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Jojo's Bizarre College Adventure

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“But Jonathan!”

“No buts Joseph” Jonathan said pulling in front of the main college entrance, “You’re going to this university whether you like it or not”

“Why though? I don’t want to go” Joseph whined out looking outside, “I mean what’s the point? It’s not like I need this or—”

“You need to get a degree if you want to be successful in life. Grandma wants you to get at least some sort of education. A degree shows just that, she doesn’t care what degree” he said and Joseph turned to him to say something when he continued, “just along as it isn’t that”

“That’s all I want to do though” Joseph muttered and Jonathan sighed and continued

“That is exactly why we chose this college. No such program here.” Jonathan stated and saw the glare from his brother towards his new college, “Come on Joseph, there might be something better for you here”

“I don’t want anything else. Can I at least go to a college providing that?” Joseph stated and sighed, “I mean depriving me of what I truly want to do, it isn’t fair… it’s inhuman”

“Will you stop it already!? You know how we feel about that!” Jonathan snapped causing Joseph to wince looking back outside with a blank gaze and Jonathan sighed, “Just get going and find a degree that is offered here. There is science, math, writing, art and so much more. Whatever it is you’ll choose to get will be fine by us.”

“Besides what I want to do” Joseph muttered bitterly under his breath. He didn’t know if his brother heard him or not but what he did know was he continued with what he was saying

“It could be art for all we care. It is easy enough and it will prove you can accomplish something rather than sitting and reading comic books all day” he said and saw Joseph grumble and look out the window to the entrance with a ‘I hate this look’ so he smiled and continued

“Hey, since you like comic books so much why don’t you go for the art degree? Learn how to make comics. Bet you’ll be good at it since you read them every day”

“I read comics. I don’t want to make them” Joseph said argumentatively

“Science then” Jonathan stated and Joseph raised a brow

“You actually want me to play around with chemicals?” Joseph asked and Jonathan had a sweat-drop appear on his head…

“Err… good point. How about writing? There’s so much you can do with that. Being a writer can be a life worth living”

“Talk about a horribly boring career” Joseph muttered. No way in hell will he ever succumb to becoming a writer. That takes way too much effort for nothing at all.

“… Math then” Jonathan stated

“And I thought writing was boring... Who the hell uses math as a career anyways?”


“Teaching math is for losers”


“Speak it already, pointless”

Jonathan let out a deep sigh which made Joseph smirk. After all, that sigh means he is in the clear. He doesn’t have to-

“You are not getting that degree period. Grandma already paid for your non-refundable entrance fee anyways. Though, if you insist that you don’t want to go here, we can go back” Jonathan said smirking when seeing the happy look on Joseph’s face, “Yet in doing so, you would surely break her poor little heart to see that all that good money going to waste. Do you truly want that to happen?”

Joseph growled, “I hate it when you use the ‘grandma card’” Joseph said in a tone that Jonathan smiled at; it was the tone of utter defeat. Joseph got out with his duffle bag and put the strap around his shoulder before looking back into the car through the passenger side window.

“I seriously don’t want to do this. You know I’ll just flunk out. Nothing’s good enough here to make me do my best. My best is pretty shitty already.” he said and Jonathan shook his head and before he could say anything Joseph continued, “Your next line is “don’t say that. You’ll do fine once you find out what degree you want. It’s a healthy change”

“Don’t say that… Hey, I told you to stop that!” Jonathan yelled

Joseph chuckled adding a quick ‘never gets old’ before letting out a sigh, “Well, I guess I’ll see you around”

“Call us if you need anything”

“Yeah, yeah...” he stated sighing deeply with hints of frustration and sadness and Jonathan sighed

“Just try to get a degree you like here and that you can finish with good grades, alright?”

“…Yeah… bye” Joseph stated blankly before walking into the college entrance gates; gates he considered hell at the time… since it is those iron walls locking him in and away from what he truly wanted to do with his life… iron walls being the gates to this college… the locks being his family.

Joseph let out a deep and long sigh before bringing a map out to see where the orientation is being held… he had no choice in going to this college… none of the degrees sounded good enough to waste 3-4 years to achieve… this map makes no damn sense.

“What…?” Joseph muttered confused looking to the map closely and looked around to see any street sign that was represented on this map and there was nothing remotely close to what is written on this map.  Joseph grumbled… he hated asking for directions, but he would be late to orientation if he didn’t do just that, ‘another thing I’m being forced to do’ he added in his mind before grunting slightly and walking to a lady that was walking towards the direction he was at.

“Excuse me?” he asked shifting his duffle bag on his shoulder, “Sorry to bother you but can you please point me in the direction of where orientation is being-?” he asked nicely… one thing that’s been drilled in his mind since he was little… be nice to women but he cut himself off when the lady just walked right passed him not giving him a second glance or thought. Joseph sighed, “…Right” he said adding in his mind that was the main reason he hated asking for directions…

There was a soft chuckle and Joseph turned to see a blonde guy with green eyes sitting on one of the lowered walls looking at him. Joseph took a deep silent breath in an attempt to control his quickly growing frustration easily mistaken as anger… he was already on edge from being here against his will… that guy better watch it. Once Joseph snaps, he takes things into his own hands possibly the life of the one who pissed him off, if he felt up to it. Joseph let out a small sigh and decided that it was best to ignore him and continue to look around and saw another woman and attempted to ask her for directions… and she ignored him completely just like the first one.

After three more attempts, Joseph began to give up hope. He was never going to find orientation… and these girls are freaken pricks, the last girl ran into him and continued her merry way like Joseph wasn’t even there or she ran into anyone at all. While rubbing his shoulder where the girl hit when running into him Joseph gritted his teeth trying to calm his growing anger. He was not angry because of the women, no, it was all due to the blonde jerk that was still chuckling at him… Each time Joseph failed with the women, the guy’s chuckling became louder as if he wasn’t even trying to hide it. He actually laughed when the woman ran into him like he was invisible… Joseph turned to him to tell him off when he saw that he jumped down from the low wall and walked to the lady that literally ran into Joseph in the form of silent rejection

‘Good luck bastard’ Joseph muttered in thought

“Excuse me, Signora? I seem to be a little lost… I am looking for orientation. Will someone as beautiful as you point me in the direction?”

“Oh… It’s over in that direction” she said blushing slightly and the guy gently grabbed her hand

“I’m not sure if I know where that is, this campus is awfully large…” he asked bringing her hand closer to his face, “will you be willing to walk me there?” he asked pressing a gentle kiss on her hand

“…I have to be at my job in five minutes… but oh well, it’s only a job that can be replaced. I’ll be glad to show someone as cunning as you to orientation!” she stated and started walking with the blonde. The blonde turned to see Joseph and gave him a smirk

Joseph growled, “What an asshole…” he muttered before looking at the map and then around and let out an annoyed yell, “This map makes no freaken sense!”

“….Uhm? Excuse me?”

Joseph looked behind him to see a blonde girl who looked kind