can't say no to him, he could talk me into a dozen babies if he gave me that stupid perfect smile.”

“The first child often comes as a result of the submissive's breeding instinct,” Vegeta explained, “but the second is because of you.”

“Because of me? It was his idea.”

“Did he actually ask you for a child, or did his body pick up on your desire and inform him he needed to be bred?”

“That's such a creepy word,” he shivered. “It was kind of creepy when Goten thought it, too.”

“Newsflash, if you heard his subconscious say it, it wasn't his idea, it was yours. The claim feeds on the hormones you give off, and yours affect his. The dominant mate is supposed to have control of how many heirs are required,” he grumbled. “Goten's just filling the need.”

“Oh,” Trunks said, trying to think back. Had he wanted another child before last night? He had noticed Harico getting more independent, bigger, needing him less and less. “I guess...I have been thinking about it, a little bit.”

“Clearly, you communicated it to your mate without even trying,” he grouched. “Tell the boy to behave himself and to be ready to train on Monday.” He flew away wordlessly, but broadcasted his thoughts loudly to his mate miles away.

Guess what?


Goten's pregnant again. HE didn't bitch at all about his mate's needs, he sought them out and fulfilled them without being asked.

Then go have a baby with Goten! Or another Saiyan! Knock up Goku for all I care!

You sound a little frustrated, Woman. I wonder why that could be?

Fuck. You.

If you would you'd probably feel better. How many times did you bring yourself to the edge last night and fail to cross the line?

Complete silence.

Bulma, I order you to tell me.

Three times. Dick!

Then three will be the number.

Number of what?

When you finally give in to me, I'm going to make you come hard on my cock three times before I finish inside you. Bulma, want me more.

I hate you!

Love you too, My Only.



Trunks knew he was a little obsessive over his mate when he was pregnant, but it turned out Harico was worse. Every thirty minutes or so he caught his son sitting very close to Goten, watching him carefully. About once every two hours he'd wake him up and ask him if he was still okay. Goten clearly wished he could sleep uninterrupted, but he had the patience of a saint with his son and would simply reassure him with a smile, tell him he was fine, and offer to let him cuddle if he wanted.

Harico played quietly on the floor in the early afternoon with Trunks, shooting worries looks at Goten. Trunks set the Captain Copper action figure in his hand, trying to distract him. “You want me to be one of the villains? Um...I can't remember this one's name, but he has a high-pitched voice, right? Fight me, Captain!” He attempted a falsetto voice to make Harico laugh, but the boy just smiled weakly.

Trunks sighed. “You have questions. Ask them.”

“How long until Daddy's awake again?”

Trunks thought back. “I think with you he was really tired for like four days. Your grandfather told me it's about staying still so the placenta...uh, so the baby gets started. I promise it's not permanent.”

“Why did you and Daddy wanna have another baby?”

Trunks took a longer moment to consider the answer for that. “Because we love having you here so much that we want another baby to love too. Love is special, it never runs out, you just get more of it.”

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“No idea, we'll find out in nine months when they're born.”

“Is Daddy really different when he's pregnant? Is he still himself?”

“When understand that me and Daddy are mated, and so we have certain privileges?”

“Like talking in your heads,” Harico nodded.

“That's right. One of those privileges is that when Daddy is pregnant he gets...a kind of medicine. He likes the medicine, and it keep him calm and happy, but sometimes he acts a little funny because of it. He's still Daddy and he still loves you very much.”

Harico nodded, dropping his eyes back to his toys. “It's Doctor Mocker who talks all high like that, not Tyrannosaurus Mess.”

“Whoops,” Trunks said in his high voice, getting a real smile from the boy now.

It was a few hours later when they saw Goten stretch and slowly open his eyes. “Trunks, I'm hungry.”

Trunks was up immediately, pulling together a large lunch from the fridge. Harico approached his father carefully, and Goten smiled at him, pulling himself up into a sitting position. “Come here, Baby, I'm not gonna bite you. I'm not that hungry.”

Harico crawled up into his lap and hugged him tightly. “I don't like when you have to sleep all day, Daddy. I miss you.”

Harico expected a hug and a kiss and a promise he'd be better soon. He was not expecting his father suddenly start crying and clinging to him.

“Oh, great,” Trunks muttered, setting the plate down in front of Goten and wrapping an arm around him. “Mood swings right on schedule. See Ten, I warned you there were parts you didn't like.”

“This is serious, Trunks! I abandoned my baby! How could I?” Goten wailed. “Harry, you're going to stay right here on my hip the whole pregnancy. I can carry both of you.”

“That might make it hard to train,” Harico said thoughtfully.

“Oh my gods,” the man said, shaking his head. “ Training? I've been letting my baby train? With Vegeta? That is way too dangerous.”

“Careful, Ten,” Trunks chuckled. “You're going full Chichi.”

“And you've been letting it happen!” Goten accused him, pulling his son a little closer.

Harico giggled and wriggled away a bit. “I'm not a baby, Daddy. You're silly. It's not dangerous to train with Grandpa, I've never gotten hurt.”

Goten still looked unconvinced, but he caught sight of the food in front of him and his mood shifted. “Aw, Trunks, there's a bite missing from everything. Are you testing my food again? You haven't done that since we got married.”

Trunks shrugged, a little embarrassed. Once their claim had been legitimized his desperate need to protect Goten at all costs had calmed slightly, but he'd felt it returning at full force this morning.

Goten ate as fast as a Saiyan normally does when starving, so the food was gone almost instantly. As soon as he was full his eyes unfocused a bit and he laid across Trunks’ legs, tired again but still holding Harico closely. He yawned and was asleep in moments, but Trunks could hear his smallest thoughts still firing at him from far below the surface.

Protect us while I sleep.

“I've got you, Ten,” he promised.

“Uh, Papa?” Harico asked, trying to escape Goten's grasp. “Help?”

Trunks tried to gently pry his mate's arms off of their son, but Goten grumbled in his slumber and hugged him a little tighter. Trunks laughed nervously and fished around for the remote. “Uh, let's watch some TV and just let Daddy keep ahold of you for awhile.”

Chapter Text

Just how the hell was she supposed to concentrate on her work? Bulma had sequestered herself in her lab, trying distract herself with a new invention she hoped to roll out next fall. It was not working. She squirmed hopelessly in her seat, trying to find a position that would give her some relief, but to no avail.

It was like being on fire and having no way to put it out. Well, there was one way… No, she was stronger than this. It'd take more than being a little horny to convince her to give in to Vegeta.

She'd tried to be sneaky the day after he'd began her torture. She snuck away to her doctor and got him to refill the prescription for her birth control, but she'd no sooner pulled up to the house when she saw a flash of black hair run past her, and her contraceptives were gone. Over the next few days she'd held strong, ignoring the ache between her legs, the empty feeling deep in her core, but it was getting worse. Three day, seven hours and thirty-six minutes to be exact, but who was counting?

Occasionally he'd casually wander by her around the house and mutter a simple, “Bulma, more.” Even with such a vague order her body understood what he meant and obeyed dutifully. Stupid traitorous body. Did it want to be pregnant?

The nights were the worst. During the day she could try to distract herself, try to ignore his voice in her head telling her about all the things he'd do to her when she relented. At night her options were to sleep on her very uncomfortably stylish couch, or sleep right next to him in bed.

He wouldn't even touch her. He may not look it but the Prince of All Saiyans enjoyed having her pressed up against him while he slept, which even she hadn't known before their mental connection was established. Still, he'd kept her at arm's length for days and made no move to hold her. He probably knew that at this point even his hand  brushing against her could bring her relief.

Stupid husband. Stupid mate. As much as she really did enjoy the bond they'd finally formed between them, she was convinced Vegeta got more out of it than she did. He downplayed his emotions about it of course, but she could feel everything he hid below the surface now. She felt his pride when she obeyed a direct order, his happiness when they spilled their thoughts over into each other's minds, and now she could feel…

Dammit. Sincerity.

This wasn't some game to him, he wasn't trying to prove he could best her and make her come crawling to him. He truly, honestly, wanted a baby. She refused to accept the phrase ‘ needed a baby’, but that's the way his thoughts had been organizing themselves. He at least believed he needed one.

Give in, her own little voice teased again. She knew the voice well, it was one that had appeared in her mind shortly after the claim. She didn't recognize it at first, she thought she just followed orders and acted 'slightly Saiyan’ on her own, but after a lot of concentration she could hear it with effort. She was fairly certain she wasn't supposed to be able to hear  it at all but managed it due to her humanity.

Whatever UH-03 did to a submissive's mind after a claim centered around a very small voice that urged her to be obedient. If he said something as simple as “Bulma, sleep,” then the little voice would say to her, doesn't sleep sound so good? Isn't Vegeta right? Don't you really want to fall into a deep sleep right now? Soon she'd be unconscious, having put up almost no fight at all.

The voice had been practically screaming the night he asked for a baby. Don't you want to provide your mate with an heir? Wouldn't it be so nice to have another small baby that's all yours, no scattered visits and 'grandma’ time? Give him what he needs, it'll feel so good. Doesn't being pregnant sound soooo good?

It wasn't a direct order, so she was able to fight it. Still, it'd been hard enough to resist before he started echoing basically the same thoughts, whispering against her neck that the claim required this. Now the damn voice wouldn't leave her alone. Everytime Vegeta teased her, made it worse, or refused to touch her, it screamed at her. JUST GIVE IN.

She gave up trying to work. Her mind refused to stay focused, and she ended up wandering home to spend time with her daughter early. Bra had been taking after her father in most respects; she was a little bossy, a little vengeful, and had a bit of a sick sense of humor. Still, she was still enough of a young girl to enjoy sitting in her mother's room and playing with their hair. Her plan was to stay with Bra all through the evening and then try to fall asleep before Vegeta even came in from his evening exercise, but she couldn't hold the child's attention that long.

Eventually Bra announced she was hungry and Bulma made a stew for them, which seemed to magically cause her husband to materialize at the table. Bra wasn't the most observant child, so she either didn't notice her parents were speaking to her and not to each other, or she just assumed they were fighting about something again.

Once dinner was over Bulma announced she was very tired and going to get to sleep. Then, what do you know, Vegeta said he'd shower and get an early night too. She tossed and turned against the pillows while she listened to the shower running in their master bath, trying to convince herself she could make it through the night and to stop imagining Vegeta wet and naked in the other room right now.

She squeezed her eyes shut and pretended she was asleep when she heard him come out of the bathroom. He padded silently across the room and she felt the bed depress as he settled into the mattress next to her, but still too far away for her taste.

At least they were both in bed now. She could just struggle with her own little voice and just face away from him for the night. She'd been feigning sleep for about five minutes when she heard him moan softly.

She froze, shivers running down her spine as she slowly turned to look at him. Vegeta was completely naked, stretched out on top of the blankets on his side of bed still slightly damp from his shower. She unconsciously bit her lip as her gaze wandered over the perfect planes of his chiseled body, illuminated starkly by the moonlight pouring in through their window.

His head was thrown back and his mouth slightly parted, his chest rising just a little faster than she knew it had to. His hand was wrapped tightly around his firm erection as he languidly stroked himself.

“V-vegeta?” she stuttered. “What are you doing?” It struck her that in all the time they'd been together she'd never actually seen him touch himself, she was always there to do it for him. If he did do it occasionally she'd never caught him.

He raised an eyebrow but didn't look at her. “I have needs, Woman. You normally don't make me wait so long. Too bad my hand is so rough. Yours always feels so much better.”

Give in, the little voice pleaded. Your mate needs you.

Her hand shot out of its own accord and she grasped him, taking over his movements. He opened his eyes for an instant like he was going to stop her, like even this much contact was breaking his clearly set rules, but the desperation on her face made him smirk. He settled back down into the pillows and allowed her to keep stroking him.

This was unfamiliar territory too, she usually wasn't touching him without reciprocation. She shifted herself slightly so that if he wanted to he could touch her easily. He must have noticed because she heard him chuckle darkly. “You know my terms, Bulma.”

Her other hand slid up his stomach as he leaned into her touch. This was a mistake. She thought maybe some contact would sake her lust, but it was making things much worse.

Gods I want you, he thought at her. You always feel so tight and hot around me. Want to feel?

He focused in on a memory from a few weeks ago, making sure she felt everything he felt. She gulped.

You know how I love to spoil my mate. I want nothing more than to pin you to the bed and make you scream my name. Do you feel how hard I am for you, My Only?

Son of a bitch. She rolled over, one leg over his hips as she lined him up with her entrance. She saw him grin victoriously as she took his tip into her swollen folds, but then his hands caught her hips and held her still. He was less than an inch inside and she fought against his resistance, trying to push down onto him.

“Say it first.”


“I believe I said I'd make you beg. Tell me you want to be pregnant.”

“Why?” She scoffed.

“Because I know you, and five or six months from now you're going to say I 'forced’ you into it, and that's not what's happening. I have given no orders, this is your choice. Acknowledge your free will. If you want it, ask me for it.”

She growled. Give in, give in, give in. Beg him. She crossed her arms, still supported by his strong hands. “Dammit, Vegeta, fine! I want you to get me pregnant, are you happy now?”

She was on her back in a second split so finely that she didn't actually feel the movement, she was just suddenly aware of her body being against the mattress. His hands pinned her wrists against the bed and then he was finally inside her. No teasing, no hesitstion, he knew how bad she needed this. Her release came in less than a minute, the tension that had her on edge for days finally being given relief. He felt her spasm around him and his messy mouth made its way up her neck to whisper in her ear, “One.”

He slid out for a moment to pull her to the edge of the bed so he could stand, and then he was thrusting steadily into her dripping core, her legs going around his hips. Yes. His hands roamed over her, skimming across her breasts, her hips, her sides, his calloused fingers leaving fire in their wake. She could feel it already building again in her body, a combination of her desperation finally being sated and of the little voice inside her rewarding her for obeying. She came again and he laughed.

“May not take as long as I thought. Two. Come on, Bulma, one more for me. I could give the order, but where's the challenge in that?” His fingers wandered down and viciously massaged her sensitive bundle of nerves.

“Ah! Vegeta!” She moaned.

“That's right, My Mate,” he groaned. “Say my name. Show me how good it feels. Scream for me when you come this time, Woman.”

She did. Afterwards her body gave up and she slumped against the bed, exhausted. In only a few more seconds he screamed along with her and she felt him spilling into her. As always since the claim began, his orgasm made her feel calm and peaceful...but also...dizzy this time? There was a bright light and her skin tingled pleasantly. And so...tired. Her eyes drooped, she couldn't keep them open. She couldn't even explain to him that she was too tired to speak, move, or think. Her body felt heavy as she started to drift.

She was present enough to feel him pull out of her and come to rest beside her, tucking her gently under the covers and holding her very close. “I was a fool before,” he whispered in her ear, obviously unsure if she could even hear him. “Your last two pregnancies you had a husband, but now you have a mate. I'll show you the difference, My Only, I swear.”

She lost consciousness and fell into a dreamless sleep. At one point she heard her alarm go off, and she knew she needed to get up for work, but she had no ability to open her eyes, let alone get up. She heard Vegeta mumble something about the “blasted machine” before she heard him rip the alarm from the wall to make it stop. Every few hours her eyes drifted open for less than a minute, and she could tell the room was slightly lighter each time. Eventually she could feel that she was alone in the bed, but wasn't awake long enough to really wonder where he'd gone.

Why was she so tired? Work was clearly not going to happen, thank the gods she was the boss and could take an unplanned personal day. Still, she should call and warn her poor assistant. She was asleep again before she could make the call.

Did Bra make it to school? The girl had a dentist appointment on Tuesday, what day was it again? Shit, she really had to get up. Her eyes opened again and she immediately realized she was starving and her throat felt like a desert. She'd have to venture out into the not-her-bed reality to find food. She rolled over and her eyes went wide. Her bedside table held her favorite takeout noodles with a tall glass of water.

She devoured the meal hungrily, wondering what time it was. There was no way of knowing since the alarm Vegeta had destroyed lay in pieces on the floor. It was hard to care, really it was hard to care about anything. Her whole body felt relaxed and warm and her mind drifted from problem to problem without ever really worrying. She finished the last bite and was about to throw her feet to the floor when the bedroom door opened and he strode in with a plastic bag.

Vegeta smiled at her, his eyes darting to the meal she'd just finished. “Still hungry?”

She shook her head. “What time is it? I've got to get Bra--”

“To her dentist appointment. She told me this morning on the way to school. She had two cavities, she chewed the doctor out for telling her she ate too many sweets, and we filled them. I also bought another one of these,” he spat, pulling an alarm out of the bag. “One with a lot fewer buttons and dials.”

She yawned, rubbing her eyes and reaching for the phone. He caught her hand and lowered her back to the bed, hovering over her and placing lingering kisses down her neck. “I called your company as well and informed them you were taking a week off for personal reasons. No one argued with me.”

Her eyes widened. “A week? I can't take a whole week off, I'm just tired today.”

He laughed against her. “You're pregnant, and this feeling will last for about four to seven days.”

She stared at him. “ can tell just like that? Right away? It should take weeks to know.”

“Not for a Saiyan. Don't you remember how Goten knew immediately with Harico? I would have known too if I'd seen him in the first week, the signs are obvious. Exhaustion, increased appetite, completely relaxed and compliant. How do you feel?” His hands slid behind her back and started to rub circles below her shoulder blades.

“Like I'm stuck in quicksand,” she mumbled, suddenly tired again. She fought against it.

“Shh,” he whispered into her hair. “Sleep, My Only. I will watch Bra and find us all some dinner. If you need something call me with your mind, I'll bring it to you.”

“Uh...okay,” she shrugged, her eyes closing. this she could get used to. Not having to panic about being awake made it much easier to just enjoy sleeping in. By the time she woke up again night had fallen. Vegeta was next to her again, two strong arms wrapped around her protectively.

She wasn't sure if he was awake before she woke up, but he certainly was now. One of his hands came to rest gently on her stomach. “Hungry?”

She nodded, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. To her surprise she felt herself being lifted from the bed as he gently carried her into the kitchen and sat her down at the table.

“I made steak for Bra and myself. I know how to cook plain meat,” he said, pulling another container from the fridge for her. “I grabbed you more takeout, I know you prefer to have spices for some damn reason.”

Bulma stared at him and he shook the container at her. She took it carefully and narrowed her eyes at him. “What's your angle?”

“Excuse me?”

“Why are you doing all this? Calling work, taking care of Bra, making dinner...did you even train at all today?”

“I was busy. My mate is pregnant.”

“I've been pregnant before. I vaguely remember you yelling 'Woman, are you done yet?’ at me every few weeks.”

He frowned, sitting rigidly in the chair across from her. “I admit my actions when you were creating the boy were...lacking. I ignored it for the most part and didn't care too much either way how you dealt with it, so long as the child was born and wasn't a weakling. I was better with Bra's, I think. I chose not to leave for training until after her birth. I genuinely attempted to not annoy you. I tried, but I was...unskilled at it. Now that I have a legitimized claim I can see that. I did not tell your assistant you'd be gone for nine months because I assumed you'd kill me, but I want to be clear on this. For the coming months, having my child is your only real job, the only responsibility on your shoulders. Leave the house if you must. Work, socialize, shop, but tell me where you're going. I will try to keep my orders to a minimum.”

She sighed. “You Tarzan, me Jane. Got it.”

“I don't know those people, and if you're looking for names, those are terrible.”

“I think I should be pissed at you. I can handle myself just fine pregnant, I've done it before in much worse circumstances. I'm not pissed though. I actually feel kind of…”


“Oh, shit,” she mumbled. “Just like Goten said last time. It's like I'm floating, kind of here, kind of far away. I could…”

“Bulma, eat first,” he ordered in a soft voice.

She obeyed, yawning but shoveling the food into her mouth. “And while I'm playing invalid you're going to what, take over everything else? We'll see. So, when do we tell people?”

He grumbled. “You know, on V--”

“On Vegetasei pregnancy was kept secret because it made you vulnerable, I know, I know. You told me repeatedly with Bra, that's why we hid it for so many months. But if you're gonna stop me from taking care of my responsibilities for nine months, people are gonna notice. We at least have to tell the family.”

“Soon. Not yet. You need rest.”

She nodded, wondering where her normal urge to argue with him had gone.

Chapter Text

Chichi was washing dishes when the front door to her home flew open, startling her into dropping the plate in her hand. Goku looked up from the table surprised, but relaxed when he saw his son. Harico hung smiling from his father's shoulders.

“Guess who's back?” Goten yelled excitedly, arms outstretched.

“Hey, Goten,” Goku chuckled.

“Nope, guess again,” he grinned, setting Harico into a seat and plopping down next to him, grabbing fruit from the table.

Chichi sighed, dropping her face into her hand. “Is it Pregnant-Goten?”

“Yep,” he grinned, popping the 'p’.

“Oh, wow!” Goku smiled. “Cool, congratulations. Hey, how did you know, Chi?”

“I sent a lot of time with Pregnant-Goten last time,” she said, shaking her head. “He's practically a different person. I'd know him from my son anywhere.”

“Nu-uh,” Goten protested. “I'm me, just a little loopy. Tell her, Harry.”

Harico giggled. “Daddy's silly like this. He tried to fly this morning and hit a tree, and Papa yelled at him and told him all the baby rules are back in place and I had to fly him here. Oh, Papa told me to tell you to cover my ears if he starts talking about grown-up stuff I'm not supposed to hear. He tried to order him not to talk like that, but he's not doing it on purpose so it didn't work.”

“Sorry, Baby,” Goten said, looking slightly ashamed of himself. “I've just got no filter for now. Hey Mom, Trunks will be over later after school with Bulma and Vegeta. Happy birthday, by the way.”

She smiled, pausing to hug him as she walked by. “Thank you, Dear. Gohan's going to come by later, too. So how far along are you this time?”

“About a week. I was pretty out of it for like six days this time, longer than with Harico. You'd think it'd get easier, not harder.”

She scoffed at him. “Are you kidding? Gohan was a perfect angel compared to you, before and after he was born. Do I need to show you the ribs you broke again?”

Goten laughed guiltily. “Sorry. At least we were both natural and you didn't have to have surgery.”

“Where does the baby come out?” Harico asked.

Goten lifted the hem of his shirt and showed him the long scar across his lower abdomen. “Same place you did, right here. We have to call Malcolm pretty soon and give him a heads up. He might want to watch the first trimester this time anyway.” He let out a sudden yawn and slumped against the table. “Oh. I thought I had all the exhaustion out of my system, but I guess there's a little left.”

“Do you need to lay down, Dear?” Chichi asked. He nodded and she helped him over to the couch where he quickly passed out.

“It's okay,” Harico assured them, crawling up to sit on Goku's lap. “Daddy just gets tired real easy now, he'll feel better soon.”

“Have you been his little doctor?” Chichi asked, taking a second to kiss his head as she walked by. “That would be nice, a doctor in the family. I know Gohan's pretty close, but the title is fun to say. This is my grandson, Dr. Harico Briefs. I like that.”

Harico shook his head. “Nah, Daddy and Papa have just been warning me what's gonna happen. Sometimes he goes from happy to sad to happy really fast, and the other day he couldn't walk very straight.”

“That wasn't because I'm pregnant,” Goten mumbled, “it was because Trunks--”

“Goku, his ears!” She called, and the Saiyan quickly clapped his palms over his grandson's head.

“Because Trunks left his wet towel on the floor and I twisted my ankle, you perverts. Gods, give me some credit. I'm not actually trying to mentally traumatize my son.”

Chichi blushed deeply and stole Harico from her husband, setting him on the counter where she was working. “You stay close to me just in case, Honey.”

“Okay, Grandmom.”

Harico loved when he got to see Pan, because he didn't see her nearly as often as Bra. By the time Gohan showed up with his family Goten was wide awake again, holding Harico on his knee protectively as they chatted. The boy had to act very sweet and convincing to escape to go play with his cousin; Goten had been more protective than ever in the last week and Trunks had warned his son to just humor him as much as possible.

“I actually tried to call Malcolm a few days ago,” Gohan said, “but it went to voicemail. That's kind of strange, he usually jumps on calls from me in case I have another weird medical puzzle for him.”

“I'll call tomorrow, and if I can't get ahold of him Trunks will catch up with him. I don't think he has any classes with him but it shouldn't be too far out of his way to stop in and mention the news,” Goten nodded. “You ever thought about having another baby, Videl?”

She shivered. “Once was enough for me. Not all of us get to be high and happy the whole time.”

Goten's eyes slid to Gohan for a split second, but then regained composure and he knew enough to stay quiet. Gohan had been offered the chemical that made claiming possible, but had turned it down without mentioning it to Videl. He explained to Goten that the idea of sharing a mind with someone made him feel uncomfortable; he didn't want her to have to see some of the things he'd seen or feel some of the things he'd felt. More than that, the idea of having that kind of power over his wife unnerved him.

Goten had been offended at first, thinking his brother was insulting his choice to belong to Trunks and insisting that Videl should be offered the same option. He'd ranted to Trunks about it for a while until he calmed down. His mate had just smiled weakly and asked him if he could honestly ever see Goku claiming Chichi. When he admitted the idea of his father having dominant power over his mother was weird and would be bad for everyone involved he had to rethink his blanket belief that everyone would be happy in a claim.

At end of the day Goten had just accepted that what he and Trunks had was fairly unique now, and not every couple could or should force that kind of connection. Still, he knew Gohan felt guilty for making the decision without her. He worried she'd think it was about not wanting to be that close to her instead of being about wanting to protect her. That was a slightly sad thought...and now he was crying again dammit.

“Uh, Goten, are you okay?” Gohan asked nervously, handing his brother a box of tissues from the coffee table.

Goten nodded. “Mood swings are really bad this time. I probably thought about a dog or something. I wish Trunks was here.”

Do you want me there early? His mate asked immediately in his head. I can skip a few classes.

Eavesdropper, Goten teased him. No, I'll make it. I'll be happy again in like five minutes anyway.

Okay. But since you know I'm spying on you anyway, quit eating fruit! I can't taste test it from here. I told you pregnancy rules are back in effect, do I have to give specific orders to keep you safe?

I guess so. I have trouble remembering.

Goten, you are forbidden to eat anything unapproved by me. Sit tight, My Love, I'll make it up to you tonight.


“This...this has to be some sort of joke,” Frank Packer said, shaking his head. He leafed through the files, laughing humorlessly. “Aliens and pregnant teenage boys? This reads like a depraved, forgotten corner of the internet.”

“You doubt my methods?” The tall thin man asked dangerously. “These are the private files of Dr.Malcolm Chase. You wanted information on the Briefs, and now you have it. I'll be taking my 100,000 Zeni.”

“I hired you to help me get Bulma Briefs out of my way, not to steal an old man's self-insert fantasy. Once I have the company I can afford to pay a professional like yourself what he deserves, General Tao, but not before.”

Tao sneered. “Are you insinuating you cannot pay me?”

“Not yet, I need--”

The cyborg grabbed the man and hauled him across his desk. “My paycheck is not contingent on yours. You wanted extensive information on the Briefs, and now you have it. What you do with it is your choice. If you cannot provide my full compensation before tomorrow--”

“A million Zeni!” The thin businessman shrieked. “No -- a billion! Once I own Capsule Corp you will be paid one billion Zeni. The Briefs fortune is worth that several times over, I'd be happy to share the wealth with my business partner. But I can't pay it until I own the company.”

“And just how the hell would you manage to do that?”

“I am the Senior VP, not that you'd know it around here. If she and her family are gone, control falls to me. I've tried to play fair, tried to rise through the ranks and deserve Bulma Briefs’ trust, but what do I get? A purple baby in a thousand dollar suit who thinks he's going to just waltz in one day and take my company like an inheritance. Half the time she doesn't even listen when I speak. I deserve to run this company. I deserve to own it, if she's going to make me work so hard for this. Not some snot-nosed brat with the ink still wet on his diploma.”

General Tao gestured to the files, setting him down slowly. “What good will those do you?”

“Blackmail,” he smiled weakly. “At least that was the plan. Dr.Chase calling here for Bulma was a stroke of luck, I never would have known they were connected. I tracked their bank accounts and found several large transaction into his. Clearly they're paying him off for something, I thought it might be juicy enough to force her hand. But this, ” he spat. “This is garbage. Tabloid crap. No one in their right mind would believe it.”

“Careful, Mr.Packer. I believe it,” Tao said, picking up a file and searching for something.

“Really? Aliens and energy beams and pregnant men? That sounds reasonable to you?”

“I've never met him, but I'd recognize this man anywhere,” Tao said distastefully, holding up a picture of Goten. “He's one of Son Goku's children. I made it my business to know what they looked like to avoid...let's just say they're not people you want to cross unless it's necessary. A billion Zeni makes it necessary. Aliens and unexplainable events connected to this kid? I'd believe it. But your plan is worthless.”

“Excuse me?”

“As you said, no one would believe it. There are much more effective ways to make Bulma Briefs give you what you want.”


“You clearly weren't reading as closely as I was. As any good mercenary knows, everyone has a weakness, and Bulma Briefs appears to have many.” He held up a picture of Harico. “And here's the weakest link.”

“But if...let's say the files were all true. Then her husband would be a monster, one of the strongest men on Earth. Not to mention the boys...fathers. How do we get past them?”

“That may take me a little time,” Tao admitted. “But I know what to do. Everything we need is right here. The company is as good as yours.”



“Mom? Dad?” Trunks called as he wandered into the kitchen at Capsule Corp holding a boxed cake. “Ready to go?”

He found his sister sipping juice at the table. Bra hopped over to him in a frilly blue dress and saluted. “I'm all ready, but Mom and Daddy are busy again. We'll have to wait for them.”

“Busy?” He asked with a horrified expression, praying that didn't mean what he thought it did.

“Yeah. Mom's been sick and Daddy's taking care of her.”

“Sick? What's she got?”

Bra shrugged. “No one tells me anything around here. Like about Goten being pregnant , you Butthead. Why am I always the last to know?”

“I told Dad, I figured he'd tell you and Mom.”

She scoffed at him. “Daddy's not great at gossip, Trunks.”

“Fair enough. Where are they?”

“In their bedroom. I'm not allowed in, but what are they gonna do, ground you? Go for it.”

Trunks nervously texted his father, preferring to not accidentally walk in on something that could scar him for life. Vegeta still didn't have the hang of texting and he just replied by yelling “Wait a damn minute!” through the house.

“Oooh, you're in trouble,” Bra teased him.

“Shut up.”

“Daddy never yells at me, you know.  How do you manage to get him so riled up?”

“How do I get Vegeta riled up? How the hell do you not?”

She shrugged. “I dunno. He likes Mom, too, especially since they got remarried.”

Trunks shivered, he preferred not to think of them as mates as much as possible. Eventually they heard the door down the hall open and Bulma came bouncing out in a nice blouse and skirt, grinning when she saw her son.

“Trunks! What's up, Homeboy?”

He narrowed his eyes. “What?”

“Is your hair finally too long for you to hear me?” She laughed. “You've got to let me cut it. It's gotta be driving Goten crazy. Unless...did you like getting your hair pulled too or was it just him?”

Trunks mouth fell open in horror. “What the hell, Mom?”

Vegeta stalked out of their room in a button up, clearly annoyed. “This is really not necessary,” he grumbled at his wife, clearly having already lost the argument. “There's no reason for us to acknowledge the Harpy's birthday. She's not even a relative. Why even bother?”

“Because I want to go!” She shot back. “I've been cooped up for days, it's about time I got to have some fun. I'm not even tired anymore, you Birthday Grinch. Now smile!”

He absolutely did not smile, but he sighed and dropped the subject which seemed to be good enough for her. She clapped her hands once and grabbed her purse. “Let's go, people! Cake! Fun! Little party hats!”

“Mom, are you feeling okay?” Trunks asked, clearly concerned.

She snorted. “Literally never felt better in my whole fucking life. I don't feel like driving, let's fly. Trunks carry your sister and Vegeta carry me.” They stared at her another moment. “Let's go!”

Trunks nodded as he let Bra hop onto his back. He tried to make concerned eye contact with his father but the Saiyan seemed to be deliberately not looking at him. Was Mom taking happy pills? When did that start?

Oh. He blushed a bit, realizing what it must be. He knew she was getting older, she was probably starting menopause and taking meds for it. No wonder his father was being so agreeable to her, he probably wanted to avoid making her worse.

They made it to the Son house just before dark as everyone was sitting down to dinner. Everyone waved as they came in, cheering to finally see the cake arrive. Bulma was the first one in, running immediately to hug Chichi and then Goku for good measure. Trunks felt his father's power level rise in annoyance briefly before it settled down.

“Happy birthday, Miss Chichi,” Trunks smiled, taking his place next to Goten and letting Harico climb up his shoulders. “Sorry we're late, food looks great.”

“We wouldn't know,” she admonished him. “Goten couldn't eat until you got here so we delayed it an hour.”

He blushed and laughed apologetically. “Right, sorry.”

“Honestly, what do you think he's going to do?” Videl teased. “Guzzle a bunch or arsenic thinking it's lemonade?”

“It makes perfect sense to me,” Vegeta grumbled slightly as Bulma started to pile food onto her plate.

“I might be a little overprotective,” he admitted. “Sorry, Ten.”

“Overprotective. That's funny,” Bra laughed. “I think if it wasn't for the claim Goten could kick your butt, pregnant or not.” He stuck out his tongue at her and she did the same. “What do you think, Harico? Which of your daddies is stronger?”

The kid didn't miss a beat. “Daddy,” he said immediately, not wanting to trigger another mood swing. Trunks squeezed his foot appreciatively, not wanting to have that argument again tonight.

Goten just laughed. “Whatever, guys. I like that Trunks is strong and sexy and can pin me down.”

There was a general cringe at the table from everyone except Bulma who laughed loudly around a mouthful of meat. “Keep thinking like that and you're gonna have like twenty babies, Goten.”

Trunks let out an emphatic “ hell no ” at the same time Goten said “good”, so that lightened the mood a little.

“So what age are you, anyway?” Vegeta finally asked. Everyone glanced at him awkwardly and he rolled his eyes. “Let me guess, you're not supposed to ask? We're at her birthday, clearly she's just aged.”

Chichi blushed a little. “Well, if you must know, I'm forty-eight.”

“Really?” Goku asked. “Hey, how old am I again, Chi?”

She shrugged. “I don't know. Counting the dead years or not? If not you're younger than me.”

“I think they still count,” he insisted. “I mean I still existed and trained.”

“Probably about the same age, then, give or take a few years.”

“Wow. Hey, you're older than me, right Vegeta? That must mean you're in your fifties by now. How's it feel to be a grandpa?”

“We literally have the same grandchild,” he snapped.

Goku laughed. “Yeah, but I'm still younger than you. Kinda funny that we got Super Saiyan around the same time anyway.”

“Hilarious,” he scoffed flatly.

“Oh, don't be mad, Vegeta. You still look the same. Hey, how long does that last for us anyway? Like, one day am I supposed to just wake up looking like Master Roshi with no warning?”

“How the hell should I know?”

“Well, you knew other Saiyans. I guess it'll happen to you first so I'll have an idea when it's coming--”

“Kakarot, if your so much younger than me then why did your woman have her last child twenty years ago when mine is pregnant now!”

The room went silent while they stared at him. A very long moment passed, and then Bulma laughed loudly. “Oh my gods, Vegeta, what happened to waiting?”

“He pissed me off.”

“This...this is a joke,” Trunks said with half a smile. “You're making fun of me and Goten for having another baby. Ha, funny guys.”

Vegeta crossed his arms and leaned back with a smirk, saying nothing.

“Holy shit,” Goten laughed breathlessly. “Holy shit. They're serious.”

Trunks’ grin faded. “Mom. Tell Goten you're joking.”

“Woah,” Goku said, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “Congratulations, guys.”

“Mom, he tricked Goku. Tell Goku it's a joke.”

“You're braver than me, Bulma,” Chichi said, laughing softly. “I'll stick to grandkids, thanks.”

Goten reached across the table and grabbed Bulma's arm. “This...this is so great! Bulma, do you feel…?”

“Oh, high as a kite ,” she laughed. “ Way better than the last two times. No wonder you went for round two.”

“Mom? Are you really pregnant?” Trunks asked, all the color drained from his face. “Since when?”

“Since ninety-six hours ago,” Vegeta laughed vengefully. “ Recently.

“Are you insane, Dad?” Trunks asked incredulously. “How could you be so irresponsible?”

Vegeta scoffed and waved a hand at Goten.

“That's different, we planned it.”

“So did we,” he huffed.

“You did what ?”

Vegeta narrowed his eyes. “I allow you to do whatever you like with your mate without comment, Boy. I expect the same from you.”

“But-- you're old! And your mate is my mother!” He scoffed, his face going red.

“Chill out, Trunks,” Goten said firmly, running a soothing hand up his side and leaning against him. The young prince slumped into Goten's embrace, still glaring at his father.

“Mom, are you really okay with this?”

“Well, I didn't want to at first,” she admitted. “Then he decided to make me really horny and refuse to do anything about it for like three days--”

“Oh gods, stop!” Trunks cried, covering Harico's ears and cringing hard. “Please, no details! Oh no,” he gasped, “is your filter as bad as Goten's?”

“I don't know. Why is everyone so sensitive?”

Goten laughed loudly. “Thank the gods, someone I can talk to!”

The smirk disappeared from Vegeta's face as Trunks gestured to the two of them. “See this, Dad? This is what you've done. It didn't occur to you what it would be like to have both of them like this at the same time?”

No. No it had not. Bra pulled on Vegeta's sleeve. “Daddy, can I swear?”



Chapter Text

Harico scratched his head. “Um, kite. C-i-t-e. Kite.”

“Not quite,” Goten said, holding the primer. “You've got the first letter wrong. Try again.”

“I thought the 'kuh’ sound was a C, like in my name.”

“Sometimes, but sometimes it's another letter too, remember.”

“Uh, K? K-i-t-e?”


The boy sighed and slumped against the table. “Daddy? I think I hate studying.”

Goten laughed. “I wasn't crazy about it either, but it's important.”


“Because you need to be smart like Papa and Gohan.”

“You're smart too, Daddy,” Harico frowned.

“Thanks, Buddy. I guess I'm not dumb, but they're both really smart. I bet you're that smart too, I've just gotta be a good enough teacher to help you get there, and then you can be like Papa someday. Maybe...maybe homeschooling is a bad idea. I mean it worked good for Gohan but he had Mom helping him, and she's really good at this.”

“No, I'm sorry. Let's keep going. How do I know if a 'kuh’ sound is a K or a C?”

“It's going to be mostly memorization. I'll write out a list of words for you to read over tonight and we'll go over them tomorrow. Papa should be out of class soon, let's get ready to head out.”

“Okay,” he shrugged, heading to his room to grab his shoes and jacket. He didn't like it when his father talked bad about himself. He knew Papa was smart, but Daddy knew all sorts of things. In fact, that wasn't the only thing around this house that bugged him sometimes. Normally when something annoyed him like this he just let it go but...what Grandma said a few weeks ago had been bugging him. He could have an opinion if he wanted. If he needed to say something, then maybe he should just say it. But Daddy wasn't going to listen to just him.

When we went to tell his father he was ready to go he found him slumped against the table with a peaceful smile. Harico could tell the man was just taking a minute to enjoy the 'medicine’ Papa had talked about, so he sat quietly until he was done. Eventually Goten opened his eyes and stretched, quickly apologizing and announcing it was time to leave.

Harico followed Goten's directions towards the doctor's house where they planned to meet Trunks. Goten was allowed to fly enough to keep himself weightless, but Harico had to hold his hand to guide him so he wouldn't veer off course again. He liked being big enough to help, and his pride swelled a little when he saw Papa waving to him from the ground. He set Goten down on the ground gently before landing next to him, and Trunks ruffled his hair.

“You're getting pretty good at flying, Buddy. You know I wouldn't just trust anyone with guiding your Dad, right?”

“Thanks, Papa,” he blushed, a little pleased with himself.

“Malcolm knows we're coming, right?” Goten asked, taking Trunks’ hand.

“Actually, I don't know,” he admitted. “I mean I left a voicemail, you left a voicemail, I've tried to stop by his office like ten times and he's never there. Hopefully he's not busy, I know he's usually pretty excited to see us when we have Harico.”

They made their way up the familiar walkway to Dr.Chase's house. They had a standing appointment every five months on the thirtieth, partially for Harico's health and partially for the debt they felt they owed him. The doctor had been the only outsider they allowed to help with Harico's birth, and since he didn't ask for any form of payment they felt he deserved to watch his development. Plus they had some news for him this time.

Trunks knocked and waited, and then knocked a little harder. “Malcolm? We're here!” He called at the window. He noticed the glass was dark -- too dark, really, like someone had painted over the inside. “Malcom?”

The door opened an inch, the chain still on. “Please, go away,” the rough voice said.

“Malcolm? It's us, we came for Harico's check up. Sorry we weren't able to get ahold of you beforehand but --”

“I said go,” he snapped, shutting the door without ever showing his face.

Trunks frowned, then knocked again. “Malcolm, what's going on? We need to talk to you.”


Trunks huffed, clearly annoyed. “Fine, then. What the hell is his problem? I guess we'll go home if we're not wanted here.”

Trunks turned from the door, hand still grasping Goten's as he lead them away. Harico looked at his Daddy and saw him subconsciously set a worried hand over his abdomen, and then he started to feel angry. No, this would not do. Daddy needed the doctor, and if Papa wasn't going to make him open the door he'd do it himself. He built up his courage and put on his best Grandpa Vegeta face, then knocked hard on the door.

“Dr. Malcolm, Daddy is pregnant and he needs your help. Open up the door, right now! You know we're strong enough to break it down!”

The two men turned and looked at their son, shocked to hear such fierce words from such a timid boy. After a second of silence there was a jingle as the chain was unlatched, and then door slowly swung open.

“Quickly,” Dr.Chase said to them, his voice grated and defeated. “ Get inside and shut the door. Before someone sees you.”

The small family had been inside this home a dozen or so times, and they could see something was wrong immediately. The normally immaculate space was cluttered and dirty, objects thrown around haphazardly as though he'd been looking for something just before they arrived. There windows were painted over and boarded shut, and there were four extra locks on the door.

As for the doctor himself, the normally well put together man was clearly shaken. He was pale and thinner in the face, his normally trim whiskers hanging loosely. He shook as they approached him like they were actually going to hurt him.

“Malcolm, you look terrible,” Trunks said honestly, clapping a hand onto his shoulder. “Is everything okay?”

“No. No they could have seen you come in. Please don't kill me.”

“Kill you?” Goten asked. “Why would we hurt you?”

The doctor's eyes were on Trunks. “Not you, him. And Vegeta. When you find out what I've done...just please have mercy.”

“Why don't we just sit down and talk a minute?” Trunks offered calmly, but all his senses had gone on full alert. Something here had clearly spooked the doctor, and his mate and child were nearby.

The doctor nodded dully and lead them to his kitchen, which was in a similar state of disarray. Goten got the poor man some water as Trunks sat him down. Harico sat guiltily across from him, suddenly looking ashamed now that he saw how scared the man was.

“I'm sorry I said we'd break down your door, Dr. Malcolm. I didn't really mean it.”

Dr.Chase smiled weakly, but it didn't touch his eyes. “No. You were right to do it. It's time to face the consequences of my actions. And Goten, pregnant again?”

Goten nodded, leaning against the counter. “Three weeks. We tried to call you right away but--”

“But I ignored your calls like a coward,” he nodded.

Trunks’ movements were very deliberate and calm, but Goten could feel the rage already building inside him. He set a calming hand on his mate's shoulder, determined to stop the situation from escalating. Trunks stared the doctor down. “What did you do, Malcolm?”

“A few weeks ago a man came to my classroom. He warned me not to contact you or he'd kill me. He just about choked me right there.”

“Who was he?”

“No idea, I'd never seen him before. But when I got Minnie was missing.”

Goten frowned. “Your wife? Someone took your wife?”

“Yes, as a warning, I think. They took...they took my granddaughter, too. She knows to come straight home after school and I haven't seen her since. Gods, she's only seven. And they did this to my home,” he gestured at the mess. “It was completely ransacked top to bottom. I've been so terrified...I haven't even tried to straighten it. They haven't contacted me at all, Minnie and Molly could be anywhere by now.”

“Malcolm, I'm so sorry,” Goten said, moving to stand to comfort the man. Trunks held him back, still sensing danger.

“That wouldn't make you afraid of me. Why would I want to kill you, Malcolm?”

The doctor squirmed uncomfortably under Trunks’ gaze. “Because of...what they took?”

“What did they take?”

“Everything...All of my research. I had files and files of it about you and your family. They took them all.”

“You what ?” Trunks gasped. “What kind of research on us did you keep just laying around for anyone to look at?”

“Your biology, physiology, Harico's development, the lineage and ages and characteristics of everyone. Everything you told me about Saiyans...and claiming. I took...extensive notes on the relationship dynamics of your family.”

“Why?” Trunks barked, his face pulling into a fierce scowl as he stood. Energy crackled around his shoulders as his hair flickered to blonde.

“Trunks,” Goten admonished, trying to take his hand, “we knew he was doing research. It's not his fault if it was stolen. Stay calm, after everything he's done for us--”

“Goten, be silent,” Trunks snapped, glaring at the doctor.

Goten's mouth shut automatically and he sighed, annoyed. Harico frowned.

“Hey, Papa, that's not fair! Let Daddy talk! He was just trying to stop you from hurting Dr. Malcolm!”

Trunks glaced in surprise at his son, some of the anger on his face melting. His hair returned to normal as he powered down and hung his head a little. “'re right, Harico. I'm sorry. That was wrong. Goten, you can speak freely. I should not have done that. You forgive me, Ten?”

Goten nodded. “Just promise you'll stay calm.”

“Okay. Malcolm do you have a copy of the research they stole from you?”

“No. I didn't want multiple copies because I thought it might be easier for someone to steal them,” he sighed, rubbing his eyes. “I kept all of them in a locked safe in my office, but it's gone. They didn't take anything else.”

Trunks took deep breaths, not willing to lose it in front of his son again. “I'm going to find those files. We'll find Minnie and your granddaughter, too. Now will you help Goten this time around, or not?”

Malcolm nodded enthusiastically, still shivering at the look on Trunks’ face. “But...Vegeta…”

“You let me take care of Vegeta,” Trunks sighed. Fantastic.



“The goddamn worthless fool!” Vegeta roared, his fist going through the wall if his living room for a second time. “We never should have trusted a human in the first place!”

“Excuse me?” Bulma huffed. “Trusted human, right here. I know you're pissed, but don't go all anti-human again to deal with it. And stop putting holes in my house!”

“You're not human anymore, stop pretending you are,” he shot back.

“I'm human enough,” she countered. “Besides, you seemed perfectly happy to be banging a human for eighteen years, Buddy, so if you think--”

“Can we please just talk about the actual threat,” Trunks begged. “Fight about humanity some other time.”

Vegeta growled, the whites in his eyes receding as his pupils darkened. He headed towards the front door. “Fine. I'll go tie up the loose end since you failed to.”

Trunks caught his father's arm, shooting a nervous look at Goten and Harico. “We're not killing Malcolm.”

“I don't give a shit what you do. I intend to protect my mate. Or isn't that a priority to you anymore?”

Trunks face darkened to match his father's. “The damage has been done. There are no copies of the research anywhere. We need to focus on figuring out who stole it.”

“The knowledge is in his mind and he clearly can't be trusted. We can't risk him being questioned.”

“Vegeta,” Goten said, quickly coming to stand between them. “We need Dr.Chase. He's the only medical professional who knows about our situation, and he's going to have to help us with the C-section like last time. If we kill him, we'd just have to let someone else know everything anyway to perform the surgery.”

“There's months until that happens, we'll figure something else out.”

“He didn't do anything wrong! We knew he was studying us, did you think he was just keeping it all in his head? He's a victim here, you can't hurt him, Vegeta!” He took a step closer.

“Don't give me orders, Boy!” Vegeta snapped, pushing Goten's chest and knocking him back several feet to the wall.

Mistake. Trunks roared and powered up instantly, diving at his father. “Mine!”

Vegeta roared back, swinging at his son. They collided hard, obviously not in their right minds.

“Vegeta, stop!” Bulma yelled.

“Trunks, I'm okay!” Goten said quickly. “Trunks, hey, look, I'm yours! I'm not hurt!”

They weren't listening. Vegeta punched Trunks hard in the face, but the younger man caught him just under the ribs. Harico ran in between them, holding his hands out. “Papa, Grandpa, stop! If you fight in here Daddy and Grandma will get hurt!”

They didn't power down, but they stopped fighting. Their eyes were still different, bodies still shaking with rage, but clearly neither of then were willing to swing with the boy between them.

Bulma ran up and smacked Vegeta in the back of the head. “You absolute jackass!”

His dark eyes darted to her. “He started it!”

“Do you fucking realize what you just did?” She snapped. “Can you imagine what you'd do to Trunks if he pushed me while I'm pregnant?”

That seemed to strike a chord with him. Vegeta's hair returned to normal and he shook his head, willing down the instinct that had taken temporary control of him. Trunks was still fully caught in it, obviously only held back from swinging by the sight if his small son in front of him.

“I...I'm sorry,” Vegeta grunted. “ I should not have touched your mate.”

Trunks was still shaking, snarling low in his throat. Vegeta held up his hands and backed away, and his son lost interest in him. His head snapped around to Goten, and then he had him pinned firmly against the wall, biting him sharply in the shoulder.

“Ow,” Goten winced, gently petting the back of Trunks’ head.

“Papa, don't fight Daddy!” Harico cried, horrified.

“It's okay, Harry!” Goten assured him, holding out a hand to keep him back. “Papa is not fighting me, he's checking to make sure I'm okay. Vegeta, get him out of here, he shouldn't have to see Trunks like this. Just give me a minute, he'll calm down.”

Harico protested, pushing his grandfather's hands away. “But Daddy, he's biting you!”

“I promise he's not going to hurt me,” he said as Trunks finally released his neck. The older man panted against his shoulder, a low growl still in his throat. Goten slid his hand up the back of Trunks' shirt, trying to rub away some of the tension.

“Mine,” Trunks rumbled.

“Yours,” he said soothingly. “I'm safe, Trunks. We're both fine, I didn't even feel it much. Vegeta wasn't trying to hurt me, he was just worried about Bulma.”

His mate's protective hand wandered down to cover his abdomen. He placed sloppy kisses against Goten's neck as he took deep breaths, and his hair slowly faded back to normal.

“Shh,” Goten whispered. “Are you back, Trunks?”

“Goten, no one but me and Harico are allowed to touch you again until the baby is born.”

“Okay, Trunks.”

Trunks leaned back, rubbing his eyes. He caught sight of Vegeta and grimaced guiltily. “I shouldn't have--”

“Drop it,” he shook his head. “Our ultimate objective is the same. How do we find out who took the fool's information on us?”

“Look,” Bulma said quickly, holding her hands out, “we can do this logically. What's the absolute worst case scenario here? What could they use the information for? I mean, this isn't Superman dropping a press release about kryptonite. It's not like you have secret weaknesses.”

“You're my weakness,” Vegeta said flippantly.


He rolled his eyes. “Not you, specifically, but any royal's mate. If they get to you then--” he paused, suddenly cutting himself off. “It's bad.”

“How bad?” Bulma asked.

The Saiyan stayed silent. Trunks cleared his throat. “Dad, maybe we should tell them. I mean, it was different when there were no threats around, but they should know.”

“Know what, Trunks?” Goten asked suspiciously.

Vegeta thought a moment, and then nodded his consent. Trunks smiled apologetically at his husband. “We just didn't want to worry you guys, so we decided to only tell you if we had to,” he said, taking his hand. “Goten, I live for you...literally. if you die, my heart will stop beating. Don't worry, it doesn't work both ways, you would live if something happened to me. And whoever stole those files knows it, too. I told your mother once when she  doubted my commitment to you, and she must have told the doctor. He asked about one day and I told him because I'm an idiot, apparently.”

“What?” He asked, his mouth dropping open. “That- that's crazy! Trunks, you should have told me, we could be working on a way to make sure that doesn't happen, just in case!”

Trunks shrugged. “I wouldn't want to stop it.”

“You want to die?”

“What's the point of life without you?”

Goten's grip on his hand tightened and his other hand covered his belly. “Harico! Him and this baby! You want to just leave them alone?”

Trunks sought out his son and reached a hand out to him. Harico took it cautiously.

“I love you, Harico, and I'll always protect you. But, Ten, I can't live without you. I refuse to even try. It would simply be pointless to stay alive. You're the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing at night. You're my whole world.”

Bulma was pale. “ said almost the same thing in your vow at our ceremony. Do you die if I die, too?”

He nodded curtly.

“But...I'm human! I'm not going to live as long as you.”

“I've told you, you're part Saiyan, you'll live longer than you think. If it really bothers you we'll find the dragon balls and extend your life further.”

She surged forward and threw her arms around his neck, sobbing. Trunks knew his father well enough to see him tense and think about telling her to knock it off, but he clearly remembered she may be having mood swings because he just awkwardly held her with one arm, letting her cling to him  “Why did you even want to claim me? Did you know you were signing your own death warrant?”

“You're both twisting this,” Vegeta insisted, shaking his head. “We’re not talking about being murdered by some invisible enemy. Our hearts would stop mainly of our own accord. In the few instances I heard of in which the royal survived the experience they always rushed headlong into battle again and again with no armor until they were defeated, because they wanted an honorable death. The point is, someone who is obviously our enemy knows who our mates are and where they are. If they want us, the strategic thing to do would be to kill you. I won't let that happen.”

“Neither will I,” Trunks promised, squeezing both their hands. “I swear. We won't have to worry about any of this, I just think it's fair for you to know.”

“Okay, so that's nightmare scenario number one,” Bulma hiccuped, wiping her eyes. “Number two is much less terrifying. Maybe it's someone trying to make money through the press. They get a whole bunch of information on us in Dr.Chase's stationary and handwriting and use his credibility to tell the world about Saiyans and Goten's pregnancy and all that.”

“Great, then everyone will know our weaknesses. That hardly seems better.”

“If anyone even believes it. It sounds like all we can do for now is watch the newspapers and the tabloids and look for anything that sounds a little too close to the truth. Maybe they'd put out small secrets at first to, you know, test the waters.”

“And we protect Malcolm and look for his wife and granddaughter,” Trunks reminded her.

Vegeta snorted.

“Dad, after what he's done for Goten? For Bra?”

“Those acts are what is keeping him alive. If you want to help him find his family then go right ahead, but I have work to do. I will not allow my mate's pregnancy to take a back seat to his idiocy, but I will have to continue training harder than ever,” Vegeta said. “I can cut down on sleep, I've allowed myself to get spoiled with this stupid 'eight hours’ human bullshit.”

“Trunks, you have to stay in school. You promised me,” Goten reminded him.

“I know, but every other moment I'll be training with you Dad, if I'm not with Goten and Harico. In the meantime, we're moving our home back to Capsule Corp.”

“We are?” Goten asked. After they'd turned eighteen they'd found their own little corner of wilderness in which to plant their capsulizable home and it had been there ever since.

“He's right. With both of you pregnant we have to pool our resources. If something happens to one of you the other can call their mate for help, and one of us can always be on the compound in case of trouble.”

“Exactly,” Trunks nodded. “We have some teardown to do outside, like Harico's playground and the clotheslines. We'll go home for tonight and be back first thing in the morning.”

Vegeta nodded. “I'm going to go train. Now.”

“Vegeta,” Bulma said sadly, tears in her eyes.

He sighed. “Fine, I'll wait, but as soon as your asleep I'm heading to the Gravity Room. I'm not going to sit on my ass and just wait for something to happen.”

Chapter Text

It was past Harico's bedtime by the time they made it back home, and he was exhausted. Trunks flew them home, guiding Goten with one hand and holding Harico to his chest so he could doze against him.

Goten kissed his sleepy son's head when they landed and headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed while Trunks carried him into his room. Trunks set him on his unsteady feet and pulled some pajamas out of his drawer for him, pulling off his shoes. He set him in bed and kissed his forehead, reaching over to turn off his light. He thought the boy would be asleep in seconds, but Harico caught his arm when he tried to leave.

“Papa? Can I talk to you alone?”

Trunks winced, he'd half expected this conversation, but thought it would take a few days. “Sure, Buddy. I know today was hard. Did I scare you when I fought Grandpa and bit Daddy?”

Harico nodded.

“Some day if you have a mate you'll understand. Please believe me, I'd never hurt him. It's just a way to mark him so people know he's mine. I didn't do it on purpose. As for everything you heard today...I swear I'll keep you safe. I know you're young, and maybe you shouldn't have heard everything you did, but half Saiyans age fast. I don't want to treat you like a baby, but I don't want to push you into grown up stuff before you're ready either. You're going to have to tell me when you get scared.”

Harico nodded, but still held his arm. “Okay, Papa, but that's not what I wanted to talk about.”

Trunks blinked. “Oh. Uh, okay, what's on your mind, Buddy?”

“I know that because he's your mate, Daddy has to do stuff for you like obey orders. What do you have to do for Daddy?”

“Uh,” he thought, rubbing the back of his head. He was slightly embarrassed. “I love Daddy, Harico. I protect him and you. I'd do anything for him.”

“Yeah, you always say that, but like what?”

“Whatever he needs,” he shrugged. “Like, he wanted a baby, so we decided to have a baby.”

Harico frowned. “But I heard Grandpa a few weeks ago when you were talking to him. He said you wanted another baby, and Daddy just wanted to make one for you.”

“It's not nice to eavesdrop, Harico,” he blushed.

“Is it your job to make Daddy happy?”

“Uh, yes. Yeah, that's a good way to put it.”

Harico fell into a thoughtful silence for a minute. “Then Papa, you need to do a better job.”

Trunks frowned. “What do you mean?”

Harico put on a confident face, deciding that if he was going to go for this he'd say everything on his mind at once. “Daddy's not happy. Well, not like he should be. You treat him like me sometimes. He's a grown up and you shouldn't do that. He should be able to do more things than he does and not just take care of me all the time.”

“Daddy's pregnant right now, he needs to--”

“This was bugging me before he was pregnant.”

“Where's all this coming from, Harico?”

Harico bit his lip. “You're connected to Daddy's mind too, so you should know this already. You need to treat Daddy better. I know you love him, and I know you love me, but you need to try harder to make him happy.”

“I don't know what you're--”

“Why did you tell him to be quiet at Dr.Malcolm's?”

“That was wrong of me, I apologized.”

“But, you did it anyway, so he knew you wanted him to not talk. You didn't think he should know before that if he died you died too? And Grandpa told me Daddy was the youngest person to ever go Super Saiyan. Is that true?”


“Then he's big and strong, just like you. Did you know he thinks he's dumb? He thinks he can't teach me right and I'm gonna need you or Uncle Gohan to help me, and that's not true. Daddy is smart and he is strong, and he should know that. I love you, Papa. You can be a better mate.”

“I...okay,” he said, not really understanding what his son was talking about. “Love you, too, Harico.”

The boy smiled and snuggled back into his blankets, quickly drifting off to sleep. Trunks tucked him in and walked out of the room, scratching his head. What the hell was Harico talking about?

His Goten meant the world to him, he'd lived every day of his life since he was sixteen for him. Goten was happy, he made sure of it. It must just be the stress of the day getting to him.

He ran through the conversation. You treat him like me sometimes . That had to be just the pregnancy rules, Harico didn't understand they were necessary. He didn't usually give orders. Well...he had today. It was a mistake, not one he thought he made often unless it was necessary. What made them necessary, though? Well, like the time he broke his hand, he had to order him not to injure himself further.

But would he follow that kind of order himself? Honestly, if his family was in danger would he give a shit if he had a broken hand? What if Harico had been in danger that week and Trunks hadn't been around? Goten couldn't have done anything to help him, so that was probably stressful. He froze in the hallway. Was there any other truth to the things Harico had said?

Goten thought he was dumb? Weak? Why? He supposed it had been a long time since Goten trained full time. What did he mean he just watched Harico? They both raised their son, and Goten left the house sometimes. Maybe not as often as Trunks, but...that's just the way their lives has become structured. Goten wanted him to go to school and train and get stronger. He wanted to homeschool their son and help with the house. He knew Trunks was strong enough to take care of them all, that's why he was so supportive--

Like Chichi. Oh gods, the boy was right. He couldn't really remember the last thing he'd done just for Goten. Even the baby he thought they were having for him had turned out to really be his own idea, broadcasted to his mate. His Goten just stayed at home, supporting him and loving him and waiting for him to come back.

They had great sex, sure, but even then Goten's focus was always on him. He got off on letting Trunks do whatever he wanted to him, and who's fucking fault was that ? He'd been the one he took him for the first time up against the wall of an alley. Of course he got off on being dominated and losing control, it's what Trunks had been doing to him for years.

His heavy body wandered to their bedroom, his heart racing. He found Goten already stretched out in bed under the covers. His mate smiled at him.

“There you are. Did Harry have trouble getting to sleep? I thought he'd be out before he hit the pillow.”

Trunks crawled up the bottom of the bed quickly and kissed him, hard. Goten responded immediately, hands grabbing the back of Trunks’ hair. When he finally broke away Goten was grinning at him. “You want me, Master?”

“I'm a bad mate,” Trunks said, shaking slightly.


He kissed him again. “I'm so sorry, My Goten. Things are going to be better now, I swear. I'll even...I'll lift the pregnancy rules if you want.”

Goten frowned in concern, running his fingertips over Trunks’ cheek. “What's this about, Trunks?”

“Harico...he just made me realize some things. Ten, you can't really think you're dumb? Or weak?  Do you?”

“What? No, I don't.”

“Compared to me?”

Goten looked a little uncomfortable. “Well, I just is easy for you Trunks, it wouldn't be for me. You train a lot more than I do, I'm sure you'll take care of us. I'm not worried about being weaker. I trust you, like always.”

“Fuck. Fuck,” Trunks swore. He pulled up Goten's shirt and kissed down his chest slowly. “How the hell could I let this happen? How could I let you forget how fucking perfect you are, My Love?”

“Trunks, what are you talking about? What are you doing?”

“Fucking worshipping you. Ten, why do you call me Master?”

He looked a little sheepish. “Because I like it.”


“Because of what it does to you. It makes you take charge, it's sexy.”

“It's always about me,” he spat, disgusted with himself. “Gods, Ten, do I give you anything ?”

“You're being silly. You are not a bad mate, I love you and I'm happy.”

“You're not my Chichi, Goten.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you're not stuck here, cleaning the house and raising our kids and just accepting that I'm going to be gone a lot to keep us safe. I'm not supposed to treat you like a child with rules and orders, you're supposed to be my partner. I didn't even ask you today if you wanted to move the house to Capsule Corp, I just assumed you'd be okay with it. I assume too much. Tell me I'm wrong.”

Goten shifted uncomfortably. “Well...I guess...maybe sometimes I wanna be asked what I think about things. Like today with Malcolm, I wanted to talk it out with you and you made me stop because you thought you knew best.”

“I'm a fucking moron and my four year old had to tell me. I'm so sorry, My Goten. Pretend for a second you weren't pregnant, there was no danger, and you didn't have to take care of me or our son. What do you want to do, Goten?”

He looked away from him nervously and Trunks wanted to punch himself in the face. “Please, please tell me.”

“I...I wanna fight again. I miss it sometimes. Training used to be such a big part of my life but I gave it up when we started our family. And it's worth it!” He added quickly. “I'd give up everything about myself for you or Harico, or this little guy,” he smirked, covering his belly. “But if I could do anything without getting in your way, I'd fight again.”

“Then you're going to fight again,” Trunks nodded firmly. “I mean, it's up to you what you do, but I'm going to make it possible. I'll take less classes next year, one or two tops. I'll stay home with Harico and the baby. I'll teach Harico his lessons and you go train. You've always been the strongest man I know, you'll be back in top form in no time.”

“ really mean that, Trunks?”

“More than anything. I'm done taking my Ten for granted. Ten… when was the last time I bottomed for you?”

He shrugged. “Uh, before Harico could walk I think.”

“And even then I was in control, because of fucking course I was. Not this time, My Love.” He rolled off him and spread out on his side of the bed. “You can have me, Ten. You're my master, too.”

Goten looked unsure. He ran an experimental hand up Trunks’ chest. “You don't have to do this. I know you love me. Listen to me for a second, okay? I'd love to start training again, and if you're going to make that happen I really appreciate it. I want to be asked what I think when it matters, but the pregnancy rules are there for a reason. I don't just call you Master for you, I like it. I know I'm your partner for big picture stuff, but that doesn't mean I don't want any orders at all. I like being yours, Trunks. Just like we told Harico a while back, I'm no prisoner here. I enjoy being owned by you. I'd just appreciate a little more personal power sometimes. Make sure I agree with you before you make a decision that affects all of us, you know?”

“Anything, My Goten. But I want this tonight. Please let me give myself to you.”

Goten kept his hand cautiously on Trunks’ chest, looking a little self conscious. “I don't...I don't really know what to do. I've never been in charge before.”

“Just do whatever you want, My Love.”

Goten thought a moment. In the dim light Trunks could have sworn a shadow crossed over his face briefly. “I'd like you to give me an order. Tell me not to follow any orders you give for the next hour.”


“Just trust me.”

“Goten, you do not have to follow any orders I give in the next hour.”

He rolled over and straddled Trunks’ legs, leaning in to kiss him again. Trunks’ hands came up and grabbed the back of his head, taking the lead, then he quickly let go and smiled apologetically. “Sorry, just habit. Maybe we should tie my hands. I know I can break through anything we have but it might remind me.”

Goten nodded and fished a few socks out of their drawer, then used them to tie Trunks’ hands to the headboard. “This okay?”

Trunks nodded, a little more nervous than he'd been before. “Yeah. Just remember I don't get as wet as you do, okay?”

“Don't worry, I'll take care of you,” Goten promised, sliding back on top of him.

He couldn't take Trunks’ shirt off with his wrists bound, so he just settled for opening it up and letting it hang loosely at his sides. The pants went quickly though, and soon Trunks was spread out nearly naked for him, hands held back and unable to give orders. As his eyes ran down his mate's exposed form an unfamiliar thrill ran through Goten's spine. Unbeknownst to either of them, a dormant switch flipped.

He kissed across Trunks’ exposed skin, mirroring his actions from earlier. There was something he knew he liked...would Trunks like it to? He decided to go for it, capturing one of the other man's nipples in his mouth and nipping it gently.

Trunks jumped, but didn't protest. Goten caught his eye questioningly and Trunks smiled at him. “Remember, whatever you want. I'm all yours.”

“All mine…” Goten said, testing out the phrase. He went back to his slow exploration. This was far from the first time he'd gone over every inch of his mate's body, but it was definitely the first time like this. His hand wandered down and lazily stroked Trunk's hardening member, pondering just what he was going to do with his newfound power.

Trunks bit his tongue and said nothing when he saw Goten reach into their bedside drawer for the lube. He kept his thoughts positive and his emotions steady, not wanting to let on how nervous this part made him. Trunks had only bottomed four times in their entire relationship, but he was always in charge when it happened. He'd always ride Goten while the man was forbidden to move or thrust or grab him or anything, because he was afraid that otherwise it was going to hurt a lot more. It was always kind of fun toward the end but he usually waited until Goten finished and then pulled off to take care of himself some other way. The whole thing still unnerved him. Anything for Ten, he reminded himself. If this helped Goten feel more like he was his partner rather than his plaything then it was all worth it.

One of Goten's slickened fingers circled his hole for a moment before slowly sliding in. Okay, not bad. Like his mate, he had the ability to make his own lubricant and stretch a little easier than maybe a human could, though he was pretty sure Goten was much better at it due to the biology of their claim. He felt Goten's finger hook up and move around inside him like he was looking for something, but in his anxious state he wasn't sure what--

Holy shit . The finger found what it was looking for and pressed up against the spot, massaging it. Trunk let out a low moan, trying not to lean against the hand. He knew enough about biology to know it must be his prostate, hell he'd hit Goten's on purpose enough times, but he didn't know it felt like this. He barely noticed when another finger worked it's way in to join the other one. They pressed and rubbed against the sensitive spot and he heard a couple soft whimpers fall unbidden from his own lips.

“How's that feel, Trunks?” Goten asked huskily.

Trunks eyes snapped open. His mate's voice was lower than he was used to, and his eyes a little darker as he looked him over.

“It feels really good, Ten.”

“My name is Master.”

“ feels really good, Master.”

He saw Goten gulp and those eyes darkened a little more. “You know, I've only used a little bit of lube. Most of this is you. You're getting really wet for me.”

“I am?”

“Yes. I think you want me, Trunks,” he said, one side of his mouth slipping into a mischievous smirk. “But I'm not going to give it to you until you can't take it anymore.”

A shiver ran through Trunks' body. He'd never seen that look on Goten's innocent face before. He almost looked like a different person, a strange imitation of the sweet, soft Goten he knew.

“Do you want a third finger?”

“Y-yes,” Trunks stuttered out, surprised by the truth of his answer.

“Then ask me for it.”

“Uh...please put a third finger inside me, Ten.”

He pulled out of him completely, shaking his head. “I told you to call me Master. If you can't follow instructions you get nothing.”

“Master!” Trunks said quickly. “Please put three fingers inside me, Master.”

“That's better. Don't let it happen again,” Goten said, fulfilling the request.

There was a stretching feeling, but it wasn't unpleasant. Trunk was unrestrained with his moan this time, bucking into his mate's touch and struggling against his restraints for a moment before he remembered not to.

“Don't break your ties, or I'll punish you,” Goten warned him.

“Yes, Master,” he shook.

“All mine,” Goten repeated with a glint in his eyes. “No one else gets to fucking touch you. This body belongs to me, doesn't it? Say it.”

“My body belongs to you, Master,” Trunks nodded, recognizing the line from their first time in the alley in North City.

Goten quickly threw his clothes off to the floor and then returned to his movements, managing to make Trunks squirm against the sheets. One of his hands ghosted over the underside of his mate's erection, just barely too gentle to give him the stimulation he needed. Trunks could feel a sentence forming behind his lips, one he had to struggle to hold back. As Goten teased him with feather light touches it gained power, and finally fell out of his mouth.

“Goten, I order you to touch me.”

Goten laughed darkly and firmly slapped his shaft, making the man jump. “I'm not taking orders tonight, Trunks. And that's not my name. You misbehave a lot, you know that? I should stop touching you altogether and just make you suck me off. Do you want that?”

He should say yes. This was supposed to be about Goten, after all, so he should be the one being touched. However, he'd asked a pretty open question, and it didn't seem like he needed any help being in control right now. That was the moment Trunks stopped ‘allowing’ him to have control and he knew Goten had taken it. Goten's power over him ceased to be an illusion and he heard himself answer honestly.

“No, Master. I want you to keep touching me.”

Goten was grinning, apparently that was the right answer. He dived forward and licked slowly up Trunks’ shaft, making the man cry out. He took the very tip into his mouth, sucking teasingly. The socks holding Trunks’ wrists tore like tissue paper and his hands flew down, pushing Goten's mouth down around him.

Goten's iron grip grabbed both his wrists, pulling them off of his head and pinning them hard to the mattress. Suddenly his husband's strength was no longer theoretical. He struggled for real, honestly testing to see if he could break free, but he couldn't. Goten had him completely at his mercy, pinned to the bed and desperate for more contact, unable to give orders or even fight him off if he wanted to.

He'd never been this excited before in his entire life.

“What did I say would happen if you broke your ties?”

“You'd p-punish me, Master.”

“That's right. You've lost your gentle start privileges. I'm going to fuck you now, hard. You want that, Trunks?”

Hell yes. “Yes, please Master.”

Goten drug him to the edge of the bed and stood, lining himself up with Trunks and keeping that wicked smile on his face. In one movement he shoved himself in hard, stretching Trunks roughly. The older man cried out, arching his back at the slight burn but overall sense of fullness. Goten didn't pause or waste a second waiting for him to adjust, and Trunks knew that was part of his punishment, his fault for disobeying. Gods, for the first time he wanted to obey. He wanted to be good for his Goten, to follow his orders and get his reward.

He heard gasping and opened his eyes to see Goten's face in rapture, obviously unused to this kind of stimulation. That definitely made two of them, he couldn't believe how desperately he was arching into Goten's thrusts, and they were feeling better and better. Eventually the pleasure passed some threshold in his mind and he heard himself starting to moan out loud, unable to hold back the cries that ripped from his throat every few seconds.

He heard Goten chuckle. “That feel good, Trunks? You like it when your submissive fucks you?”

“Yes! Gods! Harder!”

Goten released one wrist for a moment and grabbed his nipple, pinching it hard. “You'll take what I decide to give you and be fucking grateful.”


“You want me to hit that spot inside you? You want me to ram myself against it again and again?”

“Yes, Master!”

Goten readjusted himself so his tip was directly against Trunks' prostate, then resumed his pace.

Trunks screamed, his body trembling. “'re going to make me--”

“Come for me Trunks. Come all over yourself for your Goten.”

His whole body seized up and he felt his orgasm hit him in waves. He screamed his mate's name, his pinned down hands tearing holes in their sheets involuntarily. He was vaguely aware of the feeling of Goten pulsing inside of him, and then a new, blissful feeling swept through his veins. He'd felt it secondhand through Goten's mind before, but there was no comparison. His mind and body synchronized serenely and every nerve felt alive and wonderful. He felt better and better until it reached an apex, and then he was peacefully numb.

His mind was foggy, but he felt Goten release his death grip on his wrists. Harsh hands turned gentle and he felt himself being pulled up the bed and laid out under the covers. Goten arranged them so that he could rest his head against Trunks’ chest and did so, laying in thick silence for several minutes as Trunks came down from his high. Slowly life came back to him, and he could think a little more clearly.

“Trunks?” Goten asked, his voice suddenly returned to it's normal sheepish cadence. “Are you okay?”

Trunks snorted. “No, I'm pretty far past fucking okay. ” Goten flinched a little like he thought maybe his mate was mad at him, but Trunks laughed weakly. “Ten, that was amazing. I've never felt like that before in my whole life.”

“In a good way?”

“Are you kidding me? Ten, you've been holding out on me for five years. Where did you even learn to talk like that?”

He smiled shyly. “That's how you talk in my head when I fantasize about you.”

“At the end there was that…?”

“I put a condom on, I swear, but I think it broke. So you got everything. As long as the feeling went away after a while we don't have to worry about you being pregnant.”

They froze at the knock on their door. Goten jumped out of bed and threw his clothes on very quickly, running to open it a crack as he bent down to his son's level. Trunks winced and hoped that Pregnant-Goten wouldn't be too honest with their son.

“Hey, Harry, what's up?”

“I heard Papa yelling your name. Is everything okay?”

“Yes, Baby, we're fine, I promise.”

“Are you fighting?”

“No, Baby,” Goten laughed. “We're not fighting, Papa was just...I made him laugh too hard, he's fine. We'll keep it down so you can get some sleep, okay? We've got a lot to do tomorrow. You want me to tuck you back in?”

Harico nodded and rubbed his eyes.

“Night, Harico! Sorry, Buddy,” Trunks called as Goten swept the tired child up into his arms to carry him back to bed. His cheeks burned from embarrassment, wondering how he'd managed to scream loud enough to make it through two thick walls of soundproofing.

Five years of sex with no idea how much fun bottoming could be. He wanted to be pissed he'd missed out on so much but the only one to be angry at was himself. He knew he was good at being in control, the claim saw to that. It made him want to be dominant in situations with his mate, but where had Goten's talent come from? It had to be completely natural, and after years of practice he was pretty sure his mate was still better at it than him. Hell, the claim could be suppressing his dominant side and he'd still managed to leave Trunks spent and shaking on the bed. He held up a hand and saw he was still trembling slightly.

Goten came back in and Trunks was struck again by just how small he always managed to look despite his bulky frame. He'd just been harshly reminded how strong his mate really was. But he walked with his shoulders slumped down, bent forward slightly to make himself look shorter. That had to be Trunks’ fault; the way he stood may not have said much to a human, but a primitive part of Trunks' brain told him he was doing it because he was owned. He didn't want to look stronger than trunks, but if the last hour had been any indication he probably was. He hadn't even trained seriously for years and he was still stronger. Another shiver ran up his spine and he wondered just how their match at their wedding would have ended without his advantage.

“Trunks, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Whenever I think I can't possibly love you more, you find another way to surprise me. Swear you'll do that to me again. Soon. Let's make sure we're alone next time so I can scream.”

Goten laughed as he crawled into bed next to them. “I had fun Trunks, but you don't have to do that for me. I like it just fine when you have control.”

Trunks rolled over him, catching him in deep kiss. “I know you like being dominated, Ten but...I think I do too.”

Goten looked surprised. “You really meant what you said earlier? You really did like it?”

He snorted. Leave it to him to accidentally marry a literal sex god who had no idea how good he was in bed. “I'd jump you again right now if I wasn't absolutely drained. Or, I'd try to get you to jump me...I don't have the words for this, dammit. Just promise you'll do it again.”

“Kay,” he shrugged, clearly not really believing that Trunks liked it as much as he said he did.

Goten fell asleep pretty quickly, but Trunks was awake a while, just staring at the ceiling. What else was his mate capable of that he'd been ignoring?


Chapter Text

The elevators of Capsule Corp played a smooth jazz that Vegeta absolutely hated. He shifted uncomfortably in the dress shirt he'd stuffed himself into at her request. “If you have to come, you can at least look presentable,” she'd argued that morning, and he'd relented.

Why are you here? I still don't get it, she thought at him. It's just a board meeting. I'll tell them I'm taking a much needed vacation and working remotely. I've done about a thousand of these meetings, I can handle myself.

“Raise your hand,” he said simply.

She did.

“Now lower it.”

She did.

“That's why.”

“I just followed your orders, I thought that's what I'm supposed to do.”

“I didn't give an order, orders always start with your name and you know that. I simply made a suggestion and you followed it. You're far too compliant. It's a normal early symptom, it won't last.”

“I don't see how listening to you makes me vulnerable.”

He sighed, wondering if she really was having trouble remembering or was just messing with him at this point. “It's not just me, Bulma. What did you give Bra for breakfast this morning?”

“ cream.”

“Why did you do that?”

“She asked me to.”

“And why did you try to wear a parka outside?”

“Goten said it was chilly.”

“In the house. It was cold in the house. It's seventy degrees outside and you looked ridiculous. Moreover, if you're willing to comply with Goten, you'll obey anyone.”

“Hey, what's wrong with Goten? Just because he's pregnant he's weak, is that what you're saying?” She snapped, suddenly and irrationally angry.

“And there's the mood swings. He's not even the dominant mate in his own relationship, you should have no urge to listen to him whatsoever. If you'll obey Goten you'll obey anyone. I won't allow these humans to manipulate you.”

“Aw, because you loooove me,” she teased as they stepped out.

Silence! These humans appropriately fear me and I don't want that to change. Let's get this over with and go home. Trunks will be out of class by two and we are training until sunset at least.

Vegeta had been inside the business offices of Capsule Corp less than a dozen times in their entire relationship, and even on those rare occasions he hadn't stayed long. Early on he'd stormed into the building a few times demanding her attention and terrifying the employees that saw him stalking through halls, holding broken bots that needed repairing. After Trunks’ birth he'd allowed her to drag him to one Christmas party that hadn't ended well, and occasionally he was asked to appear behind her at press conferences, but for the most part he separated himself from that part of her life.

It wasn't that he didn't care what she had done everyday for the last twenty years, it was that he simply knew he wasn't needed in it. She got some sort of thrill out of running her operation, and though he didn't understand it he could respect it. He knew how annoyed he'd be if she suddenly decided she was a great martial artist and decided to start giving him tips to get stronger. At first he'd wondered idly if some fool would attempt to take her from him due to his absence, but after seeing her verbally destroy an employee who had flowers sent to their home he'd stopped worrying. She did not need or ask for his help here, so he left her to her own devices.

As a result he'd become a bit of a myth around her company. He existed in theory, everyone knew she was married and that there was a “Mr.” Briefs. Few had met him until their ‘vow renewal’ four years before, and he'd tried his best to ignore people he hadn't already known.

As he followed her to her office they drew several shocked stares. Her employees smiled to see her, caught sight of him looming behind her, and suddenly needed to be elsewhere. He smirked. Good. If their unknown enemy was connected to her company they would get to see him today and size up just who they were challenging. He normally put on a halfhearted mask when he walked among humans; if they were too afraid to deal with him it made day to day tasks inconvenient. Today he let the mask fall. Hints of his true power leaked to the surface. He wanted everyone to see exactly how much power Bulma had behind the scenes.

Cut it out, you're scaring people. She chastised him, knowing through their mental connection exactly what he was doing.

He sat fidgeting in the corner of her office while she gathered things at her desk. “How long is this going to take?”

“Stop complaining or go home,” she huffed.

There was a sharp knock on the door and Bulma called for them to come. Frank Packer opened the door, a friendly smile plastered on his face as he approached her far too fast for Vegeta's liking. “Good morning, Ma'am. We're certainly happy to see you back with us. May I ask what kept you away for so long?”

“You may not,” Vegeta rumbled from behind him, cutting Bulma off before she could divulge any secrets.

The hairs on the back of the man's neck stood up and he froze, slowly turning to see the Saiyan. Vegeta assumed it was his natural aura of menace that unnerved the man; he had no way of knowing that Packer knew exactly who and what he was.

“Mr.Vegeta,” the man choked out, holding out his hand. “I came to your vow renewal a few years back, but I'm not sure we've actually met.”

“We're not even meeting now,” Vegeta said flatly, eyeing his hand suspiciously.

Behave, she shot at him. “Packer, I'd like an emergency meeting of all senior staff first thing this morning. Let's get everyone together in Boardroom A.”

“Of course. Right away, Ma'am,” he smiled at her.

Bulma jumped suddenly, a hand covering her abdomen in shock. Vegeta was at her side in an instant, a large hand over hers. What's wrong?

“I'm fine,” she said waving away her husband dismissively. “I'll see you in five minutes, Packer.”

The man's eyes slid down her body for a quick second and Vegeta growled deep in his throat. The man paled and quickly nodded to them as he left quickly, muttering something about gathering the staff.

“What happened? Did he move?”

She snorted. “I'm only a month in, they can't move that early. No I just...something felt wrong.”

He frowned, worry pinching his face. “Perhaps...we should speak to Dr.Chase, then. He's an idiot but he was able to help Bra. He may be able to run some tests--”

“Not ...not physically wrong,” she said slowly. “I was just suddenly really afraid. It was short, just like half a second, but I was terrified. Weird.”

“I'll take you home,” he said immediately. “There's no need to do this in person.”

I'm not hurt, she thought, running a soothing hand down his arm. I'd tell you if there was something wrong. I promise.

He reluctantly nodded, letting her finish pulling together her meeting and walking solemnly behind her. She took the head chair in the boardroom without hesitation and he liked that. She may have been his, but knowing she had this kind of power outside of their home added to his. He glared silently at the man seated at her left until he offered him his chair, taking what Saiyan tradition told him was his rightful place at the table.

“So,” she said, clapping her hands together to distract the room from her husband's strange behavior. “Good morning! You've probably all noticed my occasional absences in the last month.”

Her assistant laughed. “Occasional? I haven't seen you in like a hundred years, Bulma.”

Bulma frowned, the metaphor flying over he head due to the chemicals confusing her mind. “Really? A hundred years? I thought it'd been a few weeks.”

The woman shrugged awkwardly. “Well, yes, that's what I meant…”

“Oh. Right. Anyway, I wanted to let you all in on the secret. I've mentioned I'm working on a new capsulizable vehicle to debut this fall. Well, I've been making some huge strides, and it's been taking a lot of my time. So, in order to make sure I have time to get it ready, I'm going to take some time off. It should take about eight months or so, and then we'll plan a big party to debut the new product. In the meantime I'll be working from my lab at home, it shouldn't affect my duties much, but I may send my son to some of our social events in my place. Any questions?”

There was some stunned silence and clearly some unanswered questions, but no one wanted to ask them with Vegeta's menacing stare cast over them. Finally Packer cleared his throat from her right.

“Ma'am, this is really unnecessary.”

“It is? Oh,” Bulma said, believing him immediately. “I didn't realize.”

“How so?” Vegeta asked quickly, trying to mask her gullibility.

“I can take your responsibilities until you get back. You can stay at home and work on the project without having to worry about a thing.”

“I can?” She blinked groggily, trying to figure out why she didn't want that. Did she want that? He sure was making a lot of sense.

“I'm fairly certain she did not ask for a replacement,” Vegeta snapped, making the man shrink away.

“Oh, uh, of course. I'm only trying to help, as always, Ms.Briefs,” he smiled warmly. Despite Vegeta's caution, Packer had seen it. There was a weak spot in her armor, and he knew how to use it.




“Oh, Goten, good news,” Bulma said holding up her flashy tabloid. “You're long lost twin sister has been rescued from voodoo slavery in Argentina.”

“Good for her,” Goten smiled, tossing his own paper of attention grabbing lies onto the table. “This one says Vegeta has actually been the rich one all along and you married him to save Capsule Corp from bankruptcy.”

“Why the hell else would I put up with him?” She laughed.

“Well, at least the worse they are the more sure we can be that no one knows the real story,” Goten said, leaning back in his chair.



She crossed to the fridge to see what they had. “Uh, we've got fruit, eggs, beef--”

“Cup ramen?”

“Ohhh,” she grinned. “Yes. Cup ramen. I can do that. What'll Harico want?”

“Fruit. Hope you've got a whole barrel of it though, the kid eats more than Trunks.”

Harico seemed to sense it was lunch time because he was in the doorway in moments. His grandmother threw apples and bananas into a bowl for him while he waited with his primer in his hands. “Daddy, how long do I have to study?”

“At least until Bra gets home from school, Buddy. Then you can play with her.”

“Kay,” he sighed, talking his fruit with him back to the living room.

Bulma placed a hand on her middle as she cooked their noodles in the microwave. “I wasn't this hungry with either of the other two.”

“My appetite's about the same as last time, just wish I could stop crying at the drop of a hat.”

“You were so calm with all the chaos when you told us about Malcolm. It can't be that bad.”

“That was different, Trunks needed me to keep calm. He isn't emotional about crumbs in the peanutbutter, so that I can cry about.”

“Is Trunks still doing that? I tried to break him of that when he was a kid.”

“I don't know, it was probably me.”

She peeled off the lids and brought them to the table. “Oh, wait! Goten, are you even going to be able to eat this without Trunks here to taste it?”

He snorted and took a big bite, showing off his freedom.

“He took back the order? Why?”

Goten shrugged. “Trunks was weird the other night after we got home. He put Harry to bed and then came into the bedroom all apologetic and said he was a bad mate and I'm not as happy as I should be. Then he wanted me to top, which was weird,” he said, the chemical in his mind making him not care that this was his mate's mother he was talking to.

Luckily she was high on the same thing. “You mean that jerk never bottoms? Figures. I really should've named him Vegeta Jr. Always gotta be in control in bed, and gods forbid he finish before I get off at least once or it's like we've offended his ancestors or some bullshit.”

“I mean it's not like it was the first time ever, we've done it before, but I'm always ordered to lay motionless on the bed while he does the work. This time he just wanted me to go at it. I think it was supposed to be like a respect thing, because he's been really affectionate since then. He lifted all the pregnancy orders this morning and just called them 'requests’. As in, 'please don't let anyone touch you besides me’. Oh, and get this, after the baby's born he's cutting down on his classes so I can go train.”

“Train for what?”

“For fun. Just because I like it.”

“Huh. Well, something got into him. Speaking of which, did he like it? You being in charge I mean?”

Goten shrugged. “I mean he said he loved it, but I've been Pregnant-Goten before and at some point I amaze him by just existing. I'm pretty sure he was just exaggerating because he's trying to 'boost my confidence’ or whatever.”

“Tell me about it. Vegeta won't even fight with me anymore.”

“And that's...a bad thing?”

“If I wanted someone who agreed with me to my face just to keep me happy I would've married Yamcha.”


“Some of it's nice. He's sweeter and he speaks softer and he'll try to cook me anything. And holy shit, Goten, the nights...we're talking hours. The other night he brought a bottle of lotion to bed and just rubbed me down everywhere. It wasn't even first, I kinda steered it that way and he went with it.”

“Of course he did. If you ever wanted anything from him, now's the time to ask.”

“What do you mean?”

“Aw, Bulma. You have got to learn how to use your powers.”


“I know you've been pregnant more than me, but this is your first time being pregnant with a mate, so I've got a little more experience with our current situation. You know I love Trunks, Bulma, but it took maybe four months into my last pregnancy for me to figure it out.”

“Figure what out?”

He held up the finger with his wedding band. “You know who's more powerful than the most powerful  man in the world? His pregnant mate. See this finger? It's the one I've got Trunks wrapped around so tight he can't see straight. Until this baby comes out, I can talk him into anything. I'd bet anything Vegeta's the same way. We just want something bad enough and they'll trip over themselves to give it to us.”

Bulma scoffed. “Yeah, right.”

“It's true. I may have to follow his dumb pregnancy ‘requests’, but a baby in my belly means I'm never wrong. Wanna see?” He asked, feeling Trunks’ and Vegeta's energy heading back toward the house. “Tell you what, I'll get a backrub from Trunks without even asking, without even mentioning my back hurts or thinking at him. Hell, I'll even make it his idea, tell him not to, but he'll still do it.”

Goten slumped forward, crossing his arms over the table and half closing his eyes. The two men came in and were immediately looking for them, supposedly taking a break but obviously doing a quick check that both of them were safe and happy. Trunks caught sight of Goten, and Bulma saw concern cross his face.

He came over and put an arm around his mate. “Okay, Ten?”

“Mmmhmm,” Goten said smiling. “Just a little sleepy. How was fighting? Exercise sounds like it would be fun right now.”

“It was great,” Trunks said, and Bulma saw his eyes glide guiltily over Goten's body. “If you want you can lift some weights tonight while I'm in the room, that shouldn't twist the baby.”

“That sounds nice,” Goten said, taking one if his hands. “Thanks, Trunks.”

Trunks still looked uncomfortable. His hand rested on Goten's back, and then to Bulma's shock he arranged himself behind him and started rubbing his shoulders. “I'm sorry, Ten, I know you wanna fight. Your poor muscles must be tense as hell.”

“Oh, cut it out, Trunks,” he said, with a glint in his eye as he looked triumphantly at Bulma. He slowly turned his wedding ring around his finger. “I don't need a backrub, silly.”

“Don't make me order you to take care of yourself, Ten,” Trunks warned, digging into his shoulder blades.

“Oh, okay Trunks, whatever you think is best,” he said, winking once at Bulma. He glanced over at Vegeta who was stretching out on the couch then silently mouthed “ watch this ,” to her. “You know, you were right Bulma, it is cold in here.”

Vegeta pulled himself up and wandered over to the thermostat and turned it up before he plopped back down on the couch.

She stared at her husband in shock. Goten just suggested she might have been cold and he'd hopped to it. Holy shit. That devious bastard. He was right. She grinned. The next eight months just got a whole lot more fun.



It felt like he was being unfaithful to his husband, and it was making him uncomfortable.

Part of being half Saiyan was enjoying battle, sometimes a little too much, and it wasn't uncommon for his mind to wander to Goten when a training session got too intense. He'd imagine himself fighting him for real, victoriously pinning his mate up against a wall and taking him right there. He'd never really fight him into submission like that, unless Goten asked him too. He was a kinky little dude sometimes.

But today as he fought with his father his fantasy had taken a different turn entirely. Goten was winning. That intense look was back in his face, his voice lowered back to the octave that made Trunks shake. A stranger wearing his mate's face, demanding Trunks to obey him, holding him down to the ground easily with one hand and ripping his clothes away with the other--

“Get your head in the fight, Boy!” Vegeta snapped at him.

Shit. This wouldn't do, he couldn't be fantasizing about losing a fight when he was trying to win one. And stop feeling guilty! He yelled at himself. It's still Goten you're thinking about, pinning you down to the ground...I wonder if it would be better from behind…

Vegeta's fist caught him off guard and he stumbled back. The prince grumbled in annoyance at his son. “Focus! What's wrong with you, today? I've come to expect a much better challenge from you, it's like you want to lose.”

Trunks blushed slightly. “It's just been a weird few weeks, okay?”

“We have families to protect. Whatever the hell is wrong with you, get over it. There's work to do. I don't want to have to pull Harico into this fight, but if you're unable to help--”

“What does Harico have to do with this?” He asked, suddenly suspicious.

“He's half Saiyan and I've seen to much of his training myself. He could fight in a battle if necessary.”

“He's four!” Trunks growled. “It's not his job to--”

“No, it's yours. So stop thinking about your mate and train.”

“How did you know I was--”

Vegeta snorted and gestured to Trunks’ middle.

The younger prince blushed and shifted, hiding his erection a little better. “Sorry.”

Vegeta frowned, looking away from him. “I don't...I don't like being away from her either. Especially right now. They're both vulnerable in this state, and we know there's a threat. But getting stronger is the best thing we can do for them. So get your head out of your ass.”

Trunks was a little shocked; that was probably one of the most sincere things he'd ever heard from his father's mouth. It made him a little braver, maybe he could get help with this.

“Uh, Dad, can I ask you an awkward question?”


“Is it normal for the dominant warrior to sometimes...not want to be in charge?”

Vegeta's face was blank for a moment as he was clearly trying to understand what he meant. It suddenly melted into one of horror and he saw his father shiver. “Fuck you for making me picture that. No, that's not normal. Goddamn, no wonder you're losing. Suppress that urge.”


“It's clearly affecting your skill in battle, for one. More importantly, do not get pregnant. You hear me? We're already under enough strain here, I cannot protect both our mates, plus you and our children.”

“Okay. That makes sense,” he nodded, blushing.

“I wouldn't...I wouldn't recommend it at all, actually. Ever. The roles of a claim are there for a reason. You shouldn't even want that. It must be your human side.”

“Feels pretty damn Saiyan to me,” he muttered, the image of Goten holding him down still fresh in his mind.

“Fight it,” Vegeta said simply, slipping back into his stance.

Trunks nodded, shaking his head to get the image out of his mind. If his family needed him to repress the urge, he would.

Chapter Text

Harico begged to get to sleep in Bra's room for the night and they gave in, saying only that tomorrow he had to be back in his own bed. Everyone was exhausted, so no one was in the mood to argue with the two children. It had now been more than a month since they learned their secrets had been exposed to someone, but no one had made a move.

Every morning Trunks was up before dawn to train, at school by eight, off school by two or three, and then training until dark. Occasionally he'd take a few hours off to check on Malcolm and look for any new leads on the doctor's missing family, but nothing had come of it. Each night he got a precious few hours to eat, study, and spend time with his son and Goten before he passed out in his mate's arms.

Trunks worked sleepily on his homework in their recently placed home, wondering just how he was going to keep balancing training and school and sleep and family. He yawned, stretching back in his desk chair and thinking about just heading to bed and taking the low grade.

He felt Goten coming before he saw him, and the younger man popped his head into the room. “I'm doing a load of laundry, need anything?”

“Just you,” Trunks said, holding his arms out.

Goten smiled goofily and set his basket down, coming to rest in Trunks’ lap. Trunks held him tightly, breathing in at his bite mark and getting sleepier. Goten massaged his shoulder gently. “Maybe we should go to bed early. I know you're working hard.”

“Mmm,” Trunks groaned against his skin. “That does sound nice. I miss you, stuck in class and with Dad all day.”

He felt Goten's skin warm underneath him. “We could have a little fun before bed. Something slow and gentle to help you sleep or...I guess Harico is gone for the night, so if you want I could do the work.”

Trunks gulped. “I don't think that's a good idea.”

Goten nodded and shrugged. “That's okay, you were a little caught up in the moment at the time. I don't blame you for not being into it.”

“I just...I talked to Dad the other day because I couldn't stop fantasizing about it, and it was affecting my training. It's a bad idea. If I were to get pregnant we'd be screwed, he can't take all the responsibility.”

Goten said nothing for a long moment, and Trunks wondered if he'd said something wrong. He was about to pull away to look at his mate's face when Goten finally spoke.

“You were fantasizing about me taking charge?”

Shit. That was not his Goten. That voice was back, the one that had haunted his daydreams since he'd first heard it weeks before.

“You wanted me so bad,” Goten continued, “that you talked to Vegeta about it?” The calming hand on his shoulder slid up to his hair and drew into a fist, pulling at it just enough to hurt. Trunks dared to look at Goten's face and saw that familiar stranger with dark eyes looking back at him. His master was back.

He was hard almost instantly. He'd decided not to let this happen anymore, where was his fight? He said nothing to confirm or deny anything while his mate's powerful eyes bored into his.

“Tell me what you were imagining, Trunks.”

“I...I kept seeing you defeat me in battle and...have your way with me.”

He smirked mischievously. “I would ask if you liked that, but considering how rock hard you are right now I'm going to just assume the answer is yes.”

“We can't do this, Ten,” Trunks shivered. “I agreed not to. Our roles are supposed to be firm.”

A hand came up and grabbed his chin, pushing it against the desk chair hard. “Then you're going to have to give an order, Trunks. Either order me to stop, or tell me not to listen to you for the next hour. Choose.”

Shit. Who was this guy? His Goten never talked like this, and every word went straight to his core, challenging him to deny what he wanted. Didn't he ever have to blink? Those confident eyes were locked with his, daring him to give the wrong order.

“ don't have to listen to me for the next hour.”

The man chuckled throatily. “What's my name, Trunks?”


“Get on the floor.”

Trunks obeyed, sliding out of the chair and getting down on his knees. Goten pulled off Trunks’ shirt and rolled it into a thin rope, then tied Trunks’ hand behind his back. “What happens if you break your restraints?”

“I get punished, Master.”

“What if you call me by the wrong name?” He asked. He pulled his clothes off and dropped into the desk chair with spread thighs, looking, as far as Trunks could describe, as regal.

“I get punished, Master.”

“I'm not as soft as you are, Trunks,” he warned in a low voice. “Disobey me and I will leave you hard and dripping. Or I'll spank your ass raw before I fuck it. Maybe both.”

“Yes, Master,” Trunks breathed with wide eyes.

“Get me off with your mouth. I'll tell you when to stop.”

Trunks obediently took him into his mouth, moving quickly the way he knew he liked. Goten wasn't moaning like he normally did, but he could feel him getting firmer between his lips.

“You can tell I'm not your Goten, can't you?” He asked.

Trunks froze but didn't back away, he hadn't been given permission to stop.

He laughed. “Good boy. Keep going. Fine, I'm technically him. I'm the part of him you tried to kill off years ago. A claim is a powerful thing, isn't it? I should be stronger than you Trunks. I am actually, he just doesn't like to say it. Your sweet, lovable Ten. He doesn't talk about the fact that I'm Son fucking Goku's son and could crush you in battle if I wanted to. Look at me, the youngest Super Saiyan in history happy as someone's bitch.”

Trunks sucked obediently but he was staring at the stranger's face intently. Was this an act? He'd never said anything like this before.

“I'm what Goten would have been. Well, maybe what he could've been, at least. That claim pushed down his dominant side, buried it under the urge to follow you. Didn't make him love you, though. He loved you before the claim. I love you now, even like this. I'm your husband, just maybe a different one than you're used to. But if you had never claimed him, he'd be more like me. Between the two of us, without your little genetic advantage, do you honestly think you would have been in charge, Prince? You only just met me and I already have you on your knees with my cock in your mouth.”

Trunks gulped around him, not understanding why this was turning him on so much. Goten grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward, sliding down into his throat for a long beat before releasing him so he could breathe.

“You're beautiful like this, Trunks. You should know Goten hasn't been hiding this from you. He didn't know I was here. Hell, I didn't know I was here. Then you offered yourself to me. Said you were all mine. Probably shouldn't have done that. Boom, there I was. And you love it, don't you Trunks? Tell me you love being my bitch.”

Trunks eyes were wide. His pride was stinging a little, but he knew it was true. Goten was his world, no matter what personality was at the surface. Besides, he believed what the man had told him earlier -- if he didn't obey he'd get nothing. “I...I love being your bitch.”

His master chuckled. “Stand up, Trunks.”

He did, having to be careful of his balance because of his tied wrists. Goten spun him around and bent him over his desk, trapping his discarded homework underneath him. He ripped his pants and boxers down, a finger slipping inside immediately. Trunks whimpered at the feeling, but it wasn't enough.

“You're fucking drenched for me here,” his master rumbled, angling his finger to hit that spot for him. Trunks let out a cry and felt his strong arms tear the fabric holding him just slightly. He got one swat to his leg as a warning for that, and then there were two fingers. Goten's other hand traveled up his back and pressed him down firmly against the wood. Gods, had he ever been this hard before? He felt Goten rubbing his stiff tip against the hole, still wet from Trunks’ mouth.

“Please, Master,” Trunks gasped.

“Doesn't matter which one of us is doing the fucking, I'm in control here,” Goten laughed, mocking what Trunks had said the first time he took Goten inside him. “Do you feel in control right now, Trunks? I'm pregnant again, do you want me to stop and make sure we go really gentle?”

“Please, Master,” Trunks repeated. “Please, I want it hard.”

“You obey well for a royal with an ego, Trunks. It doesn't hurt that I love you so much. I'm going to give it to you, and then I'll come, and your Goten will be back. Nice chat.” He thrust forward hard, burying himself inside Trunks and immediately pounding him roughly into the desk.

Trunks knew he was screaming. There was no buildup this time, each push into him felt as good as the last. He screamed intelligible gibberish, curse words, Goten's name, and pleads for just a little harder .

“I should thank you for teaching Goten how to delay the end,” his master moaned. “If I wanted to I think I could last hours. Keep talking to me, tell me how it feels.”

“Master, you feel so good inside me. I've been wanting this for weeks. I love you.”

“Careful Trunks, your Goten will get jealous. You don't want him to know how much you like this, do you? You want him to know his strong warrior is my little slut?”

“Ah!” Trunks gasped as he hit the spot he'd been teasing earlier.

“There, Prince?”


Goten's hand took a fistfull of his hair, and then he started to bump against his prostate with every thrust. Trunks’ eyes rolled up and he arched his back into him, desperate for more.

“We're going to start your training now, Trunks. Don't you dare come until I tell you, or next time starts with a punishment.”

Trunks whined against the desk. It was too good, there was no way he was going to be able to hold back. He lasted twenty more long seconds, and then his orgasm crashed over him. His knees gave out and he collapsed against the desk. He felt Goten pull out and finish across his back. He expected another swat for disobeying, but it didn't come. The shirt around his hands was untied, and Goten gently cleaned the mess from his back. His husband placed a kiss against his shoulder and stepped back, tossing the shirt into the laundry basket he'd brought in.

“I'm gonna start the laundry before we head to bed,” his Goten said, hauling the basket up. “Did you have anything else to wash?”

Trunks blinked, still weak as he slowly got off the desk and turned around. The stranger was gone, it was just his Goten standing behind him with a smile and a basket of clothes.



“Do you remember everything that happened just now?”

Goten laughed. “Duh. We had sex. Was it fun for you again?”

“But...but the stuff you said, was it all true?”

Goten looked uncomfortable. “I'm not really jealous, Trunks, he was just trying to get a rise out of you. I know you love me.”

“He? Is it you, Ten, or is it someone else?”

“It's me,” he said hesitantly. “Having control does something weird to me. I don't really wanna talk about it. If you like it we can keep doing it sometimes, but next time I get to bottom, okay?”

“Okay, Ten,” he said numbly. It was bizarre, and he couldn't decide if this was actually something to worry about. Whoever this 'stranger’ in his mate's body was, Goten seemed perfectly fine with him. He couldn't just keep letting it happen, he'd promised, but...he couldn't imagine actually saying no to that voice.



“Bulma?” Goten asked groggily from the floor. He was spread out on the carpet of her living room, eyes closed and voice slow.

“Mmmm?” She mumbled. She was not far away on the same carpet, half asleep. A forgotten TV program ran in the background.

“What's that sound?”

“I don't hear anything. What does it sound like?”

“Like… Eeeeeeee.”

“I got nothing. Must be TV static humans can't hear. Does it bother you?”

“Not really,” he mumbled dreamily. “I'm pretty sure you could cut my foot off and I'd be cool with it right now.”

“This stuff is awesome. I feel super cheated that I had to spend my last two pregnancies without it. Too bad all that Namek stuff didn't happen like a year earlier, maybe Vegeta would have claimed me right away.”

“Probably best that you weren't following orders from him while he was evil.”

“Mmm, true. Especially if I was all compliant back then, that could have been bad.”

“That still going on?”

“Nah, it faded last week. No more Gullible Bulma.”

“I liked Gullible Bulma. She made me steak at 3AM.”

She yawned. “Ask Trunks to do it.”

“No way, he'd do it for me no question. He's exhausted and he needs to rest. My poor Trunks. He wants to be with me and Harico when he comes in from training but he can barely keep his eyes open.”

“Vegeta's doing the same thing. They need to take a break. No offense, Goten, but we've spend way too much time together the last two months. I want him back.”

“We should go on vacation,” he smiled. “All of us...but in separate rooms.”

She sat up. “Huh. Now that's a good idea.”

“Yeah, right,” he chuckled.

“No, I mean it. I know we're hunkered down here, but I'm going stir-crazy. Wouldn't you like to have Trunks all to yourself for a week?”

“Of course, but they're busy for a reason.”

“Training,” she rolled her eyes. “They're strong enough. You know they're only going at it so hard because they have no other leads. Being stronger helps nothing if they have nothing to fight, and at this rate they'll be too tired to take on anyone. Let's make them take care of themselves.”

“You're serious?”

“Are you really going to turn down a whole week with Trunks on a secluded beach somewhere? We could get the kids their own bedrooms and take turns watching them. We'll even convince your parents to come, and maybe Gohan and Videl.”

“It's not like he'd be with me the whole time anyway,” Goten grumbled. “Half the time it'd be the other guy with him.”

She frowned. “What other guy? You're not suggesting...Goten you can't be crazy enough to think Trunks would ever cheat on you?”

“No, it's not like that,” he shook his head. “It's not his fault, it's mine. Lately whenever I do get a chance to be alone with Trunks my brain does this thing… Look, it's not important. You're right. Trunks needs a break. He's talking about wanting to be a better mate to me and here I am letting him run himself into the ground to protect us,” he paused and she saw his eyes water a bit.

“No, Goten, don't start!” She begged, already sniffing. “You know it sets me off too.”

“Too late,” he sobbed.

When Vegeta and Trunks came in at dark they were expecting to stretch out and eat before heading to bed. They weren't expecting to find both their mates crying hysterically on the living room floor. Vegeta groaned angrily. “Goddamnit, Goten.”

“Hey, don't blame him!” Trunks snapped, dropping down to pull his mate against him.

“She only has mood swings when he sets her off,” he shot back, dragging her over to the couch.

“He's right, it was me,” Goten sobbed.

“What happened, Ten?” Trunks asked, ignoring Vegeta’s triumphant huff.

“Nothing,” he cried. “Nothing important. She's just such a crybaby.”

“I'm not a crybaby,” Bulma huffed.

“I wasn't talking about you,” Goten said, wiping his eyes. He gestured flippantly to the bulge in his abdomen. “Her.” It took him several seconds to realize they were all staring at him. “What?”

“You said 'her’. You always say ‘him’,” Trunks said.

“Oh,” Goten mused, raising his eyebrows. “I guess you're right. I...I wasn't sure before. I just assumed that with the low probability it'd be another boy.”

“'re sure now?”

He thought it over. “Yes. Completely. It's a girl. And she's getting on Daddy's nerves crying about everything.”

“Ten!” Trunks said excitedly. “Oh my gods! That's amazing!”

“No one tell Bra,” Vegeta sighed, but his smile gave him away. “She's going to lose her mind.”

“Aw. I wish I could tell that easy,” Bulma grumbled happily. “We'll have to wait until my ultrasound.”

“Wow,” Trunks laughed, leaning back sleepily against the couch. “I've been so busy I guess it never even occurred to me it could be a girl. I'm gonna have to think of a whole new set of names.”

“You can pick any Saiyan name except Eschalotte. That one's mine,” Vegeta said.

“We've all been pretty busy,” Bulma said with a glint in her eyes, catching Goten's gaze. He nodded to her almost imperceptibly, agreeing to speak to Trunks about their idea. If they had decided they wanted this, it was easiest to divide and conquer.

“The hell is that noise?” Vegeta asked, rubbing his ear.

“You hear it too?” Goten asked, wincing. “It's like a high pitched whine, right? Bulma thinks it's the TV.”

“I've never heard a TV sound like that,” Trunks frowned.

They started searching for the cause of the noise, and it was definitely not coming from anywhere near the TV. They unplugged everything in the room and checked all the faucets, but as the noise grated on their nerves they got more aggressive. Eventually Harico and Bra noticed the adults were destroying the living room and started to help.

Finally Trunks opened a cupboard and pulled out a small device. “Uh, what's this?”

Bulma came and took it from him, looking it over. “It's a microphone.”

Vegeta hovered over her shoulder, narrowing his eyes. “One of yours?”

“No. I have no idea where it came...oh.”

“What?” Trunks asked.


“Bulma, tell me,” Vegeta ordered.

Bulma sighed, forced to tell the truth. “About a month ago a man came to the door. He said he needed to work on our kitchen to make sure it wasn't infested by termites.”

Trunks blinked. “Termites? Why the hell would some guy just show up to check us for termites?”

She shrugged.

“You just let him in? ” Vegeta spat. “You know we're on high alert! What the hell were you thinking?”

“I wasn't thinking,” she shot back. “Like I said, it was a month ago.”

“Oh,” Goten's eyes went wide. “Gullible Bulma.”

“Exactly. What he said made perfect sense at the time. He must have hid this in the cupboard. It's transmitting, there must be interference on the other end if you can hear it--”

“You mean the son of a bitch can hear me now?” Vegeta growled, taking the microphone.

“Yes, but--”

“Who are you?” He yelled into the microphone. “Where are you? I'm going to find you and rip out your fucking--”

“Hey, Grandpa and Daddy, ” Bulma said trying to throw a hand over his mouth. “Small children in the room. Small children who don't need to hear you explain in detail what you're going to do to anyone, right?”

He growled and crushed the device in his hands.

“Why would they even need to record us?” Goten asked shaking his head. “They have so much information already, it doesn't make sense.”

Vegeta looked about ready to explode. He shook, his eyes mirroring some of the animal he held at bay. “They've moved from reconnaissance to espionage. We're at war.”

Chapter Text

“Hey, Ten,” Trunks called as he looked through the fridge, “do you know if Mom had anything to snack on in the big house? We're looking pretty bare, I can make a run if you help me make a list--”

He'd only just shut the door when one arm was twisted tightly behind his back. His face hit the fridge hard and two strong arms held him against the cold metal door. “Ten’s not here right now,” that low voice whispered in his ear, “but we can have some fun until he gets back.”

Trunks’ body responded immediately, but he shook his head. “This can't happen again. Sorry, Ten, I really do like it, but I told Dad I wouldn't do this. Besides, you act so strange when you--”

“I said, Ten's not here,” the voice growled. “What's my name?”

“But...but it is you. I'm sure of it. You just act a little weird when you're horny lately. Maybe it's a pregnancy symptom you didn't have with Harico.”

The man's hand dived into the front of Trunks’ pants and grabbed his hardening shaft. “Is this a symptom, too? Are you hard and wet for me because I'm pregnant?”

“Maybe. Our hormones affect each other's. It could explain my reaction. It's possible.”

“Which one of us are you trying to convince? I've been pregnant before, Trunks. Maybe this isn't Saiyan at all. Maybe you just really love following orders and taking my cock.”

Trunks gulped. He was trying to ignore his husband's hand, but it wasn't working. Even if they weren't positive it was really his mate that had him pinned against the fridge, his body was sure, and always willing for his Goten.

“I...I promised you that you could bottom next time,” he insisted. “Just snap out of this and be normal again and I'll take you rough the way you like it. We can still have sex, we just can't confuse our roles.”

His arm was twisted back a little more. “I'm not confused about anything,” the voice whispered. “If you promised Goten he could bottom then we'll let him, but you will obey me. Give the order, Trunks. You know how bad you want to be my good boy and get your reward.”

Trunks growled at himself, dropping his forehead against the door as he leaned into the tempting hand. He had to fight it.

“Come on, Trunks. Remember, you have a punishment waiting for you for coming without permission last time, and the longer you make me wait the worse it'll be.”

“ don't have to follow my orders for the next hour.”

“Go into the bedroom and take off your clothes. Lay on the bed and wait for your punishment.”

“Yes, Master,” he said, defeat giving way to excitement as he headed to their bedroom, pulling off his clothes and being very thankful that Harico was such a heavy sleeper. Why was he excited for a punishment? He could still stop this...just walk out the front door and lay low for an hour. One of these days he needed to try to figure out just why being controlled and ordered did this to him, but it was already too late to care for today.

He stretched out in the bed and waited patiently, unsure if touching himself was against the rules. His master came in a few minutes later with coils of rope in his hands. Trunks’ eyes went wide and the man chuckled.

“I bought these when Goten wasn't paying attention,” he smiled. “I don't plan on leaving anytime soon, so I thought it'd be best to stop letting you rip up our clothes. These aren't strong enough to hold you down, but you'd have to try to break them, and if you do you'll pay for it. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Goten tied his hands to the headboard behind him, then to his surprise he tied his feet to the base of the bed as well. His mate paused to take in the sight of him, running a slow hand up his side. “All mine. Are you ready, Trunks?”

“Yes, Master.”

Goten kissed him fiercely, then immediately traveled down, taking him into his mouth and hand. Trunks moaned, leaning up into his mouth, and his master allowed it. A finger pushed into him just right, and he gasped, unused to both kinds of stimulation at once. This was his punishment? He'd have to disobey more often.

The constant attention quickly brought his release closer and he was panting now, thrusting boldly up into his master's mouth. He felt the edge approaching. “Thank you, Mas--”

Goten pulled everything away and grasped the head of his shaft tightly. Trunks winced, his orgasm stopped just before its beginning. “Ow! Master?”

Goten sat up on his knees and moved to Trunks’ head, shoving himself into the prince's mouth. Trunks couldn't do much from this angle with his hands tied, so he just stayed still while Goten thrust into his mouth, holding the back of his head still. He ached, his whole body still ready for release and frustrated at the denial of it.

After a few minutes Goten slid back down his body and took him in his mouth again, fingers returning to their work. It didn't take nearly as long this time, Trunks felt himself reach the brink of his orgasm and said nothing, desperate for the finish line. It was no use; just as he began to feel the spasms his mate squeezed the head again, denying him relief.

“Master, please,” he begged. “Why can't I come?”

“Do you not understand how a punishment works?” He laughed coldly. “You're going to learn that you come when I tell you to, not before. You get to use your claim advantage to make Goten come on command, but it'll take some training for you. I'm going to keep you right on edge for as long as I want, assuming I let you finish at all.”

“Where did you even learn this?”

His master scoffed. “Are you kidding? You've made Goten wait ages to come, you don't think he's practiced on his own for the times you don't give an order? For the record, ‘no begging’ is not one of my rules. I like to hear you whine for it.”

Trunks gulped as the stimulation started back up, knowing that if he left himself enjoy it he'd just be cut off again. It was too good to ignore, and just when he got really into the feeling it was gone again. “I need to come, Master,” he groaned.

“Keep begging.”

Please. I want it.”

“What did you do wrong?”

“I came without permission.”

Goten stroked him, quickly bringing his sensitive organ back to the edge before letting go. Trunks whined and squirmed. “You decide when I get to come. I don't get to finish unless you tell me to. You're in control.”

“Damn right I am. If you come this time without permission, next time I'll edge you for two hours and blue-ball you at the end.”

“I understand, Master. Please let me come.”

Goten was suddenly over him, easing down onto him slowly. “No,” he teased. “You promised Goten he could bottom. Are you going to come early and disappoint us both?”

“No, Master,” he gulped, trying to think of anything to distract him from how close he already was.

He heard sharp moans start falling from his master's lips, and for a moment he wondered if his normal Ten was back. The man's head was thrown back as he rode him hard and he heard him mutter his name a few times. He considered being bold and breaking his restraints, tossing Ten to the bed and putting the control back where it belonged, but...he couldn't promise himself he wouldn't give in again. If just finishing without permission got him this sweet torture he didn't want to imagine what he'd get for trying to take over. He just bit his lip as he watched his mate bring himself closer to the edge with his oversensitive member.

“Am I too tight and wet for you? Are you going to come, Prince?” His master moaned out.

“Only when you tell me to, Master,” he replied through gritted teeth.

“Now, and be fucking grateful.”

Trunks let go. The spider web of nerves in his body sang as the pressure was finally released. He bit into his lip hard enough to draw blood. “Thank you, Master!” He gasped out.

Goten moaned out his release, dropping down to hover his face over Trunks’. Up close and face to face, Trunks got to watch the darkness in his mate's face recede as his Goten came back. The younger man blinked and shook his head like he was waking from a dream, then he had the audacity to blush. He quickly untied Trunks from the bed, having trouble looking his husband in the eye.

“Uh, sorry Trunks. He was kind of mean to you.”

“You're gonna kill me, Ten,” Trunks groaned, rubbing his face.

“What do you mean?” Goten asked, a little concerned as he crawled over to lay against him.

“You say he's you, but you both talk about each other like you're not here. What the fuck is going on?”

Goten shrugged. “I don't know.”

“And that doesn't concern you at all? It's like you have split personalities! You get a little horny and suddenly you're a different man.”

“You like him, though. Maybe more than me. You never say no.”

“He's you, of course I like him! Listen to me, Ten. Since the day I claimed you I haven't even thought of anyone else as attractive. You're the only one in the universe who looks sexy to me. How do I say no to you ? Do you want me to resist?”

Goten groaned, rubbing his face. “You better not. He means it, he'll punish you hard.”

“What does it feel like? Where do you go when he's here?”

“I'm still here. I mean, I remember everything. It's like being drugged, kind of like…”

“Like what, Ten?”

“You remember our very first time, after you saved me from that man? I knew I needed you right then and nothing else mattered to me in the whole world. I know I wanted it, hell I demanded it, but I couldn't explain why. It's like that. He's me, but he's pure need and instinct and adrenaline. He loves you too, but I think he's mad at you.”

“Mad at me? Why?”

Goten shifted uncomfortably. “I love you and I'm happy, Trunks. You know that, right?”

“Why's he mad at me?”

“Because it's your fault I'm not him. The claim stops him from coming to the surface, it keeps us separate, and without it we'd be one person.”

It felt like there was ice water in Trunks’ veins. “ you want to be free of me?”

“No!” He said immediately, crawling on top of his mate. He kissed him hard and clung to him. “Trunks, no! I mean it! I'm yours, forever, don't even talk like that. It scares the shit out of me.”

“Sorry, Ten,” he said, running a calming hand over the bulge in his abdomen before he looked at his mate. Goten was shaking slightly, obviously disturbed by even the thought, and there were tears in his eyes. “Gods, I'm sorry, Ten!”

“It's just a moodswing. Tell me I'm yours.”

“You’re mine. Forever.”

“Tell me you love me.”

“I love you,” he swore, pulling him in very close. “I'm just confused. I can't stand thinking any part of you is angry with me.”

Goten paused a minute, seeing his opportunity. “I just wish we had more time to connect, that might help us figure it out.”

“I know, but if I know Dad then finding that microphone is just going to make him want to double down on training. I barely see the point anymore, what's the use of fighting an enemy that's still hidden?”

“I wonder if whoever hid the microphone will come back? Now that he knows Bulma and I are alone with the kids I mean, and if they've been listening they definitely know we're pregnant and vulnerable.”

He felt Trunks tense. “I hadn't thought of that. I can't let you and Harico just stay there without me...but I don't want to leave Mom exposed either.”

Goten said nothing and pretended to drift off towards sleep.

“Are you awake, Ten?” He whispered finally.

“Mmm? Yes, barely,” he lied, yawning for good measure.

“I know I said I'd include you in big decisions, so I'll tell you about it now, but be aware my mind is basically made up.”

“What is it?”

“We have to leave Capsule Corp. Not forever… Maybe a month or two? As Dad would say, ‘our base is compromised’. I've got a break from school coming up anyway, I'll just skip the semester immediately after it until this is taken care of. There's no hurry, Mom's got a few years yet before she retires. The three of us will go somewhere safe.”

“Okay, I'm sure Vegeta can handle your mother and Bra and the new baby alone.”

Trunks was silent a moment. “On second thought, we go together. It's better to pool our resources. I'll ask your family, too, maybe we can go as a clan. Strength in numbers.”

“Okay, Trunks,” Goten said, smiling against his chest. “Where do you want to go?”

“Uh…No idea.”

“Probably best to pick somewhere inconspicuous. If our whole family runs off to some country with no warning they'll know we're running, but if we pick somewhere families go together normally it might look a little less strange.”

Trunks gasped softly. “Like a vacation. We leak it to the press that all of the Briefs are going on vacation. We'll ask a few people to stay behind at the house, people far enough away from us in the public to not raise suspicion, but ones we trust. Krillin and Tien and Yamcha, maybe. Then they can alert us when someone tries to use our absence to plant more bugs or set a trap.”

“That's a great idea! We can be really obvious about it. We'll buy resort tickets and suitcases and Harico can play in the ocean and he and Bra can share a room--”

“We're not going for fun, Ten,” he chuckled.

Goten ran a slow hand down his husband's stomach. “And maybe we can do more 'research’ about my strange condition.”

If Trunks hadn't been convinced before, he was now. Long after Goten had fallen asleep for real he laid in bed and tried to think of the best way to propose his plan to his father. He couldn't let it slip that part of the reason for this trip was to spend time with Goten; now was not the time to laze around in bed with his mate for days the way he wanted to. Still, it sounded awfully nice to just be able to relax for a bit, a few days even, while the Z Fighters watched Capsule Corp for clues.

No, to get Vegeta on board he had to stick to the facts. 'Our base is compromised', 'our mates are in danger if left alone’, and 'they're more likely to make a move on the house with us away’ were his top contenders.

He woke before the sunrise like be always did to watch his Goten sleep for a little while. Then he walked down the hall and checked on Harico, just making sure all was right with his house before he left it. He locked the door tightly to make sure no one could get in; their house was very close to the big house, and someone had already made it inside there. Could there a microphone in his home too? They needed to get out, and fast.

They preferred to spar outdoors in the morning, not getting the benefits of the Gravity Room, but at least catching a few lungs of fresh air to start the day. As he approached their usual spot he saw his father already waiting for him against a tree. He straightened as his son approached him and they both spoke.

“We have to go on vacation,” they said in unison.

They paused, clearly shocked their brilliant plan had not been unique. Vegeta was the first to speak. “Uh...good. Glad we agree. It just makes sense to escape a compromised base, and a vacation will make it appear--”

“That we've left the house unguarded for attack, but we put our own men inside,” Trunks laughed incredulously, shaking his head. “Man, I should've known. Goten's always so good at that when he's pregnant.”

“Good at what?” Vegeta asked, narrowing his eyes.

“Convincing me something is my idea. Mom must be good at it too. That's the only way we both came to the same random idea last night. I guarantee you the whole trip was either his idea or hers.”

“That's ridiculous, it was mine, ” he spat. “Of course we came to the same idea, leaving is only logical.”

“And going on vacation to set a trap? That's the only logical plan? I bet she told you she wishes she could connect to you more and convinced you the best option is a family resort, right?”

Vegeta's expression was pretty close to that of someone who'd been slapped by a fish. “That -- this -- I -- that blasted woman! How the hell did she--”

“I warned you, Dad. One pregnant mate is enough for this family to deal with, but two? They own us. You know the worst part? We're still going to do it. Hell, knowing it was secretly what Goten wanted makes me want to do it more.

“Son of a bitch,” he groaned, leaning against a tree.



There were some sounds that Trunks missed if he didn't hear them often enough. Due to his Saiyan blood a lot of them were sounds from battle; like the smack of muscle against flesh or his feet pounding into the dirt as he ran towards his opponent. But there were softer sounds, too. Goten's voice, for one, was something he never got tired of. Another was the shriek of his son's laughter, and as he stood chest deep in the crystal waters and listened to Harico enjoying himself, he marveled at just how right his mate had been in wanting to come here.

“Higher this time, Granddad!” Harico laughed, swimming back towards them.

“Not much higher, Goku,” Chichi warned him from her chair on the sand.

“Relax, Mom,” Goten mumbled sleepily next to her. “He can fly. If Dad throws him too high and he gets scared he can just stop in the air and fly back down.”

“Not if he throws him into literal space.”

“Uh, fair point. Hey Dad,” Goten called, “not much higher.”

Goku laughed and gave him a thumbs up, then hooked his hands under his grandson's arms and tossed him hard straight into the air.

“I want a turn, Grandpa!” Pan said, swimming over. “Toss me even higher!”

“Daddy, can you throw me instead?” Bra asked with big eyes, setting aside the toys she'd been using to make her sandcastle.

Vegeta lay under an umbrella, Bulma slumped against him in his lap with her eyes closed. “I don't want to wake your mother,” he grimaced. One if his large hands lay draped over the noticeable bump on her belly. “She hasn't been sleeping well the last few weeks. Ask Kakarot or Trunks to do it.”

Bra sighed, grumbling as she returned to her sandcastle. “Not even born yet and this kid is already cramping my style.”

“Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?” Videl asked sweetly.

“Bulma decided she doesn't want to know,” he sighed. “She says it doesn't matter because we have one of each anyway, she wants to be surprised,” he said, his face clearly showing exactly what he thought about surprises.

The sound of high pitched laughter came drifting down to them as Harico finally came back into view, crashing hard into the water and managing to splash Videl at the water's edge. Goku tossed Pan up next and Trunks waited to see his son pop back up out of the water.

A long moment passed without Harico surfacing, and Trunks’ heart skipped a beat. Then two small arms with the strength of a freight train slammed into his legs and he fell backwards into the water. He came up sputtering and his son was giggling.

“I got you, Papa!”

Trunks laughed with him, scooping him up. “You sure did, Buddy.”

“Hmm, underwater stealth training,” Vegeta mused. “We haven't covered that yet.”

“No training,” Goten warned him. “He never gets a chance to just be a kid.”

“That's right,” Chichi nodded. “He needs to be focusing on--”

“No studying either, Mom,” Goten shook his head.

She looked scandalized. “The whole trip? If you let him get behind he'll forget what he's already learned. Then you have to start back over, is that really what you want?”

“Gohan spent months training at his age and he still came out a genius. I seriously doubt Piccolo was giving him vocab words. Right?” Goten called back towards the picnic table behind them.

Gohan laughed, but Piccolo looked a little chagrined. “Training is still learning,” he argued.

“Fair enough,” Goten shrugged. “Harry deserves a break, though. This whole situation has been rough on him, too.”

The day started to get a little warmer; they'd intentionally gone out onto the beach early in the morning so the kids could play freely without worrying about people noticing how strong they were. Normally they wouldn't bother hiding, but with unseen enemies on the loose they didn't want to broadcast their differences. More people started to come out of their hotel rooms to enjoy the nice day, and it quickly turned into a small crowd.

Trunks found himself at the picnic table with Gohan and Piccolo with his very familiar case file opened in front of them.

“So this is everything you know about whoever is gathering information about you?” Gohan asked.

“Uh huh,” Trunks nodded distractedly.

“And there's still been no sign or ransom demand for Malcolm's family?”


“Do you have the description he wrote down? Vegeta gave me the basics, but they were pretty vague.”


“Can I see it?”


Gohan frowned and followed Trunks’ distracted line of sight. He sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Trunks, would you quit checking out my brother and focus!”

Trunks’ eyes darted back to the older Son and he blushed, rubbing the back of his head. “Sorry. We don't get to the beach much.”

Goten was far enough along now that he was very obviously pregnant to his family and friends, but a human who assumed he couldn't be pregnant due to being male would just think he had a small gut. It looked a little out of place on his body as he lay stretched out sleepily in the sun, his chiseled chest and arms giving away a bit of the secret that perhaps the softness of his middle was not the norm for him. Trunks was having difficulty looking at anything else. Goten moaned softly in his sleep and thanks to his half Saiyan physiology Trunks could hear it from several yards away. Speaking of sounds he wanted to hear more often...

“Trunks?” Gohan asked again exasperatedly. “The description?”

“Uh, right,” he nodded fishing out the right paper and passing it off to Gohan. “This is what Malcolm said the man who threatened him looked like. Mom says it matches the guy who came to 'check for termites’.”

Gohan look it over. “Thin, tall, black braid, binoculars over his eyes, and a weird jacket. Weird how?”

“Malcolm said he didn't want to talk about it, poor guy was pretty shaken up. Mom said there was writing on the back when the guy turned around.”

“Writing?” Gohan asked scratching his head. “That sounds...familiar.”

“Familiar? You think you know this guy?”

“I don't know...let me think about it. I know it rings a bell, but it must have been a really long time ago if I ever met him.”

Bulma stirred suddenly in Vegeta's lap, sitting up and opening her eyes but saying nothing. She stared blankly at the ocean. Her odd expression caught the attention of her group, and they slowly stopped what they were doing to stare at her.

“Woman?” Vegeta asked, a little nervously. “...Bulma? Are you hurt?”

She blinked at him, as if she hadn't noticed him there before. “Name.”


She scowled, clearly annoyed and touched her abdomen. “Name.”

Goku walked up behind them slowly. “Vegeta? Is everything okay?”

Bulma's eyes turned to the other Saiyan and he paused. “Ve-get-a,” she said slowly. She looked questioningly at Vegeta and he nodded, not sure what she was looking for. She nodded back and placed her palm against the bump that held her child. “Name. Vegeta. Good.”

She slumped back against his chest fast asleep as though she had never even stirred. The group looked at each other, clearly trying to make sense of what just happened.

“What was that?” Goku asked, scratching his head.

Trunks cleared his throat. “I think...I think that was my little brother, naming himself. Must have been tired of waiting. Great, he's got Dad's patience.”

“That's not possible,” Vegeta scoffed. “I've never heard of a Saiyan child doing anything like that.”

“Harico's had some weird abilities,” Trunks argued. “Like his mental connection with me when he was younger, and with Goten now. Really this kid has more in common with Harico than with me or Bra. He's half Saiyan and the result of a claim, just like Harico. Apparently he was tired of being referred to without a name and decided to make you name him now.”

“You think it's a boy?” Gohan asked.

“I sure hope so,” Trunks smirked. “Vegeta The Second is a terrible name for a girl.”

“The Fourth, actually,” Vegeta said, the ghost of a grin threatening to break across his face. “I was going to ask your permission to name him that if it was a boy anyway.”

“My permission?” Trunks asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Technically the name belongs to you as the firstborn son. If we were to ever run into other Saiyans they likely wouldn't acknowledge the name 'Trunks’.”

“He can have it,” Trunks laughed. “It doesn't suit me. Maybe he'll look a little more Saiyan.”

Bra leaned in close to her mother's stomach. “Hi, Vegeta. You're a pain in my ass.”

Chapter Text

Trunks waved at the bartender to get her attention, but they were slammed and she just nodded, promising to help them soon.

“Man, this is going to take forever,” Trunks grumbled, holding Harico on his hip. “They should just serve drinks where they make food, it'd be less waiting.”

“I’ll stay here and grab the drinks, there's only a few on the list,” Goten said, patting his shoulder. “Go order like six pizzas. And get yourself and everyone else something too because I'm eating them all. Harico can help you carry them, right Buddy?”

The boy nodded and Trunks shrugged. “Okay. Hurry back, Ten,” he leaned in automatically and kissed him once, carrying their son off to the food stand.

Goten leaned on the bar, tapping absently on the stained wood.  Eventually the bartender got to him and asked what she could help him with and he pulled out his small list the group had given them. “I need two screwdrivers, a Tropical Madness, a grasshopper, and three of whatever's on tap. Oh, and I'll just have some orange juice, please,” he added.

She nodded but a man seated to his right snorted. “Figures.”

“Excuse me?” Goten asked, glancing behind him. He assumed the man must be talking to someone else.

“Don't even drink like a man.”

“Do I know you?”

“I'm happy to say you don't. ” The man spat. “I pride myself in who I keep as friends, and none of them are your kind.”

“My kind?” Goten asked, getting nervous. Could this man be connected to whoever was stalking them? How else could he possibly know he wasn't human?

“I don't give a shit what you do in the dark, but keep your sick acts out of my face, faggot. And fuck you both for sucking some poor kid into it.”

The fear went blank, everything went blank for an instant. So, it wasn't because he was part alien, then. This man hated him for Trunks, for Harico, for the most important things in his life. He felt a wave of rage come loose in the back of his mind and warp into something other, something with form where there hadn't been before.

Kick his ass!

Goten jumped, not recognizing the unfamiliar voice in his head. He stared forward, his hands shaking.

Just let it go, a calmer voice whispered. It doesn't matter what he thinks. Just go find Trunks.

I don't need Trunks! The other voice snapped. I'll fucking kill this guy without him.

Fighting is bad. Protect the baby at all costs. Find your mate. Mate will protect you both.

I don't need protecting, I'll do what I like! Trunks doesn't own me.

He does.

He does not!

Mate said no fighting.

Then I'll disobey!

Can't disobey.

I will!

No reason. No danger.

He insulted my family!

No danger, it insisted.

Goten stared dumbly the bar, unable to hear his own thoughts over the screaming in his head. The bartender tapped on his shoulder and he jumped. His face burned as he took the tray from her, deciding to just turn around and walk away.

Go back!  The voice insisted. Teach the son of a bitch a lesson!

He wondered vaguely if he should tell Trunks what the man had said.

What are you, a child? I can take that asshat alone with my hands tied behind my back. Hell, I could blast him away just by powering up. Be a man and defend your family!

He tried to drown the voice out. He wasn't that least he didn't think he was. At the end of the day who cared what some asshole thought anyway?

What had really given him the most pause was that it was the first time he'd ever had to deal with someone giving him shit for being married to a man. Sure his parents hadn't been thrilled when he'd been claimed at fifteen, but that was because of their ages, not their genders. None of the Z Fighters had been less than supportive, they'd just been freaked out by the claim and pregnancies, which he could understand.

The weirdest part for him was he'd never really thought of himself as gay. He'd had a crush on Trunks when he was a kid, sure, but he was pretty sheltered and didn't really interact with a lot of kids. He'd thought that maybe one day they might date, or maybe he'd date a girl; he remembered thinking they were pretty and being curious. Hell, he'd even flirted once in awhile before the claim, and it had always been with girls. He wasn't attracted to men in general -- just Trunks. He'd never bothered to ask his husband what his preference was because he knew how he'd answer-- 'Just you, Ten.’

What if Harico had heard him?

He shivered. Now that was not okay with him. His son already had to deal with enough consequences just being half Saiyan and a Briefs. He made a silent promise to himself that Haricot would go nowhere near that man for the rest of the trip.

When he finally met up his family he smiled, but Trunks frowned. Ten, you're upset. What happened?

Nothing, he thought at him, handing out the drinks. Just a bit tired.

You're not tired, you're pissed. What's wrong? Did someone do something--

I said I'm fine and I didn't ask for your help, so get the fuck out of my mind.

Trunks cut off his thought with wide eyes. Sorry, Ten.

Goten winced taking Trunks’ hand apologetically. What was he supposed to say? Sorry, that wasn't me? Then who the hell was it? It had to be the other guy, the one Trunks called Master. But what was he doing here now? He'd only ever come out when they had sex, and he'd never had his own voice before. Something about his rage towards the idiot at the bar had given the second version of himself substance, and he was terrified it was permanent. How long would it be before Trunks realized something was wrong? None of them needed that stress right now.

The three kids had a room to themselves with Piccolo. He'd put on a good show complaining about being the designated babysitter, but when they'd offered to get him his own room without them he declined, admitting he enjoyed their company. So it was their own private room that he and Trunks slipped away to a few hours later when no one was looking.

Trunks had him against the door the minute it was shut, kissing him hard and sliding a hand down his exposed skin above his swimwear.

“You looked great on the beach today. I need to get you into trunks more often,” he smiled.

Goten snorted.

“Oh, shut up, you know what I meant, Dork.”

Goten laughed against his mouth, glad to finally have him alone with no distractions.

Move over.

No. Absolutely not. Not again. He purposely walked Trunks over to the bed and laid down, pulling him down on top of him. He didn't want to be in control this time, forget control altogether. He was just going to have a quickie on vacation with Trunks before their family noticed they were missing.

He wants me, not you.

That's not true.

He begs me for it.

Trunks loves me.

But he wants me. I give him something you can't. Move. Over.

Stop it! Go away!

“Ten?” Trunks asked, pulling back. “Did you ask me to stop?”

“No,” he said quickly. “Not you,” he pulled him back into the kiss.

I dare you. Ask him nicely to give the order, he'll trip over himself to give it.


“Trunks,” Goten breathed, seeking reassurance. “You want me?”

“Gods yes, Master,” Trunks whispered against his mouth.

Goten froze.

See? He can't even tell the difference unless he's looking in our eyes. He just knows I can make him feel better than you can. Now get out of my way so I can fuck your mate.

“Master? Ten? Are you okay?”

What was the point? He couldn't be mad at Trunks for this, he'd told him not to bother trying to resist. Clearly he hadn't wanted to resist much in the first place. He wanted the other guy. His eyes clouded over and he gave in.


“Give the order.”

“Goten, you don't have to listen to me for the next hour.”

“Make it the whole day.”

“Uh...Goten, you don't have to listen to me until tomorrow morning.”

“Take off your clothes and get on your knees. I'm going to teach you how to beg properly for me, and if you do a good enough job I'll give you what you want.”

“Yes, Master,” he said quickly, racing to get his clothes off.

Goten watched from behind those eyes and wondered what the point of fighting was. If his husband liked his other side better, then maybe it should be at the surface all the time.



When night fell they made a campfire on the beach. It hadn't been the plan but Harico noticed other groups doing it and could smell the marshmallows roasting, and the adults were suddenly ashamed to realize none of the younger kids had experienced that. Trunks had quickly flown off to buy several packs for them and metal sticks to go with them.

He held the tong up while Harico impaled the marshmallow on it. “Now what, Papa?”

“Now we put it in the fire.”

“Kay,” he said, tossing the stick into the flames.

Pan giggled. “You're supposed to keep hold of one end, you Goober.”

“Oh,” the boy blushed as Trunks assured him it was fine and got another stick ready. “Bra, are you going to make a marshmallow?”

“I'm good,” she waved. She'd finally regained her rightful seat on Vegeta's lap and wasn't planning on giving it up.

How long do I have to hold her? Vegeta grumbled mentally to his wife.

As long as she wants. I think somebody's a little jealous that she's not the baby anymore. If we don't nip this is the bud she'll resent him before he's even born. Why, do you have somewhere to be?

Yes. We both do. That hot tub in the corner of our suite with the small, well placed geysers.”

They're called ‘jets’.

I don't care what they're called. I want you.

Be patient, we have all night.

I'm not good with patience.

Yeah, well, neither is Veggie, apparently.

“Woman, what the hell did you just call my son?” Vegeta asked out loud.

“Me?” Trunks asked in confusion.

“No, the other one. Veggie? His name is Vegeta the Fourth. He's a Saiyan prince not a deli platter.”

“Yeah, well Vegeta the Fourth is a mouthful, and I'm not calling you both Vegeta because that'll just get confusing. I hate the name Junior, so we're left with Veggie.”

“I like it,” Chichi smiled. “It's cute.”

“Cute works for a toddler, I intend to raise a warrior,” Vegeta sneered.

“I can't believe you guys got to talk to him and I didn't,” Bulma sulked again.

Trunks got his son set up with the marshmallows and then plopped down into the sand behind Goten, scooting forward to wrap his arms around him. Goten wondered briefly if that man from the bar might be nearby and see them, then mentally chastised himself for caring at all. Nothing was different, dammit, he was going to enjoy his vacation.

Let the guy come. I'll rip him apart right in front of everyone if he insults Trunks or Harico.

“Hey, Dad?” Gohan asked from his chair.

“Mmmmpphhh?” Goku mumbled. He looked up and several dozens marshmallows were shoved in his mouth.

“Do you remember the days leading up to the Cell Games?”

Everyone fell silent and looked at the man.

Goku swallowed the mouthful of sugar and smiled. “Yeah. We went fishing. It was nice to relax, even knowing there was danger. Kinda like now.”

“Right, but do you remember Lime and her grandfather? They were in that village that was making a shelter to escape cell?”

“I think so.”

“I've been thinking about it all day. There was a guy there, he refused to fight me because I was your son. He was tall and thin and had a braid...and the back of his clothes had something written on it. 'Kill you!’ I remember thinking it was weird he was so confident but left so fast.”

Bulma gasped. “That's it! That's what the termite guy was wearing!”

“General Tao?” Goku asked, frowning. “I haven't seen him in years. You think he has something to do with whoever's watching you?”

Vegeta was on his feet in an instant, muscles tensed and grinning maliciously. He grabbed the sleeve of Goku's shirt. “Take me to General Tao. Now.”

Goku nodded and set his fingers against his forehead, searching. After a long moment he frowned and shook his head. “Sorry, Vegeta. I can't.”

Vegeta growled. “Why not?”

“General Tao's ki is unusual. When I was a kid he tried to kill me and I blew him up. Now he's mainly a machine with Tao's consciousness. I can't find him.”

“You have his name and you've met him!” Vegeta spat. “That's all you should need!”

Goku shrugged. “If you can find out who he's with I can take you to them.”

Vegeta yelled angrily into the sky his hair flickering briefly to blonde and then back. A bolt of energy shot up from him into the clouds and there were screams as humans fled the beach. Bulma was expecting him to take off. She'd been with the man for a long time, and she knew that when he got this worked up he needed to go blow off steam. To her surprise it didn't look like he was going anywhere.

Trunks looked confused too. “Are you okay, Dad?”

“Do I fucking look okay?” He roared. “I'm going to bed.”


Bulma jumped, not expecting his voice in her head. “I'm going to head to bed, too,” she announced, kissing Bra on the head. “Be good for Piccolo.”

Trunks eyed his mother warily. “Mom...come get us if you need us.”

She snorted. “I've been dealing with your father’s tantrums since before you were born, I can handle myself,” she laughed, but it sounded hollow.

Honestly she never had to deal with the worst of his anger. He'd always disappear for a few days, calm down to a manageable level, and return like nothing had happened. He hadn't had one of these fits since before their claim, and she cautiously probed at his mind, wanting to feel the anger stored there to see just what she was up against.

He was blocking her, but she knew he wasn't very good at it. He burst into their suite and leaned against the counter, facing away from her. He shook with rage and she pushed a little harder.


She froze. What? She prodded again, and part of the weak dam broke away. She felt hot anger burning the edges of her mind, but only the edges, like the halo of fire around a cold sun. The star at its core was pain, a deep-seated pain with roots that traveled back years before now, years before they'd even met.

Weak. Nothing.

“Vegeta?” She breathed, daring to walk right up behind him. She could feel his energy crackling along his skin from inches away and she was too afraid to touch him for fear of being burned. “This can't be what you think of yourself when you get like this? It's insane, you're--”

“Leave,” he said coldly. Don't leave me.

She sighed softly. Okay, so he didn't have the social skills to actually discuss this. That explained why he'd always just left before. But they didn't need to use words anymore. Some part of his mind wanted her help, or else he wouldn't have stayed.

I'm not going anywhere.

“I said go, Woman!” Help me.

She stepped forward and boldly wrapped her arms around his waist. I'm yours, you're stuck with me.

He made no move to push her off him. You're mine. My lone treasure to protect above all else. And I'm failing.

You're doing everything you can.

That's worse. My best is inadequate. Your enemies are only human for fuck's sake, but they continue to live despite my efforts to find them.

We don't know that, they could be anyone.

I would have destroyed this world for you. I would have torn it to pieces if a human dared to hurt you. Earth would be a pile of floating dust and I'd be dead, I'd have managed it somehow. That was before the claim.

She stared at the back of his head. Really? Even then?

He finally turned to her, the rage in this eyes still burning, but now she could see it for the mask it was. But now? The Galaxy. The universe. I'd kill until there was nothing left with life in it. Planet after plant would fall to me--

Enough! Enough death! I don't want that. I'm not Saiyan. There may be some of it in my DNA now, but I still prefer roses to severed heads. You don't have to kill anyone to prove you love me. We're not even limited by words anymore. Just love me and I'll know.

She saw uncertainty in his eyes. Fear? He was wrestling with something. Finally his hands came out and took her face and she thought he was pulling her in to kiss her. Instead he just set their foreheads together, taking a shaky breath.

Her mouth fell open as his mind poured into hers. She was alone, angry, afraid, everyone important gone and nothing left to lose. Earth-- she saw it for the first time through his eyes, nothing but barren trees and rubble. It was beneath her in every sense of the word, not worth her effort to even destroy. A strange light that shone on the useless planet forced its way into her vision, a light with her own face. It was beautiful, it demanded to be seen, and nothing she could do could stop herself from steering into it like a moth towards fire.

She gave in, diving into the light and letting it singe away some of her armor, the carefully crafted wall she'd created to save herself from any more pain. It felt glorious, but she was afraid. The armor was there for a reason,and without it she would surely die. She ran from the light but it followed her, always shining just behind her on the horizon, waiting patiently for her to be done running. Her will to escape decreased and she let it catch her, let it swallow her up and was certain this would be her end.

But it wasn't the end. As the light illuminated her world the dead Earth around her bloomed vibrantly. Where before there was only death and nothingness she found meaning, a reason to stay forever bathed in it. Her armor continued to burn away slowly, and as each piece fell she was certain it would be the one that left her exposed, the one that did her in and left her lifeless, but the pain never came. This lasted for years, the sweet burn as more of her skin was exposed to it's unknown heat, never knowing what would happen when the last piece fell away but long past caring.

One day the light grew brighter, impossibly brighter and hotter. With a final crack the armor snapped off, leaving her naked and suspended in the unknown. It didn't kill her, it didn't burn or sear or char her flesh as she thought it should. It was warm, it was wonderful, she never wanted to escape. The light was her life, her purpose, her--

“My Only,” he whispered roughly. Then they were kissing, his mouth hard and unyielding, but hungry just the same. Those two words broke the barrier between his mind and his mouth, and then he was gasping against her neck. “Never leave me. Never, ever leave me. I love you, My Mate. My life.”

She said nothing and just clung to him, afraid that speaking would break through this very un-Vegeta moment.

“I'll find him,” he whispered against her hair. “I'll find Tao and whoever else is after us and I'll rip out their hearts.”

She was at a loss, wanting to make sure he knew she heard him but with no clue how to respond. She finally just settled on, “Yours.”

His mouth was against hers again, moving more purposefully this time. She moved the barrier in her own mind and focused on him completely, on feeling protected and safe and sure of his strength. He held her a little tighter and his mouth moved to her ear.

“Bulma, pleasure.”

Her grip on him tightened as the familiar shockwaves ran down her body. She eyed the energy still glowing from his skin warily but he laughed it off, assuring her stored energy couldn't hurt her. She pulled at his clothes, wanting more contact, and he let her. The thin sundress she was wearing didn't stand a chance, he flicked it off her like tissue paper and had her laid out on the floor, pressing down over her.

“Hot tub?” She asked.

Can't wait. Need you now, right here. I'll worship you later.

She laughed. “Why are you in such a rush? We have all night.”

“And I intend to use it,” he said. He pushed the last of their clothes away and entered her suddenly. She gasped, grabbing his shoulders as he moaned deep in his chest. “I'm going to use my advantage tonight, too.”


“Bulma, come.”

She cried out loud and he grinned, setting a steady pace and tangling a hand in her hair. “Gods I love it when you tighten around me. Look at me. Don't close your eyes. Bulma, come on my cock.”

She moaned out his name and struggled to keep his intense gaze as she came again. He kissed her hard, moving faster without intending to. “Bulma, tell me you're mine. Tell me I'm the only one who can do this to you.”

“You're the only one who can make me feel like this. I'm yours.”

“Bulma, again.”

She gritted her teeth as it rolled over her again. “Holy shit, give me a chance to recover,” she shivered.

“No. Bulma, a--”

She slapped a hand over his mouth and felt him laughing against it. Instead of the order, he just changed his angle and pushed into her harder, and her hands fell back to her sides. She could feel his release getting closer, his grip on her always tightened when he was almost there.

“Come on, you know you want one more. Admit it.”

She knew he loved to finish with her, so she nodded.

“Bulma, come hard.

She screamed and he did the same. The energy that still crackled along his skin shot back and there was a loud crash as the windows in the room shattered.

She heard him curse softly and wondered how expensive that would be to fix, but it was hard to care. Her bones felt like jelly and the normal peaceful feeling was spreading through her. She absently placed a hand over the bump on her abdomen and she felt his eyes on her. His hand came to gently rest over hers and she pushed trust toward him, wanting him to know that she wasn't worried.

He was terrified.

Chapter Text

As the night wore on and talk around the fire died down as people went to bed Harico's eyes started to droop. He insisted he wasn't tired, but he slowly scooted closer to his fathers in the sand until he was resting against Goten's stomach. Trunks finally kissed Goten's head and stood up, picking up his unconscious son. “I'm gonna take Harico to the kids’ room. You ready for bed, Ten?”

Goten shrugged, and gestured to Goku and Gohan who still sat with them. “I think I'll stay up a while. Go ahead and get some sleep, I'll come to bed soon.”

“Oh. Okay, My Love,” he smiled tensely and Goten could tell he was trying to respect his free choice. At least he was making an effort, but Goten could feel his discomfort building from leaving him alone. Everything okay?

Yeah, fine, just want to hang out with my family, he lied. He didn't want to go to bed with Trunks. He knew they'd start touching, and he couldn't stop the other guy from taking over again. He was trying not to be angry at his mate. He didn't know things had changed. He'd asked more than once whether or not Goten was okay with his dominant side and he'd told him it was fine, he didn't want to take it back now. At least until he figured it out for himself. “Night Trunks.”

Trunks carried their son off to bed and Goten leaned back in the sand, staring up at the moon and chatting idly with his father and brother. After a while even Goku yawned and admitted he was ready for bed, it was close to one in the morning now. His sons nodded and got up to stretch.

As soon as he was on his feet a sense of dread ran from his head to his toes. His eyes darkened imperceptibly in the dim light and he stood very still. “No. Not now.”

“Goten?” Gohan asked, looking back and seeing his brother frozen in the sand. “Something wrong?”

It wasn't really his brother who looked up at him and smiled nonchalantly, but he couldn't have known that. “Nah. I feel...great.”

Gohan smiled weakly. He didn't know what, but something was wrong with Goten's smile. He just wrote it off for now as his own paranoia, and waved goodbye, heading for the suite he shared with Videl.

The other guy stood in Goten's place, stretching out his hands. Not stuck in the bedroom anymore, I guess, he grinned to himself.



Gohan laid in bed for a grand total of fourteen minutes before he decided to get back up. He'd known his brother his whole life, and he knew all of Goten's expressions. That smile was not one of them.

What should he even do, though? Trunks could probably do something, but what did he say to him? 'Hey, go deal with your mate, he looked at me weird’ didn't sound very reasonable.

He threw his jeans and jacket back on, deciding to just check to make sure his brother had gone back to his suite. As soon as he stepped out of the door he knew it wasn't true; Goten's ki signature was nowhere near his husband's. Gohan frowned and followed the ki, wondering what had gotten into him.

Most of the resort was dead, but the bars were still lively and loud. He could hardly believe Goten would want to be here, the music blared high enough to sting his ears and there were drunk college kids everywhere. Of course, thinking about it for a moment he supposed Goten was the right age for it. Sometimes he forgot how young his brother actually was; just twenty-one this year but married four years with one and a half kids. Not that Gohan had done much partying in college, but he definitely didn't have as many responsibilities on his head. He was starting to wonder if this was any of his business, maybe Goten just wanted to blow off some steam without his husband for a night.

Too late. He saw Goten sitting at the bar with a drink in his hand, and the other man caught his energy signature immediately, looking up at him in surprise.

“Gohan? What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here? Are you drinking?

Goten rolled his eyes. “Yes, Gohan, because I'm an absolute idiot I thought the baby and I would go get smashed. There's no alcohol in it, it's a virgin. Like you. Fuck off.”

Gohan sat on the stool next to him and took the drink, smelling it.

“What the hell?”

“You sound... drunk,” Gohan said, knowing that wasn't entirely true. He just sounded wrong.

“I'm not. Go away.”

“Does Trunks know you're here?”

“It’s none of his business. Does Videl know you're here?” he looked up and glowered at him and Gohan jumped.

“What's wrong with your eyes? Goten, you're sick or something, come with me. We'll go find Dad, he might be able to help if you don't want Trunks--”

“No. I'm done following people around. I don't need help, I know exactly what I'm doing.”

They heard a derisive snort behind them. “Didn't take you long to get over the Purple Ken Doll.”

Gohan saw his brother's face break into a wide grin as he turned to see the man behind him. “Heeeey, Buddy,” he laughed. “I was hoping this was your type of scene. I just thought, if I was a complete douchebag, where would I be at one in the morning? And here you are.”

Gohan sized up the tall college kid -- and his four friends behind him. “Is there a problem here?”

Goten took his glass and hopped up. “Gohan, this is Douchebag. Douchebag, this is my brother , not that it's any of your fucking business.”

The man sneered at Gohan. “If this fag is your brother, I'd get him home to his boyfriend before he gets himself hurt.”

Gohan narrowed his eyes, rising to stand next to him. “What did you just call--”

“Back off, Gohan, this is my fun. Go find your own. Okay, so I was hoping for more than five of you, but I can make things more interesting. Tell you what, I'll only use five percent power and,” he held up his glass, “I won't spill my drink. Then later your friends can tell everyone you got your ass handed to you by a pregnant bitch with a Shirley fucking Temple in his hand.”

“Goten,” his brother warned, grabbing his shoulder. “You can't fight! It's against the rules. I know Trunks lifted some orders but that one's definitely still in place.”

Goten laughed. “Trunks gave me permission to do whatever I wanted tonight. Mostly so I would fuck him, but this works too. Oh, and before we do this thing, Mr. Douchebag, I want to be clear that you mean literally nothing to me or my husband. But don't ever fucking talk about my son again or--”

The man's fist shot forward, aimed at Goten's gut. The half Saiyan caught his hand easily, slowly squeezing until a loud pop made the man cry out.

“My baby is off limits,” he warned dangerously. “Be a man and try to punch me in the face. Come on, free shot, hit me.”

One of the man's friends took him up on the offer, connecting hard with Goten's face. The half Saiyan laughed loudly. “ Finally. ” Then he grabbed the friend and tossed him, easily throwing him across the room to the far wall and knocking down the decorations hung there. The music cut off and there were some screams as people rushed to get out of the bar.

“Goten, stop!” His brother cried, grabbing his hand. “You're going to kill someone, they're just humans!”

“Debatable,” Goten spat, pulling free and grabbing the first man, hauling him up off the ground like a doll while his friends shrank away from him.

“What the fuck are you?” The man screamed, trying to wriggle away.

“I'm free, ” he spat. “I make my own goddamn rules. Fight me, you coward!”

Gohan wrapped his arms around his brother, trying to make him drop the human. Goten powered up, hair flaring to blonde and the energy around him shattering every glass at the bar behind then. Gohan followed after him, tightening his grip.

“We have to get out of here before someone catches you! You're going to get arrested!”

“Who cares? Trunks is loaded, I can afford bail and I'll pay for the stupid bar--”

“Goten, put the man down now ,” a voice ordered from the doorway.

Goten released his grip and the terrified human ran from him, joining the crowd of people clambering to get away from the overpowered brothers. Both of them turned to the voice, unsure what came next.

Goku stood at the entryway to the now empty bar, fixing both his sons with a dangerous glare. “Someone wanna tell me what's going on here?”

They both stood there awkwardly for a moment, they'd never really been caught doing anything wrong by their father before. “Something's wrong with Goten, Dad,” Gohan said finally. “He's trying to fight humans, he's talking differently, and his eyes…”

Goku came forward and grabbed his youngest son's face. “His eyes are wrong?”

“Like you could tell,” Goten spat, trying to push him away. “At least Gohan knows me well enough to tell if I'm acting weird. You didn't show up until I was seven and passed me off to Trunks at fifteen.”

Goku's face fell and he let go of Goten. Regret passed over Goten's face, and he grabbed his head. “I...I'm sorry, Dad...I…” he shook his head hard like there was water in his ears. His cloudy eyes turned brighter as he came back to himself. “That wasn't fair. You're right Gohan, I feel sick. I'm going to go to my room and sleep it off.”

He walked away without another word, though both of them tried to stop him. Goten took long strides, trying to to run from his shame and embarrassment.

Now, let's find that douchebag and his friends. The other guy whispered. We're out of sight, let me take the wheel again.

“No,” he snapped out loud to himself. “It's over. Let it go.”

He could feel his other side trying to wrestle back control from him, and it was hard to fight. This was officially more than he could handle on his own. It was time to bring Trunks in.

We don't need him for this.

“What do you have against Trunks?”

I love Trunks. I hate being someone's property.

“What do you want from me?”

The voice didn't have to say it, because he suddenly knew. “No! Absolutely not! Trunks will help me get rid of you.”

The struggle grew worse, harder to fight. He made it to his private suite and wasted no time, pulling his clothes off and crawling on top of his sleeping mate. He woke Trunks with a hard kiss that he responded to immediately before he'd even woken completely.

Goten pulled back and Trunks yawned, rubbing his eyes. “Ten?”

“Master,” Goten breathed, “fuck me. Please. I need you to make me yours. Own me.”

Trunks pulled him back into the kiss, and Goten reached out with his mind. Don't be gentle. Pin me down. Make me take it. Please, Baby.

Trunks’ eyes widened a bit. Pet names weren't really Goten's thing, the only person he ever called affectionate names was their son. He nodded to him, understanding that this was urgent, something he needed so bad that there wasn't time to explain.

He flipped them over so he was on top, kissing him fiercely and throwing off his sweatpants. Goten moaned in encouragement, grinding up against him. Trunks grabbed his shoulders and turned him over, pinning his arms to his sides to force him against the bed.

Yes, Baby. Don't stop if I struggle. I want it.

He entered him roughly and Goten cried out against the mattress. As Trunks pounded into him he could hear a low growl growing in his mate's chest. “Mine.”

“Yours,” Goten moaned. Your mate. Your baby inside me. Show me you own me. Prove it.

“Goten, the last order is rescinded. You will listen to me now.

He felt the other guy struggling against that in his head, not willing to give up the freedom without a fight. “Yes, Master.”

“You're mine. You obey me.”

“Yes, Master.” More.

“Goten, pleasure. Goten, light pain.”

The younger man yelled into the pillow. Yes. Yes. More. Make me take it. I'm yours.

This proves nothing. I'm not going anywhere.

Goten tried to ignore the voice, just focusing on the feel of Trunks’ body behind him.

I existed before you took control from him. I've been here since the beginning. You just couldn't hear me. I won't be silent again until I get what I want.

He needed more. Bite my shoulder, Baby. Mark me again. Come inside me, make me yours.

Trunks complied, sinking his teeth into the old bite mark. Goten leaned into his mouth, shivering.

“Goten,” his mate whispered roughly, “come hard for your master.”

Goten whined against the pillow as it crashed over him. He felt the voice slipping away into the background, and then Trunks was spilling inside him.

Trunks pulled his mate against his chest, choosing not to make him explain why he'd needed it so bad. Goten looked exhausted, and relieved, and he didn't want to force him to stay awake.

Goten closed his eyes and rested against his mate, hoping he'd gotten what he needed.

I'm still here. You can't avoid me forever.



Vegeta burst into their suite without even an attempt at a knock. Both of the young men jumped awake and Trunks quickly made sure Goten's naked body was covered, growling lowly at his father.

“I don't care if you're still in a bad mood, respect my mate's privacy or--”

“We have a lead on Tao.”

Trunks was up in an instant, pulling on his clothes. “Goten--”

“Protect Harico. I know. I love you.”

He leaned down and kissed him once. “Love you.”

The two were out of the door quickly and Goten followed them, walking down to the spot they'd had their fire the night before. Harico jumped into his arms immediately and he held him tightly, searching the faces of his family for more information.

“Bulma? What's going on?”

“Malcolm got a ransom call,” she explained. This morning about ten someone called him and told him to drop off a million Zeni in a drop box tonight and wait for instructions to get his wife and granddaughter back. He said it sounded like the man who threatened him.”

“Tao. What time is it now?”

“Past noon, Sleepyhead,” she said. “Malcolm called the house and Tien called us. Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo and Goku are going to go back and help them track Tao down when he tries to take the money.”

“I'm staying here,” Gohan told him, looking him over suspiciously. “In case of...just in case.”

In case of me. The voice teased Goten.

“Thanks, Gohan,” Goten smiled reassuringly, making sure he could see his eyes were back to normal. “We appreciate it. We couldn't fight if something went wrong.”

Gohan looked a little surprised, but immensely relieved. “Right.”

With a final wave to their families the rest of the fighters were off. Chichi sighed. “And we're all just left here. This feels familiar. At least I get to keep both my sons and my grandbabies this time.”

“Papa's coming back soon, right?” Harico asked nervously.

“As soon as he can, Buddy,” Goten promised.

Bulma gasped softly and grabbed her middle and they turned to look at her. She stared at them with wide eyes. “Veggie kicked me. I feel like...there's danger somewhere. Something we haven't thought of. Something's coming.”

Gohan laughed nervously. “No offense to Veggie, but I can sense energy coming better than a fetus can. There's no one strong heading toward us.”

“Then maybe the danger is with them,” Videl said, crossing her arms as their family disappeared into the sky.



So what exactly are you warning us about? Vegeta asked from the air.

Veggie says you're in danger. Or, someone is. I can't tell who. Bulma thought back.

Veggie is roughly the size of a peach. I think I can take care of myself a little better than he can.

And not many fetuses can name themselves and be part of a conversation while in utero, but here we are. He's smart, Vegeta, really smart, and he says we need to be careful.

And you're basing this off a kick?

Just watch your back! If you die I'll kill you.

Vegeta chuckled.

“What?” Trunks asked, flying next to him.

“Your brother wants us to be careful, apparently.”

Trunks shivered. “No offense, Dad, but that kid already creeps me out.”

“You said the same thing about Bra.”


By the time they arrived at Capsule Corp Krillin had flown Malcolm there. The shaken man was seated at their kitchen table, tapping absentmindedly at the wood.

Trunks smiled nervously at him, trying to save him from Vegeta's death glare. “Stay calm, Malcolm. If this goes right then by tonight you'll have to your family back and we'll have our stalker.”

The doctor shook his head. “There's no way. I can't come up with that kind of money on the spot.”

“I'll pay it, obviously,” Vegeta rolled his eyes. A million means nothing to us, and it gives me a shot to get my hands on Tao.”

“Thank you, Vegeta,” he sobbed. “Thank you so--”

“It's got nothing to do with you or your family, it's about mine. Don't thank me, I'm still not convinced I won't kill you myself.”

Trunks was frowning. Something was wrong about this, but he couldn't put his finger on it. “When is the drop off?”

“Between five and six,” Krillin said. “We figure we'll head there early and set a trap, then after Malcolm leaves we grab whoever comes for the money.”

“But what about my family? They might not tell you where they are?” Malcolm worried.

“We'll...convince them,” Trunks assured him.

There was nothing to do but wait. A few hours ticked by and the others fell into tense conversation, but Trunks still felt uneasy. It was nearly three when it hit him.

“A million? A million Zeni?” He asked, interrupting the conversation.

“That's what the man said,” the doctor nodded.

“What are you getting at, Boy?” Vegeta frowned.

“You're paying the ransom, Dad. Of course you are. We're rich and whoever took all those files knows that Malcolm is close to us. Why ask for only a million Zeni? They could ask for a billion, several billion even. A million is a waste of time when the Briefs are financing the kidnapping.”

Piccolo grunted. “Then what else are they getting out of this?”

Trunks’ heart skipped a beat. A fake ransom bought one thing -- their attention.

My Goten?

Complete silence.

Goten, I order you to answer me!


Ice. Pain and ice and panic bubbled through his throat and came out in a scream. “Dad! Goten's gone quiet on me! Where is he? Where's My Goten?”

Vegeta looked at him in shock. “Perhaps he's asleep--”

He shot up from his seat, shaking in panic. “He's dead. Oh gods, he's dead! He's gone, he's left me alone--”

Vegeta grabbed his shoulders and shook him once. “If he was dead, you'd be dead, remember? Calm down. If you keep yelling nonsense your body might believe you and just shut down.

Vegeta, Bulma's voice said quietly in his head. You need to get back here. Now.


Chapter Text

No one felt much like enjoying themselves, but when given the choice of being miserable indoors or on a beach, they chose the beach. More than an hour of no news passed, and they tried to distract themselves. Pan and Videl were out in the water, working on her swimming technique while Gohan watched them carefully from the shore. Bulma lay stretched out asleep in her chair with an umbrella for shade-- no amount of worry could keep her up when her symptoms set it. Bra was working on more sand art nearby, this time trying to make a lump in the shape of a mermaid.

“You should go help Bra,” Goten suggested to his son, laying back in the chair next to Bulma.

As soon as Trunks was gone Harico had attached himself to Goten like a baby gorilla and refused to let go. He clung to him protectively and shook his head. “That's okay, I don't feel like playing.”

Goten chuckled. “You know, you and your Papa have more in common than some people think.”


“Because of how territorial you are. If you think he's overprotective this time you should have seen him when I was pregnant with you. He wouldn't even let your grandmother hug me. He flat out refused to be rough the way I like it in bed, the whole nine months. Thank the gods that seems to have chilled out some.”

“You were fighting Papa in bed?” Harico asked concerned.

Goten froze, suddenly realizing what his pregnancy-brain had said to his young son. “Uh, funny story--”

His cellphone rang and he breathed a sigh of relief for the interruption. He checked the number but didn't recognize it. He was confused but not afraid. It never occurred to him that there could be any danger in a phone call.

“Hello?” He asked, finally answering.


“Trunks?” He smiled. “You're calling me on the phone? I can't remember the last time we bothered with a phone.”

“Goten -- stand and -- stay still.”

His legs straightened, responding immediately to his mate's voice. “What's wrong? Are you here?”

“Goten -- say only -- what -- I tell you.”

Something was wrong. It was Trunks’ voice, but it was choppy and he kept pausing. He was going to ask what was happening, but he couldn't speak now without permission.

“Goten -- do not -- talk -- to me with -- your mind.”

He frowned. This was not his Trunks, but he couldn't tell anyone what was happening. He tried in vain to call out to Gohan, but he couldn't. His body was convinced that Trunks was giving him orders, and he had to obey.

“Goten -- pick up -- Harico.”

Goten looked down at his son. The boy had a firm grasp on his leg and a smile on his face. “Is it really Papa? Can I talk to him?”

Goten fought with every muscle in his body, but he still obediently scooped Harico up into his arms. His eyes wide and his face drawn into a terrified scowl as he fought against his own actions, and the boy noticed.

“Daddy, why are you so sad?”

“Goten -- smile.”

A painful rictus grin broke across his face, but did not touch his eyes.

“Goten -- tell everyone -- you'll be -- right back.”

“I'll be right back, guys,” Goten called, and he saw Gohan nod nonchalantly. Come on, Brother, he thought. Look at me. Know this is wrong. Know I'm not myself. It was too late. Gohan's attention was back on his splashing daughter and Bulma was asleep.

“Goten -- walk away -- from -- the beach.

He fought well enough that his feet drug in the sand, hoping to at least give them a trail to find him. Soon he ran out of sand and found himself on the resort sidewalk, shuffling away as he was told.

“Goten -- turn left.”

“Daddy? Where are we going?”

He could still move his head. He kissed Harico's forehead, trembling slightly.

“Daddy, your eyes are still sad, what's wrong?”

It was incredibly difficult for him to broadcast thoughts to Harico -- the connection existed so he could take care of his son's needs, not the other way around. Still, he tried. Run. Run. Fly away. Get away from me. Find Papa. Get help. Run.

The boy didn't hear him. He followed the voices instructions behind a tall fence and down a thin nature trail. He'd been walking maybe five minutes when the voice said, “Goten -- stop.”

The line went dead. General Tao stepped from behind a thick tree, motioning for others to fall in line behind him. He'd brought only ten men to face off against the strongest half Saiyan in the universe, and he was winning. He grinned saccharinely at Goten and held the phone in his hand, and then small flat device covered with buttons. He pressed them expertly and both of them heard Trunks’ voice crackle out of it.

“Goten -- look at -- my new -- toy. Record -- one Saiyan’s -- voice and -- you control their -- mate. Just have to -- cut -- it up -- a little and -- string it back together.”

“Run, Daddy!” Harico demanded, tightening his grip on him. When his father didn't move he frowned and tugged on his shirt. “Daddy?”

“Daddy's a little tied up right now,” General Tao laughed. “Speaking of which,” he threw a thick rope to the ground and pressed the buttons again.

“Goten -- tie up -- Harico -- as tight as -- possible.”

Goten fought. Gods, he fought so hard against the instinctual voice in his mind.

Mate gave a command.

It's not him!

Mate gave a command.

Stop, we can't, they'll take him!

Mate gave a command.

He held on tightly to his son with one hand and took the rope off the ground with the other, starting to loop it around him. Tears fell unrestrained from his eyes now, but he couldn't apologize, couldn't explain his actions in any way.

Harico set a small, sad hand on his face. “I see what's happening, Daddy. It's not your fault. You'll find me.”

Goten sobbed harder as he took his son's hand from his face and bound it to his side.



Goten had only just walked away from the beach when Bra heard her mother's voice.


Bra was busy and didn't look up. “Yeah, Mom?”

“Girl. Girl.”

“Huh?” She raised her head. Bulma was still slumped over in her beach chair like she was fast asleep, but her eyes were open. She stared at her daughter blankly.


Bra narrowed her eyes. “Oh. It's you. Veggie, right? My name is not girl , my name is Bra. I'm older than you, I'm cuter than you, and I'm always right. Let's get that straight right off the bat. If you think being a weak infant is going to keep Daddy's attention on you you're wrong. I was here first.”

The child seemed to consider this information a second. “Bra. Bra. Bra. Bra.”

“Ugh, what do you want?”


“Yeah, Mom told us. Daddy said don't worry about it.”

“Goten. Eschalotte. Danger.”

“Goten?” She asked looking around for her brother-in-law. “He's coming back, he just said so.”

“Danger,” he insisted. “Goten.”

“Look, I'll prove it to you,” she said, wiping the sand off her knees. “I'll get him to come chill you out.”


“Yeah, yeah, I heard you,” she grumbled, marching deliberately the way she'd seen Goten going with Harico.

She walked quickly to catch up with them and was surprised to see they'd gone so far. “Goten! Hey, Goten, where are you going?”

He didn't seem to hear her, he was still on the phone. She followed after them, starting to feel suspicious. Eventually Goten stopped in the middle of a path and she saw the men come out from behind the trees. She had the sense to hide in bushes behind them.

She watched the scene unfold in front of her, hearing her own brother's voice from the device give Goten horrible orders. Her fear turned to anger when she saw Goten cry as he tied up his son. Goten was her favorite, and she'd never had to see him break down like this. No one was taking her nephew if she had anything to say about it.

Bra shot out of the bushes with a growl and landed in front of her family members. “You leave them alone!”

A few of the men laughed to see a small girl standing so imposingly. Tao did not; he backed up quickly, holding the device behind him. “Don't be fooled! She's not a little girl, she's Vegeta's daughter. Get her, don't hold back!”

She cracked her knuckles. The men hesitated a moment, and that was a mistake. The first man surged forward and reached down to grab her and she threw him easily over her shoulder. The second came at her side and she dropped down, slipping between his legs to come up behind him and kick him in the back. They were no match for her, clearly, and Tao recognized that.

Tao growled, turning to the lackey behind him. “Call Packer, tell him to have the chamber ready. If we have to kill the spare child they'll try even harder to find us.”

The lackey shook. “Sir, she seems strong. How are we going to--”

“We won't have to,” Tao sneered, holding up the device.

Goten tried to shake his head, tried to beg for the order not to be given.

The General hit the correct buttons. “Goten -- grab -- her.”

Bra was squaring off with the fifth man when her brother's mate grabbed the back of her shirt and hauled her off the ground. “Hey! Let go! I can take them!”

Tao laughed, working to string together the next order. “Goten -- get rid -- of Bra.”

Goten took a deep breath. He'd worried the order  would be to kill her, but this was an order he could work with. He took a moment to feel the energy signatures around him and angled himself in what he was pretty sure was the perfect direction. He lifted her into the air.

“Goten,” she gasped, shaking her head, “I can't fly! You can't throw me, I can't fly!”

He threw her, hard. She went soaring backwards into the air, screaming. Hands came and stole Harico from his arms, and then the device spoke again.

“Goten -- deep -- sleep.”

He collapsed, body completely willing to obey but mind screaming in protest. Everything went dark.

Bra fell threw the air, willing herself to fly, trying to suddenly understand how, but she'd never mastered it. The air rushed past her ears and whipped her hair around her face. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the ground rushing up to meet her.

She landed directly into the arms of a very surprised Gohan. “Bra?” He frowned down at her. “Where did you -- how did you --?”

“They have Goten and Harico!” She cried immediately, pointing. “That way. Go!”

Gohan carried her with him for directions, making it to the path quickly. It was deserted. There was no sign anyone had been there at all except for a piece of paper left lying in the dirt that said simply;

Instructions to follow.



The rest of them would fly there, but Goku used his instant transmission to bring Vegeta and Trunks to the beach immediately.

Vegeta was going to ask why they'd been brought back, but Trunks moved first, grabbing Gohan's shirt in both hands and shaking him. “Where is he? Where is he!”

Gohan frowned and looked away, ashamed and regretful. “He told me he was okay, that he'd be right back. They took him. Harico too.”

Trunks dropped him, grabbing Goku's arm instead. “Take me to him. Now!”

Goku closed his eyes, searching. After a long minute he shook his head. “I can't sense them. Either of them. Something must be blocking their energy or…”

Sound dropped away and Trunks fell to his knees. Nothing left. No more reason to stay here. His Goten was gone. Maybe waiting for him in the Other World? Have to get to Goten. Goten was dead. Have to get to Goten. Darkness started to grow in the corners of his vision.

Hands on him, shaking him. Maybe a voice, yelling? His eyes wandered up lazily and recognized his father, screaming something. What was he saying? What was the point of listening? What was the point of anything?

“--not dead!” Vegeta's voice finally broke through. “Goten is not dead! He is not in the Other World! It makes no sense for them to kill him, they just want leverage over us. If he dies it just weakens their hand. He's still alive, he still needs you! You can't let your heart stop, he'll be alone and unprotected. Do you want that?”

Trunks shook his head slowly.

“That's right. So you have to stay alive, understand?”

The darkness receded, but he still felt just as cold as before. Ugly sobs tore through his throat and he fell forward against his father, shaking. “I need him.”

“I know.”

Bulma's cell phone rang. It broke their heavy silence and she pulled it from her pocket, not recognizing the number. Vegeta took it from her, hitting the speaker button firmly.

A distorted voice crackled forth. “We have the boy. We have the Saiyan. Bulma Briefs will announce her resignation from Capsule Corporation and put all of her related funds into the business's trust. You have until 8AM tomorrow morning. If our demands are not met, we kill the Saiyan. If they are not met by 10AM, we kill the boy.” The line went dead.

Bulma sighed. She dropped her face into her hands, shoulders slumping in defeat. “Okay.”

“Okay?” Vegeta asked incredulously. “It sure as hell is not 'okay’. I won't let this happen.”

“I don't have a lot of options,” she spat. “If we wait too long the news won't go out by 8AM and they'll kill Goten, and that'll kill Trunks, too. Then if 10AM comes I lose my grandson too...I couldn't take that. No company is worth half my family. I'll get the ball rolling and set up a press release. Gods, this going to crush my father. He loves the company like a child.”

“Why do they even care if you're in the company?” Chichi asked, crossing her arms. “They didn't even ask for any money for themselves, just to have it funneled into the business. What good does that do?”

Bra crossed her arms and stood up a little straighter. “I have a name for you, Daddy,” she said with a satisfied smirk.

Vegeta froze and then picked her up. “You what?”

“Veggie told me to follow Goten,” she explained. “He took Harico. It wasn't his fault, they had a computer with Trunks’ voice. I fought a bunch of them but they had control of Goten. They told him to hurt me but he threw me to Gohan instead. I heard the ugly man with weird eyes say a name. I don't think he knew I could hear him, but I was listening.”

Vegeta grinned maliciously. “Well done.”

“His name is Packer, Daddy. Go get him.”



His father lay on the floor near him, but Harico had never felt so alone.

They were in a big cage made of thick bars all around them, and the cage itself sat in a dark room. They'd had a blindfold on him when they came in; he wasn't sure where he was or how they got there. He could hear a crackle of energy though, and his experience training with Vegeta told him that something was blocking their ki from the rest of the world. He knew he couldn't find his Papa's, either of his grandfather's or Gohan ki, so their power levels had to be hidden from him. It was a new feeling for a boy who was always surrounded with love and smiling faces.

Loneliness. Uncertainty. Fear.

“Daddy?” He whispered again to his father. He had to try, but he knew it was hopeless. “Can you hear me?”

“Goten -- deep -- sleep.”

The edited version of his Papa's voice was set on a loop somewhere in the darkness, repeating every few minutes to keep Goten unconscious. He scowled in its general direction, grabbing the bars again.

The people who took them knew a great deal about Saiyans -- including their strength. The bars he struggled against were incredibly thick and with his power maxed out he could only make them squeak a little. He tried to squeeze between them but they were too close together.

He growled and yelled into the darkness. “Stop using my Papa's voice! You don't get to give orders to be mean to someone, orders are special!”

“Hello?” A shaky voice called.

“Is someone there?” Harico asked. He didn't need to see them to know this was not one of the men who had thrown him in here. It was a quiet girl's voice, and she sounded scared.

“Are you trapped too?” It asked quietly.

“Yes,” he said. “We're in a cage.”

“Who's with you?”

“My Daddy, but he's asleep.

“I heard the men bring you in here, but I couldn't see. I thought you might be monsters.”

“We're not monsters,” he assured her. “Are you all alone?”

“No, my grandma's here, but she's asleep. They give us water that makes us tired sometimes...but she was really thirsty.”

“What's your name?” He asked.

There was a nervous pause.

“I promise I'm not a monster. Daddy's going to wake up and he's going to get us out of here, and if he doesn't then Papa will. They'll get you out too, my daddies are like superheroes.”

“Really? Swear?”

“Swear,” he nodded, knowing she couldn't see him anyway. “What's your name?”

“My name is Molly.”

“Hi, Molly. I'm Harico. We just have to wait for my Daddy to wake up.”

“You think it'll take a long time?”

“I don't know,” he answered truthfully.

“I hope...I hope it's not too long. It's been a long time since Grandma fell asleep, Harico. Like, a really long time.”

Harico frowned, kneeling back down to shake his father. “Come on Daddy, I need you. Please wake up.”



Harico could not see what was happening inside Goten's mind. His father could hear him perfectly, but he was trapped. Goten stood in a vast white void that stretched into nothingness all around him.

He screamed into the void and it echoed. “Harry, I hear you! Gods, I hear you! I'm trying!”

“Goten -- deep -- sleep,” the fake Trunks voice echoed around him and he screamed at it, covering his ears.

“Dammit, shut up! SHUT UP!” he cried, falling to his knees. “Let me out!”

“I can help.”

Goten froze. He turned around slowly and saw a copy of himself, almost identical except for the eyes. “You go away. I can't deal with you right now.”

“Harico needs me! You have to let me help him.”

“Why do you care?”

“He's my son!

“He's my son. He doesn't know you, and he never will! You'd just make the situation worse!”

The copy held his hand up in annoyance. “Dammit, how do you not get this? I'm not this stupid! You keep thinking of me as some other being. We are the same! Or, even worse, we are two  halves. I am not your enemy, Goten.” He pointed up. “The assholes who kidnapped us, they are the enemy. I'm only trying to help.”

“You're dangerous. I saw what you did to those men in the bar last night.”

“They deserved it.”

“You put our baby in danger. I'd never do something like that.”

“That's why I need you. For guidance.”

“You're not tricking me. There's nothing you could do anyway.”

“You're wrong. You are claimed, I am not. I'm the part that rebelled, the part that fought Trunks when he first sunk his teeth into us. I called for help, I powered up, I resisted. Then the claim settled in and locked me away. If you let me out I can wake up, orders be damned.”

“Bullshit. You follow orders just like me. That's why you had to ask him to give you freedom for hours at a time.”

“That was because of you, you were always at least partially present. You have to let me take over. Give me full control and Trunks will have no power over me.”

“Yeah, and you'd never let go. I'd be stuck like you forever.”

“I'll give it back. As soon as Harico and I are safe with Trunks, I'll give you full control. You'll be happy and claimed again, just the way you like it.”

Goten narrowed his eyes. “What's the catch?”

The copy said nothing and just stared into his eyes.

“No,” Goten shook his head. “No! Absolutely not!”

“You know what I want.”

“It's too dangerous,” he placed a worried hand over his belly.

His copy considered this. “I'll wait until she's born. See? Compromise. You can make me think of shit like that.”

Goten covered his face. “I don't know… I don't trust you.”

“Daddy? Can you hear me? I need your help,” Harico's voice echoed down over them and they both winced, desperate to reach him.

“Let me help him. Please.”

Chapter Text

“Harico?” Molly asked. “Is your Daddy awake yet?”

“No,” Harico said sadly. He was laying down with his head on Goten's stomach, holding one of his hands.


“He’ll wake up soon, Molly.”


Harico played with the hem of his shirt, trying to distract himself from how hungry he was getting. He heard a small wet sound, and tiny gasps. His face fell.

“Molly, are you crying?”

She was quiet for a long moment. “Yeah. Sorry. I'm scared.”

Harico grabbed the bars of the cell, straining to try to see her through the dark. “Please don't cry. I'll get you out of here. Your grandma too.”

She sniffed quietly, clearly unsure.

“I...I wish I could see you. I just...I need more light,” he said, his eyebrows pulling together in annoyance. “And I need to move these bars. If I can get Daddy outside then Papa will sense his ki and find us.” He hit the bars. “I'm just not strong enough.”

There was a loud clang as a door opened somewhere in the darkness. He heard Molly shriek, and two men speaking. They were keeping their voices low, but he still heard them perfectly.

“...sure this is necessary?”

“Boss says if they see we're willing to follow through with our threats they're more likely to give in. The girl isn't worth much else to us.”

Harico's grip on the bars tightened. “No! You get away from her!” he yelled. There was a buzzing in his brain, something he'd never experienced before. Daddy wasn't waking up, and Papa couldn't find them. No one was coming to help. He felt his power level begin to rise.

His heart beat faster, and then felt like it had stopped completely. The room filled with a golden light, and the bars bent under his hands. He could see where they were now, it was a windowless concrete room, and another cage sat twenty feet in front of him. New speakers hung from the walls, repeating his Papa's stolen voice. Two terrified men stood in the middle of the room, staring at him with open mouths.

“That...that's not possible! Tao said only the big one could do that!”

Harico stepped out of the cage where he'd bent the bars. “I said get away from her!”

He could see the girl now; a mousy slip of a thing staring at him with wide eyes. A woman lay behind her, eyes closed and not stirred by the commotion around her. The men backed away, slamming the door behind them. Harico heard locks being snapped into place.

Harico headed towards the other cage and Molly backed away. “You are a monster!” she screamed. “You promised you weren't!”

“What are you talking about?”

“You're glowing!”

He paused and looked down at his hands. “Is my hair all yellow?”

“Duh,” she frowned nervously.

“Wow,” he breathed, flexing his fingers. “Just like my daddies.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Are you a superhero too?”

He grinned. “I've got to show--” he spun around and remembered Goten was unconscious. “Oh,” he sighed and bent the bars to Molly's cage. “We've got to figure out how to get out of here. Those guys are gonna come back with more people.”

Goten's eyes opened suddenly and he sat up, making Harico jump. The boy grinned and ran to him, throwing his arms around his neck and clinging to him tightly.

“Daddy! You're awake! Look I went Super--” he paused, catching sight of Goten's face. The boy backed away, scowling suspiciously.

“What's wrong, Harico?” Molly asked, carefully stepping out of her cage.

“You're not my Daddy.”

Goten smiled apologetically. “I know I feel different, Harry, but I swear it's me.”

Harico shook his head suspiciously. “Your eyes are wrong. Who are you?”

“You're just going to have to trust me, Harry. Wow, look at you! You beat my record by more than two years.”

The fake Trunks voice changed. “Goten -- go back -- to sleep. Goten -- grab Harico. Goten --tie up -- the boy.”

He snorted, blasting one of the speakers for good measure. “Sorry. Not taking requests anymore.”

The door swung open and they heard the cocking of a gun.

In a fraction on a second Goten was on his feet, grabbing Harico from the ground and pulling him behind him. Tao took the opportunity to snatch the girl from the floor, setting the pistol against her temple.

“I've read enough of the doctor's notes to know bullets won't hurt you, but what about her?” He sneered. “Now, you only have to stay put another twelve hours. The Briefs won't allow you to be killed. You may be strong but I've never met anything that couldn't die with a blade through its heart. Your going to sit back down and behave, or she gets it.”

Goten's darker side shrugged. “My priority is my son, everyone else is expendable.”

Harico squeezed his leg. “Daddy no! You can't let Molly get hurt, she didn't do anything!”

The half Saiyan sighed. “Fine. We'll wait here. Harico stays behind me.”

“That's what I thought,” Tao snapped. “Get on the ground, hands up, or I shoot!”

Goten lowered himself to his knees, closing his eyes. Here I am, Trunks. Come to me.



Despite a few hiccups, everything was going to plan. The company had been fielding calls all day from news outlets asking why Bulma Briefs had announced a surprise press conference at 7AM the next morning. All reports said she'd been on vacation, and no one understood why she'd jump immediately from paradise to a press room. Most of her employees were stuck in the dark, just apologizing to the callers and assuring them that the conference was unplanned but definitely happening.

Frank Packer was much more genial as he answered the phone again and again. He'd been in an excellent mood all afternoon, and long after everyone else left for the day he stayed behind to catch the last of the calls.

Nine hours. Nine hours until the press conference and the company would be his. He'd toss Tao and his lackeys a billion Zeni and be rid of them, and then have all of Capsule Corp in his palm. His eyes darted over to Bulma's dark office window. It'd be his soon. A mischievous smirk slid across his face. He was the only one in the building -- no one would know if he tried out his new office early.

He used his master key to open the door and stepped into the darkness. No light came from the window as the sun had disappeared long ago, and he had to fumble a moment for the lightswitch.

The desk lamp snapped on. Packer jumped back, mouth falling open in shock. “I...H-hello, Ma'am. I didn't realize you were here.”

Bulma was leaned back in her desk chair, legs crossed on her desk. “Clearly. Have a seat, Packer.”

“May I was your trip, Ma'am? Your announcement of the press conference certainly threw us through a loop today.”

“It was great, right up until the end,” she shrugged. She was smiling, swinging her chair back and forth slightly with her hands behind her head. “I'm definitely relaxed. But the press release was necessary. There's going to be a lot of questions in the morning when people realize you're not coming back. It's been a busy day, funneling business profits into your accounts, doctoring your tax returns, it took a little while. We're pretty confident now that when they look into your disappearance it'll look like you've been embezzling for years and decided to take off when we got too close to the truth.”

He stood up, backing away towards the door slowly. “Ma'am?”

“Sorry for making you wait so long. Honestly we could have grabbed you an hour ago, but I've always wanted to wait in the dark in my office and dramatically reveal myself. I'm feeling a little theatrical and,” she patted her belly, “he's been having trouble saying no to me. You remember my husband, right?”

As Packer reached the door he backed into a solid chest and froze. He slowly turned his head around and whimpered, cowering away from Vegeta's intense stare. “Mr. Vegeta,” he said, shaking. “S-so nice to s-see you again--”

“Drop the shit,” Vegeta snapped. “We know exactly what you've done. There's only one person who benefits from us withdrawing from Capsule Corp, and Tao gave away your name. Tell us where they are. Now.”

Packer shrank away from him, cowering low to the floor. “I don't know the holding point!” he swore. “I didn't want to get my hands dirty! Tao is the one you want! I was just going to blackmail you, I didn't mean for any of this to happen!”

Vegeta snorted. “Stupid human. That was the only valuable knowledge you had.”

“What...what you going to do to me?”

“Me? Nothing?”

Packer sighed in relief, still shaking on his knees. “Thank you! Oh, thank y--”

“It wasn't my mate you stole.”

Packer's face fell as Vegeta stepped aside. Trunks stood behind him, his eyes black circles and his teeth bared. The man tried to back away but the young prince had his throat in his hand in an instant, hauling him off the floor.

“Where is my Goten?” He snarled.

“I-- I swear I don't know!” The man coughed.

Trunks swung the man down against the desk, the wood cracking beneath the man's body at the force of the blow. “I'll kill you! Where is my son? Where is my Goten!”

Here I am, Trunks. Come to me.

Trunks let go of the man who sputtered and fell to the floor. “He's alive. He's speaking to me!” He laughed breathily. He ran toward the window. I'm coming to you! I'm coming!

Vegeta grunted, making his son pause. He tilted his head towards Packer and raised an eyebrow.

“I don't give a shit what happens to him as long as I have my family back. He's all yours,” Trunks said. He hopped out, flying away at top speed.

Vegeta grinned, pulling Packer off the ground and looking at his mate. “I know you prefer roses but--”

“One severed head won't disgust me,” she laughed. “I am part Saiyan, after all. Destroy my enemy for me, Mate.”

No one was surprised to find out that Frank Packer had been 'embezzling’, and no one heard from him again.



Tao stood very still, the pistol against Molly's head. Goten stayed on his knees, hands behind his head, but his eyes bored into Tao's face so intensely that the man was having trouble maintaining eye contact.

Harico stayed behind his father as he'd been told, but through their mental connection Goten could feel his frustration growing. “Stay calm, Harry,” he whispered. “We'll be out of here soon.”

“What was that?” Tao spat.

Goten stared him down. “I said, why the hell are you in here? You have men. Why bother staying in here as our personal bodyguard? Why not send one of then in?”

“Well, if you want something done right,” Tao smirked.

“I don't think that's it at all,” Goten said, smiling back. “I think you're hiding.”

“Hiding? From what?”

“If you had any brains, you'd know. Who was the last Saiyan you fought? My father, when he was like eleven, right? And he just about killed you. You've never fought a grown one, you wouldn't stand a chance.”

“Unless you want her dead, I don't see that fight happening any time soon.”

“No, Daddy,” Harico whispered. Goten shushed him gently.

“I'm not talking about me,” Goten said. “I'm talking about Trunks.”

He snorted. “We have a ki field around the building. Use enough electricity and it makes it impossible to find a single person’s energy. He won't find us.”

Goten winked. “I can tell. That was a good trick. But I'm awake now.”

Tao's confident smile faltered.

“See? You must have read that part of Malcolm's research. That's one of the reasons you wanted me unconscious. Claims don't run on energy. They run on instinct. They're a deep, primal urge, like geese flying south when it gets cold. I've been awake what, twenty minutes now? And I've been calling for Trunks the entire time. I may not know exactly where we are, but I don't need to. He can feel me. He can look through my eyes and see your face. Now, I'm assuming he didn't stop to ask for anyone's help because he doesn't really need it, so it shouldn't be long now. He's coming for me.”

“Tell him to stay back!” he threatened.

“Oh, see, I don't think that's gonna work. You know the power of a Saiyan, but you've never seen one with a mate. See, in Trunks’ mind, I'm his property. And you stole me.” There was a loud scream in the distance, followed by gunfire. “I think your men are learning that now.”

Tao's hands started to shake as he heard his men crying for help.

“He’s over protective even when I'm not pregnant. I'd put that gun away if I were you. If he sees you with a weapon anywhere near me he'll probably pull your head clean off.”

“Call him off!” Tao screeched as the sounds of battle grew closer. He spun around, staring worriedly at the door.

Goten darted forward, grabbing the gun from his hands. “Harico close your eyes!” He ordered.

Harico ran forward and pulled Molly aside, covering her eyes and closing his own. There was loud bang and they heard Tao fall to the floor. There were several more shots as Goten took out the speakers around them, cutting out the fake Trunks voice.

The door came flying into the room, kicked off its hinges. Trunks stood in the doorway, eyes wide and teeth bared. He caught sight of Goten and the murderous hate on his face softened. He looked around quickly for danger and found none, then surged forward, pushing his mate against the wall. He took a moment to look in his eyes and tilted his head.

“Master?” He asked.

Goten chuckled. “I’ll be seeing you soon.” His dark eyes unclouded and his Ten was back.

“My Goten,” Trunks breathed, sliding a hand against his face. “Are you hurt?”

“No,” he promised. “I'm okay. We're all okay.”

Trunks sobbed. He bit into his shoulder hard and then kissed the bruised flesh. “I weren't answering…” Trunks fell to his knees, holding onto his mate's legs tightly. “Never again. I'll never, ever let anyone take you from me again.”

Harico came up and touched Trunks’ shoulder. Trunks spun around and pulled him against them, hugging him tightly. “Are you okay, Harico? Did they hurt you?”

“Papa, we need to get Molly and her grandma to the hospital,” Harico said, standing a little straighter. “They need help more than me.”

Trunks kissed the top of his blonde head. Molly approached them nervously, then hugged Harico.

“Thank you,” she said in a small voice.

He blushed.


Chapter Text

Goten whined, panting as he writhed against his sheets. The pleasure order had been going almost forty-five minutes, and his whole body felt raw. “Trunks, are you done yet?”

Trunks growled at him softly. No. His lips were firmly attached to his mate's hip bone as he sucked on the skin hard, intentionally leaving a mark behind.

“Come on, at least lift the order. I've already come twice, I'm oversensitive. I can't take much more.”

No. You're so fucking sexy like this, whimpering and wiggling beneath me. It's like art.

Trunks, I need you to stop. Goten thought, pulling out their safe phrase for the first time.

Trunks growled, clearly not done yet but wanting to respect their rule. He mumbled “Goten, cease pleasure,” and then returned to his work on his skin.

Goten sighed in relief, staying still so his mate could finish. Trunks finally released his skin with a pop, leaning back to observe his handiwork. Actually physically having his Goten stolen had shaken Trunks badly, and in the few weeks that followed his ownership marks on him had increased dramatically. Hickeys of varying degrees of freshness were scattered across Goten's bare skin, including several he'd just added tonight.

He circled the bruise on his hip bone and then pressed on it gently. “What's this mean?

Goten rolled his eyes, but said what he knew he needed to hear. “It means I belong to you Trunks. No one else is allowed to touch me.”

Trunks smirked and slid up his body, kissing him once before slipping under the covers with him. He pressed his face against his hair. “All mine.”

Goten paused. “Hey Trunks? Would you still love me if you'd never claimed me?”

“Yes,” he said with no hesitation.

“What if...what if something or someone put our claim in danger now?”

“I'd kill them,” he shrugged.

Goten fidgeted. “Right.” He slid a hand over his belly absently.

“Something on your mind, Ten?”

“Just baby names,” he lied, smiling at him. “Wondering if we should go for something more human this time.”

“Well, about that,” Trunks said, a little embarrassed. “Bra says she's already been named.”

“What? By who?”

“Veggie. When he told her to follow you he said that 'Goten and Eschalotte’ were in danger.”

“Eschalotte,” Goten mused. “Isn't that like the one name we weren't supposed to pick?”

“That's because Dad didn't know if they were having a girl at the time, but now we know it's a boy with a name already. It's back on the table and...I kinda like it.”

“Eschalotte. Lotte. I can work with that,” Goten nodded.

Trunks’ hand joined his. “Hi, Eschalotte,” he called softly. “We can't wait to meet you.”

“I warn you, she's going to be a crier,” Goten said. “Get as much sleep as possible in the next four months.”



They could not wait past nine months for Goten's C-section because they still did not know what would happen if he actually went into labor, so Eschalotte Briefs was born two weeks before her uncle.

Because they had a better idea now of how much UH-04 it took to knock Goten out, he was only asleep for two hours this time. Trunks insisted on his bedside vigil anyway, sitting at his side and holding their daughter. He wanted to be mostly alone with them, but he allowed Harico to sit on the edge of the bed, and even let him hold his sister for a few minutes.

Dr. Chase, permanently shaken but healthier looking since his wife and granddaughter had been returned to him, delivered both children. His wife was finally home after a long stint in the hospital, but in no shape to keep their granddaughter all day, so the girl was usually with him. Well fed and out of the dark, she was much brighter and happier than they had imagined her. Her bright orange hair regained a healthy sheen and she looked less mousy and thin than before. When Goten was awake and the family was allowed to come see the baby, she got to visit as well.

“Hi, Eschalotte,” Molly cooed, touching her small hand. “Nice to meet you.”

The small half Saiyan fussed again; she wasn't near as quiet as her brother had been at birth. Another difference was her starkly light hair, a small puff of lavender that Vegeta insisted looked Saiyan in style already, though everyone else had their doubts.

“Even your name makes you fussy, Lotte,” Goten teased her gently, kissing the top of the baby's head.

Molly smiled at him nervously. She'd been warming up to Goten recently -- it'd been a little harder since the first time he'd seen her he hadn't been himself. Harico kept insisting that this was what Daddy was really like, and she was starting to believe him.

“Grandpa?” Molly asked. “Can you take me to the gift shop? I want to buy Lotte a teddy bear.”

“I'll take you, Molly,” Harico said, hopping down from the bed. The adults in the room politely did not mention the fact that the nearly five-year-old was slightly younger than her and about an inch shorter.

“What a coincidence,” Gohan said, shooting his wife a conspiratorial look. “Videl and I are headed there too, we'll walk with you.”

“Okay,” said Harico, who wasn't really sure where the gift shop was anyway.

Vegeta smirked at his wife as the little group headed out the door, Harico in the lead despite not knowing where he was going.

You think…?

They're kids, Vegeta.

Obviously. But not forever. He's already strangely territorial, taking a role. Trunks was only sixteen, so maybe eleven years and--

Just let them be kids.

Vegeta Briefs the Fourth was not a crier. In fact he was so silent at birth that it caused worry; Malcolm thought that perhaps his lungs hadn't developed all the way. After frantic tests and some fussing they realized he very much did have the ability to scream, he just wasn't doing so, which reminded them of someone. With that chock of black hair he certainly looked like his father, except his face was little rounder, a bit more like his mother's.

Although Lotte had been born with the same mental connection to her father's that Harico had, Veggie had not. Their best guess was it was something about Trunks and Goten's physiology rather than the babies’.

Vegeta had his own theories on his son's silence. He insisted that the boy was just intelligent enough to not scream as he knew his needs would be met regardless. This was usually met with rolled eyes, but they had to admit his ability to speak through his mother before birth was definitely not the norm, even for a Saiyan child.

He'd never been an overly affectionate parent, even with Bra who had him so completely charmed, so it didn't escape notice that he held the boy more often than Bulma did. He was already making plans for training of course. Since Harico had managed Super Saiyan at age four, that was now the record to beat. He spoke about different techniques he'd try this time, usually just to Veggie as the others had stopped paying attention, but the boy always kept his dark blue eyes trained on his father as though he was listening raptly.

Bulma didn't mind her mate's apparent obsession with talking to their son like a grown sparring partner, mostly because it cut back on the work she had to do. She was back at Capsule Corp, more satisfied than ever to be in charge after knowing someone had tried to take the reins from her. In fact, if she didn't hurry, she was going to be late.

Veggie was about a month old now, and he still didn't cry much. They always fed him around the time she left for work, and as she turned from the counter with her keys she had to take moment to watch Vegeta with a baby in one hand and a bottle in the other. Most of Veggie could fit in his hand alone, and he had that arrogant smirk that she knew always fell over his face when he didn't want anyone to know how peaceful he felt.

What are you staring at, Woman?

Big muscled man holding a baby. Universally acknowledged as incredibly sexy.

“Are you worried about Veggie, Mom?” Trunks asked from across the breakfast table where he sat with his family. “We'll make sure Dad doesn't screw it up too much.”

Vegeta huffed but she laughed. “Veggie will be just fine. I wouldn't want anyone else watching my weird ass baby. Aren't you?” She cooed at the infant, leaning down to kiss his cheek. “Are you my weird little alien kid?”

The boy giggled but his father grimaced. “Don't baby him.”

“He's a literal baby.”

“Saiyan children are more intelligent, even at this age.”

“When Trunks was a month old he ate the Dragon Radar. Just straight up opened his mouth, put it inside, and swallowed it whole. Took a doctor to get it out.”

“There are exceptions,” Vegeta chuckled, glancing at his eldest son.

Trunks ignored him, taking Goten's hand. “Aren't you going to be late, My Love? You told Goku 8AM.”

Goten glanced nervously at the clock. “Yeah, I suppose I better go.”

Trunks took Lotte from his arms. “Don't worry about her. Don't worry about anything, I swear I've got this. Harico and I are going to study this morning, then this afternoon we're getting everything ready to move the house back to our old spot. I can do this stuff too. You go and train.”

Goten smiled weakly, taking a moment to kiss his husband like he was afraid he wouldn't see him again. It wasn't leaving Trunks with their children that worried him. His other side had given him one month of peace, but for the last two weeks he'd been whispering in the back of his brain, reminding him of the promise he'd made. It was time to deliver.

He made it to Mt. Pauzo with no incident. His father waved at him when he walked in, jumping up and stretching. “There you are! Ready? I figure we spend a few hours in the woods just warming up, then go find an island to battle on where we won't break anything --”

“Hey, where's Mom?”

“Out getting groceries. We didn't have anything for breakfast.”

“Oh shoot,” Goten said deliberately, setting a hand over his now-flat middle. “I'm starving. I didn't think to eat before I came over.”

“Hmm, I could eat,” Goku mused. “You wanna go find food first?”

“There's a little cafe at the base of the mountain with great doughnuts. Would you mind just instant transmitting there and bringing us back a few dozen?”

“Oh. Uh, sure thing,” he smiled. “Be right back.”

As soon as Goku disappeared Goten ran to the hallway, finding his parents’ room unlocked and rushing inside. He knew he didn't have much time.

He figured the closet was his best bet. He opened it wide and started searching the shelves, pulling down shoeboxes and hats he'd never actually seen his mother bother to wear. It didn't take long until he found what he was looking for.

A long white box.

He lifted the lid and pulled out the syringe, gulping nervously. A deal was a deal. He quickly pushed the needle into his arm and pushed the plunger down, feeling a burning sting as a chemical never meant for his body joined his blood stream.

There, he thought at his debt collector. The playing field has been leveled. Whatever happens next is your fault, not mine.

He was back sitting innocently at the table a full minute before Goku returned with their breakfast.



“Do you want a piece of cake, Grandpa?” Harico asked, offering the Saiyan a plate.

Vegeta eyes the confection wearily; it was a piece of double chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, fudge in the middle, and powdered sugar over the top of it. The boy definitely had a sweet tooth, and his father's had offered to get him any cake he wanted for his fifth birthday party.

“I'd rather not,” he said, fairly certain even a bite of it would send him into a coma.

“I'll have another piece, Harico!” Goku said through a mouthful of chocolate.

“Don't talk with your mouth full,” Chichi admonished half-heartedly. It was her turn to hold Eschalotte and she always found it hard to be strict while holding her grandchildren.

“I'll take one too,” Molly smiled from across the picnic table. They'd set up the party on the grounds of Capsule Corp, just far enough away that they trusted they could put the pinata bat in Harico's hand without him breaking a hole in the side of their home.

“Here you go, Molly,” he said immediately, setting the cake down in front of her. “I'll cut you another piece, Granddad.”

Trunks snorted quietly from where he was hanging the pinata. The adults had agreed to leave the kids alone and just let them spend time together if they wanted to. Harico blushed very easy, so they convinced everyone not to tease him for the way he tried to jump to fulfill all of Molly's requests.

“Daddy, can we open presents after Granddad finishes his cake?”

Goten was staring off into the distance, biting the inside of his lip absently.


“Hmm? Oh, yeah, Buddy, we'll open presents pretty soon. Let's finish eating and break open the pinata first.”

“Okay. You think Papa needs any help with it?”

Goten glanced at Trunks who was hauling the bright paper-mache animal over a tree branch. “I don't know. I'll...go see.”

Goten rose and slowly approached Trunks’ back. They'd finally got him to cut his hair, and his short lavender locks blew slightly in the breeze, sending his scent back towards his mate. Goten's heart beat a little faster, and the teeth chewing on his lip felt a little sharper. Thought escaped him, and suddenly he couldn't remember why he was approaching Trunks at all. What mattered was he was there, guard down and body looking so inviting...

The group at the picnic table heard Trunks’ roar before they saw what had happened. When they looked up they saw Goten behind him, pressed against his back with sharp teeth in his neck. They were both Super Saiyan already, and with an angry inhuman howl Trunks grabbed his mate and threw him over his shoulder onto the ground, ripping his teeth from his neck.

Goten roared back, jumping from the ground and tackling Trunks into grass, trying to get his grip on him back. They could see from here that both of their eyes were just black circles with rims of white -- two animals locked in a battle for dominance.

“Get the kids inside!” ordered Vegeta, setting Veggie into Bulma's arms and powering up with Goku. Their families ran inside, pulling a horrified Harico with them.

“What do we do, Vegeta?” The other Saiyan asked.

“We do nothing, they could kill us. The best we can hope to do is contain them.”

Goten's mouth only just struggled back to the prince's neck when Trunks managed to kick him off, sending him flying. Trunks didn't know why he was so angry, but every instinct in his brain was screaming in protest. It was his sweet Goten coming after him, but he was willing to do anything to him to not lose control.

Goten hit a tree hard, shattering it, then popped back to his feet, bent over and snarling as he ran towards his husband. He felt no pain, nothing else mattered besides getting back at Trunks’ neck, making him submit.

Trunks lifted from the ground, shooting off at top speed away from the compound. There was a boom as he broke the sound barrier, and then another as his husband took off after him. Goku and Vegeta stayed on the ground, deciding the only thing they could do at this point was protect those inside the house. Whatever was happening between their sons, they had to work it out themselves.

Trunks was fast at this speed, covering miles without any effort or time, but Goten was slightly faster. Trunks let out a threatening growl as he felt his mate getting closer and closer, and then suddenly Goten was on his back, arms locking firmly around his body.

“Mine!” Goten demanded, sinking his teeth back into the bite.

“No!” Trunks protested. He dived toward the ground. They were lucky enough to hit the Earth somewhere rural and away from the city, because the shockwave sent deep cracks splintering in all directions. Trunks spun around at the last moment, slamming Goten into the ground before him to take the full force of the descent.

Goten's teeth fell from him for only an instant to grunt. Then his hands fisted in Trunks’ hair again and he latched back on. “Mine!”

“No!” Trunks repeated. He swung his elbow back, catching Goten hard in the face.

The other man grunted but held on. Trunks felt a burn as his mate's saliva mixed with his blood. Two chemicals that were never meant to coexist fought their way down his veins, and his deepest instincts screamed their dissention. I am the dominant! They screamed. I will never submit! I'll die first!

Trunks caught sight of a tall rock and ran into it backwards, slamming Goten against it again and again to knock him off, but to no avail. The younger man had a death grip around his body, and he wasn't letting go.

He struggled, but his efforts became less spirited. He didn't want to admit it, but the burn in his veins was starting to feel good. What at first felt like fire was now a very warm tingle, like stepping into a bath that was just hot enough to burn a little on a cold night. A new voice joined the cadre of protests in his head.

Why not give in? Don't your master's teeth feel good in your neck?

No. No he didn't have a master. Goten belonged to him, not the other way around. He tried half-heartedly to flip Goten over his shoulder. The move failed and Trunks fell down to his knees. The blinding rage that his physiology had demanded of him was fading. Was this really happening? Was Goten really claiming him? How? And what did this mean for his claim over his mate? He couldn't lose that, it meant the world to him.

Submit. Give in. Let your master have you .

Goten's teeth pulled out of his neck and he rumbled against him. “Mine.”

Trunks whimpered a little, trying to pull forward the last of his will. He fell to his hands, Goten hovering over him with that inescapable grip.

“Mine!” Goten roared again.

“Y...yours,” Trunks admitted. “I'm yours, Ten. Your claim is safe.”

Goten panted against his cheek for a moment, and then rolled off of him and collapsed, immediately asleep. Trunks sat up in shock, placing a hand against the bleeding wound on his neck. Was his Goten still his?

He reached out and touched his mate's face, closing his eyes...Yes. Yes his claim over Goten was still firmly in place. He could feel his power over the younger man, just as strong as ever. He had some explaining to do.

“Goten, wake up,” he ordered.

Goten obeyed instantly. Eyes snapping open. Trunks stared at those familiar eyes, but there was something different about them. It was his Ten, no question, his irises had gone just one shade darker, and they looked like they intended to stay that way.

“Goten, what did you do?” Trunks growled. “Did you take the UH-03? Do you know how dangerous that is? What if we'd killed each other fighting for dominance?”

Goten didn't seem to be paying attention. He was staring at Trunks' face, and his hand came out to slowly stroke his cheek.

“What?” Trunks asked, a little softer. “Are you okay?”

“I feel…” Goten started, tears in his eyes, “ I feel like you're my everything. Like I'd never been whole until right now. Like without you I'd be nothing, have nothing, want nothing. Fuck. I love you, Trunks. I love you so much it hurts.”

Trunks gave him a small smile. “That's normal.”


“I've felt that way about you every day since I claimed you. It's still here, by the way. My claim over you is still valid. Watch. Goten, stand.”

He immediately popped to his feet.

“See? I don't know what you were trying to prove with this little stunt, but--”

“Trunks, stand.”

Serene peace rushed over Trunks as he obeyed, feeling for the first time the sensation of having no control over his muscles. They simply heard his mate and obeyed, leaving his will and mind completely out of the equation.

Trunks stared at him with wide eyes and Goten kissed him firmly. “This. This is what I wanted to prove. You want to own me, Trunks? That's fine. Hell, a good chunk of me likes it and,” he paused to look down at himself, “there's only the one of me, now, so we agree. You get to own me, but I get to own you, too.

Trunks stared at him a long moment before a grin broke across his face. “I can live with that. Master.”

“Trunks, kiss me,” Goten ordered, and the other man obeyed. “Trunks, pleasure.”

The prince gasped, using his mate's shoulders to stay upright. “ Holy shit.”

Goten chuckled. “I told you, it's intense.”

Trunks moaned, catching his eye with a mischievous wink. “You can have me now, Master, but I get you tonight.”

“Damn right,” Goten said pulling his head back to trail kisses down his bite mark. “I still want you to take me sometimes. Now I get to be present for both.”

“Oh, shit, presents!” Trunks gasped. “Harico's party! Oh, he must be so confused to see us fight, we've got to go back and--”

“We will,” he promised, a skilled hand slipping between them. Between his hands and his orders, Trunks had no will to stop him.



It was more than an hour after that when they sheepishly made their way back to Capsule Corp. Trunks had his eyes on his mate, finding the little differences and enjoying them. Goten's stance had straightened out; he no longer walked like his strength was a secret, it was on full display. His only slightly darker eyes were strong and confident, but clearly worried.

“Okay, Ten?”

“Harico didn't like meeting my other self. It scared him. Now that we're one being again...what if he's afraid of me? I couldn't take that.”

The pinata and presents were still waiting untouched in the yard and they both felt a pang of guilt for tainting the special day. They heard their families chatting to each other worriedly and tapped awkwardly on the open door.

“Hey,” Goten called. “Uh, sorry about that. My fault. We're all done now, if you all want to open presents and get more cake…”

The group stared at them, obviously seeing something different but not knowing what it was. Harico let go of Molly's hand and approached them slowly.

“I'm sorry we fought on your birthday, Buddy,” Goten said with a frown. “I promise we're not mad at each other, and it won't happen again.”

Harico reached out his small hands and set them on both sides of Goten's face, leaning in to look him into the eyes closely. Joy suddenly lit up his face and he clapped, clearly thrilled. “You did it, Papa!”

“What?” Trunks asked.

“Daddy's happy for real! I knew you could do it!” He hugged the man's knees, bouncing excitedly. “That's a great birthday present! Can we go open the other ones now?”

“Uh...sure, Harico.”

Harico took Molly's hand and ran back out to the picnic table, digging into the bright wrapping paper as the adults slowly followed him.

Vegeta cleared his throat and spoke quietly to them. “You want to tell me what the hell--”

“No,” Goten said immediately. “It's our claim and our business, we don't want to talk about it. But uh...we're gonna need to have another ceremony.”

“And I'm going to need another tattoo,” Trunks laughed. “You don't have a crest, so maybe just your name?”

“I get to pick the place?” Goten asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

Vegeta sighed, letting the young men go towards the party without him. He'd never once heard of an equal claim, but then, there were a lot of firsts in his family, and despite his scowl, he knew he loved them all.


                                    The End