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Chisaki was fairly silent on the walk to the hotel, wordlessly fretting about the lack of mask covering his face and the flu-ridden passers-by who crossed their path. Luckily the journey was short and soon they were in the warmth of the lobby, Hawks speaking to the receptionist to request a room. Suite . Of course he would pick something expensive, not that Chisaki minded. He slapped his card onto the counter when requested for the lady to take a copy of and took it, along with a keycard, back up when she returned.

He was pondering Hawks’ earlier statement with interest - I’m surprised you didn’t consider becoming a hero. Quirk like that would be real useful - he wouldn’t have made a very good hero, he hated taking orders from other people. And he hated the general public even more, nasty, unclean things. No, Yakuza work suited him much better. As they approached the elevator to take them to their floor, Chisaki hummed under his breath.

“I don’t think becoming a hero ever once crossed my mind. It seems like more trouble than it's worth,” he mused, half to himself as he pressed the button for the lift. With a slight frown he removed the remaining glove and placed it into his pocket. “I suppose my quirk may have been useful in such a situation. It doesn’t really have many limitations.”


Hawks pressed the appropriate button and the lift kicked up speed as it ascended, turning to the taller man with a grin. “More trouble than it's worth...I disagree. If you fix enough of the world’s problems, eventually there won’t be any left. Or so few and minor that regular people can sort them out between themselves. That’s what I want. A society where heroes have an abundance of free time. The quicker, the better.”


Chisaki scoffed and leaned back against the wall of the elevator, sliding his scarf off in the process. "So long as there are people living on this Earth there will be problems. Fix one, fix a thousand, there will always be more."

The lift dinged open to the corridor they were staying on so Chisaki headed out and toward the door with the name of their suite emblazoned on it. He took a breath and swiped the keycard - that was it, no turning back now. When the light on the handle beeped, Chisaki opened the door and stepped to the side, gesturing to Hawks with a nod of his head.

"After you."


The heavy, nervous breath he heaved wasn't lost on Hawks when he stepped inside, immediately kicking off his shoes and tearing the jumper off his head, rolling his neck and wings out in a stretch as he explored the suite, dumping the plastic bag of stuff on a bedside table. There was a complimentary bottle of red and dark chocolates left on the middle of their plush bed, but Hawks didn’t seem particularly interested in that right then. The carpet was soft and velvety under his bare feet when Hawks padded back over to the taller man, head cocked to the side.


"Hey, you OK?"


Chisaki was busy unlacing his shoes as Hawks explored the room, not all that interested in the layout of the place and far more preoccupied with his own thoughts. It would be okay. There was a shower here, he could do this and get straight in afterward without losing it. They’d already kissed, they had condoms - it was fine . He drew in a breath as he tucked his shoes into the stand and then stood, moving further into the room. Hawks approached him with that false concern etched into his face again. He was well practiced at that, Chisaki might’ve believed it was real if he didn’t know the vapid little man was likely faking it.

“Fine,” Chisaki replied, shedding his coat. He laid it over the back of an armchair and quickly surveyed the room to find the bed and the door to the bathroom. It was an extravagant place, with far too many sofas and chairs for the two of them and a fucking grand piano in the corner. Chisaki raised a brow and looked pointedly at Hawks as he moved closer to him. “You pick this room for the piano?”


The hero’s wings were spread out again, ever restless and lovely, and Chisaki’s eye was immediately drawn to them. An old, almost forgotten memory played in his head, a habit from childhood he’d long given up for the sake of seeming normal . Kai liked wings, those of birds and butterflies and bats. He liked seeing how they worked. He liked doing things to them, experimenting with them, in the clearing at the bottom of the garden. One of Pops’ men caught him once but he never said a word. No-one said anything about the freakish young master if they wanted to keep all their limbs. He wondered what such experiments would do to Hawks. Would he shriek like a little animal, or would he grit his teeth like a stubborn hero?

Chisaki raised a hand and let it fall against the flexible primary bone the feathers sprouted from. They weren’t exactly soft but wiry and smooth. It didn’t stop Chisaki from threading his fingers between the feathers as he stroked down, humming appreciatively.

“Take your clothes off,” he murmured, free hand coming to rest at the back of Hawks’ head, on the nape of his neck. “And tell me what you want me to do.”


Hawks made a display out of unbuttoning the grey linen shirt he’d been wearing under his jumper, working his way purposefully downwards button for button, fingertips stroking his own chest, until the thing was hanging off his shoulders and open at the front, a necklace falling down over his collar bones. Chisaki stared at him with a hungry look in his eye, like one a carnivore would give its prey right before eating it. Hawks shivered, eyes heavy as he worked further down the buttons still, stuck on Chisaki’s the entire time.

Next, he unbuckled his belt. His trousers dropped to the floor with a quiet noise and were promptly kicked backwards. Neither of them were saying anything. It was just the sound of rustling clothes and hitched breaths when Chisaki’s brushed his thumb at the nape of Hawks’ neck. The hero left his boxers on, and his shirt. Closing the distance between them, he pushed himself up on his toes and reached out to take the Yakuza’s collars in his hands, pulling him down.

“Kiss me again.”


“I said ‘take your clothes off’, not ‘leave some on’,” Chisaki admonished, moving the hand from Hawks’ wing to his the front of his shirt. He activated his quirk to quickly destroy the material then reassemble it off the hero’s body. After dropping the shirt to the floor, he moved both his hands into Hawks’ hair and pulled the smaller man flush against his chest.

“Seems a bit tame for your standards,” Chisaki smirked, squeezing his fingers in Hawks’ hair. “But if that’s what you want, then fine.”

Kissing Hawks was quite an awkward affair considering the significant height difference between them and Chisaki had to stoop to press their lips together. He put up with it for a while, distracted by the alcohol heavy taste of Hawks’ mouth and the warmth of the man’s body through his clothes. One hand stayed tight in Hawks’ hair while the other raked down his pectoral muscle and slipped down to his waist. The hero was slim but incredibly toned, there was barely a shred of fat on him. How a pretty, delicate little thing like him had made it to number two was beyond him, he must work hard for his place amongst the older, more powerful heroes. After a minute or so the strain in Chisaki’s neck was starting to bug him, so he started walking them backwards and shoved Hawks unceremoniously down on the bed. He wasted no time in dropping one knee in between the hero’s legs and caging him in with his arms.

“If kissing was all you wanted then I guess I’ll get on with what I want to do,” Chisaki hummed, lowering his head to bite at Hawks’ throat. “Last chance.”


“Jeez, I had more. Slow down, Casanova,” Hawks taunted, wrapping a hand around the white tie flapping in front to manoeuvre Chisaki’s face back up to his, pressing their mouths together in a kiss that was more comfortable for both of them now Chisaki didn’t have to crane his neck to get to him and he didn’t have to hold himself up on the balls of his feet. He groaned, dirty and loud when he opened his mouth to memorise the inside of Chisaki’s with his tongue, threading his fingers back into short brown hair. Still, he supposed he wasn’t exactly losing out on anything by being proven wrong. When his wings started to become crushed beneath the combined weight of their bodies he pushed himself up, and reluctantly pulled away, lips puffy.

“Mmm, fuck,” he breathed. His hand was clinging to Chisaki’s tie, the other having wandered down to his hip. “You’re good at that. Works better when I’m on top, though.” Hawks may have been small, and Chisaki was being a little compliant to what he wanted, but he had no issue grappling the other man and twisting their positions, perching himself atop with a triumphant smile. He dropped down, hands on either side of the man’s head and wings arching down to cage them in a similar manner Chisaki had done, the light from the bedside table filtering through, stained a velvety red from his feathers. Chisaki couldn't help let out a half-growled protest but he didn't stop the hero from taking the reins for a moment. It did work better when he was positioned on top, when those beautiful wings could spread out behind him and shelter them both beneath the curve of scarlet. Hawks looked gorgeous in the dappled light that filtered in through the coloured plumage, youthful face illuminated and mean as he stared down at Chisaki.


“S’better,” he breathed, drawing a tongue along his bottom lip in contemplation, tasting Chisaki as he looked down at him. “Here’s what I want you to do tonight. You’re gonna let me slide my filthy mouth all the way down your cock until I choke. Then you’re gonna prepare me with your fingers, get me nice and slick, and you’re gonna fuck me so hard I’m screaming for you. Screaming like a...what was it? Oh yeah, a ‘desperate little slut’.” Hawks’ eyes narrowed and he squeezed his legs gently around Chisaki’s waist. “Then you’re gonna do it again. And again. Seem fair?”

The Yakuza laid his hands on Hawks' hips and squeezed in response to the thighs tightening around his waist. The things Hawks was saying made his cheeks flush and he started to squirm beneath the hero's weight. He was so damn vivid , words weaving a multitude of filthy images in Chisaki's head. Hawks' mouth on him, hot and wet and messy. Hawks bouncing in his lap- no, no. On his front with his nasty face shoved into the pillows, wheezing and panting Chisaki's name like the desperate little slut he was as the Yakuza's fingers screwed up in his feathers.

"Fuck. Yes, yes , that seems-" Chisaki broke off into a groan and rose up onto one of his forearms, other hand coming to grasp the back of Hawks' neck. He arched up and brought their lips together again, hungry for the warmth of his mouth again. Clenching down on Hawks' hip, Chisaki ground his cock up into his ass and dropped his head into the crook of his neck. The hand at his neck dipped to one of his wings, where he wrapped his fingers gently around a few of the feathers. " Good . Fuck, hurry up."


Hawks laughed when Chisaki stuttered the reply and turned his head to mouth at his ear, biting gently at the top and holding between canine teeth. He ground his hips down to answer and Chisaki responded with a pleasing tug at the the feathers at the top of his wing. The teeth at Chisaki’s ear turned into a pair of lips pressing hot against the side of his neck.

“I wanna suck your dick over there, by the piano. Keep your clothes on.”


"I knew you got this room for the piano," Chisaki smirked, tugging the feathers in his hand a little tighter. He wanted Hawks mouth on more of his skin now that he was used to and expecting the sensation but his collar was getting in the way. He frowned at Hawks' request and pulled back slightly, raising a brow. " Keep my clothes on?"


"F'course I did," Hawks began with an unapologetic smirk, rolling his wing closer into Chisaki's grip in a way that caused a rush of air through feathers when he moved. He hadn't yet clambered off of the Yakuza’s lap. "I told you, I like a guy in a tie. I'm either gonna take your clothes off for you when I'm done sucking your dick, or have you tie me up with your suspenders and keep the rest of it on when you fuck me. I might even call you sir again. Was gonna see how I felt." Hawks shrugged in the face of Chisaki's frown. His tone turned teasing when he closed the distance Chisaki had put between them, kissing his temple sweetly in the unlikely circumstance that he needed to ingratiate the man to get what he wanted. "I think you liked it when I called you that at the bar. Anything else I should call you? ‘Boss’, maybe?”


Fucking hell, the guy was really shameless, wasn't he? The directness of Hawks' words sent heat rushing into Chisaki's veins, had his breath catching in the back of his throat. His thoughts turned at Hawks' direction, first to him being stripped by those nimble fingers and feathers, then to the image of his suspenders wrapped tightly around the hero's arms. Maybe his throat too, that way Chisaki could tug him onto his knees and watch his pretty face go purple as he wrenched the air from his lungs.

Fuck .

The sweet kiss against his temple seemed so absurd when compared with the utter filth spewing from those lips only moments before. Chisaki swallowed, finding his mouth to be a lot drier than expected, and cursed the vapid little hero for managing to overwhelm him again . There were a number of things he'd like Hawks to call him, the two the hero had already stated were certainly up there, along with the name he'd recently chosen for himself as a leader 'Overhaul ', but these didn't seem suitable, they would just serve to fluster him at this point.

"Kai. You can call me that," Chisaki muttered, squeezing Hawks' hip. "And fine, I'll keep my damn clothes on but at least loosen my tie and collar. It's warm in here."


“Hn, if you like,” Hawks hummed gently and commanded a feather to slip under the knot of Chisaki’s tie to loosen it while his fingers got to unbuttoning, starting with the one under his collar.  He dragged the slip of fabric when it rolled free, throwing it across the bedsheets and continued, talking as he worked. “So Kai. Itsa nice name. ‘Restoration’ and ‘recovery’, right? How appropriate. Y’know it means ‘chicken’ in Thai, too?” He had unbuttoned to midway down Chisaki’s chest before he realised he hadn’t stopped at his neck, too occupied with the feel of silky skin under his fingertips. His eyebrows shot up when he spotted something lurking underneath the shadows cast by Chisaki’s shirt, and he slipped a hand under, fingers fanning and resting across pigmented skin that could only be that way because of ink . “You’ve gotta tattoo?”


Oh shit . Chisaki had been enjoying the soft touch of the younger man's hands across his skin when Hawks noticed the tattoo sitting on his right pectoral. It spanned up over his collar-bone, down his arm and over his shoulder, a colourful, permanent indication of his status within the Yakuza. He peered up at Hawks and decided the best course to take was distraction, so he moved the hand clutching the feathers down to once again grip at the sensitive base of his wing. Simultaneously, he released Hawks' hip and grabbed at his ass over his boxers. Chisaki’s hand was large enough by comparison that he was able to cover Hawk’s entire ass cheek when he made to cup it, warmth from a flat palm crossing the thin material of his underwear. Hawks dug his fingers into the ink of Chisaki’s chest when the man found that spot at the base of his wing again and squeezed, drawing out a quiet whimper and a smooth roll of hips.

"You talk too much, kid," Chisaki scoffed. He squeezed Hawks' asscheek again, wondering if he should just pick the little freak up and off the bed. "Yes, I do. A few. Anymore questions or can we get on with this?"

“I’m sure I do. I’ll just have to save them up and ask you when you’re not in such a rush to get your dick in my ass.” A snide smile crept at the corners of Hawks’ mouth. “How ‘old-fashioned’ of me to want to ‘know a few details’ about you, before you pound me into the sheets. F’give me for my curiosity, Kai .”


Chisaki growled in annoyance and slapped Hawks hard on the ass where he'd been holding him, making the hero moan gratuitously loud. The little bastard was clearly trying to test his patience, perhaps aggravating him into making a move. Part of him wanted to argue, wanted to hiss in the hero's face that his questioning was reasonable and far before they'd started getting down to it. Now was not that time for yapping on and on, the only thing he wanted to hear out of Hawks' pretty, puffy little lips was his name, perhaps 'fuck ' and 'harder '.

He released Hawks' wing in favour of sliding both his hands beneath his ass, fingers gripping firmly into the flesh as he scooted closer to the edge of the bed. As Chisaki drew them off the bed and stood upright he made sure the hero's thighs rested on his forearms to keep him from falling, then slowly walked them over to the grand piano. Chisaki slid Hawks onto the top of the instrument and stepped between his legs, one hand drifting up to his hair as he brought their lips together again.


Hawks pulled himself close when he was hoisted up, throwing his arms around broad shoulders and wrapping his legs around a slender waist to hold himself in place when Chisaki decided to take him over to the grand piano. He grinned when he was set down and sitting pretty atop the grandiose instrument, Chisaki between his legs and a pair of lips back on his mouth.

“Mm,” Hawks sighed contentedly, allowing his eyes to slide languidly to a close, blindly rolling his thumbs up the straps snapped around Chisaki’s shoulders, tugging on them to test. “If you’re as good at everything else as you are at kissing, I’m gonna be very happy.”


A prickle of self-satisfaction made Chisaki's lips curl into a slight smile. He hadn't expected to hear a lick of praise out of Hawks' snide mouth but it was most welcome. The hero looked gorgeous perched atop the piano, wings fluttering quietly behind him as his hands crawled over the Yakuza's suspender straps. He really seemed to like those, Chisaki noted,  perhaps he would indulge the little freak and tie him up with them as suggested.

"I'm sure you will be," Chisaki replied, raking his nails up one of Hawks' thighs.

His other hand dipped to the sturdy bones of his wing again and used it as a hold to force him to arch his back. He placed less-than-gentle kisses against the hero's collarbone, moving up his throat to below his ear, sucking and biting marks into the skin along the way. When he reached his ear he began rolling his thumb hard against the part of Hawks' wing he now knew to be sensitive, wanting to feel him squirm.

"But first, I think you said something about choking on my cock?"


“Ha-ah, nngh, nothing gets past you , does it?” Hawks breathily teased, arching forward to push his bare torso against Chisaki’s, applying pressure with his hands down onto the pair of shoulders in front of him. “Sit down, then.” Hawks was immediately and eagerly sinking to his knees as soon as he spoke, hands sliding from Chisaki’s shoulders to the tops of his thighs. He looked up at the Chisaki with an equally satisfied smile, palming Kai through his slacks and gently tugging on his zipper. “Mm, you’re so hard .”


Chisaki let himself be manoeuvred down onto the piano stool, face flushed and brows furrowed as he watched Hawks drop down between his spread knees. When the hero pressed his hard against his cock Chisaki grunted and leaned back against the closed lid of the piano, arms spreading wide over the polished surface. He watched Hawks closely as he slid his zipper down, twitching slightly in anticipation. "Well you have been grinding your ass on me for the last hour or so," he gritted out, rocking his hips up into Hawks' hand. "C'mon. Get on with it."


Unfortunately for him, Hawks was going to do no such thing. Having pulled down Kai’s zipper, he drew back, settling himself more comfortably on his knees and dragging his fingers along the inside of the increasingly impatient  Yakuza’s thighs.

“Why the rush?” He smirked, leaning forward to press a slow, loose kiss on the tip of Chisaki’s clothed cock, closing his eyes and moaning like it was the best goddamn kiss he’d ever gotten, breathing hot when he pulled back. His eyes snapped back up to fix the man above with a heavy look, eyelashes fluttering, “we’ve got all night.”

He should've expected Hawks to drag this out for as long as possible, perhaps complaining about it would only prolong his suffering. Chisaki contemplated grabbing the little bastard by the hair and forcing him down onto his cock but as soon as Hawks' breath filtered hot through his boxers the idea flew out of the window. He groaned  embarrassingly loud. At this Hawks began to slowly unbuckle Kai’s belt, laying kisses across his lap, paying most of his attention to the thick line of heat straining against the fabric of his trousers.

“You’re gonna feel so good,” he murmured, sensing how affected Chisaki was in the way his breath hitched when the belt was slid away by its buckle and dropped carelessly with a loud noise against the wood flooring. Hawks wasn’t going to stop there, popping the button around Kai’s waist and slipping a hand inside, squeezing him gently through his boxer shorts, “so fucking thick .”

"You- you fucking tease," Chisaki growled, fingers clenching hard around both edges of the piano lid. "I swear to God if you don't put your mouth on my cock in the next five seconds I'll-" he gasped and screwed his eyes shut when Hawks' hand slithered into his trousers and squeezed . "Fuck!"


“You’ll what?” Hawks drew back, face hovering over Chisaki’s lap, breathing over his cock. Chisaki felt like his knuckles were going to burst out his skin from the sheer force of holding onto something. Hawks seemed to find  it pretty amusing to see him come undone so spectacularly from just a little groping .

When Kai’s empty threat remained unfulfilled and Hawks smirked, lazy and wide. “Yeah, didn’t think you had anythin’.”

Before Chisaki could voice any further protest, Hawks slipped him out of his boxers and dropped his mouth over the head of his dick, tongue lapping along the underside as his hand wrapped around the base. Chisaki’s head dropped back as a choked off moan fell from between his spit-slick lips. It’d been a long time since anyone had touched him, perhaps even weeks had passed since he’d wrapped his own hands around his cock to bring himself any pleasure. The heat of Hawks’ mouth was blissful and when Chisaki tipped his head forward and opened his eyes, the sight he was met with made a violent shudder roll down his spine.

“Oh fuck ,” Chisaki breathed, rolling his fingers into fists.

How Hawks still managed to look smug with a goddamn cock in his mouth, Chisaki would never know. His eyes were locked on the Yakuza’s, teasing and taunting, as if to say ‘ this is all it takes?’. Chisaki let out a ragged breath and thrust his hips gently upward, wanting to slide his cock further into the hero’s mouth. Hawks pulled back with Kai’s hips as they rolled upwards, withdrawing and pressing a delicate kiss to the tip of his dick, his tongue flicking out to lap playfully at the slit. He kept his eyes glued to the pair above when he flattened out his tongue and manoeuvred Chisaki’s cock with his hand, slapping it on the pink, wet surface once, twice, mouth twisting into a smile in the corners when he noticed the guy flush even deeper than he already was and struggle to maintain eye contact. He pushed down, and further, until flesh shoved against the back of his throat and he allowed a stifled gag to escape, chased by broken groan, the noise deep and muffled by the thickness falling heavy on his tongue. It was from here that Hawks started to move. Any eye contact he might’ve wanted to maintain was spoiled by that image which made him drop his head back and screw his face up.

It was a good thing Hawks had a hold of his hips when he started taking more of him into his mouth as Chisaki was finding it difficult to stay still. His legs were twitching as pleasure pulled at his nerves and his breathing quickened when he felt the hero’s throat close around him, vibrating gently as he groaned.

“Fuck, that’s-“ Chisaki gasped, rocking his head forward. He reached down with one hand and threaded his fingers through Hawks’ mussed hair. With a hiss, he tugged the hero back slightly and clutched at his hair tighter, wanting to get his attention. “Hold still.”

He didn’t wait for Hawks’ acknowledgement before dragging the hero’s head back onto his cock, holding him tightly against his pelvis for a moment before drawing him back against repeating the process. Chisaki was likely being a little too rough with his actions but he was far too preoccupied with how good the hero’s throat and mouth felt to care.

“Fuck, this is a m-much better use for your mouth,” Chisaki groaned, sitting up slightly. He dropped his free hand to Hawks’ neck and spanned his fingers out to feel the push of his cock in the man’s throat. Holy fuck, that was so disgusting and yet it send a wild jolt of pleasure through Chisaki’s guts. He squeezed down on Hawks’ throat slightly. Well, he did say he wanted to choke .


Hawks couldn’t breathe even if he’d tried. All he could manage was a bubbled gurgle from stretched lips when the same hand squeezed his airway shut, dick shoving so deep under Kai’s hand that he gagged again. His nose was thrust harshly into Kai’s hips. He tilted his head upwards to pin the man with an unpleasant look, one that read ‘ if you push this too far I will bite your fucking dick clean off .’ He had drool running down his chin that pooled in Kai’s lap when he allowed his head to be brought back down, swallowing around flesh with a choked, suffocated noise.


Chisaki was approaching the edge far too quickly, the sensation of that hot, wet mouth on his cock and the feeling of it ramming down Hawks' throat through his skin was driving him crazy. He slowed down a touch, grip easing in Hawks' hair to allow the hero some respite as well. The hero looked pissed off but with his mouth full and his face flushed and splattered with drool he hardly looked threatening. It just brought a smile to Chisaki's face and he started stroking Hawks' hair in a mockery of gentleness.

"You said you wanted to choke, didn't you?" he murmured, releasing the smaller man's throat in favour of threading his fingers through the wings surrounding them.

With a strained laugh, Chisaki leaned his back against the piano lid once more and relinquished control to Hawks for a little while. If he kept going at the rapid pace of before he'd blow his load too quickly. He wanted to enjoy this.

"Go on then, pretty," Chisaki hummed, sliding his hand down to Hawks' jaw where he paused to wipe away some of the drool with his thumb. "Do what you like."


“Aww, why didja stop? Was just getting into it,” Hawks teased through heaved breaths, pulling off Kai’s dick with a trail of spit still connecting his mouth to the end. It broke when he moved his lips. He couldn’t hold back the reflex of a cough after he’d spoken, eyes scrunching up when his throat answered with a dull ache from having something very hard and very thick repeatedly stuffed down it. Not that he hadn’t taken it like a complete champ.

“Was it a little too much ? Need a breather?” Hawks smirked, licking spit off his lips and wiping the remainder from the lower half of his face with his hand, wrapping it around Kai’s dick and using it as makeshift lube to pump it. He continued rubbing his hand over the man’s dick when he leaned back forwards. “C’mon Kai,” he whined, once again lacing his fingers over the hand tangled in his hair, applying downward pressure and holding his mouth open over his spit-wet dick like a shameless invitation, “Fuck my throat.”


“Fucking hell,” Chisaki cursed, tightening his fingers in Hawks’s hair as requested. “You’re fucking shameless.

Chisaki hadn’t slept with many people, but those he had, those he’d paid hadn’t been this exuberant and forgiving when it came to how rough he’d like to be. The invitation was almost too perfect. His eyes rolled shut as he shoved his hips forward again, cock thrusting straight to the back of Hawks’ throat. The hero’s name rolled broken and breathy off his tongue as he rocked his hips back and forth, fingers clenched so tight in his hair that he felt a few strands tear from his scalp. It was too much, too quickly and Chisaki soon felt an unbearable pressure low in his abdomen, one that had him thrusting wildly into Hawks’ throat. He grabbed a fistful of feathers and started tearing the moment he felt the pleasure start to overwhelm him, start to tick down every nerve along his spine.

“*F-fuck, god you’re so-“ Chisaki gasped, rippling the feathers clean out of the wing as his rhythm stuttered and he clenched harder into Hawks’ hair.


Gasping wetly around the invading length jammed harshly into his mouth, Hawks squeezed his eyes closed when Kai started ripping and tearing at his hair and wings. Tears rolled down his cheeks- pushed out in the brutal way Kai was shoving himself down his tender throat. The same throat that was making a wet, desperate noise each time the man jerked his hips and buried himself deeper.

Chisaki started bucking uncontrollably into his mouth, reaching release embarrassingly quick. Hawks resisted the hands in his hair to pull off with a sloppy choking noise, replacing his mouth with a hand that wrapped and moved swiftly over the man’s length. His tongue fell out, ready to catch what Kai was gonna give him.


"F-fuck, I-" Chisaki rasped, screwing his eyes shut as the pressure in his abdomen coiled tight and his hips stuttered forward, cock sliding smoothly into Hawks' hand. The head bumped something wet and warm and when he cracked an eye to see what Hawks was doing he caught sight of the hero's tongue lolling out of his mouth. Waiting . The eager sight was enough to drive Chisaki over the edge and soon he was cursing under his breath, head rocked back onto the piano as he twisted beneath Hawks' grip.

The torn out feathers fell from Chisaki's fingers as his muscles twitched, slowly relaxing as the overwhelming pleasure started to ebb away. He slumped boneless against the piano as he caught his breath and regained some composure - though this was almost immediately lost again upon opening his eyes to see Hawks' cum-splattered face. An odd, half-gurgled stammer rattled in the back of his throat as he tried to find something to say.

"You are fucking shameless," he stated, still in a daze. "That how you made it to number two so quickly?"


“Shut the fuck up.”