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70 Smut story challenge

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Passing - Our muses have a one night stand


He had seen her before, he never forgot a face. He knew she was significant in some way, though that he had yet to discern. As it was, he crossed his legs at the ankles and nursed a cup of tea in his huge hands. The warmth fed through to his palms and he regarded the woman with cool blue eyes. Instead of the shivering fear that he normally felt from those in his presence, he saw only warmth. Eyes the colour of honey met his, plumes of thick black hair fell behind an almost perfectly symmetrical face and a soft mouth formed into a smile. “I am afraid my mistress is not here,” she said, her voice a soft purr. “I am at your disposal according to her wishes, my name is Shari.”

“I have seen you before,” he stated. Perhaps not the most polite first words but he was in no mood for games.

The woman, if indeed that was what she was, nodded her head, “I have attended my mistress for centuries now, I have seen you before as well, though my place is usually in the shadows.” Her eyes lowered to the floor, though her smile did not leave her face. Ahriman nodded, now able to place where he had seen her. She was the one who brought drinks, who tended to the rooms in which he stayed. She was the one who made sure his needs were met while he was here, though she remained out of sight as much as she could. A nameless serving girl until now, he wondered what had changed.

He could dismiss her and sleep, he knew he was tired enough to do so. Yet he did not. She reminded him of someone; she could have been from Prospero for all he knew – she looked the part most certainly. He sipped some more of the tea and searched her face. “Where are you from?” he asked.

“A small, back-water city on a world that no longer exists,” she said. “The name of which is Korzuk.” He had never heard of it.

“What is it like there?” he asked.

“Nothing is there anymore,” she replied, “But if you wish to know what it was like before it was destroyed, then I will tell you.” He simply nodded, wanting to hear someone speak of something meaningless rather than talk in circles.

“It was no paradise Lord,” she said. He held up a hand and shook his head.

“There are no titles to be had when I am here, if you cannot use my given name, then Ahriman will suffice.” Once more, she inclined her head, a small smile on her face.

“Very well Ahriman,” she said. “It was no paradise, but it was home. It was an Agri world that served an Imperium far too vast for the inhabitants to comprehend. We said our devotions, paid our taxes and they left us alone. I grew up in a small farming community, not much more in my head than tending the fields and growing the medicinal herbs that healed our sick. I was my mother’s daughter in every sense of the word.” Ahriman let his eyes shut as she spoke, listening closely to what she was saying.

He heard the rustle of robes, caught the subtle scent of jasmine before light hands touched his shoulders. “I loved my childhood, but it all changed when the Imperium came. I do not know why they did it and I have not cared to learn afterwards. I was shoved into a ship and jetted off the planet before the Cyclone Bombs could do their work.” Her hands began working tension from his shoulders and he leaned his head forward, letting her have access to his neck as well.

“What happened to you then?” he asked.

“We, the others on the ship and I, we all thought the Imperium was going to shoot us down. Destroy us as if we were meaningless; to them we were. Yet, as we huddled there waiting, the shots did not come. Instead, our small out-dated vessel was picked up by someone else entirely.” She pressed on a rather sore spot and he grunted; her touch lightened.

“And that is how you wound up here?”

“Not straight away. I was sold, passed around if you understand what I mean, before then. I was ready for death when I ended up here. However, I was cleaned up and offered a role in keeping the place clean.” Her deft hands touched the back of his neck just below his hairline. A shiver passed through him. “I have tended my mistress’ needs since that day,” she explained. Thumbs brushed over the soft skin just below his ear next to his jaw and he let out a sigh, letting go of the tension he was feeling. He placed his now empty mug down.“It was a role that I was only too ready for. It took a great number of years but I am now chief of hand maidens and in charge of making sure everything here is in order.” His hand snapped out and caught her wrist in a tight grip, though not enough to break.

“And I am one of those things you need to ensure is in order?” he asked. She twisted her hand and brushed a thumb over his inner wrist. A smile touched his face, his pulse quickened without him being able to stop it.

“That depends what it is that needs ordering,” she said. The smile widened on his face and he released his grip on her arm. She did not do so immediately, instead her touch lingered on his inner wrist. It was an invitation, he was well versed enough to know that. Likely Shari had been told all his touch zones by Fuuko, who knew them better than most. It did not matter. It was an invitation that he was inclined to accept anyway. The first tingle of need was already buzzing through him, settling in his stomach. It was not the only reason he visited the Vault, but he would not deny that it was one of them.

“I think you already know the answer to that,” he said, blue eyes turning up to her dark ones.

“Surely that depends on the question,” she replied. His smile was genuine, that sounded like something Fuuko would say. He cheated then. He used his will to push her into his lap. She let out a little squeak but soon settled, straddling his waist as best as she could. She was smaller than he but there was no reluctance in her; if there had been he’d not have proceeded. The pale grey robes she wore she had shifted so they would not get in the way, though he was sure she was wearing panties. Her hands touched the side of his face, far wider than what she was likely used to. He looked at her eyes for a long moment, searching them, wondering… and then their mouths met.

She tasted of vanilla, something subtle and more delicate, perhaps that was her natural taste. It mattered not. Her hands were in his hair, her head had titled a little and her lips parted, allowing him to take what he wanted from her. He did, he lingered at her mouth for as long as she would allow it. When she pulled her head back, her eyes dropped, “Was that what you had in mind?” she asked. “Or was there anything else I can do?”

“I did not plan to stop yet,” he said, “Nor did I want you to, however if that is your wish, we will do.” She shook her head then and leaned forward for another open lipped kiss. He did not need encouraging to respond, his tongue touched hers, light at first before claiming her mouth. The tickle of her tongue on his sent heat through him, pulling him out of the daze he had been in, allowing him to redirect the energy elsewhere. She shifted in his lap and he grunted into her mouth. Her thigh brushed against his growing erection, sparks flooded his vision. His hands fled to her hips and gripped her. The little noise she made was delightful and he smiled as they kissed.

Hands pressed against his chest as the contact continued. Her aura coloured purple and he was surprised to learn that she wanted this as much as he seemed to. Passion slipped its noose and took him with it, his hands began roaming her body as their mouths remained together. His breathing hitched as she shuffled again. She snorted a grin. “You want me?” he asked after pulling his head a fraction, “For your own sake, not because you were ordered to,” he asked.

“For my sake,” she replied. Her forehead leaned against his for a moment. “You may not have seen me all that much, but I have certainly seen you.” That brought a smile to his lips, though why she would want a monster such as he was beyond him. He was not going to complain however and he lifted his hips to prove it. It was her turn to let out a soft groan.

“Is there somewhere we can go?” he asked.

“Here is fine for me, there are rooms we can use if you would prefer,” she said. He nodded and swept her up in his arms.

“I would, show me where?” he asked. The last thing he was going to do was take this Hand Maiden while lounging on a chair. She giggled and then gestured to the door. Her black hair tickled his nose and he pressed his lips to the back of her head.

“This way,” she said. She led him out the room and down the hall. Behind the door he opened with his mind, was a simple room. He hardly paid attention to anything in it other than the bed, which was large enough to accommodate his heavy frame. Gently, he place Shari on her feet before the bed.

“I’m not going to pitch you onto it, I do not wish to harm you,” he said. Her hand slid into his and she tugged him towards the bed.

“Don’t worry,” she said. He sat down on the end of the bed and patted the space beside him. She sat down and he ran his index finger along her shapely jawline. Leaning over, he drew her mouth to his once again. Once more, her willingness to do this surprised him. He did not flinch when her hand brushed his hair away from his face. It did not take long for the contact to turn heated once more. Her hand pushed into his hair, he leaned his head back, tumbling into his back. His hand tugged her onto him; not once did their kiss break. Her touch on his chest was fire, the softness of her skin an inferno.

Her hands left his robed chest for a moment, tugged her dress up out of the way. He shifted so his robe slid open; he wore nothing underneath, he had just showered before she had turned up. Hands on his skin again, lips on his, hips pressing on him. Without thought, he pushed his hand between her thighs, felt how wet she was through her panties. The squeak she made was delicious, told him he was doing this right. Her hands tugged the last of his robe out the way, warm skin brushed the tip of his prick and he smiled. Sliding his finger back and forth along her made her pause at least. Her lips parted and she whined; her aura darkened at his attention.

Small fingers gripped his wrist, stopping him. “Let me,” she said. Looking up at her, he simply nodded and allowed her to do as she willed. She rose up on her knees, her hand touched his cock and he inhaled sharply. Pleasure erupted through him again, though it was nothing compared to what she did next. He had the vaguest impression of wet before pressure and heat took him. She had… He was…He leaned his head back and groaned as she let him get used to being there.

His hands held her hips loosely. Hers rested on his chest, steadying herself. “Are you ready?” he asked. She pressed her lips together before nodding.

“Yes, Ahzek,” she said.

He lifted his hips a fraction. She gasped and her eyes widened. “Sure?” he said.

Her nails dug into his stomach and she flicked her hips. It was his turn to inhale sharply. “Are you?” she said. The next time, she moved with him. “Like that,” he nodded. It happened again and they seemed to find a sort rhythm. She bounced when he thrust up. The pressure and heat around his cock increased with each movement they both made. Looking up at her was no help, her head was thrown back, her hair a tangle around her face. He cupped her breast with his hand, squeezing, lifting the flesh as they moved.

She kept her pace, was able to read him well considering they had never done this before. Slowing when the sensations intensified, picking up again when he needed her to. The sight of her chest moving as they both moved sent heat right to his crotch, he was unable to shut his eyes. He bucked into her, his hands fell to her hips and he held her still. The noise she made was delicious, pressure increased, she groaned deep. “Like this,” she whined. There was no holding back when she said that. His thrust with much less finesse then before, wildly, with abandon almost. The tightness on him was as a vice, her cries lost coherence and he knew she was lost.

The sucking waves on his prick were enough for him. His entire focus shank to the tip of his cock before he too cried out, his balls clenched and he released into her. For eternal seconds, he knew nothing of existence, only the rush of sensation that was her.

When he returned to himself, her fore head was leaning against his, both of them were breathing heavily. Her smile was almost as wide as his, of that he was sure. He wrapped his arms around her and gently rolled her to the side. Her lips pressed the underside of his jaw. Relaxing into the bed, he let his eyes close. “Will you stay?” he asked.

“For a while,” she replied. She wiggled a little and appeared to settle. He had no idea if this was her room or not, only that they were in it and it was enough.

“I am going to rest a while,” he said, finally acknowledging the tiredness that had swept his body for the past few months. Once again, her lips pressed his cheek.

“Do so,” she said, “I will be here for a while, now that all is in order.” Her words made him smile, the gesture was still on his face as he drifted off to sleep.