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The Tattoo

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It was something Yoongi had wanted for a while. He had always desired to have a symbol on his body, a symbol that expressed his love and endless care for his children. A tattoo to be specific, Yoongi had the image of one in his head for at least a year or two now. He just needed to muster up the guts to go and get it.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of needles, or that pain that would accompany getting said tattoo. He was worried about two things, the first being that since this tattoo would be over his heart, he would have to get shirtless in front of a stranger, not something he was too keen about as his body was becoming more and more like the one of an old man. Second, he was worried about what his husband would think about it.

Seokjin wasn’t the biggest fan of tattoos. He didn’t oppose people getting them, but he himself said he would never get one unless it was something significant. This gave Yoongi the hope that maybe he would agree to getting a couples tattoo with him someday. One step at a time though.

Yoongi had gone to the tattoo parlor a few times already. To discuss the design, to discuss the process, the price, and most important of all, to book an appointment to get the tattoo. His schedule was obviously quite busy, so Yoongi had to make sure he could carve a Saturday out of his schedule to go over to the place for most of the afternoon. He also had to make up some reasonable excuse as to why he would be gone for so long, he was not planning on telling Seokjin or any of the kids about this adventure of his.

The day came, a cold Saturday in the end of January. Seokjin was going to be home with the rest of the boys all day, cleaning the house as it needed that desperately.. As Yoongi left, he could hear the groans when Hoseok found out he was going to have to clean the toilets.

“Appa, where are you going?” A small Jungkook came up to front door, his eyes full of curiosity as he stared at his appa. Yoongi was wearing his long black pea coat, along with a gray scarf and matching beanie.

“Just going to do some errands,” Yoongi replied nonchalantly.

“Can I come with you?” Jungkook hated shopping, but he hated chores more. Unfortunately though, he was not going to be able to come along this time around.

“Not today sweetheart. Next time though you can. Plus, you’re wearing your pajamas still silly, you can’t go out in those.” Yoongi just smiled as Jungkook indeed realized that he was still in his pajamas even though he had gotten up a few hours prior. He didn’t stay by the door for long though, as Seokjin called him over to start cleaning up his room. Yoongi left the house, making his way to the tattoo parlor.

Thankfully for Yoongi, he was in a private back room to do his tattoo. The artist was incredibly friendly, and she really had done a great job creating a design for Yoongi. If it looked anything like the drawing, Yoongi was going to be glad that he got this tattoo.

The pain was of course not the greatest, but the worst was having to sit in the room shirtless the entire time. He kept his shirt covering his stomach, but he couldn’t help to be self conscious about it. The only person he ever was shirtless in front of now was Seokjin, who always praised Yoongi and told him not to worry about his insecurities. Abs weren’t as fun to kiss anyways.

Getting the tattoo seemed to take an eternity, but when it was done Yoongi nearly shed a tear when he saw it in the mirror. It was beautiful, all of his children’s names written in cursive followed by their dates of birth. Flowers surrounded the edges as well, five of them in each of his children’s favorite colors. It was exactly what he had hoped for.

Yoongi got all the instructions on how to care for the tattoo, and he gave the lady a nice tip because she had done a damn great job. A few hours after he had arrived, Yoongi was on his way home, feeling in some ways like a completely new man.

“You were gone for a long time!” exclaimed Seokjin as Yoongi walked through the door. It seemed as if the house had been cleaned, judging by the smell of cleaner and the cheers of joy coming from the basement. It sounded as if some of the boys were playing video games.

“So?” Yoongi chuckled, before taking a seat beside his husband. “I was just doing some shopping.”

“And you didn’t bring me anything?” Seokjin’s tone was teasing, so Yoongi knew he was far from being mad.

“I didn’t even buy anything for myself doofus. Now excuse me while I go see why my children keep screaming.” Yoongi got up off the couch, hanging up his coat before heading into the basement to check on said screaming children.

The tattoo would take at least a week minimum to heal, longer to fully heal. But for that week Yoongi needed to be careful about exposing it to anything such as water. Also, it seemed to hurt when he laid on the bed shirtless, so he opted to wear a shirt to bed that week.

This confused Seokjin, as Yoongi rarely ever wore a shirt to bed. He got hot, plus he loved cuddling skin to skin with Seokjin. The older didn’t question it though, because maybe Yoongi just felt like changing his routine. He still slept in his boxers though, so not everything had changed.

It was a week later, the next Saturday, when Seokjin started to get concerned.

They had decided to drink red wine up in their room that night, because why the fuck not. It was just one of those type of nights, and the wine made everything looser. Took off some of the stress they had being busy parents with five kids and full time jobs, and allowed them to just laugh and joke about everything.

It wasn’t long before they had each finished a few glasses, and Seokjin was pulling Yoongi closer. They both knew what would ensue, and it wasn’t long before their lips met. A passionate kiss, it had been a while since they had last fully made out, the last time they had made love being new years eve. They were busy, tired men, and sometimes sleep just seemed more appealing that having sex before they went to bed. And they sure as hell didn’t have time to do anything in the mornings.

Yoongi, naturally being more dominant, pushed Seokjin down onto the bed. He began to tug at Seokjin’s shirt, the older letting him take it off. Some minutes went by, and Yoongi felt a tug at his shirt. That’s when he remembered, that oh shit if he took off his shirt Seokjin would see the tattoo and what would he say and-

Yoongi broke away from the kiss. “Can I just leave it on?” His voice definitely still had a sultry tone to it, though it was obvious that Yoongi was rather uncomfortable.

Seokjin scrunched his eyebrows pensively. The lamp in their room was still on, so Yoongi could see this. He was nervous, not knowing what Seokjin was going to say.

“Yoongi-ah, is something wrong?” His voice had lost any sort of sexy tone, and his face showed genuine concern. Yoongi in all their years of dating and marriage never had sex with his shirt on. Ever. Something was clearly up.

Yoongi fell back into his spot on the bed, laying on his back. His hands instinctively rested on his stomach, his body very much still aroused even though that wasn’t what he was thinking about anymore. Seokjin too, though it seemed to be decreasing by the minute. He was concerned over other more pressing things now.

“Not exactly,” muttered Yoongi rather quietly. He felt small and scared all of a sudden. He’d have to show this tattoo to Seokjin eventually. What if he didn’t like it? What if he got mad that Yoongi didn’t tell him about it?

Seokjin didn’t really buy his husband’s response. “If this is about your stomach Yoongi-ah, you know that I don’t care if you have a perfectly toned stomach or abs or any of that shit. I just love giving your tummy kisses…”

“It’s not that,” Yoongi interrupted. “It’’s-”

“Or any other part of your body Yoongi. If you don’t want to have sex tonight either we don’t have to, you know that. Maybe it’s better if we just go to bed anyways.”

“Fuck,” Yoongi muttered to himself, though he definitely said it loud enough that Seokjin could hear. He sat up, sitting at the end of his side of the bed. “Please don’t be mad at me for this.” Yoongi’s voice was incredibly shaky, and it was clear he was anxious. It was rare for him to ever be this anxious around his husband, so Seokjin’s concern meter went up even higher.

Yoongi grabbed the bottom hem of the t-shirt, and began to pull it over his head. Once the shirt was off, he immediately felt self conscious and wanted to hide. He placed his hands in his lap and moved his arms to his side so that Seokjin could see. His body was visibly shaking, as Yoongi tried to take deep breaths to steady his breathing.

“Wow...Yoongi…” Seokjin was speechless. There was a beautiful tattoo on Yoongi’s chest, where his heart was. It was an entrancing design, the eye was immediately attracted to it. He was in awe, Seokjin knew that his husband had discussed getting a tattoo sometime in the future, but this was not what he had expected. Something that large, that grand. He loved it, maybe even more than Yoongi did.

“Shit Seokjin...I...I didn’t mean to not tell you…” Considering Yoongi hadn’t stopped shaking yet, Seokjin got out from under the covers to go wrap him in a warm hug. The younger rested his head on Seokjin’s large shoulders, still worried as Seokjin hadn’t explicitly stated that he had approved of it or not yet.

“It’s beautiful Yoongi. I love it. When did you get it?”

“Last Saturday. That’s why I was gone for so long.” Seokjin felt his husband calming down more, the anxiety wearing off a bit. “Honestly not a great experience, but the results were so worth it. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I didn’t know what you would think.”

“You really think I would’ve divorced you over a fucking tattoo? You could’ve gotten an ass tattoo of Donald Trump and I would still stay with you.”

The laugh Yoongi let out at that was honestly so disgusting but he didn’t care. “Maybe I could tattoo your face on my ass instead.”

“Kinky.” Yoongi playfully slapped his husband on the back, the mood had definitely changed and the two were just joking around like usual now. It was the only time they could joke around like this, considering that their humor was definitely not appropriate for the kids to be hearing. Seokjin poured himself another glass of wine, drinking it rather quickly. He was already tipsy, so this enhanced that state even more.

“Seriously though, having to sit shirtless for a good 2.5 hours to get this tattoo was god damn awful. Especially cause I’m super self conscious and all that. And yes-”

“Damn Yoongi, I feel an urge to give your belly lots of kisses right now. May I?” Seokjin grinned his signature grin, and Yoongi couldn’t help but to relent to his request. He laid back down, and let Seokjin playfully place kisses all over his torso. It made him smile, it wasn’t really sexual at all, just something sweet that Seokjin always loved to do.

Some time passed, Yoongi giggling the entire duration of this belly kissing. He was still feeling a bit tipsy to say the least, he wasn’t able to hold his drinks as well as he did when he was younger. But it made everything better, everything so sweet.

“Would you ever get a couples tattoo with me?” asked Yoongi out of the blue. Seokjin stopped the kisses, sitting up for the time being.

“I don’t know. If you wanted to, only for you though.” Clearly Seokjin was more interested in kissing Yoongi’s belly at this moment, so he went back to doing as such. Yoongi’s loud giggles continued, to the point where both of them were becoming rather loud.

Namjoon wasn’t sure if this sappy talk was any better than hearing other noises. He was sure that his fathers forgot how thin the wall between their room and his was, because he literally could hear their entire conversation. Like what was this about a trump tattoo on someone’s ass?

It was eventually starting to irritate him, because he just wanted to sleep in peace and quiet. He had his own room, in theory it should’ve been quiet. And although Namjoon did not really want to go up and knock on the master bedroom door (though he was sure this time he wouldn’t be interrupting anything too scandalous), he had to otherwise he wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to fall asleep. Plus all he could visualize was that fucking ass tattoo. Gross.

To make sure his point got across, Namjoon knocked on the door rather loud. That got the attention of his parents rather quickly, and immediately they stopped what they were doing. Seokjin threw on the robe he kept on a hook behind the door, before opening it. An angry Namjoon stood outside of it, his arms crossed in discontempt.

“Can you two please be quieter? I want to sleep and I can’t when you’re talking really loudly about Donald Trump butt tattoos.” While Seokjin really wanted to laugh at that, he did feel bad for keeping Namjoon awake. Though because he was still a bit tipsy, his apology came out a bit...

“Sorry about that, but do you wanna see your appa’s tattoo? They really made trump’s face quite orange-”

“GROSS!” Namjoon made a disgusted face before going back into his room. It was going to take him an eternity to get that out of his mind.

Seokjin thought he was being hilarious, but Yoongi (who was becoming more sober at this point) gave his husband a glare when he came back onto the bed. “Now your oldest thinks I have a tattoo of trump on my ass. Thanks.”

“He knows I was joking Yoongi, calm your tits.”

“1.) I don’t have any and 2.) it’s time for bed. I want my kids to get sleep.”

“But Yoongles-”

“Jesus, before I would’ve sworn you were sober but now you’re acting as if you downed three bottles of wine. Goodnight.” Yoongi shook his head, before turning off the lamp. Thankfully, Seokjin was sober enough to realize that this was his cue to sleep, so he cuddled up next to Yoongi, his hand landing on Yoongi’s beautiful new tattoo.

Seokjin took up the task of waking the boys up that morning. The rest had all slept just fine, considering they couldn’t hear anything from their rooms. Namjoon was pretty groggy though.

“I swear I hear anything more about that tattoo-”

Seokjin couldn’t help but to chuckle. “Don’t worry Namjoon, I was just joking. Your appa did get a lovely tattoo though, and not on his butt.”

Namjoon turned around and got up to sit on his bed. “Oh really?”

“Yeah,” replied Seokjin. “Maybe he’ll show it to you someday.” He then left the room, telling Namjoon to come down and get some breakfast.

Yoongi had nothing to worry about after all. Seokjin loved his tattoo, and maybe would get a couples tattoo with him. And Namjoon, he was happy to learn that his appa had not tattooed Trump’s face on his ass.

Though it did still haunt him for a good week to come.