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SmashPass - Peach/Daisy

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"One thing's for sure, there has been a big miscommunication in what exactly it means to "Smash" with someone." said Princess Daisy while scratching her head.
The beautiful desert princess had felt her heart skip a beat when she received that infamous letter so many craved with the official Smash Seal upon it, and when she got a hand written note from Princess Peach, her closest friend, inviting her to be the first to challenge her to smash, the overexcited monarch practically skipped out of the castle. She went all the way to the beautiful Mushroom Kingdom to meet Peach.

Princess Peach was wearing her signature pink dress, showing off a flair of elegance along with a killer body. Her blonde hair was prepared perfectly, and her make-up applied without flaw, emphasising her almost painfully beautiful features. The top of her dress fit so very snugly, showing off her huge, bouncy tits and slim waist. The beautiful ditz had gone and decided a bra wasn't needed today, so her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric, and they bounced so very easily. Although her pink hem hid it from view, she was also gifted with a truly ridiculously sweet ass. It was so full and jiggly that her opponents relished being knocked out of the arena when she came flying in to butt-slam them away. It was more like a safety precaution to hide it from view, otherwise she'd have her opponents spanking her soft tush all fight long, and she had to act like she didn't like it!

Peach was dressed up ready for battle. Princess Daisy, however, was dressed for something else. Her hair tied backwards, showing off her pretty, confident smile and full lips. She wore her Strikers outfit, a tight yellow shirt that clung to her large tits and toned belly. She was in great shape from her consistent work-out sessions, and loved to show it off to Peach, who was always cooing in amazement at Daisy's firm muscles. She was also wearing the tightest pair of booty shorts she had in her wardrobe. Not only because Daisy's ass was picture perfect, but because it left nothing to the imagination when it came to the fat, throbbing monster cock she sported. The outline of it was practically as obscene as if she was waving it around in front of Peach, the hidden promise of a pussy-breaking futa fuck staring you right in the face. Not to mention the overstuffed coconut sized balls swinging between her legs that had been building up a fresh batch of overly thick cock cream for the pretty peachy princess.

And make no mistake, when Daisy heard she was invited to Smash with Peach, she had EVERY intention of flipping her dainty royal legs over her head into a 100% impregnation mating press and making her scream for more. She had a pretty good idea of what a Smash battle was, you fuck your opponent until their eyes cross and they're screaming for you to bust a nut in their defeated pussy. Extra points for making their lithe bellies swell up with your royal baby. As it turns out, a Smash Battle was mostly just a crazy fight. More bombs than babes, as it were. Daisy was visibly dissapointed as Peach explained the rules. Peach did try her best not to glance down at Daisy's explicitly visible fuckstick, which she knew Daisy had every intention of slamming into her wet cunt with reckless fucklust.

"W-well, let's just try it out and see how you like it!" Peach suggested with a radiant smile. Daisy just sighed dreamily. She was so freaking beautiful, and Daisy had gotten all worked up imagining those full, rosy cock-sucking lips forced allllll the way down till her sweet little nose was pressed up against Daisy's firm abdomen. Daisy huffed in annoyance. "Just a regular old fight? Booooooring! How's about we make it more interesting, Peachy? Tell ya what. Whoever wins gets to do WHATEVER they want with the loser! How does that sound?" Peach gulped as she heard Daisy's proposal. It was hardly subtle. What Daisy clearly wanted to do was beat Peach and start using the soft royal as a makeshift cumdump as fast as she could. The sheer bulging and throbbing going on under Daisy's shorts made it clear that she was already imagining the countless ways she could use Peach for her own stress relief. But Peach was the more experienced Smasher here, and there were plenty of things she could order Daisy to do for her when she won. A nice massage, a shopping trip, a lip-biting anal fu-oh no no no, not that!

Peach steeled herself and tried to look tough, which just made the sweet princess look even more adorable. "You're on, Daisy! I'm going to show you what I can do!" Daisy grinned lewdly, "Oh I bet you will, Peach."

"GET READY! GO" blasted out the announcers voice, and the match was on.

The poor Peachy princess wasn't at all ready for the athletic prowess of her desert friend. Daisy was toned, and powerful, and very fast, and took full control of the match. She also made sure to rub her sexual prowess in Peach's face at every chance, often literally. She grinded her cock against Peach's cushiony ass, she groped at her huge marshmellowy tits, she sat on Peach's face and rubbed her fine ass all over here. Daisy was having the time of her life, and poor Peach was just getting more and more turned on, her furnace of a pussy dripping wet and ready for Daisy to cut the pretence and breed her like a fucking Sarasaland stud.

Daisy managed to toss Peach down onto the ground, and jumped on top of her, resting above her belly with her barely concealed cock cushioned right before her massive tits. Peach was dazed from the battle, but could hardly not notice that the enticing erection had gotten even more turgid and dangerous. It was pushing against the soft fabric with every intention of ripping it to shreds. And the scent! The thick, musky, sweaty scent of a monstrous breeding cock that needed, NEEDED to be buried to the hilt in some soft, fertile pussy...kind of like the one currently dripping with lewd love juices between Peach's legs.

"I win!" Daisy declared with a grin. She hadn't officially won the Smash yet, in fact. That usually happens when someone is sent flying off into the distance, but Daisy clearly had no intention of letting Peach go anywhere. "Ok, so, now you have to do anything I say, got it?" Daisy asked her captive princess. Peach blushed heavily, the knowledge of what Daisy was going to have her do clear in her head. "I..I guess so..." Peach looked up at Daisy with a cute gaze, "But be gentle, you big bully! I know you like to play ro-EEK!" Peach squeeked as Daisy tore off her shorts and slapped the full length of her massive, reeking meat across Peach's body.

"First of all, I'm gonna rub these fat, greasy balls all over your pretty little face!" Daisy declared loudly, "And you're gonna lather up my balls with that cute tongue of yours, and leave pink kissmarks all over my overstuffed jizz containers, because that's what fucking gets me off, capiche?" Peach's pussy convulsed at Daisy's demanding orders. Daisy had known for a long time that Peach was a masochist little slut who really just needed a big strong futa to put her in her place, and her bright eyes practically flashed with hearts as Daisy took that place with pride. "Y-yes Daisy," Peach responded, "I'll lather up your balls in my spit and slobber like a good girl." Daisy shifted herself forward. She lifted up her huge hulking meat in one hand and slapped her unfairly huge balls on Peach's face. Poor Princess Peach. All that time doing her perfect make-up ruined by having Daisy's oversized cream creators wipe it all off. If Daisy's musky reeking ballscent wasn't turning Peach's cunny into a soaking furnace, she might have even pouted in annoyance, which is about as far as Peach was willing to go when she was mad. Peach was pouting right now, but it was just so she could rub her soft lips across the leathery ballsack of her best friend easier.

Peach slurped and slobbered up her best friends cumsack with delight, trailing her tongue along the pulsing balls and leaving sloppy kissmarks so Daisy's next conquest would know who was there first. The brunette beauty pounded her cock in her fist as Peach treated her nuts with the adoration that only a perfect masochist fuckslut can. She practically worshipped those stuffed balls, and the more of Daisy's thick scent was dragged into Peach's nostrils, the more sloppy her slurps and kisses became as Peach's brain was warped and twisted so that relieving Daisy's overwhelming lust was her one and only desire. After all, Daisy had clearly won their battle. It was only right for Peach to treat the victor with the respect and admiration she deserved, via the method of lewd, messy ball-slurping of course.

"You've got a real magic mouth, Peachy." Daisy offered a lewd compliment as droplets of her precum splattered down onto the royal cumsluts face. "No wonder everyone wants to kidnap you all the time. Maybe I should be the one to do it next time. You wanna be my captive? You wanna be tied up all nice and tight and used as a toy every morning, noon and night?" Peach moaned with a mouth full of nutsack, not exactly denying it. Daisy grinned and pushed backwards. Peach's mouth reluctantly let go of Daisy's balls, but it wouldn't be lonely for long. Daisy slapped her thick wet cock between Peach's huge marshmellowy titties and handily groped them as she pushed them against her meat. Daisy's thick cockhead was able to reach along Peach's chest and still lay hard and dripping against Peach's face. "I'm gonna get more acquianted with these massive tits of yours, like I've always wanted to." Daisy remarked, "Why don't you be a good princess and suck on my cock while I do? Give me the real royal treatment, you perfect little cocksucking slut!" Daisy loved to get dirty as she shouted at Peach to debase herself for her, and Peach loved hearing it. "Yes Daisy!" Peach replied with a delighted voice, "I promise I'll make your massive cock feel so good and sweet, you'll never want to leave my little mouth!"

Boobs like the pair that Peach had were meant to be fondled and worshipped, and Daisy took great care in making sure the beautiful bouncing orbs of perfect titflesh felt appreciated. She squeezed and groped, she fondled her rock-hard nipples, and lathered them up nice and wet using her own slick cock that Peach had so kindly prepared for her. This made Peach's soft titties the perfect fucktoy. Peach wasn't used to the experience of having a cock go in the bottom of her tits and come out of the top, usually they get lost in the overwhelming mountains before spewing inside warm and happy. Daisy's one of a kind futa cock had no problem breaching out of her cleavage and pounding into her sweet rosy mouth as Daisy held her in place with every intention of dumping a truly insane load down her throat, over her face, across her chest, and pretty much everywhere else.

"G-gosh Daisy, I think you might have the largest penis in the entire kingdom!" Peach remarked with awe as Daisy continued to thrust between her massive mammeries. "I love that cute way you talk, Peachy." Daisy replied, "But I wanna hear you get dirty. Tell me that I have the biggest fucking cock you'll ever see in your life." Peach somehow blushed even more than she already was at Daisy's demand, but of course, a good little cumslut like her knew she couldn't disobey her assertive friend. "I..You have..." Daisy squeezed Peach's tits tight, making her arch her slender back and moan out loud. "Louder, Peachy! I want every Toad in the castle to hear you praising my dick!" "Y-YOU HAVE THE BIGGEST FUCKING DICK I'LL EVER S-SEE IN MY WHOLE LIFE! I LOVE YOUR HUGE MONSTER COCK! CUM ALL OVER MY TITTIES AND PROVE TO EVERYONE THAT I'M JUST YOUR BIG BREASTED ROYAL CUMDUMP!"

Daisy was more than happy to let Peach keep going as she got overexcited, but the allure of her cock-sucking lips was too much. Daisy groped Peach hard and began to pump her cock into Peach's open mouth, leaving her wide eyed and gagging on the oversized meat. "Good girl! I knew you had it in you!" Daisy remarked, "Let me reward you with the tastiest, nastiest, thickest load of spunk from here to Sarasaland!" She lets go of Peach's massive tits with some reluctance and grabs her blonde hair firmly. Peach glances up at Daisy from her position below, and her eyes go wide as Daisy begins pumping Peach's own head back and forth. And this is no gentle facefuck, she RAILS Peach's slutty throat with as many inches of veiny fuckmeat that will fit.

The gagging and spluttering and choking noises would convince you there was an entire team of whores going to work on Daisy if you couldn't see that it was simply one impossibly slutty princess with a total oral fixation. Daisy pounded her massive cock in and out of Peach's well-fucked mouth, with Daisy's own face a portrait of simple minded bullish bliss. Her eyes were glazed, her tongue was hanging out. She was such a single minded brute, a rude barbarian who got EXACTLY what she wanted from her best friend and was now soaking in the pleasure. So much so that, in her blowjob obsessed stupor, she ended up pushing her hips ALL the way in, and Princess Peach, just as Daisy had hoped, found her cute little nose pushed right up against Daisy's pelvis. The sheer amount of cock bulging in Peach's throat and guts was mind blowing, and a lesser bitch would be passing out from the intense throat-bang. But Princess Peach, born to be a subby little throatslut, was in her own personal heaven. The scent and taste of Daisy's reeking cock had totally overtaken her senses, and now her one mission in life was to drain every last drop of jizz from her churning balls. Peach could swear she could hear the huge load building in these meaty orbs just for her, and swallowed and suckled to bring it to her all the faster.

"Ohhhhhh shiiiiiiiit...." Daisy remarked with her tongue hanging loosely from her mouth, "What a fuckin' throat you've wonder Bowser loves you so you've had practice swallowing down hulking Koopa Kock for years now, you perfect little royal bitch, but I bet it didn't prepare you for me." She looked deep into Peach's watery eyes and grinned lewdly, "I've resisted pumping a baby into you for all these years, and I've got a lot of catching up to do. Ooooooh...this load has been building up for all these years...I reaaaaaaally wanna pump it down your throat...ooooh, I wanna do it so much....but..." With heavy reluctance, Daisy ceased her powerful facefucking and moved Peach's head backwards, sliding her off the immense fuckpole. Peach's tongue wiggled around, searching for the potent musky shaft she had been slurping up before coming to her senses and realising it was no longer there.

"'s gonna be way more satisfying for me to dump this load in your pussy. Wouldn't you agree?" Peach blinked up at Daisy with a cute expression, and leaned forward to give the bulging wet cockhead a kiss. "I don't think you care either don't care at all what poor girl you've ruining for other men or women, do you? All you crave is to empty these fat balls into some poor defenceless mother to be..." Peach rubbed her belly with one hand and bit her finger seductively with the other. "Toadsworth is gonna be reaaaaal mad at me for this...but he'll understand...he'll know there's no way I could have turned down a breeding stud like you, Daisy...not when it's so clear that I was made for this..."

Peach was in a trance. The excitement, the scent, the unceasing face-fuck, it was all too much...poor Peach was normally so innocent, but everyone has their breaking point, right? Peach's was somewhere around the time Daisy's greasy balls were slapping against her chin, when she realised that she really, really, REALLY wanted to be Daisy's wife. She wanted to kiss her full lips in the morning, and kiss her fat balls at night. She wanted to hold her hand, and her cock. She wanted to make her a cake for her beloved, and accept a creampie from her too. Her innocence and her sluttiness were mixing together, and Daisy had stumbled her way into unlocking Peach's true form: a blonde bimbo slutwife.

"Mmmm, I was made to take thick, potent monster cocks, Daisy. Just. Like. Yours. Look at these big titties, look at my soft butt, look at these cocksucking lips, Daisy. Oh, what am I saying, you got a veeeeery good look when you were sliding your cock between them...did you enjoy them? Did you enjoy my pillowy spunkswallowers?" Daisy was...shocked, to say the least at Peach's sudden shift in character, but her huge futa cock was very accepting of it. Seemingly agreeing with the blonde bitch, it was throbbing even harder in preparation for the inevitable, drooling pre-spunk out with slovenly need. "There's my answer..." Peach smiled, "Your drooling precum is more seed than a normal boy could shoot out in a week...I don't think you're made for normal girls, Daisy. You would break them. You would ruin them. You would leave them gibbering, cock-broken wrecks, and oh, you would LOVE it, wouldn't you? Making your own royal harem of cockslurpers and cum addicts to slobber over your shaft all day, every day?"

"But you caaaaaan't. You can't just go around impregnating your subjects and making cuckolds of your soldiers, can you? But I can see that look in your eyes, that glance that I've given you a nifty idea...I just made a looooot of Sarasaland ladies into mothers, didn't I? Well, I'll take responsibility. I WANT to take responsibility. You don't need an army of loyal pussy-slaves, Daisy. You can have me. You can claim me. You can do whatever you want to me, over and over and over again, and you know I'll want more. Because you're fucking insatiable, Daisy. And so am I." Peach wiggled her finger to beckon her stud, "Come on. Come here. You won our Smash, so take your prize, and give me mine..."

Daisy's first action was to spew out a boiling hot shot of precum that would have shamed most lesser cocks that had just cum. Her second action was to leap, violently, on top of Peach and slam her own full lips against hers, licking and kissing and making the nastiest mess of her. Her third action was to grab Peach's thin ankles lift them up so they on top of Daisy's shoulders, with Daisy looming dangerously over Peach's prone form. As she aimed her certain-impregnation monster cock at Peach's dripping entrance, Peach just gave her a sweet kiss on the nose in response.

Peach then let out of a wail of orgasmic bliss so loud that Bowser himself could probably hear it as Daisy pierced balls deep into her eager silken cunny with a single devastating thrust.

The days of resistance, the days of longing, all those had come to a sweet end as Daisy claimed Peach with a single meaty thrust. Just one slam of her muscular hips was enough to make Peach her wife, and their steamy fucksession was the ultimate wedding. The proceeding thrusts were really just to let Peach know that no other cock was ever going to satisfy her like again. "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!" Daisy babbled in pussy-hungry bliss, "FUCKING TEASING BLONDE COCKWHORE! DRAIN MY FUCKING BALLS! GET PREGNANT! GET PREGNANT!" Daisy's crazed exclamations only made Peach more desperate to obey. Her womb shuddered in preparation for the unceasing cumload that was brewing in Daisy's pendulous nutsack. The heavy mating press ensured there would be no escape from the scalding hot jizz explosion that was to come.

"I'll do it! I'll do it! OOOOOOOOOOH! I'LL GET PREGNANT!" She wrapped her arms around Daisy's head, and Daisy responded by pushing her entire weight onto Peach and thrusting her hips continuously in an animalistic rhythm. Peach was being fucked like a crazy animal, and she was near delerious with crazed bliss, so happy that her best friend had finally taken the plunge and made her into a fucktoy! Everyone was gonna be so surprised, but they were sure to understand! Peach had to do this to protect all the unblemished wombs of her and Daisy's citizens! She was such a hero <3 A slutty bimbo hero who swallowed down all the thick cocks of the nasty villains to keep them all sweet and docile.

And Daisy was acting just like a villain with her relentless cunny pounding. She was treating Peach like a prize she'd won, and the wanted to savour the celebration. She grabbed Peach hard and lifted her up, slamming her against the castle wall and shoving her face between the sweaty, marshmellowy tits of her best friend and cocksleeve. Peach responded by cumming HARD as the new position forced her downwards, her sensitive womb being tickled and teased by the absurdly thick cockshaft inside her. She moved her hands to push her tits against Daisy's face, noting that she looked so adorable in her Peach-obsessed pink haze of lust. "Yes Daisy, just close your eyes and rut like the thick cocked stud you are...don't think, just blow your ceaseless loads over and over again, I'll take every single one and then lather your balls with my tongue to build up more..."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmppphh...." Daisy responded, her mouth shoved in the heavenly valley of titflesh as her cock began to throb and pulse like a weapon. Her stuffed balls churned and readied up the 100% impregnation load that Peach was craving. "MMMMMMPPPH! DEEPER!" Daisy roared out loud, pulling her head away from the bountiful breasts. She dropped Peach down, and dragged her across the floor by her blonde hair. Peach fucking LOVED it. What a barbarian! What a beast! She was literally being dragged and tossed around by a true alpha, just like she was always meant to be. Girls like Peach were just perfect for treating so nastily and rough, how could she possibly resist submitting to someone like Daisy? How could anyone?

"Get ready, you angel slut!" Daisy shouted out, grabbing Peach's soft cheeks with a single hand and looking deep into her love-filled eyes, "This time, I'm not moving a STEP until your belly is FULL TO THE BRIM with my seed! So say goodbye to your sweet little life of royal luxury, because in the next few moments, your life as my bimbo wife begins!" Peach didn't even have the chance to respond in what would no doubt be a delighted and slutty response before Daisy lifted her high into the air. She wrapped her arms behind Peach's legs and held her around halfway up her form, placing her hands behind her head with dominance. Peach looked down in stunned cockawe at the towering fuckpillar that seemed to be defying logic itself and getting HARDER as it prepared for the final pounding. Peach sighed in total and complete adoration. "Daaaaaarling...<3" she exclaimed, before Daisy SLAMMED her hips upwards with the force of a Bullet Bill and Peach's head went flying backwards into Daisy's ample tits as she roared like a ravaged broodmare, her new alpha going deeper into her than ever before.

Artists could make masterpieces of the scene Daisy and Peach put on, a scene of total submission and dominance. But who was who? Because while Daisy pounded into Peach with all the force of a pack leader mounting their prize bitch, the slovenly look on her face suggested she was the one caught in the spell of Peach's perfect pussy. Tongue hanging out, eyes glazed, nostrils flaring. The only thought in Daisy's head was dumping every rushing seed into Peach's eager fertile womb. Peach grinned in wild lusty desire as the moment of climax approached with each errant thrust. You have to wonder who was really in control here.

With one final, meaty thrust, Daisy's eyes crossed as she felt the virile seed erupting from her balls and shooting upwards through her painfully hard shaft. Peach gasped in awe as she could feel Daisy's cock expand as the viscous jizz travelled forward, their goal awaiting them, and finally the moment happened. Peach's toes curled and she hung her head backwards with a lusty, loud moan of completion as Daisy jizzed a bucketload inside her, her belly swelling with Daisy's potent musky cum. Daisy just roared out in total bliss, her biological need to impregnate her best friend complete with total certainty.

Pump after pump went inside Peach's hungry cunny, and rivulets of pungent jizz rolled down Daisy's thighs and formed a thick puddle on the floor. Peach was absolutely full within mere moments, but made no effort to move despite each massive cumload blasting out more onto the floor than into her at this point. The illusion that Peach was filling up more and more was enough to entice Daisy, which ironically only produced more virile cum to blast. Finally, Daisy's grip loosened from the slipperiness and sheer weakness from her excessive cumshot. Peach landed with a wet thud on the floor, dazed and panting, as Daisy began shooting out thick ropes onto her ass and back, just moaning like a wounded animal as the unspeakable load continued to blast out for minute after minute after minute....


"Yeah, I was a little backed up, I'll admit." Daisy looked rather sheepish later as Peach pouted at her. The entire courtyard was a mess after their lengthy fuckfest, and Daisy apparently had no real interest in cleaning it up. "We can just get the Toad's to do it." Daisy suggested. "Are you daft, they'd quit right there on the spot!" Peach replied. "I dunno, I bet they're real freaky. They might be into it." Daisy shrugged. Peach wondered if that might actually be a weirder outcome. "Please don't fuck my Toad's, Daisy." Peach said without prompting. Daisy did not reply, giving no confirmation or declination that she was planning to do that.


The two blinked in surprise at the sudden loud exclamation, and confetti appeared from nowhere to fall limply onto the baffled Daisy. "Oh yeah." She said. "I forgot that was going on...did that whole thing count as a match?" "Apparently so?" Peach shrugged, "Although the way you won it is rather...unorthodox."

Daisy looked thoughtful for a moment. " mean, I WAS RIGHT!" She slapped her fist into an open palm. "I was right all along! This IS how you're meant to Smash! Alright Peachy, let's go!" Peach watched Daisy run off in confusion. "G-go where?" "We're gonna go Smash EVERYONE, duh!" Daisy leapt off the stage, her mind racing with the sudden fantasies of various other Smash characters she and Peach could find and have a nice, messy game with.

"That's not how you get out of the castle!" Peach shouted out, as a sudden blast of light indicated Daisy had just lost a stock.

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Daisy was on a mission to go and Smash every cute girl she could find across the Smash Bros world, and she was dragging the beautiful Princess Peach along with her as she did...she was also dragging her into alleyways, restrooms, closets, anywhere she could find that would allow Daisy to forcefeed Peach a hearty helping of futa-spunk. Princess Daisy was completely insatiable ever since she snapped and pounded Peach into a royal cum-drenched mess, and she took every possible chance to have Peach slurp out a fresh new batch of jizz from her meaty cock.


She had sent an innocent message out to a friend of hers, Princess Rosalina, inviting her to tea to catch up since they hadn't seen each other for some time. Of course, that dastardly Daisy had every intention of turning a sweet, innocent teatime between friends into a messy, sloppy facefucking training session. How could she not when Rosalina was the most fuckable piece of ass in the cosmos? Daisy got an instant erection just at the very thought of Princess Peach, and even she struggled to pick between the two.

Tall, regal, statuesque, Rosalina appeared less like a Princess and more like the Goddess she apparently was. She was far taller than Peach of Daisy, and often fluttered around off the ground to add to her impressive height. Her light blonde hair, with a cute tuck over her eye, and flawless blue eyes captivated all who laid eyes on her. She had the same soft, rosy lips that Peach did, which gave Daisy sweet ideas of seeing them kissing each other while Daisy’s fat cock was shoved between their lips.

Daisy had every intention to lay a lot more than her eyes on her, having noted that beyond being unspeakably gorgeous, she had the body of a perverts happiest wet dream. Rosalina's massive tits rivalled even Peach's, and were every bit as firm and squeezable as Peach's were soft and fluffy. The two blonde bimbos shared such flawless, but contrasting bodies, that Daisy couldn't help but consider them part of the perfect set. Rosalina's huge bouncy booty was just begging for someone to shove their face between them and eat her ass out like a Luma munching on star bits. Hiding that sweet ass under her long, flowing dress wasn't going to keep Daisy out.

Daisy invited Rosalina out to a quiet coffee shop around New Donk City, and waited for her prey with Peach, with all the lewd grins and smiles a fat-cocked futa pervert can get when thinking about squeezing Goddess titties. All this fantasising didn't help matters as Rosalina ended up being late for their little meeting. With an agitated Daisy getting more and more worked up as the minutes passed by, sweet and helpful Peach asked her if there was anything she could do to calm her down. She really should have known what she was getting herself into with that question...or perhaps she did, and that was why she asked to begin with...

This is how Daisy ended up sneaking Peach underneath her table, and forcing her massive, throbbing shaft down her throat while outwardly attempting to appear serene and patient, waiting for the beautiful blonde Goddess to arrive. Daisy kept a hand underneath the table while she waited to ensure she could throat lock Peach at any given moment, and drive her entire shaft right down her gullet. It was amazing just how used to being abused Peach's throat was already. It prepared itself with spit and slobber at the slightest hint that Daisy was about to shove her down and facefuck her like an animal.

Of course, this was also the moment that Rosalina decided to appear. It was inevitable, really, that Daisy would wait for 15 minutes after the agreed meeting time, get 5 minutes into a nice little Peachy suck-session, and Rosalina just happens to show up right then. The beautiful Goddess was flushed rather red as she sat herself down opposite Daisy at the table.

“Good afternoon, Daisy.” Rosalina said cheerfully, her regal voice tickling Daisy’s ears, “It’s always a delight to see you. How are you doing?” “Ooh, you k-know…” Daisy replied with a sweet smile, a little TOO sweet as she was struggling not to grin at the harsh suckling she was receiving from under the table. “I’m doing juuust fine. You know me Rosa, I’m always…” She jolted a little and bit her soft lip, “…peachy…”

Rosalina seemed to note something was off about Daisy, judging from her fidgeting and shuffling, but just seeing Daisy in person after so long had Rosalina in such a wonderful mood that she was more than willing to ignore a little oddness…and any odd slurping noises coming from nearby, what in the Galaxy was that noise? “By the way, was Peach not with you?” Rosalina asked. Daisy couldn’t help but giggle. “Oh yeah, but she’s…she was famished…she’s grabbing a…much bigger meal.” Daisy leered at Rosalina’s body as she replied, and the Space Goddess couldn’t help but feel that intense hunger that Daisy had for blonde bimbo fucktoys…

“So what took you so…so long…” Daisy asked, reaching her hand under the table to grab hold of Peach’s locks and shove her face downwards. The loud gargling noise of entirely too much cock being stuffed into a tiny little throat made Rosalina look around in confusion, but she responded nonetheless. “Oh…well…I was just a little busy tucking in some Lumas…you know, they can get so rowdy when they’re tired…” Daisy noticed that Rosalina was looking away as she responded, a heavier blush starting to grow across her fair face.

This was because Rosalina had ACTUALLY been late for a very different reason. The poor, frustrated Space Goddess had been finger-fucking herself into a slutty frenzy not long ago, her delicious astral juices splashing around as she screamed out Daisy’s name over and over again. In a delightful coincidence, Rosalina was already enamoured with Daisy’s confidence and attitude, and very much wished that Daisy had the most massive, stinking, cunt-breaking cock swinging between her legs to put her in her place. Dreams really do come true.

Her fantasies kept her fingering her soaking cunny for so long that she ended up being late to a meeting with the very person she was dreaming about night after night! But here she was at last, smiling sweetly as Daisy seemingly struggled to get through a conversation, so lost in her dirty thoughts and feelings that she was willing to completely ignore the loud gulping noises coming from very close by. Not to mention the table itself seemingly rocking back and forth while Daisy had a distant, misty look in her eye! Rosalina was willing to ignore quite a lot, it appeared.

“GLURK!” A loud slutty noise came from under the table as Peach’s well-filled throat gulped and undulated around 14 inches of Daisy cock. Her poor throat was bulging, but a top-tier bitch like Peach wasn’t going to surrender to a monster cock like this, not until it was shoved up her ass at least.
Peach’s little nose was pressed hard against Daisy’s pelvis, and the poor pink princess could only shudder and swallow as her sinuses were filled with the Desert Princess’s unique musky odour. Peach might protest outwardly, when her mouth wasn’t so full, but Peach was absolutely addicted to Daisy’s scent now. Just a single sniff of the potent smell of thick jizz and ball sweat had Peach dropping to her knees, and at this point her head was so full of yummy cock that she hadn’t even noticed Rosalina had arrived.

Rosalina heard the sounds and gave a cute, curious expression. “What was that odd noise?” Rosalina asked Daisy. Daisy just smiled as sweetly as she could with her massive horse cock down Peach’s throat, “I-I dunno what you mean…w-what noise did you hear? What did it sound like?” Rosalina looked away in embarrassment. Being a secret slut who had watched hundreds of hours of porn, Rosalina knew exactly what the noise SOUNDED like, but couldn’t outwardly say “Why Daisy, it sounds like some cute little cumdump is under this table slurping up far too much cock for one girl to take. Perhaps I could get under there and give her a helping tongue?”

Daisy could see Rosalina blushing and couldn’t help but start her teasing. Daisy was a very mean master who just loved to see her girls all flustered and stammering, and Rosalina seemed perfectly designed for it. “Come on Rosalina, talk to me. T-tell me what that noise sounds like, tell me what you think.” As she spoke, she gripped harder on Peach’s hair and began jackhammering her face up and down her cock. Peach accepted the facefucking with glee, and made sure to let out the nastiest, sloppiest, gooiest noises possible, just as Daisy liked.

Of course, these noises reached Rosalina’s ears, who was now shifting uncomfortably in her seat as the sounds of raw facebanging made her own plump pussy start watering something fierce. She bit her soft lip and looked at Daisy with a deep red blush. How Daisy resisted throwing the table away and slamming her lips onto Rosa’s right there was a mystery, probably answered by her being stuck in place with Peach’s epic vacuum suck. “Umm…s-so, how has Sarasaland been lately?” Rosalina asked meekly. She was too shy to even ask what was happening under the table.

Daisy just grinned, sensing that her impatient facefucking might just be leading to something even nicer, if she put the pressure on. “Oh yeah, it’s been great lately. You know what? I’ve been getting up to some REALLY naughty shit over there lately…” Rosalina gasped as the sudden rude comment, but she couldn’t help but be intrigued. “What are you…I mean…l-like what, Daisy?” Daisy leaned in closer, pumping her hips back and forth as she clutched onto Peach’s hair with both hands.

“GLUKGLUKGLUKSLRRRRPGLUKGLUG” came the rampant throatfucking noises from below as Daisy leaned in. “I’ve been treating my cute maids and advisers to something REAL special…I’ve been giving them a real nice reward for their work…and you’ve been so sweet to me, Rosa, I kinda wanna give it to you too…” Rosalina was panting as she stared into Daisy’s eyes. She gulped heavily. “W-what is it, Daisy? What do you want to do with me?” Rosalina was falling right under Daisy’s spell, the sheer confidence of this Princess impregnating alpha far too much for a meek, subby little Goddess whore like her.

Daisy gritted her teeth as she could feel the thick chowder in her balls starting to bubble and boil, ready to burst out into Peach’s wet throat. She reached a hand out from under the table and gently reached it towards Rosalina, who seemed to lean into it like a pet being fussed by her master. Daisy stroked Rosalina’s cheek while Peach stroked Daisy’s cock with her throat. “Ahhhh, you’re both so fucking cute…” Daisy sighed wistfully, “It’s not fair…I wish I had two…” Rosalina looked into Daisy’s eyes with a heavy, husky expression. “Two…t-two what?”

Peach reached her hands up and started squeezing and rubbing Daisy’s heavy nutsack as she sensed the incoming climax. Peach knew that Daisy was here to make Rosalina her pet, and she realized that this incoming load might be the last one in some time she could savour all to herself. So she was adamant that not a single drop of Daisy’s entirely excessive load was going to drip out from her plump, rosy lips. To that end, she took a sloppy gulp of pre-cum and slobber, and dove forward to lodge every last inch inside her well-used throat.

Daisy’s eyes rolled back. Rosalina looked on in shock as the slovenly expression of a well-drained stud spread across her face. Before Rosalina could even respond, Daisy reached her hand to the back of her head and dragged her forward. Daisy kissed Rosalina with a rough intensity. This was no mere kiss. This was a claiming. Rosalina’s eyes went wide and her pussy went wild as Daisy’s tongue lashed around her mouth, a sure sign that Daisy was demanding Rosalina surrender to her needy whims. Rosalina understood in a mere moment that Daisy wanted her completely, and the airheaded Goddess surrendered to the pushy princess in a second. She closed her eyes and answered the kiss, her own long tongue reaching out to intertwine with Daisy’s.

This pushed Daisy past her limits, and the thick flood of warm jizz that was contained in her heavy balls came blasting out into Peach’s mouth. Even with her steadfast vow of swallowing every last drop, the sheer amount of thick spooge made even a cumdump like Peach think twice. But she was very stubborn, and she wasn’t going to let a single naughty sperm escape her lips. She began to swallow hard and heavy, thick ropes of jizz pumping straight down her throat and into her guts. The taste was so sublime, it was more delicious to her than the finest desserts of the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach swore she could live on cum and cum alone, and Daisy produced so much a day that she very much could have.

Rosalina didn’t care at all for the numerous onlookers gasping and blushing at the sight of the two beautiful princesses tongue twisting. She leaned forward and placed her hands onto Daisy’s cheeks, her feelings emerging through the passionate make-out as she kissed and licked and sucked onto Daisy’s tongue with adoration. Daisy was in heaven, with the gorgeous tall blonde licking at her face like a puppy above, and the gorgeous short blonde gulping down a steaming helping of her futa-custard below.

“Daisy…*mwah*…Daisy…*smooch*…love you…love you…” Rosalina was hot-breathed and panting as she kissed all over Daisy. Her hidden desires were coming out in full force, and she was planning to make up for all the years of wanting and lust with a MOUNTAIN of smooches. Daisy reached an arm out, and she SQUEEZED Rosalina’s right tit with her iron grip, causing the Galactic Goddess to moan out loud like a slut. People gasped and mumbled as they watched the famous Princess duo feel other up right there in public, and there were numerous hard cocks and dripping pussies left over from their erotic display.

As the overwhelming load began to subside, Peach continued to slurp and suck for all she was worth to ensure every bit of delicious pudding was licked up. Rosalina and Daisy broke their deep kiss, a string of spit connecting the two as they stared deeply into each others eyes. The deep, passionate connection between the two was so thick that the onlookers wondered if the two were going to just leap onto the table and fuck right there…and many of them really hoped they would.

However, moments before Daisy could push Rosalina down, the two heard the loud, numerous gulping noises coming from below as Peach struggled to swallow down every last bit of chunky cum in her mouth. It was soooo thick, she could practically chew it, and indeed was doing so when Rosalina decided to break the lusty staring contest and look under the table. Peach and Rosalina’s eyes met as Peach was still licking the taste of cock from her fingers.

Before Rosalina could fully comprehend what was happening, she felt a rough grip around her wrist. Princess Daisy had stood up, shoved her monstrous cock away under booty shorts with little luck, and grabbed Rosalina to pull her away to some sweet privacy. Rosalina stammered as she was dragged away, only stopping when Daisy waited for Peach to climb out from under the table to the gasps and murmurs of the crowd. No doubt the rumours of the cum-draining Mushroom Princess would be circulating soon, but Daisy WANTED the entire population to know that Peach was her cock pet anyway. Besides being a thick-cocked royal brat with an endless cumload and a love of blondes, Daisy had something of an exhibitionist streak to her…

Working in the New Donk City love hotel, the clerk at the desk had seen many amazing sights. He’d seen a tall, muscly bombshell who called herself Bowsette carry the famous Mario over her shoulder upstairs, and heard the slams and thuds upstairs that damn near broke the ceiling. He’d seen a gorgeous group of busty, identical masked minions called Shy Girls all fawning over the less famous Luigi as they booked a room for the evening. He’d even seen the Mayor herself book a room for a “conference meeting” with a group of campaign donators.

But even this man who had seen so much never expected to see three famous Princesses book a room together, two blushing blondes being groped and squeezed by the grinning shorter brunette between them. “And I don’t want us to get disturbed all night. Peach, tell him why I don’t want to be disturbed.” Princess Peach’s face was bright red as she looked up at the clerk with wet, needy eyes. “W-we can’t be…disturbed…because Daisy is…is…AHN!” Daisy angrily groped her fat ass as she stuttered, practically drooling in barely constrained lust. “…because Daisy is going to be using us as c-cumdumps all night…we can’t be disturbed while we’re servicing her…” Peach rubbed her fingers across her sensitive, pouty lips as the thought of her servicing crossed her dirty mind.

Daisy grinned, and with a rough grope, yanked out one of Rosalina’s massive funbags right in front of the lucky clerk. She latched her lips onto it and sucked hard, resulting in poor Rosalina going weak at the knees. “D-DAISY! N-no…not in front of…w-wait till we’re…” *SMACK* The loud slap of Daisy’s hand on Rosalina’s ass made the clerk jump as Daisy grinned at him. “Give us a room, NOW. We WILL be too loud, and we WILL make a mess. If you want to get a nice, hefty tip, you’ll make sure that’s not a problem.”

The clerk gulped, shuffled to try and hide his erection, and handed Daisy a key to the executive suite. He was fairly sure she could afford it. Daisy dragged the two stammering blonde subs upstairs without another word.

Daisy had her shorts off within seconds of getting inside, and her massive, hulking erection pointed upwards menacingly. Peach and Rosalina gulped at the sight. Peach noted it appeared to be even thicker and nastier than usual, the thought of bedding TWO perfect blonde bitches clearly having an effect. Peach and Rosalina trembled as Daisy’s wide grin grew, and the blondes held each others hands and pressed their huge tits against each other. “S-she’s ready to blow…” Peach exclaimed. Rosalina’s lip trembled, “She’s so big…she’s so big…P-Peach…have you been looking after her all this time?”

Peach looked upwards, the shortstack having to crane her neck to look at Rosalina’s beautiful face. “Yes…but you’ll help me now, won’t you? You’ll help me look after that nasty, reeking cock? We can’t leave her like this, or who knows what she’ll do…we need to drain her together…me and you…” She reached up to stroke Rosalina’s cheek. “I’ll…I’ll show you how to look after Daisy…just follow my lead and…try not to lose yourself. Her scent is so, so powerful, you’ll want to just give up and spread your legs right away…”

Peach and Rosalina got onto their hands and knees, and started to crawl towards Daisy. This was the sight Daisy had dreamed of seeing for a very long time, and it was worth the wait. Watching both of their big asses sway back and forth, seeing their pouty faces looking into her eyes, watching their blushes grow as they got closer and closer to the steel-hard rod of meat that throbbed before them. It was a treat to see. Already feeling blissful, Daisy lay backwards so her legs dangled off the end of the bed, and decided to let Peach show Rosalina the ropes.

“We start with the balls.” Peach explained, “They’re always so very, very full of cum. You’ll be amazed by the amount, but I think…” She rubbed a finger along Rosalina’s neck, “I think you’ll be able to swallow it with some training…” Peach leaned in and planted a soft kiss on Daisy’s cumsack, and Rosalina followed suit. Each beautiful blonde ballsucker focused on one of Daisy’s nuts and lathered it up with spit and kisses, leaving pink kissmarks all along the leathery exterior. “Mmm…” Rosalina exclaimed as she suckled greedily, “It tastes so sweaty…this is Daisy’s taste…” Peach murmured in agreement as she started taking more of Daisy’s nuts into her little mouth. “I could…really get addicted…” Rosalina quietly exclaimed before opening her mouth wider. “You fucking will.” Daisy snarled in response.

The difference between the two was perfect, exactly what Daisy had hoped for. Peach’s little mouth was designed for kisses and licking, while Rosalina’s larger mouth was ideal for suckling and swallowing. If she could train these royal bitches well, her loads would never have to go unswallowed ever again! The enraptured blonde duo performed their task with eagerness, and even held hands together as they did so. Daisy couldn’t help but smile knowing that Rosalina and Peach clearly wanted to fuck the brains out of each other as much as they needed Daisy to do it for them.

Messy droplets of slobber dripped onto the floor as Rosalina and Peach couldn’t stop drooling, the taste and scent of Daisy’s perfect futa cock causing their mouths to water. They used their spit-soaked mouths to their advantage, leaving trails of wet kisses and licks all over the pulsing ballsack of their impressed master. This wasn’t just a messy spit-swapping nut lathering, it was practically worship. Rosalina and Peach lost themselves in making out with Daisy’s immense balls, desperately coaxing more and more jizz to be prepared for the inevitable breeding party.

Peach, the more experienced whore, was the first to reach her hands upwards and grip Daisy’s iron shaft. Her eyes went wide as she gripped it, because the monstrous cock felt hot to the touch. “Gosh…” Peach exclaimed, feeling the burning warmth pass through her palm. Rosalina noted Peach’s movements, and moved her hand up to do the same. She gasped, putting a hand to her mouth in a cute shocked expression. “I-Is it meant to be so…so HARD and HOT like that?!” Rosalina asked. “Are you sure it won’t burn our mouths and tongues?”

“T-truth be told, I don’t know…” Peach answered, “All the…umm…other penises I’ve ever seen, none were ever as huge and hot and stinky and NASTY and TASTY as Daisy’s perfect cock is…” Peach gulped and licked her lips, her pussy reacting to the extreme heat by preparing itself to take the scalding beast inside.

“Maybe then…maybe this is just how a REAL cock is meant to be…” Rosalina pondered. “I guess I’m pretty lucky then, that my first cock is so…so perfect.” Daisy grinned as they absent mindedly spoke dirty words to each other, delighted that they appeared to be able to work themselves up into a cock-obsessed frenzy without a word from her. She was so entranced, in fact, that she didn’t even realize the magnitude of what Rosalina had just said.

“Do be careful, Peach.” Rosalina asked, “You’ve got such a pretty mouth, please don’t burn it on this steaming monster cock…” Peach smiled sweetly. “It’s ok, Rosalina. I know just what I’m doing with this nasty thing…” With that, she leaned inwards and licked up the hot shaft. A looooooong lick that left a nice stream of drool along it like a mark. She then began to suckle and kiss at certain parts, not lingering in one spot at all. “Mmmmm…Rosa…take the head please…kiss it as much as you want…”

The taller Rosalina was able to reach Daisy’s throbbing cockhead easier. She was amazed at how bright red and gleaming it was, with a steady stream of pre-cum dribbling out and dripping down the veiny cockshaft below. Rosalina was in awe as she reached out and traced along one of the pencil thick veins that surrounded Daisy’s meaty cock, before licking her lips and leaning forward to grant the lucky cocktip a sweet, royal kiss. Mwah!
Daisy was pleased with Rosalina’s cute little act, pretending she didn’t want to just stuff her throat with cock from the start, but Daisy was also getting impatient. So while Rosalina was laying kisses along her cockhead, Daisy grabbed her head and grinned at her. Rosalina’s eyes went wide as Daisy began shoving her downwards, her full lips parting into a slutty O and taking inch after inch after inch of pulsing meat into her throat. Peach looked up in awe as she continued to play with Daisy’s balls and lick along the bottom of the shaft.

Daisy began to pump her hips up and down, the pleasure of the twin fuckthroats too much to resist. Rosalina’s throat bulged with her veiny cock while Peach continued to stroke and lick at the base of her shaft. The sloppy duo made a mess all along the bed, and the room was filled with the scent of cock and cum as Rosalina’ throat inadvertently made the nastiest, sloppiest noises. “GRLK…GLURP…GAK…SLRPPPPP…” These weren’t the noises a beautiful Galactic Princess should be making, but they were nothing compared to what she’d be screaming when Daisy was dumping a load in her cunt.

Rosalina’s spit dripped down and began to leak towards Peach, who eagerly lapped it up with her long tongue. The delicious taste of Daisy’s precum and Rosa’s mouth juices was divine, and Peach worried she was going to get an addiction to both Daisy AND Rosalina if this continued. As she groped Daisy’s massive balls, she could feel the jizz sloshing around inside, ready to come out. Daisy groaned and leaned her head backwards, the sounds of her pleasure inspiring Rosalina to try and push herself down even further.

The space Goddess was a natural throatfucker. Already a tall beauty, she clearly had the fellatio talent that men would pay a monstrous ransom for. Daisy felt lucky she had managed to nab not one, but TWO sexy blonde bimbos to train and pound before anyone else had discovered their innate talents for hardcore sluttery. Daisy gritted her teeth and used both hands to powerpump her cock into Rosalina’s throat. The poor bimbo’s eyes rolled backwards as she let herself be used as a toy by her beloved desert monarch.

“D-Daisy, are you sure you should be so rough with her?” Peach asked meekly. “Check her fucking pussy, Peach!” Daisy replied, “I bet the bitch is soaked through. She’s a natural! My cock BELONGS down her throat!” Peach gulped at Daisy’s rising excitement, and did indeed decide to reach around Rosalina’s fat, meaty ass and plunge a dainty finger into her steaming hot cunny. Rosalina’s pussy gripped Peach’s finger hungrily as Peach marveled at the sheer wetness coming from it. It was so juicy and ready to fuck, even Peach’s own pussy reacted in jealousy, wishing very much that she had a monster cock of her own to plug this perfect hole.

Peach moved upwards and took Daisy’s hand, removing them from Rosalina’s head. Daisy decided to allow her to do so as Peach carefully slid Rosa’s face back up Daisy’s shaft. The exhausted Princess coughed and sputtered as Peach looked into her eyes. Peach leaned in and…MWAH…left a quick kiss on Rosalina’s face, before taking her hands and wrapping them back around Daisy’s cock. Now Daisy was able to look down and see two beautiful blushing blondes both wrapping their hands around her, pumping her shaft up and down, while two sets of lips kissed and sucked and licked around the tip of her cock.

Peach’s double-teaming was just what Daisy needed to finish herself off. Rosalina and Peach worked quickly to try and drain an orgasm out of her, ready to share it between themselves like the good friends they were. Daisy moaned and her heavy balls rose up as a thick rope of jizz began to shoot upwards, passing through her long shaft. Peach giggled, and she suddenly pointed Daisy’s cock right at Rosalina’s face. Rosa gasped in shock at just the right time for Daisy’s massive stream of cock to spurt out directly into her mouth.

Rosa’s mouth was filled to the brim with cream in seconds, and as she gulped instinctively, massive splats of thick white jizz splashed all over her beautiful face. She was gasping in shock and spluttering in seconds, so Peach dragged the cock back over to her and opened wide, allowing a third stream to shoot into her eager mouth. She was able to swallow the viscous goodness down easier than the inexperienced Rosalina, who was still gulping down the bizarre, dominating taste of Daisy’s delicious futa-cum.

Peach pointed Daisy’s shaft at Rosalina’s huge, tasty tits. A thick rope coated them entirely, splashing huge puddles of cream all over her chest that dripped down her whole form. Peach took the same brunt, cooing in excitement as Daisy’s unstoppable loads coated both sets of massive, bouncy tits in jizz in moments. She continued to swap the shaft between them as Daisy filled their throats and mouths with her release, smiling like a well-fucked idiot as she did so.

“T-that…but…w-when did you last cum, Daisy?!” Rosalina asked in shock, “You poor, poor thing. You must not have cum in months! Why did you not say?! I would have…I would have helped you…so much earlier…” Peach smiled at Rosalina’s confusion. “Hmm…a few months? Try a few minutes, Rosalina. I stole Daisy’s load while you were making out at the cafe before.” Daisy nodded and stood up, her fully erect shaft landing with a splat on Rosalina’s face. “Yeah, and guess what? I’ve barely gotten started! Let me at that huge fuckin’ ass of yours, or I’ll give ALL the next load to Peach!”

Daisy didn’t need to threaten Rosalina by keeping her precious cum away from her. Rosalina was in her clutches already. Having Daisy’s massive cock resting on her pretty face caused her to have the revelation that every slut faced with Daisy’s hulking meat would have. That she couldn’t resist her. Rosalina had fallen madly in love with Daisy long before she knew she had this insane, brain-melting cock between her legs. Knowing she had this powerful, nasty, throbbing shaft of meat ready to breed bitches at the drop of a hat just made it all the more clear that she needed to bend over and let her rightful stud bed her right here, right now.

Rosalina was shoved onto the bed, and Peach slinked around her, smiling like a cat who had stolen the cream. Any thoughts of being jealous of Rosalina, or concerned that Daisy would gift her more cum and cock than Peach, had been abandoned. Rosalina was just too cute! It was no surprise Daisy was smitten with her, because Peach was as well. Peach was already licking her lips at the thought of seeing that plump pussy spread out by Daisy’s cock. And the thought that Daisy would give Rosalina all her cum? Ha. A foolish notion. Daisy had more than enough jizz building up for Rosalina, Peach, and every girl she took a liking to.

Peach grabbed Rosalina’s legs and raised them above her head while sitting at the front of the bed. Daisy stood at the end, rubbing her cum-soaked cock up and down while looking at Rosalina’s exposed pussy with delight. “Jeeeeeez, it looks barely used…what a perfect, one-of-a-kind cunt you’ve got…they raise them right up in space, huh?” Rosalina, her face barely able to see over her own massive bust, looked at Daisy. “I….it’s….well, it’s not just barely used…I’ve never…never done this before…”

Daisy’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “Woah, WHAT? A babe like you has never fucked? Really?” Peach laughed, “Daisy, how many men do you think tend to frequent SPACE? It is hardly the place for a booty call.” Daisy tilted her head to the side in thought. “I kinda assumed Mario would have given it a go when he came to visit…welp, his loss is my gain! I’ve never done it with a virgin!”

Daisy’s eyes seemed to flash red as she got a wild expression on her face. “Eep!” Rosalina gulped as Peach simply smiled in amusement. “Oh my…perhaps you should not have told her you’re a fresh catch, Rosa? Daisy looks absolutely bestial after finding that out…Daisy, do try not to break her, will you?”

Daisy placed her overwhelming cock at Rosalina’s pussy. Steam practically rose up as Daisy’s hot cock touched with Rosalina’s soaked cunny, and Daisy rubbed the head around, enjoying the silky feel of Rosa’s juices. Rosalina trembled in excitement and worry, realizing that her first time was going to be claimed by this….this BEAST of a cock. Peach leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“You’ve in trouble now, Rosa. No other cock is going to satisfy you after this. Daisy doesn’t know how to hold back when she’s balls deep inside a perfect little pussy like yours. She’s just going to pump like a brainless ape over and over until your cum-draining cunt is filled up to the very brim like it should be. Daisy’s gonna BREAK you…and you know what? I wanna watch her do it.” She kissed Rosalina’s cheek. “I can’t wait to see you broken into the perfect Daisy-draining fuckdoll…just…like…me!”

Daisy’s cock SLAMMED into Rosalina, the wet juices splashing out as the all-too thick rod of cockmeat broke into Rosalina’s pure, untouched pussy with a meaty determination, slicing through her wet folds like a warm knife through butter. Rosalina arched her back and her eyes went wide open, a wordless cry echoing throughout the room. She had expected some sort of pain from having her virginity claimed, but there was none at all. Just the overwhelming sensation of every single vein on Daisy’s cock rubbing against her dripping, sensitive folds. Explosions popped and banged behind her eyes as her head rolled backwards. Peach just smiled slyly, her nipples hardening watching her friend becoming a personal cocksleeve right before her eyes.

Daisy hissed from the overwhelming sense of wetness and warmness Rosalina’s pussy gave her. It was like a grab big cosmic embrace around her cock, like the planets themselves were giving her a titfuck. Peach’s pussy was so fleshy and tight, while Rosalina’s was so hot and slippery. Daisy couldn’t believe that both of these high-class fucksockets belonged to her cock now! Daisy lost her balance and fell forwards, her face perfectly landing between Rosalina’s tits, causing her already monstrous cock to bulk up even more from the scent of Rosa’s awesome rack. Rosalina wrapped her arms around Daisy in an actual hug, and now the poor pussy-addled desert princess was totally captured by the ensnaring mother of Luma’s.

Daisy pounded Rosalina with quick, hard motions, her tall body rocking back and forth while Peach held her legs high in the air with a pleased, but somewhat jealous expression. Rosalina was gasping and panting as Daisy completely lost herself in the wonderful embrace, and Peach couldn’t help but feel a pang of envy that Rosalina was causing Daisy to feel so very satisfied. She wanted to jump right in there and show Rosa how a REAL blonde bimbo was able to please monster cocks, but she resisted interrupting their first time. After all, there were plenty more chances to show off…

“AH! AH! AH!” Rosalina moaned in succession with every heavy thrust into her juicy pussy, Daisy’s thick cock reaching places she never even knew were there. “Already lost yourself, Rosalina?” Peach asked coyly, “I think you might have accepted your place as a cumdump even faster than I did. That’s what I love about you though. You were just made to be a submissive fucksleeve. I’m glad a big, nasty brute like Daisy finally came along to put you in your place.”

Rosalina looked shocked at Peach’s foul mouth, but she kinda liked it. She looked huskily into Peach’s lidded eyes. “I…I don’t know…anything like that….I just want to….want to please Daisy…I need to please Daisy…” Peach smiled sweetly. “I think you are, you gorgeous fuckslut. Daisy looks totally lost inside you. I hope your womb is ready for that load that’s building up…”

Rosalina looked surprised as she remembered that Daisy shot out jizz like a broken hose, and there was no way in Sarasaland she was going to pry Daisy off her now she was in this tight grip. So Rosalina just clenched her toes and wrapped her legs around Daisy as she was pounded into a wet, sloppy mess. If she was certain to take the monstrous cumshot Daisy was building up, then so be it if it meant relieving some of her alpha’s overwhelming lust. “Good girl!” Peach praised Rosalina. “Daisy and I are going to be very, very happy training you…”

Daisy growled needily as she slammed fully into Rosalina, and her massive balls released their payload with fury, bursting out in thick, angry ropes, demanding that Rosalina take responsibility for filling them up so very full. Rosalina began to scream as she came from the powerful cunt-battering Daisy’s thick cock was giving her, and Peach couldn’t help but lean down and plant her own lips around Rosalina’s. The two blondes made out as Rosa moved her arms from Daisy to Peach, lost in their kissing as Daisy gritted her teeth and continued to pump out jizz like a white waterfall.

As Daisy splattered the last remnants of her load over Rosalina’s sweat-coated body, she looked down at the two blondes embracing each other with a grin. Their rampant make out sessions ignited yet more passions in her, and Rosalina and Peach pried themselves apart to note that Daisy was still rock hard. They gulped, and looked into each others eyes with a nervous, but naughty smile.