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The Questions We Wonder

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He was scratching away with red ink when the door opened to his classroom. He glanced up to see Harry walk in. He went to the second row from the front of the classroom and three sits in. Placing his books softly on the desk he carefully removed his backpack and set it next to his chair. The boy then looked up at him.


“Good morning, Professor.” He sat down and pulled out his black-lined book he was constantly writing it.


“Morning,” He mumbled back and watched the boy a little longer before he returned to his grading.


His thoughts wandered to the boy, as they often did. He was nothing like he expected. He was waiting to see a carbon copy of his father when the boy arrived. Then he walked up to the sorting hat with a small smile and sat quiet and straight. He was respectful and never fidgeted like most kids do when waiting. The process took a while but the real surprise was when the hat called out “RAVENCLAW!”. Harry thanked McGonagall before moving to join his new family. Like Severus, the Gryffindor table starred with disbelief.


Harry, Severus thought while dipping his quill, was different than most students here. Despite the sneer he sent him, Harry was never impolite. Whenever he saw any of the professors he greeted them with a soft smile. He was punctual, unlike his father, and even arrived early to his classes. A habit his mother had.


He asked questions that Severus never even thought to ask. Such on the first day of potions, “Sir, why don’t they describe in the book different results of a potion? Wouldn’t that help student identify where they made a mistake?” The teacher had to blink a couple of times. He was not expecting a question such as that from him. He quickly answered that it would make the books to thick and heavy to carry around. He watched as the boy looked ready to ask more questions before nodding and turning to his journal.


From what he heard he asked questions like this in all his classes. Something that Flitwick appreciated. He asked questions most people didn’t think about.


“If you change the material from wood to stone how does it change is dexterity overall? Wouldn’t rearranging the structure cause long-term effects even if it’s reverted?” He heard Minerva’s eyes almost popped out of her head from the question.


“How does a star’s death effect magic and the rituals performed under them?” Sinistra was excited to see someone taking her class seriously.


“How does range affect a spell? If you are closer is a spell more powerful since the magic has less distance to travel and less interference?” Flitwick told Harry if he wrote an essay on this topic, he would give him extra credit.

Severus had to take a step back a reevaluate his assumptions about the Potter child. Besides the hair color, sharp jaw, and long limbs, James Potter didn’t shine through his son. Unfortunately, besides a few habits, his laugh, his nose and eyes, his mother didn’t either. He was his own person. Something that he felt Albus wasn’t counting on.


“Hello Harry,” the soft voice of Susan Bones pulled Severus out of his thoughts. He looked down and noticed a small pool of ink was forming on his desk below where his ink was idly hovering. He cleaned it up with a frown.


“Harry,” Hannah said with a smile. She gave his soft hug before continuing, “Did you get a letter from Mom?” Severus frowned at the way she said it.


“Yes,” He pulled out a box from his backpack, “Mint brownies. Would you like one?” The girls agreed and grabbed one then sat next to him.


“Mom sent me ones with cream cheese in the middle. They’re my favorite.” Snape wrote a score on top of the essay before flipping it into the next pile. He reached out to grab the next paper when he saw a body in front of him. He looked up to see Harry holding a box.


“Excuse me, Professor,” He said, “My foster mother sent me mint brownies. Would you like one?” Severus blinked at the boy. He never had a student share sweets with him.


“If you wouldn’t mind sharing,” He watched Harry reach into the box with a napkin before passing the little brown square to him. “Thank you,” he murmured after grabbing the treat. Harry then walked back to his seat closing the container and putting it away.


As he nibbled on the brownie, which was quite delicious might he add, he thought over what Harry said. He had a foster mother. Which if the way they spoke said anything, was Hannah Abbott’s mother, Delana.


Delana was a head matron at St. Mungos in the Child Ward. She was a muggle-born Hufflepuff and two years ahead of Severus when they attended Hogwarts. She was a very friendly and compassionate person. At one point she had offered to help Severus prepare for a Herbology exam. Other than that, they never really spoke. They knew of each other but never spent time together.


Though he didn’t know much about her, he knew she didn’t have connections to the Potters. So, why did she have custody of the boy? Why wasn’t he with relatives like Dumbledore had explained to Severus all those years ago?


Terry Boot entered the Room with his Friend Ernie and Justin. The two latter waved at Harry before sitting in the back row. Terry sat behind Harry. He ruffled Harry’s short hair, unlike his father’s messy ear length hair, and took a piece of Harry’s brownie when offered.

Soon they classroom filled with students and low chatter. Essays were placed on the corner of the work tables ready to be collected. This was Severus’s fourth class with Harry. The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs having two smaller classes to their counterparts one long one. He enjoyed teaching this class more for two reasons. One, no one was sabotaging each other. Two, Harry had always interesting questions. He found he wasn’t the only one enjoying the questions the boy asked. Many of the students stared at him whenever the professor asked if anyone had any. Though strangely enough, he would only ask two per class. Whenever he seemed to have more, he would take to his journal.


After collecting the essays he started in theory about medical potions. Explaining potions, their side effects, their benefits, and why they couldn’t change the taste without changing the effectiveness. It was nearing the end of the class when the boy’s hand shot up, “Yes, Mr. Potter?”


“Why can’t you put the potions in gel capsules as muggles do?  That way you would just swallow the potion without tasting it and the capsule would dissolve in your stomach releasing the potion. They make the material out of gelatin so it has no taste and doesn’t affect the ingredients. Couldn’t you up the potency of the potion to create a smaller amount that could fit into a small capsule?” Severus stopped his pacing and blinked at the boy. Chatter around him started, stating what an amazing idea that was, some were asking what gelatin was. Severus had to agree with them, that was an impressive idea.


And he had one equally as impressive. One to get questions answered and learn more about the boy. “Mr. Potter, Meet me after class to discuss your idea.”