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Spoils of Love and Sex

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“C’mon, Kiryu-chan, I know yer around here!” Majima called out.

Kiryu groaned and began running faster in the opposite direction. He was injured from a fight earlier in the day and he was in no mood to beat Majima down for the billionth time.

Just when Kiryu let out a sigh of relief as he walked out of an alley and away from Majima, he was surprised when Majima was standing, hands on his hips with a huge smirk on his face a few paces from the alley.

“Ya know you can’t hide from me forever,” Majima said chidingly, still grinning as he shook his head.

“Majima-san, I really don’t have time for a fight with you right now.”

“Who said anythin’ about fightin’?”

Kiryu raised an eyebrow and Majima huffed.

“I didn’t find ya this time to fight ya. Thought we could go on a little date.”

“A date,” Kiryu said flatly, crossing his arms.

“Tch, we can’t go on dates?”

“No, it’s not that,” Kiryu said, narrowing his eyes. “I just… didn’t expect you to ever ask.”

Majima chuckled and threw his arm around Kiryu’s shoulder and began guiding him to wherever their date was.

“Lighten up, Kiryu-chan! It’s just a date,” Majima said, no doubt referring to how stiffly Kiryu was walking. He grunted but didn’t try and relax.

With Majima, it was better to be over-prepared than too relaxed. He didn’t want a knife to the ribs, and he had no doubt Majima wouldn’t hesitate to “test him”, even with their new relationship. He wouldn’t really call them “boyfriends” per se, but he didn’t have a clean word to refer to what the two of them had.

“Korean barbeque?” Kiryu asked when Majima stopped in front of one of Kiryu’s favorite restaurants.

“Yup! C’mon, we’ve got reservations.”

Kiryu was still on guard when they were seated in a secluded area, and he was grateful for the quiet. He wasn’t convinced Majima wasn’t going to jump on the table and start cackling and challenge him to a fight. Majima seemed to be ignoring Kiryu’s less than relaxed behavior, humming happily as he looked over the menu.

“Whaddya gonna get?”

“Just this,” Kiryu said, pointing to his usual meal on the menu.

Majima nodded and clapped his hands, bringing out a mousy waiter who was practically trembling as he took their order.

“That’ll be right out, sirs,” the waiter said, bowing slightly before scurrying away.

As they waited, Majima tried to coax Kiryu into conversation, but even on days when he wasn’t worried about his partner stabbing him, he wasn’t very talkative. Majima ended up telling stories, which was finally what made Kiryu start relaxing.

Their food came out quicker than usual and Kiryu dug in immediately, savoring the way the beef tongue tasted.

“This is nice, Majima-san,” Kiryu said between bites.

Majima scoffed and waved his hand as if it were nothing, but Kiryu noted that he seemed embarrassed at the praise.

He was almost done eating when he felt the tip of Majima’s boot trace up the inside of his leg, causing him to flush heavily. He glanced sharply at Majima but he was still eating, shoving food quickly into his mouth.

“Ya know what I was thinin’ about last night,” Majima said conversationally.

“What were you thinking about?”

“I was thinkin’ about the face ya make when yer about to cum. Probably the only time when yer not scowlin’.”

“Majima-san, we’re in public,” Kiryu said, his face flushing even more heavily.

“C’mon, what’s wrong with me talkin’ about how I want that thick cock of yours to choke me while you fuck my throat?”


“Aw, don’t be embarrassed, maybe ya want me to fuck ya so hard you’ll feel it for days after. Oh, looks like ya like that suggestion.” Majima was smug as Kiryu swallowed heavily at the prospect.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu said, hoping he sounded dangerous instead of embarrassed.

“What’s up, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked innocently. He wasn’t able to stop himself from grinning, though, which made Kiryu huff and roll his eyes. However, he didn’t stop the touches. It had been a while since the two of them had had sex, so the touches were welcome.

“Are you almost done?” Kiryu asked.

“What, ya impatient for somethin’?” Majima asked, grinning. Kiryu licked his lips as Majima continued the soft touches, but he set his utensils down and stood up.

“Let’s get outta here.”


Majima practically attacked him when they walked through his front door. Kiryu began shrugging off his jacket and tried to unbutton his shirt, but Majima slapped his hands away and did it himself as he continued trying to shove his tongue down his throat.

“Kiryu-chan, lemme spoil ya tonight.”

“Okay,” Kiryu said, not exactly sure what that meant, but he wouldn’t complain.

Majima grinned and ripped Kiryu’s shirt off, pushing him into the bedroom and onto the huge king sized bed. Majima slotted his knee between Kiryu’s thighs and kept kissing them, hot and needy as they panted against each other.

“Lay back,” Majima eventually said, a string of saliva hanging between them momentarily as he pulled away. Kiryu laid down and lifted his ass off the bed so Majima could pull his pants and boxers off. He grunted when he heard something that sounded suspiciously like a rip, but he knew he had clothes here so he tried to forget about it.

Majima grinned from atop him as he stroked Kiryu’s cock, rubbing his thumb over the head and twisting his fist. Kiryu bit his lip as he held in a moan--Majima knew just how he liked it. He wasn’t able to stop himself from letting out a small whine when Majima took his hand away.

“How about this?” Majima asked, holding up one of his many vibrators. The one he was holding was a soft pink and the thickness Kiryu loved. He swallowed and nodded, which made Majima grin and move Kiryu’s legs so he’d have better access. He spread Kiryu’s cheeks and Kiryu held his breath as he felt Majima’s stubble nuzzle against his inner thigh.

Kiryu couldn’t help but gasp when he felt Majima’s finger against his hole--he hadn’t warmed the lube.

“It’s cold.”

“Oh, sorry,” Majima said sheepishly, pulling his hand back as he let the lube warm up.

This time when Majima’s finger began rubbing little circles around his hole, he let out a huge breath and relaxed, holding in any sounds as Majima pressed his finger inside. Kiryu panted, his mouth open, as Majima pushed in his middle finger already. He knew that Kiryu liked the stretch, pleasant enough but not so intense that it hurt. Kiryu couldn’t stop himself from squirming as Majima began crooking his fingers.

“Ya like that?”

Kiryu nodded furiously in response, gasping as Majima began stroking his cock slowly, rubbing in the precum around the head that he’d been leaking. He began scissoring his fingers slowly, making Kiryu moan and cover his face with his hand. Majima was unfairly good with his fingers.

“Look at ya, so fuckin’ desperate for my cock,” Majima said, almost in awe. “I can always tell when you’ve been fingerin’ yerself, wishin’ it was me. Look how fuckin’ easy I can stretch ya out. When’s the last time ya fingered yerself?”

Kiryu grunted and squirmed, his face flushing at the question.

“C’mon, Kiryu-chan, I just wanna know the last time ya were desperate for my cock.”

“Last night,” Kiryu finally murmured, hoping it was quiet enough that Majima wouldn’t hear.

“Oh?” Majima said, sounding pleased. “Tell me exactly what you were thinkin’.” He pushed in a third finger as he spoke, making Kiryu bite his lip.

“I--I was thinking about how you tease me,” Kiryu groaned out, gasping as Majima began scissoring his fingers. “H-how you get me so desperate I can’t think straight. I wanted to feel you stretching me out, you’re s-so thick and hard it makes me crazy.”

“How many fingers did ya get inside?”


Kiryu moaned as Majima pulled out his fingers and started stroking him faster.

“I’ll never get over how good your asshole looks, Kiryu-chan.” Majima was stroking lube over the vibrator with his free hand, licking his lips as he surveyed Kiryu.

“Stop teasing,” Kiryu groaned out when Majima didn’t push the vibrator inside him yet.

“Alright, alright,” Majima said, letting go of Kiryu’s cock as he started pushing in the thick vibrator. “Fuck, I love watchin’ ya spread like this. Ya take it so good, Kiryu-chan, just swallowin’ every last centimeter like it’s nothin’. I always thought I was the biggest anal slut around but I really think you give me a run for my money.”

Kiryu whined as Majima finally sheathed the length of the toy inside him, his ass squeezing intermittently around how thick it was as he tried to adjust. Majima let him get used to it for a few moments before he flicked on the switch to the lowest speed.

“Aw, look at that, yer leakin’ like a faucet,” Majima said, gathering the precum that had leaked onto Kiryu’s abdomen. He licked his finger clean and Kiryu couldn’t stop himself from moaning at the sight.

Majima took Kiryu’s cock back into his hand and started stroking him.

“Fuck, ya look so good,” Majima said breathlessly, his eyes glued to the way the toy was stretching Kiryu’s rim.

“Move it.”

“What was that?”

“P-please fuck me with it, turn it higher, something, please.”

Majima chuckled and turned it higher, keeping the pace around Kiryu’s cock slow as he mimicked the pace as he started fucking Kiryu with the toy.

“F-fuck, right there,” Kiryu moaned, unable to stop himself from thrusting his hips into Majima’s fist. He cried out when Majima turned the speed up again.

“I’m gonna fuck ya so hard ya see stars, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, licking his lips as he started stroking Kiryu’s cock faster. “Gonna make ya feel so good the whole fuckin’ city will know I made ya cum tonight.”

Kiryu whimpered and bit his lip, unable to keep himself quiet as Majima angled the toy a little differently and---

“Fuck!” Kiryu was finally cumming, moaning and squirming as Majima continued stroking him, milking him for everything he was worth. He swore his vision was turning white as Majima continued thrusting the toy in and out of him, and he let out pathetic little whimpers as his hips twitched, his body telling him to get away from the stimulation, but his mind forcing him to stay put and enjoy the overstimulation.

“God, your cock is so fuckin’ huge, Kiryu-chan,” Majima said, finally letting it go to lean forward and lick off the cum pooled on Kiryu’s abdomen. “Wish I could have it in me all the time, nothin’ stretches me out better.”

“Majima-san,” Kiryu whimpered, tears pooling in his eyes as he struggled to keep himself still.

“What is it?”

“It’s… it’s too much, p-please…”

“Please what?”

“I--I want more,” Kiryu moaned out, crying out when he felt Majima’s hot, wet mouth start sucking on his half-soft cock. He quickly hardened the rest of the way, but he was so sensitive he couldn’t think straight, all he could focus on was the way Majima bobbed his head up and down before he took the entirety of his cock down his throat and swallowed around it.

He lasted even less time than his first orgasm, cumming down Majima’s throat as the vibrator continued buzzing inside him. Majima swallowed around him again and pulled Kiryu’s cock out of his mouth before he licked gently across the head, even the gentle touch making pleasure flare so intensely it was almost painful. He squirmed, trying to get away from the sensation, but Majima continued licking him.

“Fuck me, please, Majima-san, I need you inside me, I want your cum inside me, please, please, please,” Kiryu babbled, groaning and thrusting his hips up listlessly into the wetness of Majima’s tongue.

It was relieving and maddening at the same time when Majima pulled out the vibrator, leaving him clenching around nothing as Majima stroked his cock with lube.


“Yes, yes, fuck, please,” Kiryu groaned as Majima began pushing inside him, making him throw his head back and arch his back slightly. Majima was even thicker than the toy and the stretch felt delicious.

“Gotta relax, Kiryu-chan,” Majima murmured, leaning overtop him and kissing his neck softly as he waited for Kiryu to relax. Kiryu nodded and let out a breathy whine as he stopped himself from clenching around Majima.

“Fuck me already,” Kiryu moaned when Majima finally bottomed out. Majima chuckled against his neck but began slowly dragging his cock in and out.

Kiryu whimpered when Majima reached his hand down and began stroking him again--he was still so sensitive, but he just pulled Majima’s head closer and kissed him, wrapping his legs behind Majima as he started fucking him faster. It was still too much, he wasn’t ready for it yet, but he couldn’t get over how good it felt. His mind was stuffed with cotton, his ears ringing, drooling down his chin as he was fucked into overstimulation.

Just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, Kiryu grunted and began moaning as he started cumming across his chest again. Majima sped up his thrusts and Kiryu cried out--it was too much, he couldn’t take it anymore. Just as he was about to ask him to stop, Majima’s hips stilled and he buried his head in Kiryu’s neck and moaned against him as he came, his hips stuttering slightly as Kiryu continued squeezing around him.

“Fuckin’ Christ.” Majima’s voice was muffled against Kiryu’s neck, so he groaned and lifted himself up, grinning down at Kiryu. “You were fuckin’ incredible. I wasn’t sure if you would be able to take it.”

“I wasn’t sure either,” Kiryu said, his ears still ringing as Majima pulled out. He groaned as Majima’s cum spilled from his ass and onto the bedspread. Majima returned from the bathroom and began wiping Kiryu down gently, planting gentle kisses across his forehead after he was done.

“I need to shower,” Kiryu eventually said when the room finally came back into focus.

“Go take one then.”

“Maybe later,” Kiryu said and pulled Majima into his embrace and closed his eyes.