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"I'm cold, babe."


"Come on, please?"

"No way! I actually like this hoodie, and I kind of want to see it again."

"You will see it again, on me. Besides, you can always steal it back."

Peter avoided his eyes, instead opting to stare at the fire. "Nope."

Tim sighed. "Please?" He tried.

"Not happening!"

Putting on his best kicked puppy expression, Tim tried again, this time slipping off the bench in order to force Peter to look him in the eyes.


"N-o. No,"

"Please. Babe. I'm so cold. I'm going to die of hypothermia."

"UGH! FINE! Fine." Peter pulled his black SI hoodie off with a disgruntled expression, and threw it in Tim's face.

"Yay!" Tim pulled the hoodie on, reveling in the warmth, and sighed dreamily. He didn't even wonder why the hoodie was way too big for him or Peter.

Peter grumbled, rubbing his bare arms. "You SO owe me one."


"I want a dragon."

"Be more realistic."

"Okay, I want my yellow hoodie with the clouds on it back."

Tim stifled a giggle. "What color do you want your dragon?"



[Avenger's Tower]


Tim sighed, and checked his watch for the hundredth time. Peter is late. Again. Stupid daytime vigilantes and their stupid schedules.

He took a sip of his Starbucks, and sighed again. Loudly. He's not even going to be mad, because Peter's probably helping an old woman across the road or returning someone's lost bike.

Friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

God, if he's late even TWO more seconds, Tim is gonna-

"Ah! Young Timothy! Hello!"

Thor waved cheerfully at him, and Tim was again struck by strong yellow lab vibes. Big, goofy, and incredibly loyal.

"Are you waiting for Spiderlad?"

Tim snorted, and covered his mouth with his hand. "Yes. That is who I am waiting for. Spiderlad."

Thor smiled again, and patted Tim on the shoulder with an honestly huge hand. Tim felt like a preteen.

"Tony said they were both coming back in around five minutes."

"Oh. Good."

Thor nodded, letting the smile slip off his face, and started to walk away.

Tim checked his watch again. Five minutes. He could handle five minutes.

Except, Thor had stopped five feet away and was now staring Tim's chest. His hoodie?

"Is that- Is that my hooded shirt?"

Tim's eyes widened. Peter wouldn't.

"Uh. Um. Maybe?"

Thor wrinkled his brow. "It's been lost three long months! Where did you find it?"

Oh boy. "I didn't find it? I stole it from Peter, so you'd have to ask him."

Thor gave him a piercing look, and nodded slowly.

"Do you want it back?"

Thor shook his head. "I have already gotten a replacement. Perhaps I should keep a better eye on my belongings."

He turned and just- walked away. Peter Parker is dead. He is so dead. Oh my god, Thor thinks he's a hoodie thief now. Which, he IS, but STILL.

"Hey, Tim! Sorry I'm late- woah, what's up?"

"Parker. Where did you get this hoodie." Tim gritted out

"Uh. Pepper. Why?"

"Because Thor- yeah, THOR- just asked me why I was wearing his hoodie."

"Oh my god."

"You're so dead."

"I wore Thor's hoodie. You're wearing Thor's hoodie. Oh my GOD WHAT DID I DO."